Full-time Prototype

by PoseMe

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story continues from Part-Time Prototype

The evening was just what they both wanted. Ryan, having opened his wife from the company's delivery, takes her into the bedroom. She pretends to be a lovedoll, even though she had all of the glossing material removed from her, as well as her mask, while he pretended to be a customer of his company. He enjoyed the ability to undress her and play with her, while she enjoyed being pampered by him (she literally never lifted a finger to help). He was careful in his foreplay and love making, trying to hold his climax for as long as possible so that she could have numerous climaxes herself. He was a little surprised she only finished once, but maybe she was not as turned on by this as he was.

They cuddled throughout the evening, enjoying each other completely. It was a great night for both, and neither really wanted it to end. When the Sun was starting to come up, she awoke before him as she usually does. She showered and got herself cleaned up and stepped back into the bedroom. He had not stirred yet, but knew his alarm clock would wake him soon. She was off from work again today (mandatory "vacation" due to budget cutbacks), and figured she might could have a little more fun.

Grabbing her "rental" outfit from the floor, she walks quietly back into the living room where the transport container sat. Loading her outfit into the side compartment for "accessories", she lays down on the backerboard again. Maybe, she thinks, he will want another round before work. She hears his alarm go off, and him moving to get out of bed. Hoping he might look for her first, she is disappointed that he goes to the shower instead. Ah well, she thinks, it was worth a try. 

Before she can get up, their front door opens. Shocked by the noise and movement, she freezes in place. She hears foot steps and robot tires. Who could be barging into our home? she wonders. Before she can protest, she feels a series of zip ties slip behind her backerboard and around her wrists and ankles and waist. Within seconds, rubber bands are then attached around her as well, firmly locking her onto the board. "Ok, Z10, check the tag before we box it up," a male voice says. She can hearing some beeps then slight pressue on her ear lobe. Another set of beeps, then he says, "Ok, love doll checked in. Box it up and let's get out of here. Hate making small talk..."

At this point, Emma is not sure what to do. She should say she is not a love doll, but then, would that get back to Saul and Ryan if she does? How embarrassing would it be to be found out by some stranger. I mean, surely I do not look that much like a love doll, but then, do I want to risk being found out? Unsure of what to do, she waits while the robot boxes her up, muffling all sounds thereafter.

As she is wheeled out the door, she can hear her husband saying something. The man replies with something else, but she cannot make it out. Ryan knows I am in here, so maybe he is trying to get the delivery guy to leave me, or maybe he thinks this is part of my plan. Either way, she is pushed out to the waiting truck and loaded on a shelf with other rental love dolls. Well, she wonders, guess I'm headed back to the factory.

Emma was right about it all: Ryan did think this was part of the plan, making him enjoy it even more, and she was on her way back to the factory. She was unloaded with the others and sent through processing. She was scanned and then removed from the backerboard. She was dumped into a shallow tray and then stretched out to fill it completely. Along with the other dolls, she is washed lightly, buffed gently, dried thoroughly, and sent to another part of the factory. Huh, Emma sniffs, I like the scent of this soap they used, maybe jasmine or lavender?

With her sister love dolls, each tray is sent to the repurposing room. This conveyor belt starts and stops repeatedly. She eventually figures it out when her turn is up. A lady at a console is receiving orders to be filled. Each love doll tray pauses in front of her to be sent to a particular part of the factory for repurposing. When Emma's tray stops in front of her, she bends over and cups her left breast. "Wow, the new realistic prototype getting her first test in the public." She whistled softly and adds, "Well, better make it a good one but a short one. Prototypes have a smaller range for renting." As she hums slightly, Emma waits, so desperately wanting to know what will happen to her. She is not scared, because as a prototype, she knows she will be treated gently. However, she is a little nervous, wondering where she might end up.

Finally, her and the tray start up again, moving to another part of the factory. She passes through multiple tunnels on her conveyor, ending up in another larger room of the factory. A dark goo is added to her tray, where it is stirred by some type of ultrasonic device. She is then flipped over in the goo, giving her a good coat of the liquid. After this process repeats two more times, she is dumped onto a table. Robotic arms stretch her out and begin buffing her body with small rotating, soft brushes. Ooo, she giggles, that kinda tickles.

Once they have buffed her, each of her finger and toe nails are painted black. Her lips and eye liner are also painted black. She is then fitted with another vagina cover, which is placed in her not as carefully as she had done the first time. A mouth cover is also placed in her mouth and partially down her throat. Her mouth is now stuck in a smile, but it seems bigger than the mask she wore before. Colored contacts are added then her eyes are sealed open, all moisture locked in. She tries to blink, but she can't. Oh how strange this is, she thinks, I don't have to blink anymore, but my body keeps trying to. Her heart, which was racing when the her eyes were first sealed, giving her quite a scare, has started to slow down as everything that has happened to her seems harmless.

She is pulled into a standing position next to the table. The robotic arms release her, leaving her standing at attention. Ok, she wonders, what do I do next? As if her thoughts were heard, two young men walk in the room pushing a cart with a bin on it. "...so it is like he didn't know. Crazy, right?" Pretending she is not real, she continues to hold her stance. The one man pulls out a device and scans her ear again. "Alright, the number matches...we can dress the prototype."

Pulling the clothes out of the bin, the two guys start dressing and groping her at the same time. It is clear they enjoy their job, maybe a little too much, Emma reasons. Within moments, they have put some type of leathery outfit on her. She cannot move her eyes to see what it is, but she recognizes the feel of it. I wonder what I will be?

Once she is dressed, they lay her back on the table, which now has a backerboard on it. She recognizes that feeling as zipties and rubber bands are added to her, strapping her tightly to the board. They slide her in a box, where she started her day, with a clear window around her face. As they push her out of the room, she is still wondering who is she and where she is going?

She travels on her back around many different hallways. She eventually is pushed into the garage (I have seen this ceiling before) and loaded onto a truck. Time has no real meaning when you are strapped tightly to a board, so she waits for the truck to start moving. Nearly an hour would pass, before the truck would be started up and driven out of the garage.

She bounces with her "sisters" in the truck, until it finally stops and she is unloaded. The driver pushes her box on a cart into a store of some type. The driver says something to somebody, who answers, but she cannot really make anything out. She is tipped up, slid off the cart, then laid back down on the floor. She can hear the box being opened. Then finally, she is slid out of the box. Two older women wearing red polos and khakis look down at her and grin broadly. "This will definitely boost Thanksgiving sales." Thanksgiving sales? Emma wonders.

Picking her up, they lift her up onto a stand in the store. As Emma looks around, she feels something penetrate her. Oh my, she screams internally, that is cold. The ladies position her on the stand, even going so far as to brush and braid her long hair. As they step back, they say together and nod, "Pocahontas!" Ah, Emma finally says to herself, that explains the dark goo they rolled me around in back at the factory.

For the rest of the day, one customer after another came into the department store. They bought many different things, but they all made positive comments about her, especially the men. It was another flattering day for her. As she stood there like an inanimate object, she began to feel that craving for more than just a pole in her. Ugh, she thinks with contempt, that medicine just works overtime. I wonder if I could rock myself up and down on this thing. Trying to look around, but her contact sealed eyes prevent any movement of them, she decides she should not risk it.

At the end of the day, a different store worker comes by. The middle aged man looks like he might be the manager. "Well, Pocahontas," he says in a way that Emma is not too happy about, "Time to get you home." Uh oh, I think my day is not done yet. As if she was prophesying the future, Emma is lifted off her stand and loaded on a cart and put in the back of his SUV. Well, here we go again.

She bounces loosely in the back for almost hour as he drives home. When he pulls her out, she can see that he lives on a small farm outside of town. He carries her under his arm into the large farmhouse. The inside looks cluttered with lots of furniture and knick-knacks. I wonder how long he has lived here, she wonders. Judging from the amount of junk, she reasons, he has lived here alone for quite some time. Taking her into the bedroom, he drops her on the bed and leaves. She can hear him making some food in the kitchen. Food? Mmm, that smells good, she thinks enviously, I could go for something like that.

Within 30 minutes, he is back in he bedroom with a glass of water. Standing her up, he bends her over and puts her hands on the bed. Spreading her legs, he checks under her leather skirt, "Ah, good, no panties." He goes into the bathroom and then returns. She cannot see him now, as she is facing away from him, but she can feel him come up from behind her. His limp unit begins to grind on her butt. Guess, this is the foreplay.

After several minutes, she wonders when he is going to actually get hard. I mean, she thinks impatiently, I'm already ready. Finally, he cusses and reaches for the bedside table. "I was hoping you could get him up." She wonders what he is saying, as she hears him gulp down some water. "well, guess we will do it as usual," he says quietly to the room.

He returns to get behind her, when she feels him grind her butt again. Uh, she thinks, still nothing, man. In a few minutes, he grunts and shakes. "Oh, finally," he says softly. And with that, Emma feels his unit go from flabby to hard. She almost makes an audible sound as he penetrates her. "Yes, yes," he say louder now, "That's it, mmm." Emma realizes he needs help getting hard, and he thought a love doll would work. She feels kinda sad for him, when he fills her with his load. Well, he still has plenty to share.

He leaves her and goes back into the bathroom. In a few minutes, he returns and penetrates her again with his hard unit. He does this 3 more times. Mmm, Emma wonders, maybe I can get some of this stuff for Ryan, this guy is a machine. At some point in the middle of the night, he is empty. So, he pulls her into bed with him and sleeps with her until morning. Ah, this is actually kinda nice, Emma thinks as she drifts off to sleep.

When the Sun starts to come up, Emma stretches and gets out of bed. She pads into the bathroom to relieve her personal pressure. As she finishes up, she hears noises from the other room. She curses silently, oh crap, I'm supposed to be a love doll and not a human. She tiptoes back into the bedroom, as the man is rolling over towards her. She quickly collapses onto the floor and lays still. She can see his face peak over the side of the bed, "Oh my, did I knock you off?" He apologizes and pulls her back into bed with him. She breathes a sigh of relief, whew, that was close. 

Pushing her below him, he pulls the covers over her. "Now, my dear," he says while positioning her head to his limp unit, "Let's see what you can do with this." Her mouth can be easily openned by a hard unit, but his limp one does nothing but grind on her cheeks or under her chin. She feels sorry for him, as he has trouble "getting it up". I wonder if I can help him, she thinks. As he continues to try to stimulate himself, she manages to open her mouth enough so that on one of his passes, her lips slide across him, making it tingle, so that it starts to stiffen.

She knows this is new to him, as he gasps slightly when it happens, stopping momentarily. Continuing to open her mouth a bit wider, she manages to catch his stiffening unit in her mouth. He goes from semi-soft to hard almost immediately. She can hear his squeal, almost like a little girl. He starts pumping even faster now, trying to keep this going. Emma decides to rest her mouth muscles, so her natural shape closes around him tightly. 

For the next few minutes, he tries and tries to finish. He just cannot seem to climax. He is close, but not quite. Once again, Emma feels sorry for him, even though she is getting nothing out of this. Working her mouth is not easy with her special covering on the inside and out, but she is able to apply some added pressure on him. So she alternates pressure and no-pressure as he pumps her, much slower than he started. Her little bit of help is enough to reharden him, and then he starts to moan. She notices him jerk a bit in her covered mouth. Ah, she figures, he is about to fill me up. And just like that, he climaxes, his first in years without help from prescription medication.

As her mouth quickly fills up, her ears are filled by his screams of joy and delight. "Yes, oh yes, yes. Yes! YES!!" He yells loudly as he collapses back on the bed, breathing heavy. Emma cannot help but feel some pride in helped this cute little man with something that seems so natural to others, but not to him. She continues to store his load in her mouth, as the covering does its job. 

In a few minutes, he pulls her up to a sitting position on the bed's headboard. "Well, my dear," he says to her breathlessly, "You are by far the best lover I have ever had." As he looks into her eyes, he puts his hand on her jaw. "Now, if you will be so kind as to take care of the clean-up." As he massages her jaw, Emma feels something happening to her mouth covering. What is going on...oh, it's...gulp! I guess he knows how the new lovedolls work: each has a mouth covering to store the man's deposit temporarily. The covering can be removed if the semen is needed for collecting, or it can be released to the lovedolls repository. Yuck, she grimaces on the inside, I could have done without that part.

He kisses her on the cheek and goes to the bathroom. He showers, shaves, and dresses for the day. Once he is ready, he packages her back up and takes her to his car. Faster than she remembers, she is back at the department store. As is she leaned against the wall, she can hear him on the phone,"...another day... good... contract... thanks... but... please..." Is he trying to rent me for another day? As she wonders how that might work, she hears the front door open. Her box is pushed around, so that she can see a delivery man from her husband's company. Too late, man, she says to herself as she watches him watch her with a sadden face, I'm off to the factory for clean-up.

The trip back to the factory is uneventful, just like the clean-up process. She has been through it so often, she is used to it. Actually, she thinks with a giggle, I think I prefer it over my usual shower. Exiting the machine, she travels onto to another room and deposited onto a cart. Maintaining her neutral pose, she feels the cart begin to move as someone pushes it from behind. She travels down the hallway and into an elevator. She continues down another hallway, the noise of the office building surrounding her. Eventually, she is pushed into an office, the door closing swiftly.

A well-known voice says, "We are alone, my love doll." Sitting up quickly, she embraces her husband as he leans into her. A long kiss is followed by, "I missed you," which was then followed by another long kiss. "Glad you missed me," he adds, "You have provided another very happy customer, so I have a new job for you." She pulls away and asks, "A new job? But I already have a job at the Amazon Distribution Center." He nods as he walks over to his desk. "I know, I know, but this job would be more to your... liking." She makes a confused face, asking for more information.

Stepping back from her, he begins explaining, "Our company wants to start production of our newest realistic line of love dolls. You, of course, are our model, and they want you, uh I mean, the copies of you in production as soon as possible. So," he pauses then continues, "You will be hired as the full-time prototype. You will be scanned in the Plotter then that data will be sent to the factory floor for production. You will be kept in Quality Control area to be used to check every finished model to make sure they match you." 

Up to now, Emma had been nodding her head, figuring this would be still temporary, but as he continues, it seemed to be more permanent. "Uh," she interrupts, "Do I get to come out? I mean, this is fun and all, but I don't want to be stuck in your building forever." He holds up his hands and replies, "Don't worry, I got a plan. All prototypes can be purchased once the line has received a 98% compliance level rating." Emma starts to say something, when he finishes with, "Usually takes a couple of days on that first run, so I will 'buy' you as soon as I can, getting you out of Quality Control. Then, you will be 'hired' through Saul's department as a product tester. No one will know who you really are and what you really do but Saul and me, your owner." He said the last part with a wink.

Emma almost tears up with happiness, "You are going to buy me and give me a home and a job? First you say 'I do' then you come to my rescue and buy me." Overcome with joy, she jumps into his arms. He holds her tightly, enjoying this special moment, but then he sets her down. "Before I do though, I need to ask you something." She can tell he is being unusually serious now, and she steps back from him. "Uh, well, you see... after talking with Saul, but not to you, I just want to make sure that all this is just... I mean, you're not so unhappy that..." It is her turn to interrupt him, "Oh, my love, I would never do anything to hurt you or break up our marriage. This is not because of you... it's not!" 

Hearing it from her, he embraces her again. "I love you," he says. She replies, "I love you, too." As they begin to kiss, they hear the door open to his office. Stiffening on cue, Emma stands rigid, as Ryan turns to face the door. Jace barges in as usual without knocking. "Say, boss," he asks while pointing at Emma, "They are ready for the love slut down in Plotting." Ryan nods his head, cutting his eyes quickly at Emma. "Right, she... uh, it is ready. I was just making a final check." Jace walks up to them both, "I know, right? I would be double checking her all the time," giving Emma a playful slap on her naked butt cheek.

"Well, you better get her... uh, it down there." Ryan says quickly as he starts towards the door. Jace picks her up and lays her on the cart. With a rough push, Emma, Ryan, and Jace leave the office, turning the light off as they go. A new normal for their life has begun...

Emma spends nearly a week in Quality Control, as Ryan smuggles in food and water at night, giving her a chance to rest and go to the bathroom.
Jace sneaks into Quality Control each morning to take the newest prototype for a quick "test ride."
Ryan buys the latest realistic love doll prototype for twice as much as usual, having her delivered to his (their) home.
Saul gets a raise and promotion, just like Ryan. He continues to help keep the secret that Emma is actually a real person, as she is put into the regular rotation for rentals weekly, always ending up each time at her house after a thorough cleaning.


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