Inflating Prospects

by Kari Pink

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© Copyright 2018 - Kari Pink - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; shop; job; apply; interview; transform; F2doll; tease; deflate; mindwipe; lovedoll; boxed; sold; cons/nc; X

The soft, rustling of papers is far from enough to keep your thoughts at bay. Not even the clickity clack of a keyboard typing away would do so. No, if anything, it made things even more difficult. That anxiety that bubbles up in the back of your mind, lingering in every corner of every single line of thinking that dances across your inner conversations. Of course, part of what is causing the anxiety is the two people that happened to be making the noise.

The owners of the adult store you just happened to try and get a job at. You didn't really expect something like this in the slightest when you went in, application you had obtained online in hand and prepared to just hand it off to the clerk and wander back out, waiting for the eventual phone call... Or, realistically, probably nothing, but no reason to think of bad things like that when there is plenty of other bad things to think about.

The one on the left, a man by the name of Jack, types away at a keyboard. The faint glow of the monitor spreading across his features. He is most likely in his early thirties, late twenties perhaps, a few creases here and there along his face. His hand occasionally rises up to push his glasses back up into place, constantly sliding, in such a slow manner, down the bridge of his nose and threatening to topple off. His hair, a dirty blonde and left free, having that just waking up look that doesn't precisely look unkempt, more as if it is intentional. Simple shirt, simple jeans, nothing really standing out from his clothes.

The one on the right, Melody, is sorting through your application. Not that you had more than two pages for it, but she is definitely peeking at other papers she has on the desk at times as if comparing things. Her bright red hair, only disturbed a bit by the pink highlights here and there, is left free to tumble down over her form. Her bangs dangle down in front of her face. She doesn't even reach up once to brush the bangs to the side, doesn't once try and shift the hair to make reading easier. Her lips, her nails, painted a glossy, bright pink, said lips occasionally pursing as if in thought, her nails occasionally tapping against the papers in her hands as if silently thinking them over.

That anxiety only continues to swell, continues to grow as the room is quite silent past the clicks, the clacks, the rustling, the soft hiss of the AC vent overhead, causing another shiver to rise up through your form. Yet, what caused your worries to spike a bit more isn't a sudden loud noise, isn't a sudden question from either of them. No, it is how the woman keeps glancing up at you, leaning over to whisper things to the man, and soon returns.

This happened for a bit longer. Not hours or anything of the sort, but definitely minutes, minutes going by ever so slowly. You were holding back the temptation to take out your phone and look at the time, didn't really seem like it would be a good impression on your potential bosses after all! Still, like everything, things finally started to occur.

And by start to occur, it is more along the lines of the woman finally speaks up a bit louder. Not precisely a normal, speaking voice, but definitely loud enough for you to hear, "Hey, hon, do you really think someone with this name could really work here?"

Your eyes go a bit wide at that, feeling just a tad bit offended. What was wrong with your name? Your lips quiver a bit, but you part them, about to speak up, "H-"

And you're cut off just like that, the man raising his hand and holding it up to his lips, "Shush, we're discussing your future here. A part of working here is knowing when you should keep your thoughts to yourself. If we can't trust you with that, we can't really hire you, now can we?"

Your lips part, about to respond verbally, but you think better of it. Slowly, your head falls forward into a small nod, which causes Jack to smile in an attempted warm smile, but it definitely came off a bit more like something just offered to comfort his worries, not precisely meant to be genuine. You can notice the smile creeping along Melody's face however, truly seeming a bit pleased as they continue to talk. Openly now, no longer even pretending to keep themselves quiet.

You focus a bit more on the desk and not on them, feeling your cheeks growing a bit warm as they talk about you so directly, and yet, without even directing the comments at you or expecting feedback. Going over line by line of your application, going over your address, your work history, even silencing you once more when you try to offer a bit of input on why you got information wrong on a previous employer.

In a way, you suddenly miss them just whispering to themselves, sighing as you settle back into the chair a bit as if trying to hide from the appraising tone in their voice over everything.  You do your best to ignore it all for the time being, the thought of leaving most definitely there, yet trying to push through it.

Perhaps Melody took notice of this, or perhaps she was going to do it anyways, but whatever the case, she moved from the desk for but a moment. Naturally, this draws your attention up to her for a brief second before being shooed away with a wave of her hand. No, she moves to snatch up a box and set it down upon the desk.

"Tell me, do you know what this is?" She questions, setting it down on the desk. You look it over for but a few moments. It isn't hard to tell what it is, the bubbly pink letters along the front spelling out 'Susan Swells!', the clear opening that reveals an empty box within. You didn't precisely know what the exact model or anything like that is, but you could definitely piece together a guess.

"A blow up doll, Melody?" You respond, a hint of confusion lingering in your voice.

"Ah, now now, show some respect. You're talking to your soon to be boss, aren't you?" Jack scolds from behind the monitor.

"Oh, umm, sorry? Miss...?"

"Just ma'am will do." Melody offers with a smile, the expression definitely more geniune than Jack's was earlier, "You may call Jack here sir, but he won't be speaking with you too much till you're hired dear. Now, can you tell me why you think we might have an empty doll box here?"

Your confusion grows a bit with that, "I.. I guess someone stole it, or damaged and returned it, or.... Something?"

"Or something indeed!" Melody offers with a laugh, shaking her head back and forth. She moves to sit back down, the two resuming their talk.

You are blushing brightly by the end of this, shaking your head to the side and letting your vision wander. At least, somewhat wander, you really weren't sure why, but your eyes kept drifting back to that empty doll box. The lid slightly ajar, the text praising all of her features too small for the most part outside of the large text clearly meant to draw attention to the box. 'Wow, she'll do anything!' 'Surprisingly durable!'  

Once more, time would drift slowly, seconds rolling over to minutes bit by bit. Them chattering away enough to keep the rustling of papers relatively unnoticed, and although the clicks, the clacks of the keyboard are still heard, they didn't bother you as much as they did earlier. Or, well, maybe that was the point of the box. Not so much to have a purpose, but give you something to think about, to look at as they contemplated hiring you?

Yeah, that had to be it. You almost nod to yourself in agreement, but stop instantly from the attempt, hearing the softest of creaks. You were about to ask, about to speak up and question if they heard anything, but your thoughts of doing so fade rather quickly.

You continue to stare in the box, continue to stare at that plastic barrier, that plastic window into the cardboard form. A part of you even swore you could see your reflection at times. Probably just the angle you were looking at it and the light.

That hissing sound grew just a bit louder, a gentle, warm, pleasing tingle flowing along your form as the vent overhead seemed to expel even more air. What once chilled your skin actually felt rather soothing, felt rather delightful even as the time continued to pass. Where it was slow, it almost seemed to be speeding up some, your focus dimming more and more on their conversation, on them.  

You could feel your clothes shifting, but you didn't care enough to look down as to why. You could feel your arms starting to rise up, bobbing up and down a bit as if the air flow from the vent above was enough to push them about all on their own. You even could feel your legs parting, your thighs spreading a bit, but your khakis tight enough to prevent you from doing much.

It is only when you actually manage to think on it do you think  something might be off. You have to strain to think on when you last blinked. Your ideas do not feel dry, if anything, they don't even feel as if they are really eyes anymore. You struggle to comprehend why you start opening your mouth, not to speak, but just feeling it pop open into an O shape and stay there. You try, oh do you try to move your mouth, but all you manage to do is make a few more creaks.

You can barely move your limbs, your head, and you definitely can't even pretend to try and look away from that doll box. Your focus does begin to return bit by bit, noticing that the room is darker save for the desk. A lamp turned on, bright enough to keep that doll box lit up and the desk itself, but not doing much more than that.

"Alright, alright, I'll go check on the merchandise!" You hear being yelled out front followed by laughter. You hear the door open and close, the clacks of heels against the wooden floor beneath, and soon could see again, the room growing brighter as the light is turned on.

At first, you were disoriented as, you assume Melody, doesn't come into view. No, rather, you could feel soft hands pressing against the sides of your head and squeezing in. In. You expected pain and discomfort, but instead found pleasure as your head was pushed inwards. The squeal of an inflatable being squeezed and compressed, the bulging of the area about those hands rising up, up, the loud creaking of fingers pushing in just a bit tighter before, finally, releasing.

Your form wobbles helplessly as that happens, and with it comes a giggle, "Oh, I'm so glad you decided to stay with us."  Melody's voice is definitely welcomed, though, as she moves to push the doll box to the side and sit upon the edge of the desk, your thoughts started to rise back up to the surface.  

"Look at you, all ready to go. And here I was thinking you'd put up a bit more of a fight." She definitely has a playful, mocking tone to her voice as she speaks.

Your awareness returns even further, trying to move, but finding your body completely unresponsive. Your hands refused to move even an inch, your eyes refused to look anywhere but straight and, well, you swear the moment you couldn't look at the box anymore your head bobbed up a bit, staring straight ahead blankly.

"Tell me, how do you feel, oh... What was your name? I can't even remember now!" She laughs, moving her hand to pick up the application and, glancing at it, offers another little giggle, "Oh, that doesn't suit you at all anymore, does it dear? No, no, no. I think Susan is a perfect name for you."

Your confidence swelled up for a moment, you definitely weren't called Susan! You know that for a fact! You try to speak, but all that comes out of your mouth are soft, little, squeaks.

"What is that, Susan? Trying to say something?" She coos, raising her foot slowly. Her jeans shift a bit, just enough to reveal the tips of her heels as she reaches out with that foot and gently loops it behind an arm of the chair. Pulling it, pulling you closer to her, and only stopping once she could set both of her feet down. Sitting on the desk, and using your lap as some sort of foot rest.

You try to remember it, try to remember what your name was. Why was it so hard? You remember it clear as day, writing Susan Swells down on your application!... Wait. Wait, wait, wait, Susan Swells? That isn't your name!

"Doesn't matter I guess. Even if you remember who you are, that is. You'll just get deflated, boxed up, and probably sold. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Of course it does!" Melody has such a high spirited tone, as if she was trying to cheer you up.

You don't know what actually frightened you the most there. The fact that she is so bluntly telling you what your future might hold.

Or the soft, nagging whisper that peeped up in the back of your mind after what she said. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Melody's lips, those glossy, pink forms part, about to speak but stopping herself as the door opens. She glances past you and, smiling, she quickly speaks, "Have the shop all closed up?"

"Of course, I wasn't going to let you have all the fun with this one." Jack offered, laughing as he moved closer to you. You can't do or say anything as his hands reach out, taking hold of your clothes and starting to pull them off one by one. Your body squeaks and creaks, your form wobbles and rises up even as he pulls clothing off of you. He doesn't even attempt to stop it as your form tumbles forward as he finally pulls your pants free, letting you fall to the ground, letting you wobble helplessly.

You soon feel the tip of those heels pressing down against your back, Melody once again speaking up, "Want to help me deflate the silly dolly? I think she needs some time to herself, after all!"

"I think I'd like that." Jack responds quickly, his hands moving to press against your sides. Where Melody was actually gentle with squeezing your head, his grip is most definitely rough. You could feel your hips and breasts expand as your sides are tightly squeezed inwards, could hear the groans of your inflatable body as you are manhandled, being sit back up on the chair.

"Though, wait, wait! I got an idea!" Melody hops off of the desk and quickly moves off to the side.

"What? We're going to spend more time talking to it? Come on!" Jack calls out, chuckling to himself and shaking his head as she goes out of the room quickly like. Jack lowers, and you could feel his breath against your inflatable head as he speaks, "No worries, you'll be just a thing here soon enough. She always likes to... Show our merchandise what they look like. I mean, you must be curious, right Susan?"

You definitely are not curious what you look like! Though, as much as you wish to deny it, the desire was definitely there. You could feel your breasts, your hips, your entire body differently than it was before, but... But more and more, you are unable to really remember what your body was like before. Just like your name, you are struggling to remember more and more details.

"I know, I know, you're all confused. Things will make sense once you're put to proper use. Soon, I promise." Jack whispers, patting your head once before standing up and waiting.

Something that has become quite common, you wait. Only the occasional flick of Jack's fingers against your skin, or the almost totally idle manner in which he gropes your inflated curves there to pass the time. It gives more than enough time for your thoughts to sink further, more and more details sinking into the foggy depths of your inflated head.

Maybe it was hours, though realistically probably just minutes, the door opened once more, and Melody comes back in. She giggles to herself, moving to stand in front of you. She holds up a mirror, what one might expect to be hanging up at the end of a hallway.  

She starts with your head. Not so much by choice, but just because of how your eyes peer straight ahead. Your hair is an actual part of your inflated form, a bright pink, surprisingly similar to the bubbly text you know is on Susan's box, plumped up with what you assume is air in you.

Your eyes are wide, blue, and forever looking forward. You can't move them, you can't look up or down, you can't even close them. It is clear that your eyes will forever be opened now, forever be looking ahead. You, for a brief moment, question if your eyes were even blue, but that thought poofs away rather quickly. Speaking of poofing, your lips are gone! Replaced with a rather inviting O shaped mouth one would expect upon a love doll.  

They let you look ahead like that for a bit before, finally, you feel Jack's hand against the back of your hand, and the other hand moving to hold your shoulder so you don't topple forward as he pushes your head forward. You could hear the creaks and groans of air within as your posed in such a way.

You are now looking at your body. Your arms bent at the elbows, fingers fused together into useless mittens, bobbing and wobbling with every little movement Jack makes. Your breasts are definitely on the large side, nipples a bright pink and pushed out. They are not natural looking in the slightest, but you know they have always been so proudly displayed on your body.

Your waist is rather thin, though your eyes do take notice of the handles that are propped out of your sides. They look rather sturdy, a red and pink coloring that stands out against your natural skin tone, but that seemed perfectly natural to you. You always had handles of course, for your owners to use to play with you with!  

Your legs are spread, and without clothes on, you could see in the mirror your lovely, dolly hole for all to see. Oh, your need started to swell nicely once you took notice of that hole. You wanted to feel what it was like to be played with, you wanted to feel your Master's shaft! Oh... Ohhhh.

Your thoughts dimmed a bit, unable to help it as your desire builds. Jack and Melody spoke, but you couldn't really make it out, couldn't really register it as such wonderful dolly thoughts grow, stronger and stronger as they talk. You can barely even notice as Jack's hand sliding off of your shoulder, sliding down your arm and keeping you upright, his fingers moving to the inflation valve that just happened to be pushing up and out of your belly. Wait, was... Was that there? Just... Just seconds ago?

It is only when your inflation valve is popped open does your focus shift, hearing the two laugh and tease you, though what was once something to make you blush or upset is now flooding you with need. The mirror is finally moved away as the hissing of air fills your form. You could see your hands starting to slump a bit, could feel Jack's hand pressing harder to encourage more air to flow free, could feel the blissful warmth of Melody's hand as it presses against your face and pushes.

Your thoughts begin to fade even more, your vision darkened thanks to the hand pushing against your face, and finally fading as your feel those hands push against one another, the only barrier between them your empty head. You could feel them both running their hands along your form, squeezing and pushing, rubbing and guiding all the air out of you till you are simply a deflated toy waiting to be filled again. The last of your thoughts go quiet as you are slid into your box and the lid is closed.

Your awareness begins to come back. Slowly like, hearing the soft puffs, the hum of something nearby. Every puff causing your body to expand, your breasts to fill out, your hands to pop back into their proper pose.  

You have no idea how much time has passed, you have no idea really who it is above you, staring down at your inflating head as air returns you back to your ready to be used state. You don't even know what they say, no, the only awareness that swells up in your head is simple.

Susan wants to play. Susan wants owner to use her. Susan needs play.


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