In the Land of the Dolls 4: Out in the Garden

by Cropsncuffs

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Part 4: Out in the Garden

My twin sister and I were curled up together in our stall, The thick straw on the ground insulated us from the cold flags. Our arms curled about each other and our heads so close together our long red hair was mixed together where we lay. Our limbs had grown muscular and tanned under their regime of exercise and sexual torment. A regime that they controlled ruthlessly. The Dolls.

I am sure there was some technical name for them, but to me they would always be The Dolls. Strange, almost half-scale figures of feminine perfection standing scarce a yard tall like some large child’s doll and always immaculately turned out in a range of gloriously sexy outfits. They had captured us, taken us to their world of endless sunshine and sexual torment to be their playthings. Or funlings as they called us.

The faintest of sounds came to my ears and I raised my head slightly. One of them was standing by the door to our stall watching us. She was the one I always labelled Leader, but I had no way if she was or not. Who knows what sort of society they had or how it worked.

She pushed the door open and I saw an outfit I had never seen before. It clung to her every tiny but perfect curve as ever, an outfit of denim. A playsuit of breathtakingly tight hotpants and dungaree top with nothing beneath. Her swelling breasts pushed out the skimpy top and the buttons strained under the pressure. Her cleavage rose and fell as she breathed heavily, looking down at us where we lay. We excited her I was sure, and I filed that information way at the back of my mind for future use, but for the moment we were under her control.

She whistled sharply making my sister start in to waking, her head rising and staring blearily at the Doll as she started down at us. The Doll beckoned to us and walked away, her arse wriggling delighfully within the confines of those incredible hotpants. Without thinking we rose and walked after her. There was no point is resisting after all, we were trapped in her world with no hope of escape until they chose to release us.

Following the tiny figure was walked out of the stables through a new door and as the sunshine started to warm our now athletic bodies we found ourselves in a garden. Flower beds were dotted apparently at random about the lawn and brightly coloured flowers were everywhere.        

I heard my sister gasp and she cannoned into me as she sprang away from one of the flower beds. As I gathered her up in my arms and tried to comfort her she was pointing at one of the flower beds and crying wordlessly.

Letting her loose I stepped towards to flower bed to see what had startled her and jumped back myself as a green tendril swung towards me and seemed to make a grab for me. Suddenly aware of how dangerous the garden really was we huddled together while the denim-clad Leader smiled at us. She was clearly enjoying our fear, and judging by the look in her eyes she was finding it a real turn-on. 

She moved towards us with that smile dancing about her face, and as she passed each flowerbed we saw the fronds sway towards her in a fashion that made our blood flow hot and fast. There was something both frightening and exciting at the thought of the animated plants, and as my eyes met those of my sister we hatched a plan.

As The Leader came within reach we both launched ourselves at her. Complete surprise was ours and before she could brace herself our four hands slammed against her denim-clad frame and sent her flying. She crashed into one of the flower beds and before our eyes it came to life.

She struggled to her feet and made a lunge for the open grass but tendrils of the foliage snapped closed about her ankles and she sprawled on the grass with her feet still deep within the flower bed. She let out a wail and we watched in silent wonder as the plants started to haul her back in. Her hands scrabbled desperately at the grass and her eyes were wide as she struggled for grip on the smooth lawn as she was being dragged to her fate.

Fronds and tendrils wrapped themselves about the length of her legs as they were dragged back over the flower bed. She reached back to try and free her legs and tendrils snapped closed about her hands and she screamed as she felt them being tied tightly crossed behind her and she became completely helpless.

A sturdy green growth reared up on front of her a she screamed  as it lunged deep into her open mouth and reduced her scream to a helpless burbling and then silent as she struggled impotently against the writhing green bonds.

We could see the green tentacle in her mouth pulsing, pumping something between her lips and watched as her eyes crossed, her cheeks flushed and her struggles seemed to become less frantic.

Long fronds slid up beneath her denim playsuit and we watched them flexing and writhing about her bare breasts and she began to thrash about again, but this time for a very different reason. We watched as her hands fought their organic bonds desperately but her poor mouth uttered only moans of passion past the green root that had made it it’s prisoner. The fastenings of her denim top failed and as the flap fell open we saw the soft fronds dancing across the tender flesh in a wicked rhythm that was bringing tears to her eyes.

Spellbound we watched as a solid frond rose from the mass behind her, rose high above her tight arse and swayed as smaller fronds hauled her now loose shorts from her writhing arse. Then, in a single, graceful movement it dived downward and took her roughly from behind until, she was screaming with a terrible mixture of passion and terror as her body responded to the plants rough advances.

I was barely aware of my sisters quickening breathing as we watched the scene unfolding before us and I could feel myself flushing as I watched with a morbid fascination. Then, without warning the grass was flying up to meet my face. The wind was knocked out of me as I hit the floor, and part of my befuddled brain registered that I was moving without any mental input from me.

I heard my sister scream, and a warm tightness about my ankles forced its way into my mind. I looked back over my shoulder as my fingers fought for grip on the grass and I saw soft green tendrils tight about my ankles dragging me back into a flower bed, a flower bed where the foliage was swishing and thrashing as if stirred by hurricane winds and I knew where my fate lay.

I looked imploringly up at my sister. She was backing away from me with a look of horror on her face, but looking at me rather than at where she was backing way to. She felt the gentle swish of the fronds against her back and started forwards just too late as the long fronds of a tree closed about her, swathing her from head to ankle in a rippling curtain of sensual torment.

I felt the creepers twining their way up my legs as they dragged me backwards to my fate as my fingers dragged impotent grooves in the lawn. As firm blows started to fall on my upturned buttocks in a brisk rhythm I let out a cry of frustration, then a scream when a broad but silky smooth green tentacle mounted me and filled me to capacity. There was a crack like a whip and smooth plant tendril coiled about my throat and I felt myself gasp at the warmth of its embrace. Other silky tendrils were coiling about my body and as I felt my body start to surrender something brushed against my lips. I allowed them to part and allowed the rounded end of a soft tendril to slip between them and swallowed hungrily as I felt it start to pump out some warm fluid that set my body aflame with desire.

I willingly thrust my hands behind my back and the perverted part of me rejoiced as I felt tendrils tie them tightly together and make me the plants utter prisoner.

As I saw wide leaves move to cut off my view of the world I hauled my head back to look up at my sister. I saw her arms sticking out from behind the wall of swishing leaves that hid her from view and I could hear her hysterical screams as she tried to free herself from the embrace of the plant as it beat her body with those long, soft leaves, and part of me wanted to be her as I could hear the beginnings of arousal in her voice. Then the wide leaves closed about my head and I was lost in my own little world of darkness and passion as for a long time I lost what little remained of my mind to a wild, animal passion as I gave my body to the flowers.

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