If Only I’d Known

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2011 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; drug; transform; bodymod; mannequin; encase; pose; shipped; display; corset; cons/nc; X


Georgia was in a hurry to get to the clinic, she was going to be late unless she picked up the pace. She had been lucky to get her appointment at the rather exclusive weight loss and beauty clinic, she was beginning to feel more self conscious about her appearance as she was getting older. She had only just been able to get in after landing a new richer man, just months after leaving her old boyfriend. She was desperate not to miss her appointment now. She rushed up to the reception desk. She was about to introduce herself.

“Miss Jones is waiting for you in consultant room five” The receptionist smiled sweetly as she pointed down a hallway to the left. She smiled back and headed down the hallway, quickly passing room one, two, three and four. She paused and knocked on the door to room Five.

“Come in please,” came the female voice inside the room. Georgia tentatively opened the door and let herself in. She smiled at Miss Jones, sat the other side of an impressive desk and watched as she smiled back, stood and indicated the empty chair for Georgia to sit in.

“Cup of tea Georgia, don’t mind if I call you Georgia do you?” Miss Jones friendly asked.

“That’s fine, and I’d love a cup Miss Jones” She replied as she sat down.

“Oh please, call me Jo” She cheerfully insisted and pressed the button to her intercom on her desk.

“Tea for one” She chirped into the device, and within moments the receptionist had entered the room holding a cup of tea, offering the cup to Georgia. She took the cup and took a sip, the receptionist leaving, closing the door behind her. Nice tea she thought taking another sip.

“So I can see by your paperwork that you’re interested in some surgical processes and a few touch up enhancements” Jo smiled over the file she was briefly scanning. Georgia took another sip of her tea.

“Yes I’m… I want to…” Georgia mumbled and stammered, trying to think, trying to find the right words. Something was wrong. Jo moved and perched herself on the edge of her desk looking down at Georgia in her seat.

“Relax darling, let it wash over you, I’m going to make you beautiful” Jo grinned. Georgia tried to lift her arm, move her limbs, heavy, so heavy. Her eyes were closing. She could hear Jo still talking but couldn’t make out or understand the words as she drifted down into unconsciousness.

Georgia was beginning to wake. What had happened, she struggled to recall her memories. Her appointment she remembered. Her tea, was it drugged, she’d been drugged she thought. Why was it still dark, she tried to open her eyes, tried to move. She couldn’t.


“It’s awake” She heard someone say, not sure who as she felt her head being lifted slightly and bobbing gently up and down. Light. She could see light, the darkness fading quickly, dark shapes appearing. Her eyes had been bandaged and now the bandages were being unwrapped. She could see, she happily thought for a moment, but not for long. She couldn’t move her eyes or even blink. She had a fixed stare. Jo leant into view. It was her who spoke. She tried to reach out to her, but nothing, not even a twitch from her limbs. She tried to cry to her for help. Not a sound.

“Hello darling” Jo smiled sweetly at Georgia. Help me she screamed in her mind.

“I’m sure you’ve got lots of question’s, and well we’ve done a lot of work on you” She grinned. Georgia’s mind was racing.

“The good news is you look fantastic, better than I thought we’d manage with you” She chuckled.

“We’ve made you slimmer, because you were a bit of a chubby bitch weren’t you, we’ve given your bust a lift and enlargement, and we’ve done a lot of work with your body’s mechanic’s too” She paused a moment. Georgia was frantic, not that anybody could tell as she lay, silent and still.

“We’ve disconnected your muscle responses, that means nothing works darling, you can’t move a single muscle in your body, you can’t even manage a wiggle of a toe” She laughed quite coldly now.

“We’ve sealed your mouth and smoothed it over, the same for your pussy and your anus, you don’t need them anymore, we’ve been feeding you with nutrient injections for weeks now and your body doesn’t need to process anything anymore” Jo seemed to be wickedly enjoying her explanation.

“And finally you’ve been coated with a new skin, it’s amazing stuff, bonds directly to your own stiffens and hardens and leaves a nice neutral matt skin tone finish but most importantly” She excitedly explains.

“It leaves you stiff enough to pose” Jo laughed heartily.

Georgia didn’t know what to think, trying desperately to comprehend what she’d been told. She couldn’t. She felt herself being lifted out of bed and stood on her feet. Someone was pulling and jerking her about. She wanted to look left and right, to see who was manhandling her, to see what they were doing but she couldn’t. Then she saw the large mirror being wheeled into her view, her fixed gaze. She could see a mannequin in the mirror. But it wasn’t. Her mind reeled, her heart sank. It was her in the mirror. This was the result she had been transformed into an immobile mannequin replica of herself. But she was alive. Trapped inside. Trapped inside a smooth, featureless body and only her face was recognizable as her own.

“Your friends and family have been informed that you were in an accident and your disappearance covered up” Jo said as she stepped next to the Georgia mannequin.

“Well most of your friends, you have one friend here now, she’s in the observation booth watching you now” Jo smiled. Georgia wanted to look, to see who was watching.

“She made all the arrangements with us and even decided on your new home, she’s chosen for you to be displayed in a fetish shop window, you’ll be on display, attired in some of the most deviant and diabolically uncomfortable bondage gear” She smirked. Georgia was frantic. She couldn’t think of anyone wanting to do this to her, but a friend, who, why? She fought hard against her body’s immobility. The mannequin in the mirror remained still, silent and unmoving.

“Fetch the crate, it’s ready to ship” She heard Jo calling out to someone. Was this really it Georgia thought? She was going to be shipped now, to a fetish shop. She was going to be put on display in a shop window like an object. Georgia was desperate to wake up; this has got to be a nightmare. She was being lifted and lowered into a crate. No! No! No! She screamed in silence.


Three years later. I passed the fetish shop window and stopped to take another look. There was a mannequin in the window that caught my eye. It wore some incredible ballet boots, latex knickers. The corset was amazing, leather and tight, it even looked so tight that it might be painful for the mannequin. The single sleeve glove pinning its arms behind its back, but the face, it was the mannequin’s face that made me look again. It looked remarkably like Georgia. I missed her after she left me and got together with that new man. I’d often fantasised some cruel revenge after she broke my heart. I chuckled as I walked on. If only that was Georgia transformed and tormented as a living mannequin. That’d be fantastic I thought to myself as I carried on down the road. If only I’d known.



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