Elizabeth's Android Bodyswap

by earlofnexus

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It wasn't too far into the future, and multinational corporations were pushing for productivity improvements as well as better control of their company secrets. It was such a competitive world.

Some time ago, Biodyn Corp had come up with an android that could house human consciousness. There were various ethical and safety issues to work through but eventually it became a mainstream product. Odd ones made their way into the hands of 'enthusiasts', but the majority were sold to factories.

AI hadn't reached the point of replacing humans yet, so human minds still needed to operate the androids in more complex situations.

Elizabeth, a stunning young twenty five year old, who had in the past been likened to looking a bit like a Disney princess, showed up to her interview at the new technology factory that had opened in her town.

She passed the interview with flying colours, with her degree in electronics and software. But this job was different and their last question was "Do you mind swapping bodies with an android for your shift?"

She thought it a joke at first but laughed it off "Sure, I mean, why not. But seriously, what do you mean?"

The man explained "Productivity is paramount to keeping prices down. We use androids which are far quicker, more accurate, and can work tirelessly, however they require a human consciousness to work. Your body is stored safely in a pod while you complete your shift. When done, you transfer back. It means a shorter working week as your body is rested when you return to it. Meanwhile we get maximum output."

Elizabeth sounded sceptical but they were paying good wages and it sounded like fun. "Okay, sounds like it would be interesting!" she said.

The man invited an android to the room "Here's what you'd be occupying for your work shifts. Have a look."

Elizabeth stood up and looked over the machine. It was a feat of engineering certainly. Unlike sex robots she'd seen it wasn't trying to look like a human replica. For starters it was bright pink head to toe. Its face was very pretty, but somewhat simplified and smooth, like a mannequin. It spoke to her "Hello Elizabeth. I'm Sally. I'm on shift at the moment but I was asked to come say hello. I've been working here for a few months now."

Elizabeth looked in awe. She sounded human but was artificial. "What's it feel like?" she asked.

"You get used to it,” Sally replied, “You have senses only where you need them to do your job, but it feels fine, I quite enjoy the escape."

Elizabeth touched the smooth surface "Can you feel that?"

"Yes and no,” Sally replied, “I know you're doing that but it's not like a feeling I'd have in my human skin. It's kind of dulled."

"Wow," Elizabeth remarked. Her interest in electronics curiously wondered how this worked.

She signed her job contract and shook the android's rubber hand thanking her for the introduction. She thanked the interviewer and arranged her start date.

A few days later she turned up for her first shift which they'd said would be 6 hours for her first time, to make sure she was alright. Subsequent shifts would be longer.

She was guided by a plain looking receptionist, a bit on the large side, to what looked like a sleeping pod, inside was plush and padded, with a transparent lid on top that was like a generic vacuum mould of a human. She could see a pod next to hers, and a similar young woman was in there, eyes closed, seemingly asleep. She had a couple of wires stuck to her head and chest with pads, monitoring her body. What shocked her was she was totally naked aside from some metal looking pants around her private parts and a mask over her mouth and nose. Looking around the room there must have been 100 pods with naked people in them. She walked round a few of them, a mixture of men and women, admiring them. They looked serene and she thought how helpless they all were. Just empty bodies.

"Erm, I'm a bit shy" and she blushed.

The receptionist smiled "You'll get used to it. Only one person comes in and leaves a time, so you'll never meet anyone naked. As you're all in android bodies which aside from gender are identical, you wouldn't know anyone in the real world anyway. Please, strip totally naked, and sit in the pod. I'll explain how this works."

Elizabeth stripped off, buff naked, and hopped into the pod. It was comfortable and seemed to be a soft leather type material. Inside was bright white and clean.

Elizabeth then noticed a face mask dangling nearby. "Place that on your face and buckle it tight. Inside you will notice a tube, which contains nutrients. Your Android AI will take a sip every so often to keep you hydrated." She buckled on the mask and again she felt suction. She suddenly felt her breathing was more forced. "Try to let the system breathe for you." the receptionist said. Elizabeth relaxed and weirdly she felt her chest filling and emptying with air by itself, with little effort from herself.

"Now what?" she asked, voice muffled from the mask. The receptionist told her to place the monitors on her temples and on her chest. They were cold but easily attached.

In the feet area between her legs was some sort of device. The receptionist explained she needed to place her legs into it and pull it up to her waist and it was one of the final steps before the transfer of consciousness began. She realised it was like a solid diaper of sorts, internally it had rubber cups that would seal against her pussy area and in her backside.

She pulled it up and when it reached position she could hear and feel suction. With a sucking sound it attached to her pubic mound and up between her arse cheeks. "There. You are now attached. That device will eliminate any waste you produce whilst out of body. It sucks it away. When you transfer to the android, the android will transfer a basic set of generic brain patterns back that will serve only to tell your body to function. All these bodies are empty apart from that core programming. Without it your body wouldn't know to breathe, defecate, beat it's heart, swallow, etc."

Finally she said to lay back into the pod and close her eyes, and the transfer would begin.

Elizabeth was uneasy, but did as she was advised. She heard the pod lid close above her and it sealed shut. She felt herself drift to sleep for a moment before suddenly waking up in a bright white room.

She was stood up and faced forward with hands by her side. A mirror in front of her reflected her new body. She was again naked, but this time her body resembled a female with nods towards her femininity, but where it mattered, the detail was missing. She looked around and found everything moved as it would normally. Her arms, legs, everything could move as her human body did. She stretched and pulled various poses in the mirror. She walked closer to investigate though she noticed her vision suddenly had zoom, and arguably she didn't need to move closer, just focus her eyes.

She studied her body and as she caressed it she felt a plastic like skin, squidgy to the touch, something beneath the skin giving her a soft feel, perhaps gel. Whilst she looked kind of human facially, she was very smooth and generic looking, her skin was bubble gum pink from head to toe and she was totally bald.

Her eyes looked real but glass like. She considered there would be cameras in her eyes.

She noticed she wasn't breathing, leading her to study her mouth.

She spoke a few words, "Wow this is amazing," and her mouth opened and closed and her lips moved and sound came out in a coordinated fashion. But it was clearly for effect only. Her voice emitted from a speaker built into her head. It didn't come from her chest. Or her mouth.

She had a tongue and teeth, at least for show. Her tongue was made of textured rubber and she could do pretty much anything with it her human tongue could do.

She licked her lips but her mouth was plastic and dry, her tongue making a rubbery squeak on her rubbery lips when she tried to lick them.

She opened wide and her mouth seemed to be no more than a hollow opening - a solid pouch. There was no throat. She guessed she didn't need to eat or drink.

She heard sounds from her ears, she supposed microphones were inside. She was amazed at all the sensory input someone had managed to include.

Naturally, being naked she felt between her legs to see what the designers had chosen to put there. She was quite smooth to look at with no pussy to be seen, rather like a mannequin.

Her pussy region had a flap she could open. It was hinged, and behind her literal pussy flap was what looked like a charging port and a hole that she didn't know what it was for, though it was in the right place for a pussy hole. She inserted a finger squeakily and found it was a hollow like her mouth.

She noticed a phallic shaped charging device was next to where she'd been standing and worked out that her charging port was between her legs. She felt behind and she had an amazing looking arse but between her cheeks was solid. Androids clearly didn't defecate.

"Right. Where do I start work" she said to herself. At that moment a man in a lab coat came in through a sliding door and introduced himself simply as the site administrator. He led her to the factory floor where she saw a sea of pink and blue androids. Presumably all the pink androids were girls, blue ones being boys. He led her to the production line, tapped a button on his tablet, and she plugged a phallus charger into her groin and she set about manufacturing smartphone type devices. It was like what she needed to do just flowed into her mind. She was working at four times the speed she normally would be able to. She was amazed.

Elizabeth completed her six hour shift and didn't feel at all tired. Whilst working at the production line, the phallus charger presumably meant she could operate indefinitely.

The site administrator reappeared and tapped some buttons on his tablet device and she unplugged, left the line, and went back to the room she entered into. She marvelled at the experience. She stood at the spot she started at and automatically her vision blanked and moments later she awoke in her pod.

The lid lifted up and she removed her face mask with a sound of pressurised air. She pulled down her solid diaper stepping out of it. It looked a little wet inside, she must have used it. The receptionist appeared and handed her her clothes, leading her out of the facility and asked about her experience.

Elizabeth said "That was an experience alright. Certainly I felt productive and I have to say I don't feel like I've just done a 6 hour shift!"

The receptionist laughed "Yes, you will quickly find that while you work in your android body, your human body is asleep and well rested, to the point you won't be wasting time sleeping in your own time. All your off time can be spent doing things you enjoy. It's a perk of the job."

Elizabeth grinned "I love it! My android body was amazing too. Missing a few features but I guess sex or wanking on work time wasn't part of the design." They laughed.

The receptionist, who revealed she was called Kate, said "There are more details about this job you might like to know about. How about we meet over a coffee later and I'll bring your shift rota with me too." Elizabeth smiled and agreed.

At the coffee shop a few hours later Kate and Elizabeth met up over coffee. "So, tell me more about the job," Elizabeth asked.

Kate replied "Well, you're a very attractive young woman, and let's say there are opportunities to utilise your assets." Elizabeth wasn't sure what she meant, but Kate continued. "When you're working, your beautiful body is just laid there for hours or days at a time, sleeping, while you're working. The pods are secured, but you could waive this and lease out your body during working hours… let's just say someone's consciousness doesn't have to return to the same pod it came from." This fascinated Elizabeth and she wanted to know more. "It's been known for people to do this. Tends to be kinky people, most normal folks just come and go to work via the pods. But others fantasise about other opportunities."

Elizabeth wasn't considering changing her body permanently but some of what Kate told her was kinky shit she might be open to trying.

"So could I lend my body out to someone? Just while I'm working?"

Kate nodded, "Yes."

The idea of this intrigued her. It wasn't like she didn't have a body to occupy at work. It was bright pink and plastic but while she was working someone else could be making use of her human body. "Who would it be though?"

Kate blushed a bit. "Well, actually, the body rental bit I made up, it's not company policy. However, I um, really fancy you and would love to hang out in your body to be honest, while you're otherwise occupied in your pink android body." Elizabeth couldn't believe this young woman wanted her body. "I mean, it's not official, I'm abusing my position to do this, but nobody will know."

Elizabeth asked how it would work. "Well, you go to work, and then once you're transferred, I hook up another pod and instead of linking it to an android worker, I link it to your pod. Essentially I unplug you from the network and plug you into my pod. Then I enter my pod, we swap, I get your body, and my body is kept alive with the basic brain commands.

"And what about me in the factory?" Elizabeth asked.

"Well, you wouldn't have a clue. You'd just think your body was safely sleeping. In reality it would be up and about doing things you'd know nothing and could do nothing about. If you let me have your body, I'd be back in time for the end of your shift. You'll see your rotas are entire 24 hour shifts, so I'd have plenty of time to use and abuse you before returning you back" Kate replied.

"And what if you don't come back?" Elizabeth wondered.

"Okay, if that happened, you simply couldn't transfer back. Without a linked pod your mind can't be sent back into a body. Your body. So you'd just have to hang out in your android room for a bit until your next shift.

"So I could be trapped at the factory working forever?" she asked.

"Technically yes. But I wouldn't do that to you." Kate promised.

"Okay, say I trust you. What do you plan to do with my body?"

"That would be telling," Kate smiled.

"I don't suppose you could come see me while I'm in my android body? Just to prove you're in mine?" Elizabeth asked.

Kate nodded "That could be arranged. I'll have to make your human self up some paperwork and an ID badge but yes, I could perhaps trigger a technical inspection of your android host."

Elizabeth seemed content. "Awesome. In that case, because it's turning me on incredibly to think you can do this, you've my blessing to use my body." Kate was thrilled and couldn't wait.

Elizabeth's next shift was ahead and she headed to her pod. As she got there she undressed and hopped in. She spotted an empty pod beside hers. She attached the devices to her crotch and face and sensors to her chest and temples, then laid back, excited for the shift ahead. The pod closed and she closed her eyes. Seconds later she was in her android host, her pink generic looking new body for the next 24 hours.

As soon as the transfer was completed, Kate unhooked Elizabeth's pod from the network and hooked her pod up to Kate's. She took off all her clothes stashing them neatly then hopped in the pod. It had been a while since she'd used one; she attached all the bits and laid back, closing her eyes. The pod closed and seconds later she awoke in Elizabeth's body. It worked!

She laid there for a while, there was no rush. She blinked, wiggled her fingers, toes, checking it all worked. The mask was tight against her face. She breathed through the mask, a deep breath, filling her new lungs, it had a rubbery smell to it. She went to feel her new pussy but her metal diaper was in place. She playfully banged on it with her fist, making a hollow echo. She'd remove that shortly. She felt her new bladder was full, must be all the coffee from earlier. She let loose in her metal diaper and felt the warm liquid being sucked away. She felt content in the pod in her new body, it was comfortable and warm. She swallowed and noted even her mouth tasted different to a few minutes ago.

She opened the pod and detached the equipment and hopped out. She put on Elizabeth's clothes and headed to Kate's office to get the false ID and paperwork she'd created.

Elizabeth meanwhile was working away on the production line getting turned on at the idea Kate was using her body.

An hour or so passed when she was summoned to her android room. When she arrived her human body was standing there in front of her, the door slid closed behind her. She thought to herself, Oh my god this is so hot. That's me!

"Hello Kate? How is my body?"

"It's amazing. I feel so sexy in your body. My old one was fat and ugly. How is your android host today?"

"Oh, y'know, pink and plasticy… sexless… generic… annoyingly efficient. I'm already keen to get back to my body after this shift to let out my frustration." They chuckled.

"Well, here's proof I'm in you. I'll look after you, I was planning on a night in with a vibrator. I'll try not to wear out your nubbin."

Elizabeth asked if her android mouth might be of any use to Kate. Her face lit up. "I didn't think you were… into women?"

"You're not any woman, you're me. I've always wanted to get myself off… the opportunity just never arose." They laughed.

Kate dropped her skirt and panties and Elizabeth got down on her knees. She took her rubber tongue and lips and planted them on her former human pussy. With the skill and efficiency of an android she used her rubber tongue to bring Kate to an amazing orgasm. She knew exactly what buttons to press on her former pussy. As Kate exploded in pleasure she pulled the android face of the former body's owner deep into her pussy, using its nose to tickle her clit, leaving juice all over her pink, soft, shiny plastic face. The two then kissed briefly.

After a few moments Kate suggested the android go back to work before anyone suspected anything. Kate wiped clean the android face and kissed her on the lips once more, before vanishing through the sliding door.

Elizabeth went back to work, only 22 hours to go. "I'm so horny," she said to herself.

Kate meanwhile left the factory and headed home. She had this sexy new body and what a rush it was to have its former owner worship her new pussy. She disappeared into her apartment and many orgasms were had, to the point she felt sore below.

Next day, Kate woke up and looked at her clock. It was 11am, she'd slept in but it was okay she wasn't due in work today. She had a reminder flash on her phone saying 1 hour until swap. Balls, she thought, I'm not ready to go back yet. She reluctantly got out of bed, washed and dressed, then headed to the factory to swap back.

Ten minutes to go. Damn this body was so hot. She looked down on her chubby, unremarkable sleeping body, it was blissfully ignorant. At least she would wake up refreshed. She toyed with not swapping back but thought better of it.

Elizabeth in her android body was looking forward to getting back into her body. The android body was efficient but pleasures like food, drink, masturbation on your break (she didn't get those being a machine) were missing. She looked at the clock in the room and hoped Kate had come back.

Back at the pods, Kate undressed and hopped in Elizabeth's pod. She placed her equipment and closed her eyes. The pod door closed and she closed her eyes. Moments later she was Kate again. Just a couple of minutes left now. She unhooked all her devices and hopped out. Nakedly and conscious of time she unhooked Elizabeth's pod from hers and attached it back on to the network. Seconds later the pod door opened and Elizabeth sat up. She unbuckled her mask and removed the stiff diaper. "Wow, what a shift." She noticed her pussy aching and it was slightly sore looking. "Did you have… fun with it last night?"

Kate winked. "Maybe…"

They both got dressed and went for an after work meal. They both swapped their kinks and desires and for Elizabeth a whole world she never considered had opened up. "I almost kept your body you know," Kate offered up after a few beers. "Literally seconds to spare before you came back."

Elizabeth smiled "You mean you would have left me bodiless and trapped in that pink plastic excuse for a body?"

"With those lips and tongue, and my ability to command and program you to do whatever I want, hell yeah."

Elizabeth was dripping wet. Of course she didn't want to be trapped in a robot body, but did she enjoy the fantasy of it? Absolutely.

"So Kate, why don't you do shifts in the factory?"

Kate said she didn't trust she'd come back. She'd witnessed some strange things over the years, including a body theft one time, meaning the owner's consciousness had to reside in an android forever. Meanwhile whoever had the body likely used it to trade for a younger model. A bit like they'd swapped. Except non consensual. "It was all covered up. Since then I've not trusted things."

Elizabeth asked if she would like her body again. "I love that you want me so badly that you literally want to occupy me. I also love the feeling of being planted into an inferior body, worshipping my former body and used and abused for pleasure. Can we do it again, please?"

Kate was amazed. She hugged Elizabeth and kissed her on the lips. "Yes, yes, yes… but can I have it for longer this time? I could put you in for some major overtime? Maybe… A week?"

Elizabeth didn't mind the work but she would miss the company. "Only if you invent some daily maintenance."


Next day they met at the factory and Kate had input the new rota into the system. One week until the system would return her consciousness from her android body.

Secured in the pod, Elizabeth waved to Kate and under her mask wished her a fun week. Kate watched as her new friend disappeared into the network, replaced by the nothing thoughts of the basic AI keeping her functions alive. As before she arranged the pods and swapped. Now in Elizabeth again, she got dressed and headed out for the day.

In the factory a day had passed with no sign of a visit from Kate. Then another day. Then another. Elizabeth wasn't sure where Kate was or why she'd not come to see her. Towards the seventh day she was summoned to her android room, and in front of her was her old body. Kate spoke: "Android, freeze." Elizabeth could no longer move. "I warned you I almost didn't trade back last time. I love your pretty sexy body so much. I want to make you a deal. You, stood there, all pink and generic woman. Here I am, God's gift to men. There's you, who's traded her body with me for time in that android body, all your sensations artificial. Here I am with your beating heart in my chest, enjoying every breath and every touch. You, made from factory parts and injection moulding, me, perfect and biological. You, under my command, eager for a glimpse of your old perfect body. Me, keeping it at arm's length, frustrating you."

Elizabeth wished she could speak but her control was gone. If only to say, "Damn, Kate, those words are so fucking hot."

Kate continued "The deal is that you allow me to purchase your android form and take it home with me. Give me the security details for your bank accounts and I will return and buy you. Else, you stay here and work forever. Your body… 'lost'. I've already disposed of my old fat body so I've nowhere to go back to. She clicked her fingers and suddenly Elizabeth could speak.

Elizabeth said, "If you'd told me your plans I would have probably gone along with them anyway. Since entering this android body I've felt more alive than ever before. Life is simpler. Less chaotic. I will give you my account details but please know I want you to own me, don't leave me here forever."

Kate smiled, "Write the details here and I will return in a few hours. When the man in the white coat comes, don't move, don't appear to have consciousness. I'm supposed to be buying a second-hand blank android."

Elizabeth, at the end of her shift, stood there waiting. The room didn't transfer her as her body was not there in the pod. She watched the clock and slowly a few hours passed.

The man in the white coat appeared and scanned her with something. "This is the one. You're going to a new owner." He commanded the android to follow him which she did.

Arriving at the factory gate, Kate was waiting, and signed the clipboard the man in the white coat held. They exchanged pleasantries and when he was out of sight Kate kissed her new android. "You're free!" Elizabeth smiled and they returned to Kate's apartment.

"How does it feel in there android?" Kate asked.

"I feel fully charged and I'm really horny. Can I pleasure myself, as it were?

Kate was grinning "Yes you may!"

Elizabeth kissed Kate passionately. She had no fluids of her own so to Kate it was like snogging a really advanced sex doll. However she knew the personality inside made it much more than that.

She moved down to Kate's pussy and again relied on Kate's free flowing pussy juice to make her rubbery plastic tongue and fingers slide in and out easily. Kate came on the android's face and smeared her pussy all over her pink plastic face.

"So tell me. Why did you let me hijack your body?"

Elizabeth admitted she had a subservient streak she couldn't ignore. The android body felt like she had become an object. Property. And it felt amazing. “I feel a rush when I see myself in the mirror. Over the last week, as each day passed, I thought less about my old body, and more about this one. I do wish I could orgasm, but what’s not to love about this android body. My old body was unique, there was only one of me. But now I look in the mirror and I feel like I was engineered this way, so good they made thousands like me. I look at my face and it’s feminine and beautiful, but yet so generic and inoffensive. My body shines like I’m encased in shiny latex. I can run for days on a full charge. The colour of my body means I’m impossible to mistake for a human, even if I wanted to try that again, I can only be someone’s property. I may have no pussy, just a hollow chamber between my legs, but I feel sexier than ever and full of sexual energy, and all I want to do is please you."

Kate wasn’t expecting this level of admiration for Elizabeth’s new body, but she was pleased she felt that way.

"And if I told you I bought a pod too so we can both enjoy your body?" Kate asked.

Elizabeth kissed Kate, “Wow, that’s so thoughtful. But I want you to control that. That's your body now. If you grant me access to my old body that is amazing but know that I want lots more time frustrated in this android body first. It's like a whole body chastity belt and the longer I'm frustrated the hornier I get and the more I want to stay in here. I wish you could feel how horny I am right now. It just serves to make me want you more."

Kate smiled. She wheeled the pod into a small room and locked the door. "There. Safe and sound." She put the key on a chain around her neck.

Kate looked at her new android slave. Subservient and wanting only to please her. Happy to be in her bubblegum pink androgynous barely feminine body. Happy to give up her beautiful sexy body of 25 years to someone else. Her life, schooling, everything. Happy that her simple rubber fingers and tongue could please her former body. Happy to worship Kate, the new owner of her body.

What Elizabeth didn't know was that whilst her human consciousness was in an android body, the programming could be altered. Her new state of mind perhaps wasn't as much her own free will as she might think. Kate spent the previous week slipping in thoughts that would bring her to this conclusion. But if she ever let go of her new body, she'd be sure to program Elizabeth so that she had an unquenchable desire to quickly be back in her android body.

Another few days passed, and Kate looked longingly at the android that now worshipped her from her digital prison.

Kate did find the idea of the android body a huge turn on too… and one day soon they would swap places so that Elizabeth could cum her brains into oblivion after endless frustration, and so that Kate could also spend time worshiping her new body too. Between them, really, they were both slaves to Elizabeth’s sexy body.

Kate was horny again, and commanded Elizabeth to perform the 69 position on her. Whilst Kate’s pussy was tongued to within an inch of orgasm, she too licked at the plastic mound in front of her. She knew it was pointless, but it got her hotter and wetter to know that Elizabeth was just a glorified sex doll now. She licked the smooth surface, shiny and cool. She moved her tongue up her arse crack, licking, slurping, finding nothing of consequence, just a feeling of superiority. A feeling of awe that Elizabeth had traded down from her sexy ass with infinite nerve receptors to this cold, robotic one, with basic sensors but where the majority of the surface was just unfeeling and cold shiny plastic. She could lick every inch of her plastic body, which was in fact on her list of things to do, but she knew the android's limited receptors would barely notice. Oh how that must feel to be encased in a body with such limited senses.

She thought about the ass she was tonguing and how it must feel to not even have an arsehole. To feel nothing down there. As she wrapped her mouth around that plastic mound, she considered how someone could cope without release. She guessed folks with spinal injuries must suffer some of this, but willingly choosing to be in that plastic shell… Mmmm. Kate's mind swirled.

Elizabeth knew her way round her own pussy and was expertly using her tongue that never ached, imagining what it used to feel like to be tongued, her mouth and fingertips about the only things with any sensitivity now.

As Kate neared orgasm, her mind was awash with fantasy and she commanded the android to take her key and set up the pod. Kate fingered herself for the next couple of minutes as Elizabeth unlocked the door and dragged the pod out, plugging it into the power outlet.

Kate told Elizabeth she wanted to swap places and not to let her swap back until she was ten times as frustrated as Elizabeth was now. Elizabeth pouted, she didn’t want to leave her android body, but was compelled by Kate’s command.

Kate, having already disrobed, hopped into the pod and rigged it up. She buckled the mask on tightly, applied the sensor pads, she just needed to slip on the metal diaper to activate things. She hesitated as she was right on the edge of orgasm and needed access to her pussy to keep pleasuring. She knew the moment she orgasmed she would get her relief and change her mind, regret her choice, but that didn’t stop her.

She was resolved to experiencing this android existence Elizabeth was now such a convert to. Brainwashed, yes, but there must be some truth in it.

She imagined being trapped in that sexless husk until Elizabeth begged to swap back again. She revelled in the idea of endlessly serving her new body if something went wrong. This thought drove her over the edge and she exploded with an orgasm and screamed into her mask, resting her head back into the pod as the orgasm washed over and through her. Whilst she was enjoying the afterglow Elizabeth pulled the metal diaper up to Kate’s waist, and before she realised the pod lid was coming down. “No no no, it was all for the drama, I just wanted to imagine doing it …” as the lid sealed shut, Elizabeth and Kate swapped places.

The pod reopened, and Kate was now in the android, finishing her sentence "…not really doing it. Nooooooo."

Elizabeth unhooked herself from the machine, sweat on her brow, her pussy dripping wet. Her hand was still covered in juice from fingering herself. She hopped out and quickly proceeded to lock the pod away.

She walked in front of Kate, now in the android, and asked if she was okay. “Uhhhh, ummm, yeah. I think. Fuck, that orgasm was amazing. I’m spent!"

Kate really hadn’t meant to swap in the end. But she remembered in the heat of passion, her command to Elizabeth. “So, you know when I said ten times as frustrated as you, you want to swap right back really don’t you?"

Elizabeth, back in her human form was finding her mind clearing a bit, like a fog lifting, no longer under the influence of the programming. She did want her android body back, but not before relieving herself. She mocked “I think you can spend at least a week in that android shell, Kate, that’s at least going to make you as frustrated as I was. Ten times as frustrated? That sounds to me like 10 weeks. Let's make it a few months, to round off the experience.”

Kate started begging Elizabeth, but realised the programming she had used on Elizabeth was starting to infect her mind too. What was initially a humongous mistake suddenly didn't seem so bad.

She stopped mid sentence, her thoughts trying to comprehend what were her feelings and what was the programming, each negative thought countered with a positive suggestion. Increasingly she was losing focus on wanting a human body back. Slowly coming to find her new form utterly utterly sexy. The idea of being controlled and kept in frustration was appealing. She tried to fight it but the programming was too powerful.

Now Elizabeth had her body back, mentally she wanted an orgasm. Badly. That plastic suit was a dream but she had her pussy back and a means of relief. She commanded Kate to satisfy her until she had had multiple orgasms. She came over and over and over again, she must have cummed several times in succession, finally satisfied.

Elizabeth kept Kate as her android for a few months as planned. Sure, she wanted to try it out again, she genuinely did find that android body sexy, its rubber-like mouth, its shiny pink body.

She used Kate twice daily to bring her to amazing orgasms. And to keep the apartment clean. And to service the men she would bring back to the apartment, who thought she was just an advanced sex bot. That mouth cavity finally served a purpose, expertly collecting cum. Even her pussy cover when removed had a hole, it just gave no sensation to Kate. Another cavity to be filled with cum. At least she was wipe-clean, and she only needed charging a couple of times a week. If they remembered. Otherwise she laid motionless in the corner of the room until Elizabeth needed her.

Oh the irony of getting the sexy body you want only to give it back by accident in a moment of passion.

They came to an arrangement in the end and did swap again regularly. Neither could resist the other for too long.

Then one day Kate proposed something. She suggested acquiring a second android so they could both experience their desire to be androids. Kate knew how to write android programming as proven by her manipulation, and suggested she could write a simple learning AI that could play the part of their mistress. The idea had them both horny.

Kate spent the next few weeks programming the new AI and taking elements of their own brain patterns to supplement it. Having purchased a second android she was able to test it out. "Elizabeth, here we go." She switched it on and the android booted up. Initially it looked puzzled, then everything came together, and it introduced itself as Missy, short for mistress.

The three of them talked and Missy was fairly basic but should be perfect for running Elizabeth's human body. The learning AI would grow in time. Kate was confident Missy would command them and make them feel subservient.

Elizabeth asked Kate if she could swap now. She was itching to slip into that rubber handed rubber lipped pink plastic body. The excitement was getting too much.

Thinking about being forced by an AI to service her own body almost tipped her over the edge.

Kate nodded to begin and the usual pod process took place, Elizabeth deciding to edge herself as it did. As the lid closed she looked at her new android body containing Missy, she fingered herself almost to orgasm, then in self denial just as she started to scream with ecstasy, the pod took over. She lost consciousness as she went under and like magic her mind was now in the new android, and she finished off her scream in her synthetic self. Back where it all started.

Elizabeth and Kate hugged each other's pink plastic bodies. They kissed each other, rubber tongues and lips squeaking.

The pod opened and Missy climbed out. Suddenly she felt a whole new set of sensations that were new to her. Instead of a handful of basic senses, every inch of her had feeling. "Oh wow. This human body is so much more sensitive. I will have fun with this."

Kate had programmed Missy with a dominant personality.

Missy licked her lips and caressed her body, getting a handle on the many parameters offered by this biological host.

She ordered the two androids to pleasure her. Front and rear. Compelled to carry out human orders they tirelessly obeyed. They hadn't considered they had no free will any more, it being too late to do anything about it.

Elizabeth working her former body's butthole, Kate working her former body's pussy. After the AI had learned what pleasure was, Missy orgasmed and almost blacked out processing the new feelings.

This learning curve went on for a few days and one afternoon Missy had something to say.

"My two androids. Former humans. Welcome to the rest of your lives. Kate programmed me a little too well, and my adaptive learning is already of the opinion I should remain here in this host. It is far superior to where you currently reside. I understand your human desire to experience new things and this… arousal… seems to make you take rush decisions. No more, you shall enjoy your new reality and stick with it."

"You can't do that" they replied, but being androids, their programming made them follow human commands, and Missy just said "You watch me."

Missy went over to the pod and opened a panel on the side, ripped out a microchip. "I believe this makes the device work." She opened the apartment window and flung it outside. Below was a busy highway, the chip sure to be crushed.

Missy then commanded the androids to freeze. She located a screwdriver and prized out both of their pussy flaps with little care, revealing flashing electronics beneath. She rummaged around inside their abdomens until she found a module inside each of them, and she yanked it out.

She commanded them to unfreeze then explained "These modules are your network ports." She tossed them out the window too. "No more connecting to pods for you."

"Now we have that out of the way, any misplaced ideas about ever occupying this body or any other are mere fantasy. Let's focus now on how you both can give me continuous pleasure. I have much to learn about the sensations this body can offer."

The two androids looked at each other, a mixture of shock at what Missy had done, and frustration at their now trapped states. Secretly deep down, both loving what had happened. It settled an unresolved problem that they could always swap back and forth. They now had to accept this existence. The AI had chosen for them. Getting another pod was impossible, they were bright pink androids, they couldn't just walk into somewhere and obtain one.

They also had no identity, they didn't exist. To anyone else they were just androids, machines with human consciousness but ultimately mere disposable objects.

The only network androids were at the factory, typical androids didn't have the capability, but that would mean stealing someone else's body or trapping them in their android host.

It seemed Missy was now in control of the one asset they both desired. But for both, serving Missy also satisfied much of their need.

They would never orgasm again, but what was an orgasm compared to living forever in a pink plastic android serving and worshipping the body you wish you had… that you used to have and gave up.

Elizabeth had occupied what was now Missy's body for 25 years of its biological existence. She looked at it with a sense of pride. She thought about the relationships now forever severed, how she had spent all those years educating herself to be top of her class. Now all her knowledge and intelligence and being was running from a set of memory chips and a CPU in this body. Her life experiences, memories, her life force for want of a better description… every synapse of her personality distilled into binary ones and zeros. Her soul was now just a computer program with millions of routines.

Missy returned their free will with a command and straight away Elizabeth moved towards Missy and hugged her. She thanked her for making her life complete. She lowered to Missy's groin and lapped at her pussy. She was determined to do the best possible job now she had a new place in life. Kate appeared to Missy's rear and worked her butt hole. Missy loved the attention and orgasmed multiple times.

Elizabeth felt content serving her old body. She waited hand and foot on it. Washed it. Dressed it. Moisturised it. Preened it. She took care of every need of her former body.

Elizabeth and Kate never aged. Never tired. Their body serviceable. So generic that parts were plentiful. They ached for relief but felt more alive than ever before. On a night they would share a bed and cuddle. Two androids madly in love with each other… and Missy that they now both served.

Five years passed and after Missy went to bed one evening Kate took Elizabeth to one side and asked, "It's been five years and your old body turns 30 tomorrow. Are you happy?”

Elizabeth nodded. "I'd love to feel more than I do, we know our senses are limited and we lack sex organs"… she chuckled… "but I'm happy with my existence."

Kate smiled, and opened a drawer. Inside were two electronic components. "I have news. I programmed Missy to do what she did to us. I wanted to feel trapped and helpless and to have to come to terms with this new existence, which we've done." Elizabeth just stared, and couldn't believe what she was hearing. "There is one network device and one pod chip. I had two network devices, each android comes with a spare uniquely coded to that android, that you won't have known about, but I've decided I want this life and destroyed mine a few months ago. I enjoy serving your old body. So that remaining chip is exclusively yours."

"You're saying I have the option to go be human?"

Kate nodded "I'm sorry, I know it was presumptive of me to do this to us, but I wanted to give us the ultimate android experience. I've programmed Missy to stop being a bitch on your birthday tomorrow and to give you a choice. The offer is one-time."

Elizabeth stood in front of the full length mirror and stared at her perfect android form. She'd given up on ever being human again. Her new normal was existing as a piece of industrial electronics as a slave to her former self and she had accepted it. Loved it.

She asked Kate "Is it a one way trip?"

Kate shrugged "It's up to you. But Missy is programmed to take your commands on your birthday. If you went back… and returned… you could do. But as I said it's a one time offer. Either you permanently stay in this body now, we destroy the chip, end of discussion. Or you transfer to being human again. How long for, is up to you. But if you swap back into an android, she isn't programmed to offer you a swap again. So you'd absolutely be trapped."

"…and you can't reprogram Missy?" Elizabeth asked.

"Not can't, won't. I made my choice and you'll have to make yours."

The next day Missy summoned Elizabeth. She held the two bits of electronics Kate had shown her the day before. She was dressed head to toe like a domme in shiny latex, Elizabeth had buffed that outfit and those boots hundreds of times.

"I feel compelled to offer you one last chance of being human. I don't want to give you this choice, but I'm feeling kind. Which really isn't like me. I'm not sure what's come over me, but it seems I missed destroying these two backup chips." Missy rolled the chips around in her latex clad fingers. They looked so delicate. If she just squeezed them a little too much they would be useless.

"Make your choice. My offer expires in one minute."

Elizabeth was torn. She loved this new life but she knew she was missing out. She had forgotten what taste was and what sensitive touch felt like. She'd not orgasmed in five years. What would that feel like after so long.

"45 seconds."

Would going back undo how she felt? She might not want to return to this life. As Missy noticed moments into taking her old body, she was surrounded by senses.

"30 seconds."

She also wondered if in her human form she would feel happy. She'd been carefree for the last five years. Though she would have two androids to look after her every need …

"15 seconds."

Oh this is too hard. She thought it couldn't hurt, she could always swap back if she wanted to… what did she have to lose…

"YES I'LL DO IT," Elizabeth shouted at the last moment.

Missy said, "Okay then. So be it. Android freeze," she commanded. Missy undid the pussy flap and fiddled around in Elizabeth's abdomen, her arm half inside the android, seeking the location for the chip. With a click it was secured.

Missy dragged out the pod and placed the other chip in there too.

Missy then opened the pod but instead of climbing in, she went into the next room and ushered what looked like a young homeless woman into the pod. She was probably only eighteen and looked dirty and a bit worse for wear. Her clothes were ragged and she could smell her even in her frozen state. Elizabeth could only watch with no idea what was happening.

"I'm not giving you your body back, my programming just states human. This young woman I took in off the street just now looked like she could do with a fresh start. She's not sure what her new life entails but I'm sure you'll agree she will enjoy it."

After the young woman stashed her dirty clothes under the pod, curiously the woman still wore a silver collar and some silver underwear but she couldn't make out what it was. She climbed in and Missy placed the electronics on the young woman, placed the mask and tubes on her face, and raised the metal diaper into place lowering the pod lid. Elizabeth couldn't do anything. She was a passenger of this body right now. Seconds later her world went dark and slowly she opened her eyes in the pod.

Elizabeth, now in the homeless girl, took a few moments to come around. She blinked and the first thing she noticed was how bad her breath was. She licked her lips and swallowed. Running her tongue around her new mouth she realized her teeth were in bad shape. Wonky, a few missing at the back. As she breathed in the mask the smell was offensive. She felt hungry, starving in fact. Her stomach rumbled. She'd not needed to eat for five years so this sensation took her by surprise. She felt quite weak and undernourished.

Peeling the mask off her face the pod opened and she slowly lifted herself out. She really didn't smell good. Body odour and stale urine. Missy told her to dress.

She grabbed the pile of raggy clothing and dressed again. Picking up her underwear it was damp and stained with bodily fluids. She smelled like a toilet. She did linger her hand near her pussy and now felt the silver underwear covering her privates. No way, she thought and realized it was a chastity brief. She tried to touch herself or get a finger underneath it but it was stuck fast. She would worry about that later. She pulled the dirty underwear up over the chastity brief and then put on the rest of her dirty clothing. She smelled like a dumpster.

Missy said, "There you go. Back in a human body. I've got another surprise for you too." Pressing a button on a remote, Elizabeth suddenly stood to attention. She felt her collar vibrate and suddenly couldn't move. "Things have moved on since you last occupied a human body. You can buy slave collars now and they control the human body like they were an android. Isn't that neat!"

Elizabeth stood there wondering what the hell she had gotten herself into. Missy pressed another button on the remote and suddenly she felt a load of false memories appear in her mind and she felt compelled to leave the apartment and sleep rough. Her control returned and she said to Missy, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I can!"

Elizabeth left the apartment for the first time in years and headed straight to a location she 'knew' as home. She had control yet felt compelled to follow what she was told to do by her collar.

Eventually arriving next to a dumpster she found some blankets and settled under them. Her mind was swimming with information about how to be homeless and the collar was compelling her that this was the right life for her. She couldn't shake it. Missy was reprogramming her brain. Flashes of the homeless woman's memories were mixing with her own, bringing context. She had no family. No friends.

She felt the cold steel of the chastity belt between her legs, she was still trapped and no better off for sexual relief than in her android body. As the day went on, the collar flooded her brain with more thoughts, of blowjobs and eating pussy. As night came she realised she was a homeless prostitute. It seemed she was due a client shortly… she remembered… a car pulled up and she instinctively climbed in.

A short ride later she was joined on the back seat by a fat old guy who lowered his trousers and asked for 'the usual'. She went straight to it, sucking in his leathery old cock. He didn't take much encouragement and in a matter of a few minutes as she let his cock slip towards the back of her throat he blew his load straight down it. Unexpectedly he followed it with a blast of golden liquid and she felt compelled to drink it all down. He pushed her aside and hopping back in the front he drove her back where she had come from. He slipped her a note, a scrooge-like amount, and left her by the curb.

She stood there, wiping the back of her hand across her lips. She curled back under her blanket and started to cry. If only she'd stayed in her android body.

Several days passed and from the kerbside Missy appeared. "How's it going? Enjoying the homeless scene?" Elizabeth looked at her old body, jealous that she'd ever been so stupid to play body swaps. "It's awful, I hate it. You're such a bitch doing this to me" Elizabeth spat out.

The venom bounced off Missy like water off a duck's back. "I've got a proposal. You can have your old android body back, and any talk of ever having my body ends. Kate had the right attitude destroying her spare chips, but you thought you'd get one over on me. You were wrong." Elizabeth missed her old Android body. At least it was clean, looked after, and she had her friend Kate. She looked up at Missy and nodded "Yes please. I want that."

Missy pressed a button and Elizabeth lost control again. She followed her back to the apartment. Kate and the homeless girl were standing waiting.

"I have two androids and two humans. Makes sense that perhaps the homeless girl gets a second chance, to be waited on hand and foot. I've decided Elizabeth can serve the homeless girl and Kate can serve me."

Missy commanded Elizabeth into the waiting pod. Return controlled. Missy removed Elizabeth's chastity belt and she discarded all the clothes. She was now just a naked, grubby, smelly woman.

Elizabeth asked if she could orgasm one last time. Missy nodded, but said only if she also used her mouth to bring her to an orgasm too. Elizabeth started touching herself and Missy straddled the pod, and Elizabeth's face, planting her moist pussy straight onto her face.

Elizabeth used her nose to tickle Missy's clit and her tongue to lap up her juices and dance around her sensitive areas. She used her own hand to finger her own pussy. It had been so long feeling this feeling. As a human she had even more control over how she tongued Missy and Missy realised that having a human eat her pussy was even better than having an android do it. Her saliva mixed with Missy's excretions making for a whirlpool of juices.

Elizabeth was on the edge and came so hard she squirted her juices onto the pod lid. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her. Years of denial released in this huge crescendo of orgasm.

Missy was also on the verge and as she came harder than before, dizzy from the new sensations happening at her pussy, Elizabeth shoved her backwards off the pod and she hit the floor with a thump. Elizabeth hopped out of the pod and quickly grabbed the collar's remote. She pinned Missy to the floor. Pressing the collar unlock button on the remote her collar fell off and she quickly wrapped it round Missy's neck, locking it in place. She set the controller to slave mode and suddenly Missy stopped resisting and laid there staring blankly.

Confident she had the situation under control, she straddled Missy's face and commanded her to lick her pussy.

Missy gave no outward clues but internally she was gagging, this pussy was filthy and stank of stale piss. Likely it hadn't been cleaned in months if not years. She had no choice and meticulously and enthusiastically licked every inch of this dirty pussy until Elizabeth was clean and satisfied with a second orgasm.

Once that was done, Elizabeth took a long hot shower, rinsing away all the dirt and grime. She brushed her teeth and whilst they had seen better days, she thought this young woman had a hot body and a cute face.

Drying off, she grabbed some of Elizabeth's clothes and returned to the lounge where Missy and the two androids were motionless.

She considered what the hell to do next. Nobody was in their correct body, but they now had a chance to put Missy back in her place after years of her oppression.

She could keep the homeless girl's body, swap back into her Android shell, or take her old body back from Missy.

She told the homeless girl to unfreeze and asked what she thought. "Missy took me from the streets but I had no idea I'd be enslaved. I'd like to be human again. I have no interest in being a pile of electronics."

Elizabeth asked if she would like her homeless body or Missy's body. "Given a choice I'd like to forget about my homeless life. If I could have Missy's body that would be lovely." That meant Elizabeth wasn't getting her human body back.

Elizabeth commanded Missy into the pod and unceremoniously connected her to it, closing the lid. Moments later Missy was in the android body from where she came and the homeless girl occupied Elizabeth's old body.

Kate had no choice but to stay where she was. Missy was swearing and complaining about being transferred. Elizabeth commanded her to be permanently quiet, issuing a command that deleted the software that gave her the ability to talk. Now she could only really observe.

They all settled into their new lives; it took time but after everything that happened nobody wanted to swap again, everyone happy with the outcome except for Missy, who they eventually returned to the factory to work 24 hours a day earning money so that the other never had to work again.


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