Interactive Swimming

by Northern Chill

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Storycodes: M/f; F2doll; transform; sex; anal; oral; deflate; mind-control; drug; nc; X

Author’s note: This story features the well known OC of Deviant Art persona Denise aka Curia-DD. It features some very steamy scenes so be warned...

“All right, everyone. That’s everything for today, and the summer. I want to thank everyone for their participation in the class this summer. I’ll be emailing your grades tonight and hope everyone does well in their pursuits this fall,” Denise called out to the group of early twenty year old men and women she was instructing over the summer. The dark haired woman drew on her past experience as a lifeguard to instruct the group on all the rules needed for working in the lifeguard field. They spent a majority of the time at a local beach with the last week spent indoors at a pool set aside specifically for her course work.

“I’m going to clean the far end of the pool now, Miss Miller. Do you want me to start cleaning the change rooms now or wait a bit?” Billy asked as he walked up to Denise with a number of tools tucked in his right hand.

“Wait a bit, Billy. I’m going to pick some stuff up around the pool, head into the office to send off some texts and I’ll give you a hand after that, ok?” Denise replied as she briefly gestured around the office and the door behind her.

“Uhhh, ummm, ok, Miss Miller,” Billy responded with his eyes noticeably shifting upwards to meet Denise’s gaze with his cheeks reddening slightly. With that, the twenty two year old man shuffled off to resume his work.

Looks like I caught Billy staring at my breasts again. I have to say, I find his attention to be quite ...arousing. We’ve worked together for some time now and when we’re alone in and around the pool, I know he’s staring at my breasts, my ass, my pussy ...I should be upset with him, knowing he’s thinking naughty thoughts ...perverted thoughts ...but ...but I’m not, Denise thought as she sent out texts to the students in her class. Every now and then, she paused and let her right hand drift downwards to her pussy and stroked it as visions of hands massaging and caressing her body filled her mind.

Finishing her work, Denise grabbed a bottle of the energy drink Billy brought in especially for her and took a deep drink. Setting aside the bottle, Denise finished up her work and put away her phone. Glancing out at the pool, Denise saw the area was deserted and Billy was mopping the floor near the door that led to a deserted parking lot save for her car.

Billy never stops ...always on the go ...I wonder ...would it be wrong for me to give in to my naughty side? Let him touch me in the areas he’s always looking at ...maybe I’m just as perverted as he is ...maybe more than ...OHHHH! Denise mentally thought as she daydreamed visions of her breasts and butt being admired by Billy. The swim instructor mentally pictured Billy holding her close and kissing her passionately as he whispered what he wanted to do with her.

“OHHHH!!!” Denise gasped as she felt Billy reach around from behind and grasp onto her breasts with his hands. A slight moment later, Billy started moving his hands in small circles as he caressed and massaged Denise’s tits.

Billy leaned in close to Denise’s left ear. “I came up to you and saw that you were a little spaced out. You also were sweating a bit on your forehead and, ummm, other areas. Tell me, were you thinking naughty thoughts? Perverted thoughts?” he said as he continued to grope and massage Denise’s breasts.

“N, no, NO! I, I, Billy, someone will see you doing this. You should stop, mmm, stop this,” Denise said in a voice that tried to sound authoritative but failed. For one, Denise had her arms raised up when Billy reached around to grope her and she was making no effort to lower them and remove Billy’s hands. For another, Denise was getting increasingly aroused by Billy’s touching.

“There’s no one here, Miss Miller. The pool and parking lot are empty. Just you and I to release all those desires and feelings we’ve kept silent. I get to tell all my secret desires, my wishes. You have the most amazing looking breasts that I’d love to grope and caress and all day. Your ass is so fantastic. I’d love to grasp it with both of my hands as I push myself deep into your love tunnel,” Billy said as he squeezed Denise’s breasts at certain points for emphasis.

“Ohhh, Billy, I, I, I don’t know. Are you sure we should do this?” Denise moaned as the suggestion stimulated even more than she anticipated.

“Now is as good a time as any,” Billy said as he withdrew his hands and walked over to a spot to the right of the pool. Stripping off his clothes, Billy laid on his back and stared in Denise’s direction.

“Denise, why don’t you take a good drink of water and let me see those magnificent breasts I know you have? I know they’re as fantastic as I’ve always dreamed,” Billy said as he waved Denise over to him.

Staring at Billy, and certain areas in particular, growing desire and lust came to the forefront of Denise’s thinking. Grabbing her water bottle, Denise took a deep drink before setting it down. Turning to face Billy, Denise slowly pulled down the straps on her swimsuit. At that moment, Denise’s breasts sprang free with a slight bounce in the air.

“Oh. Oh, my god. Your breasts, they’re, they’re just as magnificent and spectacular as I imagined they would be. Now, why don’t you join me over here and let me see you up close and personal?” Billy said and motioned with his hand once again.

“Ummm, uhhh, ok,” Denise said with slight hesitation. Moving over to Billy, Denise knelt at his feet and leaned forward so that Billy’s cock nestled between her massive bosoms. Looking up at Billy, Denise pressed her hands against the sides of her breasts and started moving them back and forth in a slow and steady manner.

“OHHHHH!! Oh, my, mmm, my goodness. That is fucking amazing!! This is the best titty fuck I’ve ever had! Your breasts, your face, you’re so beautiful and look so happy doing this!” Billy exalted as he saw, and felt, his hard cock slide back and forth between Denise’s sweaty breasts.

After what seemed like an eternity to Billy, and with moans of pleasure coming from both him and Denise, he could not restrain himself any longer and released a stream of warm spunk onto Denise’s breasts and face.

“That, that was incredible! Uhhh, ummm, ready for another round?” Billy gasped as he ran his right hand over Denise’s face.

Denise’s response was to pull herself up into a sitting position, position herself several inches over Billy’s still hard cock and pull aside the bottom part of her swimsuit. Exposing her sopping wet vagina, Denise, without saying a word, lowered herself onto Billy’s cock. Within moments, the dark haired woman was sliding up and down the rod with increasing energy and passion. As she bounced, Denise’s breasts jiggled and wobbled in a manner that would have been an erotic sight to anyone seeing them. As it was, Billy stared in silence as the dark haired woman rode his cock in a frenzied build-up to the orgasm she desperately needed and wanted.

After what seemed like an eternity, Billy released a stream of cum deep inside Denise. At the same time, Denise shrieked as she experienced an incredible orgasm. Cum covered both Billy and Denise as they reveled in their mutual experience.

A few minutes after this, Denise laid on her stomach on the nearest diving board and gestured for Billy to join her. Needing little encouragement, Billy quickly took a position behind Denise and briefly ran his hands over Denise’s supple buttocks. With Denise noticeably quivering from the caresses, Billy teased the edges of Denise’s anus with his cock before slowly pushing his member into her. As before, it was not long before Billy ejaculated a stream of warm cum over Denise’s ass and back.

After that, Billy withdrew to clean himself and do some work at the far end of the pool. At the same time, Denise, having removed her suit completely, looked wistfully out at the empty pool. Briefly, Denise debated heading to the change room for a shower but decided it was time for her to satisfy a personal fantasy she had for a very long time.

Always dreamed about skinny dipping in a lake or river. This looks like something that will do the trick,” Denise thought as she bent down and stared at her reflection briefly.

Without a second of hesitation, Denise slipped into the pool and started to do a slow backstroke. As she swam, Denise was surprised to discover that the pleasure she felt from her tryst with Billy was not abating. If anything, Denise was even more energized by the moment and she almost felt like calling out to Billy to fuck her again.

Maybe the sex was just that good ...mmmm ...damn good, actually, Denise thought as she swam several laps before climbing out of the far end of the pool. Denise was going to head straight to the change room when she noticed Billy standing between her and that area, still naked and with an odd smile on his face.

“Ummm, Billy, that was fantastic. Why, why don’t we get dressed and we can go to my place or yours to talk a little?” Denise said as she noticed Billy raising his right arm and pointing it in her direction.

“Oh, I think we’ll be doing a bit more right here. Stop right there and be silent and motionless,” Billy intoned solemnly.

In that instance, Denise stopped in her tracks with her mouth slightly open as if she was about to ask a question but couldn’t. Drawing closer, Billy held his arm for several more seconds and Denise could see some sort of ring on the index finger she had never seen before. Denise couldn’t ask Billy about it nor could she prevent him placing his hands on her shoulders.

“Kneel and open your mouth,” Billy said solemnly.

As if she no longer had a mind of her own, Denise dropped to her knees and let her mouth slowly open. Normally, she would have asked Billy what was going on but she was incapable of forming a word or thought on her own at present.

“I am not a human woman. I am a mindless cock-cleaning machine. I exist to service any cock in my mouth. It is my purpose and existence. Repeat,” Billy said, with a faint smile appearing on his face.

“I am not a human woman. I am a mindless cock cleaning machine. I exist to service any cock in my mouth. It is my purpose and existence,” Denise intoned. Her mind was now focused solely on the task imprinted on her mind and nothing else.

“Perfect! I have to say, I wasn’t planning to do this when I first started working here. Heck, after my dad lost his job at the biotech company, I didn’t really have a lot of money or places to go. I saw you as an incredibly sexy, beautiful woman that I’d like to get to know better. However, a few days before our encounter tonight, I learned from multiple sources that you were used to seducing men, and a few women, who worked at the pool with you only to cast them aside afterwards and arrange for their dismissal. Now, hearing this, I initially thought of quitting this job and getting the hell away from you and this place. However, I remembered a project that my dad was working on for his company just before he got canned and the samples he snuck home from the work. I decided to go another route instead.

“So, I grabbed the samples relating to body and mind modification and slipped the activation device into my old grad ring before work today. While you were busy teaching your class, I picked the opportune time to slip some of the formula into your water bottle. I also added a component to the pool water that is activated only when combining with the part in the bottle and breaks down completely in thirty minutes. When I pointed my ring at you, it finalized your future, so to speak,” Billy said as he left the area momentarily.

Billy returned with two bags in his hands. Setting them down on the cement, Billy reached into one bag and pulled out a cardboard box and something else in his right hand.

“Cock cleaner, stand. Return to Denise thinking but remain silent and motionless,” Billy said as he pointed in Denise’s direction.

With that, Denise rose to her feet as directed and was able to think normally once again. Uhhh ...what ...what’s going on ...last thing I remember was Billy pointing his hand at me and then I ...wait ...what is Billy doing OOOHHHH ... Denise thought as she watched Billy move behind her with something hidden in his hand. Before she could continue to think, Billy slapped something onto her back. In that instant, Denise’s thinking halted once again and she felt an odd feeling sweeping through her body. It was as if she was losing the ability to stand and think in a manner like a balloon losing air.

“Oh, my bad. I forgot to close that valve. I guess I was thinking with something other than my brain for a second. Better fix that,” Billy said with a soft chuckle. Although she couldn’t see him, Denise felt Billy grab what she assumed was the valve he was talking about. In that instant, Denise felt an intense pang of pleasure throughout her body accompanied by the odd sensation that she was rising off the ground and regaining form and shape.

As Denise slowly rose, she saw Billy hurry off to the change room area and return with a large mirror some swimmers used to make adjustments before heading to the pool. Sitting it directly in Denise’s line of sight, Billy stepped back and let Denise process what was going on.

Wh, what’s going on ...I, I look like a LOVE DOLL ...NOOO!! ...mmmm ...feel good ...I strange ... Denise thought as she stared at her mirror image and realized what had happened. Denise’s skin was now a glossy pink in tone and color and there were no signs of blemishes or freckles anywhere on her body. As she rose into a standing position, Denise experienced the feeling that her body was now hollow and weighed like the fuck toy she now resembled. Denise’s legs slowly slid into a V shape that was typical of any love doll one might see in an adult store. Denise’s vagina clenched tightly before forming into a smooth round hole made of plastic and latex like the rest of her nearly completely transformed body.

This ...this can’t be ...I can’t be ...ooohhh ...feel good ...mmmm ...I can’t be changing ...fuck ...ooohhh ...fuck ...mmmm... Denise found her thinking being disrupted by sensations that rippled through her consciousness. As she took on a standing position, she saw that her arms were moving as if they had a mind of their own with the limbs bending sharply into forty five degree angles and hands cupped to hold an owner or object. Denise’s breasts had grown to double D cups in size, surrounded by seams that now adorned her arms, legs and waist as well. Denise’s nipples were several inches long now and jutted outwards in a very enticing manner, surrounded by perfectly symmetrical areolas.

With her hair changing into synthetic threads and eyes transforming into painted features that had a look of lust and desire etched in them, Denise’s dollification was nearly complete. The only part of Denise that wasn’t changed yet was her mouth, thanks to Billy’s ring.

“So, my dollified Denise, before I wrap things up, do you have anything to say? Oh, and don’t ask me to change you back. That won’t be happening,” Billy said calmly as he trained his ring in the direction of Denise’s face.

“What are you planning to do to me? Keep me as a fuck toy in your bed? Lend me out to some other twisted perverts like yourself? Oh, wait, I didn’t, oooohh...” Denise started to reply before her words trailed off as Billy focused his ring on her face again.

“Yeah, I thought you might get a little mouthy. Let’s adjust your mind down a fair bit and see if that changes what you say,” Billy replied as the energy from his ring changed color slightly.

“Ummmm, ooohhh, I, I feel so good. Billy, could we, like, fuck again? I, I want to fuck again before you change me back. I know you’ll change me back after we fuck,” Denise chirped happily though she still looked serious in brief flashes.

“Hmmm, pretty close. Maybe I’ll think this over for next time. Right now, though, I think it’s time to end this,” Billy remarked as he dropped his right hand to his side. Without saying another word, Billy reached around to Denise’s back, grasped the inflation valve and pulled it open.

OHHH NOOO I’M DEFLATING ...I’m losing air ...I really am nothing more than an inflated love doll ...ooooohhhh... Denise thought as her mind descended into darkness with her body losing shape and definition rapidly.

Picking up the deflated Denise, Billy squeezed the last bit of air out of the doll before folding Denise up and sliding her into a clear plastic bag he had brought out. He proceeded to slip the bag into the cardboard box he had brought out with him and closed the cover. Pausing briefly, Billy smiled as he looked at the writing on the top.





Good way to end a day... Billy thought as he gathered up his bags and headed off to change for heading home soon.

A home life that was changing for him... and Denise... going forwards...



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