Factory Tour with Options

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/F+; lovedoll; transformed; packaged; cons/nc; X

Author's note :  This story is a bit darker than my usual stories and involves scenes of sexuality, profanity and mild violence.  If this offends you, please move on to another story, otherwise enjoy !    (Based on an idea suggested to author by Mad Bird CZ...... )

It was a summer day with the midday sky hazy from the high humidity that seemed to be everywhere. Kids were in the quiet streets playing stick ball or running under the water streaming from an open fire hydrant. The children scattered to one side as two large mini van taxis drove by, heading towards the factory that the people inside had signed up for a tour of.

"Gee, you'd think a company that manufactures love dolls would be sensitive about how they produce and test the products before sending them out to the various stores around the country," the blonde haired Miranda said as she turned and looked back at the other women in the van.

Gina and Svetlana nodded silently in agreement while Cynthia's face slightly reddened. "Well, the online questionnaire I filled out at Dream Dollies web site was fairly thorough. It even asked if I had.. ummm... personal thoughts about love dolls in general...." Cynthia said, trailing off at the end in obvious embarrassment.

"You too..? Gee, I thought I was the only one who was asked for my thoughts about the dolls and stuff related to it. When I wrote that I often.. um... well.. fantasized about being treated like one, they immediately emailed me back and invited me on this tour," Iris said, somewhat embarrassed by her admission though that dissipated somewhat when she glanced around and saw the nodding of heads much like Cynthia had seen earlier.

"Well, I don't know if Dream Dollies can help fulfill our fantasies or not but I'm curious about the whole process they use to make their amazingly lifelike sex dolls. I swear, every boyfriend I've had in the last six months has brought it up in one way or another..." Gina said as the women started chatting among themselves about men they'd dated and other things.

In the other cab......

"This whole tour seems kind of strange to me. I mean, a factory that makes love dolls giving a tour to ten women who answered their online questionnaire seems kind of strange to me. The fact that the tour was non-transferable and we aren't allowed to take anyone with us is even more bizarre," Molly said while twisting a lock of her red hair with her right hand.

"Ahh, Molly, you worry too much. Why don't you look at it as an all expense paid vacation with a slightly off the wall kink to it? At the very least, it'll make for great conversations at the clubs when you get back home. Of course, if you don't talk about it there, you can go over it when you're alone in bed... if you know what I mean," Carmen said with a broad grin.

Miranda and Tanya looked out the taxi windows and pointed at various sights of interest to them while Pam rested back with her head resting in her right hand. "Ugghh... don't even mention clubs to me. I spent way too much time at the local clubs last night and my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton. I just hope the whole tour is as good as they said it was in the email," the redhead said as she rubbed her neck with her left hand.

"Well, we're here now. I guess we're all going to find out what this tour entails here in a few minutes," Tanya said as she shifted herself on the seat and pulled up the blue and white tube top she was wearing. She had been a cocktail waitress back in her home town until she had been recently fired for refusing to give in to the owner's sexual advances. With few friends and no living relatives, she was about to leave town to try and find something better when she accepted the offer of this tour. In fact, she had made more friends with the other women on tour than back home. Tanya was surprised to find that quite a few of them were like her - single, no relatives and looking for a little fun. As the taxi turned into the factory parking lot, followed shortly thereafter by the other taxi, it appeared that Tanya's desire for fun would soon be answered....

Ten minutes later.....

The group of ten women had been ushered into a fairly large conference room where they were served a variety of fruit juices and told that the tour coordinator would be with them shortly. The women sipped on the juice while looking at various brochures on a table at the front of the room or looking at pictures of various dolls produced by the company. "Luscious Linda", "Delightful Debbie" and "Sensual Sandra" were just three of the dolls pictured on the walls. Several of the tour members remarked that, in spite of the typical doll poses depicted, the various products looked just like real women.

After several minutes of chatting among themselves, the guests were greeted by the sight of two women in their mid 30's entering the room with big smiles on their faces and carrying several sheets of paper with them. Both of them were dressed in pink and white business suits with thin waists and bust lines that looked to be at least D-cup size or larger.

"Geez, you think these two were the models for one of these love dolls at some point in the past," Cynthia said softly to the women around her, who all tittered at the amusing suggestion.

"Ladies, if you can take a seat, we can go over the details for the fantastic experience that looms ahead for each and every one of you. My name is Lucy and this is Bonnie over here and we're going to be your guides today as well answer any questions you may have along the way," the blonde haired Lucy said with a bright smile on her face.

Once the women had sat down, the guides handed out a yellow and pink form to each woman before returning to the front of the room once again. Cynthia glanced over the forms and saw they were standard waiver release forms absolving the company of any monetary claims in case of accidents during the various steps of the tour. The only difference between the two forms was that the yellow form had a large N stamped in the upper right hand corner and the pink one had a F on it.

"To get things started, let's review what brought you all here today. All of you indicated you'd like to experience what it would be like to transformed into a latex vinyl doll and I'm happy to say we're going to be able to fulfill your fantasy today. However, I do want to remind you that the process that we use is a secretive one which is why there is the standard non-disclosure clause in the forms you see before you," Lucy said with a serene tone.

"Each of you have also stated a preference for which part of the tour you'd like to take part in (normal or full service) and the cost for each differs of course. This is just a formality at this point but if each of you can fill out the appropriate form based on your desire, we can get things started. Oh, and if you want to switch from one type to the other, let me or Bonnie know when you hand your forms in," Lucy said happily gesturing towards the papers in front of the women.

A few minutes later, the ladies had all filled out the proper forms and handed them in to the company reps. Lucy looked over them quickly though she paused when she got to Tanya's form. "Tanya, I see you've changed your mind about which part of the tour you want from full service to the normal option. Since there's a difference in terms of cost for you, we'll settle up with you after the tour either in a cash refund or free product certificates," the company rep said with a bright smile.

"Now, if there's no additional questions from any of you, we can start the amazing tour that you've all signed up for. Everybody who signed up for the full service tour will follow me, while those of you who wanted the regular version can go with Bonnie through the door at the far end," Lucy said, motioning towards the two doors while nodding towards her fellow worker.

"Umm... just one second. Before we head off on the company tour, I just have one question about the promises I read at your web site. You say that your company is capable of having a woman experience the feeling of being turned into an inanimate love doll, yet you don't go into any details of how you do this. Could you give us a little detail about what the process entails? " Cynthia asked with her hands gesturing towards the company paraphernalia.

Lucy's blue eyes clouded over for a second and, for a few seconds, it seemed like she was having trouble phrasing a response to the inquiry. A few seconds later, her face resumed the serene look it had all along as she looked at Cynthia with a big smile. "As we told everybody in the email that you were sent, the process of realizing your dreams will involve the actual physical transformation of your bodies into the inanimate form of the love dolls that we ship out of her each and every day. I promise you it'll be an experience unlike anything you've ever felt before," she said with a chipper tone.

The women in the group looked at each other and nodded in satisfaction at Lucy's response. After the guides' inquiry if there were any other questions was met with silence, everyone moved towards the door appropriate to their preference and followed one of the guides out. Cynthia, Gina, Iris, Svetlana and Miranda followed Bonnie through one door while Molly, Anne, Carmen, Tanya and Pam trailed behind Lucy out the other wooden door.

Bonnie's group followed a series of yellow dots down a long corridor which ended in a elevator with TOUR written above it. The woman filed into the elevator and after the door closed, Bonnie pushed the button marked D and, a second or so later, the car started to slowly descend. After a minute or so, the elevator stopped and the door slid open to reveal a corridor that looked much like the one the women had just come from.

However, this corridor had several doors on both sides that were fairly near the elevator with signs marked PRELIM, STAGE 1 and FINISH above the entrances. Bonnie smiled as she ushered the women into the PRELIM room, which appeared to the women like a locker room and shower area they would see at any local gym.

"Ladies, the first step for this exciting process you're about to undertake is that you should all store you clothes and belongings in a locker for safe keeping. Don't worry... the lockers will be secured after you're done undressing so you need not worry that you'll be left naked at the end of tour," Bonnie said with a chuckle that elicited a few laughs from the women.

As the women started to change, Bonnie went over to a locker that stood by itself and pulled out a large cardboard box. She opened it and handed each woman an unlabeled bottle containing a bright pink fluid as well as a disposable razor and cream. Bonnie then moved over to an opening near the lockers where she waited patiently for the women to finish undressing and storing away their clothes before speaking again.

"Next step, ladies, is for you all to take a nice hot shower using the bottle of shampoo I handed each of you. It's a special liquid that will help to make sure that there is no dirt or contaminants on your skin for when you undergo the process. The razor and cream are for you to shave away all pubic hair before the process can begin. I would advise you all to wear shower caps before starting to use the cream as it is geared to remove any hair it comes in contact with," Bonnie said to the group of women, who nodded and started to get ready for this part of the process.....


"........ I wonder if they use hypnosis to make you believe that you've been changed into a love doll..." Carmen said softly to Pam as the elevator slowly descended to where everything would begin.

Before Pam could respond, the car slid to a stop and the doors slid open. As the six women stepped out, they saw a long light blue colored corridor where they saw there was four doors, two on each side, in the corridor and a set of double doors at the end like the type you would see in a loading dock area.

"Ok, ladies. Step into the changing room here and remove all your clothing before we start the process. After that, make sure you take a nice long hot shower to remove all gunky dirt that will affect your transformation into sexy love dolls. However, I must warn you in advance that the shower will remove all you body hair so be prepared for your appearance after you dry off," Lucy said with a pleasant tone.

"Body hair? Are you talking pubic hair or...?" Carmen asked in a hesitating voice while touching her right hand on top of her head.

"Well, Carmen, as it was pointed out to you in the brochure that you were mailed some ago, the process turns all exposed organic material inorganic so unless you want to spend the rest of your life with synthetic hair that will never be replaced by real strands, you might want to accept the idea of being temporarily bald," Lucy replied in a firm yet pleasant way.

Carmen nodded slightly in acceptance and started removing her clothes as did the other women. A few minutes later, all four were in the shower area basking in the hot water spewing from the shower heads with the only hint that the water was anything out of the ordinary being a faint scent of an exotic perfume that pervaded the area.

Once all the women had showered thoroughly, they stepped back into the change area and looked at themselves in the mirrors there. Even though they had been warned ahead of time of the shower's effects, the images that they saw still surprised them to say the least. Devoid of any hair on their bodies, the four resembled anatomically correct dolls with only the blinking of their eyes and the shine of a gold ring adorning Pam's left nipple marking them as human. The women spent a minute or two looking at themselves in the mirrors as well as looking over those next to them.

"All right, ladies, it's time to move to Stage 1. If you'll follow me out the door, we can begin the process in earnest," Lucy said as she ushered the women towards the door leading to the corridor once again. When Pam and Lucy both asked if they should put on robes, Lucy assured them they would be out in the corridor for only a few seconds and that factory workers are forbidden from entering the area during tour times. The four women then proceeded out following the guide with uncertainty and anticipation clearly visible on their faces.

First group.....

Iris and her fellow tourists were sitting on individual tables which resembled ambulance gurneys as they waited for Bonnie to begin the process though privately some doubted the validity of the promises the company made. A couple of the nude ladies were talking softly among themselves when Bonnie came from the back of the room, holding a silver tray with what appeared to be individually wrapped cough drops on it.

"All right, ladies, I want each of you to take one of these lozenges and place it in your mouth but do not bite down on it no matter how tempting it may be," Bonnie said as she moved around the room and gave each woman one of the pink wrapped candies.

"Now, you'll probably feel a little disoriented and light headed as the effects of the drug starts to spread through your systems. I would suggest all of you to lie back and relax on the tables you're on. You'll find your mobility will start to lessen quite noticeably after about five minutes or so, Don't worry, it's all part of the process," the tour guide said as she watched Cynthia and Gina settle back with content looks visible on their faces.

"Umm... so what comes after this? Do we become love dolls within minutes of this taking full effect? " Svetlana asked with some difficulty as she felt her tongue growing numb from the drug.

"No, heavens no. After the lozenges' effect has taken hold, I retrieve a bottle of our special Dolly Prep and spray each of you from head to toe, which will soften your skin and continue the process of changing you into inflatable sex toys. Thirty minutes after the spray, each of you are rubbed down with towels that are dipped in Dolly Shine to give each of you that dolly look. We videotape the whole process to give you a souvenir after this is all done along with a cardboard box with your name and picture on as a love doll to give your experience that extra touch," Bonnie said as she watched Iris' eyes flutter rapidly as she laid on the table.

Second group.....

"Mmmmmm... this feels pretty good..... like I'm floating in a sea of water....."Molly thought as she felt her skin growing softer by the moment. Her tongue had gone numb several minutes earlier but she really didn't have anything to say at this point. Her breathing was growing shallower and her eyes had drooped as if she had fallen into a light sleep.

"I wonder if my boobs will be bigger when I'm a fuck toy....." the red haired Carmen thought as she laid on the couch with her nude body looking majestic as if she was waiting to be deflated and put into a box right away. Although she was fairly certain that the process was not yet fully underway, she could see her skin was becoming a lot smoother in appearance and a birthmark she had just above her belly button had simply faded away. Carmen's whole body was tingling, as was her fellow tour mates, as the medication worked its way through their systems.

Ten or so minutes after she gave the women the lozenges, Lucy walked over to each woman individually and checked on their progress by tapping them on the arms and legs as well as on their torsos. For each, the sensation of Lucy prodding and touching their bodies proved to be quite stimulating to say the least. In Pam's case, when Lucy's fingers brushed up against her left breast as she checked her process, it caused the buxom blonde to moan out loud as best she could. Each of the ladies were thoroughly enjoying themselves and looked forward to the next step of the process.

First group....

When Bonnie was satisfied that the lozenges had taken full effect, she walked over to a nearby wall and pushed a large red button. A minute or so later, another woman, wearing a large blue smock, entered the room and handed Bonnie a smock for her to wear. Two clear plastic bottles with DOLLY PREP written on the sides were then retrieved by Bonnie from a nearby storage locker. After both women donned gloves that ended just short of the elbow, they proceeded to start spraying each of the women from head to toe with the solution. They also sprayed the back side of each subject with one employee rolling the woman on her side while the other soaked her with DOLLY PREP. After all five women were thoroughly doused with the special solution, Bonnie's assistant took off her smock and gloves and put them in a nearby container before leaving the room.

After Bonnie had carefully removed her own gear and put them in the container, she pulled up a chair and sat down to watch the process unfold right before her eyes.

"Oooohhh... it's starting... I can feel it..... this is so cool....." Gina thought to herself as she felt herself grow lighter by the second. She felt her pussy and mouth twist and contort into ovular shapes like one would see on any sex doll. Seams were becoming more pronounced on her arms and legs as well as around her breasts. Her whole body felt taut like stretched material yet she could sense there was still flexibility in it.

"My body...... it feels like everything is swelling... I'm.. I'm becoming a sex doll!" Cynthia thought as her body took on the appearance of an inflatable love doll. She could see her breasts pushing outwards by at least 2 cup sizes with her areolas turning bright pink in color and her nipples becoming erect and enticing to anyone seeing her. Needless to say, the changes affecting her were extremely stimulating to Cynthia and it felt, to her, like her mind was adrift in a sea of erotic bliss.

"I can't move.... but I can feel everything.... mmmmm....." Miranda thought as she stared up at the ceiling (which had appeared to be lined in glass no doubt for the benefit of tourists like her) and saw her body changing before her eyes. Her eyes widened and took on the painted look that all sex dolls had (thankfully she could still see with them) and her cheeks were taking on a bright red color. She could feel the interior of her mouth forming into a smooth, latex sac devoid of any teeth or her tongue with her lips forming a perfect O-shape. Her mind raced as Miranda tried to think of what laid ahead with the tests she had been told about and how she would feel.

Svetlana's and Iris' experiences were similar to the other three women in the room as they felt their bodies stretch and become rubber and latex in nature with every part of their bodies tingling in feeling and desire to be caressed and experience what it was like to be a love doll. For all five of the women, the next few hours would meet all their expectations and then some.....

Second group.....

Lucy sat in her chair and watched with fascination as the five women lying down swiftly changed into incredibly realistic love dolls. She saw Anne and Molly's breasts swell outwards to at least C cup size capped by the usual pink areolas and nipples seen on all sex toys of this type Tanya's green eyes changed to painted features that matched the rest of her doll face with its apple cheeks and sultry O-shaped mouth that begged to have something inside it.

Once she was satisfied that the process was finished, the tour guide stood up and walked over to where the newly created dolls were to visually inspect each of them. She noted, with a sense of pride, how Carmen's fingers and toes looked to be painted digits of latex and how Pam's legs had separated into the traditional V-shape of all love dolls.

After she was satisfied that all five were now sex dolls, Lucy left the room and returned with a co-worker close behind her. Each was wearing a set of gloves (similar to the ones they wore earlier when spraying DOLLY PREP) and were carrying what looked like bottles of suntan lotion in their hands. The two women methodically applied a small amount of the lotion to each doll's torso and, using sponges from a nearby bucket, began to rub and massage the liquid into each doll's skin. As they scrubbed and buffed the dolls one by one, each became shinier in appearance giving them a glow that was even more pleasing to the eye.

"Ooooohhh... my God.. this is incredible... absolutely unbelievable........" Tanya thought to herself as her body tingled from the massage she was given. She would have screamed out loud in delirious pleasure except for the fact that she could no longer communicate in the slightest. Her fellow tourists felt much like she did as their latex bodies were rubbed and caressed repeatedly by the two company women.

First group......

Bonnie and her assistant finished polishing up the last of the dollies before tossing the sponges in the same bucket their gloves were thrown into. After waiting a few minutes for the cream, much like earlier, the two took turns pushing the living sex dolls one by one out of the room, down the corridor and into the room marked STAGE 1. Once all the women were in the room, which seemed far more cluttered then the first place they were in, the two company employees flipped the dolls over so they were resting on their firm chests. Nodding to her assistant, Bonnie stood in front of the doll that Cynthia was and leaned to grab hold of the doll's inflation plug. With a grandiose gesture, and a wink to the overhead camera that was recording her every gesture, the worker tugged open the plug and stepped back to watch the results.

"Oooohhh... this is it!... I get to experience what it's like to be deflated, to lose all shape and become nothing more than a flat piece of latex and rubber...... wow!!!! " Cynthia thought to herself as she felt her body's air rapidly escape through the open plug. Her legs, which still looked long and luscious even in her state as an inanimate doll, quickly became as flat as the table she was resting on. It seemed like, in only a blink of an eye,that her body lost all its air and, aside from the protrusions where her breasts were, she was flat as a pancake.

"My goodness... I'm really deflating.... just like a hot air balloon... this is unbelievable.... I can see myself folded and stored in a box... just like any other sex doll...." Miranda thought as she felt herself rapidly lose the air that now composed her insides. She found herself rapidly pressing flat against the table as her body lost all shape and definition until it was flat like the other dolls were becoming. The living doll, even in her flattened condition, exulted as she felt her skin caressed by her tour guide.

Second group.....

Lucy watched as, one by one, the dolls had the air escape from them through the open inflation plugs. The hissing sound was quite noticeable at first and gradually grew quieter as the living sex toys lost all shape and definition and became nothing more than flattened pieces of latex.

Once the dolls were fully deflated, Lucy moved to the back of the room where she opened up a large wooden crate that had a padlock on the side. With the help of an assistant, she pulled out what seemed to be an oversized vacuum pump that had a long, thin hose connected to it. The hose ended in what looked like ten nozzle attachments extending separately from one end that indicated it was not a device geared for cleaning the floor of a room.

Nodding to her helper, Lucy took each of the five deflated dolls and held them aloft while her helper clipped a nozzle onto each one in turn. Once all of them were hooked up, Lucy turned her attention back to the pump in the center of the room. Reaching down to the right side, she flicked a switch from IN to OUT on the device followed by toggling the ON/OFF switch.

A few moments later, each of the dolls had the sensation of shape returning to their bodies that was definitely erotic in nature. Carmen felt her arms start to regain their form even as they bent to assume the traditional L-shape that all synthetic dolls had. As her breasts swelled outwards and caused her doll body to slightly wobble on the table, the redhead felt the intense feelings of pleasure return that she had felt before. However, with these feelings, Carmen felt an aching in her three openings as if she needed something or someone to fill them up.

Anne's feelings were similar to the other inflating dolls as her flattened body rapidly took shape. She found her desire for pleasure was stronger now that she was inflated and she wondered if this was how a love doll would feel.

However, for all five dolls, the feelings were fleeting as they were inflated for five or so minutes before Lucy flipped the device's switch to the IN position. She then, as before, went to each of the dolls only this time she extracted the air in the same manner that she had added it. Molly and the others quickly found themselves back in their flattened forms very quickly after which they were folded up carefully. The deflated dolls were surprised by the fact that when they were put into a cardboard box, they were placed face down so they only could see the back of their fellow dolls. The box was then closed and carted away to the next part of the tour.....

First group......

"Oooohhh... this is incredible.... first we get transformed into love dolls, then we're deflated and then inflated... what's next? I should know since I signed up for this tour but it's hard to think in this form.... ummmm....." Svetlana thought as she found herself being propped up in a sitting position by Bonnie. The love doll saw that her fellow group members had been propped up in similar manner with their hollow limbs splayed out to the sides. Before she had any more time, Bonnie and her aide stepped to a point where all the dolls could see and hear her.

"All right, dollies, at this stage of the doll making process, we test the doll's openings to make sure that it can stand up to lengthy usage without damaging the structure. First off, all three openings are probed with sex toys for a set time limit to make sure the material will not tear under stress. Of course, this test is merely symbolic for you five as your structure is much different than the dolls we manufacture here.... in more ways than one! Ha!" Bonnie said with a small chuckle evident in her voice.

With that, the tour leader took out several dildos and vibrators and after unwrapping them from their packages, she handed them to her assistant. Bonnie's aide took the sex toys and after applying a generous amount of lubricant to each one in turn, she laid them down on a nearby metal tray. After they all were prepared, Bonnie took the tray over to Miranda, who was the doll closest to her.

Picking up a blue and silver vibrator, Bonnie deftly inserted it into the doll's inviting artificial vagina followed by a similar colored one into the doll's mouth. She then clicked both vibrators on before moving onto the next doll and repeating the process. Once all five dolls were given the vibrators to fill their openings, Bonnie stepped back and picked up a stopwatch from a burlap bag at the back of the room.

"I think thirty minutes will be more than enough time for you dollies to revel in the sensations that are going through your hollow bodies. I'll leave you to your enjoyment and when I come back, I'll have a surprise for you five," the tour guide said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Surprise?......... what is she talking about?..... oooohhhh.... uhhhh... this is SO FUCKING unreal..... damn, I've got to get myself a new vibrator when I get home.... maybe two.... the batteries run out so fast on those things......" Cynthia thought to herself as she reveled in the sensations that her hollow body was experiencing.

Roughly thirty minutes later, Bonnie returned to the room with five men, each dressed in white terrycloth robes, trailing behind her. The robed men stood silently as Bonnie slowly moved around to each of the dolls and removed the vibrators inserted into them. Once she was finished, the tour hostess took a place in the room so that all the living sex toys could see her once again.

"Now that everyone has completed the first phase of product quality testing, we move onto the next phase of ensuring the products we sell won't become damaged from repeat usage. The gentlemen you see with me are part of the human testing we do at Dream Dollies. Their jobs are to use the love dolls thoroughly over a one hour period with every opening being thoroughly used. They'll be using a variety of lubrication oils and creams based on their individual preferences but rest assured these five will make sure that the next sixty minutes for you five. I'll leave you with them and prepare something that might surprise the lot of you," Bonnie intoned even as she turned and left the room.

When the door closed fully, the five men, who ranged in ages from mid 20's to early 40's with varying physiques, set about getting ready for their task. As they disrobed and laid out the items they would be using in their 'work', the dolls were mentally tingling in anticipation of what laid ahead.

"Oh, this is unreal!..... I'm going to have sex with a complete stranger and not have to worry about anything afterwards... for all he knows, I'm just another blow-up sex doll.... though.... I wonder if Bonnie did tell them.... the way she explained.... oooohhhhh....." Gina thought to herself before she felt her doll body being lifted up by a brown haired man. She barely had time to revel in the pleasure of his fondling her latex form before the living sex toy felt the man's hard member teasing the sides of her O-shaped pussy.

"YESSS!!!!!!!............." Gina mentally shouted in pleasure as she enjoyed the rising pleasure from the man slowly entering her with his hard member. As she started to slowly bob up and down on the table, her mental enjoyment was quickly joined by the other tour participants as they were probed, caressed and fucked unlike anything they had experienced before.

Second group........

For Molly, Carmen, Anne, Tanya and Pam, the male testers had finished thoroughly 'examining' their doll bodies and were in the process of taking soft white towels and cleaning each of their openings completely. Once done that, the men propped the dolls up into sitting positions before depressing a large red button located on the back wall. The five then slipped back on their robes and silently left the room once again.

"That was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!..... it was better than any sex I've ever had.... well, except for the fact that the guy who was using me needs to trim his fingernails a bit..... I thought most guys just chewed them off...."Molly thought to herself as her thinking finally calmed down from the euphoric rambling of the past sixty minutes or so. If she was human, she would have laid in bed for the rest of the day to recover from such a vigorous lovemaking session. As it was, she lay motionless, like her fellow dolls, and awaited the return of Lucy.

As it turned out, the living sex toys didn't have long to wait as Lucy returned to the room roughly five or so minutes later. The tour host checked the dolls over to make sure all their openings had been completely wiped clean and then called in two aides to help her with the next step.

"All right, ladies, it's time to end your experience by transforming you back to your normal human selves. We start the process by applying an ointment to your body that will change your molecular structure slowly back to human form. However, your mobility will still restricted during your change back so try and keep that in mind when you first sense the changes," Lucy said softly before she and her aides started applying a pink ointment to the five dollies.

"OHHHH!!!!..... I WISH THEY'D LEAVE ME AS A DOLL A LITTLE LONGER..... DAMN, THAT FEELS GOOD!!!........." Carmen shouted mentally as she felt her doll body being picked up and the cream being massaged onto every square inch of her. When the aide's hands came in contact with one of her three openings, she thought she would go insane from the waves of pleasure that rippled through her air filled body. Her mind would barely settle down from one such assault of pleasure before the caressing of her boobs would send her spiraling into another mental orgasm.

Carmen's fellow dolls experienced similar sensations as the lotion was vigorously applied to all of them. Once done, Lucy and her assistants quickly left the room and 30 or seconds after they departed, a loud humming sound could be heard in the room. This noise was quickly followed by a noticeable increase in the temperature that would have left the five women sweating and despairing over the heat if they were still human. As it was, three or four minutes after the heat increased noticeably, the dolls started to twitch ever so slightly and beads of sweat were becoming visible on the surfaces of the dolls.......

First group..........

Once the dolls were fucked thoroughly, the men cleaned up after themselves (with special attention paid to the inflated fuck toys) and left the room silently. Cynthia wondered what was going to happen next when Bonnie and her assistants came back into the room. After checking over the dolls to make sure they were completely wiped free of any liquids and other such material, Bonnie nodded to her assistants to move over to the dolls while she stood in the middle of the room.

"The next step for you five is to experience what it will be like to be on one of conveyor belts in our plant as you are tested in various ways to ensure that you meet our high standards here at this company. A few of these tests will be repetitious in nature but after they are completed, you will be finding yourselves deflated, folded, put into plastic bags and then into the boxes that will be your home from now on," Bonnie intoned as her aides picked up the dolls and carried them out of the room.

"What the hell is she talking about?..... she must be joking about the new home bit..... oooohhh.... this new doll body is way too sensitive...... uhhhh......." Svetlana thought as she tried to figure out exactly what was in store for her and the others. She saw they were being carried out of the room and towards the double doors at the end of the corridor. Upon going through the doors, Svetlana saw (as best she could with her doll eyes) that she was now in the room that Bonnie hinted at: a room for testing and packaging love dolls like her and the four others.

Oblivious to the silent protests of the inanimate sex toys, the Dream Dollies employees quickly placed the love dolls on a nearby conveyor belt that was inactive at the moment. After adjusting the doll's bodies so that they were lying on their sides, the employees stepped back and within a few moments, the belt started to move with a loud rattling noise audible in the room.

The dolls found themselves slowly ascending upwards before passing in front of three previously unseen workers, dressed in heavy rubber smocks and matching gloves. The workers reached up to thin rubber hoses hanging overhead over the dolls and attached them to the inflation valve on the back of each of the inflated sex toys. Once the hoses formed a sealed connection, the workers turned a red knob on a switch connected to the hose they were handling and watched as a three digit figure in bright yellow appeared above the knob. Although the number varied slightly for all five of the dolls, the numbers started to increase upwards accompanied by hissing sounds from the hose.

" I'M INFLATING!!!... EVEN MORE!!!.... UHHHHH..... THE PLEASURE... AND PRESSURE...... THIS IS...... OOOHHHH... SO HARD TO.... HARD..... MMMMMMMM..... FEELS SO........"Miranda thought as she felt her limbs and torso start to swell. Although she couldn't move her head, she could see with her fixed doll eyes that Cynthia was lying next to her and the seams on her doll body seemed to be disappearing under the stress of the increasing pressure building within her (and the other's) doll body. Miranda started to fear that if the process didn't end soon, her plastic form would tear apart under the strain.

"115.....120....125 %..... Shut down!........" a Dream Dollies worker intoned before reaching up and depressing what was presumable the shut down button. The workers disconnected the hoses from each of the sex dolls and after making sure the inflation valves were secured once again, the conveyor belt was set into motion once again.

"WHAT..... WHAT IS HAPPENING?....... I FEEL SO STRANGE..... SO FULL........ THEY CAN'T BE TRANSFORMING US INTO DOLLS PERMANENTLY..... THEY JUST CAN'T!!!!...... WHAT.... WHAT IS GOING ON NOW??......"Gina thought as she wobbled ever so slightly as the belt moved along. Before more than a minute had passed, the belt stopped once again in front of two factory workers. Unlike the first two, these workers were holding the hoses in their hands with the ends snaking downwards out of sight.

"Gee, it's been a busy week, eh, Frank? This is, what, the third or fourth 'special' order we've done this week," the burlier of the two men muttered loudly so he could be heard above the noise of the various machinery. While he talked, the man flipped open the inflation valve on the back of the nearest doll while attaching the hose in his hand to it simultaneously. From the doll's perspective (who formerly was Cynthia), she could sense that the air was being sucked out of her hollow form but, unlike previously, there seemed to be something else going on.

"I'M DEFLATING.... LOSING MY SHAPE..... AM I GOING TO WIND UP STUCK IN SOME CLOSET?.... OR..... OR...... I NEED TO BE USED.... I'M A GOOD DOLLLLLLLL......" Cynthia thought desperately though as her body lost shape, her thinking seemed to change abruptly to resemble the desire for pleasure her current form wanted and needed.

Once the doll was fully deflated, the burly man disconnected the hose from its back and pulled up the other end of the hose, which was connected to a silver colored metal container. He detached the hose from the container and labeled it using a black marker he plucked from a shirt pocket. The other man did a similar thing after the hose was done extracting the air from Gina's dollified body before he started to carefully fold the doll up.

"NO!!... WE.... WE'RE BEING TREATED LIKE SEX TOYS..... DEFLATED, FOLDED AND READY TO BE SHIPPED TO A STORE..... SOLD TO SOME SICK PERVERT AND USED BY...... USED BY......... I WANT TO BE LOVED.... GIVE PLEASURE......."Gina thought before her mind faded away as her flattened form was neatly folded up and placed on the belt. The other living dolls quickly experienced the same thing as Miranda, Svetlana and Iris were all deflated and left in a pile next to each other.

Once all five dolls had been taken care of, the men started the belt up again and it rattled to life with the dolls descending towards the front of the room and the belt's end. Just before reaching the end, the belt was stopped by two more workers who prepared the dolls for shipping. They slipped the deflated dolls into individual clear plastic bags and sealed the bags with a hand held sealing mechanism. With faces that had looks of desire for nothing but lust and desire, the dolls saw the workers briefly glance at each of them a final time before plucking a box off a nearby table. As the dolls were slid inside their new 'homes', they saw that the box's exterior for each had a picture of the women as a real woman. The pictures, which showed each of them nude and posing seductively for the photo, were ones submitted by the women when they originally applied to visit the factory.

Only now did they realize what the photos would be used for........

Second group.........

The five women, fully human and free of any of the ointment responsible for their change, were getting their clothes out of the respective lockers and discussing among themselves what they liked and disliked about the tour. Carmen, Pam and Molly thought the experience was OK but nothing to write home about, so to speak. Anne was excited about the sensations she felt from start to finish and vowed that when she had enough money saved up, she's be back to take the 'full service' tour. As the women talked among themselves, Tanya was strangely quiet as if she was contemplating certain parts of the whole experience.

"Well, this was quite the experience, to say the least. Yet..... why do I feel so odd....? It's as if there's something else going on here but I'm just not seeing it," Tanya thought to herself as she pulled on her tube top followed by her shorts. Given the nondisclosure agreements they all had signed, the five spent longer than normal in changing into their clothes as they couldn't chat about it publicly once they left the factory.

After they finished chatting, and exchanged phone #'s and/or email addresses, the women gathered up their things and headed back to the elevator where Lucy was waiting for them. After they all had entered the car and it started to slowly ascend back to the floor they had started on, Tanya thought up a way she could take a tour on her own.....

"All right.... as a final part of the tour, we'll go back to the room where the introductions were done and I'll give each of you some parting gifts as our way here at Dream Dollies to say thank you for your interest in our business and hoping you'll remain loyal customers in the years to come," Lucy said sweetly as she led the group out of the hallway and towards the intended area. With Tanya being the last one in the elevator, she decided now was the time for her to act....

"Shoot! I just remembered I forgot something down in my locker, I'll go get and be right back," Tanya called out as she ducked back into the elevator and hit the button to close the door. She then hit the button for the floor below the one she and others was just on to see how much she could snoop around on her own.

Moments later, Tanya found herself walking down a corridor that looked very similar to the one she was just in with this one leading to what seemed to be some sort of distribution area. She was just opening the door when a loud buzzer went off followed by what seemed to be a group of employees heading off to a side room. Sneaking carefully behind the machinery, Tanya saw that the workers were sitting down and enjoying lunch which meant she could look around a little more freely than she figured.

Walking by several conveyor belts, Tanya saw several air hoses as well as canisters next to them that looked to be part of testing for the love dolls prior to them being shipped out. After passing by several similar type belts, Tanya came to front of the area that looked to be some sort of shipping dock.

"Everything looks to be pretty routine.... hmmm... wonder what's in this black box over here?" Tanya thought to herself as she walked over to a black cardboard box near the dock's edge. Judging by the large masking tape dispenser sitting atop the box, it looked to be a shipment that was close to being shipped out. Setting the dispenser to one side, Tanya opened the box and saw, as expected, that it was packed full of inflatable love dolls with foam pellets sprinkled around them. Plucking the box on top out of the box, Tanya saw that the box was much more colorful than the usual ones she saw in the stores back home. There was a large color photo on the front along with the phrase 'the most realistic inflatable love doll you'll ever buy!!' written in big, black letters with the doll's face pressed against a clear plastic window.

"Hmmmm..... I think this new type of dolly would do very well... it's really a work of art.... though there's something familiar about it........." Tanya thought to herself as she studied the box in her hand. After a few seconds, she realized what it was that nagged at her subconscious. The person depicted on the box was MIRANDA from the other group and it looked like she was still a love doll! Glancing downwards, Tanya saw that the members of the group Miranda was in were also in the box in similar poses and packaging.

"How could Dream Dollies already have made up sex dolls that look just like people here today even if they have the pic..... oh.... oh no.... OH SHITTT!!!!...... MIRANDA..... CYNTHIA... GINA.... THEY.... THEY'RE ALL STILL DOLLS AND BEING SHIPPED OUT TO BE SOLD!!!!!... FUCK!!!!!......." Tanya mentally gasped in shock and horror as she realized what she was actually looking at. She let the box slip out of her hands and back into the packing crate as she tried to figure out what her next step was going to be.

However, before Tanya had a chance to act on what she had just learned, she felt her hands being grabbed from an unknown assailant and were swiftly pinned behind her. Another person (male judging by the size of his hands) grabbed her around her shoulders and clamped a hand over her mouth to prevent her crying out for help.

"Gosh, Tanya, I am so sorry that you had to see that. I was hoping that we could count on your patronage for many years to come. Unfortunately, we do have a policy that people who see the 'other side' of our operations are processed in the same manner that our 'full service' invitees are dealt with. Don't worry, though, that you'll have any friends or family members to come looking for you in the future. We carefully screen all our applicants so that if something like this does happen, an 'accident' can be arranged to cover your disappearance. As for your future, we'll be using your physical appearance scan, like the full service women, to manufacture our limited edition ultra expensive love dolls. You didn't think we wouldn't have that opportunity while you were in the plant, did you? Well, we did, but don't worry..... you'll be finding yourself a special home in the very near future," Bonnie intoned in her weirdly cheerful way with Lucy standing behind her and nodding in agreement.

Tanya wanted to break free... get away... out of this mad house.... when the hand clamped over her mouth was replaced by one holding a cloth that smelled sickeningly sweet. Before she knew it, her mental protests, and all other thoughts, descended into a pit of darkness that seemed bottomless.........


"Whoah, dude, these dolls are, like, totally real! I mean, wow, this one, is, like, whoah, big boobies," a sandy haired man in his early 20's exhorted as he ran his hands over the rubbery surface of the inflated doll he knew simply as Gina.

"Yeah, man, we were lucky we won that online auction that Dream Dollies ran just the other day. I just hope that my dad doesn't find out that I used the company credit card to pay for both of them. Geez, this one has pretty nice blonde hair for a blow up dollies," the other fellow murmured as he pushed in the inflation plug on the back of the sex toy he was holding. Stroking the long blonde strands of hair of the doll formerly known as Miranda, it was obvious both of the young men were extremely turned on by the inflated dolls.

Without another word spoken, the two men picked up their newest acquisitions and headed to their respective bedrooms for fun and pleasure for all concerned.


The mid thirties man hopped a few final times on the pump he was stepping on before releasing it and moved the inflated doll onto a nearby bed. After doing that, Bill started to take his clothes off while glancing over at a nearby box: stamped Cynthia on the top, he was very impressed by how much the doll resembled the woman depicted on the cover.

"Geez, if I had known this little beauty was going to be this damned good looking, I would have bought all of these dollies when they were auctioned. Of course, if Nicole was around a little more at nights instead of flying off to some godforsaken place as an Air Force pilot, I wouldn't need something to keep me company at nights, "Bill sad quietly as he climbed onto his bed and began to stroke the doll's soft exterior.

"NO!! I'm not some sextoy!!!..... I... ohhhhh.... I'm a good dolly.... my owner wants to use me..... I hope I make him happy......... mmmmmmm..........." Cynthia thought as she felt her owner's tongue slowly enter her mouth and knew that her purpose for existing was being fulfilled.


Police sirens wailed in the distance as a dark clad figure climbed through a window and set foot inside a darkened apartment. After pulling the blind down on the window, the man flicked on a nearby light switch and started dumping out a burlap bag that had been slung over his shoulder.

"Geez, the response time by the cops is getting quicker every week. Lenny, my boy, maybe it's time you got out of the cat burglar business and into something more legitimate like being a professional lobbyist for a big tobacco company," the man said to himself as he started to examine the loot he had acquired from his 'visit '. In addition to the usual amount of jewels, coins and other trinkets that the burglar knew he could easily fence, Lenny had also grabbed a rather expensive looking box containing a deflated love doll made by Dream Dollies. 'Svetlana' was written in big red letters on the box and it looked to have been a doll that was custom made for the buyer in question.

Curious, Lenny took the doll out of the box and carefully inflated it fully. Oblivious to Svetlana's mental pleas for her to be used, the mid 40's man ran his hands over the doll's firm breasts and shiny torso then whistled softly out loud.

"Well, my darling, I think you'll fetch me a pretty penny with the boys but if they're not interested, I'll find you a good home!" Lenny said as he laid on the bed and turned the light out with visions of money dancing in his head. As for the doll, it was disappointed... it needed to be fucked....


Thirty or so days later............

"......thank everybody for coming today to take part in our tour. Before we split everyone into their respective groups, we thought we'd show everyone two of our newest dollies. They're prototypes so please be careful when you handle them," Bonnie said to the seated women while Lucy opened up two cardboard boxes.

To the group of women seated on the left, they were handed the inflated doll that used to be known as Iris. The women oohed and ahhed as they noted how realistic the sex doll was.

"Mmmmmm... this feels so good.... all these hands touching and caressing me.... I hope one of these people takes home and uses me like a good fuck toy......" Iris thought as the doll reveled in having its body poked and prodded.

For the women on the right, the doll elicited similar notes of appreciation though the doll's point of view was very different from the other transformed women.

"YOU BASTARDS!!.... CHANGE ME BACK!!!!.... OOOOHHHH!!.... YOU CAN'T KEEP ME LIKE THIS FOREVER..... MMMMMM!!!!..... DAMN YOU!.... DAMN YOU DOLLMAKERSSSSS!!!!!!!!" Tanya thought to herself as her rage mixed with the sensations of pleasure she fought to overcome. When she was deflated, she was left with her silent hope that she might someday be released from her latex prison.

If only that was true.............



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