The Family Maid

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2017 - Gromet - Used by permission

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Part 1: The New Family Maid-bot

Stacy walked up to the front door of her parents new house, she’d been away at college when they bought this new mansion, her parents owned a large company that provided well for the family. She felt the stress and strain of the past year or so in college, all of the studying, the tension in her body from the exams that she had crammed for recently, many long nights later she was pleased that she had got through it. But that was all behind her now.

She stood on the porch and rang the doorbell, she was a day early than expected, but couldn’t wait to get back home to spend some time with her family. As she waited for the door to open, she looked around at the manicured garden, “They seemed to have done well with this property by the looks of things.” She thought.

The door opened and there stood a robot maid, her outfit was what you always envisaged a maid to look like, black dress, white frilly apron and cap, black stockings but looking at the maids feet showed that she was wearing high heels; she felt some old stirrings of things that she’d done in the past. Her thoughts were interrupted by the maid-bot speaking, “Welcome Miss Stacy, your early, please enter and I’ll take your bags.”

“Thank you maid… sorry what do I call you?” Stacy asked.

“You can call me Andrea, Miss Stacy, that’s what my designation is.” The maid answered.

“Thank you Andrea, is my mother home?”

“Yes Miss Stacy, please come in and I’ll let the Mistress know that you’re here.”

The maid-bot took her bag and disappeared down a long hallway, Stacy stood there taking in the grand entrance of her parents’ new home. There was a staircase each side that led up to the next level, hanging from the ceiling was a very large chandelier, and the new house seemed to be much larger and grander than her old home. Shortly she could hear footsteps coming back down the hallway, her Mother and the maid-bot walked into view.

“Hello darling, you’re early we didn’t expect you until tomorrow.” Her Mother said.

“I caught an earlier flight,” Stacy said, “I wanted to see you all. Is Dad home?”

“Well, welcome home anyway,” her mother said and began to embrace Stacy in a hug, kissing her on the cheeks. “And no your Dad is still busy at the office I’m afraid, he won’t be home until late this evening.”

“Okay”, Stacy replied, returning the hug.

“Oh this is a wonderful surprise, it’s great to see you after so long, and how do you like the new house?”

“It looks very big,” Stacy said, “and the gardens look lovely.”

“Let me show you around and then we’ll have some lunch and catch up.”

Mother took Stacy by the hand and led her through several grand rooms on the ground floor, then up the staircase to the second floor, showing Stacy each and every bedroom including the master bedroom. Every bedroom seemed to have its own bathroom attached, the rooms all looked immaculate, each room was clean and tidy, and not a thing out of place unlike Stacy’s apartment back near her college.

“The place looks very neat, how do you manage to keep everything clean?” Stacy asked he mother.

“Oh, that’s where the maids come in; they are wonderful at keeping the place spotless.”

“Well they seem to be very efficient.” Stacy said.

Over lunch her mother quizzed her on everything in Stacy’s life, how things were at college, did she have anyone in her life, what boys did she see? Stacy tried to keep up with the constant barrage of questions that her mother was asking her. By the time lunch was over her head was spinning.

“Mother,” Stacy asked, “I’m feeling a bit tired from the journey, where am I sleeping?”

“Well Darling, I know just how hard that you’ve been working, all those long hours, the strain in your voice I heard during our telephone calls told me just how tired you were. So I’ve arranged a little surprise for you, one that I know that you’ll enjoy.”

Stacy looked at her mother, the look on her face showed that she was a bit confused.

“Well Darling, I had this idea to stop you from studying whilst here, you need a rest and your mind needs a break. Plus I still remember back at our old house how you used to follow the maids around, helping them with their tasks, even though you got in their way, they still allowed you to play out your game.” Her Mother stated.

“Mum…” Stacy blushed remembering.

“Shhh Dear, we never stopped you playing those games, you seem to be content and enjoyed being a maid. Besides this is your vacation, what better way to enjoy yourself than indulging yourself in your old games. And I don’t want you stressing out and studying whilst you are here, you need to relax, unwind and let your mind rest.”

“So what have you planned for me?” Stacy asked, knowing that her Mother always got her own way.

“Andrea here will take you to where you’ll be staying, once there just follow her directions. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I know that you’ll love it. I have some things to attend to today, so follow Andrea and she’ll show you. Now go and relax.”

Stacy stood up and walked over to the maidbot Andrea, “Please follow me Miss Stacy.”

Stacy looked back at her mother, “Go Stacy, enjoy your present.” Her Mother waving her away with her hands.

Following the maid-bot Andrea out of the kitchen and down the hallway, they came across a doorway to the left, the maid-bot opened the door and Stacy followed her inside, they walked down another corridor to a room at the far end. Andrea opened the door for Stacy, “Please step inside Miss Stacy.”

Stacy walked inside the room, there were several capsules dotted around the room, each one currently empty as the maid-bots that occupied them were busy around the house. She looked all around the room, there were no windows, just plain painted walls, and a table in the middle had some component parts on it. Andrea walked past Stacy towards a pod leaning up against the wall in the far corner. “Come Miss Stacy, this is where you’ll be staying.” The maid-bot said.

“What’s going on?” Stacy asked.

“Well Miss Stacy, Mistress has informed me that you are to be one of the maid-bots here in the mansion during your stay. Your Mother is very concerned with your well-being and wants you to spend time as one of the maids here; she said that you enjoyed being a maid when you were younger.”

“But I was a young girl back then…”

“Your Mother has insisted that you’re to be one of the maids here, if necessary I can use force to enable this to happen, but your Mother insisted that I give you the opportunity to volunteer first.” Andrea interrupted.


“No buts Miss Stacy, you will become a maid-bot for the weekend, this will be where you are staying whilst here, now I need to prepare you to become a maid-bot, please step this way.”

Stacy could see that she had no choice in the matter; the maid-bot was clearly under direct orders from her Mother that she make her a maid for the weekend. ‘Well it’s only the weekend,’ she thought, ‘why not relax and enjoy it.’

“Okay where do you want me?” Stacy asked.

“That’s good Miss Stacy; I would have not liked to have forced you.” Andrea said, “Now please undress from those clothes and put this uniform on.” Andrea said handing Stacy a maid’s outfit.

Stacy quickly stripped off her clothes, a little embarrassed with the maid-bot watching her, but took all of her clothing off.

“You need to remove your underwear too.” Andrea stated.

Reluctantly Stacy pulled her bra off revealing her breasts in all their glory, her face reddened as she then reached down and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She now stood there naked in front of Andrea, not sure where to put her hands to cover herself up. Andrea stood there impassively and handed Stacy some frilly knickers for her to wear.

Stacy looked at them, “I’m to wear these?” she asked.

“All the maids here wear them, its standard issue for all the maid-bots.” Andrea stated.

Taking them from Andrea’s outstretched hand Stacy pulled them up her legs and settled them into place around her crotch. Then Andrea handed her a bra that matched, “This one was specially made for you to hold your breasts in place, the other maid-bots don’t require them.”

Putting on the bra, she adjusted herself so that she was comfortable, and then stepped into the maid dress that Andrea handed her. Stacy put her arms through the sleeves, noting that each only covered the top of her arms and ended up with a white frill cuff. Just like the outfit Andrea was wearing. The stockings came next and she rolled these up her legs, these were no ordinary stockings but had a deep black sheen to them.

“It’s made of rubber Miss Stacy, the same as the dress and your underwear, it’s easy to keep clean and wipe off any stains and is also hard wearing.” Andrea said impassively.

Stacy hadn’t realised what the dress was made of until Andrea pointed it out. She looked back at Andrea and realised that they were wearing the exact same outfit. Andrea then walked over and began to comb her hair, she took her time and Stacy began to relax and enjoy the sensation of having her hair brushed. Andrea then put a band around the ponytail that she’d brushed Stacy’s hair into, the band was also latex and had white frills to match.

Now Andrea added the maid’s ribbon hat to Stacy’s head, but before attaching it said, “This is the control device that will connect you to the main frame computer that controls all of the functions of the house, once on you won’t be able to remove it, the controls won’t allow it. You will be given instructions via the headpiece that will enable you to function as a maid-bot of the house, just like all of the other maid-bots.”

Stacy at first felt a wave of panic, but relaxed herself and calmed her mind, “Please Andrea, go ahead and place the hat on me.”

“Okay Miss Stacy,” Andrea said, “please standby to receive instructions.” And then placed the maid’s hat on her head, clipping it in place.

Immediately it was attached Stacy felt her mind being taken over, her mind seemed to clear of all her worries and concerns, all thoughts of exams and studying were suddenly gone from her mind. Just a flow of information, plans of the house, who was who – even though she knew her family, she was also instructed on possible visitors. Various duties and how to conduct them were placed into her memory.

‘I didn’t know just how many ways there was to make a bed?’ Stacy thought.

Then she realised that she could still think for herself. Her mind though cleared of her concerns and troubles; she was still able to make rational thoughts.

“Yes Miss Stacy,” Andrea said in answer to her thoughts, “you can still think, you still have your memories, your parents just want you to relax and enjoy, though your movements will be controlled by the main frame, you can still enjoy the experience.”

“But as a maid I can’t be Miss Stacy, can I?” Stacy asked.

“No Miss Stacy, that you won’t, we will get to that once the program has finished downloading into you.”

More information flooded into Stacy’s mind, her cooking skills will be greatly improved by the information she received as well as her housekeeping too.

After 5 minutes the program finished running, Stacy sat there with a blank look on her face, though her brain was still active and she could experience everything around her, she found that she couldn’t move.

“Maid-bot state your designation.” Andrea asked.

“Maid-bot Stacy”, she replied automatically.

“What are your duties?”

“To serve the household, wash, clean and cook as directed by my owners.” Maid-bot Stacy replied.

“Good Maid-bot Stacy, follow all instructions given to you by the main frame, you are now property of the owners, the house system and RobotMaids Inc.” Andrea said.

“Yes this maid-bot confirms, I am property of the owners, the house system and RobotMaids Inc.” Stacy the maid-bot replied mechanically.

“Get to work Maid-bot Stacy; your Mistress requires refreshments served in her study.”

Maid-bot Stacy stood up in her heels; the first couple of steps a little un-steady but the computer took control and gave her the information needed to walk in them. Her latex dress rustled as she walked out of the maid’s room and down the hallway towards the kitchen.

‘Cool,’ thought Stacy, ‘this feels great and the latex outfit seems to fit me well, even better I can walk in heels for the first time.’ She relaxed her mind and followed the prompts that directed her to the kitchen, once there she automatically went to the refrigerator and withdrew the required drinks and snacks without being told what was required, the system controlled her every move.

‘Amazing,’ she thought, ‘how did I know what Mot…’ her thought was interrupted by the main frame computer. “You will refer to your owner as Mistress.” Said the voice in her head correcting her.

‘But she’s my Mot…’ Stacy thought. Again the main frame interrupted her, “Mistress.” This was followed by a slight buzzing inside her head making her feel dizzy. She reached out to hold onto something to steady herself. More information flowed into her brain and her thoughts changed to reflect that she was owned by the Master & Mistress of the house.

Now her head cleared, Stacy found that she could stand again without the fear of falling, picking up the tray of drinks and snacks; she headed off to where the main frame told her that she would find her Mistress.

‘Wow, that was intense,’ Stacy thought, ‘better not make that mistake again. You’re a maid-bot now after all.’

Stacy walked into the study where she found her Mother, now Mistress. She found her in conversation with several other women, each looked up at her briefly before going back to what they were talking about. Stacy felt ignored, placing the tray down on the table as the instructions told her, she began to prepare and hand out drinks to the women around the table.

Her Mother watched her as she served them, a smile forming on her face as she looked at her daughter in the maids outfit, this brought back memories of when Stacy was a young girl pretending to be a maid in the house. The other women didn’t even bother to acknowledge Stacy; she was just another maid-bot as far as they were concerned and took their drinks from her without comment.

“Thank you maid,” her Mother/Mistress said, “please return to your duties.”

Stacy turned on her heels and began walking out of the room, a little sad that she wasn’t noticed but also relieved as she would have died of embarrassment if she’d been discovered. She was also a little sad that her mother/mistress had dismissed her as she would have with any other maid, but then she smiled in her mind, that was what she actually wanted. ‘I’m just another maid-bot,’ she thought as her step lightened as she walked from the room.

Stacy spent the day cleaning the bedrooms upstairs along with the other maid-bots, though the rooms looked spotless to her, the main frame insisted that she clean every speck of dust from every room. Her body remotely followed the commands given to her; Stacy relished the mere fact that she was no longer in control and gave in to the system that controlled her.

She then received instructions to report to the study, her Mistress required her attention. Stacy the maid-bot took over and she walked confidently out of the room she was cleaning, down the stairs and to the study as requested. Stacy walked in and found that the women were just leaving, they still chatting amongst themselves ignoring Stacy.

Stacy began helping them with their coats, and showing them the way out, holding the door open as they all said their goodbyes. Her Mother/Mistress standing there as they all left, waving them all goodbye.

“Thank you Stacy,” her Mother turned as said.

Stacy the maid-bot curtseyed, “My pleasure madam.” And closed the door as her Mother walked away back to her study.

“Please clean up the mess in my study Stacy.” Mistress ordered.

“Yes madam.” And Stacy walked into the study and began gathering glasses onto a tray, feeling a pleasant, tingly sensation as she complied with the command.

All the while her Mother watched her work, the maid in Stacy following instructions without a thought in the world. She then went and sat down behind her desk and began working as Stacy continued to clean. Stacy took a couple of trips to gather all of the glasses and plates and take them to the kitchen for cleaning.

“Stacy…” her Mother said when she returned the last time. “I want to say…”

“Yes madam?” Maid-bot Stacy asked, clearly deep in maid mode. ‘I wonder what Mo… Mistress was going to say?’ Stacy thought, hoping that she would acknowledge her daughter as the maid in front of her.

“N... Nothing Stacy, please return to your duties.” Her Mistress changing her mind about what she was going to say, but then dismissed her. Her Mother leaving her to her thoughts and her maid duties.

Stacy cleaned all of the plates and glasses in the kitchen, placing them back where they belong. She continued her duties as instructed, returning to cleaning the upstairs bedrooms.

Later in the evening her Father arrived home, one of the other maid-bots had greeted him at the door and taken his coat. He walked down to where his wife was working in the study.

“Hello dear, had a good day?” he asked.

“Yes dear, I did the girls came over and we chatted for a bit, had lunch and enjoyed each other’s company.” She replied. “Oh and Stacy came home today too.”

“Stacy,” he said, “where is she?”

“Well, you remember our plan to help her relax,” she said.

“Well yes but I didn’t think that you’d get her straight into it!”

“Uhm, well she looked very stressed when she turned up, so I decided to implement the surprise we had arranged for her.” She said.

“So she’s one of the maid-bots then?” he asked.

“Yes, she seems to have taken to it quite well.” She replied.

“It would have been nice to talk with her for a while before changing her. But you know best I suppose. Where is she now?”

“I’m not sure; she’s been cleaning upstairs today when not serving the ladies drinks.”

“You had her serve your friends drinks, what if they’d noticed?” he asked.

“None of them did, no one guessed that she was now a maid-bot, she looks so convincing. Let me show you.” She said. “Maid-bot Stacy, bring Master his favourite drink in my study.” She said into the speaker.

Stacy received the command and began to move from the bedroom, down to the kitchen, there she got the required drink, plus an ice bucket, placed them on a tray and walked to the study. Upon entering she saw her father sitting there and walked over to serve him.

‘Hi Da…’ she thought, her thought interrupted by the system “Master, you’ll address your owner as Master.”

“Here’s your drink Master,” Stacy said in her maid-bot voice, and curtseyed as she handed him his drink.

“Stacy, great to see you home.” Her Father said.

“Sorry Master, Stacy-bot has always been part of the system here at the house.” She replied matter of factly.

“Stacy, it’s me your father…” he said.

Stacy was having a great conflict in her mind, she wanted so desperately to respond to her father, but the system would not allow it. A look of confusion came over her face, which her mother spotted immediately.

“Dan, stop.” She said, “The system won’t allow her to be your daughter, you’re confusing her, remember they said that it would override her and that she would only be able to respond to commands.”

“Sorry Stacy,” he said, “I didn’t realise that you would be in this deep.”

The system picked up on her confusion, noting that her mind was not functioning properly ordered the maid-bot Stacy report back to her charging station. Stacy turned on her heels and began to remotely walk out of the room. Much to her distress, she wanted so much to talk with her father but the system would not allow it, she was now just a maid-bot.

“I’m sorry Dan, I didn’t think this would be a problem.” She heard her mother say as she walked out of the room.

“Well, I’m sorry but I thought that I would at least be able to talk with her…” her father said

Stacy closed the door and the conversation continued without her as she headed back to her charging station. Once there she stripped off and walked backwards into the pod, and connected herself into the system there. Waste pipes connected to her down below, she felt the cold water enter into her as she was given an enema. ‘Ohh, that feels different!’ she thought.

Her mind then shut down, the system taking over and re-programming her to eliminate the conflicting issues that she was experiencing. Her mind was altered to reflect that she was just a maid-bot of the system; her owners were her Master & Mistress, not her Father & Mother, all her memories were extracted and placed into storage, replaced with the programming that the other maid-bots received.

The system didn’t see her as anything other than another maid-bot to program, see to its functions and follow directives as laid out by RobotMaids Inc. The system also registered her in the database of RobotMaids Inc., she was now Stacy-bot MB-090-7641. The system updated her to the latest software used by RobotMaids Inc., to control their maids. She was also included in their maintenance schedule just as the other maids in the house.

Stacy slept peacefully throughout the whole process, her mind no longer awash with conflict, her mind now eased and all thoughts of college, boys and exams now replaced with various programs to help maintain the house and serve her owners. Stacy awoke the next morning to a feeding tube connected to her, still in her mouth and down her throat, a substance was being transferred into her that would power her during the day, this all seem natural to her now.

Stacy dressed herself in her maid-bot attire, including the frilly knickers which her Father/Master had thought looked cute on the maids but now how would he think seeing his youngest daughter wearing them. The latex just as shiny as the day before; cleaned and processed overnight the same as the maids, the uniforms taken care of by another machine that maintained them and repaired where necessary.

She felt refreshed and alive, like she had had the best sleep in years, all of her worries and concerns lifted from her shoulders. She started to receive information as to what her duties were first thing. Once she’d received them she walked out of the maids’ room and down to the kitchen where she was to prepare breakfast for her Master and Mistress. Cooking Bacon, Eggs and toast for Master and porridge for her Mistress seemed to be effortless to Stacy, her bodily functions following the command prompts she received. Once ready she prepared the trays to be carried upstairs to serve her owners in their bedroom.

Stacy took one tray and another maid-bot took the other, they both walked out the kitchen in perfect unison, their steps matching each other, for all the world this looked just like two maid-bots going about their daily tasks. Walking up the stairs carrying the trays and onward to the main bedroom. Both maids stopped outside the door, whilst Stacy knocked as instructed to do so. They both waited for further instructions.

“Come in.” they heard through the door.

Both maids entered and carried their trays to the respective recipient; Stacy had the tray with her Father/Master’s breakfast on it. “Good Morning Sir & Madam.” Both maids said in unison as they walked in to the room. Stacy walked over to where her Father/Master sat up in bed; she placed the tray onto the bed, folding out the legs to form a bed tray. “Good Moring Master, here’s your breakfast as ordered.” Stacy said. “Is there anything else your require sir?” Stacy curtseyed as she asked this.

Stacy’s Father looked confused, he saw his youngest daughter standing before him but dressed as a maid and calling him ‘Sir’. He was just about to say something when his wife interrupted, “No thank you maids please return to your duties.”

Both maids headed for the door, before turning and curtseying before leaving closing the doors behind them.

“Sorry to interrupt you there, but you need to treat Stacy as one of the maids now; you saw the confusion that she had experienced last night.” She said. “I think that the system took over and made her return to the charging pod.”

“I’m sorry darling, I didn’t know what to do, seeing my daughter there like that, I just wanted to be friendly, and I’ll try to be better next time.” He said tucking into his breakfast. “She certainly knows how to cook my eggs, no more burnt toast!” he laughed.

“I did check on her last night as she stood in the pod recharging, she seemed to be content, the look on her face seemed to say that she was enjoying herself, and we want her to relax and enjoy the experience.” She replied. “Oh and by the way if you don’t want to see your own daughter naked then stay out of the maids’ room!” she laughed as she said this.

“Oh!... right, yes will do.” He replied.

“What see your daughter naked?” she asked.

“Oh god no, I’ll stay well away from there, thanks.” His face now a deep crimson red.


Stacy spent the day cleaning up the kitchen, every item was taken out, the cupboards cleaned and the dishes and pans washed before being put back away. Several maids came and went, each either fetching or bringing back something that the Master/Mistress required during the day. Stacy was ignored by her parents, leaving her to her maid duties and not calling for her to serve them. Stacy was happy cleaning the kitchen; the surfaces sparkled by the time she had finished.

Then she received instructions to cook dinner for Master & Mistress, Stacy retrieved each item needed to cook what she was told to prepare, she received instructions from the main frame as to how to cook and prepare dinner. Once cooked she made the food look presentable on the plates and bowls, she and three other maids where then instructed to carry the food to the main dining room and serve their owners dinner.

Stacy walked behind one of the other maids, each maid carrying the food that Stacy had prepared, each maid stepped in unison into the dining room, the plates were carried and placed in front of the Master, then the Mistress, which Stacy carried and then the two other guests, who were served by the other maids. Each maid curtsied as they all said, “Please enjoy your meal, is there anything I can be of service to you?”

Drinks were being served by Andrea, the maid-bot moved effortlessly between the guests and owners, filling each glass between courses. More food was carried in, the dirty plates taken away. All the time the guests in deep conversation with the Master & Mistress of the house, they didn’t taken any notice of the maids other than to issue them instructions.

Stacy’s mind concentrated on the service in hand, her mind now free of the conflict she suffered through last night as she tried to respond to her Master. Her Mother kept an eye on Stacy and also her Father, making sure that he didn’t try to speak to Stacy other than as a maid. The dinner service was impeccable, each maid performed as per her programing, the dinner now over the guests retired to the lounge with Master, whilst Mistress instructed the maids on what she required.

“Stacy-bot, please clean all the dishes before returning to your charging station, you won’t be required the rest of the night.” She dismissed Stacy not as her daughter but just another maid.

A thrill went through Stacy upon being instructed this way, she was just another servant after all but she did gain some pleasure from the Mistress speaking to her this way. Stacy returned to the kitchen and didn’t leave until the place was spotless and everything tidied away, she then headed off as instructed to her charging station. She stripped off as usual, stepped back into her charging station and plugged herself in. As her mind went blank; the system took over and tubes entered her mouth, rear and into her urethra, all waste was expelled and an enema given. Food was also pumped directly into her stomach, the energy she needed to function, unlike the other maids who only needed electricity to power their batteries.

Back in the study her Mother/Mistress was talking with her guest, “I’m sure that Maid-bot looked like Stacy? Though, I haven’t seen her in a while.” Melinda, her guest asked.

“Yes we had her made that way, amazing what they can do nowadays!” she replied.

“If it wasn’t for the vacant stare, and the way she reacts to people I would have sworn your Stacy was playing her maid games again!” Melinda replied.

“Yes,” said Denise, laughing “I remember the days when we couldn’t stop her from playing maid around the house.”

“They grow up so fast!” Melinda replied.

“Yes they do.” Pleased that she’d been able to deflect Melinda from realising it was indeed her daughter.

“Now tomorrow we are all going out on our yacht, I won’t take no for an answer.” Melinda said, “We’ll spend the weekend cruising the islands.”

“Well I…” Denise tried to answer.

“No, that’s final you and Dan are our guests this weekend.”

The conversation drifted off onto other topics from that point.


Stacy awoke the next morning in her pod, the tubes now removed; she felt recharged and was ready for another day. Getting her maid uniform on she waited for instructions to cook breakfast, but another maid had already taken care of breakfast, and that had been served. Her Mother/Mistress thought it best leaving her daughter/maidbot in her charging pod until the guests had left, so she didn’t have to explain why her daughter was now a maid, thinking that she might be recognised in daylight.

Stacy received orders to strip and make the beds, ‘Strange,’ she thought, ‘I was supposed to make breakfast.’ Not knowing that the instructions had been given by her Mother/Mistress to keep her in the pod and not cooking their breakfast as usual. Shrugging off her thoughts Stacy went upstairs to start her duties for the day.

She knocked at each room before given instructions to enter by the system knowing that the room was empty. Upon reaching the main bedroom, she expected to see her parents/owners in their but was disappointed to find the room empty, the bed sheets ready to be striped and taken down to wash. Stacy carried out her tasks, washing, drying, ironing and making the beds ready for her owners to use later that night.

Stacy didn’t realise that her parents/owners were not home until after lunch, no service was required of her to serve them. A note written by her Mother to Stacy lay on the bedside table unread by Stacy, as she had not received instructions to pick it up and read it. It would have told her that they would be away the rest of the weekend and for her to enjoy her time as a maid-bot.


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