How I learned to Love my Enemy

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2007 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; transform; sexchange; nanotech; lovedoll; toys; cons; X


This story is about my beloved, my soul mate, my... well wait I’m not even sure if I can have a sole mate like this, and to tell you the truth love is not what I desire anymore? Anyways back to the story, a simple one since my brain is not what it used to be, needless to say you’ll understand why soon enough.
It started as a normal story; I was in a business trip trying to work out a cooperative deal with my arch rival in the nano technology sector. I said that if we worked together we could monopolize the entire industry. Neither of us would be bought out by the other so a cooperative venture was the only way to solve our problems. I had the mass manufacturing technology he needed and he had the advanced technology I needed. Both of us were well on our ways to solving these problems for ourselves but we could win out the entire market if we worked together. At the end of one grueling day of arguing we came to a pact and signed two agreements that would allow each of us to send an engineer as an “ambassador” to the other company. We laid out all of the details so that we had ourselves well protected so these engineers could communicate in such a way as to figure out whether or not we could even work together at all. We each signed the other’s version of the contract and we retired for the day. Taking my victory and my contract up to my room I set out to take a long hot shower and relax.
When I got to my room I found that it was empty except for a note on the bed informing me that I had been upgraded to a suite as a thank you by the other company’s CEO. Suspicious about this I made a mental note not to discuss anything proprietary over the phone in my suite, and make sure that if he sent up any women that I would send them away. No way was I letting him catch me with my pants down, on video with some whores or blabbing a secret over the possibly bugged phone. Not being a modest man though I didn’t care if he saw me naked so I stripped down and went right for the shower. I took a mental note of the room, there were chocolates (I would not be eating), a basket of fruit from the hotel (that I also didn’t trust), and in the bathroom there were some bottles and such in another basket with expensive lotions such that any woman would love to use. This basket I didn’t even take a second thought about since I would not need to be suspicious of stuff that I would not use anyways.
I turned on the shower and took a piss while waiting for it to heat up. Standing there I noticed that all of my toiletries had been laid out and I wondered to myself if I should even use any of them. I never did trust this guy not to play some nasty trick on me, but an upgraded room (handled cautiously) was not something I wanted to forgo on just suspicion. 
I got into the shower and started with my hair. I used the shampoo on my armpits first, just to make sure that it would not be dying my skin or hair a weird color. Satisfied it was safe I applied it to my head, lathered, rinsed, etc. My hair felt tingly, just like a good hair commercial tells you it should feel, but then I noticed something different. I started feeling my heart race some and I got a hardon that I had not expected. I quickly flipped over the bottle and there on the back was a little note:
“Sorry, could not help showing off one of our newest formulas; a kind of an aphrodisiac that unfortunately works just on men, enjoy. All of our aphrodisiacs only last about 1-2 hours, so no worries mate.”
I grabbed the soap bar I had placed in the shower and began soaping my hair hoping to get as much of its effects out quickly. No way was I letting him catch me with my pants down. If anyone knocked I simply would not check the door, in case he sent up some bombshell women or something devious like that.
Continuing on with my shower I lathered up my bar of Irish Springs soap and continued to clean myself. I found it harder to think and realized that the formula they had come up with was surely a very powerful aphrodisiac. As I cleaned myself I started to notice my own body’s curves and imagined the feeling of my hands feeling up a hot woman. As I got more enthusiastic in my minds eyes I could almost feel myself as a woman, though I knew I was not. I had always imagined what it would be like to be a woman for just 24 hours, but in this shower, every time I reached down between my legs I was reminded that I was still 100% male. I never actually wanted to BE a girl, but I would not have minded stepping into a woman’s body for a few hours, do a little exploration.
Still lathering myself, enjoying the feeling of the curves of my body (pretending in my head that I was temporarily in a woman’s body) my mind got away with it’s self and I started to notice that even the bar of soap started to feel less pillow shaped and more and more female shaped. I opened my eyes for the first time in probably 10 minutes and saw that the bar of soap was actually shaped like a woman’s body from knees to neck. With the aphrodisiac still fogging my mind, I really didn’t take notice that the fact that soap does not change shape on its own. I realize now though that this woman shaped soap had been inside of the bar of soap the entire time and I had just “cleaned” off the softer soap around it.
As I lathered more I started to see other changes. My body was also taking on more and more the shape of a woman, I still had my man bits, but now I also had small breasts, my waist was a lot thinner and my hips had spread out. In a blur in my head I had two sides of my conscious talking. One saying I should stop now, and the other saying that I could finally get to experience the daydream of a lifetime. That second side also compelled me to continue due to the fact that the bottle had said, “All of our aphrodisiacs only last about 1-2 hours, so no worries.” Even one hour as a woman would be awesome I thought to myself. Compelled to see this through now I lathered up with vigor and the body changes came more quickly. My breasts grew tremendously, probably since I just could not stop playing with them, they were the most sensitive they had ever been. My nipples changed and became more feminine, and they felt fantastic.
At one point I opened the shower curtain to look at myself in the mirror but the mirror was fogged over. I knew that I was not done because I still had my man bits but I would take care of them soon enough with a good “rubbing”. I stepped out of the shower and wiped off the mirror. Shock gripped me in so many ways my mind reeled (not that the aphrodisiac had not helped with that). I saw all at once the amazing sight of my body as a female, my face still being my face, and man bits sticking straight out between my legs. What an odd site.
I hopped back in the shower quickly, not really wanting to look at this transvestite version of myself much longer. I lathered my face for a while and could feel the changes happening right under my fingertips. I could tell quickly that I was going to make a stunning woman. Now working on my neither bits I lathered them up and started stroking hard. I was in such a fit of passion and I wanted to get off so bad. As I stroked with my right hand I fondled my balls with my left. As I was coming closer and closer to orgasm I felt my manhood start to slip away from my grip, shrinking into my body along with my nuts. Frantic to get off I used just my thumb and pointy finger to try to stroke the last bit of me I could reach, but soon I found myself stroking a clit. It felt like the male orgasm I had been building was slipping away from me, but a female orgasm was just starting. I realized that the two orgasms must not have been compatible with each other, so they didn’t build upon each other. Instead I came down, way down, as my man orgasm shrank away to nothing, I found to my dismay that my woman excitement had JUST started. I would have to start from scratch, and I would enjoy every breathtaking second of it!
I got out of the shower and checked every inch of me that I could see to make sure that I had not missed a spot. I was a smoking hot woman, head to toe, well except that I had really short hair. The soap had not had an effect on that. I still felt like me, I was not thinking differently, well I should say that I was not thinking more like a woman, and I was still under the influence of the shampoos effects. This led me to believe that the change was only superficial, since the aphrodisiac was only supposed to work on men. No matter, I was going to have some fun!
I spent probably 10 minutes alternately sitting on the toilet fondling myself, and standing up at the mirror looking at myself. A thought crossed my mind that it would be ecstatically pleasing to rub massage oil all over my skin, especially since I could feel my skin drying out after the shower. I figured that I might not have much time left to spend like this so I ripped open the basket of lotions and such to find the massage oil I had seen on the way into the bathroom. As I pulled out all of the various tubes and bottles of feminine products I saw a piece of folded paper just above a layer of fancy tissue:
“You probably are enjoying yourself immensely by now if you have found this note, so if I’m right you will be reading this from a ‘different perspective’. All of the products in this basket are beta versions of the technologies that we have. These are much like the products we want to mass produce on your manufacturing equipment. If you read each bottle you’ll find a wide range of products from de-aging creams, specialty sensual sun/massage oils, some erogenous zone stimulators, and other history making products. Below the tissue are some gifts from me to you. These are not our products, but they are the products of a small company we acquired about a year ago, they are really amazing produces so you’ll find them appealing to your temporarily ‘different perspective’. They are capable of an interesting trick though, so I suggest that you try them ‘all at once’. Oh, and if you want there is a wig under the cabinet under the sink.”
I lifted up the tissue paper and found three bright blue items. Lying in the bottom of the basket was what looked like an anal plug and two dildos. One was straight and had a miniature embossed pussy stamped into the flat base of it, and another curved one that had an embossed stamp of a pair of lips and a nose on the bottom. The lips one was shorter and looked like it would rest comfortably in the mouth but fill the mouth while holding it open somewhat wide. The last toy had a picture of an anus embossed on the flat bottom of it.
Taking my attention back to the tubes and bottles I sifted through them deciding what ones I wanted to try. I chose the massage oil designed to make the skin more sensitive, the clit stimulator that was supposed to make it feel like someone was actually stroking the clit, and an anal lube that looked unspectacular.
I applied the massage oil all over my body, making sure not to miss a spot, and being safe for the face I applied it all over my head. It felt so good I even used it in my short ‘guy hair’. After my scalp was covered with the oil I went into the cabinet and fished out the blond wig and fitted it on. I now looked the part of a world class stripper.
As I had applied the oil to my body, it seemed to change my skin some, a few seconds delay behind where I was applying the oil the skin tensed up some and had relaxed looking more resilient and having a sheen to it. The skin had the healthy look of a nice light body oil, but the oil had soaked in and left no oily trace of it to the touch.
When I was done I went to the bed with my three sex toys, the anal lube, and the clit stimulator. I lay on the bed spread eagle and played with my body lightly. I wanted to get myself off as a woman so I started trying to figure out exactly how to work my new ‘buttons’. The guy approach didn’t work, just going straight for the gold just made me over sensitive. Although I was fairly horny, I guess all of my activities oiling myself up had cooled my fire. So I lay there, lightly touching myself, feeling the tingles of pleasure rush from where my fingertips teased and spread all over my body, then the waves of pleasure would converge on my sex.
Soon I was thoroughly enjoying myself and I could feel myself getting wet between the legs. I didn’t want to rush anything though so I spent some time just on my nipples before moving on. Picking up the lube and butt plug I gingerly tested how it would fit, the plug was large but it seemed that this body didn’t mind and with only a small amount of resistance it slid right in. I tested squeezing my butt on it and realized that the button to turn on and off the vibrations was controlled by a sphincter squeeze. The first time it had vibrated it had given me a bit of a shock and a girlish squeak came out of me that startled me even more. Considering I thought the transformation was just superficial it did seemed to have at least altered some internal structures. Turning the plug off I decided that it was finally time to delve into my sex and find out just what having a vagina felt like.
Feeling with my finger tips around my sex was exquisite. I thought I would pass out just from my own touch. The oil must have really sensitized me. As my fingers circles came closer and closer to my hole I felt more and more the desire to be filled, to have something inside of me. I didn’t know if this was the woman side of me or my male curiosity, but I wanted something inside of me now! As I exploring pressed one, then two fingers into my fresh womanhood, I pressed the finger from my other hand down on my clit, just putting some pressure there. I could feel something building but it was not necessarily an orgasm, well nothing I would recognize as an orgasm at least. I figured I would have to add the toy.
Grabbing the pussy dildo I pressed it into me and found that it slid in with much less pressure than I would have expected and it felt great. I felt fuller now, like a puzzle coming together. On one hand I just wanted to press it deep inside of me and never let it go, but on the other hand I wanted to feel what it felt like to get fucked by this toy.
After a while of stroking the toy in and out of my sex and flicking my clit vigorously I was building towards something huge, but what? I knew that I had to find something else to help me get to wherever this was taking me. I writhed around the bed trying different positions and trying as much as I could to get that “right spot” but everything felt good, and nothing was going to get me over this hump.
Tired from my struggles I took a rest laying back in the spread eagle position on the bed. Spread eagle just felt right, like it was the position I was supposed to be in. I reached under the pillow and retrieved the little bottle of clit stimulator. Reading the bottle it said that whatever direction the liquid was applied would be the direction that the stimulation would feel like someone was stroking the clit. Having found that my new clit liked side to side I applied it in a side to side motion. Immediately I felt the a light stroking of a finger on my clit even though my hands were not down there. It did feel just like someone was stroking my clit, but unfortunately it only stroked in the direction I had stroked last with the liquid. Wondering if it would work on my breasts I added some to my areolas in a circular direction around the nipple. Then I applied some to each nipple tip moving my finger from bottom to top.
I laid back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations; it was like a world class pianist was playing a concerto on my body. I would have wondered how they had made that work like that, but I was busy, building again. As the sensation grew, and I continued again my assault on my sex with the toy, I squirmed all over the bed trying to get to this elusive orgasm or whatever it was. As I moved around one of my feet felt suddenly warm and full of sexual life then cold and normal a second later. I looked up and could see nothing different. Back to waggling again I felt it again, this time I stayed still and could see the sunlight on my foot. I reached down to feel my foot and when my hand passed into the light my hand also felt full of life and sexual energy.

I held my vibrator in me as I jumped from the bed with abandon. I went over and leaned against the glass of the giant window and felt my entire body full of life, but I still could not get off. Seems that I had unlocked the true power of the oil, it was a sun lotion oil and it reacted vibrantly to the sun. I came close to reaching my orgasm a couple of times and I would squeeze my toys hard trying to milk the orgasm out of them and the toys would both turn on and off together.
It was then that I remembered what had been said about the toys. I needed to use them together. I squeezed my muscles once to turn them off, then just for fun squeezed just my butt to turn just the plug on.
Still holding the vibrator into me, not wanting it to leave my body for any reason I braved the lifeless feeling of the shade to get to mouth dildo. I practically ran from the shade into the light and my body was filled again with wonderful feelings. I dropped down to my knees, pulled my feet out behind me and sat as far onto my dildo as I could to hold it in deep. I squeezed hard and the vibrator turned on and the butt plug turned off.
I ran my fingers over the mouth dildo, feeling it, although I have to admit I was tremendously distracted by all of the clit stimulator on my nipples and clit and the two vibrators filling my neither region. Involuntarily my body was clenching down on my two vibrators in my sex and butt, turning them on alternately, one on while the other was off.
Placing my lips on the vibrator I opened wide and allowed it to fill my mouth, I sealed my lips on it, and breathing hard through my nose. It didn’t seem to be doing anything for me so I bit down on it and it buzzed to life. It didn’t buzz with vibration, but it buzzed with some kind of pleasure, the feeling of energy versus the expected physical movement or vibrations. Even though it was not moving it almost felt as though a phantom phallus was stroking deep into my throat. The feeling of deep throating without gagging came as a bit of a pleasurable surprise, I have to admit. Now I felt nice and full. In fact I was nice and full with something in each of my feminine holes of pleasure.
Still not coming to my orgasm I was getting desperate, I didn’t know what else to do so I fondled my breasts, played with my labia lips, and rubbed my body all over, unable to urge my orgasm on further.
I figured I was going to have to turn all the toys on at once, but my body was involuntarily squeezing on the two toys down below, turning them on and off and alternating times. It was not easy, turning off the toy in my mouth I concentrated hard and I got my body to stop squeezing on the plugs in my buttom just long enough to squeeze just the one in my butt and get them back in sync with each other again. Now with all the vibrators off at once I was ready, and I wanted to get off so badly.
Squeeze. All three vibrators came to life at once, and in that instant I knew pleasure. Pleasure like no man has ever felt. I could feel three separate and different orgasms crashing all together. I could feel a clitoral orgasm, a vaginal orgasm and a G-spot orgasm, but I didn’t feel the changes that were happening till moments later when I started to come down.
I went to open my lips to breathe deep and spit out the toy, but my lips were “glued” or somehow fused with the toy. I reached down to pull out the plug in my butt but I could not find the edge of it. It was like I was seamless. Like I was just made of putty someone had just come along and smoothed out my anus. Feeling around the front I felt the same problem, I could no longer feel any features at all, no toy, no labia, no clit, just a blank like you would expect on a mannequin. Panicking I ran from the room to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.
There before me was me, as a woman, but my lips were bright lipstick red, sealed tightly around some sort of blue ball. I was in so much of a shock that the toys were no longer bringing me pleasure, though they were all still turned on. I squeezed and bit but none of them would turn off. As I looked at myself in the mirror I could see no changes from the outside, but on the inside of my mouth I could feel the toy changing shape. It elongated and started to press against the back of my throat, soon it was pressing deep in, but I was not gagging on it. It extended to until just the point that I could still breathe through my nose.
The two neither plugs also seem to be changing shape elongating themselves deeper into me also. Looking at the two of them in the mirror I could not see any blue. All I could see was a featureless crotch. Even through my shock and excitement I could still feel the clit stimulator flicking at my nipples and clit, the two dildos humming away below, and the mouth plug still felt like it was fucking my throat. With a sense of pure pleasure; I started to feel myself building again; towards the same orgasm(s) as before but this time the plugs didn’t turn off and on at my command. I was now a prisoner to the pleasures imprisoned inside of my body.
Feeling cold I went to sit in the sun again to try to think through all of this distracting stimulation, but the warmth I felt before was much weaker. I didn’t know what to do; the toys had not come with instructions. I was starting to enjoy the guilty pleasure of this second slower building orgasm. I figured I would just lay back and let the feeling come over me without all the frantic chasing of the orgasm I had done last time. I would think this through after my next orgasm; it was way too hard to think now. Soon enough the pleasure seemed to be the only thing important in the world.
I lay down on my back in the sun, legs spread with my arms out from my sides slightly. It felt good just being in this position, like I belonged in it. I wondered momentarily if a woman liked the feeling of being on her back waiting to be taken like the pleasure toy they were. Although I didn’t know where that last thought had come from, I thought for a moment that I probably would not have thought it normally, right? Women are not sex objects, right? But sex toys are, and I was having a difficult time distinguishing between myself as a woman and a sex toy at the moment. I realized that if I was lying in just this position, spread out, with this shiny sheen of the massage oil on my skin, and I had 3 fuck holes instead of sealed shut holes that I would look just like a latex fuck toy. I realized that if I looked like a sex toy, then maybe I was one, but no, I looked more like a mannequin with a blue ball in her mouth at the moment, but I knew that I was not a mannequin, because I could move voluntarily. I tried to move to prove to myself that I was not a mannequin, but my body would not respond. My body just lay there unblinking, unmoving. Still, I thought to myself, I know I’m not a mannequin because I feel pleasure, sex toys were for pleasure not mannequins.
I heard a noise and tried to look, but I found that even my eyes would not move. Someone came into view soon enough, and I realized immediately that he was the man of my dreams. Then another two men came into the room behind him and they also were the men of my dreams. It seemed that any man was the man of my dreams at this point.
“You see gentlemen.” The first man said as he reached down and pulled the mouth dildo out of my hole with a pop sound, which I realized must have unsealed itself. “He is, well she is fully formed now just like I said. A latex love doll, ready and willing..”

POP the vaginal dildo came out. Then I was turned over by the man and POP the anal dildo came out. As he was doing this he continued talking throughout as if nothing abnormal was going on and flipped me back over onto my back when he was done pulling things out of me. “You see here that she is fully formed down to every last detail, you could not tell her from a real woman if you laid them side by side, without close examination.”
“You said that they always feel like they are body temperature, how did you accomplish that without an internal power source.” One of the beautiful men standing up asked.
“Oh that is easy, it’s just a trick. The latex she is made out of is SO resistant to temperature change that when you touch her she does not absorb your heat, so to you it feels like she is the same temperature as you. It’s the same as those new-ish oven mitts you can buy now, except your mind expects a body to be warm and not a mitt so your brain does the work for us. She could be 40 degrees colder than you and you would never know it. Oh and as an added bonus, just the act of inserting yourself into one of her lovely holes at a normal speed and you make enough friction, even with lubricant, that she feels warmer inside.”
“Can he hear us, feel what is happening, what if he ever gets changed back?”
“First off you can’t change someone back once the plastification is completed. And second, how could anyone with a brain made of latex think or feel. Well if he could feel he would probably be begging us to fuck him right now, the mind control drugs we used on him to get him to use these tools would have made him uncontrollably desire being filled, horney as hell, and ready to fuck anything that walked across his vision. Plus by the looks of it he transformed in a state of heightened arousal. See how the latex skin looks blushed on the cheeks and chest, how the nipples are hard, and how the labia lips are spread out like that. Ya he, well she was really ready for a good fucking when she changed over. Either of you care to take her for a spin? Maybe one of you would like to take her home?”
“Eww, no way I know that sex doll used to be a man, and he was my boss to boot! No way, and I don’t trust that you won’t do something like this to me!”
“Don’t worry your little head, we have an agreement, unlike this idiot, you agreed to sell me the company after he’s pronounced dead, I award people like you, not punish people like you! So what shall we do with him?”
“Let’s auction him as a fund raiser to our biggest clients at the Christmas party we have for them!”
They never would find out that I was still in this body, experiencing my new life as a fuck toy, always horny, always wanting more. This is how I came to love my enemy, well how I came to love any attention I could get, from anyone that I could get it from! To be used, loved, fucked, a toy, a perfect love doll.

Thanks to Dis Man for proofing this story!

FYI There will not be a sequel, if you can’t tell by my other writings here, I like to leave the story open for your private alter interpretations.
To my readers, if you have comments good or bad please email me or write on the forum, your comments drive me to keep writing.
Hope you all enjoyed it!


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