Her Perfect Form

by KnottyNarrator

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High school honor roll. College Valedictorian. MIT graduate. All before the age of 24. Athena was a scientist, and a brilliant one at that. She’d worked in the defense sector as a robotics engineer for her early career, however her larger ambitions had recently forced her to leave the lucrative position and brought her to a new field; Dolls. Athena now spent her days as a top scientist for a sex-doll manufacturing company, as much as it hurt her pride to say aloud. She detested everything that the industry stood for, but the access to advanced synthetics when combined with her own experience developing military-grade robots and prosthetics made this career choice the logical next step for her to achieve her goals. Athena had grand ambitions, and she pursued them as if her life depended on them, because they did. You see, Athena had been diagnosed at a young age with a life-threatening medical condition, and modern medicine told her she’d never make it past 35 years old. Unless she’d found a way out, that is. Athena dedicated her life striving to design a perfect body to replace the one she’d been born with; to become her best self. In her 30th year now, her plan was finally coming to fruition.

Over a decade ago Athena had stumbled upon an experimental concept to transfer one’s consciousness into a computer, and that’s when her plan was conceived. Some larger corporations had attempted to make the idea work; however, their approach was flawed and the commercial market likely wouldn’t be able to capitalize on the concept properly for at least another two decades. Athena, on the other hand, had spent her life perfecting the theory, and would soon be time for her to put her years of study to the test.

Using what she’d learned in the defense sector, Athena was able to design an endoskeleton that would be the foundation of her perfect form. Borrowing materials and ideas used in the military robotics she’d spent years working on, the design of the endoskeleton was highly durable. Bullet proof. Able to withstand jumping out of an aircraft and land unscathed. This thing could get hit by a truck moving at 60 mph and it wouldn’t leave a scratch. Athena didn’t want to have spent her life trying to escape from the fragility of her human form just to die tragically from some ordinary incident. More than just durable though, this body would be incredibly powerful. Despite coming in an adult woman sized package, the body would be capable of outperforming even the most elite athletes in the areas of strength, speed, and endurance. It would be powered using a small nuclear reactor Athena had ‘acquired’ during her time in the defense industry, providing nearly limitless energy supply. If Athena succeeded, she would never know fatigue, and never need to eat or sleep. Developments in computer technology would allow her to regularly update her own software, and her already brilliant mind would be infinitely brighter once placed into a supercomputer. Athena could have access to the entirety of human knowledge if she connected to the internet and could use it to expand her own skills and knowledge. She would be able to read all literature ever written, she could master any martial art she had footage of, she could access any security camera in the world. In essence, Athena was going to become a god among men; her potential would be limitless. She could become a superhero if she felt like it, Athena sometimes mused to herself.

Back to the dolls. The reason Athena sought out the position in the sex-doll company was their advanced synthetic materials used in their state-of-the-art sex-dolls. The material would have an extraordinary application in the field of prosthetics, allowing for the creation of prosthetics that allowed testers to fully replicate the feeling of having human tissue, with a sense of touch that could be configured to be 10x more acute than natural human tissue. Unfortunately, the patent was currently held by this Doll Company, and instead of revolutionizing medicine it was being used to create the impossibly lifelike sex toys that catered to degenerates and perverts. To their credit, however, the company’s development of lifelike dolls would be of great use to Athena when it came to housing her superhuman skeleton into a perfectly human looking form, and one whose appearance she could customize to her liking down to the smallest detail. Athena didn’t want to just be strong and durable and virtually immortal if it meant giving up her human experience; with the dolls synthetic technology Athena would be able to feel and experience everything she could as a human, with heightened senses, even. This meant she could still live a relatively normal life if she wanted.

Athena still detested this company; they were sitting on a medical miracle waiting to happen and instead used it to create lifelike sex toys. In her opinion, these dolls were disgusting inventions that only catered to the male population. By coming up with endoskeleton designs not too dissimilar to her own personal design the company was able to engineer lifelike, obedient, moving sex-robots. Athena’s ideas skyrocketed her position in the company, and at long last she had full access to the company’s labs and technology.

As the months went on and Athena prepared to set her plan in motion, her health started to falter. Athena was running out of time and decided it was time to act tonight. Her preparations weren’t fully complete, and as a result she’d have to finish creating her new body and transfer her consciousness all at once, and she lacked her own personal space to do so. This was only a minor setback however, as the main facility was set to be empty for the entire weekend and she would have plenty of time to see the process through. Athena made her way to the factory.

Once she arrived, she used her personal security keys to gain access to the now empty general manufacturing floor, and she began to set up shop. They’d changed the layout recently, which caught her off guard. Some of the equipment seemed to have been recently renovated as well, but that didn’t concern Athena too much. She set up her personal station that she’d use later to transfer her consciousness, and once that was all set, she’d made her way over to the design terminal. The design terminal was where all specifications of any given doll could be made, and she went to work nitpicking every detail for her perfect body. Embarrassing as it was to admit, she did find many of the dolls outrageous proportions to be incredibly sexy. Athena wouldn’t do anything extreme herself, but she did splurge and designed her new look to have some subtly fabulous proportions. For starters, she’d make herself 5’6”, a modest two inches taller than she was now like she always wanted. Athena opted to go with some perky C-Cup tits, feeling like it was a conservative choice given the range the machine allowed and liked the size as it matched what she already had. Athena did, however, splurge on the design of her lower body. She’d decided on a 26-inch waist with hips that would barely seem above average on a normal girl, but here in combination with her impossibly dainty waist it would give her a devastating figure. She configured the system to give herself a fairly athletic physique, with toned arms and legs with and a tight bubble butt. While she felt a little embarrassed thinking about how sexy she’d be, Athena reminded herself it was nothing nearly as vulgar or obscene as what she’d seen some of these perverts’ order. Moving onto her face, she tried to replicate her own as much as possible whilst fixing her otherwise small imperfections. Her nose would no longer be a little crooked, her eyelashes would be a little longer. Hell, she thought, she’d make her lips just a little bit fuller than they were before as well. Might as well get everything she ever wanted, right? Finally, she opted to keep her lovely snow-white skin and she’d have the same shoulder length black hair she’s always loved about herself. After an hour or so of tweaking her character creator to perfection, she decided it was time to begin.

Athena started strapping herself into her perfectly designed machine and initiated the process. If everything worked, she’d transfer to her new endoskeleton and immediately be loaded up by the machine to be processed into her perfect form. Athena took no chances leading up to this, she made sure to clear the doll processing machine of all other doll frames, also known as blanks, from the area. The idea of something going wrong and getting stuck in some flimsy sex toy for eternity made her sick to her stomach. Athena laid back and activated the transfer procedure. She was nervous, but if this didn’t work her life was going to end shortly anyway so she affirmed to herself that she had nothing to truly be afraid of. If everything failed and she died, then she died.

Athena closed her eyes, and everything went black. She slowly felt all feeling slip away, she felt nothing. She was nothing. Then suddenly a light, and slowly she started to feel her mind and thoughts return. A few moments went by and she could feel herself being lifted; the process had worked! It took her a moment, but she opened her new eyes and could see the world in so much more detail than ever before. She was flying, no, she was being lifted by the equipment into the doll processing machine, everything was going according to plan. Athena’s new body was lowered into the machine and she could see the synthetic tissue start to form and mold around her not unlike a 3D printer. It started from the bottom and she could feel the coolness of the floor through the skin of her new feet. As the process continued, she could feel the breeze from all the moving parts brush past the skin on her legs, then her ass, her stomach. The process continued past her tits and as the wind brushed across that she could feel her newly formed nipples start to harden. So sensitive, she thought. Finally, the process reached her head, and before she knew it her all too familiar black hair was gently resting against her shoulders. She was complete.

The doors to the machine opened, and Athena stumbled out like a freshly born calf, unsteady in her new body. She knelt down for a moment to get her bearing, and then slowly rose, admiring her new form. She felt good; she felt strong. She quickly began to experiment. She walked over to some of her equipment; heavy equipment that had taken her hours to properly move around and set up in her human body, and now she casually lifted it as if she were lifting a jug of milk. Everything was so clear, her mind felt sharper than it had ever been. That’s when she noticed it, her old body. She walked over and inspected it. The old Athena lay there still on the table, deep in a sleep it would never awake from. Oddly enough, this hadn’t bothered Athena as much as she’d thought it would. She was now what she was always meant to be, her old vehicle didn’t mean anything to her. Athena had foolishly overlooked this detail though – what was she going to do with her old body? Not having the nerve to toss her old self in the incinerator, Athena determined that she’d pack her old self away into one of the doll boxes for the time being and have the factory’s computer ship it to her place once the line opened back up. No, better yet, she’d have it shipped to her boyfriend’s house. Nothing should trace back to her. Athena would just have to make sure she was there when the box arrived to avoid her boyfriend noticing or growing suspicious. Once her old body was thoroughly packed into a human sized toy box, Athena gave herself a moment of silence to commemorate her old life, then went on about her business. Till next they met.

It was then that Athena truly realized she was naked in her new body. She took a moment and ran her hands down along the skin of her legs and stomach, and everything was so much more sensitive than before. She happened to brush her hands across her breasts and would have been short of breath, had she actually needed to breathe. Athena was never really one to masturbate, far too prudish for that, but she did take the time now out of pure curiosity and lightly pinched one of her nipples. Instantly she felt herself on the brink of orgasm, something she had not at all accounted for. Perhaps this was a side effect or preset the factory used for its doll’s sensitivity? Athena would have to dig into her own settings later and adjust that, it was far too powerful for her to handle. Still, she was curious. Athena decided she’d savor her moment of victory and reached her hand down to slowly start touching her perfectly engineered clit. The effects were instant, Athena had the most mind-blowing orgasm of her life from just a touch, and she found herself on her knees convulsing from the pleasure. Pleasant while it lasted, but definitely something she’d be changing, she thought to herself.

After savoring her body thoroughly, Athena realized the one mistake she’d made in her whole plan: clothing. She hadn’t packed any additional clothing, and the ones she’d brought were now packed away along with the rest of her old body. Athena pondered her options for a moment. She could easily find clothing in the factory but decided she had too much self-respect to wear any of that demeaning lingerie or fetish gear the dolls would normally be outfitted with. Finally, she just decided to say fuck it; she’d just leave naked. It was an abandoned facility late at night; she’d easily make it to her car unseen, then could simply sneak into her own house without a worry. Besides, the weather was lovely this time of year. Athena cleaned up everything behind her, erasing any evidence she was ever here. Then she made her way to the door, that’s when things went south.

As Athena began to approach the exit, an alarm sounded.


With that, a single security robot appeared from a previously offline station. The security robot itself was essentially a doll as well, but design and specification wise it was somewhere between a regular doll and Athena’s new body. It had a male form, carrying with it the physical capabilities of an athletic adult male. It had even been dressed like an actual police officer to boot! Athena went from startled to kind of excited. This would be a perfect chance for her to really test out her abilities.

“MALFUNCTIONING DOLL DETECTED, INITIATING RECLAMATION!” the security bot shouted in a mechanical voice that didn’t really match its lifelike appearance as it approached. The robot thought Athena was a doll; silly, she thought. She was fully naked though, so she could understand how its AI got the wrong impression. The security bot lunged at Athena and with her new eyes it was as if the bot was moving in slow motion. Athena effortlessly sidestepped the security bot and delivered a punch to its ribs that sent it sprawling across the floor; she had held back and could still feel that several of the security bot’s ribs had crumbled under her blow. The security bot got back on its feet and pulled out a baton. It lunged forward again, swinging the baton downward towards Athena’s face. She could have easily side stepped it, but she was still experimenting. She raised one of her arms up into the arc of the swing to block, and the baton snapped in half over her forearm. This is just about over, Athena thought to herself. Athena straightened her fingers out into a knife hand and plunged her hand into the security bots chest, right where she knew it’s battery was stored. The security bot stumbled backwards, losing power fast. It’d be completely powered down in a few moments. It reached for some sort of firearm on its hip and aimed it at Athena. Athena honestly had no idea what kind of weapon that was supposed to be. It wasn’t an actual gun, that was for sure. It could have been a taser, but that wouldn’t have had any effect on her either. She wasn’t worried; nothing could hurt her, so she confidently watched on as the security bot pulled the trigger.

From the barrel of this device launched some sort of elongated band, Athena still had no idea, nor any care, of what it was. She decided she’d just take the hit, whatever it was. The mysterious black band closed the distance between them and wrapped itself around Athena’s throat; it was some sort of collar! A moment went by and the security bot collapsed onto the floor, fully out of commission. Athena had won, now it was time to pull off this silly collar and... She couldn’t move! Another few moments had passed when suddenly a speaker from the collar chirped to life and Athena realized what this was! It was one of the company’s old models of a control collar! In the early days of the AI, owners would configure their own setting for dolls through the use of the collar. They weren’t used anymore, as each doll now had such software built into their bodies now.

“NO CONTROL CHIP DETECTED” the collar chirped. “INITIATING CORRECTIVE REPROCESSING!” And with that Athena started unwillingly marching back to the machine she’d emerged from earlier. A million things were running through Athena’s mind at that moment. She concluded that since she borrowed her own technology design when she built the Doll AI, that must be why this collar is compatible with her body’s interface. The system is trying to install a control chip in her! If the collar is able to interface with her software, she knew the chip would too.

“This is bad, really bad,” Athena screamed in her head. Athena was powerless for the moment though, as the collar was forcing her to walk straight back to be reprocessed for that control chip. Thankfully the factory was closed for the weekend, so that’s the only change it should be making. After it was done maybe she’d be able to figure something out.

Athena re-entered the same machine as before, and this time the process was incredibly quick; she felt a slight prick at the back of her neck, then saw the collar fall off her neck onto the floor below her. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t control her own movement. From there the same mechanical arms from before hoisted her up and she saw she was being brought to packaging! This couldn’t be right, there were no orders in the system over the weekend. She would be packaged and stuck until someone found her on Monday; she needed to find a way to start overriding this control chip, and soon.

Once she reached Packaging, the whole packaging area of the factory came to life. Immediately the system tried to determine what package of theme this doll was supposed to be.

“DOLL CLOTHING PACKAGE UNDETERMINED, INITIATING RANDOM CONFIGURATION!” The system declared. Athena was expecting some trashy lingerie to be fitted to her, but surprisingly little was being added. The system secured a small choker with a bell around her throat, and she had some ears fixed to her head. She was still naked, which was a little annoying, but at least there wasn’t anything super demeaning about this get-up, Athena thought to herself. She reassured herself too soon, as soon as she thought she was in the clear she felt something warm and wet probing her from behind, and a moment later something large plunged itself deep into her asshole. Athena initially thought to shout out in pain, but instead she found herself overwhelmed with an even more mind-breaking orgasm than when she’d touched herself earlier. Her eyes had rolled back into her head, and her mouth stretched open and for whatever reason she instinctively stuck out her tongue. Her senses were completely overwhelmed for what seemed like entire minutes as her virgin asshole adapted to this intruder, and she couldn’t follow what was happening next. She felt something brush up against her nose and cheeks, then felt something around her hands and feet. She began to notice herself being secured with plastic bands and noticed she couldn’t move...like anything. Her face was still frozen in that silly, tongue out expression from earlier! She felt the arms securing to some sort of interior packaging, and by the time she could finally think straight again she realized she’d been lowered into a large box with a plastic window for her to be on display from. Athena could feel the box itself being lifted, and after a moment she found herself placed off to the side of the factory adjacent from a wall of mirrors. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

For starters, above the plastic display window on her box were the words “SEX KITTEN!” Which was a perfectly demeaning descriptor of what the system had done to her. She was spread eagle and flattened out against the window of her box, wearing several pieces of cat-like gear. Her hands were balled up into little rubber paws, as were her feet. She had that black choker around her neck still, and cat ears fixed to the top of her head. She hadn’t realized when they’d done it, but she had black whiskers seemingly permanently drawn onto her face, which only added to how depraved and slutty she looked with her lewd, tongue out, eyes rolled back, ahegao expression. But the worst offender of them all, was near the bottom of her box window, a circle was opened up around her openly displayed pussy and asshole, and there was a long fuzzy cat tail affixed to the plug in her ass! Around the hole in the box “Play with me!” was displayed in bold lettering, inviting strangers to touch her most private areas. Athena was completely frozen, stuck like that and forced to stare at her own depraved form from the window of a life size toy box. Once Athena was able to work past the utter shame and humiliation of her situation, she started to think of solutions. If only she could move! She was indestructible, super strong, and hyper-intelligent! If this stupid control chip hadn’t been preventing her from controlling her own body, she’d be free from this flimsy box in no time. Athena relaxed; she had time, forever even. She decided she’d focus her mind on the control chip and work on bypassing it’s controls somehow. It should be possible in theory; Athena just wasn’t used to this body yet and would need some time to figure this out. Thankfully, she had time, a whole weekend in fact. She knew if she put her mind to it, she’d be able to crack this code within a day.

Three Days Later...

The entire weekend had passed, and Athena was still stuck! She’d tried everything she could think of, nothing she could do would bypass the control chip without manually interacting with it, and she hadn’t been able to do so much as move for the last 3 days. She’d started going stir crazy, then the first workers started rolling back into the factory. At first, she was horrified that people would see her like this, but then that terror changed to frustration as they would just walk right past her! I suppose they must see dolls dressed like this on a daily basis, and it must not seem out of place, Athena thought to herself. She tried to reassure herself of the situation. Sure, this was a humiliating position to find herself in, but she had the advantage of time.

A few hours later around lunch time, Athena still lay in her box, undisturbed. Eventually, some of the workers on lunch break were passing by and started having a conversation in front of her box, while Athena helplessly watched on.

“Yeah, these are one of my favorite models” one of them said, gesturing towards the helpless Athena. “I just love some of these features, check this out!” With that the man reached his grubby hand through the hole in Athena’s window and started slowly brushing his hand against her pussy. Athena was disgusted, but suddenly she started moving! Well, sort of. She realized her body was naturally trying to grind her pussy against his hand, and then suddenly she felt a long, loud purr erupt from her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!” One of the other guys yelled. “That’s good pussy right there!” If Athena could die of embarrassment, she would have. She could not believe she was being objectified by these stupid fucking workers like this.

“Wait wait wait, one more feature guys!” The man from before exclaimed. With that he reached further into her window and gave her tail a tug. Two things happened; first a combination of pain and pleasure that Athena could have never anticipated swept over her. Second, her bodily reaction was to start desperately meowing! Was this the work of the control chip?! Or something else altogether, Athena wondered. Regardless, the only thing worse than being objectified like this in front of these random, perverted men, was the fact that her body was loving it so much. As soon as the man stopped tugging on her tail, she found she couldn’t move again, yet her sex achingly longed for his touch, much to Athena’s disgust. The group made a few more jokes and demeaning comments at her expense and went on with their day, leaving Athena abandoned again. Seemingly the entire day had gone by and no one had even questioned what she was doing there! Athena was growing impatient, she needed someone to make a move for her to have a chance to escape. It was near closing time when suddenly there appeared to be some sort of commotion.

“We had a last-minute order, but we’re out of blanks!” Athena overheard someone say.

“What about that box over there? It doesn’t have an order attached to it, we could reprocess it.” She overheard another person reply. Shit, this isn’t good, thought Athena. If they reprocess her who knows what stupid changes they’d make to her perfect body. She reassured herself again though. She was a genius, and she had time on her hands. Even if she ended up in the hands of some pervert, she could just free herself and return home once this damned control chip unfroze her. Besides, after the humiliation she’d been forced to endure while boxed up as this “sex-kitten” not much else would phase her, she decided. A group of workers walked up and started inspecting her.

“She’s already got the right clothing theme...sorta.” One of the men admitted.

“Her tits are definitely too small; we’d definitely have to reprocess her, “ the other man added. Too small? Her tits were perfect, these misogynistic perverts just couldn’t realize that. Athena felt relieved to hear that her clothing theme was correct though? Maybe that meant she didn’t have to go through having things pulled out and shoved into her asshole again if she was already in the right outfit.

“Alright, we don’t have any other choice then. We’ll just reprocess this one.” One of the men decided. “You have the order specifications?” He asked.

“Yeah, whoever ordered this is one of those real freaks, you know?” the other man replied. “He ordered the Deluxe Sex-Kitten model,” he explained. A real freak? Deluxe? What was that supposed to mean? Athena was in panic mode, trying to think of some of the sicker orders she’d seen in her time at the company, she wasn’t really sure what this meant! All of these orders were sick and perverted, what could be different about this one?! And on that note her box was up and moving again, and before she knew it Athena found herself back in the production area for her third round of processing. She was carefully unpackaged and placed back into the processing chamber for a final time. Suddenly, she felt an extreme warmth come from the back of her neck where her control chip was, and suddenly everything went black.

Athena awoke, but everything was still black. She couldn’t see anything, but she could still hear.

“Alright, looks like processing on this one is complete.” One of the voices from earlier said. “Want to run through the checklist of specifications to make sure we got everything?” He continued.

“Absolutely, I’m ready to finish this and get home.” The other voice replied.

“Model Style: Extreme Sex-Kitten” she heard him announce. Extreme? What did the extreme mean? She barely had any awareness of her surroundings.

“Double D-Cup tits...Check.” Athena’s poor, perfect breasts. She’d have to go through this entire process again once she freed herself to correct this.

“Initialize Extreme Libido...check.” Upon hearing the words Athena felt an immense amount of warmth, followed by a sudden aching in her mouth, pussy, and asshole. It was becoming difficult to think clearly about anything, but she continued listening as best as she could.

“Extreme Submission Protocols...Check.” As the words left his mouth Athena felt an overwhelming urge to be told to do something. She just needed to be bossed around, she needed a man to control her. Athena had the mind to combat these urges but the longing in her holes suddenly made her lose interest in resisting for the time being.

“Piercings: Tongue, nipples and... clit. Check.” They’d pierced her perfect body?! Athena was fuming, but the thought of losing her self-agency like that made her so horny. Everything made her horny right now, actually. God, it was so hard to think clearly right now.

“She already had the tail, collar, and ears...Check.” This was nothing new, Athena was already accustomed to these indecencies by now.

“Onto some of the more extreme changes. Voice modifications...Check. This thing can only purr and meow now, it’s unable to speak human languages.” WHAT? They did what to her? Her mind was racing on how she’d work around this once she had the chance. Why couldn’t she see yet? Why was it so dark?

“Eye’s upgraded; custom heart shaped pupils. Check” . They REPLACED HER EYES?! Those were so technologically advanced these idiots couldn’t have afforded one of them on a year’s salary, and they swapped them out for whatever cheap knock offs they had in the factory? Athena’s vision suddenly started to return, and after a moment of refocusing she could start to see again. Her vision was significantly weaker than it had been before; her old eyes could process even things like ultraviolet light, whereas these seemed to lack long distance vision that reached more than 10 to 15 feet ahead of her! Just another tedious upgrade she’d have to reapply once she found a way out. As her vision became clearer, she could start to see the two workers again looking the same as before, and then her gaze shifted to seeing her own reflection in the mirror across from the box she’d been packaged into.

“Finally, the elephant in the room. Limbs replaced with detachable variants. Currently configured to be removed below the elbows and knees, respectively. Check.” Athena wanted to scream. And cry. And probably die too. She saw herself strapped in the display case and her previous military grade limbs had been replaced with cheap detachable ones, which were now proudly displayed to her sides like some sort of set. Athena mourned for her lost perfection so deeply and in that moment swore her revenge, somehow. This conviction was short lived.

“Alright, this bitch is ready to ship! Let’s get her on the truck and get the fuck out of here, man.” One of the workers stated impatiently, slapping Athena’s pussy though the window of her packaging as a gesture of satisfaction. Once again Athena was overcome with ecstasy as her overly sensitive new body convulsed from the impact, causing her to let out a passionate purr and meow before having her facial expression once again sealed in the most humiliating configuration. She was barely aware of the fact that her package had been loaded into the back of one of the company’s delivery trucks, thrusting her into darkness.

6 Months later...

Athena had been fortunate: as it turns out she’d been purchased by a fraternity! The boys quickly lost track of her limbs, however she was extremely popular even without them and quickly became the house's new mascot. Athena had been lucky because had she ended up with some random pervert, she probably would have had the mental fortitude to endure her heightened libido and having to satisfy his twisted desires. Thankfully though, with over 30 guys in the fraternity Athena never had time to take a break! It had only been a week or so of perpetual, nonstop fucking when the pleasure started to overwrite all of her instincts from when she was human. Now all she wanted was for her holes to be stuffed and pounded as to satiate her bottomless sex drive, and every time she involuntarily purred in utter contentment as one of the boys blew their load into her, Athena knew this was the most perfect form she could ever hope to have.



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