The Examination

by Daviddrb6

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© Copyright 2011 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; alien; captive; bond; scifi; probes; reset; android; nc/cons; X

Abducted and taken to the planet Trexfilian Polly, a beautiful young woman in her mid-twenties with blue eyes and dark brown hair, lay naked on a table in what appeared to be an operating theatre. She was secured to the table by broad metal bands that covered her breasts and thighs and pressed her arms to her sides. Above her on the low ceiling was a large green bump that filled the room with a soft green light; leaving the corners of the room in shadow. On the wall opposite her was a large screen with a diagram of her skeleton and with strange, angled writing moving at the bottom of the screen. Polly writhed on the table, but the bands held her down. She was able to move her legs and flex her toes but that was all.

"Help me," she cried. "Please, help me", but she knew it was pointless. These aliens could do whatever they wanted to her. Rape, torture or even dissecte her alive. She didn't want to die in pain. She didn't want to die at all.

"Help me", she said softly this time. She wanted to cry but there were no tears.

Someone came out of the shadows, or rather as she saw, something. It reminded her of an owl with it's dark, intense eyes, beak-like mouth and rounded furred head. It wore a white, surgical gown from which emerged talon-like hands which added to the impression of an owl. It's feet were probably claws as well Polly guessed as she could hear a slight scratching on the floor as it came up to the table.

The "owl" bent over her and Poly pressed her head into the table and whimpered. "Don't - don't hurt me please".

After a moment the "owl" said in a clipped, nasal tone: "I'm sorry, I'm Doctor C'rarg. I've just never seen your type before. There are males of course but the females are said to be just as interesting". He gave a brief glance down her naked body and Polly felt he was raping her with his large, unblinking eyes. "I need to carry out an examination before deciding what to do".

Polly strained against the bands again. "I don't want to die," she sobbed. "I don't want to die. Please let me go."

C'rarg looked intensely at her. "Dying is irrevelant. If an examination is to be performed then it has to be done."

"But you you can't do this," Polly gasped. "It's in-human!"

C'rarg continued to look at her. After a moment he said: "I'm not human. The human species has trapped, enslaved, experimented and exterminated not just other species but also it's own kind, so don't accuse me of inter-racial crimes."

Polly watched him walk over to the screen and read the text on it. He brought up a magnification of her skeleton and slowly scrolled across it; bringing up further magnifications of her skull, chest and navel.

"Are - are you going to rape me?" Polly asked.

"Interesting that the human species has copulation as it's one dominant thought," C'rarg said. "Considering all your achievements it's surprising that one, primitive instinct remains dominant." He turned to face her again. "A contradiction don't you think?"

Polly hesitated before answering: "Its how we live".

"To further your species I agree," C'rarg replied. "But I do find it strange that you use procreation for leisure too. Anyway, I'm wasting time." He bent over the girl and Polly tensed as C'rarg began his examnation. "Your irises and pupils are large," he said as he examined her eyes. "No doubt due to the unncessary fears you are suffering from. The shade of deep blue is nice though." He stroked and felt her chest and stomach and Polly winced as she felt his nails touch her bare skin. "A firm posture: strong muscles" he complemented her. He felt her legs, bent her knees and flexed her ankles. "Locomotion excellent. Nothing wrong," he said. From the bump in the ceiling C'rarg then lowered and inserted a probe into her vagina. Polly twitched and grunted as she felt it penetrate deep into her, and gasped as the pain gave way to the tingling sensation she always felt before she had an orgasm. When C'rarg withdrew the probe she felt a slight moistness between her legs. She let her head loll to the left as she watched C'rarg enter his findings on the screen and felt her body relax.

"It seems that you are physically normal and there are no faults or in-perfections," C'rarg concluded. "So I should concentrate on your mental facilities". He walked back to her and Polly saw him extend another probe down towards her. She saw it had a needle-like extension with small discs along it. "I will need to make an incision so as to gain access to your memory" he said calmly.

Polly screamed.

She then felt C'rarg clamp one his talons over her mouth and turn her head to the right. As she felt the probe go into her skull she gave a muffled scream into C'rarg's talon which held her tightly. Pain cascaded through her head and she saw the green light turn to orange and then fade into a bright, all enfolding yellow light that blocked out everything. The light then seemed to clear and she saw herself playing in the garden when she was little; sitting in the playing fields with her friends at school and then dressed as a cheerleader with a cropped top and short skirt dancing round her boyfriend at a fancy dress party. She saw they were all bathed in a soft yellow light; like faded photographs.

Polly let out a loud groan.

She opened her eyes. She was still strapped to the table and bathed in the green light though it now seemed very close to her. She shut her eyes and opened them again very slowly. She saw the light was coming from a glowing green sphere pointed, at an angle towards her. The sphere was in the centre of a dish that was in turn connected to a boom along which were spinning, glowing discs. Green and white lighting sparked and flickered between the discs to the the dish and sphere which seemed to glow brighter and brighter. Polly gasped and strained against the bands again; feeling her nipples become firm against the band over her breasts and she felt her thighs become slightly damp. She tried to raise herself up but the bands held her firmly down on the table. She looked towards the sphere again and thought she could see C'rarg in shadow behind it.

She suddenly remembered something she'd heard: "Nothing healthy or good ever glows green!"

Then the glowing sphere spat lighting out at Polly; enveloping her. She felt her whole body start to shudder and tingle and the pain in her head erupted again. She tried to speak but only faint, strangled gasps came from her open mouth. She felt she was being pressed down onto the table by the glowing green energy that wrapped round her entire body. The glowing green light washed over Polly and she found her sight filled by the bright yellow light that had consumed her before. Then the light would fade and she would find herself back in the theatre with the glowing sphere glowing and sparking above her. Polly started making guttural sounds. She wanted to speak, tell people who she was, what she'd done. But, she couldn't remember. The bright yellow light engulfed her again before fading back to green before flaring into yellow again. Polly moaned; rocking her head from side to side. She opened her mouth again; making more guttural sounds before finding she could speak again.

She said over and over to herself: "Pol-E.#16. Pol-E.#16. Pol-E.#16..."


"The real problem was her memory," C'rarg told Richard, Polly's owner, as they walked through his surgery. "Because the virus had aggravated it's storage capacity it was finding it difficult to process which was real and imaginary. So I deleted the memory and rebuilt it."

"Will I have to start again?" Richard asked.

"No you won't," C'rarg replied. "Your Pol-E.#16 unit will remember you." He added: "It might be best if you check with Hu-mane Resorces when you get back to Earth just to make sure I've done the procedure properly. I know they say we Trexfilians are good android doctors but it's best as you humans say: "To be on the safe side."

They stopped outside the cell where the Pol-E.#16 was stored and C'rarg opened the door. Richard saw his Pol-E#16 sitting relaxed on the bench in wearing a leotard and sandals. She smiled when she saw him.

Richard smiled back: "Are you all right now? " he asked.

"Yes thank you." She replied. "Are we going now?"

"Yes we are," Richard answered. "It's nice to have you back."

The Pol-E#16 smiled. She got up from the bench and hugged Richard then taking his hand she walked out of Doctor C'rarg's surgery, newly restored, with her owner.



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