by Asudem

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Storycodes: F/f; D/s; dress; pantyhose; tattoo; hypno; conditioning; mc; bodymod; piercing; doll; display; cons; X


All she could do now was too look ahead, the deep trance her Mistress had put her in barely let her blink on her own, she was totally frozen in her own body while the make-up artist finalised the last details of her new 'look' that she'd have for a very long time.


Asudem had met her Mistress while shopping at some adventurous boutique in the city, she knew more than the shop assistant did about their range and definitely had better taste. As if by magic she pulled out the dress she wanted (a japanese elegant black and white gothic lolita styled affair) which the shopgirl didn't even know they stocked. It was a perfect fit and Mistress smiled warmly in appreciation. Her small frame barely reaching 5 foot in her cute black patent ballet shoes made it hard to find designer clothes and the Japanese dress was perfect. She was treating herself for working so hard by blowing a month’s salary on the imported dress and it just had to be perfect.

Mistress was carrying a few bags of her own and pulled out a pair of white pantyhose from a plastic bag with some obscure glyph on it. She offered it to her as a gift if she put them on now with the dress. She smiled at the older tall woman and took them semi-reluctantly to the changing stall. The shop girl watched from a distance as this strange seduction played out in front of her.

As if entranced Asudem stepped out of the small curtained changing room like a doll walking out of her box. The tights were a solid cloud white with detailing around the knees and ankles. They were doll joints like on japanese dolls and they added such a unique twist to the outfit. Looking down at herself she thought to herself that it would look a lot better with a matching long sleeve sheer top with matching doll joints for her arms. She was commanded to pose, she did; twirl, she did; stand still and stiff and she did as her future Mistress circled her.

Mistress smiled broadly and clapped her hands at Asudem's appearance. "Perfect, just what I knew we both wanted". Mistress paid for the dress and took her hand and led Asudem out of the shop towards her car, her 60's short black pvc coat reflecting wonderfully in the stores many lights. Her black patent knee boots and coloured tights showing off her on trend fashion styling.

She just had to follow.... hand held by this stunning statuesque model leading her on to her luxury german sedan.


Months had passed since the encounter in the shop in the city. My Mistress has trained me well. I love her utterly and will do anything for her, my submission fluid and flawless. As an ex-model who retired early she lives a very comfortable life away from the city. I am her doll now, as i was from the time she started to dress me with the japanese doll jointed pantyhose. The doll joints are now very real on me. She learned how to tattoo specifically to tattoo me all over as her doll. Marking me so utterly as her Doll. Ankles, knees, hips - everywhere.

My pussy is shaved and permanently denuded. A series of small silver loops line either side and a bejewelled lock keep it sealed with the only key around her neck.

Her substantial wealth allowed for some elective surgery. Even without corseting my waist is now that of a Barbie. I don't know what they did in there to achieve these impossible dimensions. I trust and obey her utterly

She had me moulded further with slight breast enlargement and shaping. Lastly there was vocal shaving. I positively squeak in a cute way when she asks me to talk. I am a good doll. I please her in so many intimate ways.


I am fixed, frozen in my pose while the make up artist applies the last look I’ll probably ever have. This make up is a new form of needle-less tattooing - more a form of dying paint deeply into the skin. It can't ever be washed off.

Mistress has been hypnotizing me all these months and she's very, very good. So many commands, so many fetishes taken deeply to my heart and mind for her. I can now pose for hours unmoving as she's placed me, even in the 5.5 inch heels she has me wearing all the time now. She has enchanted me - her words animate me now. I am bound to her more securely than any chains could ever do.

Yet there's still two last stages of these rituals for utter surrender to my love, my Mistress, as her doll.

A small key hole will be tattooed to the base of my spine and she has her own key that when pressed against it will freeze me in ecstatic bliss while my mind blanks out. Time will have no meaning as I ride the orgasm into white out. Perfect for display time.

The final element will confirm my identity as her doll and so from a distance that’s all I will be to any onlookers beyond the glass veil. A unique variation on the make up, dye will be applied by my Mistress to my eyes with a dropper; they'll become luminous and pink - the eyes of a true doll.


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