Easy Riding Doll

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; curse; magic; transform; lovedoll; sex; box; reluct; X


The motorcycle roared to life as the ignition was turned on and exhaust fumes spewed out its' chrome exhaust. Sitting on it was a red haired woman who sat astride the cycle and reveled in the power between her legs. She ran her hands up and down the black leather seat and chrome handlebars.

Lisa had been a fan of motorcycles in general since she was barely into her teens. She loved the freedom of traveling down the roads with the wind in her hair and not being trapped in a metal coffin being broiled alive by the summer sun. She had dated several guys while in high school but as soon she found out they were more interested in computers and making out than motorcycles, she dumped them in a heartbeat.

Lisa longed for the day when she could own her own motorcycle. Unfortunately, she didn't have a great paying job so she scrimped and saved looking forward to the day she could own her own. One day, she was glancing through the newspaper when she saw an ad for a car and motorcycle auction upcoming with a wide variety of makes and models available. Giddy with excitement over the thought of her dream coming true, she gathered together what money she had and headed down to the auction confident she'd be coming home with her cycle.

It was with this in mind that had Lisa examining the wide selection of motorcycles that would be up for auction. She walked amongst the rows of bikes along with throngs of other prospective bidders looking for a cycle that she could afford that didn't look too road weary. After roughly half an hour, she started to feel a little down about her chances in the looming auction. Between the opening prices listed and the talk of other prospective bidders of going extremely high on most models, she figured she had no chance of getting any of the bikes that were going up on auction.

Lisa was about to head home disappointed when she saw a motorcycle sitting off by itself with very few people around it. Curious about the bike, she walked over to where the owner, a brown haired woman looking to be in her late 30's, was standing.

" Excuse me, ma'am, I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about your great looking Harley that you're auctioning off, " she inquired while looking over the pristine conditioned cycle.

The woman arched her eyebrows in obvious surprise " Well, it's obvious you didn't read the newspaper article concerning some of the bikes who have controversial histories associated with them. If you're interested in this motorcycle, I'll tell you about this one, " she said with slight disdain in her voice.

" Controversial history ? ....did someone die while driving it ? ...something like that? " inquired Lisa with a note of trepidation evident in her voice.

" Not quite... you see, the previous owner was a woman who was a tenant in a building I owned. Originally from the Caribbean, she was a very unusual woman who was rumored to be a believer of black magic. She was dating a wealthy man from the suburbs who bought her a motorcycle for a present one day. The woman was deeply in love with the man and thought he felt the same for her until she came home late one night and found him in the arms of another woman. If that was not bad enough, she found the two on her motorcycle making passionate love. Enraged and vowing revenge, it's rumored she placed a curse on the bike that any woman who engaged in intimate relations while on or in contact with it would be doomed to spend the rest of eternity experiencing intimacy and nothing else.. whatever that means, " the woman said with a serious look on her face.

Lisa almost laughed out loud at the story she just heard but the look on the woman's face made her keep her reaction to herself as the woman continued " Whether or not the story is true, all three disappeared without trace and leaving outstanding rent owed on the apartment. I obtained the motorcycle in lieu of the debt hoping to sell it and recoup some of the money. Unfortunately, the story behind the bike grew like wildfire and spooked away any potential buyers for it. I had thought that bringing the bike into an auction like this would bring activity from out of town bidders but apparently the tale has got around quite fast..." she said with a heavy sigh.

Lisa digested the story while at the same time thinking up a way to take advantage of the situation. She dug a pen and piece of paper out of her purse and quickly scrawled something down before handing the paper to the bike's owner. " I wonder if you might be willing to sell me this great cycle right now without going through the auction. Here's what I consider to be a fair offer.. and it's all in cash, " she said softly while handing the paper to the woman.

The red haired woman looked at the paper and then stared up at the ceiling for a minute or two. She then looked at Lisa for several seconds before taking a pen of her own and jotting down a figure quickly.

" Tell you what... if you can promise me that you can send the figure I've written down in the next 30 days plus the amount I've written down, I'll let you have the bike right now, " the woman said pleasantly to Leslie as she returned the paper to her.

Lisa opened the note and her eyes widened slightly when she saw the figure written down. " I'll have to go into hock and borrow money from every friend I've got.... BUT IT'S WORTH IT!" she thought to herself before quickly nodding in agreement and handing the bike's owner.

An hour or so later, Lisa was at home polishing her new Harley and running her hands over the gleaming chrome and soft leather seat marveling at the pristine condition of the machine. However, she was a little troubled by the story she had heard about the supposed curse put on the bike. She wondered if it might be a good idea to test the validity of the story in some way so that she wouldn't be bothered by it in the future. Looking at her watch, she realized that her boyfriend Dave, a doctor at the nearby hospital, was coming by in about an hour or so.

" Hmmm... maybe I can get rid of that curse thing tonight. Dave has always been a bit of a kinky guy when it comes to sex.... it'll be fun to see how he reacts..." Lisa thought to herself as she picked up her cell phone and dialed Dave's number with a mischievous smile on her face.

Several hours later....

Lisa leaned up against Dave's body moaning and writhing after a frenzied love session between the two. They had come together several times in the last few hours like a well oiled machine in ways similar to the motorcycle the two were astride.

Lisa nestled her head against her boyfriend's chest while Dave held her in his arms caressing her hair, face and back in a soft and sensuous way. She ran her hands across his chest as she let herself float in the passion the two had unleashed while astride this powerful machine. Certain in her mind that any notion of a silly curse had been dispelled, she was about to ask Dave if he wanted to go to the bedroom for the night when she heard a familiar beeping coming from the heap of clothing lying on the floor

Getting off the bike, Dave went to the heap nearby and picked up the beeper in the middle of it. Glancing at the display, he frowned and looked over at his girlfriend with remorse written on his face. " Sorry, honey, but we've had another patient admitted who was seriously wounded by a gang of wild beavers. Since I'm the only one trained to handle beaver wounds, I've got to go back to the hospital for a few hours, " the black haired man said as he walked over to Lisa and kissing her before quickly dressing and heading off to the hospital.

Once her boyfriend had departed, Lisa got off the motorcycle and quickly redressed in her clothes though she discovered to some amusement that her panties had been torn to shreds in the sexual frenzy she and Dave were in when they rapidly disrobed.

After dressing, the blonde beauty was going to head back into the house when she felt a wave of dizziness engulf her body. Lisa leaned up against her precious Harley for support until the discomfort had passed. To her puzzlement, the weakness was increasing accompanied by the return of the erotic pleasure she was feeling before with Dave. Her legs felt weird... like they were made of rubber or something.

" Ooohh... I think me and Dave really outdid ourselves tonight. I better take a minute or... ohhh..two..." Lisa muttered softly as she wiped her forehead while continuing to lean on her motorcycle. The feelings of intense pleasure were gaining in strength rather subsiding along with a general feeling of lightness.. like she was floating on a cloud.

" I better go inside for a bit and lie down for a bit... I feel really strange.... uhhh..." she thought to herself as she went to head back into her house for the night. However, to her shock, she found that she couldn't move at all ! She tried to move her black shoed feet again and again but the only thing that happened was her feet tipped forward slightly and nothing more. Needless to say, her immobility was very distressing to Lisa, who figured her only hope was to yell for help despite her semi-nude state. Unfortunately, she could no more talk than she could move as she stood leaning against the black and silver motorcycle.

Lisa's eyes were the only part of her that still responded to her thinking and they bounced wildly around as she tried to figure out what was going on. When she focused on her body after a few minutes, she saw that the true nature of what had happened to her was becoming visible. She could see her skin slowly changing to an artificial look with a glossy shine to it and devoid of any signs of humanity. The fingers on both her hands were melting into solid pieces of plastic that still had enough grip to hold onto the Harley for grip. Her arms and legs seem to be waving slightly as if they were nothing more than hollow tubes of latex and vinyl with no skeletal structure inside them.

" What the hell's going on here..?... I 'm.. I'm starting to look like one of those dolls you can buy at a store.." Lisa thought as she found her breathing was becoming shallow and coming out in gasps as the change reached her torso. Strangely, despite the evil process her body was undergoing, she felt nothing but pleasure throughout her body. She closed her eyes briefly as she tried to focus on her predicament and blot the immense feelings of pleasure she was feeling.

When she opened her eyes (or did the eyes open on their own...?), she found she was no longer breathing at all. She could see her breasts were now composed of the same material that the rest of her was with a slightly rounder and larger shape to them. She could feel them rubbing and pushing against the bra that constrained them and the sensations added to the lightness and pleasure she was feeling. Suddenly, Lisa realized with a start what exactly she was changing into and why she was feeling so odd.

" A LOVE DOLL.. I'M BECOMING A DAMNED SEX DOLL... MADE FOR PLEASURE.... HOW ?.. WHY ?... THE CURSE!.. THIS MUST BE THE CURSE... NOOO!!... OHHHH... DON'T WANT TO BE A FUCKTOY.. A THING TO BE USED..." Lisa screamed mentally as she tried to cope with the truth of what was happening to her. Even as her mind tried to deal with her situation, the process swiftly moved upwards on her still form as it neared its' end. Lisa felt her mouth stretch and twist on its' own into an sensual O-shape with the interior now composed of soft rubber and latex devoid of her teeth and tongue. Her eyes locked into place staring outwards at the driveway that was so near yet so far away from her. Lisa's cheeks started to glow a bright pink even as the rest of her face assumed the painted features of a very realistic love doll.

The garage was silent save for the sound of rubber rubbing on leather as the doll's body rubbed against the leather motorcycle seat. Approximately three hours after Lisa's transformation into an inanimate sex toy, her boyfriend Dave returned from his work looking a little weary from the exertions of the night. He ambled up into the garage intending to give Lisa, who he saw on the motorcycle, a big kiss before heading off to bed. However, Dave stopped short when he realized it was a love doll leaning against the Harley and not Lisa.

" Very funny, Lisa, har har.. you can come out now..." Dave yelled out as he looked around the garage for Lisa's hiding place. Failing to find her or have her join him, the exhausted man walked over to the motorcycle and looked over the doll with great admiration.

" I don't know how she did it but the doll looks just like her. In fact, maybe I'll play a little trick on her. I'll take the doll with me to bed and watch her freak out, " David said with a chuckle as he picked up the doll and carried it off to the bedroom.

" NO!!.. I'M NOT A DOLL... OHHH!!.. DON'T... YESS!!.... TOUCH ME AGAIN... YES...." Lisa thought as she felt her clothes being stripped off and her body being laid down on the bed. She felt David lay down beside her and put his wonderfully sensitive hands around her smooth form. Before long, he was groping and caressing the doll's still body sending a steady torrent of pleasure racing through Lisa's body.

" Well, if this is part of the curse and I'm doomed to spend the rest of existence as a pleasure toy, there are worse fates than to be with a great and passionate lover.... ohhh!!!" Lisa thought as she reveled in the feelings that were going through her.

Indeed, after David determined that Lisa had left him for some unknown reason with no forwarding address, she found herself being brought out of the box David kept her in fairly regularly... and she looked forward to each and every usage...

And the motorcycle...?

David sold it a few months after Lisa's leaving town..to a woman who said she had never seen such a motorcycle before... back in her original country of Jamaica......


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