Erica The Sex Doll

by EricaDolly

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Storycodes: Solo-F; store; purchase; toys; vibe; strip; mast; insert; transform; lovedoll; seams; bodymod; inf; valve; stuck; cons/nc; X


Erica walked into her apartment after a long days work. She walked into her living room holding a plastic bag in her right hand. Sitting down on her couch she pulled out a pink box from the bag. She looked around to make sure her windows were closed and opened the box. It contained a hot pink vibrator. It had been ages since Erica had treated herself to some alone time and after a day like today she really could use it.

Earlier that week she noticed a small adult toy store near her work, it looked like a privately owned shop and she honestly couldn't remember it being there for very long. For whatever reason she felt drawn to the place and decided to browse through it one day. That day was today when she decided to go in and have a browse at their toys. She was looking at a pink vibrator behind the display cabinet. The owner said it's a new model and is sure to bring the best pleasure she has ever experienced. So feeling adventurous she bought the vibrator and headed home to test it out.

She began with taking her pants off and started fingering her clit. After a bit she decided it was time to try the vibrator. She gently placed it against her lips. The vibrator felt warm to the touch. She slid it inside her pussy and turned the vibrator on. Instantly she felt a wave of pleasure course through her body. She gasped in shock. "Oh god!" She exclaimed. Her heartbeat increasing and her body feeling warmer by the second she quickly took the rest of her clothes off and threw them away. She laid back on the couch and started massaging the vibrator around with one hand and massaged her nipple with the other hand.

She had never felt this horny before in her life. The more waves of pleasure crashed against her body the more she craved more. Her skin was super sensitive and tingled with every little touch. It almost seemed tight. Through the pleasure she was receiving from the vibrator she failed to notice her body changing. Her skin was taking on an artificial sheen and developing ridges on various regions of her body.

Her nipples and pussy were changing colour into an artificial hot pink. Next her body began to change shape. Her toes fused together forming a single foot with painted on red nail polish even though she didn't have any toes. Her hips began to flare out as her waist sunk in. Her pussy began to contort into a more oval shape.

It was at this point Erica felt something was wrong. She had been feeling increasingly strange throughout her time with the vibrator but the pleasure had been masking the changes until she felt her body physically change shape. She looked down towards her crotch and noticed all of the changes; her glossy skin, the seams on her skin, her wider hips and smaller waist, her toe-less feet, and her pink oval vagina.

"What the fuck?!" She exclaimed. Her body felt very stiff and slow when she tried to move. She then felt a lot of pressure building in her chest. Her boobs began to swell outwards becoming perfectly round and huge. Her nipples grew much bigger as well.

It was at this point Erica pieced together what was happening to her. "I'm turning into a blow-up doll!" She screamed, "Someone Help me!"

She tried to reach down to her crotch and remove the vibrator; figuring that it must be to blame somehow. But her arms were so hard to move. Her fingers were not responding at all and her arms were slowly bending on their own into an 'L' shape. With what strength she had left she tried to move anything on her body but was only able to get a bit of movement from her back. With her last bit of strength she threw herself off the couch but only slightly. Her upper half hanging off the couch and her legs up in the air the changes continued.

She felt something forming up from her back. She assumed what it must be; an inflation valve. Now only her head remained, but that too started changing. While she continued to yell for help her voice became softer and softer and her body hollowed out, thus removing her lungs as well. Eventually she found that she couldn't even close her mouth anymore. In silent horror she felt it stretch out into a perfect circle. Her lips changed to an artificial red while the inside of her mouth changed into a pink ridged tube. She knew exactly what her mouth was now meant for.

Tears flowing from her eyes as her cheeks turned pink, and her eyebrows became simply painted on. Her hair didn't change much visually but it became synthetic strands resembling realistic hair that was once her own. Lastly she felt control of her own eyes failing as they fixed and stared straight forward. She felt them flatten out and become dry. They had become painted on features like her eyebrows.

With that her transformation was completed a Erica lay motionless upside down on her couch. Hoping that someone will find her and free her soon. Before these feelings of lust overwhelm her, she is already thinking about being used.

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