Good Sex Comes With A Price

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; transform; crystals; lovedoll; nc; X


Paula sipped on her morning coffee as she surfed the internet and looked over articles that interested her that morning. The brunette was in her final year of college and it had been a journey that was long, to say the least. From the very first day she had set foot on campus, Paula knew that she didn't have the smarts to get the degree she was looking for. However, she did have two things going for her: an eight figure trust fund as a result of her parents tragic disappearance during a vacation in northern Canada (their bodies were never found) and a sexual appetite that was, according to men she had dallied with, phenomenal. Consequently, she used her money to bribe professors into giving her good grades or seducing others into a tryst that she would later use to blackmail them to achieve her goals. On the rare occasions when she had a female professor for a course, Paula would seduce the woman's husband or even the woman herself (Paula wasn't bisexual but she figured the goal was all that mattered) and found herself with an excellent mark in the end.

"If nothing else, my name is known by more than a few people on campus," Paula thought to herself as she clicked on a site selling vacations in the Caribbean for the winter months. More than once, she had walked through a student cafeteria or a similar hangout for college students and heard her name being whispered by the gossipers there. However, there was never enough evidence to give Paula even the slightest worry and she flexed her financial muscle to make sure the potential problems quickly disappeared before rearing their heads.

Truth be told, Paula wouldn't be at the university whatsoever except that it was a condition of her trust fund that she get a post secondary degree at an accredited institution or the money would go to charitable foundations throughout the world. Moreover, she couldn't drag out the degree process for a decade or so as it was considered a voiding of her right to the trust fund under her parents will. To that end, she worked, in her own way, to finishing her college years with great zeal and determination.

"Once I get my grade from Professor Jackson, I'll have enough credits to get my degree and it'll be ' good bye college, hello fun all around the world!! I wonder if I should email him after I get my degree and tell him what I've been up to over the last four years or so. It's not like he, or anyone else for that matter, can do anything once I get that piece of paper. Hmmm, maybe I should email everybody I've screwed, for real and otherwise, to let them in on my plan. Geez, that might be considered bulk mail by my internet provider! " Paula thought to herself and even allowed herself to laugh out loud with her last musing.

Glancing at her watch, Paula saw that she only had ten minutes to get to her only class of the day. After that, she was to meet Jackson (Gerry was what she referred to him as when they were alone together) at a quiet cafe for supper followed by a tryst at an apartment Gerry rented for the private intimate moments he wanted away from his wife. Paula didn't really care how Gerry tried to disguise his little love nest from prying eyes. In fact, after tonight, she figured that she wouldn't be seeing any more of the place after she delivered the usual ultimatum that would bring the lecherous professor to his knees.

"Too bad, Gerry. If things weren't set in motion as they are, you might have been fun to be around on a long term basis. Judging by the way he talks about his blonde haired shrew of a wife Connie, Gerry seems to be a guy who is looking for a little tender loving care. It won't be me, though," Paula muttered as she turned and went into the bathroom for a few last minute preparations for the upcoming evening.

Roughly two hours later.......

".....sure that Connie won't be coming back? I mean, I know you two have been having problems but this seems kinda sudden in so many ways. Are you sure that Connie didn't find out about, ummmm, our little relationship? I'd hate to think I was the cause of your marriage self destructing, " Paula asked sympathetically as she watched Gerry get a bottle of wine out of the fridge near to where she was sitting.

"Oh, I'm sure the reasons for Connie leaving have nothing to do with our relationship. According to the note she left me, Connie had grown tired of waiting at home for me years ago and she felt trapped in a loveless marriage. She took all her things and left a statement that she wouldn't be seeking any alimony and wants a no fault divorce as soon as possible. She took her clothes and a few other things and left town in her car with a post office box address left for me to send all her mail. I had always thought she was going to blow up at me in a big way over the long hours I work but things, well, turned out for the best, I guess. Did you want a large or regular glass of wine?" Gerry replied as he popped the cork from the bottle of wine in his hands.

Paula smiled and nodded in a show of sympathy. "Oh, a regular glass will suit me, no problem at all. Well, she was making your life miserable in so many ways. Maybe you should look at this as an opportunity to make the adjustments in your life that you've talked about before." she said though she really didn't care in the slightest.

"It's funny. I've worried for some time that Connie might find out about our little tryst and she's gone in the blink of an eye with nary a fuss. I don't know whether to sigh with relief or worry that something awful is going to happen to me as a result. I'm just glad that I have someone like you, Paula, to comfort me at this time. Here you go," Gerry said as he handed the dark haired woman her drink.

Paula nodded in appreciation as she accepted her glass and took a fairly large drink. "Mmmm, that's really great wine! So, are you still interested in an evening of passion and such or would you rather put that off for a better day?" she asked with the most sympathetic look she could muster.

"Oh, I think tonight, I need company more than ever. Once we finish our drinks, why don't you get comfy in the bedroom while I shower and get presentable? Oh, I've got something special set up in the bedroom that I think you're going to like. Take a look after we finish our drinks and see if you can guess what everything is for," Gerry said with a twinkle appearing in his eyes.

"Hmmmmm, it's not like Gerry to spring surprises like this... must be something unique. I better humor him before dropping the news on him," Paula thought to herself as she spent the next few minutes chatting with Gerry about his plans for the future and his thoughts on his colleagues at the university. Although Paula didn't pay attention to everything Gerry said, she did learn Gerry had a long term friendship with Carl McDonald, who taught in the geology department, and they often shared a glass of beer while talking over their childhood exploits.

After the chat dragged for far too long from Paula's perspective, Gerry headed off for his shower and Paula retreated to the bedroom where she stripped off her outer clothes and sat back on the bed to await his return. As she glanced around the room, Paula saw what looked like three large crystals sitting near the far end of the bed with one on each side and the third atop a ledge between the two. There was no indication where the crystals originally came from though they looked to have been items not originating from a manufacturing plant.

"Weird.... hmmmm, what's this little spotlight thing? Maybe Gerry is looking to display these things for a future lecture. I'll turn these on and give me and Gerry a nice glow," Paula murmured as she flicked on what looked to be a power switch before returning to her previous position on the bed. A few moments later, Paula heard a humming noise coming from the area of the crystals accompanied by an increasing brightness in the light emanating from them.

"Whoah! That's really cool! I wonder if Gerry.... OOOHHHH!!!!" Paula muttered before letting out a yelp of surprise and arching her back as a beam of white light shot out from the center crystal and enveloped her completely. Almost immediately, Paula felt her body go rigid and completely unresponsive to her thoughts and wishes. The dark haired woman tried to call out to Gerry for help but found her ability to speak had vanished as well. Paula could see her reflection in a mirror on a chest opposite her and saw that her arms were locked at her sides with her fingers stuck in the process of removing her bra.

"Nothing like a hot shower before a little intimacy between.... oh.... oh, no.... Paula?.... you didn't.... " Gerry started to say as he entered the room and saw Paula's transfixed state. Careful not to come in contact with the energy beams, the professor made his way over to the crystals and looked at something Paula couldn't see with her fixed line of vision.

"Well, Paula, looks like the crystals were set for an inanimate, permanent transformation of the subject the energy beam comes in contact with. Before you mentally start to freak out, let me assure that the whole process will be quite pleasant for you overall as it, ummm, has been tested before," Gerry murmurs as he takes a seat to the left of the bed and stares at Paula's nubile body with his lower lip quivering slightly in anticipation.

"WHATTTTTT???!!!!! " Paula mentally wailed for the briefest of moments before the sensations what she assumed to be the transformation of her body started to wash across her mind. She watched as her skin turned pink and glossy in appearance with freckles and all blemishes vanishing as the effect swept from her torso to her arms and legs. Paula felt, and saw, her legs slowly swing apart into a V position even as her sex twitched and contorted in response to unseen forces. In spite of the fate forced upon her, Paula had to admit that the experience was extremely pleasant as her mind was bombarded with the feelings of an orgasm that never seemed to be subsiding. She saw seams starting to appear on her arms and legs and they felt much lighter than any time previously.

Paula watched as breasts swelled slightly in size even as they formed two perfect spheres capped by bright pink aureoles and nipples that jutted out half an inch. As her eyes widened and took on the look of painted features, Paula saw her sex had formed into a thin slit and sensed the interior was nothing more than a sac of latex and rubber with her pubic mound, like her freckles, vanished completely. Although she couldn't see the changes, Paula felt her anus moving upwards by several inches before forming into a opening similar to her sex. As her arms settled in to L shaped positions with her hands now resembling mittens to hold her owner and her mouth slowly stretching into a round shape devoid of teeth and tongue, Paula's transformation into an amazingly realistic love doll neared completion.

"Why the fuck would Gerry have anything in his bedroom capable of doing this kind of thing to any woman? He better be wrong that this is permanent or I'll sue his ass off! What the fuck is he doing now?" Paula thought to herself as her new hollow latex body slightly off the bed before her legs were stopped by her clothing lying on the floor. Paula watched silently as Gerry, with a noticeable bulge showing around his groin, quietly turned off the crystals and after adjusting his robe slightly, took a seat on the bed next to Paula and quietly removed Paula's bra and panties from her glossy form. In spite of her furor over her new inanimate state, Paula reveled in the sensations when Gerry's hand brushed up against her shiny breasts.

"I suppose I should tell you a bit about the crystals that are responsible for your current state. You see, Carl was doing some independent research on these crystals that were found a few months ago in a remote piece of Canadian tundra. After some test involving lab rats and directing different types of light through the crystals, Carl figured out that crystals could transmute organic material into inanimate figures. A few more tests and he figured out that the type of item the target could, umm, change to could be modified by the light wavelength as well as several other factors. I'm not sure how he stumbled on the fact that a latex and rubber love doll could result from these crystals and a certain frequency of light passing through them. Then again, I do remember Carl muttering something when we were drinking coffee down at the campus faculty lounge that he had a new rubber mouse in the lab. I didn't understand then why he thought that was so funny but I guess I do now, " Gerry intoned as he moved over to the night stand and removed what looked like a tube and cardboard box from it.

"I know this won't mean very much to you now from, ummm, your perspective but I honestly didn't plan to change you into a blow-up doll. You see, I had discovered that Paula was not leaving me but had emptied our joint back accounts and sold the cottage we owned down south. Considering I had forgiven her numerous affairs in the past, I drew the line in this case and, well, decided to make her more faithful to me from now on. Give me a minute or two and you'll see what I mean, " Gerry intoned as he removed the top from the box and took what looked to be, from Paula's perspective, a deflated love doll similar in color and composition to Paula's current form.

"Now what the fuck is Gerry talking about? Did he have his wife killed by the mob or some low life scum did the deed? Did he do it himself? Oh.... oh, no!... that doll.. it.. IT'S CONNIE!!!!" Paula thought to herself before she saw the features of the doll being inflated by Gerry with an air pump he had retrieved from an unknown location. Connie's face had the same look of surprise and lust frozen on it that Paula saw in her own shiny visage and Connie's breasts looked to have increased in size by at least one full cup with her transformation. As she continued to stare at her inflated compatriot, Paula saw with her doll eyes that Connie showed signs of treated like the object she now was.

"He fucked his wife as a doll! You sick bastard!... I hope..... OOOOHHHH!!!!.... what are you do...... MMMMMM...... that feels nice but...... geez...... " Paula's angry thoughts were interrupted by the sensation of Gerry inserting a finger into her plasticized pussy and rubbing some sort of fluid into it. Bolts of pure pleasure rocketed through Paula's consciousness and her anger seemed to diminish for a brief time. Paula's anger dissipated briefly when Gerry removed his finger only to return when the man started to poke around her mouth opening.

"You see, honey, I had considered leaving you as a love doll untouched by human hands until I figured out a frequency to change you back but I've been mulling things over. You see, Carl mentioned that the factors involved in transforming the mouse and my unfaithful Connie included a number of variables and to determine the type to reverse the condition may take years, if it ever gets figured out. I figure that with no outside stimulation, what remains of your conscious mind might dissipate or revert to the simplistic thinking of an ordinary love doll or what Connie will be like after a year or two. Heh. Maybe after that time passes, I'll mail you anonymously to one of the lovers you've been fucking behind my back, Connie," Gerry murmured as he leaned over and ran his right hand up and down the doll that used to be his ex-wife.

"You bastard! Sounding so fucking noble and acting like you're doing me a favor. When I'm human again, I'm going to make sure that you get th...ohh... OOOHHH!!!!!!..... MMMMM!!!!!!..... " Paula thought before her thinking was interrupting was interrupted by Gerry straddling her and start to enter one of her openings.

For the rest of the night, Paula's thoughts bounced back and forth between anger and pleasure though the latter seemed to become more dominant towards the end of Gerry's use of his new toy......

Six months later.........

".....and officials say they are not officially calling off the search for missing heiress and her friend but are scaling back in advance of the approach of Hurricane Juanita. Pam Jackson KUNT News. Back to you, Dave..." the image on television intoned before Gerry turned it off and walked back into his living room where Carl sat along with two familiar faces.

"I must say, Gerry, that your idea of arranging Caribbean pirates to be blamed for Paula and Connie's disappearance but I have to ask where you got the money to arrange the boat, the women who looked them and so on. From what the police said on television over the past few months, your bank accounts were modest in their totals and showed no unusual withdrawals or deposits before or after you reported the women were overdue. I must admit, I'm a little curious as to where you secured the money for the whole operation," the rotund Carl asked as he absently ran his hands up and down the Connie and Paula dolls that were nude and seated on the couch with him.

"Heh. Well, I must admit that I originally was going to get the money through some gentlemen of questionable motives but I got lucky. You see, when I was gathering up Paula's garments and such, I discovered a key that I learned unlocked a box she owned. When I opened the box in question, I saw a rather sizable amount of money inside that must have been set aside by Paula for a rainy day or something like that. As it turned out, there was enough money to pay for our little plan and a little left over for the future, well...." Gerry intoned as he took a seat in a chair opposite Carl.

"Future? Just what do you have in mind? " Carl asked as he leaned back and focused all of his attention on the Connie doll.

"Well, I was thinking that the little redheaded secretary you've been seeing on the sly might be a nice addition down the line. For now, I think I'll be spending the rest of the evening with Paula. If you'll excuse me...." Gerry intoned as he picked up Paula by the waist and carried her sideways down the hall.

"Dolly want to be used... make owner happy... huh?..... I'm a woman named Connie, not a fucking doll.... fucking... my owner is going to use me... MMMMM.... " Connie thought even as the simplistic thought of a blow-up doll took over her mind with a little more dominance than the last time she was used.

"I can't believe the cops are giving up on me! Someone will fucking.. fucking.... ooohhh, doll make owner happy... NOOOO!!!!... YESSSSS!!!!..... " Paula thought even as Gerry started to caress and fondle her shiny latex body and her focus drifted to simpler manners.

For Paula, who had spent most of her life screwing the men she encountered in her life, her activities had literally been turned upside down.

And it seems Gerry was in no hurry to change things in he future.....




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