Guessing Game

by SFT

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© Copyright 2010 - SFT - Used by permission

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So, it was a new game today.

On the bed, resting up against the pillows, were two dolls.

One of them was #4, the result of months and months of planning and work. The culmination of my dreams and fantasies formed into a single, living doll.

The other one created by #4 herself. She never let me see her work on #20, as she called her, and now the reason was obvious.

At first glance they were identical; both redheaded anime-styled dolls in matching white and red schoolgirl outfits. But one was the one I had made, and the other, simply a copy.

At their feet were two tags. One marked with a number four, the other marked with a number twenty. The goal was to identify which doll was which, and tag them with the appropriate tag.

Beside the tags was an alarm clock, set to go off in exactly one hour. A deadline, of sorts.

For the duration of the hour I could do anything I wanted with either of them, besides disassembling them. However, #4 would ignore any hand signal and remain limp, to match #20.

If the hour runs out, I lose. If I tag them incorrectly, I lose. If I tag them correctly, I win.

Now that the rules were clear, I began.

- - -

"First," I said to noone in particular, "let's see how heavy you two are."

I walked over to the one on the left, slipped my arms under her legs and behind her back, and pulled her up to me.

She immediately felt familiar, both in weight and in motion. As I raised her up, her head slowly drooped back and then forward, and her arms swung slightly right to left. I couldn't give you an exact mass, but she felt like #4.

After imprinting the feeling into my memory, I laid her back onto the bed, back on the left side where I had obtained her, but lying flat.

"And now you," I said to the noone in particular on the right.

I walked over and executed the same motion once more, only mirrored.

And I had the exact same experience, only mirrored. It was amazing how similar they were. The one on the right might have lolled her head a bit sooner than the one on the left, and the one on the left might have been a pound or two heavier than the one on the right, but otherwise they felt and moved identically.

From this, I really couldn't say which was which. I laid this one back down on the bed, but oriented opposite the one on the left, her head at the foot of the bed and her feet at the head.

"Wow," I said to an invisible person between the two dolls, "you do good work."

- - -

I decided to examine the one on the right first.

I grabbed a chair and sat down next to her, to relax my legs while I studied her. I had constructed #4 from top to bottom, everything except what was inside, so I figured I would notice any peculiarity.

On a whim, I grabbed her right hand and squeezed it.

Nothing happened. That was to be expected, given the rules, but I was hoping for a reflex from her. Unless of course this one was #20, then it should've done nothing.

I leaned closer, studying her face. I painted #4's face myself, so I should've been able to see the familiar brush marks. I couldn't remember specific marks, of course, but I would be able to determine the size of the brushes used in each area and the colors used.

Her eyes really were something. Two brilliant blue irises, with a single white highlight in each. Each was framed with a slight dark line, and the hint of an eyelash.

I recalled painting each and every detail, but could not, for the life of me, tell if this was my work or someone else's. The brushes were the same, a larger brush for solid colors and a thin, simple brush for the outlines and details. I suppose that was to be expected too, since #4 had access to the same materials and tools I had to create her.

I lifted my head, and looked over at the other doll on the left of the bed. Even from this distance I could tell that the paint job was eerily similar, as if someone had painstakingly copied every single brushstroke I had made. Yet I still couldn't tell which was the original and which was the copy.

I had seriously underestimated her.

- - -

I glanced at the alarm clock.

Fifteen minutes had already passed, and I wasn't any closer to determining which was which.

"You don't mind if I talk, right?" I said to the two dolls lying limply upon my bed.

They didn't respond.

I stood, moved my chair over to the left side of the bed, and sat down again.

They didn't seem to notice, or at least gave no sign that they did.

Then I had a thought.

I grabbed the closest doll's right wrist, and began searching for a pulse.

Aha! She had none.

To confirm, I reached over for the opposite one's wrist, and searched for one as well.

And neither did she.

This was odd. I never designed #4 to conceal her heartbeat. She was never supposed to be completely indistinguishable from a inanimate object. She was supposed to be just convincing enough to be enjoyable.

There were two possibilities here. The first one was obvious, that neither of these were #4, and she had constructed two of them in some sort of elaborate cheat. The other, if it were true, I would simply have to deal with.

I stood, and decided to state my greivance.

"I want to make sure you aren't cheating," I said, loudly. "I'm going to turn my back to you, and after two minutes, I'm going to face you again. All I need you to do is prove that one of you is who they say they are. Okay?"

They didn't respond, as I expected.

But I kept to my word, and turned around.

- - -

A soft rustling entered my ears once I was clearly turned around. The rubbing of cloth upon cloth and the springs of the mattress shrinking and growing told me of their movements.

Of course, I could cheat right now, and turn around, or perhaps use a mirror or something to see which one on the bed behind me was moving. But I can't stand cheaters myself, and would rather be cheated than cheat.

So instead, I thought about the other possibility that I had discounted before.

#4 was self-modifying.

I suppose, in a way, it was a cheat. If she could modify herself, she could make the two of them almost completely indistinguishable. Simply changing what I had done in creating her slightly to match her new creation.

But it wasn't like the rules of the game outlawed self-modification. I would simply have to let this go.

But not without saying something.

"This is dirty pool, you know," I said aloud, not turning around. "I wasn't expecting you to modify yourself. But since the rules of our game don't explicitly forbid this, I'm letting it slide."

They said nothing, which is to be expected, since dolls don't talk. They wouldn't even have been moving if I hadn't spoken up.

After a moment, the noise behind me stopped. At almost exactly two minutes, according to my count.

And as promised, I turned back around.

- - -

And they had switched positions.

Wait, had they? I couldn't be sure.

But for now, the one on the left had her head at the foot of the bed, and the one on the right had her head at the head of the bed.

They had either reversed themselves or changed places.

On a whim, I checked under the bed.

Nope, there was noone there. I didn't hear any doors squeak open either, so it wasn't like someone could've quietly jumped out of the closet and swapped the dolls either.

So #4 definitely had to be one of these two.

A quick look at the clock revealed that I had wasted 10 minutes on those accusations of cheating.

What's more, I couldn't simply use my own memories of her to discern which one she was. She could've just altered herself to hide such things.

So I decided to try them out. I didn't have time to try them one at a time, so I'd have to find a way to do them both at the same time. Maybe that way, I could pull out a telling reaction from one of them.

- - -

I began by orienting the left one so her head was back at the head of the bed.

It was easier to get at both of them this way.

I proceeded to climb onto the bed myself and took a kneeling position, positioning their adjacent legs between mine.

From this position, it was like looking sideways into a mirror. I hadn't meant to arrange them this way, but they were perfectly symmetrical. Even the way the left one's left hand rested gently palm up on the bed was matched perfectly to the right one's right hand.

So I mirrored my movements as well, reaching under their blouses with my hands and enjoying what was underneath.

I remembered spending all that time getting these breasts just perfect, and yet the both of them seemed equally perfect to me right now. My hands squeezed and teased them, cupped and rubbed them, and they both felt exquisite. The ones on the right might've been slightly denser, and the ones on the left perhaps slightly bigger, but other than that I really couldn't tell the difference.

I fixed my eyes on a spot between their two heads, tho, trying to catch a reaction from either of them in my peripheral vision.

Neither of them moved at all, besides soft shifting movements caused by my own motion.

I needed to step this up.

- - -

So I sat the two of them up again, resting them gently against the pillows.

They once again seemed to naturally take up mirror images of each other, even drooping towards each other slightly. I'm not sure if #4 was doing it intentionally or not, but it was quite a trick to do it with me right in front of her and not noticing.

I took another look at the clock, and noted that I only had twenty minutes left. The clock irritated me. If it wasn't there, I could've taken my time, done this slowly and properly, instead of rushing this whole thing. It ruined the whole mood.

But those were the rules, and once I won, I could take my time afterward. Even if I couldn't figure out which was which, I still had a 50/50 shot either way.

But everything #4 did up to this point gave me one clue. She wanted to prove her own superiority. She set the rules of this game, and even challenged me at building the perfect doll.

Question was, could she keep herself from surpassing me, and if not, would she make her creation surpass me, or herself?

- - -

So I flipped up their skirts, and noted that they had identical panties. They weren't the white panties that I had equipped #4 with originally, but instead were two pairs of white and blue striped panties. I always figured that sort were overused, but I guess #4 had a taste for them.

I pulled down the two pairs, and once again noticed no difference, at least not to the eye. They were both perfectly smooth and featureless, as expected.

I placed one hand on each of them, and began to feel around. Once again, they were perfect in every way. Smoother than the finest silk, and soft like clay, but with an inner firmness that retained their shapes. I ran my hands down and behind them, then pressed a finger into each one, feeling around for a detail, some distinguishing feature to separate the two of them.

And finally, I found one. It was subtle, but distinct.

The one on the right had a slight crease in the middle, near the bottom.

But was this a defect, or an improvement? I thought back to when I was building #4. I was very specific about how smooth and featureless she was to be here. I remembered the crease from her buttocks now, and how there had been resistance there.

The one on the right was the way I had originally created #4. Now did she make her creation like herself, or try to improve upon mine?

- - -

I decided to chance it.

I took the tag with the four, and placed it upon the one on the right. Likewise, with the twenty-marked tag and the one on the left.

Immediately the buzzer went off. I had just run out of time.

But that wasn't surprising. The surprising part was that in response, the one on the left began to move.

She shook a bit, as if a switch inside her had suddenly activated. She looked down, and noticed that her panties were still lowered. Slowly, but smoothly, she pulled them back up again, and then stood.

She then walked over to the alarm, and shut it off.

I sighed in resignation.

The one I had marked #20 looked down upon her tag, then at me.

"I lost, didn't I?" I said, trying to make a sort of sheepish grin.

And I had been so sure. I thought there was no way she would improve herself instead of making her own doll superior. She wanted to show she was better than me at dollmaking, and improving herself didn't seem like a likely move with that mindset.

Though surprisingly, #20 looked at me straight in the eye, paused for a moment and then shook her head.

- - -

"So, wait."

But #20 didn't wait. She leaned over, grabbed the other doll's right hand, and gave it a quick squeeze.

And she came to life as well. It was quite a distinct awakening from #20's, but a familiar one as well. She didn't shake like #20, but instead smoothly transitioned from a still, doll-like state, into a beautiful, almost sleeplike state, and then gently woke up. Her head slowly turned to me, and then tilted to the left, in that familiar fashion I had seen so many times before.

Unlike the cool, controlled #20, #4 proceeded to bounce happily out of the bed and hovered over to me, leaning out with her hands stretched behind her back.

This one was truly #4. The bouncy, happy one I remembered.

"You never told me #20 could move," I said, the sheepish grin on my face becoming more natural again.

She tilted her head the other way, shrugged, and then gave me a quick, bouncy hug, which I gladly returned.

"So I guess this means I win then," I said. "I guess you're my doll for the weekend." I motioned to #20. "But who is this?"

#4 bounced over to #20, hugged her, and then began making motions with her hands. From me, to her, then from her, to #20.

"So, um, she is to you what you are to me?"

They both nodded.

"Your doll for the weekend?"

#4 responded by slipping her hand under #20's blouse, and beginning to play with her a little. #20 sank slightly in response, and shifted her own hand under #4's bottom, cupping it and beginning a fondle.

I responded by taking my chair, sitting down, and enjoying the show.



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