Forbidden For Good Reasons

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2011 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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"...Sandy, c'mon! I promise, this will be the last place we'll go into today. Remember, you're the one who wants to add a little spice to our bedroom sensations, " a dark haired man called out to a red haired woman a short distance behind him with his voice lowering as she caught up to him.

" All right, all right! Geez, Brad, I mentioned this as something to think over but I didn't know you were so determined to do this right now, " Sandy replied even as she gave her husband of six months a sly wink.

" Yeah, yeah, let's just go in this place and see what they have, " Brad muttered as he opened the door to SEXY FUN and ushered his wife inside. The two saw that the inside of the shop was much more spacious than either of them would have expected. In some ways, it was reminiscent of a novelty shop that sold a variety of items with big promises.

" Look at this one, honey. ' The Changer' - touch the nozzle to the back of your lover or special someone and change him or her into any object you want for sixty minutes. It looks like a vacuum cleaner nozzle except that it has a few expensive looking gems at the narrow end, " Brad remarked with a skeptical look on his face.

" Hmmm, ya know, I'd suspect all of this was a scam or something like that but there's a note here saying a DVD can be requested from the clerk at the counter that shows testimonials by past customers as well as a demonstration of the item in question. Hey, this one is labeled 'Curves Away' and looks like a fountain pen. According to the description, you touch the end of the pen to a man or woman and the person transforms into a two dimensional version of themselves for 24 hours. Think how much we can save on airfare if we use this for that European vacation you've been talking about! " Sandy said wryly.

" Yeah.... ohh, nope, see the fine print? Any attempts to transport the subject beyond the registered home of the purchaser will result in the subject returning back to normal and voiding any and all future use of the item in question. Looks like the owner wants to keep things like this low key and home use only, " Brad intoned as his eyes scanned over the shelves around them for anything that looked out of the ordinary and cool in appearance. After looking over bottles, tubes and other sundries, Brad spotted something that looked like a sex toy but he figured was much more.

" The ' Vivacious Vibrator ' is an item that will turn the user into an incredibly realistic blow-up sex doll that will satisfy both the transformed and their sexual partner. The doll is easily transformed back to human form with another insertion of the item into its vaginal opening. More detailed instructions and warranty information are available at time of purchase. Hmmmm..... " Brad murmured as he read the item description before handing the package to Sandy.

"Hmmm, I have been fantasizing about being transformed into a love doll temporarily and being used for lots of hot fucking over and over! Maybe this is just the thing for me to satisfy that naughty dream and make sex with Brad that much more interesting...." Sandy thought to herself as she nodded silently in response. As for Brad, a small part of his mind was already trying to visualize Sandy as an inflatable love doll and judging by the noticeable bulge in his groin section, it was not an unpleasant vision.

A few minutes later, Brad and Sandy had taken the magical vibrator, along with what looked to be the stand for a mannequin that could be used to transform a subject into a plastic mannequin or other store display fixture depending on the settings, up to the cash register where they stood behind a couple who looked to be buying some sort of remote that could be used to turn a subject into an obedient robot for a limited time.

After waiting a short period of time, Brad and his wife were standing in front of a cash register that looked to be manned by an older model from the sixties dressed quite casually with bright orange suspenders with a number of items around it that looked to be of the same age.

" Hello, you two, and what can I do for you today? Hmmm, interesting choices you've made there. Could you step over to the side for a minute or two so I can discuss some of the features of the items you're looking to buy. By the way, my name is Bert. Ernie, my partner, is in back trying to find an item that was specially requested by a couple earlier today. It seems one of them wants to be able to change into a giant yellow bird for an hour or so and only on weekday mornings. A bit strange but considering my business, not my place to judge, " the store owner uttered as he motioned Brad and Sandy to stand over to the right while he put a BACK IN FIVE MINUTES sign on the counter next to the cash register.

" Ok, lemme go over a few things with you two so you understand completely what you are buying here. First, both items will transform a person into a very realistic inanimate object and the person can be changed back by switching the setting from plus to minus. With the stand, there are a total of five different settings for the display form you want to be changed into. Everything from mannequin to bra form and all other fixtures you see in a store can be the result when the stand is done. As for the other item, I'll outline a few things for you to understand. First, the vibrator will indeed turn you, young lady, into a very realistic love doll and for both of you to experience maximum pleasure from this, I would suggest that the change take place during the, uhhh, foreplay part of your intimacy. Once the change has occurred, the woman will see and experience everything from an inflatable doll's perspective. To change her back, you just have to insert the vibrator into the doll's vagina and activate it at the proper setting and latex and rubber becomes flesh and blood before ya know it! " Bert intoned smoothly in a tone that indicated he had discussed this kind of subject many, many times in the past.

" Yep, it sounds like what we're looking for and more. Tell me, though, something that is, well, rather important to me and my husband. When I'm in this doll form, can it be punctured or ripped if it comes in contact with something sharp? I don't want to do this and wind up a flat piece of latex and stuff for the rest of my life, " Sandy murmured even as she envisioned what she might look like as a blow-up doll and what it might be like for Brad to use her in that state.

" Oh, don't worry about that happening. The energy responsible for the change also makes you impervious to punctures or anything like that. Oh, I should mention that for a small amount of money, you can buy an additional part that will allow the doll to talk and move around after transformation. Now, I should mention that the doll's voice will be, ummm, high pitched and squeaky sounding and the doll's walking will be, well, a little on the awkward side. Nevertheless, I think it is a fantastic addition to what you are buying and could add a new level to the pleasure both of you experience. Shall I add it to your other purchases? " Bert said and looked at both Brad and Sandy as he talked.

Brad glanced briefly in Sandy's direction, saw her briefly shake her head and knew what the decision was going to be. " Ummm, we're going to pass on the extra thing for now. Tell me, though, about something I'm kinda curious about. When my wife is in her doll form, can she be deflated and stored in a box for a short period of time? She, ummm, also has a fascination with being flattened or thinking she is flat as a sheet of paper or something like that, " he said with a slight red tinge appearing on his cheeks as he spoke.

" Oh. Uhhh, yes there is but there is a good and bad side to that particular step. You see, your wife, while in doll form, is extremely sensitive to any and all touches, caresses and poking of its hollow body. If you want to heighten this enjoyment to a level beyond your greatest expectations, deflate the doll completely and reinflate it afterwards. I guarantee you both will view this wrinkle as something you will never forget! Now, the bad part is that since the original maker of this device never planned for this action, I should tell you that deflation followed by inflation will void the warranty on the product. Do you both understand this? I can't stress the latter part more strongly, " Bert said smoothly though a mixture of melodrama was evident as he mentioned the latter aspect.

" Ummm, yeah, yeah, we understand. Oh, about the stand. Is there something that allows the transformed display form to move around afterwards? We were thinking.... " Brad replied and quickly changed the subject to keep Sandy from asking any more questions.

One night later.......

"....want to make sure that you're ok with all of this before we head down this road. I know the shop has a good reputation from what we've read online but you can't take everything you read as fact, " Brad called out as he finished washing up in the bathroom next to his & Sandy's bedroom.

" Brad, this isn't the time to start having second thoughts and shit like that. Now, are you finished washing up cuz I'm in the mood for exploring this new type of lovemaking?! " Sandy called out as her nude body writhed and wriggled beneath the blue satin sheets in anticipation of what laid ahead.

Brad's silent response was to emerge from the bathroom, remove his robe and boxer shorts and join his wife on the bed for the start of an anticipated sexual romp. After a lengthy amount of foreplay during which the two caressed, kissed and probed each other bodies repeatedly. As Sandy writhed and twisted, she begged for Brad to insert the magic sex toy and start her transformation into an inanimate blow-up doll. Clicking on the vibrator, Brad slowly inserted the sex toy into Sandy's moist vagina and watched to see what was going to unfold next.

For several moments, Sandy didn't experience anything out of the ordinary and she started to get an annoyed look on her face with the brief thought that they had been conned by a flim flam man. However, Sandy suddenly experienced what seemed like the most intense orgasm she had ever felt ripple through her and it was followed by another one immediately thereafter. Oddly, though, she didn't scream out in exultation though her eyes and mouth widened as a result. In that instant, Sandy realized that there was something happening to her body and her brief doubts were without foundation.

"Oh, my god, I think... I think it's happening! I'm actually turning into a love doll! This feels.... ohh.... so fucking good!!!" Sandy thought to herself as she saw the first signs of change start to appear on her body. A small tattoo of a rose she had done on her upper left thigh disappeared in the blink of an eye with other imperfections vanishing as well. Sandy could see what looked to be patches of pink latex starting to become visible on her stomach and arms and it seemed like every inch of her body was tingling from something stimulating it intensely.

" Holy shit, hun, I think this thing is actually changing you into a love doll! This is, ummm, geez, everything I imagined it would be and more! " Brad exclaimed as he saw Sandy's legs start to slowly swing apart and her arms draw tightly to her sides seemingly on their own.

"I'd agree with you, sweetie, but, uhhh, I'm not really in a position to discuss this with you. Ooooohhhh," Sandy thought to herself as the changes washed across her body with seams starting to appear on her arms and legs as well as her waist. She could see, and feel, her vagina starting to change into a smooth, round sac that gave her a feeling of euphoria as it was currently filled with the transformation dildo. As her vagina moved upwards by several inches, Sandy could feel the same thing happening to her anus and was already starting to wonder if Brad was going to use her as a sex toy or like the woman she really was.

" Damn, Sandy! You remember how you talked about getting breast implants a few months ago? Well, it looks like your new doll body is going to give you everything you wanted and more, " Brad muttered as he watched his wife's breasts swell by several cup sizes even as they turned into twin mounds of glossy latex capped by pink nipples protruding outwards from perfect aerolas with seams forming around each boob.

"Oooohhh, you are so fucking right! I can't believe you're just sitting there and watching me change into a sex toy. Why aren't you touching me or telling me how you can't wait to use me? Ohhh, feels so goood!!!" Sandy mentally moaned even as her arms bent sharply at the elbows and her fingers clenched tightly together as if she was holding her owner.

Sandy's mouth formed into an O shape with the interior forming into a soft rubber sac devoid of teeth and tongue and her lips thickened and looked perfect for wrapping around a hard cock or sex toy. Sandy's cheeks took on a reddish color and her eyes became fixed as they changed into painted features that had a faint look of lust and desire in them. With her hair changing into synthetic threads and her finely trimmed pubic hair vanishing to be replaced by smooth, flawless latex, Sandy's transformation into an inanimate love doll was complete.

For several long seconds, Brad sat on the bed and looked at the transformed Sandy with a mixture of emotions crossing his face ranging from apprehension to desire. Eventually, lust took over and Brad slowly moved up next to his dollified wife and started to caress Sandy's legs and waist before gently running his right index finger along the edges of Sandy's O shaped sex.

"OHHHH, FUCK!!!!!..... dolly wants to be used..... mmmmmm..... no, I'm not a simple fuck toy but I sure feel like one every time Brad touches my body. Fuck, I like I'm going to cum and he hasn't even started to fucking me yet! Ooooh, he's getting out the cherry lubricant and he's going to lube my fuck hollllesss....." Sandy thought as Brad rubbed and touched her new body for what seemed like an eternity before her husband reached for a tube of lubricant and started applying the gel to all three of the doll's openings.

" Well, honey, here's where the fun starts. I hope you enjoy this as much as I'm going to, " Brad said as he grasped Sandy's hollow body, removed the vibrator and slowly slid his firm cock into her O shaped pussy and the soft rubber sac interior. As Brad reveled in the sensations of fucking his dollified wife, Sandy was also enjoying what seemed to be the most intense sexual experience she had ever felt as it seemed like she was cumming the moment her pussy was filled with Brad's dick. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through Sandy's mind as Brad thrust in and out of her fuck hole. In what seemed like no time, Brad unloaded a stream of warm cum into Sandy and the doll felt satisfaction as it perceived the pleasure her husband was feeling.

With trembling hands, and after a few minutes spent to regain his strength, Brad placed the doll on its hands and knees and prepared to take it from behind. Though Sandy had experienced anal sex in the past, her new doll body increased her level of pleasure to levels she had never felt before as Brad entered her with enthusiastic strokes while gripping her hollow hips. Rocking back and forth, Brad privately recalled the times he had used a love doll before getting involved with Sandy. Although those occasions were great, Brad knew they paled in comparison to having sex with his dollified wife.

"Ohh, fuck, this is... this is fucking great! My owner really likes using me and I hope I am making him happy!" Sandy thought as the thinking of what an inflated sex toy might desire overrode anything she would be pondering as a woman. Brad squeezed and stroked her artificial body as he pumped his dick in and out of her for a fair amount of time before unloading cum into the doll that filled its hole and trickled down its pink legs. A short time later, and with Sandy's mind just starting to reassert itself, Brad sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed the dollified Sandy by the waist and pulled the sex toy closer to him.

"What... what is Brad doing now? Could he... ohhh... dolly likes it when her owner touches her there," Sandy thought before Brad's caresses of her abdomen and her voluptuous breasts sent her thinking careening back to the wishes and desires of a shiny sex toy. As Sandy reveled in the sensations, Brad lifted her in the air several inches before lowering the love doll downwards and driving his hard cock into the doll's O shaped mouth. Sitting the doll lower, Brad thrust in and out of the doll's mouth with Sandy's L shaped arms rubbing back and forth against Brad's legs. As for Sandy, she had never given Brad a blow job before but the sensations she felt as he filled her soft mouth sac were extremely pleasant.

After quickly building to a height of pleasure, Brad filled Sandy's mouth with his warm cum and caressed her soft face even as drops of cum dripped down and formed a semi circle atop the doll's voluptuous bosoms. Mentally and physically exhausted, Brad gently put the love doll back on the bed and after wiping down its openings with a towel, Brad staggered into the bathroom for a long, hot shower.

"Doll needs owner to use... needs to make owner happy.... whoah, that was incredible!... Brad and me have had great sex in the past but this was way, way better!! I can't wait until Brad turns me back and I can tell him all about it. Huh? What... what the hell is that? Oh, shit, I forgot that my old college friend Gina was coming over for a visit! Damn, I hope Brad doesn't let her come up here. The odd thing is, I remember she used to have a private kink about being turned into an inanimate object like me. I wonder what she'd say if she does see me lying here on the bed," Sandy thought to herself as she saw Brad, wearing only a black robe, stumble out of the bathroom and head down to answer the doorbell.

" Ohh, I'm sorry, Brad. Did I catch you at an inopportune time? I told Sandy I was going to be swinging by tonight for a little visit and I thought she would have told you.... or maybe she forgot. Where is she anyway? " the red haired Gina exclaimed as she flashed her bright smile and took off her black leather jacket to reveal the tight red sweater and matching mini skirt she was wearing. With fishnet stockings and fire engine red high heels, Gina would have garnered a reaction from any man who took even a momentary glance at her.

" Sandy? She, uhhh, she went out to do some errands and won't be back for a few hours or so. What can I.... MMMPPHH!!! " Brad started to say before being interrupted by Gina jumping on him and smothering him with a deep and passionate kiss on the lips. One thing Brad had never mentioned to Sandy was that before they married, Brad had gone out with Gina for some time and had learned of Gina's secret desire to be changed into a mannequin or something similar after one night of passion. With the item he had in the bedroom upstairs and Sandy unavailable for the next little while, Brad figured it might be time to fulfill Gina's private desires and his own.

Brad got Gina to sit down on a living room couch and told her what he and Sandy had been doing and the unusual stand they had purchased. When Gina learned what the stand was capable of doing, she cut Brad off before he could explain about Sandy and her current inflated state upstairs.

" Could you let me try out the stand right now? I promise, I won't say a word to Sandy about it and if she comes back while I'm a display figure, you can make up a story about getting the stand and figure for your store and so on. Please, let me try it!!! " Gina pleaded with a soulful look on her face and her hands wrapped around Brad's tightly.

" Well, I guess we can give it a go, " Brad replied and was startled to see Gina stripping off her clothes before he finished speaking. Ordinarily, a nude woman in the living room that was not his wife might have posed a problem for Brad but he had seen Gina naked when they went out in the past and the possibility of Sandy walking in was taken care of.

" Ok, I'm all set, Brad. Could you help me up on the stand or do you want to read over the instructions again? " Gina asked in a tone that indicated she was becoming a little impatient with Brad.

" Oh, uhhh, yeah, sure. Let me just put this down and I'll lubricate up the, ummm, dildo part of the stand, " Brad said as he retrieved a tube of lubricant that came with the stand. After lubricating, Brad picked up the lithe Gina by the waist and slowly maneuvered her body so that the dildo penetrated her pussy and inwards. As it did, Gina moaned from the pleasure she was feeling and by the time Brad was done making sure the dildo was far enough inside, Gina's whole body was twitching and writhing.

" Well, we're all set, Gina. Is there anything you want me to dress you in during your time as mannequin? " Brad said as he caressed Gina's left cheek with his hand.

" Oh, I think you'll come up with something that shows off my figure. Just make sure to take some pictures of this so I have something to remember this afterwards, " Gina said as Brad bent over and turned the device on. Almost immediately, Gina felt the dildo vibrate inside her and was certain that if Brad didn't start the transformation quickly, she was going to orgasm right there and then.

"Let's see... setting number 1.... mannequin mode.... well, here goes," Brad thought to himself as he turned on the proper setting and stepped back. A few moments later, Gina's skin started to a smooth appearance similar to Sandy though this one was a tan brown in appearance. Gina's limbs started to move on their own with Gina's left arm bending at the elbow and her left hand coming to rest on her hip. Gina's right arm straightened up and was at her side with her right hand pointed outwards in a typical model pose. Her right foot shifted forward and bent as if a pair of high heels were on Gina's feet.

"It's happening!!!... I'm becoming hollow.... a mannequin that is dressed in the finest clothes and buffed and cleaned by a store employee as it stands on a store floor or in a store window. Oh, shoot! If I had known Brad had this thing, I would have brought that lacy black lingerie I bought the other day!" Gina thought as she felt her body becoming hollow and could see by her reflection in a mirror opposite her what looked to be joints starting to appear on her shoulders, wrists, neck, waist and left thigh. Gina saw her nipples start to recede and grow smaller until they were nothing more than small bumps on her hardened breasts. Gina's pubic hair vanished completely as well as any trace of her vagina though the area where the stand was inserted still existed with a metal plate forming as well.

Gina's transformation completed with her eyes changing to colored glass and her expression changing slightly to a slight smile rather than the euphoric look she had when the process was starting. If anybody walked into the room at that moment, they would have seen Brad standing next to an amazingly realistic mannequin with the only clue as to the true nature of the mannequin being Gina's clothes lying in a heap on the floor.

" Damn! This stand does everything it promised and more! I could put you in a store window and see you every day on the way to work modeling the latest in dresses or swim wear. Oh, that reminds me. There are other settings on this stand I should try out, " Brad said before recalling what he had read earlier.

"Other settings? Brad, what are you talking about? What... oh.... OH!!..... I'M CHANGING!!!!" Gina thought to herself even as her plastic body started to shimmer and change shape rapidly. Her arms, head and upper torso started to rapidly recede until there was only a pair of legs left attached to the stand.

" Holy shit! She's actually a pantyhose form just like the instructions said it would happen. I should go get my camera and take a picture of this. Oh, maybe I'll try this memory download option before I get my camera. " Brad intoned as he leaned over and adjusted the settings on the stand.

"Memory download??!!... what the fuck is he... what the.... I am a pantyhose form.... I am made to display my owner's goods.... I hope I am put in a window soon to display his goods... it is what I was made for...." the form thought as Gina's entire intelligence downloaded into the stand completely in less than second and left the simplified thoughts of a display form echoing in what remained of the transformed woman's consciousness.

" Well, that should download Gina's mind. I'll go and get a pair of pantyhose to put on you before I take some pictures of your fabulous form. I think you are, what, size 34 in the waist? " Brad intoned as he gently plucked the form off the stand and held it in his hands for a moment or two to gauge whether his waist size guess was correct.

"Oooohhh, my owner's hands feel so good.... is he putting me on display now?.... I hope so.... it is what I exist for...." the pantyhose form thought as it enjoyed being held by Brad before being set down with its legs stuck in the air like a typical display form pose.

At this point, Brad left his house and returned a short time later with pantyhose he had purchased at a nearby store. Slipping the hose on the form, Brad was about to set the form back on the stand and change it back to Gina when he heard the doorbell ringing.

"Damn!! It's like a subway station here tonight!" Brad thought to himself as he set the form down on the floor and went to answer the door. To Brad's surprise, he saw the visitor was none other Janice McLaughlin, another woman he and Sandy both knew earlier in their lives. Like Gina, Brad had dated Janice briefly in his college years but found her a little too much for him to handle on many levels. Brad had heard that she owned several stores that carried leather and latex clothing that catered to the fetish segment of society. In an interesting twist, Janice had confided to Brad one night after an intense lovemaking session that she secretly desired to be controlled by someone else in every way possible.

" So, are ya happy to see me? Say, what's that cool stand doing there? Oooh, that is one sexy looking pantyhose form! " Janice said as she handed her coat to Brad and scurried into the living room where she admired the items in front of her.

" Uhhhh, thanks. Ummm, Janice, why are you here tonight? Sandy never said anything about you dropping by for a visit, " Brad said even as he smiled when he saw the blonde was wearing what looked to be a skintight outfit of latex pants and tube top that definitely would have been out of place normally. However, from what Brad remembered of Janice during their brief fling, Janice always dressed provocatively and didn't care in the slightest what society thought.

" Well, since I sold my business to a European consortium last year, I've had a lotta free time to look up old friends and talk over past experiences and such. So, where's the lucky woman that managed to snag you and what is the story with these very interesting items here? " Janice exclaimed with her eyes glancing towards the items in unabashed excitement.

"Geez, where have I heard this before?" Brad thought before relating how he went to the store and what happened with Sandy. However, when it came to Gina, he changed the story somewhat and said the form was part of the mannequin stand and merely a prop for the item. However, the revision didn't seem to raise any questions with Janice, whose eyes sparkled when she heard about the stand's transformation abilities.

" Ummmm, Brad, could you get me a glass of water and maybe a piece of fruit please? I flew in a couple of hours ago and other than a bottle of overpriced water, I'm feeling just a little dehydrated. Thanks! " Janice requested innocently.

Brad nodded and walked out to the kitchen to get what Janice requested. When he returned to the living room, Brad was stunned to see Janice had removed all of her clothing and was already looking to impale herself on the stand.

" Janice, what, what are you doing? " Brad said as he set down the drink and went over to the woman.

" Brad, turn me into a wind-up doll just like it says you can in the instructions! Please! " Janice implored Brad even as she tried to impale herself a little bit firmer by wiggling her hips.

Seeing Janice naked and begging to be turned into a life size plaything, Brad mentally pushed aside all other matters and moved to fulfill Janice's plea. After making sure Janice was firmly on the stand, Brad made the necessary adjustments to the settings and with a brief glance upwards, Brad activated the stand and stood back to see what unfolded.

Moments later, the stand starting humming noticeably and Janice let out a loud gasp as if she was experiencing a very intense orgasm. At that moment, Janice's whole body started to take on a plastic sheen with joints appearing around her knees, elbows, wrists and ankles. Janice's pussy vanished in mere moments as if it was erased by an invisible eraser and her breasts firmed up to be two hardened mounds adorned with bright red nipples and aerolas. Janice's mouth formed into a big smile as two big two red dots appeared on her cheeks and her transformation into a life sized wind-up doll was complete.

" Man, every time I see this stand operated, I get more and more impressed! " Brad exclaimed as he went over to the stand, turned it off and carefully lifted the dollified Janice off it. Carrying the doll over near the couch, Brad wound the key sticking out of Janice's back before standing back and waited with more than a little anticipation to see what happened next.

After a second or two, Janice straightened stiffly upwards and her head swiveled in Brad's direction. "I am Janice Dolly. How can I make Owner happy today?" the wind-up doll intoned cheerfully with a clicking sound evident in its voice.

" Ummm, could you walk back and forth and face in front of the couch and face me when you turn? " Brad said quietly.

"Yes, Owner. Of course," Janice replied before starting to walk to her right with her arms swinging in concert with her steps. When she reached the end of the couch, Janice pivoted to face Brad and the sight of her bright smile and her beautiful nude body caused Brad to ponder whether he should keep Janice like this for the foreseeable future.

With the winding down of her key, Janice slowed down and the wind-up doll came to a stop just as she was turning and facing towards Brad. The sight of Janice staring blankly at him with her beautiful plastic body thrust in his direction caused Brad to absently rub his groin for a minute or two as he fantasized what he could do with the doll before snapping back to reality.

" Ahhhh, fuck, I'm forgetting about a few things, " Brad said as he smacked his forehead with his right hand and turned around to face the pantyhose form that was Gina a short while ago.

"Ohhh, owner is picking me up! I hope he is going to put me on display once again. I am a pantyhose form. My purpose is to display his wares," the display form thought as it was set back on the stand and Brad activated the mechanism to change it back to Gina.

A minute or so later, the stand finished its amazing process and the plastic display form had been changed back to Gina. However, when Brad went over and lifted her off the stand and set her down on the living room carpet, he noticed Gina wasn't saying anything at all and her eyes had an odd look to them as if she didn't recognize Brad at all.

" Ummm, hello? Anyone there? Can you hear me? " Brad said as he waved a name in front of Gina's face.

" Yes, Master, I can hear you. What do you want me to do? " Gina replied in a monotone devoid of any emotion whatsoever.

" Master? Geez, this is going so wrong. Don't you remember anything right now? " Brad asked with a worried tone evident in his voice.

" I only know I want to serve you and obey your every desire and command. What do you want me to do, Master? " Gina asked in an enthralled voice that sounded like it was straight out of an erotic mind control story.

" Ummm, uhhh, why don't you stay here for now and I, ummm, I'm gonna read something in the kitchen, ok? " Brad said with several pauses and watched as Gina took a rigid stance with her chest thrust out and her arms rigid and pressed tightly to her sides.

" Yes, Master, I will stay here, " Gina said quietly.

"This is not going well... not going well at all," Brad mused to himself as he gazed briefly at the wind-up doll Janice had become. Shaking his head slightly, Brad walked into the kitchen and sat down by the table to read through the instructions for the stand. After going through the index, he came to the part concerning memory removal and retrieval. According to what he read, Brad could return Gina's mind to normal in 24 hours providing the machine is not used in the interim.

"Well, that option is right out the fucking window!!" Brad mentally fumed as he turned to the next page to see if there was an alternative to the normal method of memory restoration. As it turned out, the manual did recommend that an alternative option was available but it involved contacting the owner of the shop exactly one week after the initial memory exchange. The manual went on to say that during that period of time, the buyer should not refer to the subject by the name he or she usually responds to but rather a name usually associated with an item the buyer might use.

"Geez, this is not how I wanted things to go at all! Hmmm, what name should I refer to Gina as until I get hold of the store owner where me and Sandy..... oh... oh shit! Forgot all about her!!" Brad thought to himself before recalling that he left his wife as an inflated sex doll in their bedroom.

Bouncing up the stairs two at a time, Brad entered the bedroom where Sandy waited as he had left the inflated love doll before. Getting the vibrator responsible for Sandy's transformation, Brad set the item to reverse the change and inserted it into Sandy's plastic vagina. After what seemed like an eternity where nothing happened save for the humming of the vibrator as it resonated against the plastic insides of the doll. Eventually, though, Brad could see that changes were starting to happen as glossy latex started to change to flesh and blood. Before long, Sandy was back to normal though her first impulse was to rub her hands up and down her body as if she was reliving the wild sex she and Brad had done previously.

" Oh, my, sweet fuck, that was un-fucking-believable! Honey, we've got to try this again right now! Not next week, not tomorrow, right now and this time I want you to use the features that the owner said would void the warranty, " Sandy exclaimed as she leaned forward and grasped Brad's hands tightly.

" Are you sure you want to do this, honey? The shop owner indicated that if you're deflated and inflated, the warranty is gone and I'm not too crazy about what that could mean, " Brad said and didn't mention that there were a few other problems downstairs at the moment.

" Brad, you can't imagine how great it felt when I was touched and used by you. It was like every inch body was alive and every sexual experience I've felt over the past few years was packed up and poured through my mind as you fucked me! I couldn't move, I couldn't talk but I've never felt more alive! Please, use the vibrator at maximum setting and change me back into a love doll!! Fuck me and then deflate me and let me feel what it's like to have the air rushing out of my hollow body. I wanna know what it feels like to be nothing more than a flat piece of latex that needs to be inflated and used again by its owner! Please! " Sandy pleaded to her husband with her cheeks beet red and an almost desperate tone evident in her voice.

" Well, if that's what you want, that's what you'll get, " Brad replied as he reached for a tube of lubricant that was sitting on a nearby night stand. Glancing at his wife, Brad saw that Sandy was already preoccupied with what was to come as she was fingering her clit and pussy with her eyes half closed as she reveled in the pleasant sensations flowing through her body.

Without saying another word, Brad turned on the vibrator once again and gently pushed it into Sandy's womanhood. With her thighs and arms already starting to twitch slightly in anticipation, Brad turned the vibrator to maximum and looked on to see the expected transformation. As before, flesh and blood quickly changed to shiny latex with Sandy's legs slowly forming into a V shape and her arms bending sharply at the elbows. Blemishes and other imperfections quickly vanished and seams started to appear on Sandy's limbs as well as on her waist and around her breasts. In the latter case, Sandy's boobs formed into twin towers of shiny latex devoid of flaws and capped by bright pink aerolas and nipples that looked to be several centimeters long. With her eyes once again changing to painted features, Sandy's transformation into an inanimate love doll was complete.

" Well, Sandy, you want me to treat you as a love doll and such. Before I deflate you, though, I think it's time to fill those holes of yours, " Brad said as he reached into the end table nearby and extracted two vibrators Sandy kept there for 'private times'. Turning them on one at a time, Brad inserted them into two of Sandy's love holes that he had also lubricated before filling the other one with his rigid cock. For the next hour or so, Brad rotated through all three of Sandy's O shaped openings and even as he was filling the shiny dolly with his cum, Sandy mentally screamed repeatedly as her consciousness experienced what seemed to be an endless cycle of orgasms.

Finally, with both Brad and Sandy sticky from the intense doll usage, Brad sat the doll up on its ass. Holding the doll's left shoulder firmly in one hand, Brad reached around with his other hand and placed it atop Sandy's inflation valve. Before Sandy had a chance to react to the bolt of pleasure that her doll body experienced from the gesture, Brad pulled open the inflation valve and Sandy started to experience the sensation of air escaping from her shiny latex body.

"Oh, oh, my fuck!! This... this is fucking unbelievable!! My arms, my legs, my whole body is losing shape! It won't be long until my whole body is nothing more than a flat piece of latex! I wonder, ohhh, wonder what Brad will say when he inflates me again and turns me back to a w.... huh... what... what's that voice?" Sandy thought to herself as she felt, and somewhat saw, her body lose form and her thoughts turned fleetingly to what laid ahead before her thinking was interrupted by the odd sound of a voice she recognized from before.

"Hello, Sandy. This is Bert, the owner of the store that you and your husband visited earlier. If you're hearing my voice, this means that you've decided to void the warranty despite my warnings about doing this. At this point, I'll tell you that the warranty elapsing will result in a bit of a surprise for you. You see, your complete deflation will mean that when you are next inflated, it will be as an inflatable love doll and there will be no way for you to return to your human form!" Bert intoned in a voice that sounded very much like an automated message.

"WHAT??!! I, I'M STUCK AS A LOVE DOLL FOREVER WHEN I'M FULLY DEFLATED??!! THIS ISN'T FAIR, THIS ISN'T.... ooohh, it feels like I'm sinking into the bed. It feels so gooooddd...." Sandy mentally wailed even as her doll form flattened and she found more and more difficult to concentrate and even think with each passing second. By the time all of the air had escaped from Sandy's body and she was nothing more than a flat piece of latex, her thinking had dissipated completely with a parting thought that she hoped she was just imagining what had just transpired.

" Now, Sandy, I guess I better fold you up and slip you into an oversized ziploc bag and some kind of box until I get something a bit more, well, appropriate, " Brad murmured as he carefully folded up his dollified wife before slipping her into the bag he had retrieved. Pondering in silence for a moment or two, Brad recalled a few items that were stored in the bedroom closet from his bachelor days and headed over to it. Brad returned a minute or later with a box containing an inflatable love doll he had bought just after he had finished his senior year at college.

" Well, Lovely Leticia, it looks like you'll have to share your box for the next little while with a very special companion. If you two could talk, I would imagine you would have quite the stories to tell. However, right now, I've got matters to attend to downstairs and I'll put you away for later. Maybe when Sandy returns to normal, she'll tell me what it's like to deflate like that, " Brad said as he slid his deflated wife into the box and put the box in a chest drawer.

Unaware of what Sandy had learned during her deflation, Brad got dressed and headed back down the stairs with the intention of going to where Gina and Janice were waiting patiently for his return. Mentally picturing the scene he was going to see, Brad was just about to enter the living room when the doorbell started ringing. Silently cursing the poor timing of the visitor, Brad answered the door and saw it was going to be one of those days indeed.

" Hi, Mister Jackson. We're here to talk to your wife about a possible contribution for a trip we're looking to take to Europe later this year for a cheerleader competition, " a blonde haired woman wearing a tight fitting silver and black cheerleader outfit asked in a chipper voice.

" Ummm, she's not here right now. If you could come back tomorrow, it might be a better time for you three and her both, " Brad said quietly with a silent hope the cheerleaders would leave with a minimum of fuss. He remembered Sandy saying something about donating to the cheerleaders over the last few days but he hadn't given the matter too much attention.

" Oh, but we can't. You see, umm, we're going to, like, be buying the tickets for the trip tomorrow and we need the commitments from sponsors right away, " the dark haired cheerleader whose top seemed a bit tighter than the other two responded with some urgency.

" Well, I, ummm, you see, uhhh, come in, come in while I get the phone, " Brad started to stammer before he heard his cell phone ringing from the kitchen and ushered the women inside quickly.

Answering the phone, Brad was surprised to learn that it was the store owner Bert calling him and asking Brad to come down to the store right away. Citing the lateness of the hour, Brad tried to beg off but Bert was insistent that the two meet as soon as possible.

"Damn, damn, damn, can anything go right tonight?" Brad thought to himself as he reluctantly agreed to the meeting. After closing his phone, Brad returned to where he had left the cheerleaders. " Ok, I have to go out for a short period on business so I guess you three can stay here until I get back. However, you have to promise me that you won't wander around or touch anything while I'm gone. I'll know if you don't do as I ask so please sit still, " a frazzled Brad told the assembled cheerleaders before grabbing his jacket and heading out the door as fast as he could manage.

A minute or so later, the trio could hear Brad's car pull out of the driveway and speed away to its destination. When the car could no longer be heard, the blonde cheerleader stood up and glanced at the others. " Well, I don't know about you two but I'm not just sitting on my ass waiting for the guy to come back. I'm gonna have a look around and see what kind of place this is, " she said confidently.

" Ummm, Barb, I don't think we should do that. The guy sounded like he had some sort of video surveillance equipment hidden here and considering we're hear to scam him and his wife, I don't think.. OOWWHH!! " the dark haired woman started to reply before she was elbowed sharply by her auburn haired compatriot.

" Psshh, that was just a lot of hot air! The guy just said that so we won't wander around and find his stash of porn or something like that. Oh, geez, Karla, Jenny, get in here! You've got to see this! " Barb called out moments after she entered the living room area.

Karla and Jenny joined their friend moments later and all three were silent as they took in the sight of the nude figures of Gina and Janice standing still in the room with what looked to be a mannequin stand at the far end of the room. After a few moments of silence, all three women ventured somewhat tentatively into the room with Karla and Jenny choosing to examine the nude figures before them and Barb deciding to look over the stand nearby.

" They, they are fucking unreal!! It's like they really are women that are frozen in time or something like that, " Karla muttered as she ran her hands liberally over Gina's body and started to have very naughty ideas over what she might do with the figure.

" Ya have to wonder if these two were based on real women at some point. I mean, the lips even have lipstick, for crying out loud! " Sandy remarked as she caressed Janice's face and fondled her own pussy quietly in a sign she was getting very turned on by the erotic tableau in the room.

" Oh, they're women all right! In fact, they were probably changed into their current forms by this mannequin stand here or the little gadget kept in the base, " Barb murmured quietly as she bent down and pulled out what looked to be some form of remote from a recess inside the stand.

" Mmmm, I have to say they do a good job with the change of lovely women into lovelier dollies and such, " Karla responded quietly as she gently kissed Gina on the nape of her neck.

" Yeah, you should see what happens when I point a remote at someone, press the blue button and say FREEZE!! " Barb said as she stood and pointed the remote in the direction of Jenny and Karla. In that instant, both women ceased moving altogether and remained frozen just like the figures they were pawing.

" Cool!! This little gadget worked just as I thought it was going to! To be honest, girls, I was planning on double crossing you at some point and keeping all the money we've been making off our scams for myself. Now, let's see, I want you two to take off your tops, skirts and shoes and do it without making a sound, " Barb said as she gazed at the remote before pointing it at Jenny and Karla.

A moment or so later, Jenny and Karla straightened into stiff poses before methodically stripping down as ordered by Barb. In a very short period of time, Jenny and Karla was standing clad only in under wire bras and sheer nude pantyhose with their garments in heaps nearby.

" Oh, you two look so fucking yummy like that! Let's reveal a little more of what's underneath and do it quietly. Take your bras off and remain silent! " Barb remarked as she pointed the remote in the direction of the two women and depressed a button again.

With their mouths shouting silent protests, Jenny and Karla removed their bras and dropped them in the heaps of clothing near them before resuming their rigid postures.

" Mmmm, you two look so delectable standing there! I could spend the rest of the night exploring every inch of your lovely bodies but that jerk who lives here will probably be back here any minute now and that could lead to difficult questions that I'm not really looking to answer at this time. With that in mind, ASSUME LOVE DOLL POSITIONS!!! " Barb intoned as she pointed the remote at the women a third time and clicked a single button near the bottom of it.

"Bitch!!!!" Jenny and Karla both mentally screamed even as their bodies responded to the remote's command and shifted around. Both women's arms bent sharply at the elbows with their forearms jutting outwards. The women's fingers pressed tightly together and their hands curled slightly as if they were holding an owner like any other sex doll. Jenny and Karla's legs slowly spread apart into a wide V with the pantyhose they were wearing threatening to rip under the stress. Both women's back stiffened as they looked to thrust their breasts outwards in an enticing manner. Jenny's face twitched and contorted with her eyes opening as wide as she could manage and her mouth opening into a wide circle. With Karla's face taking on a similiar appearance, both women ceased to move at all and the only indication that there were living beings and not plastic and latex sex toys was the slight rise and fall of their respective chests.

" Holy fuck! If I thought I had the time, I'd take you two off to a bedroom and use you like the fuck toys you now resemble. However, time is short and I want to be out here in a few minutes. Now, under normal circumstances, you two bitches would gradually slip free of those poses and probably come looking for me and a little pay back. I don't think I'd like that so this little doohickey on the end of the remote will make sure I don't have any unforeseen problems in the future, " Barb remarked as she wiggled the remote in her hand and gestured towards one end.

" You see, the little prongs that extend out contain DNA programs that will go to your neural pathways and rearrange them to fit the form you were last changed into or posed to resemble. In short, the two of you will not only be posing as living dolls for the rest of your lives but you'll think of yourselves as nothing but mindless sex toys wanting only to fuck and make your owners happy. I guess you might say I'm being nice to in that way, I guess. Well, I suppose you can't say that but I'm sure you'll think it for the next minute or so, " Barb commented as she casually went to Jenny and Karla and pressed the prongs against their respective legs.

"You fucking bitch!! When I get free, I'm going to... going to... dolly make owner happy! Where is owner? Owner needs to use dolly and fill her fuck holes!!" Jenny thought angrily to herself before the programs enveloped her mind

"No way can a stupid remote do what you say it does!! There's no way.... way... way too long for dolly to be standing around and not have owner fucking her and using her... dolly needs to suck and fuck... suck and fuck...." Karla thought before the prongs came into contact with her body and her memories and independent thinking drained away like water draining from a bathroom sink. As it did, Karla's mouth stretched ever so slightly into a wider O as did Jenny. Even if the two women were freed from their poses at this point, they would think of themselves as nothing more living love dolls whose whole purpose was to please their owner in endless amounts of lovemaking.

" Ooooh, I can see its working for both of you, isn't it? Well, now that I know that you two won't be saying anything to anybody ever, I can gather up my things and get out of here after I leave our host a little good bye message by taking a few momentos, " Barb said as she waved a little farewell to the two dollified women before starting to walk away. However, Barb was a bit too hasty in her move to leave the area and accidentally banged the controller in her right hand against her right shin. The controller dropped to the floor with the lights indicating it was active and the top part of the controller nestling against her leg.

" Oh, ohhhh... " Barb gasped before her body started to assume the dolly posture similar to Jenny and Karla. As her mind started to be rewritten and her thoughts started to change like the naked women next to her, Barb's last thoughts were that of all the houses she had to go to that night, she picked one with an owner who was fond of transforming women into.....

At the Sexy Fun shop......

" To be honest, I'm not sure why you think it was such an emergency for me to come down here tonight to talk with you, " Brad remarked as he entered the shop and saw Bert turning off the alarm and turning on the lights near the cash.

" Under ordinary circumstances, I would have allowed you and Sandy to enjoy your purchases out to their logical conclusions but it has come to my attention that things have spiraled a bit, well, beyond expectations at home, " Bert said as he walked behind the counter and took his usual spot near the cash register.

" Huh? How do you know? Oh, yeah, I know, I know, " Brad started to ask before realizing that a part of Bert's reputation was knowing everything about his customers whether they told him or not. Some of Brad's friends had playfully suggested that he ask Bert about his sources but Brad figured that was a question best reserved for another day.

" Very good. Now, I'm aware that you and your wife have been using the products you purchased here a short time ago and have voided the warrantee on one product despite my warning that there are consequences for such a choice. In additions, you have had visitors who accessed the other item purchased by the two of you and your house is more, shall we say, populated than before, " Bert said quietly as he pulled out a pair of bifocals from beneath the desk, casually cleaned them and slipped them on.

" Oh. Ummm, so where do we go from here? Is there something else I can buy to, ummm, make things right? " Brad muttered as he acted as though he didn't understand the nature of situation he was caught up in.

" No, no, there's nothing you can buy or attempt to purchase that will change everything around you to exactly what it was before. However, I will give you two options that you can choose from and decide where to go from here, " Bert said as he took out a bottle glass cleaner and rag and started to polish the glass counter in front of him.

" Ok, so what are the two options you have in mind? " Brad replied with a voice that had both apprehension and curiosity etched in it.

" Your first option is to return home and deal with the fact that every woman who has set foot in it has been changed into an inanimate object of one form or another and there is nothing you can do about it, " Bert said as he wiped one last smudge before putting away his cleaning tools.

Thirty seconds or so passed as Brad pondered what he had just heard and what it meant. Ever so briefly, he thought of grabbing Bert by the collar and demanding that the shop owner put things back to some semblance of normalcy. However, Brad had heard Bert had not reacted well to customers using threats of violence against him in the past and more than a few stories of items in the shop being those same confrontational people.

" Ummm, ok, what's the second option you're looking to offer me? " Brad said as he leaned against a nearby shelf that contained kits that proclaimed ' Turn your wife into the dolly of her choice or your choice!!... 7 different shapes, 20 different time lengths! '

" Your second option is a little more complicated. You see, I'm getting on in years and I'd like to spend a little more time away from the counter and attending to the unique inventory for the store. To do that, I need to take on some kind of limited partner who can deal with my clientele on a daily basis. Before you start to protest, I want to tell you that I didn't come to this option on the spur of the moment. I've taken a fair bit of time judging people that have passed through my establishment and I think you, out of all of them, have the right mix of business savvy and mental fortitude for the unique day to say transactions that are conducted here. Oh, and one thing I should mention is that if you decide to take the second option, you will receive benefits beyond a share in the profits and the usual items with a partnership. Any questions about these two options that I've outlined to you? " Bert intoned as he looked at Brad sternly yet with an odd twinkle in his eye.

A minute or so passed of complete silence as Brad contemplated what he had just heard. " I guess the first question I have is what the benefits are if I choose to go with the second option, what kind of benefits can I be expecting? You know, as much as all the attractions, ummm, liven up my place, I really didn't intend for my wife and, ummm, visitors to stay in the forms they have now, " he remarked with an air of manufactured confidence that belied his inner nervousness.

Bert chuckled softly upon hearing Brad's inquiry. " I did anticipate you asking something like that. Let me respond by first stating that as many things go in life, nothing is ever as you see it, " the shop owner said as he lifted his right hand and energy started to coalesce around it.

Six weeks later......

"Well, that was an interesting day. The two women who wanted to turn one of them into a rubber maid and the woman who wanted to be a love doll whenever her husband said a certain phrase only he knew. She never said why...." Brad thought to himself as he entered his home and hung up his jacket.

Entering the living room, Brad was greeted by the usual sight of Barb, Jenny and Karla standing at the far side of the room with their arms and legs frozen in love doll positions. The remote had reprogrammed their minds and bodies completely so they thought of themselves as living sex dolls and with their body functions frozen in time by the remote, all they ever needed was pleasure from their owner.

" You know, I had my doubts when I took the offer from Bert a while ago but I have to admit, fringe benefits like seeing the three of you ready and eager to be used like blow-up dolls certainly puts a tent in my pants, to say the least, " Brad remarked as he ambled over to the trio of dolls. In a casual manner, Brad reached over and squeezes the left breast of Barb.

" Ooooh, owner, would you like to fuck this doll tonight? Busty Barb would like owner to play with her and use her all night long, " the living love doll said in a squeaky voice as it reveled in the pleasant sensations from Brad's fondling her body. To avoid any unnecessary questions, Bert had altered the enchantment for the three women so they would appear to be normal pieces of living room furniture. In reality, though, the trio now were blow-up sex dolls in mindset and existed solely for pleasing their owner.

" Hmmm, maybe some other time, Busty. Right now, though, I think I'm going to let the lovely doll next to you entertain me, " Brad said as he withdrew his hand from Barb and moved to where the next doll was standing. As Brad withdrew his hand, Barb went silent and would remain so until the next time Brad fondled, caressed or fucked her.

" Now, I think I'd like a little fun with Joyful Jenny right now, " Brad said as he picked up the nude woman and carried her towards the nearby couch.

" Ohhh, owner wants to use dolly!! Dolly wants owner to fill her fuck holes!! OOHHHH!!! " Jenny squealed as Brad quickly removed his clothing before settling the doll in his lap. After Brad had discovered the three women, he had arranged for Bert to enchant them so each of them were as light as the latex sex dolls they mimicked.

" I think I can manage to do that, " Brad said as he twirled Jenny around so she was looking at him. Without a moment's hesitation, Brad deftly lowered Jenny downwards until his cock was into Jenny's O shaped pussy (another enchantment effect). Grasping Jenny around her tiny waist, Brad started to lift the doll up and down with increasing speed as he moaned with pleasure. As for Jenny, she was letting out little gasps of pleasure from her O shaped mouth as she reveled in her owner using her like a sex doll.

A short time later, Brad finished using Jenny and after cleaning the living doll and himself up, he set Jenny back where she stood before. Mentally noting that he'd sample Karla on the weekend as he stared into her wide eyes, Brad headed to the kitchen for a drink.

" Hello, master. What may I do for you today? Would you like for me to cook your dinner tonight or would you like a blow job instead? " Gina intoned as she paused in her cleaning a nearby kitchen counter and turned to face Brad. Gina's mindset had been wiped clean by her time on the mannequin stand and now functioned as Brad's live-in maid and sex provider. Brad knew the trio in the living room alone could satisfy his carnal desires but figured a sexy woman like Gina, dressed in a maid's uniform that barely covered her personal regions, would be a nice counter point to the living sex dolls in the other room.

" Hmmm, nah, nothing for now. Finish cleaning and make up a light salad for me later on. Oh, and make sure you do the maintenance for Janice Dolly. I plan to have her try out a new routine with her, " Brad said as he nodded towards the right hand corner of the kitchen. In that area, there stood Janice atop a small pedestal with a bright smile on her face. The wind-up doll was dressed in a silver leotard, shiny tan pantyhose and clear high heels with her hands bent and slightly raised in the air. If not for the key protruding from Janice's back, one could almost expect her to hop off the pedestal and give Brad a big hug. However, she was now a doll waiting for her next winding and commands from her owner once that was done.

With matters taken care of on the ground floor, Brad headed upstairs and a quiet reunion with the one thing that mattered more to him than any of the living "toys" located on the ground floor. Opening the door to his bedroom, Brad smiled as he saw what awaited him on the bed. Entering the room, Brad quickly removed his clothing before climbing up on his bed.

" Hi, Sandy. A fairly routine day at work today. Bert spent most of the day in the back store room looking into stocking up special body suits that women can put on, adjust a remote setting and change into a store display form for a certain amount of time. Bert wanted to make it so the wearers can change back if they want to as long as the warrantee isn't voided, " Brad said as he leaned down and stroked the hair of the love doll on the bed with him.

"Oh, Brad, that is good to hear!! Before we get intimate, I want to know if you're going to be changing me back to a woman any time soon. I LOVE the sex we've been having and the inflating and deflating has been beyond belief. Still, I miss walking around our house and making sure the little things are taken care of and stuff," Sandy thought to herself as she stared with her painted eyes up at her husband.

Thanks to a slight modification in the magic that had transformed Sandy into a love doll, Brad was now able to hear Sandy's inner thoughts and he nodded in understanding. " Well, honey, Bert says that although I'm now a partner in the business, it'll take some time to reverse the transformation given the voiding of the warrantee. Until that day happens, Bert recommended that I keep your mind and body, ummm, involved and I think I've been keeping you occupied on both levels, " Brad replied as he slid upwards and retrieved a small tube from a nearby end table.

"Oh, that sucks but I know you'll be good to me and... OOOHHHHH!!!!.... that.. that feels good... I... I want owner to fuck me all night long!!!" Sandy thought as her disappointment over the fact things would remain the same changed quickly to the simple wants and desires of an inflatable love doll.

As Brad fucked his dollified wife, he mentally wondered when he would tell her that she was stuck as a love doll until Bert got the reversal device in stock at the shop.

"Nahhh, no rush to tell her and maybe no rush to reverse either..." Brad thought as he enjoyed another night at home.

A home unlike any others in the world.




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