It's A New Look For You

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2011 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; photo; pose; transform; sexdoll; deflate; transport; oral; anal; climax; cons; X


With the morning sun shining through her bedroom window, Fujiko slowly pulled herself into an upright position on her bed and rubbed her eyes gently with her hands. The Asian beauty had been working as a pole dancer at a local night club the previous two nights and the energy she had expended had left her more than a little drained.

Rubbing her right hand through her hair, Fujiko climbed out of bed and made her way to the bathroom where she disrobed and took her daily shower. A short time later, with a towel wrapped around her head, Fujiko headed back to her bedroom to get dressed and head out for a photo shoot she was working at that afternoon. Fujiko had done several lingerie shoots in the past but this was the first time she had worked with this particular photographer.

'I just hope this guy isn't like the last one I worked with. Johann said he was financially independent and only did photography for the internet as a hobby but the way his eyes seemed to bore in on me when I removed my rope and sat down on the edge of the bed made my skin scrawl,' Fujiko thought to herself as she quickly threw on her clothes before checking her cell for text messages and heading for the front door and the start of her day. Just over an hour later.....

"Now, Fujiko, I need you to relax a little. Let that stress go and clear whatever worries you might have on your mind. You need to look like you're really happy and carefree sitting on the edge of the bed, " the photographer called out as he snapped picture after picture and shifted back and forth in front of Fujiko.

'Geez, this is fucking hot in here! I think the crew set up these lights at full intensity and didn't realize just how frigging warm it is outside!' Fujiko thought to herself even as she moved and writhed in response to Henry's requests. So far, it was a pretty standard start to a lingerie shoot and Fujiko actually enjoyed wearing this particular set of lingerie as they weren't itchy like the last session.

"Ok, Fujiko, I need you to curl around the pillow behind you in an affectionate manner. Treat it like the biggest stuffed animal you've ever had and you love to squeeze it tight to your body! That's right! " Henry intoned as he clicked off a number of pictures and moved Fujiko's right leg slightly as he moved back and forth.

After roughly twenty minutes or so, Henry called for a break as he needed to change cameras and film. As he did, the photographer went to a nearby fridge and retrieved a chilled bottle of water for Fujiko.

"This is a new type of bottled water that the company who makes the lingerie you're modeling is going to be producing. They asked me to pass along the idea that you could maybe do a few sessions with me as part of their promotional campaign for the product, " Henry said as he handed the dark haired model a bottle.

"Renew Water. The water that will revitalize and give you energy like never before, " Fujiko intoned as she recited the slogan printed on the side of the bottle. Mentally dismissing the slogan as nothing out of the ordinary, Fujiko drank deeply from the bottle and to her surprise, she guzzled down the entire contents in a single attempt.

'Hmmm, I must have been more thirsty than I thought. I, ummmm, I feel pretty good now though,' Fujiko thought as she handed the empty bottle back and leisurely laid back on the soft bed.

"All right, Fujiko. For this set of pictures, I need you to remove your bra and lie down on the bed on your stomach with your hands under your chin, " Henry said with a voice a bit more determined than any other time during the shoot.

"Wait, wait a second, Henry. I, I don't do nude or semi nude pictures for anyone. Can we try something else instead? " Fujiko intoned as she put her hand to her head as she felt a wave of dizziness wash across her.

"You won't be exposing any part of your sexy body, Fujiko. Now, please remove your bra as I requested, " Henry requested once again with a bit more determination.

"Ummm, ok, I guess, " Fujiko replied before starting to remove her bra and handed it to Henry to put on a nearby chair. Oddly, Fujiko felt a brief surge of immense pleasure when Henry touched her hand and a little disappointment when he withdrew it.

Lying on her stomach, Fujiko smiled and wriggled in response to Henry's suggestions as he took a number of pictures. After this part ended, Henry handed Fujiko another bottle of water which the Asian model guzzled down quicker than the first bottle.

"Now, Fujiko, I need you to take off your panties as well so we can make it look that much sexier. You don't mind doing that for me, do you? " Henry said as he took the empty water bottle from the model and caressed her face briefly with his right hand.

"Oh, yes, yes, I will! " Fujiko intoned as she felt a surge of pure pleasure from Henry's touch and was willing to do anything he asked of her no matter what it was or how odd it might have seemed before.

With a few flicks and tugs, Fujiko quickly removed her panties and sat on the edge of the bed waiting patiently for the next request. The dark haired model dutifully posed and smiled as Henry requested and every time the photographer touched her shoulder or some other small gesture, Fujiko experienced a sensation of pure pleasure that caused her mind to seemingly go blank save for a hope that the pleasure would never end.

"Well, I think that'll end the session for today, Fujiko. You can get dressed and head home and I'll swing by tomorrow to show you the pictures, " Henry said as he gently pulled Fujiko up into a sitting position and touched her left breast in passing.

"Yes, master, I will do as you say, " Fujiko said as somewhat stiffly started to put her bra and panties on and seemed unconcerned by the fact she was showing her naked body to Henry.

"Huh? What did you say? " Henry remarked as he paused in packing away his camera equipment and looked at the model with a face that seemed concerned but in an odd way.

"I said I'll see you tomorrow and I hope the photos are as good as they usually are. Ummm, do you mind if I take home some of this water with me? It's really tasty," Fujiko replied as she finished getting dressed in a noticeably stiff manner.

"Oh. Yeah, sure, tomorrow. See ya then! " Henry said as he watched Fujiko take several bottles of water and stuff them in a box before smiling and heading for the exit. Watching the beautiful model, a look of what seemed to be expectation crossed Henry's face before he resumed his packing up of his equipment. The next day.......

"That was... the strangest night sleep I've had in a very long time, " Fujiko murmured as she sat up in bed and ruffled her hair with her right hand. As the dark haired model recalled, and her damp bed sheets confirmed, it was a night where Fujiko dreamed of erotic encounters with faceless men again and again who had wild, passionate sex with her. The other detail Fujiko remembered, and it was an odd one, was that the male lovers seemed to be in complete control of her body and it was as if she was some sort of inanimate sex toy for the dream men.

'I was getting fucked repeatedly by men over and over and I loved every minute of it. Mmmm, I'm a little stiffer than I was yesterday. Maybe I overdid it at the photo shoot,' Fujiko thought as she slid out of bed and put on a satin night robe over her nude body. Ordinarily, she never went to sleep naked but somehow Fujiko felt very comfortable sleeping like that.

Fujiko was about to head into the kitchen to fix herself a light breakfast when she heard the door bell ring. Sighing at the inopportune timing of the visitor, Fujiko made her way to the door and was surprised to see Henry standing on the other side.

"Sorry for coming by earlier than I told you but I had an unexpected change in plans and wanted to go over the results from the shoot with you. Oh, and I brought some more water for you as well," Henry said with a broad smile on his face as he ambled into the apartment and set a cardboard box down by the door.

"Wow, that, that's really nice of you. Would you like something to drink?" Fujiko asked even as she noticed for the first time just how good looking Henry was and how she wouldn't mind being fucked by him.

"A glass of orange juice would suit me fine," Henry replied and watched as the lithe model nodded and strode back to the kitchen where she poured her guest a glass of juice and got herself a bottle of the water Henry had provided earlier. As she took a quick sip, images of Henry's body flooded her mind once again and she drank down the entire bottle in that sip.

"You know, you look incredible this morning. Do you have any plans for the rest of the day that you have to be at? " Henry murmured as he came up behind Fujiko and grasped her around the waist with his hands.

"Oh, no, master. Fujiko would love to spend the rest of the day with you," the model blurted as she spun around and untied her robe to allow Henry a better look at her nude body. In her current frame of mind, Fujiko seemed to be oblivious that there was now an artificial sheen to her body and her lower legs looked to have some sort of seams on them now.

"Well, then, why don't we go to the bedroom and get things started?" Henry said as he picked up Fujiko around the waist and started to carry her in the direction of the bedroom. In response, Fujiko tried to wrap her legs around the photographer's waist but found her legs were not only unresponsive but were straightened out and moving apart as if they had a mind of their own.

"Ok, Fujiko, let's get that robe off so we can get a little more intimate, shall we?" Henry said upon arriving in the bedroom. The photographer quickly removed Fujiko's robe with little effort needed by the beautiful woman. After tossing the robe onto a nearby chair, Henry ordered Fujiko to go down on her knees immediately.

"Yes, master. What do you want me to do next?" Fujiko said with a voice that sound somewhat squeaky compared to her normal way of talking.

Henry responded by unbuckling his pants and dropping it to the floor followed by his briefs. Stopping out of the clothes, Henry stepped forward with his cock stiffening with every past second. "Right now, Fujiko, I want you to give me the best blow job you have ever given a man," he said in a commanding voice.

"Oh, yes, master, I'd be more than happy to do that!" Fujiko replied as she tried to reach up and stroke the underside of Henry's cock. However, the diminutive woman found it difficult to summon the strength to fondle Henry's dick. Fujiko's momentary fear that she would not be able to what her master wanted was doused as Henry entered her mouth with his cock. Although it had been some time since Fujiko had last given a man a blow job, she wrapped her tongue around Henry's cock and started sucking on it with great gusto. As Henry slid his cock back and forth and went deeper with each stroke, Fujiko felt her tongue slip away and something odd happen to the rest of her mouth interior. However, the joy of sucking Henry's cock as he pushed it into her overrode any concerns Fujiko may have had for the changes in her mouth.

"Ohhh, yeah, you're incredible, my little fuck doll!! Suck it for all you're worth!! " Henry exclaimed as beads of sweat trickled down his face under the strain of holding back the semen that was building inside him. After pressing against the back of Fujiko's mouth and hearing no gagging by the busty woman, Henry continued to thrust until he couldn't hold back any longer. With a loud gasp, Henry partially withdrew his cock even as a stream of warm cum flowed into Fujiko's mouth.

'Yes, master must be happy!! I'm receiving his cum and its filling my mouth fuck hole!!' Fujiko thought to herself as cum overflowed from her mouth and splattered onto her breasts that squeaked ever slightly from the splattering.

"Hmmm, looks like you're coming along quite nicely, Fujiko. Why don't I put you up on the bed and we can get a bit more intimate? " Henry said as he stroked the side of Fujiko's face before pulling her to her feet.

Fujiko didn't utter a word but nodded up and down in approval and wrapped her arms and hands around the photographer as best she could manage. As Henry lifted her up and carried her to the bed, Fujiko noticed what looked to be faint seams appearing on her upper arms and around her waist. As before, this normally would have been something that Fujiko would be concerned about, to say the least, but her mind was fixated completely on making her master happy even though she knew he had a name as well.

'What is his name?.... Hank... Henry? Mmmm, I guess it doesn't really matter as long as he... OHHH!!!...." Fujiko thought to herself before her thinking was interrupted by the intensely erotic sensation of Henry placing her on her hands and knees on the bed. This was immediately followed by the photographer starting to rub some sort of lubricant around the edges of her anus before working his fingers inside her.

"I don't know if you've had much anal sex in the past, Fujiko, but I guarantee you that this is one occasion that you're never going to forget!! " Henry remarked as he took a position behind Fujiko and placed his hands around her slender hips. Before Fujiko had a chance to consider what he had said, Henry started pushing his cock deep in her. Almost immediately, Fujiko let out a gasp of pleasure or, at least, tried to. Fujiko discovered that she was no longer able to talk at all but this development didn't seem bother at in the slightest. In fact, the only thing she was focusing on at the moment was how wonderful it felt to have a cock entering her and how she wished it could go on forever.

"Mmmm, yeah, you are one sexy, shiny piece of ass, Fujiko. Maybe I should start calling you Fuckable Fujiko. What do you think about that, my sexy dolly? " Henry said as he continued to thrust in and out of Fujiko and noticed that her back looked shiny and glossy now with what looked to be an inflation plug appearing in the small of her back.

'Ooooohhh, Fuckable Fujiko!!... I love that name! I hope my owner calls me that every time he fucks me and gets me to suck his wonderful cock!!! Mmmm, I hope he fills all three of my fuck holes constantly. I want my owner to use me again and again,' Fujiko thought as Henry continued to push his cock deep into what was now her ass fuck hole. After a lengthy period of time, Henry finally unloaded a stream of warm cum into Fujiko's doll ass with some of it streaming down the back of her legs.

For the next few hours, Henry fucked and fondled Fujiko over and over again with Fujiko's holes occasionally filled by a dildo and/or vibrator Henry had found in the room. With every round of sex, Fujiko's memories of what she was as a normal woman and her basic identity faded even further from her mind and were replaced with the extremely simple desires of an inflatable sex doll.

"Whoah, you are one amazing doll, Fuckable Fujiko, and I wish I could spend the rest of the day with you but I have to get back to my place and attend to some business. I want to deflate you and take you along but there's nothing really here for a bag or box that wouldn't give somebody pause to ask a question I don't want to answer. Well, in any event, let's get things started by opening up your inflation plug, shall we? " Henry said quietly as he reached over and pulled open the doll's plug.

'OOOHHH!!.. HE'S GOING TO DEFLATE ME!!!... I hope he's not planning to put me away for too long... I want owner to use me like a good suck and fuck dolly. Oooohhh, I'm deflating, my arms, my legs, my shiny body, all losing air!! I wonder if owner will find me a nice box to keep me.... ohhh.... I'm slipping into darkness.... mmmmm....' Fujiko thought to herself as she felt her body start to rapidly lose shape and definition as the air escaped from it. In a very short period of time, Fujiko was nothing more than a flat piece of latex and rubber with a small amount of air remaining in her extremities.

"Well, that's done. Now, time to fold you up and figure out the best way to get you to my place, " Henry said as he leaned over and picked up the flattened Fujiko. Carefully, and after making sure all the remaining air was pushed out of the doll, Henry started to fold Fujiko into a neat pile with her face, a frozen look of lust and desire etched on it, sitting on top. Once this was done, Henry searched around the apartment once again for something he could use to transport his new sex toy. However, as before, the photographer came up empty in his quest and stood in the middle of the room staring at the deflated Fujiko and considered his options.

"I don't have any time for other options so I guess it's improvisation time," Henry thought to himself as he walked over to the edge of the bed where the deflated Fujiko sat in silence. Loosening his pants so they drooped down to his knees, Henry picked up the doll and pressed the doll into his boxer shorts. Musing that the doll might slip out during normal movements, Henry reached down with his hands and pressed the doll's mouth opening against his semi rigid cock. With his dick nudging against the back of the smooth latex sac, Henry pulled his pants back up and fastened them before checking out his appearance in a nearby mirror.

"A little bulge but nothing that would look out of the ordinary to anyone, " Henry muttered to himself as he patted his package before moving to put away Fujiko's clothes and tidy up any signs that he was there.

Unknown to Henry, his actions had "awakened" Fujiko's mind and she found herself more than a little happy with her present state. 'Mmmm, dolly has owner's dick in her mouth fuck hole. Dolly loves her fuck hole being filled and sucking cock makes dolly happy. Suck and fuck, fuck and suck, dolly is happy to make owner happy,' Fujiko thought as her whole existence was now focused solely on pleasing her owner as Fuckable Fujiko.

After a short period of time, Henry arrived at home relieved that no one seemed to notice that his "package" was a bit larger than normal. Taking his jacket off, the photographer made his way to the bedroom where he pulled down his pants and saw the doll was still firmly wedged on his dick.

"Hrmmm, hope this doesn't hurt ya, Fuckable Fujiko, but its got to happen at some point. Ummm, boy, you've really got that mouth fuck hole stuck on tight, " Henry muttered as she started to gently tug the doll away from him. Finally, with one big effort, Henry manages to pull the deflated doll off his cock with a loud RIPP!! heard.

With that, Fujiko's world seemed to explode in a blinding flash of light.....

"Fujiko? Fujiko? Fujiko, honey, snap out of it. It's time for the next set of pictures," Henry said as he waved his hands in front of the woman's face. With a slight shudder, Fujiko saw that she was once again a real woman wearing lingerie for a photo shoot and sitting on a bed in a studio.

"Oh, oh, sorry. I guess I kind of zoned out for a second or two," Fujiko said as she struck an alluring pose with her arms bent and touching behind her head.

"No problem, honey. We just need to do one more thing," Henry said as he moved to his camera bag and pulled out his camera for indoor shoots.

"What's that?" Fujiko inquire and fluttered her eyes in an attractive way even as she tried to get her bearings mentally.

"This.... " Henry said and snapped his fingers. In that instant, Fujiko was transformed back into Fuckable Fujiko, a very realistic love doll who was silent once more...

And left to ponder if this was just part of one bid dream... or her permanent state as an inflatable love doll.



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