Free Sex Week

by Don Davidson

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© Copyright 2003 - Don Davidson - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; FM/m; FF/m; brothel; latex; doll; maid; costume; bond; gag; oral; climax; drug; strip; babydoll; armbinder; display; objectify; stuck; cons/nc; X


He was on a two week holiday. He had stayed at a cheap motel just outside the city limits. When he went out to his car, he found a flyer on the window for a local brothel a few miles down the road. It was early. He had no real plans. He was a little horny, so why not, he thought to himself. It would be a good way to get the holiday going.

He followed the directions on the flyer. He was there in about 20 minutes. It was a secluded two-story house. Older, but well maintained. It was nestled at the end of a winding gravel road. Should he go in or should he just keep driving....

He parked the car. There were four others in the parking lot. He walked up to the front door and knocked.

A very attractive mature woman, short black hair, long black satin Chinese dress, black satin gloves met him at the door. She invited him into the front hallway. Nothing seemed to indicate brothel. It looked like a well-maintained Victorian type home.

She asked what brought him to her home. He explained that he had seen the flyer on his window and thought that it would be a good way to start his vacation. She asked him how long he was on holidays and he told her he was just starting a two-week vacation. She walked around him and smiled.

She asked him what he wanted. He told her just sex. He wanted to take the edge off. She smiled again. She told him it would be a while as the girls were busy all morning, but she might have something he would enjoy.

It was an oral sex doll. He balked at the idea. A doll. He could jerk off instead of a doll. She told him that it wasn't any doll. It was something special. There was a person inside it and it was an incredible experience. Everyone who had tried it had told her that they had loved it. She had some exclusive customers for the doll. She also told him that there was a special. Every 100th customer would win a free week of all the oral sex he could handle and a free drink on the house. She smiled again.

He thought about it. The free sex for a week was the clincher. He told her he'd have a look.

They walked to a small room at the back of the house on the main floor off the kitchen. He followed her up to the door. She unlocked it and turned on a light. It was a red light. In the middle of the room was the doll. The theme this week was "RUBBER MAID TO SERVE YOU".

He looked closer. The figure was encased in a black rubber body suit from head to toe. There was a tight corset cinched on that forced out large boobs that were held up with a harness. A blue latex maid uniform was laced on to the doll. The head was encased in a rubber mask with female features. He could see long eye lashes blinking. He thought to himself that the girl inside must be quite hot. The doll was on its knees. High-heeled shoes were buckled on. Rope went around the ankles, knees and thighs. The arms were in an arm binder behind the back and were pulled up a little. A shaft with a wire appeared to go up inside the dolls bottom. A little maid hat was tied on over the rubber mask. There was a leather harness around the head with handles for gripping.

What intrigued him was the steel apparatus that the doll was secured to. A post in the floor went in front of the doll up to a wide collar around the neck making movement impossible. A wide steel belt went around the waist securing the midsection. Something that was even more sinister was the metal rod coming up from the floor. There were two foot pedals on each side of the rod. The rod led up to the mouth of the doll and was on a hinge. He looked at the woman inquisitively.

She told him to step on the footpads. He walked up. He thought he could see a shudder from the doll as he did so. As he put his weight on the pads, the rod pulled down and rotated the top part. To his amazement, a long penis gag slowly pulled out of the doll's mouth and flipped down out of the way. At the same time, he could see the mouth of the doll opening wide. He noticed a hinged gag strapped into the doll head.

She explained that that was a safety mechanism. When something is inserted into the dolls mouth, it closes. It pushes against a plate at the back of the mouth. The person can control the pressure of the close by the depth of the penetration. The deeper in, the tighter the close. Backing out opens the mouth. So, it's totally safe.

The woman asked him to step back and the penis swung back up into the open mouth of the dolls head. The mouth then tightly closed over it as it slid in.

She asked him if he was interested. He thought about it for a minute and looked at the squirming bound form in front of him. His cock was pounding. He nodded.

She smiled. She told him he'd like it. It would just take a minute to get the doll ready. He watched her put on black latex gloves and go to a cupboard and retrieved a small rubber bag. It was a latex sheath. She explained it was not for him, but it went into the doll for his safety. They didn't want any diseases passed from one customer to another.

She walked up to the doll; stepped on the foot pedals and the gag moved out of the mouth and flipped down. She rolled the latex bag over the shaft of the gag, put some glue at the base of it and stepped off the pedals. The gag swung back up and sealed against the mouth of the doll. She let it sit there for a minute, then stepped on the pedal. The shaft swung down and the bag was sealed in the mouth of the doll.

The woman smiled checking the seal. She told him it was ready and to take his time. The woman left the room leaving the two of them alone. He walked around the doll a couple of times and finally the feeling over took him.

He walked up to the head, unzipped himself and pulled out his shaft. He stepped up to the pedals and watched the gag slide out of the mouth. He grabbed the handles on the doll head and put the head his shaft to the open doll mouth. He slowly eased himself in and felt the mouth close around it. It was an incredible feeling. Hot. Wet. Slippery. Tight. He pushed it in deeper. The doll shuddered as pressure was put on his shaft. He slid in and out. In and out. In and out. The feeling was incredible. Faster and faster. He was slamming himself into the doll head. Finally, his head began to spin as he came inside the doll. He shot his jism into the doll. As he staggered back, the penis shaft swung back up sealing the liquid inside the doll mouth. He almost passed out from the feeling.

He sat on the floor for a moment and looked at the figure in the apparatus. He walked up and caressed the head and said thank you. All he heard was a weak MMMPPPPHHH and some slight squirming.

He walked out of the room and went to see the Madam.

He told her it was everything she had told him. He paid the fee. She smiled and told him she had some great news.... He was the 100th customer and had won the free drink and the oral sex for a week.

He couldn't believe his luck. They went to the living room and sat down as the woman brought him his free cocktail. He sat sipping it for a bit. He began to feel a little light headed. He was getting quite a buzz. They were chatting and he was slurring his speech more. Another woman, Asian, short black hair, long black latex gloves, a black spandex body suit and high heels came into the room. He thought this was the start of his free oral sex.

The woman told him to relax as they took care of him. He was so buzzed he didn't care. They took him to a small room on the main floor. They slowly stripped him of his clothes, occasionally stroking his shaft now and them to keep him excited and compliant. He didn't struggle as the slipped him into a black rubber body suit. He was smiling from the high when they eased the corset over him and tightly laced it on. He didn't realize that they were pulling a pink rubber baby doll dress over him and lacing it on. He didn't care that they were putting rubber mask over his head. The pressure of them lacing it on added to his high. He smiled under the mask as they put the collar around his neck.

The high was starting to clear a little when they were putting his arms behind his back into the arm binder and lacing it on. He started to squirm a little as they rolled him on his back had had that special penis gag in front of his mouth. The woman teased and eased it into his mouth. His high was almost gone as she was tightening the head harness strap.

Now, it was too late.

He was starting to realize what was happening. His prize for the week.

They led him to the doll room. There, the other doll was still kneeling. The Asian woman unlocked the steel harness from the dolls waist and neck. She eased it up off the floor shaft and laid it on the floor. As she lowered the doll to the floor she said the week was up.

They now led him to the doll stand; he struggled a bit as they eased the butt shaft up inside him. He grunted as it hit home. The woman told him it was a vibrator that was activated every time someone stepped on the pedals. She locked the waistband around his middle. Locked the collar around his neck and fastened the actuator to his penis gag. She stepped on the pedals. He felt the vibration in his bottom. The shaft sliding out of his mouth. His jaw was being forced open by a spring mechanism at the back of his jaws. She stepped off and the shaft went back up inside his mouth.

She stepped back and admired her handy work.

She smiled telling him that this was his prize. All the oral sex he could handle for a week.

Then the doorbell rang. She turned and her heard her say. "Oh good. The football team is here for their weekly treat."

She locked the door behind her and closed the light leaving him squirming helplessly in the dark.

God.... he should have kept driving.




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