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by Northern Chill

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Storycodes: M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; sex; cons/nc; X


Chrissy and Jack walked together down the quiet sidewalks of the main business district past the usual places couples stop at when shopping together. The two had been seeing each other for about fifteen months and developed a deeply passionate relationship which culminated in their recent marriage. However, the two were nothing if not adventurous when it came to the sexual side of their relationship and they mutually agreed to go out and find something to add a little extra spice to their nightly couplings.

"Are you sure that this Dark Desires place will have what we're looking for ? I know your cousin Suzie said it has a wide variety of items to satisfy desires no matter how off the beaten track they are but there has to be some limit as to what they carry in stock, " the dark haired Chrissy said as she squeezed her husband's right arm tightly.

"Well, we'll never know until we get inside and have a look around at what they've got for sale, are we ? After you, my lady.. " Jack said as he opened the door to the shop and bowed in an exaggerated manner. Laughing uproariously, Chrissy walked inside with a few elegant steps followed by her beaming husband.

The two looked around the establishment marveling how much larger it seemed than what the exterior suggested. They wandered up and down the crowded aisles looking over the numerous items that mystified and intrigued them at the same time. There was a small glass bell jar with what looked like a tiny female dancer inside sitting on one shelf. When Chrissy touched it with her right hand, the dancer started to move around as if it came to life from her touch. The brunette removed her hand from the glass and a few seconds later the dancer's movements slowed down and stopped altogether. Chrissy shook her head slightly as she swore she saw the dancer's tiny chest moving up and down as if it was breathing while moving around.

Meanwhile, Jack was looking over the various lotions, sprays, ointments and other items that would result in the user being transformed. " many possible changes.... Statues..nahh..too rocky... Robot ?...too metallic... Mannequin ?....maybe but not now..." he muttered as he picked up the various bottles and tubes and looked them over.

Chrissy walked over and peered around Jack's shoulder. " Did you find what we're looking for ? It shouldn't be too hard considering all the goods they seem to have around here. " she said softly while looking to her left and seeing a row of what looked like 6" plastic dolls of women in a variety of poses. Some had elaborate outfits on that made them look like they were from the aristocracy of 18th century Europe while others were complete nude and looked like the dancer she had admired earlier. Below the dolls were clear white stickers with various words and numbers written on them such as Cheryl - T6M, Linda - T9W and Diane - P6'F.

"Well, Chrissy, I don't see what we're looking for. Maybe we should talk go talk to the store clerk and see if she can help us find what we're looking for," Jack said to his wife, who nodded in agreement. The two headed up past a display of mannequins and other display forms as well as one marked Statues- going out of stock - 50 to 90 % off !! before they got to the front counter where a mid 20's brunette was stacking several painting kits with Just in - Turn your friend, partner or loved one into living paintings ! Ask for details !.

"Excuse me, miss, but we're having a little trouble finding what we're looking for. I was wondering if you could give us a hand," Jack said to the sales clerk who put down the kits and moved over to help the couple.

"Is there something I can help you two with ? Looking for more information on our painting kits ? " the clerk, whose name tag read BARBARA, asked in a helpful manner.

"Well, uhh... you see, my wife has this fantasy she wants to participate in where she's transformed into an inanimate love doll and is used as such but we can't seem to find anything specifically designed for this. Could you show us where it would be located in your shop or if you have something behind the counter that you might be able to sell us ? " Jack said while glancing at the shelves behind the clerk.

"Hmmm... love doll... a very popular choice for our many customers. We usually can't keep our transformation products related to that in stock.... hmmm... let me have a look around..." Barbara said sweetly as she looked under the counter for several seconds.

"Let's see...rag doll.. robot doll... here we are, love doll... this should be just what you're looking for, " the clerk said handing the couple what appeared to be a box containing a set of golden earrings. Jack looked at the earrings along with Chrissy and was visibly unimpressed by the normal look to them compared to what else was in shop.

"Don't be fooled by their appearance. Fifteen minutes after you put them on, you'll achieve your heart's desire and you and your husband will have the wildest night of your lives. If you're not completely satisfied, bring the earrings and receipt back the next day for full store credit," Barbara said enthusiastically.

The couple looked at each other and, after a few moments of quiet consultation, agreed to paying the listed sales price of the item. The clerk wrapped the box in white wrapping paper before putting it inside a black and silver bag with DD marked on the front and handing it to the happy twosome, who quickly left the shop eager to try out the item in question.

Three hours later.....

"...approximately 15 minutes after the talismans are donned, the subject will feel the first effects of the transformation and, in a short period of time, be changed into a lifelike totally realistic inflatable sex toy. Once done, the living sex doll can experience hours of intense and intimate usage by whoever is with it. Warning :..... " Chrissy read the accompanying instructions though her voice trailed off at the end.

"What's the warning say ? " Jack called out from the adjoining washroom with a curious tone to his voice. He walked out a few seconds later with a bath towel wrapped around his waist while rubbing another one through his hair.

"That's just it... there's nothing else there..." Chrissy muttered as she turned the paper over several times in her hands. The earrings sat in the box next to her nearly nude body on top of the bed she was sitting on.

"Well, it's probably just a reminder to take the earrings off after the transformation has concluded. I'll call the shop in the morning to see what else they might have forgotten," Jack said as he sat next to his wife and kissed her passionately on the cheek and mouth.

Reassured by Jack's voice and affection, Chrissy nodded slightly as she plucked the earrings out of the box. " Well, I guess I better try these things on. Do you want me to put on a certain outfit for you to admire when your newly created love doll arrives in 15 minutes ? " she said as she pressed her face close to his.

Jack smiled as he gazed into his wife's blue eyes that were aflame with passion. " I think what you have on now is just fine for the night ahead. Besides, if the earrings work as promised, I don't think you want to be wearing anything too restrictive." he said with a chuckle.

Nodding slightly, Chrissy donned the long golden earrings and then looked at the wall clock mounted near the bed. " I'll let you know, honey, how I feel as much as I can over the next few minutes." she said as she kneeled on the bed in anticipation of the transformation.

A couple of minutes after donning the jewelry, the dark haired beauty arched her back and stretched her arms out wide in reaction to something was decidedly pleasant to her. " Mmmm...I feel good... like my body is being massaged by you over and over again..." she said softly as she brought her hand to her semi naked body and started caressing her breasts and lower torso.

Jack looked on in silent anticipation as the minutes slowly ticked by with no noticeable change to his wife's body although she was continuing to express her enjoyment of the pleasure she was feeling. He would have joined Chrissy at this point but they had agreed earlier to hold off on the intimacy until after she was changed into an inflatable love doll so she could tell just how much different things were.

Roughly ten minutes after Chrissy donned the enchanted earrings, Jack could start to see her skin was changing in shape and color. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched with fascination as Chrissy gasped and moaned more frequently as the seconds ticked by. From Chrissy's perspective, the change was proving to be everything she anticipated and then some as she gripped the bed sheets in sexual excitement. Her legs were definitely artificial in look now as her skin had taken on a glossy look with no blemishes ore freckles visible anywhere. Jack could see seams starting to appear on Chrissy's thighs and lower legs and knew that the transformation was well under way at this point.

Chrissy could feel herself getting lighter and lighter by the second as the change started to become prevalent. She felt her anus starting to slowly form into an ovular shape as was her pussy. The couple had set up a mirror so Chrissy could see herself change right before her eyes. She saw the seams that were visible on her legs were becoming visible on her torso and arms as well. Chrissy could feel herself getting lighter and lighter by the second and could see the bedroom light reflecting off her body's skin, which was almost completely artificial in appearance.

The change spread quickly through Chrissy' s body as she felt her breathing slow down and disappear in a matter of seconds. Normally, this would have panicked her greatly but she knew this was all part of the process. She felt her breasts push outwards and appeared to be at least D cup now instead of the usual C cup they usually consisted of. Chrissy saw bright pink circles forming where her areolas formerly were with her nipples growing thick and erect standing out from her firm tits. Seams formed perfect circles around each breast much like the ones on the rest of her artificial body.

Chrissy tried to continue moaning out loud but found her ability to talk had now vanished. The brunette heard her husband say something about ' time's almost up ' while, at the same time, she could feel her mouth pulling into the familiar O-shape that all love dolls had with the interior forming a smooth rubber sac devoid of teeth and tongue. She saw artificial color appearing on her cheeks and eyelids that was far brighter than any make-up she usually wore. Knowing all her movement was about to cease altogether , she turned her head towards Jack to show him the fulfillment of her dream.

For Jack, it was indeed amazing how the charm's magic worked on his wife. A living, breathing woman had been transformed into an inanimate sex toy in a very short period time whose whole existence revolved around giving pleasure to its' owner. With some hesitation, Jack moved over next to Chrissy and flipped the doll over on its' back. To his surprise, the dolls' arms immediately bent into a 45 degree angle with the forearms bent to hold her owner while the hollow latex legs swung wide apart inviting its pussy ( devoid of any pubic hair) and anus to be probed. Reaching around the doll's head, Jack felt what was certainly the inflation plug for the doll for adding or extracting air from its' hollow form.

"Don't just sit there feeling me up.... use me... let me know how it feels.... " thought Chrissy as she desperately waited for her husband to make the other part of her fantasy come true and let her experience intimacy as a sex doll.

As if he could hear her mental pleas, Jack sat up and quickly stripped off his clothes. He then leaned over and gently removed the magical earrings from the doll and set them on a nearby end table. He then climbed back on the bed and lowered himself on top of the doll.

"Well, I hope this makes all your dreams come true, darling...." Jack said as he started to kiss and caress the doll in an obviously excited manner.

"YESSS!!!.. PLEASE USE ME AND MAKE LOVE TO ME ALL NIGHT LONG !..... LET ME FEEL LIKE A FUCK TOY.... " Chrissy thought as she felt her mouth being probed by Jack's flickering tongue. It was the start of wild night for the two as the doll found herself in the middle one after another session of incredibly intense sex.

Around noon the next day.....

Jack slowly woke up in bed with his head resting on top of the doll's massive tits and his right hand laying near the pussy, which looked sticky from usage during the past night. After a couple of minutes, Jack pulled himself out of bed and went into the washroom to quickly clean up. He emerged a short while later with a large bath towel in his right hand and proceeded to wipe the doll clean of the night's sweat and semen the two's lovemaking had produced. After Jack finished cleaning Chrissy up, he was puzzled why she hadn't reverted back to human form as of yet. He propped the doll up so that it was in a sitting position looking at the end of the bed and then Jack took a seat in a chair at the end of the bed so he could see the change happen again.

"God, that night was incredible.... I can't believe how sensitive my doll body is to every caress and probing by Bill.... why haven't I changed back though ?..... " the doll thought to itself as it sat waiting patiently.

After three or four hours passed, Jack's puzzlement turned to worry and then anger as he waited for his wife to come alive again. Several times, he walked over to the doll and poked it gently in the shoulders and sides to see if it was in the process of changing but the feel of soft latex sent him back to his chair disappointed.

Finally, just after 7 am, Jack's patience wore out and he hopped to his feet visibly angry. He thought briefly about calling Dark Desires about the problem but realized they had no phone number listed anywhere. Jack decided to head down to the store in person and demand the clerk, or her superiors, change his wife back immediately. Looking at his wife, he realized he couldn't carry her into the shop in her current form if for nothing more than decency sakes.

"Don't worry, honey, I'll get you changed back as soon as I get to the shop. This is all temporary," Jack said as he went over to the doll and reached around the neck for the inflation plug. He pulled open the plug and watched with a sense of sadness as his wife slowly lost shape and became a flat piece of latex and rubber. Jack then went and got out a clear plastic bag which he laid on the bed next to the deflated doll. He then folded the doll up carefully with his wife's face, frozen in a look of lust, sitting on top of the material and slid the doll into the bag. Jack then carried the bag out of the bedroom and headed for his car outside to head off to Dark Desires and the confrontation that laid ahead....

Thirty minutes later.....

" mean you can't do anything at all for my wife ? " Jack shouted with rage as he gestured towards the deflated doll lying on the counter before returning his glare at the man standing behind the counter.

The owner, a bearded man that looked to be in his mid 40's, stroked his beard in contemplation as he looked at the enraged customer calmly. " As I said, sir, if the earrings are removed after the transformation, it affects the time until the charm reverses itself. When you deflated your wife, the air you let out was actually her ability to change back. Weren't you told this by the clerk that waited on you ? " he said trying to calm Jack down.

"Well, Barabara never mentioned any of this to us when we made our purchase. In fact, there she is now... why don't you ask her right now ? " Jack said stabbing a finger at the clerk in question who had just emerged from the room in back of the room.

"I'll do just that, sir. Give me a minute or two..." the owner said as he grasped the clerk by the right elbow and gently steered back to the room Barbara had just come from. Once the door closed behind them, Jack could hear an angry and heated exchange of words for a minute or so.

Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of light and the owner came back out by himself holding something in his right hand. He walked up to the counter and put what he was carrying underneath. " As I said, there's nothing I can do at the present. I can assure you though that I will make things right or my name isn't Merv the Magnificent, " the owner said extending his right hand in consolation.

"Well, Merv, if you think a simple hand shake and promise are going to make... " Jack sputtered as he clasped the extended with his own right hand. He fell silent suddenly as a large flash of light enveloped both him and the counter completely. After ten or fifteen seconds, the glow faded away and the anger in Jack's eyes seemed to be gone as well.

"Well, Mr. Tripper, I certainly hope you enjoy your new entertainment product. Will that be cash or charge ? " Merv said with a broad smile.

"It'll be charge, I'm afraid. When you live as a bachelor, you can afford to put things like this on a future credit card bill with no wife looking over your shoulder at it," Jack with a small laugh.

Merv returned the laugh as he swiped the card and got the customer to sign the receipt. The owner then got out a cardboard box with DD letters visible on the top and a lined interior visible to Jack. Merv then placed the deflated doll sitting on the counter inside the box before looking at his customer once again.

"Since you're the first to purchase one of our new line of lifelike love dolls, I've decided to add another one totally free to your purchase. I hope you enjoy both of them for a long time, " Merv said as he pulled the doll from beneath the counter and placed it inside the box before handing it to Jack and wishing him a good day.

Jack left the store hoping to get home to his bachelor apartment fairly quickly and see if they were as lifelike as the store owner promised. He was just getting into his Audi when he spotted the owner waving to him while putting a HELP WANTED sign in the front window.....

Later that night.....

A happy humming was coming from the washroom of Jack's apartment as Jack shaved and showered before heading to bed for the night. Lying on top of the waterbed were two incredibly lifelike sex dolls with fairly large breasts, tiny waists and voluptuous legs. One, a brunette, was propped up on the left side with the redhead lying flat on the right part.

"Ooooohhh... I hope my owner uses me soon... I want to make him happy... squeeze my tits... fuck me !!! " the brunette, formerly known as the woman Chrissy, thought to itself. All traces of thoughts of itself as a human being were now gone and she thought herself only as a doll.

"Merv, you bastard ! I'm not a fucking sex toy.... you better change me back soon... you're lucky I'm a bit of a nymphomaniac or I'd be extremely angry..... " Barbara thought to herself as she laid waiting to be used like any other fuck toy.

A short distance away, Merv cocked his head momentarily while moving his LIVING FURNITURE display to the main viewing area. " Don't hold your breath, ladies.... " he said softly as he went about his work preparing his shop for tomorrow...

For tomorrow was another day of dreams and nightmares at DARK DESIRES.....


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