by Wanabe Inflatable

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Storycodes: FF/mm; transform; doll; inflatable; bodymod; deflate; fold; cons/reluct; X


Knock, knock.

Alex turned his attention from monitor, put his glasses on and focused on the door. Don looked up over his book in the same direction. “Who can it be?” he asked, not really expecting any answer.

Knocking repeated. Alex replied, seeking some slippers from under the table, “Lets see”.

He opened the door and let in Kate and Alice. Not the most expected guests. Both the room and its inhabitants were not in the best shape possible. Piles of clutter, dirty dishes, uncombed hair and Don only had on his underpants. The girls looked at him, giggled, he blushed and they giggled again. While Don dressed, Kate explained: “Guys, we hate to distract you, but we just got our things delivered including a fridge and the lift is not working, you know. So can you, please, help us?”

Alex didn’t look that excited, so Kate quickly added, ”And we have an apple pie”.

“I’m sure you’ll easily handle it” Alice tried to appeal to the boys self esteem.

Don appeared again, wearing black sport shorts and a t-shirt, both quite loose for him. “I’d volunteer, and I hope you a right, yet I didn’t see that burden, so I’m not sure”. Alex cast an accusatory glance at him. No surprise that, his roommate has signed to it so fast, as both girls were quite attractive. Kate’s natural blonde plaits were cute and she sported voluptuous boobs, today clad into a stretchy blouse, libertine enough to see the valley between the mountains. Well, the girl was no model, she was quite plump and her jeans were too tight, pushing fat sides up and out. Still Don was no pair to Kate, not even close. Frankly speaking, nor was Alex. As to Alice, she was a queen. Straight nordic face features, curly red hair, stylish green dress and shoes... She was of same height with Alex and Don were taller, yet she looked upon them from unreachable height with her icy blue eyes. What did she forget among mortals? Ah, the fridge. The best Don could expect, was said apple pie.

“I’m sure, you two would do it, I have a plan. But if you are busy, we can ask someone else” Alice hooked. Don now radiated with optimism of a puppy. Of course he was not busy and always glad to help ladies, Alex was not busy too, Don said so.

Alex had abandoned all hope too and capitulated. “Okay, lets do it”. He put on his least stained t-shirt and followed the girls, while Don locked the room.

They went down the stairs from the seventh floor to the basement, it was a long way even without any cargo. Kate was happily twitting about hardships of diets: that’s while she quited her diets, two days was an absolute record. Don was mostly talking about organic chemistry exams, while Alex and Alice were silent. Alex was regretting his pliability and Don’s stupidity, while Alice just smiled to her thoughts. Kate’s tightly braided plaints jumped cheerfully and bumped into girl’s back, as she descended. Alex imagined, what else was jumping, but could not see, as he looked from behind. On the plus side, Kate wore tight jeans, hinting where her panties were. Not that Alex was fan of plus size butts, but this one was worth watching.

And then they came. There were some bags and cardboard boxes surrounding a fridge. No, the Fridge. It stood tall, proud and white as iceberg, surrounded by sea of lesser luggage. Even Don’s optimism sprung a leak at this sight.

“No worries, we removed all the shelves and glass from it” Kate reassured. The boys tried to move iceberg. They succeeded, but only because it had rollers on the bottom. Don tilted the fridge and Alex tried to pull the bottom up, but it was too heavy. They could barely lift the thing. Alex had to put it back on the floor. Shame was better then possible injuries due to falling from stairway or getting a rupture.

Don turned to the fridge too, heaving and probably thinking about their impossible mission, or pondering how to retreat without losing face. Alice handed something looking like small transparent piece of plastic to Kate, and said: “I told you, boys, I have a plan”. Kate immediately stepped behind Don and got her hand under his shorts. Seconds later Alex felt that Alice did same to him, pulling his t-shirt up, then something cold has touched and stuck to small of his back. Cold feeling radiated outside, it wasn’t painful, yet unexpected and somewhat scary. Alex has turned to Alice on his heels: “What the hell?”

“Relax, you’ll like it and that would help you to uncover your true potential” Alice’s voice was so soothing and seducing, that Alex really calmed a bit.

As to Don, he was surprised too, but Kate’s hands on his butt made him forget all complaints. The Icy cold feeling engulfed rest of Alex’s skin and he noticed odd change in the outside world... as if someone has adjusted the focus on a camera. His shortsightedness had gone in merely seconds. He didn’t take his glasses, as they could fall and be damaged on the stairs, but now his eyes didn’t need them anymore. With his newly keen sight he noticed a wave of change going upwards from Don’s neck to his cheeks and forehead, sweeping all signs of acne, leaving a slightly tanned skin with no blemishes. In the dim lights of basement he couldn’t be sure, but that new skin had a slightly plastic sheen.

He looked down at his own hands, apparently they were undergoing the same change and it was almost over, eating last chunks of his natural pale skin, replacing it with an evenly coloured something. Also the hair on his hands melted and vanished one by one. Then came a low hissing sound. It emanated from Don and from Alex himself. Alex noted his underwear becoming snug, and Don’s sports t-shirt, wasn’t loose anymore. He has grown biceps, shoulders, all sorts of muscles appearing out of nowhere. The same happened to Alex. Muscles appeared out of nothing, quickly using free space inside boys’ garments.

Amazed Don finally managed to ask, “What did you do, girls?”.

Kate replied: “We thought you need some pumping, but had no time to go to gym”.

“Yeah, this is a short way” Alice added, “you are pumped. Quite literally”

This indeed looked like inflation and felt like inflation, both Alex and Don sensed growing taut and stretching feeling. As the growth went on, the boys added in height, inflating torsos pulled their t-shirts aside and upwards, revealing their new six-packs. As Don turned to Kate, Alex could glance at his back, there was a semi transparent plastic valve, sticking from his back, or rather the upper side of his left butt cheek. It was unbelievable, Alex put his hand on his own back and found the same feature in the small of the back. Alice took him by the arm and pushed away from the plug, softly but without hesitation, “Not now”.

The inflation of the muscles was nearly over, inflated their hips, arms, and the rest of their body a bit more, then the hissing stopped. Don looked like some mix of comic parody of a bodybuilder with a male strip dancer, his facial features were recognizable, but he was now handsome guy, not a nerdy boy. Alex thought, that the same is true for him. Alice broke the stunned trance. “Now, boys, try to move damn fridge again.”

They did. This time it was easy. Don felt the strain when he mounted the heavy burden over his back, as if the weight compressed him - widening his legs and hips, but he could handle it, also hoped that his overstretched shorts wouldn’t tear by the seams. Alex lifted his corner easily now. Kate clapped her hands cheering them on. The girls took some relatively light boxes and followed Alex and Don, who raced upwards, enjoying their new found strength.

They were at the eighth floor in two minutes. Probably they could do it faster, yet inertia at turning seemed to be a problem. The strange doping added strength, taking weight away. Anyway, they had to wait for girls there, as the door of their room was locked. They stood bathing in the glory and maidenly glances. Don had pulled his shorts up, to hide the plug, Alex could not do so and his t-shirt was near its limit - no chance to pull it down, a wide stripe of his chest and back was exposed, so he just turned his back to the wall. Here on the girl’s floor they had a few friends and even those who knew them, barely could recognize him and Don now. Finally, Alice and Kate came and unlocked the door, lettingthe boys in. They put the fridge down and raced back down to the cellar level to pick up the rest of the bags. Both girls decided to wait in their room.

On the walk back up, both boys had some time to share emotions. Don said, “Never felt, so cool. And Kate, dude how she looked at me, when … you understand, when the change happened!”

“Yeah, you really look like a stripper bodybuilder. But, do you have a clue, as to what happened?”

“No, but I don’t care. I like it”

I like it too so far. Yet I’m quite nervous, and this thing in my back, everyone sees it. Well it is better than glasses, I can hide it, once I find anything fitting my new size”


“Yes, my eyes are ok now.”

“That’s great, dude”

“Yet I don’t understand it”.

They got rest of bags and boxes, there was not much left to do.

Don continued the interrupted discussion, “Ah. It seems impossible to me, too. But that’s the kind of miracles I like.”

“Don, do you think we are just pumped, or really just inflated”

“Maybe, I hope they’ll tell us”

“Maybe. Alice told me not to touch the valve. I wonder, why”

“Because you’ll deflate” Don laughed, “You may try, while she’s not watching”

“I’d leave the honor of the experiment to you”

They walked from the stairs to Kate's room, catching glances of girls, flirting, playful and puzzled when they saw Alex’s back.

Finally the job was done. Kate had shown them where to put the fridge and rest of things, the pie was at the table, then Alice said, “Great thanks. Now we can change you back”.

Both boys were thunderstruck.

Don was first to argue, “But why?”.

Alex had to support him, “I don’t know what did you did, and how. It would be nice to hear some explanation. Yet it is too good to give away”

“But you are inflatable” Alice reasoned, “You look very hot, now, of course” She said. Addressing to both, but mostly to Alex. He couldn’t believe his ears. Alice-the Goddess-Bartley said he looks good!

“And I’d like to stay like that” both boys said in a chorus.

“You heard that, they don’t mind being inflatable” Alice said.

Kate just nodded, “Then there is no problem. If you two agree, let it be permanent“. Alex felt odd, a cold feeling in his back again. The plug was not stuck on anymore. It became an integral part - tactile sensitive as the rest of his skin.

Kate continued, ”As the problem is now resolved, well, Come here to me, you, naughty boy!” She seized and overwhelmed Don by his arm, easily dragged and kissed him on the lips. Alice did same to Alex. His usual suspicion had vanished. Both pairs kissed ardently, then with more and more lust. He hugged her, she hugged him, with notable squeaking sounds... then her hands went to the stripe of bare skin on his back, caressing him, she playfully touched the plug, pulling it in open position. That was surprisingly pleasant. Don was happy like never before, when the girl of his wildest dreams put her hands on his butt, she made a circle with her nail around his valve and pulled it.

Both boys were popped open simultaneously. Again they hissed, but this time louder than during the change. Don expected something like this, he relaxed feeling how her hug squishes the air out of his body, his muscles were shrinking, he felt limp and weak, but Kate held him tightly, so he didn’t fall. Don’s face flapped into Kate’s gorgeous cleavage, he was at the apex of happiness slowly becoming flat in her arms.

Alex, had pulled away, from Alice, but quickly found that his strength is fading as air left his new pneumatic body. He yelled: “What are you doing?”

Alice replied, “It’s part of being inflatable. Relax. I’ll play with you later. And don’t fight it. You agreed to stay like this and now it’s permanent!”

He tried to free his hands, but fighting only made him deflate faster. He reduced in size quickly, passing his old skinny shape, quickly becoming limp, creases appeared, he couldn’t stand anymore and collapsed on his knees. Alice bent and folded his torso and finally sat on him, squeezing the remaining air out of his empty plastic shell.


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