House of Dolls

by Robotunit8

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The sign ‘Welcome to England’ had greeted Bronwyn Harper as she had driven her hire car out of Heathrow Airport that morning, and even now she could only smile at remembering that sign. She hadn’t seen much of a welcome so far on this typical spring Sunday in England if she was being honest. In other words, it had rained incessantly all day, and even now, by five in the afternoon the light was beginning to disappear from the grey, leaden skies. And thanks to a delayed flight, and a lengthy passage through immigration she was still 80 miles or so from her destination, somewhere in Wiltshire if the signs were to be believed.

Combine all this with a long, overnight Transatlantic flight, and Bronwyn was just about ready to call her friend and tell her she would find somewhere to stay, and then see her in the morning on her cellphone when the matter was settled for her. For whatever reason (she laughingly suspected flooding) her hire car decided to stop working, seemingly pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

“Oh great!” she said to herself, after several minutes of effort, trying to inspire the car back into life, without any success whatsoever. She managed to ring the hire car company who apologetically (of sorts) explained that it would be the morning before they could get anyone out to her (it being Sunday, and early evening, and...) and after taking the details of her location advised her to find a nearby hotel for the night, and that she would be ‘compensated’ when the car was returned. The only snag with that idea being the total lack of any hotel seemingly nearby.

She rang her friend with the news, explaining what had happened, and that now she would definitely not see her now before the morning. She was disappointed, but understanding, but equally not keen to drive 80 miles to rescue her given current weather conditions, not that Bronwyn ever expected, or wanted her to.

Just when she was resigning herself to a night sleeping in the car with limited food and drink rations, she saw a pair of lights flickering not too far ahead of her. Could it be someone actually lived out here in the middle of nowhere? They clearly weren’t the lights of a vehicle, beyond the flickering they were definitely stationary. The rain eased to a deluge, and Bronwyn decided to take her chances on being able to at least stay in the warm and dry overnight, and maybe get something to eat and drink as well. It wasnt like she would be unable to recompense whoever lived there for staying there, and even better, they may know someone who could get her back on the road early in the morning.

It was only 100-150 yards that Bronwyn had to run to get there, but she was still drenched by the time she reached the house. She rang the bell, waiting for the chance to throw herself at the mercy of whoever lived there and ask for a room, and board for the night. The wait seemed interminable to her, the house seemed too well lit for no one to be there, but... finally she heard bolts being released and the door creaked open. Stood in front of her was a woman, medium height, slim in build and walking with the aid of a stick even though she seemed no older than her thirties. Bronwyn assumed she must have had an accident at some point in her life to warrant this. At least this explained why it took her so long to answer the door.

“Yes?” the woman asked, opening the door slightly, quite sharp in manner, presumably because Bronwyn had either disturbed her, or from the pain she may have felt from walking to the door.

“My car has broken down nearby, and I can’t get it fixed till the morning.” Bronwyn explained to her, “And there are seemingly no hotels in the area that I can see. I was wondering if it would be possible to stay here the night given the weather, rather than sleeping in my car?”

The door opened further, and Bronwyn could see the reason why the lights seemed to flicker, it seemed that the passageway was lit by candles, not by electricity, a strange sight in the 21st century, but at the moment Bronwyn couldn’t afford to be fussy! There didnt appear to be anywhere else to stay locally at least.

“I havent really got anywhere you can stay.” the woman said firmly, “There are taxi firms around here, and hotels within a few miles that you could stay at, I think that might be better for you.”

She might be right on that, but Bronwyn wasnt inclined to trying to find a hotel to stay at when she didnt know the area, and she really didnt mind what the arrangements were if she could stay close to her car and belongings rather than totally deserting them.

“Please let me stay.” she begged, “I dont want to go miles from here, leaving the car and my belongings here, and then trying to find them again in the morning when I don’t really know where I am.”

Finally, after much pleading the woman opened the door and let Bronwyn in, muttering something about, “If you must.” and “Some people never listen.”

But Bronwyn was too glad just to get into the house and start to get warm and dry. It was only then she realised that it wasn’t just the passageway lit by candles, it was seemingly the whole house. Strange, but Bronwyn was past caring about such matters. But once she was inside, the mysterious woman seemed to ease her attitude towards her, and not only showed her to a very comfortable bedroom, but also provided her with some food and drink as well. But all the same, quite early that evening Bronwyn excused herself, and retired to her room, planning on a good nights sleep.

Now whether it was the stresses of the day, the strangeness of the woman and/or the house, the jetlag or whatever, but Bronwyn couldn’t get to sleep. She knew she had a sleeping tablet in her handbag, all she needed was some water to take it with, and then hopefully she could get a good nights sleep. Seemingly the chances of finding a light switch in this house was none, but she had seen candle holders, so if she could find one of those, light a candle, the problem could be solved. But fumbling for one in the dark was a whole different matter. But at last...

She grasped the candle holder on the wall, and tried to pick it up, but nothing happened. So she tugged on it, the holder still didnt move, but she heard a creaking noise, and just then the moonlight shone through the window to reveal a gap in the wall. Not only that, but the moonlight showed her where a candle was, and something to light it with. She lit the candle, studied the gap that had formed in the wall and noticed steps leading down from there. What was more surprising at this time of night was that she could hear noises emanating from the distance. So she set off down the steps, candle in hand, not quite knowing where she was going. At the end of the passage was a door, seemingly not locked, so she opened it, and immediately wished she hadn’t!

The sight that greeted her was a number of very realistic, human looking wax dolls, all female, all naked. Also in the room were a number of vats of wax bubbling away merrily. And just in case Bronwyn hadnt worked out what was happening here, the sight of 3 naked girls restrained and gagged in cells at the back of the room would prove a bit of a giveaway! Bronwyn screamed out loudly in blind panic, before realising that may not have been the best thing she could have done! Because now, whoever it was, knew she was there.

She turned to run back the way she had came when she heard footsteps, and the sound of a stick tapping on the floor moving towards her, and then a voice say,

“Now you know why I didn’t want to let you in my dear. But now I will have to deal with you accordingly.”

At this point Bronwyn should have felt scared, but she still fancied her chances of escaping. After all, she was a fit, healthy young woman, and this woman could barely walk without the aid of a stick. So how she was going to catch her if she ran, let alone overpower her...? Part of her mind was saying that she must have caught all these other girls somehow, but even so...

She pushed out at the woman and turned to run away, but heard her call out, “Stephanie, Louise, mission duty five, prisoner to capture and store.”

Two voices called out as one, “Yes Mistress Sara, mission duty five collated, female to capture has been identified. Proceeding with mission.”

Bronwyn looked round, and in one sense wished she hadn’t, though even she had to admit the vision that greeted her was stunning. Coming towards her were two almost identical tall, lithe young women, silver from head to toe! They quickly overwhelmed and captured Bronwyn, not that she entirely regretted this fact. These two powerful young women with their voluptuous cleavage would have been very attractive to her under other circumstances, but this wasn’t that moment! Soon she was in a cell with another girl, tightly restrained, heavily gagged and very naked... and awaiting...?

The woman laughed, “Let me introduce myself and my two friends. I am Sara Bishop, sole proprietor of Bishop’s Mannequin and Doll company. My two ‘friends’ are actually twin sisters from the town nearby who came to work for me at the house a few years back... and never left. I got tired of just making dolls, and decided to experiment with something a little different. So I added ‘something special’ to the mix, and lo and behold, two perfect cyborgs. They look human, well apart from the colour of their skin at least. They even act, and speak like humans, but inside their minds, well, they are obedient to my every command. Combine that with myalar strengthening of all their muscles, and you see the perfect ‘robots’ stood before you today. The funny thing was, unlike everyone else... they volunteered to be processed! Not quite sure why, but...”

Bronwyn gulped as best she could at the news.

“Funnily enough, I’m just ready for another experiment, so given how you so prudently turned up just in time, how can I resist allowing you the oppertunity to...” she burst into laughter, but to Bronwyn at least, the news wasnt funny. Even if she could get out of the restraints, and the cage, getting past the two ‘robots’ stood to attention wasnt going to be easy to say the least!

“But first, let me show you an example of my work! Stephanie, bring out and prepare the blonde girl for her ‘new career’ as a model.”

The silver amazon easily picked up the woman, as easily as picking up a feather in fact, and carried her towards her Mistress, setting her down in front of the vats while holding onto her tightly. Sara removed the gag from the girl’s mouth, and she screamed profanities at her, even though she had a strong feeling it was all going to be in vain. It was...

Sara waited till she took a breath and then asked brusquely, “Your name girl?”

“Jo, you bitch. What are you going to do to me?”

“Well surely you know the answer to that already Jo, after all it was only earlier today that your friend Tara started her new modelling career, and now it’s your turn to do the same.” she said dryly.

Jo tried to spit at her, but missed.

“A woman with spirit, how delightful!” said Sara, “I get so much more pleasure from those who resist the process. Stephanie, if you could do the honours and get her ready?”

“Yes Mistress.” was Stephanie’s only reply, grasping Jo firmly by the waist and lifting her struggling body with great ease. She opened the door to a glass pod, released Jo from her ties, and placed her easily in the tube, locking her in position at the wrists and ankles. Jo continued to struggle valiantly, even though she knew it was in vain.

“And now to begin.” Sara said, to no one in particular. “Louise, take over the running of the process, I need to explain to our new friend Bronwyn just what delights are happening in the pod.”

Louise stood to attention, and moved over to the control panel, “Yes Mistress, I obey your every command.”

“Oh good...” said Sara with a grin as she walked towards where Bronwyn was trapped.

Wax began to pour into the pod, the strange thing was, that no sooner did the wax start to cover Jo’s ankles did she stop resisting. Indeed resistance seemed the last thing on her mind at that point. And as the wax covered more and more of her body the only thing Jo seemed to be becoming was more and more aroused!

“Its not just ordinary candle wax you see my dear Bronwyn, this is a special recipe I have created. Not only does it create the perfect wax model, it stimulates, and arouses every pore of her skin that it permeates into...”

At that moment it began to cover Jo’s large breasts, and she let out a loud moan of pure animal pleasure as the sensations ran through her.

“...quite a sensation as I’m sure you can tell. So you can only imagine what it does to her mind once her head is covered...!” Sara let out an evil laugh at the thought, “She will make a perfect addition to my new line of sex dolls once her mind has been rewired accordingly. Just imagine, those blow up latex sex dolls will be nothing compared to my line of ‘oh so human’ sex dolls that will soon be on the market. And then...!”

Jo could no longer be seen inside her waxy cocoon, and Bronwyn could only cringe at the thought of what was happening to the poor woman. Finally, an hour or so later, Louise drained away the excess wax, and there stood Jo, or at least a wax model of Jo, albeit a very accurate one for obvious reasons. Sara just smiled at the sight that greeted her.

“Louise, Stephanie, package her up ready for shipping please, this model was a custom order for a Miss Alison Portland. A female owner, makes a nice change I must say for one of these girls. I trust that she was sexually programmed accordingly Louise?”

“Of course Mistress.” Louise replied.

“Silly question really, she is just a doll, albeit a very complex one after all.” said Sara quietly to no one in particular. Then she whispered in Bronwyn’s ear, “And after a nice cup of tea, it will be your turn my dear, aren’t you so lucky?”

Bronwyn didnt think so!

For the next 20 minutes or so Bronwyn tried desperately to escape, all totally in vain of course, she was very well restrained to say the least. Then she heard the sound she was dreading, the returning footsteps that signified her turn was just around the corner. The door opened, and...

“Ah, Bronwyn, nice to see you decided to stay.” Sara said dryly. Bronwyn just glared at her, and if looks could have killed, well...

“Well my dear, seeing you have waited so patiently I have a special delight lined up for you, a new experimental line I have been longing to try out. I’ve just been waiting for the right customer to come along, but they never have, so now I’m going to keep you for myself. Isnt that so kind of me?”

Bronwyn’s muffled answer clearly suggested she didnt see things the same way!

“Louise, would you please get our guest from her cage and prepare her.”

“Yes Mistress.” Louise replied, opening the cage and taking firm hold of Bronwyn’s body, picking her up and carrying her towards the vats with considerable ease. She set her down, though as before, keeping a very firm grip on her naked form. Sara moved across and removed the gag.

“So what are you going to do to me then, you evil and mad woman?” Bronwyn asked, attempting to sound defiant while doing so.

“You have a charming tone, don’t you my dear. Still, I will very soon change that pretty mind of yours to feel differently about me.” Sara replied, “Soon you too will regard me as your wonderful Mistress. What have I planned for you? Well dolls are fun, but very immobile, so I want something more for you. So you will become a clockwork doll.” and she gave off a maniacal laugh.

Bronwyn didnt believe what she heard, “What? But how? You can’t be serious?”

“Oh, but I am my dear, very serious in fact. Louise, will you put her in the pod and I’ll show her just how serious I am.”

“Yes Mistress, I obey.” Louise replied and quickly had Bronwyn tightly held in the pod awaiting her fate.

“Stephanie, set the unit to preparation option 6, this lucky young lady gets a custom job!”

“Preparation option 6 set, Mistress.” Stephanie replied, having twisted a few dials, and pressed a series of buttons.

“Oh, excellent. Well Bronwyn, its been lovely knowing you, even if the feeling isn’t mutual. But believe me, it soon will be!”

Even having seen what happened to Jo, Bronwyn was still surprised as to just how aroused she felt as the wax slid up over her naked form. And as for when it flooded into her sex, and touched her clit for the first time! She moaned loudly as that happened. Soon her breasts were covered, and then it began to creep up over her head. The strangest sensation was when it covered her nose and mouth, and yet she still was able to breathe. What she didnt realise was that she simply no longer needed to breathe! Soon her mind was filled with commands of obedience and duty to her Mistress, these were pummeled into her helpless mind for an hour or so, and by the end of that period she was incapable of any other kind of thought.

The wax level then dropped and she felt herself being removed from the pod, and pushed over towards a mirror.

“And now for the piece de resistance...” Sara said, and Bronwyn felt something being pushed into the back of the wax until it touched her spine, seemingly fusing them together as one. She then heard clicking and whirring sounds, something pulled out from her spine, and... she began to walk! Very slow, very measured steps, but she was walking, and not of her own volition.

“It works, it works!” she heard Sara cry out in delight as she slowly but steadily walked across the room towards her.

“Yes Mistress, it does.” Louise and Stephanie replied in unison, showing as much delight as they were able to.

“Bronwyn?” Sara asked, looking at the clockwork doll.

“Yes Mistress?” she replied, slightly surprised at the girlish voice that she now spoke in.

“Come to my bedroom, I have a few things I wish to try. Preferably before I have to wind you up again.

“Yes Mistress, I would love that.” Bronwyn said happily, again in that girlish voice that she was now getting used to.

“Louise, Stephanie, duty completed. Go into pleasure mode and err... pleasure each other.”

“Yes Mistress, we obey.” the two cyborgs said happily, clearly they werent as emotionless as they seemed when commanded to be!

Sara and Bronwyn entered the bedroom, “Now my dear, lets see how that tongue works in clockwork mode on my body, I cant wait to find out.”

Lets just say that it worked very well, and that over the next few months ‘one or two’ more clockwork dolls were created. ;)


(I hope you enjoyed this, it was certainly fun to write. Comments etc to the usual address please, thanks.)

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