Jump Up And Inflate

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X


Colleen stretched her arms wide as she slowly woke up from a great night's sleep. She slowly climbed out of bed and walked out into her kitchen where she poured herself a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Wearing only a sheer nightie that did nothing to hide her amazing figure especially her huge breasts which stood quite prominently under the flimsy material, the brown haired beauty ran her hands through her locks as she contemplated what she was going to do that day.

As she sat down at the kitchen table, she glanced at an adult magazine nearby which had a picture of her on the cover wearing only the tiniest pair of panties with her hands covering her naked breasts. Known in the adult film industry under the name ' Candi Cantaloupes', she had more than a few loyal fans who bought her XXX films regularly and would swarm her at the local adult entertainment conventions looking for her autograph. Besides the adoration, the thing she appreciated the most about these fans was the steady stream of compliments she got about how physically fit she was.

"Considering all the films I participate in and conventions I go to, I have to keep in shape or my tits would be drooping on the floor from the exertion. Ha!" she thought to herself with a silent chuckle. After drinking the rest of her juice, Colleen stood up from the table and headed to the part of her home where she had her personal gym equipment set up. The wall opposite the equipment was made up entirely of large sliding glass doors through which she could step directly into her spacious backyard.

Walking up to the glass doors, the buxom porn star slid open the doors slightly so that the fresh morning breeze could come in. Looking outside, Colleen saw her next door neighbor Phil out working on pruning his trees and hedges. She had caught him more than once taking long looks at her when she was sunbathing in the nude out back or doing her own chores on hot humid days. In fact, just last week, she swore she heard the clicking of a high powered camera when she did some jumping jacks in the exercise area of her house.

"I'd say something to Phil but the attention is kinda cool... and he is handsome... wonder if he's seeing anyone right now!" Colleen thought to herself as she closed the doors and went back to her workout area. She took off her flimsy nightie leaving her completely naked save for the socks and sneakers she put on. It was a voyeuristic thrill of Colleen's to work out in the nude and she was so used to be ogled by strangers that any attention paid to her nude body was dismissed in her mind.

The busty model started off with a few minutes of limbering up by stretching her arms and legs out fully. After she had loosened up sufficiently, Colleen started doing her routine with her usual arm and leg curl reps. After that, she walked over to the weight machine where she started to do her usual amount of weight lifting that helped keep her back muscles strong.

Once done her weightlifting exercises, she headed over to the part of the exercise equipment that she used more for pure fun than anything else: her trampoline. Stepping gingerly up on it, she started to bounce up and down slowly on the rubber surface while at the same time hearing a rustling coming from just outside in the bushes.

"Hmmm... I wonder if Phil is trying to get some close-up shots of me this week... if so, I hope my bouncing makes his day.. hee hee... " Colleen thought to herself as she started to bounce a little higher and gyrated her arms in provocative ways.

Just as she reached the apex of one of her bounces, an object that appeared to be a camera lens became visible in the bushes. Colleen, thinking Phil was about to snap a picture, smiled broadly in the direction of the bushes just as a yellow beam emanating from the lens shot outward and enveloped her body fully.

Almost immediately, Colleen felt warm and tingly all over her body as if every inch of it was being caressed and fondled simultaneously. Unfortunately, she also discovered she couldn't talk or move at all as her body was slowly starting to stop bouncing.

" What..what the hell is happening to me...?" the blonde woman thought to herself as she felt the tingling sensation intensifying throughout her body. She saw her reflection in the patio doors and saw her legs were changing in shape and appearance from the healthy tanned look they normally had, to a shiny and artificial look devoid of any freckles or blemishes anywhere. Colleen could see lines starting to appear on them running from the base of her leg to her hips that looked strangely familiar in some way.

The busty blonde felt like her whole body was now being engulfed by this change as her body shimmered and twitched rapidly. She felt her breathing slowing to an almost imperceptible level as the transformation continued it's relentless process. Colleen saw her pussy slightly open as it took on a round O-shape much like her own mouth now was, available for easy probing by tongue, dick or any other object. Although she couldn't see it, she felt the same happening to her anus and with that she realized what was happening to her.

" I'm becoming a LOVE DOLL.. A DAMNED FUCK TOY... AN INFLATABLE SEX TOY !!!... HOW DID THIS HAPPEN ?... " Colleen screamed mentally as she felt her insides slowly disappear to be replaced by nothing but air. She could see her impressive mounds stop wobbling as they became composed of the same soft plastic and vinyl that the rest of her now was composed of. Her eyes, once warm pools of bluish green, were now just painted features of her latex face that showed no sign of the woman she once was.

With the completion of her transformation, Colleen fell off the trampoline and landed on her side partly on the floor. Her arms were now drawn to her sides and at 90 degree angles ready to hold anyone who would embrace her, while her legs had swung wide apart in an obscene V shape begging to have her thighs caressed and her plastic pussy probed. As she laid there, Colleen's thoughts seemed to vary wildly torn by her new state.

"Help me!... Fuck me !.. No.. can't think that... not an object... object... never object to being fucked.. need to be kissed.. fondled .. want... want to be human again.. please..! " thought the doll as she laid there for what seemed like a very long time. As her mind bounced back and forth, it was suddenly interrupted by the sound of her patio door opening and, a few seconds later, a man walking in front of her... Phil !

"Well, now, aren't you the sexy little love doll ? I have to say you're much more realistic than the ones in the store at the corner." Phil said before his expression changed into an evil grin. "Of course, the fact that my special little camera helped put you in that condition has to be considered as well."

Phil ran his hands over the doll's surface squeezing its' soft breasts, which gave only slightly under his handling, and probing the doll's pussy with his little finger. Although the inanimate sex toy showed no outer reaction, it's mind was conflicted even more now than ever.

"Bastard!.. I'll kill you.. you.. you should squeeze me harder... my tits.. love to be handled.. love.. love to get my hands on you... you'd never lay a finger... finger in me.. yes... shove it in.. please... " the doll's thoughts raced back and forth between anger and pleasure with the latter becoming more prevalent all the time.

The doll thought the caresses would never end until they suddenly did and she found herself being carried out of the house somewhere though she couldn't see. After a few minutes, she found herself in a large room with pictures of herself as a model scattered all over the walls. In the center was a large bed and sitting on the bed was a glass box about the size of a suitcase with a gold plaque on it.

"Well, Colleen.. or Candi as I'll call you from now on, here's your new home. I'll be keeping you here when I don't have you out to look at.. or use. For now, though, I'll have to store you away.... I saw a new model at that last show you did... Mandy Mellons is her name. I think I'll have to get to know her.. soon... Ha! Ha ! " Phil said with an evil laugh while at the same time pulling open her inflation plug.

As the air rushed out of her and triggering an intense wave of pleasure rippled through her deflating body, Colleen saw with her doll eyes what was written on the box's plaque and screamed mentally...

Candi Cantalopes - doll as of 2003



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