Flying High in the Sky

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Lisa sipped her glass of champagne as she stood pretending to listen to a short, chunky guy drone about the fortune he had made in the adult film market. As the man droned on and on about how he was making more money than 90 % of the country's leading CEO's, she silently glanced around the room for the man who had invited her to the party and its host: Gerald Falkington.

After a few moments, Lisa finally spotted Gerald standing with three or four other men on the other side of the room. Dressed in an expensive looking business suit with perfectly coifed hair, the business magnate, who owned everything from hi tech companies to gourmet coffee chains, seemed to extolling the onlookers with a story about his latest acquisition. Lisa and Gerald had first met when he attended a fashion show that Lisa worked as a runway model. Gerald seemed to be quite attracted to her and invited her to attend ' a little soiree ' he was holding at a nearby mansion he owned.

" Little party..... 300 people...... waiters..... a band...... politicians and celebrities..... wow!! " Lisa thought as she took another sip of her drink and nodded every few seconds or so as she continued to be inundated by the blowhard's story. Finally, after a few more minutes, the man spotted someone on the terrace outside and wandered off to join the individual.

Mentally relieved, Lisa quickly started walking in Gerald's direction pausing only briefly to say hello to Monique, a fellow model who hailed from France. Monique, a red haired, mid 20's woman, was considered to be somewhat of a diva by many in the modeling community but Lisa had found her to be a fun person to be around.

" Lisa! Lisa, come over here for a second! I've got something I want to talk to you about that I think you're going to enjoy! " Gerald called out enthusiastically as he waved the model over to where he was standing.

Her smile broadening, Lisa quickened her walk and when she got Gerald, he ushered outside to one of the many terraces that lined the outside of the mansion. Seeing there was a few guests within earshot of the terrace, the multimillionaire whipped out his cell phone and spoke briefly into it for several seconds. Moments later, several burly men showed up and quickly escorted the guests away from them and left Gerald and Lisa alone.

" Sorry about that, Lisa. My rivals are always trying to figure out my future plans and will resort to extreme measures to learn them. My security people once caught a spy disguised as a waiter at a restaurant who was trying to record my conversation with three Japanese businessmen with a listening device taped to one of the table's legs. Anyway, the reason I want to talk to you is that I'm unveiling a new airline business next week that will cater exclusively to the wealthy businessmen with perks that will be unique to my airplanes. In addition to the parties I have planned at ten different locations around the world, I plan to be flying eight beautiful women with me as I hop around the world to attend the various parties. Paris, London, Moscow, New York, Buenos Aries and all the others in a wild and exhilarating trip of fun and frivolity. I'm asking you if you wanted to be one of those eight women that will be accompanying me on this trip. However, before you give me your answer, I do have some conditions I must insist you agree to if you choose to go. First, you must not tell anyone where you are going or with who you are spending the day with. Second, you can not take any portable electronic gadgets with you on the plane such as a laptop computer or cell phone as I want to make sure that the flight's path isn't leaked to the media during the time we're in the air. What do you say to my little offer? " Gerald intoned as he gestured towards the sky while speaking.

Lisa paused for maybe three or four seconds as she let the fantastic offer, as well as all the details with it, sink in. " Umm, gee, how could I possible say no? Of course, I'll accept your invitation! Thank you! " she finally replied enthusiastically before impulsively embracing the multimillionaire. Realizing that such a gesture was a little inappropriate, Lisa quickly broke off the embrace and stepped back to compose herself.

With a slight smile appearing on his face, Gerald nodded in approval. " You're welcome, Lisa. I can assure you that everyone on board for this little junket will be enjoying a day unlike anything they've ever experienced before. If you'll leave your address and a secure email address you can be contacted at with me, I'll pass it on to the people working on the extravaganza and get everything set. You should receive an email within the next 48 hours that will give you all the pertinent details about day, time and so forth. With that, I think we better return to the party before people start wondering what we're doing out here and ask us both intrusive questions, " the businessman said genially.

Nodding in understanding, Lisa tucked her lower right arm around her host's left arm and the two strolled swiftly back in the room with a boisterous conversation starting up between them. For the model, a chat based on some inane trivia came as second nature to her. However, for the party's host, his mind was on affairs other than the people grouped around him. One matter, in particular, was at the center of his thinking though he couldn't discuss it openly....

At least, not right now.

Roughly six days later..............

Lisa glanced at her wristwatch nervously as she sat in the back of the stretch limousine that was taking her to the airport and the start of her trip. The email she had received from Gerald's company stated that she was to be at the airport no later than 2:30 pm for checking in and being seated in the plane. If the watch she had on was correct, she was just going to make it there barely on time.
" I wonder who the other models Gerald hired for this little adventure. If it wasn't for the secret nature of this whole trip, I would have called around and see who was invited to go along. I wonder if...... oh, we're here!!! " Lisa thought to herself before looking out a car window and seeing that the limousine was just turning onto the road leading directly into the airport terminal.

Less than fifteen minutes later, Lisa was sitting in a private lounge owned by Gerald's company and sipping a champagne cocktail. Looking around the room, she saw seven other women were seated with some chatting among themselves and a few looking out the lounge window at an airplane parked on the tarmac.

Lisa couldn't place a name on all the women though she did recognize Monique from the party, who was sitting next to a dark haired woman dressed in a flimsy silver and red dress with matching high heels. Looking around, she saw a fairly tall Asian woman talked to a black, fairly buxom woman on the far left of the room. Near the door leading to the boarding area for the plane, Lisa saw a red haired woman standing by herself gazing out the window neat to the entrance.

Figuring that it couldn't hurt to make small talk, Lisa quickly made her way over to the redhead. " Hi! I'm Lisa Garnett and I'll be on the plane with you for all the fun. Did Mr. Falkington invite you during that party he held last week or did he talk to you in some other manner? " she asked sincerely.

" My name is Lindsay MacDougall. I didn't realize that Gerald was inviting common rabble for this trip along with people like myself, " the woman said haughtily as she briefly looked at Lisa before returning her focus to the window she was staring out.

" Frigging arrogant bitch.......! " Lisa thought to herself as she turned away and took a seat in the center of the room. She was about to strike up a conversation with a couple of the other seated women when several dark clothed men entered the room followed by Gerald himself.

" Hello, ladies. I know you're used to hearing me make a big speech on an occasion like this but this is one day that I'm going to refrain from doing that today. All of your luggage is being loaded onto the plane so if we are to avoid the unwanted attention from the paparazzi, I suggest we all head out to the plane right away. Once we're on board and in the air, I'll make sure that the drinks start flowing and will announce where the first stop on our amazing trip. With that, let us start our fantastic voyage! " Gerald proclaimed while gesturing towards the waiting private jet.

With a minimal amount of chatter, the women gathered up their belongings and went out onto the tarmac. As she drew closer to the plane, Lisa saw that the private plane was what some in the aeronautic profession called a ' combi '- the forward part of the jet was for cargo storage with the rear dedicated to the passengers. When Lindsay stepped onto the plane, she saw that the interior was just as sumptuous as she imagined and more - there looked to be a dozen or so oversized chairs lining both sides of the jet with a well stocked bar sitting at the very back of the plane.

Walking slowly to the bar, Lisa asked for a vodka and orange juice before taking a seat to the right. Once all the women were seated, a man secured the door and made his way towards the front while Gerald stood nearby looking over his laptop briefly.

" Ok. We'll be taking off in 15 minutes exactly so you'll forgive me if I tend to rush through all of this. We'll be going first to a private airstrip I own just south of London where there'll be a preliminary press conference scheduled for Heathrow airport. At this point, I want to remind you all that I must insist that you refrain from using cell phones or similar devices while we are in the ar. I know you were told this before but I want to remind everyone once again so there are no misunderstandings before we get under way, " Gerald intoned while subtly nodding towards one of the women who was fiddling with her purse. Upon hearing the millionaire's words, the woman stopped her fidgeting.

" With that, let's get buckled up and ready to start a grand adventure! " Gerald said before turning and walking towards the cockpit area. After briefly applauding, the group of women hastened to fasten their seat belts upon hearing the engines start to come to life.

A short time later, the luxury jet was soaring high in the sky against a backdrop of clouds that were growing darker with each passing mile. Inside the jet, the women had unbuckled and were moving around inside the jet to get drinks and food while they waited for their host to emerge.

However, Lisa, as well as the woman she was talking to, was suddenly interrupted by the sensations of the plane being buffeted by strong gusts of wind. Figuring that they might be hitting a bit of rough weather, Lisa quickly went back to her seat until she felt that the bad weather was behind them.

As it turned out, the plane wobbled again just after Lisa took her seat and the No Smoking/ Fasten Seat Belts sign clicked on at the front of the passenger area. Sensing there might be something serious, everyone quickly took their seats and buckled up.

" Attention everyone, this is the pilot. We're flying into some unsettled weather so I've turned on the seat belts sign to make sure everybody is ok. According to the weatherman that was consulted before we departed, we should be clear of the weather disturbance in a very short period of time. Stay seated for now and we should return to blue skies in no time, " a voice said smoothly as it was broadcast over the speakers located near the seat belts sign.

" Hmmmm, you would have thought that Gerald would have planned for this kind of thing, " Lisa thought to herself even as the plane wobbled once again. After another few minutes of turbulence, the plane seemed to settle down and judging by the clouds outside, the bad weather seemed to be behind them.

Much to Lisa's chagrin and horror, the plane took a sudden nose dive and plummeting downwards at a frightening rate. Bottles, glasses and other objects on tables and stored away tumbled to the floor where many shattered into pieces. Screams of panic and terror filled the cabin as the women were terrified by what was happening around them. Within moments of this happening, oxygen masks dropped from overhead compartments in front of each of the women.

" I.... hurhhh.... hope this... hmmm.. .doesn't last long... hrrhhh...... " Lisa thought as she started to breathe rapidly from the mask while items on the floor rolled around her feet. Glancing around, she saw that the other women had put on the oxygen masks and seemed to be all right otherwise.

As the minutes ticked by, the plane started to gradually level out from it's descent but none of the women moved. In fact, nobody made a noise at all as the women discovered far too late that the substance they were breathing was not the oxygen they expected but something far more sinister.

" What... what's going on?.... why can't I move?... I feel strange... light...... did I die in a plane crash?.... no... I can still see... just can't.... can't.... mmmmm.... who.... who's this? " Lisa thought to herself as she stared straight ahead at an ordinary panel of the plane before her thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of two people.

" Well, Mr. Falkington, I think everything turned out just as you planned. If I may be honest for a minute, I didn't completely believe that this HTD gas you told me about was going to work in the manner you described. However, I see that I was wrong and should have never doubted you at all, sir, " a red haired woman dressed in a light blue business suit remarked as she glanced around the cabin.

" Connie, if there is one thing you should know about me by now, it's that things always turn out as I plan them, " Gerald replied confidently as he stood still and took in the scene before him. The eight women seated were completely motionless and appeared to be oblivious to Falkington's presence in the area. A few moments later, three women wearing uniforms that identified them as employees of Falkington walked into the main part of the plane and immediately focused their attention on the seated women.

" Plan.... uhhh.... what is he talking about?.... fuck.. fuck me..... huh?..... why am I starting to think stuff that is.... that is..... that.... mmmmm.... that feels good..... " Lisa thought with a mindset that was growing hazier by the second. A few moments later, one of Falkington's employees leaned over in front of her and started unbuttoning Lisa's blouse without any hesitation or pause. This action was followed by the removal of Lisa's skirt, bra and stockings in a quiet and expedient fashion. Normally, these actions would have upset Lisa mentally but she accepted the actions with a mental shrug.

A few moments later, the video monitor mounted on a seat directly in front of Lisa flickered on and the image of Gerald appeared on it. " Hello, passengers. At this time, you've all discovered that the flight you undertook wasn't for the reasons you were originally told. The reason for your immobility lies in the oxygen masks that are currently attached to your heads during the incident that occurred a short while ago. As you probably realize now, the substance flowing through those masks was not oxygen but a highly specialized gas developed by Falkington Laboratories. The gas rapidly converts the anatomy of any individual who breathes it in from flesh and blood to a hollow shell made of latex and rubber. To put it in simpler terms, you ladies are now amazingly realistic love dolls in every way and manner. If you don't believe what you've just heard, my employees will shortly be holding mirrors in front of you so you can verify the veracity of what I have told you. I know this isn't a necessary step but since my scientists tell me there is a remote chance that the transformed person's mind might survive the process, I want to make sure that none of you might think that my words are untrue in the slightest, " Gerald intoned as he glanced at what looked like a prepared script.

" What.... what the hell?.... I... I.... OH MY!!!!...... " Lisa thought to herself before a large mirror was brought into her fixed line of vision and she saw her new appearance for the first time. Lisa's body was now glossy pink in color and she appeared to be made of latex and rubber instead of flesh and blood. Her eyes were nothing more painted features that has a dreamy and vacant look to them. Lisa's mouth was now a circular opening devoid of a tongue and teeth with the interior nothing more than a smooth sac that seemed to ache to be filled. As the mirror was moved downwards, Lisa could see what looked like seams running up and down her arms as well as around her breasts. As for the latter, Lisa would have blushed with embarrassment if she was still able to do such a thing. Her boobs appeared to have grown by at least one cup size and jutted out from her body like a pair of inflated soccer balls. Lisa's breasts were capped by nipples that seemed to have grown to an inch in length at least and were surrounded by aerolas that were perfect circles in every way. At that point, she noticed that her fingers were now gone and her hands now resembled two latex mittens that longed to hold someone.

As the mirror slowly moved downwards, Lisa saw that her pubic hair had completely vanished and her sex had formed into an opening similar in appearance to her mouth. She could also determine that her legs were now spread apart in a look that resembled a V in appearance. Just like that, Lisa had a moment of clear thought that bisected the erotic haze that was clouding what was left of her mind.

" It's true..... I'm nothing more than a blow-up sex doll..... a toy to be fucked.... mmmmm... that would be nice...... making my owner happy.... NO!!... I'm not a fucking sex toy!!!.. it's all just a bad dream.... I'll wake up and get a lecture from Falkington about drinking too much champagne... ooohhh.... the sensations.... " Lisa thought to herself even as the simple desires of a love doll threatened to overwhelm her thinking at a moment's notice.

Lisa's mental chaos was temporarily interrupted by the mirror being lifted out of her line of vision and the monitor going dark. Moments later, she could hear one of Falkington's employees talking in a low voice to the CEO and tapping what sounded like a clipboard as she did. A few moments later, Falkington cleared his throat and moved to a spot where Lisa could barely see him. " Now that the explanations have been taken care of, it's time to get you eight ready for your future destinations. According to Nancy, seven of you have already found homes with buyers in Europe. As I read off the seat numbers you are in, the storage process will commence and your first step to being united with your new owner will be taken, " the executive said before starting to read off a series of numbers followed by city and country designations. As he did so, Lisa heard the sound of air escaping that grew louder with each number recited by Falkington. The dolified woman saw several of Falkington's employees pass by her carrying what looked like cardboard boxes and transparent boxes.

" We... we're being deflated and boxed up!.... this is not.... nooooooo!!!!..... " Lisa thought before her thinking was interrupted by the sensation of air leaving her own body. Within a minute or two, her own body was nothing more than a pile of latex hanging loosely from the mask that her mouth was still attached to. Moments later, she felt a pair of hands detach her from the mask before folding her carefully and sliding her into a bag that rubbed against he new body in a very pleasant manner.

" As for you, my dear Lisa, I'll be keeping you for myself. Why not enjoy perks when you run a corporation capable of doing things like this? " Falkington said as he picked up the bag and and put it inside a nearby box. " Don't worry about missing me. I'll be using, and talking with, you quite a bit in the future though your dollified mind won't understand much of anything, I fear, "

" You're wrong! The process didn't talk away my mind completely.... I understand everything you say... well, most, mmmmmm...... " Lisa thought even as the lid closed over the box and she was alone in darkness for the rest of trip....

A trip that would end with her leaving with Falkington..... for a new home and existence....


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