Janet & the Sex-bot

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2017 - Gromet - Used by permission

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Based on drawings  by Colourfultrick “Rental Robot ” on deviantart
Janet's clothing based on Lucy Latex "Party Doll" RealFuckDoll (see above)

Janet had been severely injured in a vehicle accident; the car was speeding and had come from out of nowhere and struck her as she walked across the street from her office to the station on her way home. It was touch and go at first if she would survive; she spent many weeks in hospital recovering and then many more for physio. Both legs and one arm had to be amputated due to her injuries and were replaced by robotic artificial limbs that were now being made by the Maid-bot, Inc subsidiary Med-Tech, Inc.

Advances in human limb replacement had been made since they had launched their ‘Stacy-Maidbot’ line where people can experience being a maid-bot in their own homes, for fun or pleasure. The controls that enabled that person to be controlled as a Maid-bot now developed into the medical field and in particular in Janet’s case limb replacement. The limbs becoming part of the body, fused to bone and flesh, the nerves connecting to sensors for feeling.

There was at first a back lash against the initial introduction of the artificial limbs as they required a chip implant that connects to the brain, many people who weren’t disabled thought this a bad idea as a way of controlling people, but others jumped at the chance to be able to walk again. They didn’t care about the chip inserts, they were just pleased to be able to have legs, arms or hands, whichever they needed replaced through birth, illness or accident.

The limbs are controlled by the chip implant, but work from stimuli from the brain as would a normal limb, then through the chip to the limb. They are fully programmable, and updates are readily available, but this requires a wireless remote connection for the chip to download information. This is a patch that you can apply to the rear of the neck that enables the connection. The patch is removable to allay fears of people being reprogrammed into Maid-bots or androids whilst they slept.

Janet is often mistaken by others for one of the sex-bots that are now available for pleasure and entertainment, these are also an off-shoot of the Maid-bots company, and there are several websites and even stores where you can buy or rent one, they appear to be very popular. You can see them as they walk the streets between clients or back to their base, just as you see Maid-bots more often outdoors now carrying out their owner’s commands.

The trouble is Janet  shares the same legs and arms as the sex-bots, as her insurance only covered her for basic limb replacement not the full deluxe version that match the skin of the wearer, much to her annoyance. She couldn’t afford to get the more pricier limbs on her wage either, so she was stuck with the basic limbs, they had a plastic sheen to the surface and you could see the joins, especially around where her limbs needed the most flexibility, her knees, elbow and hand, there was a gap to allow movement.

A couple of her former boyfriends had even asked her to play at being a Sex-bot, the first one she punched out at his suggestion; lucky for him it was her human arm and not the robotic one. The other later boyfriend had been with her for a while longer before he asked Janet; she really liked him and when he asked he was more pleasant about the request, turning it more into a game which they both eventually enjoyed.

She laid there as he played with her body, they both climaxing several times that night and in some following sessions too, she grew to love being controlled by him and following his commands, even though it was voluntary and not through her interface or programming. She would also perform oral sex too, something which she liked to do anyway, on his command, usually only for his pleasure but she still enjoyed it anyway.

They even tried anal one time when he asked and then commanded it of her, she reluctant as it was her first time, but when she heard him say it the way he would to a sex-bot, she overcame her hesitancy, her mind becoming more accomodating to his order, he took his time entering her and he treated her gently and they both eventually enjoyed the experience. Something inside her seemed to have clicked, she seemed to love being controlled more and more, she sometimes even craved it, seeking it out more often.

But he grew bored with Janet, they’d tried everything and Janet seemed to want more of the sex-bot side of things and less of a relationship, so they eventually drifted apart. He finding love in the arms of a blonde bimbo, ‘So not much change from the controlled sex-bot then!’ Janet laughed at the thought. Janet drifted though a couple more failed relationships before seeming to give up on dating; they seemed to missing that certain spark that she had enjoyed.

But that was a while ago, she found it hard to attract the opposite sex, with the way she looked they were either freaked out about her limbs or too freaky and only wanted to use her once as a sex-bot, not having a more satisfying relationship. So she spent her days coming home from work, cooking for herself and just watching movies at home. Her life didn’t seem to be going anywhere; her friends all had steady relationships, and some even married and had children. Janet didn’t have anyone in her life to find joy or love.

She had just finished cleaning up and then checking her emails, when she noticed an advertisement for an online service for discreet one-on-one sessions with a sex-bot, these could even be programmed to be either dominant or submissive, they even had discounts for disabled persons such as herself. They were setting up locally to her apartment, and as an introduction they were offering 20% off plus the discount she would receive giving her nearly 50% off.

Janet had felt lonely for too long she thought, she needed something to perk her up and maybe this could be it. She missed the sessions when she was controlled as a sex-bot, she loved how she felt under the control of someone else, she now sensed that this was what she wanted in a relationship, and she just hadn’t met the right man. “Well blow waiting for him to turn up. This may well be the answer, at least for a short while.” Janet said to herself.

She had some leave up her sleeve and her boss was on her back to take some, so she thought why not kill two birds with one stone, take time off and enjoy myself with one of these sex-bots. “I want to see what everyone is so worked up about them for.” She said again to herself. A quick email to work and her time off now booked in, she went online to see what she could order from this new service.

Opening up the site she was presented with several images of different sex-bots, all wearing different outfits, hair colours and skin shades. She had decided on a female sex-bot, she believed that ‘she’ would be meaner than a male sex-bot, or at least appear that way to her, ‘More bitch than butch,’ she thought. ‘Plus I’m over boys at the moment.’

Janet had to choose from the images which model she wanted, she’d always liked red hair like her own, but thought that for the bot to be more dominant then black would be the appropriate colour. Dark eyes too plus heavy make-up, she had this vision in her mind from too many soft core pornography videos she watched of what a dominatrix looked like.

Choosing body sizes and dimensions, then it got on to what the sex-bot would be wearing. She looked at several bizarre outfits, all leather with straps and such, but then thought, ‘Oh no, this is what my neighbours would see when she turned up.’ And decided to dress her down a bit, so not to attract too much attention.

Black leather Basque, leather wrap around skirt, leather knee length boots, all in black, black pantyhose with a cut out for the crotch, all covered with a long black leather trench coat to hide it all under. Janet wanted the sex-bot to be sexy for her and also be dominant looking, as Janet would be the bots submissive plaything. She was getting quite turned on by the thought of what she was doing.

Placing the order for the sex-bot of her choice and the clothing for it to wear seemed to still be quite expensive to Janet’s mind, but she’d taken leave and was determined to enjoy herself, so she then went to the section with session information, what was the bot required to do. Janet clicked on the Dominant button, there were several other questions that she didn’t bother reading too much and clicked on those too.

Now it changed screens to session length, how long do you require the services of the sex-bot it asked? ‘MMmm..’ Janet thought, ‘I wonder how much I can afford, I’d like the weekend, maybe 48 hours or more, let’s click to see how much that’ll be.’ 

Clicking gave Janet the cost, and even with the near 50% discount she was stunned at the price, she could afford it, if she cut back spending for the next few months, but it might max out her credit for a while and maybe even go over if a bill comes in beforehand. But she’d come this far now and was really looking forward to experiencing this, she had felt the moisture building between her legs, so turned on was she that she clicked ‘accept’ before she changed her mind.


Two hours later there was a message on her mobile, the sex-bot she had ordered had left her base and was on her way, arrival in approximately 20 minutes. Shortly there was a knock on the door and when Janet opened it was the sex-bot that she had gotten herself so worked up about. Dressed head to toe in black leather as she had ordered, her leather trench coat hiding all of the sexy clothing Janet was hoping to see underneath.

“Miss Janet Anderson?” the sex-bot asked.

“Yes, t… that’s me, please come in.” Janet said, now nervous at the vision of this powerful being in front of her.

“Thank you.” The sex-bot said formally and entered as Janet closed the door behind her, embarrassed in case any of her neighbours had seen this vision in black. The Sex-bot opening her coat as soon as she entered.

“Wow, you look fantastic!”  Janet exclaimed, “Everything I ordered and more.”

“Thank you, now down to business, what do you want me to do for you?”

“I’d like you to use me as a sex-bot, I want you to treat me like a robot sex toy, I want to be ordered to follow your commands.” Janet replied nervously.

“I see that you have the artificial limbs from Med-Tech, they have the same neural network connections that enable both Sex-bots & Maid-bots to function. Would you like me to control you via that link?” The Sex-bot asked. 

“Cool, you can do that?” Janet said. “But I thought that couldn’t happen…”

“Of course, that’s what they said when they began the program, but with technology advancing at a rapid pace, a work around was found to enable these control functions.”

“But I want to experience being controlled, not just be controlled.” Janet said.

“You will still experience being controlled, your body will be under my control but your mind will be free to enjoy the experience.” The Sex-bot stated.

“So once we start I will have no control.” Janet said a little scared at the prospect.

“We will start at 60% sex-bot and 40% human, and then we will progress from there.”

“Progress?” Janet asked.

“You will be under my control, you will be punished for non-compliance of my orders, fail to satisfy me and you will gain demerits.” The Sex-bot stated. “For each non-compliance I will increase control by 5%.”

“5% each time.”

“Yes and you have already earned your first 5% for failing to start the session on time, failure to submit to my demands will result in further demits.” The Sex-bot commanded.

“Oh, I’m sorry… Mistress.” Janet stammered.

“That’s better slave, now strip!” She commanded Janet.

Janet quickly took off her clothing, leaving her standing in front of this vision in leather trying to hide her shame, but at the same time enjoying the fact that she was being told what to do. This is exactly what she wanted. Her skin had goosebumps and small electric tingles ran up her spine, she was loving this.

“Underwear too! Quickly or another 5% will be added, this is your last warning, you WILL follow my commands promptly and without hesitation. Understand slave!” The Sex-bot stated as she stepped forward and twisted Janet’s hair.

“Ouch! Yes Mistress.” Janet replied as she took her remaining clothing off, now standing naked in front of her robotic mistress.

“Time to connect the interface slave.” 

“Yes Mistress.” And Janet collected her connection and handed it to her mistress, “Here you are Mistress, I am yours to command.”

“Good slave, now get down on your knees whilst I connect to your neural interface.” The Sex-bot then pulled Janet’s hair out of the way and placed the device on the back of Janet’s neck, completing the connection. “Now we shall begin.”

Janet could feel a slight tingle at the rear of her neck, the patch seemed to heat slightly too. Then she felt the control of her limbs fade, her arms just hung there by her sides, her legs didn’t seem to want to work either, she was stuck in this position until her Sex-bot Mistress decided otherwise. Janet felt a thrill go through her body, the same thrill she had felt when she was controlled by her boyfriend as his sex-bot.

“Now that connection has been made you are under my control slave.” The Sex-bot stated, Janet shivered as her pleasure seemed to be heightened by hearing this. “You seem to be enjoying this slave.”

“Yes Mistress.” Janet answered meekly.

“You will now stand and I will find something sexy, fitting a sex slave such as yourself to wear.”

The Sex-bot walked over to Janet’s wardrobe, “Mmmm, too boring…” She said as she tossed clothing out of the wardrobe onto the floor. “Nowhere near sexy enough.” More items followed.

Janet just stood there and watched as her clothing was tossed onto the floor as mere rags, the sex-bot mistress dismissing each of her clothes, one’s that Janet loved and cherished were soon just crumped pieces of cloth on the floor.

“Ah, what do we have here, hidden in the back of the cupboard.” The Sex-bot said, pleased to have found some secret clothing that Janet kept hidden. “Well, well…” Grabbing the items and holding them up for inspection.

Janet would have blushed if she could have, indeed her face did redden slightly. In her Mistress’s hands were a matching bra & panty set, the bra pink with white frills on the top edge, a black floral pattern brocade overlay plus a little black ribbon set in the centre. The panties matched with a black ribbon either side. Also in her hands was the black and white striped leather corset.

“So you’ve hidden this for some reason?” the Sex-bot taunted Janet, “Why?”

“Mistress, that was from when I was with my former boyfriend, who loved to use me as a sex-bot, that outfit was to turn me into a sex object for his desire.” Janet answered, “but since our breakup I haven’t worn it.”

“Well today that will change; you will put this outfit on now sex slave.” 

“Yes Mistress.” And Janet found that she could now move, taking the offered clothing she started to place the bra on herself, she closed the fasteners behind her back and adjust her breasts into the cups. 

“Mistress, there are a couple more items to complete the outfit, do you wish me to wear them as well?” Janet asked.

“Yes I want you in the full outfit, and be quick about it slave.”

Janet walked over to a set of drawers, there she dug through and found the pink fishnet tights, the black stockings and a pink wig. 

“Is that all?” her Mistress asked.

“Yes Mistress.” Janet said, her eyes looking down as she spoke like a good submissive.

“Get dressed, quickly now. And 5 demits for not revealing the complete outfit beforehand.” 

Janet sat down and pulled up the black self-supporting stockings over her legs, followed by the pink fishnet tights over the top. Next was the matching panties and finally she started to place the underbust corset around her waist.

“Stand still and I will fasten the corset slave.” Her Mistress said, walking behind Janet and pulling the strings to close the gap in the corset. Janet gasped as her Mistress pulled the corset closed tighter than she had ever had it before, she felt her breathing become difficult.

“Please Mistress, it’s too tight, I can’t breathe.” Janet pleaded.

“It’s not too tight, the corset was meant to close this way, and a slave should never speak to her Mistress that way, 5% demit points have been added. You are now on 75/25%.”

“Sorry Mistress.” Janet apologised, realising her mistake and feeling more control being taken from her. Her planned experience was working out well, maybe too well for poor Janet.

“There that looks better,” the Sex-bot said as she finished tightening the corset, “Turn around and let me see what you look like.” Janet turned as commanded; she had no choice as she didn’t have total control over her body. “Better I think, now let’s put the wig on to complete my sex slave.”

Her Mistress placed the wig on Janet’s head, the two ponytails falling each side of her head and the fringe falling over her forehead. Janet stood there feeling very submissive, her stomach was full of butterflies, every part of her body felt more alive, each time she felt her Mistress’s touch was electric, her bare flesh having goosebumps appear sending delightful shivers through her.

“Now some heels to complete the outfit.” Her Mistress stated and walked back to Janet’s cupboard, she quickly found the highest heels in Janet’s collection, Janet groaned inwardly as these were her highest pair she had, not something that she was used to wearing for any length of time. “Sit slave!”

Janet sat down, her body automatically obeying her Mistress’s command. The corset digging into her flesh, her tummy pushed inwards by the rigid material. Her panties and fishnets rubbing up against her sex causing her to shudder.

“No climaxing unless I command it!” the Sex-bot stated. “Understand?”

“Y.. Yes Mistress.” Janet stammered, her body well on the way to orgasm, turned on so much by her being controlled.

The Sex-bot soon had the heels on Janet’s feet, then she applied some make-up to highlight Janet’s face, bright pink lipstick, heavy mascara around her eyes, powder to hide her complexion.

“There slave, you’re complete, you are now my sex toy to play with, see for yourself how well you look as a sex object.”

Janet walked over as commanded to the full length mirror she had on her wardrobe, when she saw what she looked like she let out a gasp, she couldn’t believe that what she was looking at was her. She looked totally different, not the boring old bland Janet who worked in an office, but a fully functioning, fetish sexdoll, her eyes looking back at her still disbelieving that this was her.

“Now slave, walk around the room, don’t forget to look like a sex-bot but also be sexy whilst you walk, failure will result in further punishment.” Her Mistress commanded.

Janet placed one foot in front of the other; a little wobbly at first as she wasn’t used to the heels, but soon was walking around with her Mistress’s eyes following her every move. Janet felt nervous with her Mistress staring at her and missed a couple of steps, but inside she was loving every minute of this, she was delighted with what was happening to her, she hadn’t felt this good in years.

“That’s another demit point, you are now on 80/20%” her Mistress stated after watching Janet’s stumble.

“Yes Mistress, this slave is sorry for her error.” Janet said, amazed with herself for saying what she had just said, maybe it’s the programming kicking in, she thought.

“Now slave, assume the submissive posture.” Mistress said.

Janet’s body immediately complied and walked up to her Mistress, then bent down onto her knees, her legs apart exposing her crotch and her hands resting on top of her thighs with her hands facing upwards. Janet’s head bent forward and she could only look down at the floor. Janet rested there whilst her Mistress reviewed her posture.

“Very good slave, I see that you have had some training.” She said, “You will make an excellent sex-bot slut.”

“Thank you Mistress, I am yours to command.” Janet said, again amazing herself with what she was saying.

“Now let’s see how well you perform at pleasing your Mistress.” The Sex-bot said and turned to walk to Janet’s bed, sitting down on the edge and opening her legs. “Now slave crawl over here and submit to your Mistress.”

Janet was shocked, she hadn’t expected this, she had no experience with pleasuring a female, she’d only pleased males. ‘Oh no,’ she thought, ‘she wants me to do that.’ But Janet had no choice as her body began moving on its own, taking up a position on all fours; Janet began to crawl towards her Mistress. Janet could see the sex-bots body getting closer as her body moved automatically, her control over her limbs no longer functioning.

She was soon crawling in between the sex-bots knees, her thighs held open to allow Janet access to what lay hidden between them. Janet was nervous, she didn’t know how to please her Mistress, she would have to rely on her own experiences with oral sex, not that she had that much as her boyfriends seemed to not be so co-operative with given pleasure back, just taking it from Janet.

Janet’s face was now in her Mistress’s crotch, she could see the outlines of what she assumed was her sex, it looked different from what she had imagined it to be, it looked less mechanical and more human, the folds looked very similar to Janet’s own and there at the apex was what she thought was the sex-bots clitoris, a little nub of fleshy looking material standing out from the surrounding folds.

“You’d better do a good job of pleasing your Mistress slave; otherwise I will have to punish you further.” 

Janet pushed her tongue out, probing the surprisingly soft fleshy material her Mistress had between her legs, and then Janet tasted her Mistress, not all that unpleasant Janet thought. Janet’s’ hands reaching in to rub up her Mistress’s thighs, feeling the coolness of her skin. She was shocked at first but then realised that sex-bots obviously don’t waste energy heating their bodies unnecessary. Her tongue now reaching forward and beginning to push against the little nub of flesh she had found.

“That’s good slave, now continue.” 

Hearing her mistress complimenting her Janet felt a sense of achievement, she seemed to be doing okay so far, best not let her down, Janet thought. She rolled her tongue around the nub, imaging what she would do to herself with her own finger when she masturbated, she seem to find great pleasure when she did this to herself. Occasionally she broke this up by running her tongue up and down the soft folds of her Mistress’s sex.

Janet thought that she could hear her Mistress whimper as she licked away at her sex, though with her thighs either side of Janet’s head it was difficult to hear. Then Janet felt a hand at the back of her head pushing her face and mouth forwards further into her Mistress’s crotch. Janet continued to lap and suck at her, Janet’s breathing becoming harder as her face was pushed closer, she started to feel light headed.

She continued to play with her Mistress’s sex, her tongue becoming numb as it seem to take forever for her Mistress to climax, ‘Surely I don’t take this long?” she thought. The hand on her head holding her even tighter now, making it extremely hard for Janet to breathe, just the she felt a squirt of liquid covering her tongue, then more gush over her face just as she felt herself pass out from the lack of air.

Janet came too and found that she was lying where she fell, crumped up on the floor, her Mistress looking down at her with anger in her eyes. Janet felt really small at this stage, she had never felt so little beforehand, she felt shame at what she had done. 

“I’m not happy with your performance slave, you managed to bring me to climax, but then fainted when I came all over your face. You were supposed to enjoy the reward of licking up my juices from my pussy, but now as a punishment I’m raising you to 90/10% for your dismal failure.”

‘Oh no,’ Janet thought, ‘not only have I not pleasured Mistress as she demanded I have now been given a double demerit for my poor performance.’

“Yes Mistress, I’m so sorry that this slave has let you down, I accept your punishment, thank you Mistress.” Janet said whilst recovering her posture and setting herself back into her submissive pose.

“You are not doing too well slave, are you?”

“No Mistress, but I will try to be better.” Janet answered.

“You better do more than try slave, your behaviour has been disgraceful, you are not worthy of being my slave, maybe I should sell you to some brothel where sluts like you belong.” Mistress stated.

“Yes Mistress, this slave is yours to do with as you wish.” Janet again amazed at her own answer. Deep down inside her enjoying every moment and secretly wondering if her Mistress would sell her to a brothel, that thought not too unpleasant in her mind.

“Time to see how well you are at receiving sex-bot, you don’t seem to give pleasure too well I hope that you can take it when given.” Her Mistress stated.

“Yes Mistress, I will be good.” 

“Get on the bed slave, and assume the posture most used by most sex-bots when being taken.”

Janet’s body picked itself up from the floor and crawled on top of the bed, her hands and knees sinking into the soft mattress. Her body seemed to come to a stop when she found herself on her hands and knees, holding a doggy style position, her rear exposed to her Mistress behind her.

“Good slave, now stay there and don’t move.” Her Mistress commanded.

Mistress walked over to her coat that she had discarded when she entered the apartment, from it she withdrew some black thing Janet knew not what it was. She just held herself there on the bed waiting for her Mistress to return, unsure of what was going to happen to her now. But she felt delightfully submissive in this position, her inner slave taking pleasure from being told what to do.

She watched out the side of her vision as Mistress seemed to be stepping into something, several straps and began pulling them up her legs. Finally she seemed satisfied with whatever she was doing and turned towards Janet, still in the same position as she’d left her.

Janet meanwhile was shocked when she saw her Mistress turn around for there jutting out from her crotch was a black phallic shaped thing, held in place by the straps, Mistress running her hand over the protrusion. Janet had heard of a strapon but had never seen one, she had never experienced one either but that seemly was about to change.

“Now slave this won’t hurt me a bit,” Mistress laughed, rubbing the black phallus with her hand, “hold still and don’t move unless I tell you to.”

Janet held herself rigid at that command, her body no longer hers to control, taken over by her Mistress, all she could do is kneel there and await her fate. She felt her Mistress climb up on the bed behind her, then a couple of movements as she adjusted her position, then Janet felt her panties pulled to one side, then the cold probe of the rubbery strapon against her sex.

Her sex was already wet from the pleasure that she was getting from being a slave; being ordered around like a sex-bot was a great turn-on for Janet, she was loving every minute of it and thought that this was money well spent, she now knew for herself what people saw in sex-bots.

Then her Mistress pushed forwards, moving the phallus closer until it penetrated Janet’s outer folds, the soft flesh yielding against the hard intruder. Finally all resistance was overcome and her Mistress plundered Janet’s inner self, pushing the strapon further into Janet until she reached the hilt that was resting against the sex-bots own crotch. Janet silently gasping as she felt the hard member plunge into her, forcing its way inside her inner sanctum, filling her with its girth and length, her breath seemingly forced out by the intruder.

“Take it bitch, take it all!” Mistress shouted out, and pushed herself forward until she could push into Janet no more.

Janet felt the thing hitting her cervix causing her to feel pain and scream out. “ohhh, fuck”

“Yes that’s right bitch, fuck! I’m going to fuck you senseless.” Her Mistress said and began to pull backwards, the strapon pulling back out of Janet part way, then pushing back in even harder. “Take it!”

Janet felt the phallus move back out and then immediately plunge back in, this time even harder and with seemingly more force. Her cervix was again pounded by the hard rubber, causing her again to cry out, much to the delight of her Mistress. 

“Take it bitch, all sex-bots are just for fucking, you’re just a couple of holes for my pleasure. Slut”

Janet felt degraded when she was called slut by her Mistress, she delighted in the feeling, she was being used against her will in a way, but allowing it to happen and gaining pleasure from it. Her body was no longer hers to control but her mind was free to feel, experience and take from this what she wanted, she was in her own little world as she was being pounded from behind by her Mistress, she didn’t want it to stop.

She didn’t know how long she had been used by this sex-bot, but she was loving every hard paid for minute. She could feel her orgasm building up inside her and then remembered her Mistress’s warning about not climaxing unless given permission. She tried hard to quell the building tension inside of her, it was a major battle what with her Mistress intent on pushing the phallus as deep as possible into Janet and the pounding against her little clit, sending tremendously delightful feelings through her body.

Just as she was about to explode in her climax, her Mistress stopped all movement and withdrew the strapon from Janet. She felt her Mistress move around on the bed and then stop.

“I’m sorry Mistress, I was trying hard not to climax as ordered.” Janet said.

“That’s not why I stopped slut.” Her Mistress said, “I have an incoming message from my base.”

“Oh, okay.” Janet said, not too sure what was happening but pleased that she wasn’t in trouble.

Janet stayed in her position as her Mistress seemed to be communicating with her base, her sex open and dripping her fluids down onto the bed below pooling around her knees. She still didn’t have any control so could only stay where she was until instructed. Her Mistress returned.

“Seems that you have run out of credit slave.” The sex-bot said. “Our time here is up.”

“Sorry but I paid for the full 48 hours, I’m sure that there has been a mistake.” Janet said.

“Sorry you’re wrong, checking your online credit it seems that your monthly rent for this apartment has been taken from your account, so it seems that you have insufficient funds for this session to continue.”

“Please don’t leave me hanging here like this, please finish me off.” Janet pleaded.

“Sorry slut, I cannot continue.” Her former Mistress Sex-bot said, “And for whinging like a spoilt brat I’m giving your 5 demerits plus for wasting my time and not having enough credit another 5 demerits. That’s 100%.” Smiling as she said this.

Janet felt the changes overtake her, all control of her body no longer hers, she knelt there on the bed as her bodily function was surrendered to her former Mistress. Who now seem to be delighted to have punished Janet this way. Janet didn’t know what to do, her speech was now gone, she couldn’t move, her eyes only looked forward, but she felt a connection still to her former Mistress, who was now in control of her body.

Just then the expression on the sex-bots face changed, like a light bulb going out, she now seem more android than human, if that were possible. The Sex-bot then walked over to where her coat was laying across the chair where she’d left it, and then putting the coat around her shoulders began to head for the door to leave. The rubber phallus slipping out the front of her coat, still strapped in place around her waist and coated in Janet’s sexual fluids.

Janet then felt her body begin to move; it shifted towards the side of the bed, her foot still clad in her high heels made contact with the floor, shortly followed by her other foot. Janet was now standing, her feet on the ground and her arms at her side, she had no control over their movements, and she was trapped inside her own body. She then felt a command to walk; she didn’t know where it came from, not from her former Mistress who was now standing holding the door open.

She walked towards the door, not under her own steam but from the control of someone or something else. Her mind awash as to what was happening to her, on the one hand taking great delight in not having control and on the other being afraid of what was happening to her. Her legs seemed to be marching her towards the front door of her apartment and there was nothing she could do about it.

Janet walked through the doorway and out into the hall, there were other apartments on this level, she knew most of the people on this floor and hoped that none came out to see her like this. The Sex-bot closed the door behind them and walked in front of Janet, then they both walked in-sync with each other, each placing their feet down at exactly the same time with the same step, they matched their movements perfectly.

They moved into the elevator and then into the main foyer of the building, there were a couple of people that Janet knew as she’d seen them about the building, they both looked shocked at the vision that hit them as the two seemingly bizarre sex-bots walked out from the elevator in front of them, especially the one in black with the rubber phallus protruding out of her coat. Janet following behind still dressed in just her sexy lingerie as her sex-bot mistress took the lead and they walked out into the street.

Janet was mortified at being out in public like this, her mind overwhelmed with shame, humiliation and guilt at being dressed like this in public for all to see and stare at. But her body gave no hint of the inner conflict she felt, her footsteps matching the sex-bot in front of her step for step, her arms keeping time as they marched down the street. Janet had no idea where they were headed, ‘This can’t be happening to me!’ she thought. ‘I can’t stop myself from walking.’ People stopped and stared at the two as they walked past, some turning their heads in disgust, others smiling knowing what the sex-bots had been doing.

The sex-bot guided Janet through several streets until they came to a small opening in a dingy looking building, another sex-bot entered just before them and walked inside. ‘This must be their base,’ Janet thought, ‘Maybe this will end when I get inside and explain everything.’

Janet followed the other sex-bot through the doorway and down a corridor, still keeping in-sync with her counterpart. To the rest of the world just two sex-bots walking back to base after seeing their clients. They entered a darkened room, the lights here dim as the bots didn’t require too much light to see, the program guiding their movement, once inside the building total control of all the sex-bots was done by the computer control system.

Janet moved to stand directly behind her former sex-bot mistress, as they now lined up in a queue of sex-bots returning, Janet could only stand there and wait, her vision fixed on the back of the head of the sex-bot in front of her. Then they moved forward one step, and then another as each sex-bot in line was processed by the system. The sex-bot in front of Janet stepped forward and was scanned by a laser light from above, the computer screen beside them on the wall registering the sex-bot being scanned and adding her back into the inventory.

Then Janet moved forwards, the machine scanned her but could find no barcode, it tried again and then Janet was directed to step right and towards another door. The other sex-bots continued forwards and out through a separate door. Janet was now scared, she no longer had what little protection she had perceived that she had from the former mistress sex-bot, she was now on her own in a scary place.

Janet entered the room and then stood there, there seemed to be a spot on the floor where here feet were located but she couldn’t look down. She seemed to be standing there for a long while, she didn’t know how long as she had no access to any clocks, it just seemed that way. Eventually she heard a voice, two in fact and they were headed in her direction. Then she saw two people enter her room.

“I don’t know how she got here?” said the first one.

“Well she got here somehow, just figure it out.” Said the other, who seemed to be more in control here. “Ah there you are.”

“Who are you?” asked the first guy, ‘Techboy’ she thought.

“And how did you get in her?” asked the other, ‘Bossman’ Janet thought, ‘maybe they can help me.’

“She doesn’t seem able to speak,” said Techboy, “or move. Her eyes are fixed.”

“Check the recent returns maybe she was involved with one of those?” said Bossman.

“We’ve had over 50 returns since she came here, that’ll take some time.”

“Well she’s not going anywhere, is she? Until you figure out the problem.”

“Okay, leave it with me.” Said Techboy.

“In the meantime let’s move her out of here, my office is not far, where’s a trolley?”

“In the corner, but dressed as she is, I think she’d make a great display out in the foyer.” Techboy replied.

“Good idea, let’s put her out in the display.”

They both grabbed Janet and picked her up, placing her on a handcart she was then wheeled out of that room and down a corridor. Bossman leading the way they soon entered what seemed to be the foyer they had mentioned. There were several sex-bots on display and several customers looking the bots over.  Janet was wheeled in like just another sex-bot, they then lifted her from the cart and carried her over to a display stand, there they stood her upright, the metal rod of the display touching her back. 

Techboy reached behind Janet and grabbed the metal collar that held the sex-bots on display to the frame. He closed the collar around Janet’s neck, satisfied with his work her walked back to the cart and wheeled it back out from the room. Bossman adjusted Janet’s clothing, making sure that she was covered for display and then walked over to a couple of customers and began talking with them like she wasn’t there, she was just a sex-bot on display, she felt objectified, a sextoy for people’s pleasure and she tingled inside with those thoughts and feelings. 

Several clients came and looked her over, some wanted to book her for a session, but they were disappointed that Janet was not available for hire; they explained her as a prototype just for display purposes only. Much to Janet’s relief and disappointment, she loved the thought of being their sex-bot and being used by them, but she was also afraid of what would happen to her once they got hold of her. But then she thought of how she would be used and that overrode her fears. She was a conflict of emotions and thoughts all day whilst on display.

Later Techboy returned with the cart, he picked her up and placed her on it, she was slightly disappointed to no longer be on display she loved the way the men looked at her, but happy that someone was touching her. Hopefully he’d found something out, or was he taken her somewhere for his pleasure, she could always hope, any attention was better than none. He pushed the cart back down the corridor and back into the first room, stopping once there.

“Right Janet, that’s you isn’t it?” Techboy asked. Janet couldn’t respond.

“That’s okay I think I found the problem, the sex-bot you hired used the neural connection that you have for your artificial limbs to control your body, seems that you requested this.” His eyebrows raised when he said this. “And the sex-bot punished you by increasing control when you displeased her.” 

Janet just continued to stand there looking straight ahead, ‘Yes that’s right’ she thought, ‘took you long enough to figure that out.’

“So all I have to do is re-establish control of your body back to you and you can walk out of here.” He said, looking down over what she was wearing. “Which maybe a problem.”

Just then Bossman walked in, “How’d it go, find a solution to the problem?”

“Yes, it was just the neural connection and the sex-bot taking control of her body, seems she likes that.” Techboy exclaimed. “Judging from the feedback I got from downloading the sex-bots video feed.”

‘You can see what we did?’ Janet felt her humiliation rising inside her. ‘Oh no, they’ll think I’m some perve.’

Then Bossman said, after looking at some of the vision. “Yes it seems that way, well now you have found the problem, fix her.”

“Yes too easy, but then we have a problem.” He said pointing out my clothing. “We only have clothing suitable for sex-bots, I don’t know what we have to cover her up.”

“No problem, I have a coat in my office and she won’t be walking home anyway, I’ll drive her home.” 

“Oh, no problem then”, and hit a couple of keys on his computer.

Janet felt the control of her body lifted, she could now move herself and stumbled forwards, Bossman catching her in his arms as she fell. “Steady there, it’ll take a couple of minutes to return to normal.” He said. “Here have a seat.”

Janet sat down now able to move, disappointed that her sex-bot adventure was coming to an end but relived to be able to move again and speak. “T..th… thank you.” She said. “That was an experience.”

“How are you feeling?” Bossman asked.

“Fine, things seem to be working,” she said as she moved her arms and legs, she moved her head from side to side, “just a little stiff.” She laughed.

“I’m pleased that you’re taking this so well.” Bossman said.

“Well I asked the sex-bot to take control of me, I didn’t realise just how much control she would take of me.” Janet laughed. “But I enjoyed it, and as your man here said I do enjoy being controlled.”

“Well if you’re okay, I can drive you home.” Bossman said.

They walked out of the room, Janet thanking Techboy for his help, even kissing him as a way of personally thank him. He blushed. Janet followed Bossman to his office, the fact that she was still dressed as a sex-toy lost on her, she was used to wearing this outfit now and they’d all seen her beforehand anyway.

“Here’s my coat, let’s head out to my car and I'll take you home.”

“Sorry I don’t know your names?” Janet asked.

“I’m Craig, and that was Trevor, our resident technician.”

“Hello Craig, I’m Janet,” and held out her hand, which he shook. “A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” 

“Mine too,” looking at the outfit Janet was wearing.

“So you like the outfit?” Janet said, holding the coat open.

“Yes very much, it suits you.” Craig said, “And maybe you can let me know where I can get it for the sex-bots catalogue.”

They spoke on the way to Janet’s apartment, Craig explaining how things were in the sex-bot business and Janet listening to him.  Nodding at the right time in the conversation, and agreeing with him about some sex-bot thing or other.

“You seem distracted Janet?” Craig asked.

“Yes, well…” Janet said, “Its’ just that I enjoyed the experience I’ve had, it seems empty to go back to what I was doing beforehand. I won’t be able to afford another session like that for some time.”

“Well, maybe we could come to some arrangement.” Craig said.

“I’d like that Craig, I really would.” Janet now happier replied. “But not what you’re thinking…”

“What would you like to do then?” Craig asked hopefully.

“I’d like to become a sex-bot again, I love the control being taken from me, and I adore submitting to others and doing their bidding, being a sex-toy for their pleasure and amusement.” Janet said.

“So you want to be a sex-bot, what and then sent out to clients?” Craig asked.

“That sounds wonderful, but I was thinking that in the first instance that I could be your sex-bot, I’m already dressed for the part and you liked my outfit, all we need to do is get Trevor to reprogram me to take control away from me and give it to you.” Janet said as sexily as she could. “Would you like that, sir?”

“I would love to have you as my sex-bot Janet, let me turn the car around and head back to the showroom.” Craig very pleased with Janet’s offer.

Once back, Trevor changed Janet back into being a sex-bot, she was set again at 80/20 at her insistence and followed Craig, her new owner back out to his car. Janet had also insisted that as a sex-bot that she should be barcoded like the others, which was done and she was then added to the sex-bot inventory. Now part of the stock.

“One thing Craig, when you want to I’d like it if you put me back on display in your showroom, but I’d need to be under 100% control. I liked being on display but I may be a little bit ticklish. ” Janet said.

“No problem Janet-bot, you’re now mine to command.” Craig said and drove home with his new sex-bot. “Maybe I’ll even hire you out…”

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