Giselle is a Real Doll

by Brenda's Husband

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© Copyright 2012 - Brenda's Husband - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/doll; M/f; tease; fondle; realdoll; partner-swap; emb; fantasy; sex; climax; true; cons; X


Not very good at writing a sexy story, but this tells it as is happened.

My wife Brenda is a beautiful blond, medium height, very curvy, kind of plus size, with erotic perky breasts, and legs that attract long looks from anyone who sees her walking, standing, bending, sitting, or laying down. We are in love and in lust with each other. Usually, my Brenda wants me to be happy and satisfied, but she knows how to wrap her husband around her little finger when she wants to satisfy her feminine desires.

Once Brenda really surprised me with a new game. I'm still not sure; did my loving wife trick me or treat me? One Friday morning, Brenda told me that she invited a nice couple to visit that evening. Some guy she met at work, and his new girlfriend. She said Sean was handsome and well-built and Giselle was quiet, but charming and gorgeous.

That evening, Brenda asked me to put my car outside of the garage. She said that I get to park inside every night. So, just for a change why not let her friend park inside. In spite of her mischievous smile, I said ok.

The couple arrived and Brenda introduced them. I noticed that she looked Sean over from head to toe, including his belt buckle. Then I looked at Giselle. She was a real doll. I mean, really a doll. Not sure what make or model, but a gorgeous, sexy, silicon doll.

As Sean walked Giselle in from the garage, he leaned her by the doorway and gave my wife a hello hug with a friendly kiss on the check. Then, he placed Giselle in front of me to smile hello, as I gazed into her beautiful crystal green eyes.

Not knowing what to say, I gave her an affectionate hug and kiss on the check. My wife chuckled, as I stuttered, "Hi, come on in, welcome Sean and Giselle".

The four of us went in the living room, and relaxed as couples on the two couches. We talked a bit about jobs, the weather, and the big league teams.

Giselle didn't say anything. But, she looked content as we talked. Then without a word, Sean casually raised her loose skirt. He lifted and crossed her lovely, silky, nylon clad legs. Maybe I was watching too much, because Brenda nudged me and pursed her lips.

After a while, Sean said he had to get a shawl from the car. My wife went out to the kitchen to mix up sex-on-the-beach cocktails. Alone in the living room with Giselle, I could not stop looking at her. Admiring her beautiful face, crystal eyes, full lips, cute ears, and silky hair. Her cleavage, breasts, soft curves, and legs that looked like a hosiery model.

It took a lot of self-control not to go to her couch, admire her close up, kiss her lips, and fondle her. But, I just gazed at her, and said, "Giselle, I'm happy the two of you could come over to visit with us". Then, whispered, "You're so beautiful."

My wife heard that compliment as she strolled in with the drinks. But, instead of being angry, she gave me one of her coy smiles and said, "It's ok honey. I don't mind if you admire Giselle. I'm very happy that you like my new friends, even if they're not a typical couple." Then, she gave a cute little wink that put me at ease.

Sean returned carrying a light satin shawl, and laid it gently over Giselle's shoulders. He said, "Sometimes Giselle feels a bit chilly, and needs something to warm her up a bit".

Brenda replied, "That's funny; I'm feeling a little hot".

She loosened a couple of buttons of her blouse to demonstrate the point, and even shook her chest a bit to generate a refreshing breeze. Now, Sean was the one with the admiring gaze.

I wasn't expecting his next comment, and didn't know what to say when Sean said to me, "What if we change sofas, so we can get to know the ladies better". Brenda surprised me with her quick excited reply, "That sounds like a lovely idea, Sean". Giselle, facing me with a warm smile, did not object either.

With three yes votes, what could I say? In a daze, I got up, went to the other couch, and just stood there. Meanwhile, Sean stood up, walked over, and sat beside my wife Brenda. Then, I found myself sitting alongside Giselle, again gazing into her pretty green eyes, wondering what to say to her.

To get started, I repeated, "Giselle, I'm so glad you could come over to visit. And, I like your name a lot; it's charming and glamorous, like you." Then, looked at her some more.

The, I heard Brenda say, "Sean, I'm so glad you could come over to visit. And, I like your name a lot, it's lean and mean, like you." She got up to take empty glasses into the kitchen. Sean picked up the tray and followed to help her.

This time, alone with Giselle, and right next to her, I couldn't resist a kiss on the lips. My wife already told me it was ok if I thought she was pretty and she wanted me to like her friends. Ohhh, her parted lips felt so sweet on my mouth and on my tongue.

I had one hand around Giselle's waist, cupping her firm breast, and fondling her perky nipple, with the other resting on her well-shaped knee, just finishing the kiss. When Sean and Brenda walked back into the living room, I heard the clack of her stiletto heels on the tile floor.

Too late to pull back and look innocent. They were both staring right at us. Sean was smiling, but he said nothing. My wife's face looked serious, "Honey, we need to talk", she said.

Once in the kitchen, she backed me against the wall, pushed her curvy thighs and jutting breasts against me, took my face in her soft hands, looked me in the eyes, and gave me 'the' kiss. Her special kiss, the long hard passionate kiss that says I'm hers.

She finished her special kiss, and left me leaning against the kitchen wall. Breathless and vulnerable. Ready for her to frown, swear, scold, flash the finger, and lecture me for kissing and fondling our new guest.

Brenda knitted her brow, looked down, and started to frown. Oh, oh, here it comes. But, she looked up and said, "Honey, our friends have a personal problem, and I think maybe we can help them. Sean confided that he and Giselle may look great together as a couple, but they don't really get along. For conversation, relaxing in front of the TV, or in bed." She said that Sean was on the rebound from a relationship when Giselle arrived. They had never met. Seeing her picture on the Internet, he sent for her like a mail-order bride. And, she was on the rebound from a former lover who just dropped her for a new friend. He thought it would work.

But, when she arrived, he wasn't ready to deal with a full-time female roommate. He was disappointed with the way she looked in person. He couldn't imagine what to say to her to keep a conversation going. He liked to dance and was annoyed that she couldn't glide and sway like a pro.

I could hardly believe that Sean told Brenda everything. He needed a woman's soft shoulder to cry on. He said the first night in bed with Giselle, he wasn't inspired enough to consummate her arrival. After that, she spent most of her time in the den, fully dressed.

Hearing this from my wife's pretty lips, I was over-whelmed with sympathy. I almost melted like a stick of warm butter. I felt so sorry for Giselle. She was so charming. She didn't deserve to be dumped and posted on the net, and then arrive at a new home just to be ignored.

This visit was Giselle's first time out since arriving two weeks ago. Sean was hoping that visiting friends, like a romantic couple, might inspire them to get along better. But, he told Brenda the part he enjoyed most about visiting us, was talking with her.

The solution? Brenda hesitated before asking, "What if you flirt some more with Giselle. Sean didn't seem to mind you kissing her. He was surprised that you complimented her and though she was gorgeous. But, if you fondle her more, maybe after a while it will make him feel a bit jealous and want her more".

Meanwhile, Brenda would flirt and cuddle up with Sean for a while. Just enough to get him warmed up and thinking about a sexy woman. Her idea was later, when they leave; he'll be ready to sweep Giselle off her feet, into the car, back home, and right into bed.

"You mean that you want to get him horny! How did you come up with that idea?" I asked. The rest of the conversation was short because my lovely wife knows how to wrap her husband around her little finger.

Finally, I agreed to her plan. I would flirt, kiss, cuddle and fondle Giselle, and whisper compliments about her femininity. And, Brenda would flirt, kiss, cuddle and fondle Sean, and whisper compliments to help him gain confidence.

She suggested that as the man of the house, I should take the lead, initiate the conversation and the action. But, she would be the monitor, to decide when things went far enough. Then, she would get up and say something to break the mood and cool things down. Like it's getting late, I have to work tomorrow. Then, whisk the couple out of the house in each other's arms. It sounded like a good plan. And a nice way to help out our new friends.

Brenda went to the living room to talk with to Giselle. Meanwhile, she sent Sean into the kitchen so that I could explain it to him. I said my wife suggested it to add excitement to our evening. He liked the idea of swapping companions for a while

I tried not to look, but couldn't help but notice a growing bulge in the crotch of his jeans. Almost as obvious as the growing bulge in the crotch of my jeans.

We went into the living room, and wow. Brenda had her arm around Giselle's shoulder, and was just removing her elegant long fingers from deep between Giselle's thighs. She gently smoothed Giselle's hair, and gave her a woman to doll kiss on the lips. Looking up at me, Brenda said with a smile, "Honey, I think she's ready for you".

I quickly went to sit beside Giselle, started kissing her, fondling her breasts, her hips, her silky smooth inner thighs, and every inch of her gorgeous curves. Between kisses I said, "You're a really hot woman".

Following my lead, Sean went to sit beside Brenda, started kissing her, fondling her breasts, her hips, the peach-fuzz on her upper thighs, and every inch of her luscious curves. Between kisses he said, "You're a real doll." I lifted Giselle's skirt over her knees for a full view of her curvy thighs and silk panties. Then loosened her blouse buttons to let her firm breasts pop out.

Sean lifted Brenda's skirt for a full view of her curvy thighs and furry mound. No panties on! Then he loosened her blouse buttons to let her perky breasts and pointed nipples jut out.

As the four of us continued kissing, petting, and complimenting, I kept waiting for Brenda to get up, say something, to give the word that we had gone far enough for friends. But no word from her yet.

I was concerned that soon, I would not be able to stop, I asked "Brenda, don't you have to get up early for work tomorrow?"

Releasing Sean's friendly tongue from between her lips, she replied "No Honey tomorrow is Saturday. We can all sleep in late."

I felt a confused rush go through my mind. Next minute I was all over Giselle, removing her blouse, bra, and panties. I pulled the dress down over her open-toe shoes. I asked her to keep the shoes and nylons on because they looked so sexy. I noticed that her pussy even looked wet.

Too busy to look at Sean and Brenda for a while. But, I heard passionate words, moans, and sighs. It sounded like he was all over her. One glance showed me that she was as nude as Giselle, lying back on the couch with just her nylons and high heels. Usually, she spreads her soft wifely thighs for me to come inside. This time she spread them wide to please a friend.

Giselle's reclining nude figure looked so beautiful, submissive and inviting. I looked into her expressive eyes and slowly mounted her unbelievable female body. As I entered her, I felt a warm creamy sensation. So, I paused and gently probed her with one finger, and then tasted her sweet honey. I realized that Brenda had massaged Giselle's pussy, and flavored it with some of her own pungent cream.

We started a slow rhythm of passion, and I closed my eyes to focus on the feel of her firm, silky, soft body below me, caressing my erect shaft. I felt her lift one arm then the other slowly reaching up and hugging me. Next, I felt each of her legs move, as she spread them wide, lifted them, and wrapped them around my slowly undulating waist.

Hearing the click clack of high heels nearby, I realized that my wife took a break from embracing with Sean. I hoped that she wasn't jealous or bored. But, I was too engrossed in Giselle at the moment to open my eyes and look for her. The slow rhythm changed to a full-body bucking movement, as I pumped and moaned, mumbled compliments, and bounced my hairy balls on Giselle's doll-smooth buns.

Drifting back into reality for a moment, I heard a stream of moans and sighs, oohs and ahs, cumming from the direction of the other couch. One glance showed that Brenda was on her back with her legs wrapped around Sean's waist. Her heels were clacking to their pumping rhythm. Couldn't see her pretty face, only her nylon clad legs, and round buns responding to each bounce of Sean's hairy balls, and each thrust of his full shaft.

Later in dreamy passion land, I heard a sexy female voice begging "Thrust harder, baby, make me cum!" and "Oh, honey, empty your balls into my pussy. Fill me up; give me every ounce of your hot sperm." I wanted to believe that it was Giselle begging me to pump my hot sperm inside her. I responded to her submissive invitation and lust with a long passionate orgasm.

Laying on top of her in the afterglow, admiring every feature of her face, I could hardly believe that I was lying in the arms of such as beautiful female. It wasn't long before my erection returned, and felt a couple of inches longer than ever before.

No word from my wife yet, asking everyone to stop and go home. I really enjoyed being with lovely Giselle, and I lost track of how my lovely wife and Sean were coming along.

Three orgasms later, I was still holding Giselle affectionately, kissing every inch of her face, cuddling and caressing her curves.

In the morning, I heard the clicking of high heels as my lovely Brenda crossed the room, looking very happy but a little unsteady on trembling legs. Fresh cum dripping from her pussy lips, down her soft thighs, and onto her sheer nylons.

She gave me an affectionate loving wifely smile, and then a full kiss with lips still covered in sticky white lip gloss. She said, "Thank you husband honey, for hosting such a lovely night with our friends. I enjoyed every minute it so much. Could we invite Sean and Giselle to stay for breakfast and the rest of the weekend? Pretty please? I love you".



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