Invasion From the Planet D'oll

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2007 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; transform; lovedoll; alien; nc; X


A solitary figure stood before a large monitor that flickered with static and provided faint illumination to the surroundings. After a minute or two, a figure appeared on the screen though only it's glowing blue eyes could be seen in the darkness surrounding it.

" Do you understand the mission, Agent D ? " the image on the screen inquired.

" Yes, my Empress. I will be heading to the planet Earth where I will obtain sufficient raw materials for our planet's needs. Upon my arrival, I will assume the shape and form of a typical resident and blend into their society to study and select candidates for acquisition." Agent D replied with its' head bowed.

The Empress' head nodded slightly in approval. " We will send other agents to aid you in your mission upon you reporting initial success. Remember, the D'oll empire is counting on you to succeed. If you fail, well, you know the punishment...." she rasped with a faint squeak emanating from the background.

The agent dropped its' head in acknowledgment of the unspoken while keeping private thoughts best left unsaid. She snapped to attention as the screen flickered brightly before fading to black with the empire's crest staying on the screen. Agent D then left the room determined to carry out her goals no matter what the costs.

Sometime after tomorrow......

Nina looked over a thick stack of papers and muttered several words to herself repeatedly while standing at the far end of the studio. At the other end of the building, several people were busy adjusting lighting fixtures, moving various props in and out of the stage area and other tasks in preparing the set.

" All right, Nina, if you're all set, we can shoot the final scene for today's filming. It's the one where you've just escaped from the alien breeding pens and are being hunted down by the female human guards, who are working for the aliens in return for promised wealth and prosperity. You struggle through the dense jungle undergrowth desperately trying to stay ahead of the guards in pursuit while hoping to find help or safe haven from the monsters. After running through what seems to be miles of water and trees, you drag your barely clad body into what appears to be a lagoon area with fresh water. Collapsing next to it, you lie for minutes until you are surprised by one of the guards who, without warning, turns you over and fires a paralyzing beam at you." the director intones while leafing through his script.

Nina nodded as she paged through her copy of the script until she arrived at the scene that was mentioned and started reading it over. " Umm..Bernie, I have a question about this part where it's mentioned that both me and the guard are both naked at the end of the scene. Is that really needed for the scene we're about to film ? " she said running her left hand through her blonde locks.

The director shook his head slowly " Look, Nina, we went over this just the other day. You take your rags off to take a quick dip in the lagoon before climbing out for the rest. The guard's clothes have been ripped off by a monster it had to fight while in pursuit of you. Don't forget what I said about expressing a whole range of emotions for this scene. When the movie awards are handed out, they look for actresses who can bring out the whole range of feelings." Bernie said to the actress while silently chuckling to himself over the ridiculous nature of his last statement.

Nina nodded as though things were much clearer now " Ok, if it means better reviews for my performance, I guess I can do that scene in the nude. Where would you like me to first... make-up or costume department ? " she asked with her usual bubbly voice. The director smiled and gestured towards several people on the far end of the set as he moved in preparation to beginning to film.

Several hours... and many takes later....

" CUT ! CUT! Dammit... this is incredibly frustrating ! " the director shouted at the crew while slamming his script on the floor. He stormed over to where the actresses were standing nearly knocking over part of the backdrop in the process.

" Nina, you have to wait for the guard to emerge from the underbrush before you start screaming and saying your lines otherwise you look like you're talking to yourself. React to what goes on around you before you say your lines, please ? " Bernie said to the crestfallen blonde who nodded in quiet understanding.

The director then turned to the other woman who was standing nearby holding a gun prop " Tiffany, you have to keep running when you're in the 'jungle. You can't just stop and look around halfway through the pursuit of the escaped prisoner. One other thing.... please try and look more menacing when you emerge from the underbrush with your weapon pointed at Nina. If you have the 'enforcer rifle' pointed at the ground, it's not going to look believable to the people watching on the big screen ! " Bernie shouted at first one woman and then the other while the other cast members cleared away quickly.

Storming away towards the chair, the director looked at his watch and sighed out loud. " All right, people, it's late and I'm not in the mood to do take 17 of this particular scene tonight. Let's call it a wrap for the night, people, and we'll start filming again first thing in the morning. " Bernie called out to the cast and crew before turning to an assistant and asking where his coffee was.

With the time approaching 3 am, the crew quickly started storing props and equipment away while the cast either headed home directly or changed into normal attire. Nina, clad in a purple bathrobe, walked towards her trailer mulling over the scene they were having trouble with as well as looking at lines for the following scene set to be filmed that involved an earlier part of the flick where she is abducted by the evil aliens. She was about to step up into the trailer and change into her own clothes when she heard her name being yelled out.

" Nina ! Nina ! Hold on a second ! " Tiffany, clad in a blue bathrobe, yelled out from the other end of the set as she ran across it with her white high heels making loud clicking noises as she went. Nina, a little puzzled by the sense of urgency in her fellow actress' voice, stopped and waited to hear what Tiffany had to say.

" Nina, I was thinking... Bernie looked awfully upset about how that last scene wasn't turning out the way he wanted it. I was wondering if you might want to try a little late night rehearsal with me after everybody's headed home for the night. We can go over the whole chase part and I've got something in my trailer I can use for the part when I surprise you lying by the waterfall. It might just give us the edge when shooting starts in the morning and Bernie starts on his quest for the perfect scene. Are you up for it, Nina ? " Tiffany said with a dazzling smile on her face.

Nina looked at Tiffany and thought about the offer for a few seconds " Well, as long as it doesn't run too much later tonight, I'm game. Wouldn't the studio security interfere with this little rehearsal of ours ? I don't want some fat 50ish bald guy chewing on a donut drooling over the sight of two naked women by themselves late at night. " she said with a worried look on her face.

Tiffany smirked and pulled out a large key chain that contained many keys of different sizes. " I happen to know the head security guard Trent quite well. He agreed to leave me the keys to lock up with after tonight's late night practice. Of course, I might have led him to believe he'd be ' rewarded' in the near future. " she said while inserting the tip of her left index finger inside her mouth.

Nina blushed deeply at the implications of Tiffany's sentence before ducking into her trailer for a second. She stepped out carrying a small make-up bag in her right hand. " Well, Tiffany, let's start running through fake trees on a wooden and plastic set, ok ? " Nina said which resulted in great peals of laughter from both women as they walked towards the quiet set.


".....better just lie here to rest.. those alien guardians... errr.. guards won't bother me tonight..." Nina said stumbling over her last line of the scene's first part. She blushed knowing that if they had been filming with the crew, Bernie would have ordered her off the set for such poor acting.

Tiffany, standing off to the side, applauded enthusiastically as she walked over to her fellow actress looking over her copy of the shift as she did. " That was your best job yet on the scene, Nina. If you just relax a little and try to concentrate on your lines, you'll be fine. " she said encouragingly.

Nina shook her head slightly " I don't know... I keep stumbling over the dialogue even when it's just me talking to myself. Maybe we should go over the last part of the scene where you catch me unaware lying by the pool and aim your weapon at me to force my surrender. I'll put some beach towels out for us to sit on while doing this part... my butt hurts anyway from all this running stuff anyway." she said while dashing back to her trailer for the towels she mentioned.

Once she returned to the set, Nina spread out the towels on the floor before removing her bathrobe and tossing it on a nearby chair before sitting back on the towel and letting the cool air brush against her nude body. After a minute or two, she saw Tiffany walk out from behind one of the fake trees carrying what appeared to a large water gun that she saw often used down at the local beaches.

" It's not the Enforcer-XX gun prop from the shoot but I figured it'll do for visual reference and be fun if we find the lighting too hot.." Tiffany said carrying the purple and blue water toy on her hip. Nina could see what she assumed to be water dripping a little out of the nozzle and figured that Tiffany had filled it earlier.

After the two quickly went over what part to start at, Nina settled on the floor with her legs slightly propped up and arms covering her naked chest while Tiffany loomed over with her ' weapon ' pointed towards her. Nina cleared her throat and flicked her hair back before looking up at the ' guard '.

" Oh, please, please let me go..! I'll give you anything you want... I just want to be free..." Nina shouted upwards in a style that would best be described as overacting in the extreme.

Tiffany looked down at the sprawled blonde before her and her face twisted in an evil look " It's too late for pleading, foolish Earth woman. Prepare to become the property of the Planet D'oll ! " she snarled while releasing a steady stream of liquid at the prone Nina.

" Those aren't the right lines.... what's this about the Doll Plan.. .ooohhh... " Nina thought as she started to ask Tiffany what was going on. However, her question was silenced by the horrific sight that she saw as well as started to feel. The spray from the water gun seemed to be causing some sort of allergic reaction in her as her skin seemed to be changing rapidly in color to a tan color from its' normal warm pink hue. As well, she felt a growing sense of warmth mixed with erotic tinged pleasure growing through her body.

" Tiffany... something is happening to me... I feel odd... what was in that water you sprayed me wi... ohhh.." Nina gasped before being struck by another spray which this time centered on her chest and face. A few seconds later, the erotic pleasure she was experiencing increased greatly as did the change in her skin that seemed to be taking on a glossy, almost artificial look. She could see what appeared to be seams appearing on her sides as if she was made out of sheets of vinyl and rubber but she knew that was impossible....

Tiffany got down on her knees and looked at Nina's changing body with a knowing look in her eyes. She used her water gun to open wide the blonde's legs exposing Nina's pussy for all to see. Nine desperately tried to cover her exposed sex by closing her legs again or put her hands over it but found her arms and legs unresponsive to her thoughts. She could see her breasts were becoming the same material the rest of her was becoming composed of as her chest stopped moving altogether. Her tits became semi rigid mounds of plastic capped by bright pink circles with firm small nipples in the center. The pleasure Nina was feeling increased greatly when Tiffany moved her legs and she wanted to cry out in pleasure or protest but found she couldn't do either as her ability to speak like her mobility and breathing had vanished.

" One more should do the trick..." Tiffany said while firing a third spray onto Nina's sex with a flourish. Seconds later, Nina's pussy quivered sending the most intense orgasm Nina had ever experienced through her mostly artificial body before it opened into an ovular shape as it was now composed of the same material she was. As her mouth tightened into an O-shape and the interior dissolved into a soft supple rubbery cocoon, Nina realized what she was turning into...

" A LOVE DOLL... WHYY?... WHY AM I CHANGING INTO A SEX DOLL.. A FUCK TOY..WHY, TIFFANY.. WHY ???? " Nina screamed mentally as she stared with eyes that were changing into painted features at the person responsible for her current state.

Tiffany stared back at the living sex toy and opened her mouth in mimicry of Nina while unleashing another spray onto Nina's dollified form. After a few seconds, Tiffany put down the gun and picked up the amazingly lightweight doll Nina now was checking to make sure it was fully converted to its' desired artificial state.

" It was nothing personal, Earth woman, as I have sworn to my Empress that I would secure for her a select number of your kind in this state. If it comforts you, I will tell you that you will not be alone for long..." the being said looking at Nina's plastic features before touching her belly button with her right index finger while holding the doll in her left. A few seconds later, the two shimmered and disappeared from the studio lot....

In the sky overhead....

Nina thought that being turned into a love doll was cruel enough to her but the alien had taken the cruelty to new heights by hooking her to some sort of ventilator that inflated and deflated her body via her inflation plug on regular intervals. The fact that this simulated her being made love to nearly drove her over the edge as she found herself awash in orgasmic feelings. The only thing that kept her going was the belief that the alien would be stopped eventually and she would be restored....

" Sooon... plleaseee.. ooohhhh... " the doll screamed mentally over and over..

Though she knew this could be her state for the rest of her existence...

Especially if the D'ollians had their way..

To be continued........



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