The Doll Spell

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M2doll; transform; sexdoll; sex; mast; costume; maid; anal; nc; XX

On a parallel Earth, everything is nearly the same, except for the fact that well-trained people can perform magic.

Erik is a thirty year old married male who was caught cheating by his wealthy powerful wife Melissa. His wife gave him two options except divorce - and receive not a single dime - or submit to his wife's doll spell. He would become a doll for one year and then return back to his former male self.

As a doll he would become a female mannequin and would be put to work at one of his wife's sex shops. Since the alternative was to be homeless with no money he decided to do the doll spell for a year.

The next day Erik is ready to begin his one year sentence as a female doll.

Melissa says, "For your unfaithfulness you will become a doll for one year. Once the doll spell is cast, it's permanent but only I can reverse the spell."

"Please Melissa, make sure that men don’t violate me. I don't like the idea of being a sex object."

"Once I cast the doll spell it’s permanent until I reverse it and only I can reverse it. Oh by the way once you become a doll, you’re a doll with a functional pussy and a perfect O-shape mouth. All your senses will be working, but you’ll lose the ability to speak."

The thought of becoming a doll scares me and I'm having second thoughts but too late my wife has cast the doll spell.

Suddenly I'm transformed into a sexy blonde female doll. I can see myself in the mirror, it's scary seeing myself as a doll that can't move. I have long beautiful golden blonde hair and stand at 5 foot 8 inches and I'm naked. I see that my pussy is bald and my nipples are so erect.

Melissa then begins to dress me and that thought did not cross my mind....being dressed in a sexy outfit. My wife then places a finger inside my pussy and it gets wet right away. I can't move but I love the feeling of my pussy receiving pleasure.

My wife stops playing with me, walks away to retrieve something from the closet....a sexy French maid costume.

"I'm going to dress you up as a French maid and put you to work as a mannequin in my sex shop."

My mind is racing....a French maid doll? Being a mannequin at her sex shop? This was not discussed, being a doll at her sex shop where men can touch me.

I can only watch as my wife dresses me in sexy black fishnets, a black garter belt, a very short petticoat, black satin French maid costume and black 5 inch heels. I see myself in the mirror and I look so sexy. As a man this is the kind of woman that I would fuck senseless. Now here I am dressed like this and men will be after me!

"Don't worry Karissa and yes that's your new doll name. No men will fuck you although they will probably touch you, pinch you, fondle you and even kiss you. I will try to watch over you at the sex shop so no man violates you But after hours you are at the mercy of the night shift."

I'm delivered to her sex shop and placed in the bondage section...not the place I want to be. They place me in a bent over position, and I know my mannequin pussy is revealed to everyone in that position.

Melissa pats my ass. "This is day one and time will go by so slowly for you. By the way I designed your doll pussy to receive pleasure from a finger or tongue, but not from penetration. Any man who penetrates you would feel so much pleasure from your tight wet pussy, but extreme pain for you....of course I will not allow any males to fuck you."

The doors to the sex shop opens and for most of the day I receive no attention, until an older man shows up. He stares at me and my sexy costume. He looks around to make sure no one is watching. He gets behind me and humps me...I can feel his bulge through his pants. It's over in about a minute and leaves me feeling disgusted.

The following day a young nerdy male approaches me. He quickly feels my pussy sending pleasure to my dolls mind. He then kisses me and puts his tongue in my mouth. There is nothing I can do or say to keep this nerd away from me.

For the next several months this is my doll life: getting molested by disgusting men. The worst part of my doll situation is the boredom! I never sleep, I have no need for food or to use the bathroom...but the boredom is a torture.

Many months have gone by and life as a doll has been tolerable except for the boredom and that one time when the night watchman fucked me. It was extremely painful and relieved that he came right away.

It has been many weeks since I have last seen my wife Melissa and I have not been visited by any customers in the sex shop. Then there are a lot of strange men that look like lawyers are discussing legal financial issues regarding Melissa.

That's when I'm shocked to hear that Melissa died in a car crash. My first thought was the loss of my wife, but then the doll spell! Only my wife can reverse the doll spell and now I will live more than a lifetime as a doll!

"Well looks like everything is settled according to Melissa's will. All her possessions have been given to certain family members, friends and donated to charity. Now what to do with this one strange item...her husband a sex doll named Karissa?"

"It's late and I want to go home...let's just send her to the prison, no paperwork is needed. The prisoners will love this sexy French maid doll. I wonder if Erik can sense or feel what is happening to him?"

Another lawyer pinches my tits. "Nah, I heard that these sex dolls are mindless and can't even feel a thing."

What the fuck! This can't be happening. I need this doll spell to be broken Now! I'm beginning to cry as tears are flowing down.

The first lawyer notices my tears but says nothing.

The other lawyer stares at my sexy legs and heels. "It's good that they can't feel anything because those prisoners will have their way with this sexy doll."

My last thought as I'm driven to the prison to become a sex toy doll is of all the pain I will receive and no pleasure at all.


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