For Every Winner, There Must be a Loser

by Northern Chill

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Storycodes: M/f; boxing; transform; lovedoll; sex; nc; X


The crowd from the night of boxing slowly exited the auditorium chattering among themselves about the matches and who won and lost. For a select few, they knew that one boxer, Lindsay Boyer, had not only lost her match but had been transformed into an incredibly realistic love doll. Thanks to a raffle (which had been rigged by the promoter Jack Kingston), the love doll would spend the rest of its' days being used by a local businessman, who had secretly paid Jack a six figure sum for the ' kickback'.

However, these details were known to Bambi, Lindsay's opponent, and although she didn't show it outwardly, the events of the last few hours troubled her deeply. As she took off her trunks and took the tie out of her blonde hair, she wondered if Lindsay was still aware of the world around her or was her mind reduced to whatever inanimate sex toys perceived (or didn't as the case may be).

"The money Kingston paid me to look the other way is pretty good to say the least...... still, how can I take part in all this with a clear conscience?" Bambi thought to herself as she stripped her top off and wiped off her body with a large terry cloth towel. The blonde had just finished changing into a blue T-shirt and jogging pants when she heard a knock on the locker room door.

Peeking around from the corner of one of the lockers, Bambi saw what looked like one of the female companions of the promoter walk slowly into the room. When she saw that Bambi was dressed, the woman pulled open the room's door and motioned for the people in the hallway to come inside.

"Ahhhh.... Miss Bambi... that was a marvelous match mounted by you tonight... I want to thank you for you assistance in the after match activities..... " Jack exuded as he strode boldly into the room area with two women at his side.

"Geez, Mr. Kingston, this is the women's locker room. Don't you think that it's rude for you to stroll in here like this? " Bambi said somewhat angrily.

"Calm down, my brave, battling blonde bombshell. I merely wanted to thank you and tell you a piece of good news that will surely please you as much as it will the audience I keep happy. Due to overwhelming demand, I have arranged for another match for you in 60 days with a Joyce ' The Jolter' McKenzie, a pugilist who originates from the Midwest. After the match has concluded, you'll play your part in the well... how shall I put it?.... arrangemnts for Joyce in a similar manner to your previous opponent. I have a client from the pearl of the Orient known as Japan who is most anxious to meet Joyce on a far more intimate basis," the promoter exulted while he fiddled with the gold chain dangling around his neck.

"Let me get this straight. I help turn a fellow boxer into some sort of inanimate fuck toy that you turn around and give to an associate of yours for money or favors. You now want me to do the same thing again in 2 months to another woman to further your career. What makes you think I'm going to this kind of thing ever again?" Bambi said angrily as she stamped her foot angrily in conjunction with her defiant words.

"Shh, shh, shh, my bodacious battler, there's no need to use strong, strident syllables in response. If it's more money that you are looking for, I think it might be possible for me to increase your payment by a sizable sum. Of course, that would mean some sort of long term agreement," Jack said as he flashed a brilliant white smile that sparkled thanks to the numerous gold fillings in his mouth.

"It's not the god damned money!!! Geez, you just don't get it!! I'm not happy to be just a pawn in your sick schemes to make yourself a bigger man! Leave me the hell alone!" Bambi shouted while grabbing her boxing gloves and slamming them to the floor as hard as she could.

Jack shook his head slightly while walking over and looking at himself in a nearby mirror. "My young lady, I apologize if my eloquence has resulted in a reaction of negativity in you. I can see that this matter has been brought to your attention at perhaps an inopportune time. I shall withdraw from you area of disrobing and will talk to you at a future time where you might give my proposal more careful scrutinization. Shall we go, my delightful daisies?" Jack said before turning his attention to his female companions and leaving the room.

Bambi glared at the closing door for several seconds before calming down somewhat and returned to changing into her normal attire. After gathering up her things and securing her locker, the blonde exited the change room and started to walk down the hallway leading to the exit. However, Bambi was so wrapped up on dwelling over what she had just heard that she failed to notice what was going on around her.

"Hey! Watch where you are going, lady!" a voice called out abruptly as Bambi walked right into someone in the hallway.

Looking upwards slightly, Bambi saw that the person she had run into was none other than Montel 'Machine Gun' Jackson, one of the more respected and fearsome boxers in the area. She had overheard more than one of the area boxers state that with the right promoting and opponents, Montel could be in a championship fight within the next 18 months or so.

"Oh, I am so sorry. It's been, well, one of those days. I have a lot of things on my mind and I tend to focus on problems to the exclusion of everyone around me," Bambi stammered as she tried desperately to sound sincere in her apology.

A smile crossed the African American's face. "Heck, no problem at all. You're Bambi Branson, aren't you? I've seen you fight in a few local boxing matches. You have gotta a pretty good right jab," Montel said with a warm smile crossing his face.

Smitten by Montel's good looks and easygoing demeanor, Bambi struck up a conversation with the man and they spent ten or fifteen minutes talking about the different boxing venues in the area as well as the promoters (other than Jack Kingston) that were active in the area. Figuring that the incident where she helped in the transformation of her defeated opponent into an inflated sex toy, Bambi left that part of her experience out of the chat.

With the conversation drawing to a close, Bambi prepared to resume her walk out of the building. To her surprise, Montel asked her if she'd like to have dinner with him on Friday at Chez Courteau's, an expensive restaurant on the west side of town. Without hesitation, Bambi accepted and after they exchanged addresses and phone numbers, the two went their separate ways with happy smiles on both of their faces.

Over the next day or two, Bambi busied herself with routine chores such as paying bills and doing a few runs to local stores and such. The only thing out of the ordinary that happened during those days was an answering machine message left for Bambi by Jack Kingston. The promoter droned on for nearly thirty seconds about what a wonderful person Bambi was and ended with Jack requesting that she reconsider his offer once again.

"Fat fucking chance!" Bambi snarled as she angrily jabbed the button to erase the message on her machine. She quickly put the matter behind her as she started to think on what to wear for her upcoming date........

Friday night.........

Bambi took her seat at the dining table and glanced around the expensive setting of Chez Courteau's while Montel took a seat opposite her. After going over their respective menus and placing their respective orders with the waiter, the two exchanged stories about each other's exploits in the ring. Bambi tried to keep up her end of her conversation but found Montel had many more stories than her. From his first fights in rundown gyms for money that barely covered his monthly rent to fighting in extravagant arenas in Europe and South America, Montel had more than a few tales to tell though he seemed to avoid talking about his life outside the ring.

After they finished their sumptuous meal, the two adjourned to a bar near the restaurant and took a seat in a back booth to sip on their drinks and talk a little more.

"Tell me something, Montel. You haven't talked all that much about your relationship with Jack Kingston. Do you think you're getting treated fairly by him or do you think he's a snake like me and a few other boxers in the area?" Bambi asked her dinner companion as she tried to figure out a bit more about his personal feelings.

"Yeah, yeah, you're not the first one to say that they don't like the guy. The way I look at it is if we're going to be in the business of boxing for a living, we have to look past personalities and see what people can do for us. Kingston is the kind of guy you wouldn't trust with anything sentimental but can get you a big money fight if he wants to. In fact, he's talking about lining me up a championship bout later this year if everything goes according to his 'perfectly plotted plan of marvelous magnificence'. The guy has got a huge ego but he's got the power to go with it," Montel said before raising his drink and taking a deep swallow.

"Hmmmm.... maybe it's time to ask him if he's been involved with stuff like what happened with Lindsay.... at the worst, he'll think I'm joking with him," Bambi thought to herself as she stared into her half empty glass before returning her gaze to Montel. "Has Kingston ever asked you to do a favor for him that was considered.... um.... well... a little bit beyond the normal type of thing?" she asked while trying to look sympathetic to anything Montel might say in response.

To her surprise, Montel seemed to grow flustered as he drained the rest of his drink in one gulp and muttered that he had to call it an early night to be rested for training in the morning. The two left the bar shortly thereafter with Bambi receiving no response to her inquiry and Montel steering talk to topics that were unrelated to their profession. After a passionate embrace outside Bambi's place, the two parted for the night with Bambi hoping that she and Montel would go out again in the near future as she found him a very intriguing man on many levels.

Several days later.........

The gym was bristling with activity in the middle of a warm summer afternoon with two heavyweight boxers sparring in the ring while an elderly man shouted instructions from the ring apron. Several were shadow boxing or putting the numerous punching bags to work in various corners of the building. Others were toweling down after a strenuous workout or availing themselves to the weights located near the back of the gym.

For Bambi, it was her usual workout routine she undertook as she prepared for her next fight. As she skipped rope, her mind seemed distracted by thinking of things other than her next opponent. Specifically, she was wondering if she should take Kingston up on his previous offer. Despite all the moral objections (which she still held), Montel's declaration that Kingston could do much for any who accommodate struck a chord with her. Bambi found herself wrestling with what to do and the distraction wasn't helping her in her training focus at all.

"Bambi? Bambi? Yoo hoo, anybody home?" Montel said as he gestured up and down in front of Bambi, who was staring right at him without acknowledging his presence at all.

"Huh? Oh, sorry about that, Montel. I was just thinking over some stuff that I've got to make up my mind on," Bambi gasped as she stopped and skipping and looked at Montel, who seemed to be getting ready to work out himself.

Nodding in understanding, Montel looked around from side to side and motioned silently for Bambi to follow him to the back of the gym. Once they were out of sight of everyone in the gym, the African American boxer leaned over and kissed passionately on her full lips while wrapping his arms around her in a tight embrace. After several seconds that Bambi wished lasted for eternity, the two separated with Montel gazing intently into Bambi's eyes.

"Listen, baby, I've been talking to Jack and he told me about this favor he wants you to do for him. It seems there is a rival promoter that he has promised to set up this big card that will involve my fighting a boxer who is under an exclusive contract to this other promoter. If I win this fight, I could be looking at big money bouts... millions maybe!! The only catch is that Jack has promised the rival a 'gift ' and.....ummmm...that's where you come in," Montel murmured with his voice varying in pitch before softening to a barely audible whisper.

The passion that Bambi was feeling seemed to drain right out of her eyes when she heard the last part of Montel's statement. She pulled herself totally free from the man's embrace and, with a noticeable redness becoming visible on her cheeks, glared at Montel while taking a deep breath before speaking.

"Montel, you seem like a really nice guy but you are either incredibly naive or think that I'm a lot more shallow than that sleezeball Kingston. I told him before I wouldn't do this so he thought he'd use you to get around my turning him down. You can tell him that it didn't work and if he bugs me about it again, I'll start yapping about this to people he may not want to be aware of his 'side business'," Bambi snapped as she wagged a finger within inches of Montel's nose.

"Chill, baby, chill. Look, maybe I caught you a bad time with all of this. Why don't we have a nice dinner tonight back at my place, sit on my new couch afterwards and talk things through?" Montel said softly in response.

"Geez, you won't give up, will ya? Tell ya what, why don't YOU have dinner by yourself tonight and think about this: if you bring this up with Kingston and he wants you to keep trying, my next dinner will be with the head of the local boxing competition AND the cops!!!" Bambi snarled and stormed off before Montel could reply her ultimatum.

Four days later............

Bambi started to apply a liberal amount of make-up on her face in preparation for a night on the town. She wasn't scheduled to box again for another six weeks which meant that, when not working her job at a local drug store, she was free to do as she pleased. On this Friday night, she figured to check out some of the night clubs down town and try to put some of the week's unpleasantness behind her.

Bambi was about to grab her jacket and purse and head out of her home when there was a knock at her front door. Slightly annoyed at the inconvenient timing of the visit, the blonde haired woman tossed her purse on a nearby chair and walked towards the door while finishing putting on her jacket.

To Bambi's surprise, her visitor was none other than Montel, holding a large bouquet of flowers in his right hand and an apologetic look on his face.

"Hi, baby. Look, I know by the fact that you've been ignoring my phone messages that you're probably still pissed at me. Why don't we put that whole talk behind us and go out on the town tonight?" Montel said with a sorrowful look appearing on his face.

Bambi thought briefly of grabbing the flowers and shoving them hard in Montel's face but decided against it. If she wanted any kind of career in the area, she would have to, on the surface, pretend to get along with some of the movers and shakers in the area. Nodding slightly, she took the flowers from Montel and went into the living room to find a vase to put them in.

"Ouch!!!" Bambi exclaimed as she felt what seemed to be a thorn jab into her right index finger as she was putting the flowers into a blue and white vase. Quickly setting the vase down, she reflexively brought the injured finger to her mouth even as, a second or two later, Montel moved into the living room to help her.

"Just a second, baby. I got something that will fix that right up in no time at all. My trainer Jack uses it for me when I get a cut over the eye during a fight. It'll seal that right up in no time flat though it might sting for a second or two," Montel said in a soothing voice.

"Uhhhh, thanks. That's nice of you to do but..... uhhhhh, I feel kind of strange. What, what was in that spray?" Bambi exclaimed even as she found her vision start to go blurry and she felt her limbs growing weak as if the strength was draining out of them. She glanced at Montel, who seemed not the slightest bit surprised by Bambi's distress, and then at her injured finger. If she didn't know better, she would have sworn that it was swelling somewhat..... a fact she took with her as she blacked out and slumped to the floor....

An unknown amount of time later............

"........are you sure that you sprayed the lovely lady with the fragrant fluid I provided, Montel? She doesn't look like she absorbed the substance in its entirety," Bambi heard a man say who she was fairly certain was Jack Kingston. To her alarm, she found she couldn't speak and her body seemed mostly unresponsive. Her eyes worked fine but the area she was in seemed completely unlit and she was unable to figure where she was exactly.

"I sprayed her finger with it, Mr. Kingston. I would have used more of that substance on her but her phone started ringing and I figured she might be expecting a visitor at some point. Figuring I didn't have a lot of options, I took her with me to the gym here and after making sure she wasn't going anywhere, I called you," a man Bambi recognized as Montel replied with a voice that was far less confident than the promoter.

"Spray.....?.....Montel?!!!.....what.....What's going on?...... you assholes better let me go soon if you know what..... uhhhh.... geez, I feel weird........." Bambi thought as she tried to figure out what was going on even as pangs of pure pleasure continually interrupted such thoughts.

"I must admit, my prized pugilist, that I had not anticipated this situation when I approached the wholesome woman to arrange our next latex lovely. Nevertheless, we must deal with the present predicament in a fast and final way to resolve things expeditiously. Since you didn't complete the dollification deal earlier, this means that you'll have to complete the titillating transformation on a more personal basis. After you place the camera and mirror in the arena opposite the main subject of our debate, it will be time for you to divest yourself of your garments and initiate the intimacy after preparing properly," Jack said exuberantly with his usual style of alliteration and overcomplicating a situation.

"I guess you're right, Mr. Kingston. Are you sure that this has to be completed by the way you mentioned? It just seems that it, uh, well, it doesn't seem right to do things this way," Montel said even as the African American boxer was lifting what seemed like an oversized object into the ring opposite Bambi.

"Montel, I admire your sense of propriety but the passage of time has eliminated all other options. Once you've fulfilled your obligations, we shall talk about your upcoming phenomenal combat inside the very ropes you are entering at the present," the promoter said in his usual bombastic way even as he moved to a nearby wall and flipped on a light switch. Jack, after flicking a tiny spot of dirt off his custom tailored jacket, moved over next to the ring at that point and pulled out what looked to Bambi like a handheld camcorder.

"What the hell is going on here?....... Why can't I move?...... or talk?...... and why do I feel so strange?....... uhhhh..... oh...... oh,no!.... no!....I......I.... I've been turned partly into..... A LOVE DOLL!!!!" Bambi thought to herself before she focused on her reflection in the mirror now opposite her. She could see that her mouth was now a circular opening and sensed her teeth and tongue had disappeared completely with her mouth's interior seemingly nothing more than rubber and latex. Her forearms and hands seemed to be transformed as well with the latter being the most noticeable. Bambi's fingers appeared to have melted together to give the appearance of paddles normally seen on the cheapest of love dolls. However, she was only partially transformed as her chest still rose and fell with the slight breaths she was taking.

Before she had a chance to further ponder her situation, Bambi saw Montel, who was dressed as though he was preparing to work out, strip down to where he was only wearing his boots and socks before accepting a tube of gel from the promoter Kingston. After dabbing a generous portion of the gel on his rapidly stiffening dick, Montel tossed the tube aside and moved over to the corner where Bambi was propped up. After a brief moment of pause during which Bambi saw the tiniest bit of regret register on his face, the boxer took the partially dollified woman's right arm and tucked it under leg. Making sure the left leg was secured on the top rope behind her, Montel held Bambi's right leg in the steely grip of his left hand and started to plunge his rock hard cock into her still human pussy.

"MONTEL!!!..... Montel, what are you doing?...... why aren't you helping me?.... oh... oh no.... you're finishing the transformation, aren't you?...... DAMN YOU, MONTEL!!.... DAMN YOU, MONTEL AND JACK, TO..... uhhhh..... I..... ohhhhhh..... fuck......." Bambi though even as she felt herself quickly building towards an earth shattering orgasm.

As her mind started to swim in an ocean of erotic pleasure, she saw that her suspicions were correct as the parts of her body still human in appearance were becoming latex and rubber. Her legs took on a glossy shine with seams becoming visible along both of them and her toes fusing into two blades of solid rubber that resembled boots. Bambi's pussy twitched and contorted with a mind of its own with the interior forming into a bright pink sac of smooth latex. The blonde haired woman sensed the same changes happening to her anus with the result leaving her two ovular openings that complimented her mouth's circular opening in an inviting way. Bambi's breathing ceased altogether as her boobs turned into two mounds of hollow latex capped by bright pink nipples and areolas. With her eyes becoming nothing more than painted features and her hair becoming nothing more than synthetic threads, her transformation into an inanimate sex doll was complete.

"I think you can stop now, Montel. The process of changing the lovely lass into a luscious latex dolly has been fulfilled and captured on DVD as I hoped," Jack crowed as she stepped into the ring and showed the panting boxer the disc in his hand.

"Pffff...ok... ok.... listen, Mr. Kingston, I got a favor to ask you. I know you might have promised to sell this doll to one of your clients but... well... I'd kinda like to keep Bambi for myself if its possible," Montel said as he pulled out of the doll's O shaped pussy and quickly donned a robe tossed to him by the promoter.

"Ohhhh, is that right? I thought the original plan was to dollify the former Bambi Branson so she would not ruin any future formations of incredible ideas I might have for you and your illustrious career. However, it will never be said that Jack Kingston is an inflexible individual when it comes to the affairs of the heart. Perhaps we can negotiate something along the lines of the doll for, say, an additional percentage of your three matches to be given to me. After you deflate your dolly, we can figure out the exact numbers that will please us both," Jack replied with a voice that oozed everything from charm to greed and emotions in-between.

As Bambi found herself deflating rapidly after Montel pulled open her inflation valve, she found herself wondering with the last shreds of her conscious if Montel realized that ultimately dealing with Jack Kingston meant he'd lose his soul to the man....

Or, in Bambi's case, a lot more......



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