How may I serve you?

by Rotwang

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Storycodes: F/m; bond; drug; hypno; mc; chast; corset; bodysuit; slave-bot; maid; display; public; hum; mast; toys; cons/nc; X


Man ! She was fuming, she threw her mask at me and just went upstairs, I had to sleep on the couch !" Steve said, twisting his glass.

"Watch out when she's angry Steve, she's a real fire-breather when she's pissed." Arnie said, looking at Steves' sour face.

"Look I just thought she liked playing Slave-Bot." He said defensively.

"Not every waking hour of the day, Steve." Arnie just chuckled. "Would you like that yourself ?"

"Well I guess not ..."

Steve slowly woke up and with it the realization he was in an unusual position. He tried to move his arms but they were held at the wrists.

Still drowsy, Steve looked and suddenly knew he was tied wrists and ankles to a big S&M frame. And opposite him, Jewel just smirked.

"What's going on honey ?" He said as she came over to him.

"What's going on, my big teddy-bear, is that I'm sick and tired to have to forego my own pleasure for yours..." She put her arms around his neck.

"I don't get it." He said with an unsure chuckle, trying the strength of the shackles again.

"Don't try, you'll only tire yourself." She cupped his face in her hands and puckered her lips up to his.

Steve did the same but she dropped his head and took a few steps back.

"I'm tired of you just ordering me to do the dishes and vacuum while you sit in the chair and jerk off ... on me."

"But what's a slavebot to do else ?" Steve said stunned.

"I can take the household chores, but not that way." She waved her finger. "You're using me, like an object."

"But robots are objects ?" Steve said defensively.

"Well, perhaps, but I'm not, remember ?"

Whoops ! Steve saw THE LOOK in her eyes. A chill ran down his spine.

"And I've read this little story lately from the ASFR and I had this idea, so I called a few friends and ..." Jewel took a deep breath and raised her eyebrows a few times to show something was up.

"Hey, wait !" Steve said as she vanished behind a black curtain.

He felt a prick in his arm and looked to see a young woman dressed in a kinky version of a nurse's uniform just giving him a shot in the arm.

"Have a nice dream." She said waving with her fingertips and smiling and left through the same curtain. 

"Wakey !" He heard a whisper in his ear.

Steve was wide awake, but his body wasn't, standing up, legs apart and completely numb.

"Welcome back Steve, You had a little hypnosis session and now, when I whisper some command words in your ear, I can control you. At this moment, you can hear see and feel, but you can't move or speak. You can just witness what we're about to do to you." Jewel said and walked her two fingers over his stomach and chest.

Steve heard her voice behind him. "First we take old One Eyed Snake and we carefully ..." Jewel reached under his butt and grabbed his penis, patted it gently and then picked up his balls. "... And we pull them back like this ..." She tugged at it and stuffed them into something. Steve felt the tension increase and wondered how far she would pull it. Only his staccato breathing indicated his arousal.

"Now we glue the straps here ... here ... and here." Steve felt how she taped the whole thing around his dick to his waist and tightly glued another piece over it.

Another finger-walk on his spine and Steve was ready to confess to the murder of John F. Kennedy.

"I'm so sorry !" He wanted to say.

But Jewel just wouldn't stop.

"Now, what about the old spare tire ?" She said, patting his budding stomach.

Jewel vanished from view and returned with a cart on which he could see a heavy skin-tone corset.

"Raise your arms." She said and Steve just felt his arms rise of their own accord.

She slipped the corset under his arms and pulled it round his waist.

"Guys come and help me !"

A whip cracked and a dominatrix urged two hooded men to walk into the room.

"Just tie him up, guys." Jewel said and took a step back. "And make it a tight fit."

Steve noticed their bulging muscles and wanted to shake his head, plead for mercy and just make-up with Jewel, but his body just wouldn't react.

UGH ! Steve went as the two men, one foot posted on his back pulled the corset tight. Half a dozen tugs and Steve prayed inside his ribs wouldn't crack.

"Wait a minute." Jewel said.

"Release him." Steve hoped.

"It's nowhere near as tight as I expected." Jewel said. "Big guys like you can do that, no ?"


For Steve breathing had become a lot harder and in a way much more rewarding than usual.

Jewel, standing behind him, placed her hands round his waist and put her head in his neck.

"I you wouldn't go out for drinks with Arnie we could've made it even tighter. You do love the word "tight" so much, don't you ?"

Tight on women, was more likely.

Steve had made peace with himself. He'd never treat her badly again.

"Just sleep." She whispered in his ear. 

"Hey, Jewel ! Come and get me a beer."

Steve woke up hearing the voice, not really knowing what was going on.

He was back home and walking around.

His mind went "Stop !" His body merrily ignored him and trundled on.

Just as he was wondering about the way he moved he saw Jewel coming towards him, wearing her golden suit.

Steve's dick woke up and found out it was locked up.

It called the head and mentioned the peculiar fact and Steve just went "Huh ?"

He turned the corner into the living room and saw himself sitting in the couch.


Steve recognized his hairdo, his clothes and Jewel's face, made up to look like him. She'd even painted some stubble on her face.

She sat in his usually reclined pose, hand inside his/her trousers, ordering Jewel around.


It had taken a while, but the thought finally struck him.

"Just get me a beer." Jewel said imitating his husky voice.

Steve's body twisted in that strange disconnected way and arcing his back, pushing out his behind, he pumped his legs into the kitchen. Again he saw Jewel in a strategically placed mirror.

Oh God ! I'm a robot woman ! And I'm turned on by myself ! He thought, having little to do besides that.

He saw his golden hand with long fingernails reach for the fridge door and pull out a beer. He hooked it into his belly-button and popped the cap.

The beer foamed and spilled on the floor.

"I'm so sorry master." He said much to his own surprise. It was his voice, but due to the mike in the helmet, it sounded very feminine. "I spilled some beer in the kitchen." And handed over the beer.

Jewel took a swig and shook his, no her head.

"We'll have to punish you."

Steve just wanted his head to shake no, but his body just didn't react.

"We take out the batteries !" Jewel said, and removed the two packs from his back.

Jewel would usually just bend over and stay like that for as long as Steve wanted, but due to some kind of acupuncture point being released, Steve just bent over and his eyes closed.

He felt his leg and back muscles stretch to their limit.

If she'd release him now, he'd grovel in the dirt for a week afterwards.

Limp and in some discomfort Steve just leaned against a wall inside his mind and waited it all out, remorse leaning heavily on his shoulder. Without anything to do, he slowly dozed off.

He felt a click, his eyes opened and he straightened himself. His muscles hurt when he moved.

Jewel stood besides him and was busy polishing his golden skin. She'd removed the make-up and wig.

"You know the darnest thing ?"

"No ?" Steve answered telepathically.

"I think you fit better in this suit than I do."

Steve could only think of one word "Dope !" 

"Just do the carpet and then start preparing dinner afterwards." Jewel ordered, having changed to herself again.

Steve just picked up the vacuum cleaner and plugged it in. And meticulously did every inch of the carpet. He had never noticed how worn it had come to look lately. They'd have to get a new one soon.

Jewel just watched Steve going about, and seemed to enjoy herself, rolling a bullet-shaped chrome thing in her hands.

She undid the buttons of her jeans and undid her panties, and glided the thing into her slit.

Steve could only see that from the corner of his eyes and just felt ...

How did he feel exactly ?

While he finished with the carpet, Jewel continued to pleasure herself with a combination of vibrator and visual stimulus.

Steve even had to admit he felt some pride in being able to pleasure his wife in such a way.

"Come to think of it." She said swallowing and gasping. "You stink when it comes to making dinner. Let's go out instead."

She had forgiven him ! He could get out of this tin can and get a shower and ...

During the short time he was given to rejoice, Jewel had done the buttons of her jeans, grabbed a jacket and purse and pulled the door open.

"Come along." She said like he was a dog about to be taken out for a walk.

"But !" Steve thought hard in his head, just in case she was telepathically gifted.

"Come on."she grabbed his arm and dragged him outside.

OUTSIDE ! In plain daylight, with all the neighbors staring and thinking !

"Get in the car." She ordered, clearly reveling in it.

Steve now hoped nobody would recognize him while a dozen kids dropped their toys and ran towards him, neighbors stopped mowing their lawns or watering the plants, raised their caps and stared. Only about four-hundred people had seen him ...

"I mean, Jewel, who have you got there ?" Oh damn, it was Nicholas.

"This is a brand new robot from Japan and I'm taking her out to get acquainted with our neighborhood."

Steve's face inside turned bright red.

"Oh, Lord who ..." He prayed so that nobody would find out.

"I remember I dated a girl once and I mean, she had pictures by this Sorry-guy ..." Nicholas said, Looking at Steve.

"Sorayama ?" Jewel said.

"That's the guy, I mean this really looks like he designed it."

"It's Japanese ! Well, see ya later." Jewel said and got behind the wheel.

Nicholas waved them out.

I'll have to kill them all... Steve thought. She almost ... told everybody ???

At the restaurant, Steve assisted helplessly to Jewel eating a delicious-looking steak. The smell drove him wild.

"Are you sure ?" The waiter asked.

"She's a robot, you just plug her in, that's all she needs."

"Well." The waiter said and lingered on Steve for a while.

"Don't worry, I'll microwave you a pizza when we get back home." She whispered over to him.

"And wave at all those nice staring people !" She said aloud and smiled at the other customers, some of whom sheepishly nodded back. While Steve still out of control just waved.

Back home, Steve had given up. He no longer cared about shame, secrets, fantasies ...

In his desperation, he'd reached some kind of Zen-like state.

As Jewel undid his mask, he almost felt sadness.

"And now for the magic words." She whispered in his ear. "Cry Freedom."

And Steve could MOVE !

He just fell onto his knees, raised his hands in the air and screamed, venting what was left of his frustration ...

"I hope you learned your lesson ?"

Steve got up and looked Jewel in the eyes.

"Yes, I have." He said solemnly. "But ... " He looked aside for a moment to think things over. "Can I keep the suit ?" he almost cringed back from asking.

Jewel was struck with surprise and stared Steve in the eyes, read the plain honesty in them and then slowly etched the barest of smiles which quickly grew into an uncontrollable bout of thundering laughter.


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