Jump the Fence

by Baubleheadz

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Moving to a new neighborhood was hard, of course any move was hard, but jumping the fence into the neighbor's yard late at night when they were not home to use their Jacuzzi was easy. Jessi didn't even hesitate to jump the fence she was just that kind of carefree kind of gal, and she didn't really think they would mind even if they did catch her, the man of the house had seemed like a nice guy for the 10 seconds that she had met him as she was trying to organize and manage her moving crew. Jessi just wished she had had more time to talk to him, she liked to know her neighbors. Plus her muscles were killing her from the stress of packing and unpacking, and the long drive from out of town. She wondered if this guy had kids, she would not have guess that he did, it was just a hunch, but now that she was seeing his pool she was reconsidering her hunch. The pool was filled with weird toys all over the place. Most of it looked like blow up pool toys, and most of them were in the shapes of bugs or the occasional bird, lizard, dog, or cat. Jessi had to assume that toys like this belonged to a little boy so she refrained from her original plan to strip out of her bathing suite and use her birthday suite instead. It had been up in the air until seeing the toys but she now had the answer to her earlier question: No, she would not get in the mood to take the “little man in the boat” on a whitewater rafting trip on one of the water jets from the Jacuzzi.

Jessi stepped into the Jacuzzi and immediately had to bite back a curse word as her foot sang with pain from stepping on something in the bottom. She carefully settled her feet down then slowly sat down, then fished a small handful of hard plastic toys from the water. These toys were the same kinds of animals as the blow up pool toys but these were much smaller solid hard plastic versions of them. She set these toys to the side out of the Jacuzzi then moved her feet around the bottom to clear a nice large area for her feet that would be sharp plastic toy free.

Soon Jessi was feeling great. She didn't remember ever feeling so good in a Jacuzzi (unless she was rocking that “little man in the boat”), she assumed it was the contrast in difference between how nice Jacuzzis, and how crappy moving and driving long distance was. Jessi noticed that her bikini was feeling a little loose also but it didn't really matter, no one had come home yet, and it was not like it was going to just fall off... maybe it was finally time to get a new suite, or maybe (hopefully) she had lost a pound or two from the stressful move. After all she did look AMAZING, but she was the fluffy side of 10/10, it would not be horrible to be the skinny side of 10/10...

Jessi felt like the water was lifting her ass off of the seat. Maybe it was her loose fitting bikini filling with air but she was feeling like it was more and more difficult to keep her ass down so she decided to just float. She pulled her towel up to the edge of the Jacuzzi and used it as a pillow, floating on a soft cloud of this magical elixir called Jacuzzi jets and hot water.

Jessi lost track of time when she fell asleep, but by the time she snapped out of it she found herself a bit cold, floating too high out of the water to be normal. Also her head was no longer on the towel. It was not sinking into the water, it was floating like the rest of her. She didn't even think to move, that was part of the magic, part of what was seriously wrong, part of the potion that filled this Jacuzzi. Jessi felt light, way too light, it was one thing to want to loose a pound or two, but she felt like she had lost 190 lbs. Only the back of her head, a bit of her back at her shoulders, a bit of her ass, and her calves were in the water, it was like she was floating on a piece of plywood floating just 1/2 inch under the water. She desired to be back in the warmth of the hot Jacuzzi water below her, but she was simply floating at it's surface. She could see around her that her world was bobbing kind of violently, like she was getting bounced around, like she was not much heavier than one of those blow up pool toys. Every once in a while her head or feet would bounce harmlessly off of the edges of the Jacuzzi. Then she felt funny, it didn't take long before she had the feeling that the Jacuzzi was getting bigger, FAST, and that she was getting heavier, FAST. Well it didn't feel so much like getting heavier, as she felt like she was getting more dense. She could feel more and more of the hot water around her body now, like she was sinking into it. It felt amazing to once again be warm, but soon she was in a sea of writhing water, an ocean of hot and motion. She was pushed around now, like a boat on a storm. She still didn't think to move, she didn't need to, she didn't want to, she didn't think of anything that the potion didn't want her thinking about, like panic, and fear.

She should have been afraid now, she had not been breathing for the last 2 hours, but she didn't need to know that, so she didn't think about it. She also didn't think about the fact that she was about to become heavy enough to sink under the water and disappear into this heaving hot paradise of warmth and massaging motion. Then she was under water, slowly sinking to the bottom, buffeted around by the underwater jets of heat and bubbles. As she shrank (or the world expanded, she didn't know which) she quickly came out of her bikini and she watched as it seemed to grow exponentially and float off into the distance. As she got heavier she sank faster until she hit the bottom of the Jacuzzi with a silent thud. She was still and time seemed to stop for her, though she could still experience and remember everything around her she didn't bother. Somewhere subconsciously she registered being on the bottom of a Jacuzzi that seemed to be large enough to hold a small ocean or a large lake, she registered that those tiny kid toy sized plastic animals were now as big as her seeming to be anywhere between 2' tall to 10' tall depending on the species. The alien landscape of bubbly water and giant hard plastic toys surrounding her didn't even register to her as odd. Since she didn't need to realize anything was wrong she didn't, and since nothing was wrong she didn't realize that the Jacuzzi was filled with a magical potion, not warm chlorinated water as usual.

Some time later, or no time at all, it didn't matter, a large net, the size of a football field scooped towards her. It missed her on its first pass, scooping up some giant hard plastic toys instead. The next scoop was on the other side of the ocean that was the Jacuzzi, though she could barely see it through the turbulence of bubbles and frothy water. Eventually the net came back around, this time it ran round the entire bottom of the Jacuzzi trying to consolidate any straggling toys and scooping her up in the process. None of this seemed strange to her at all, this was her life wasn't it?

Jessi and a pile of giant hard plastic toys were deposited in a kitchen strainer the size of a house. Who would have constructed giant plastic toys like this anyways? Who wanted a 2' long ant, or a 5' tall bird made of hard plastic? Each toy was a different color, one solid color each. She absentmindedly wondered; if she were to be a giant 6' tall plastic toy what color would she want to be? Pink seemed the most obvious, it was her favorite color, the color of her bikini, but for some reason she just knew that she should be purple, it only seemed right.

A giant crane or something pulled one of the giant toys out of the pile she was part of in the strainer. Then it came back again and again until Jessi could see the light of the sun again. Then a few more toys were taken from around her, there had been a pink humming bird she had been a bit jealous of, it had her color. Then a giant soft hand picked her up, so not a crane after all, but a giant instead, shouldn't that be weird to her?

There was a sudden and deep rumbling from all around her, like the air itself was a roiling ocean of vibrations. Then the hand brought her up to a giant's face. He did rather look kind of like a friendly giant, and he looked familiar, but that was not possible, Jessi didn't know any giants of course. She guessed that a giant might be in the market for 6' tall giant plastic toys, they would not be giant to him. Jessi rather liked the idea of being one of his toys, she had a sudden desire to be played with. The feeling was not urgent, or sexual, it was not a burning desire, just a feeling that being played with would be a fun thing to do, and not terrifying at all. It was starting to seem like everything she thought now was “for her own good” and was designed to keep her from being traumatized because everything was just as is should be if not better.

Jessi found herself standing on the counter of the sink on what looked just like a normal bathroom except that it was bigger than she could fathom, she guessed giants just needed giant bathrooms. The giant was gone for now, but she saw no reason to do anything, standing right where the giant had left her was perfectly fine. Then the giant ran in, seeming to be a bit flustered, then ran out, having deposited the water from a large bucket into the bathtub, filling it slightly. Jessi wondered why he didn't just use the faucet. When the bath was full she found herself placed in the bottom of the tub right in the middle. This was the second time she found herself deep under water, but it was all part of being played with so this was fun.

At some point Jessi started to wobble. Something was lifting her up and she was on one tippy toe, then she was slowly floating towards the surface. Her buoyancy rapidly increased and she found herself POPING out of the water then splashing back down into it and it WAS fun just like she had promised herself, not terrifying at all, like she somehow thought it should have been. The bathroom started to shrink as she got more and more buoyant. Eventually her feet were touching the tub under the faucet and her head was touching the tub at the other end. Then the tub kept shrinking with the bathroom until she was actually completely out of the water having grown to long to stay in it, as stiff and straight as her body was. Jessi felt light as air again, well almost as light as air. Maybe the giant had a normal human sized twin, because someone that looked just like the giant, but was normal size, who also looked just like her neighbor came into the room. Even though she could not move her eyes she could somehow see wherever she needed.

“Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. You should be able to hear me now, as far as I know. I hope you are not scared, I don't know how that part of the potion works on humans. Humans, as beings capable of magic, common place magic can work unpredictably on us. Oh I guess I'm rambling. I'm going to fix this as soon as I can, it takes time to reverse the process and then again the magic is unpredictable with humans. But if all goes to plan you'll just have to be a blow up pool toy for 24 hours, and if all of the parts of the potion are working on you you wont mind it at all. Usually I just leave the toys in the pool to turn back to normal, then they fly, walk, run, dig, or whatever away from my magic once the potion completely wares off. Then they know how to sniff it out and avoid it. You on the other hand, I'm leaving you in here so no one comes along and sees a naked beauty like you and steals you thinking you to be just a toy. The water from the pool is also a potion. The Jacuzzi is the transformation potion and the pool is the restorative potion. The Jacuzzi transforms a body into a blow up pool toy, then shrinks and condenses it into a small toy for easy transportation. I rent these blow up pool toys out to other magic users for kids birthday parties or whatever, my kind seem to have a taste for fine detail in their toys. Normal pool toys might be painted to look like a dolphin or whatever, but mine will have a more fine texture and detailed paint. You should see yourself right now, you actually turned out rather nice if I may say so. Anyways, so once the blow up pool toy is exposed to chlorine the toy grows back to full size again as you have now. Once the client is done with the toys I provide I return them to my pool for the restoration. The toy actually uses the water itself and converts it to mass to grow back up.” Jessi was unable to talk anyways, but also she was not about to tell him that she had popped out of the bath water early due to her growth and she was no longer touching the water at all. She rather thought it would be neat to be 5'4” instead of 6' like usual. She wondered if the reduction would be proportional or if she would end shorter with a proportionally larger breasts and ass than she had had before... She had been thick... but she could stand being Thik!

“Now look, now that you've grown back up to size I have to use you so you can change back.” Jessi had some wonderful ideas about that. “Luckily 'using' you in this case is just letting your air out, then refilling you. It has to be a human breath that fills you or it does not move you along to the next stage, so I use air pumps to fill product that I'm not ready to turn back yet. This might feel a little.... strange... and a bit... exciting... but I don't mean anything personal by it OK?” Jessi didn't like his idea of using her as much as she had liked her idea, but the idea of being played with was after all what she was for and she was looking forward to the fun.

As he let her air out it might just have been the most disappointing thing that had ever happened to her, and the least fun. It was not unpleasant, on the contrary it actually felt really good. But being deflated was not how you play, and being played with was her only purpose right now. As soon as she was empty though he started blowing her up and that is when the fun began. She had not realized that the deflation process had actually brought some pleasure to her body, she had been distracted by the un-fun-ness of it. Now she was realizing that when her body had lost it's inner pressure her skin had felt different, more condensed, more sensitive. Every little crease that formed on her body had been a tiny pressure point and a tiny pleasure, every time he had touched her to press the air out of her it had brought tingles to her plastic flesh. All of this pleasure was still fresh in her system as she felt the electric shock of his lips on her cock... no... not cock... on her spine... her air port... it stuck out of her body just above her ass... then he blew air into her body and it was an orgasm in it's own. A WAVE of heat and pleasure surged through her cock... no... not cock... well she might as well call it a cock, she didn't know any other body part that brought so much pleasure by getting blown. OK, she decided to just call it clit2, so it would not sound so vulgar. Then another WAVE, another orgasm, her body would have quivered from the shock of back to back orgasms so fast if she had had a formed body to quiver with. And who's to say she didn't quiver, she was not exactly remaining still.... WAVE! As he.... WOW... as he breathed in and WAVE... another orgasm, these didn't diminish or aggravate or overstimulate like real woman orgasms. Clit2 was obviously FAR superior to clit1! WAVE after WAVE came and went. It also didn't help that he was touching her all over, making sure that she was forming right. It didn't help that she was naked with very sensitive skin all over her limp mostly empty body. It didn't help that every time her plastic skin folded anew, or unfolded as it filled it brought a strange new previously unknown pleasure. Part of her wished that he had folded her up and packed her away for a week before blowing her back up again.

Again she was unable, but there was no WAY she was going to stop him when he kept inflating her when she was surely done. He had been so careful to make sure that every part of her had blown up evenly that he had really not paid attention to how inflated she was. Every extra breath seemed to go straight to were her plastic was the weakest, already thin thanks to the domed construction of the regions; her breasts and her ass. He had added at least 2 to many WAVE orgasm puffs of air into her and Jessi wondered if she would get to keep her newly larger breasts and slightly plumper ass?

“OK, you've been 'used', I really apologize if that was unpleasant, the potion I used... well I make it as humane as possible, so I used a bit of this and a bit of that to reduce or remove fear, terror or anything else those animals and bugs might feel. Then as a reward...” The neighbor blushed, looked away, and slurred the next bit a little. “Well... I kind of used a little sex magic as a reward... I sort of copied the pleasure of a blow-job into the blow up valve, I hope you didn't mind it, it was a copy of one of my favorite most intense blow-jobs ever. Well that's a bit personal... Oh... and your bikini.” The neighbor left and came back dropping the bikini on the bathroom counter. “Leaving this off of you now that you are back to normal... well it's nothing pervy, I'm just worried that the pressure of the clothing on your plastic might deform you as you go back to normal. So you'll just have to put them on when you wake up... Next time you see me don't be too mean to me, my potions are designed to ward off humans while drawing in animals, I still don't know how you defeated by precautions. Also, just in case you try, you wont be able to tell anyone about this. It's in the magic and it stops the animals from warning other animals about my trap so that I have a fresh supply all of the time. Oh and thank God you were not masturbating or horny when the transformation started, you might have been stuck like this for days. I really don't know how long, I just know it's a good sign that you are restoring back to normal at the usual speed. Well, nite nite, you should be falling asleep soon, when you wake up you'll be yourself again. You can get dressed and go out the front door to go home. If you are not too mad at me, feel free to come talk to me later so I can see that you are alright. If you throw a white rose over the fence into the Jacuzzi I'll come over in the middle of the night when you are sleeping and erase all of this from your memory.

The next day she didn't go back to him... not yet. Instead Jessi went shopping. First off she didn't have any clothing that fit her new perfect body, and second of all she would need a few things to take care of him tonight. She stopped at a few different stores but ended up with an interesting assortment of items in her car. A blow up doll in a box, bike pump, new 'special' rubber panties, fresh batteries, sex lube, a Polaroid camera with film, and a single pink rose.

When she got home that afternoon Jessi did her makeup like a plastic doll. She didn't know if it would work but it didn't hurt to try. Then she put on rubber panties with a small but long dildo in her ass and a thick long vibrating dildo in her pussy. She pulled these on tight enjoying the feeling of fullness. She was already ready so she turned on the pussy vibrator. It would not get her off but it would drive her wild. She took a Polaroid photo of her body front, back, and side, and close up of her breasts, as it was now and wrote notes on the back of the photos. She took the blow up doll out of the box it had come in, cut out it's inflation stem (destroying it to prevent confusion, just in case), and threw the two doll pieces in the trash. She packaged a small hand operated bike pump, the Polaroids, and a note into the blow up doll's box. She wrapped the blow up doll's box in gift wrapping and added a bow. She pushed a pink rose, stem first, into the bow. She could remember the joy that being played with was supposed to have brought her, and she knew that she would never be able to convince him to use her as a pool toy as she had been designed. But she bet that she could get him to use her in a different way, she had seen how hard he was when he had been tending to her. Jessi knew that she was thinking with a clear mind and that the effects of the potion had worn off completely, but she also knew what kind of magical experience awaited her if she just stuck her toes in the water to find out.

Jessi jumped the fence again, this time wearing only her dildo panties. She set the gift box next to the Jacuzzi and climbed in. She enjoyed the feeling of the warm water on her excited tense muscles. She knew it would not be long though before she lost this simple pleasure and was exposed to all new more intense ones. The dildo panties did their work ensuring that she was just about as horny as possible.

Jessi's theory had been right. The state the body was in at the moment of entering the potion was captured in detail. As she shrunk the dildo pants had “grown” inside of her until they popped out of her when she gotten too tight, but the effect was what she hoped. She now had two orifices just like a real blow up love doll. Eventually she had settled down resting in the bottom of the floating dildo panties, Jessi completely lost any concept of time, except that she could feel the vibrations of the dildo through the water above her and it was quite nice.

A young man entered the back yard through the side gate, his father had told him to look in the Jacuzzi for a white rose each day for the 1 week that his father would be out of town. On his very first night he had instead found a pink rose on a gift-wrapped box. He had known what the white rose was supposed to mean, but this pink rose confused him so he investigated. He tore the wrapping off of the box and was shocked to find a blow up doll in it. He figured his father had, for some weird reason, gifted him a blow up doll, and just for a moment he wondered if it had been made from a real woman in this very Jacuzzi. Embarrassed he ran the box up to his room but was disappointing when he opened it and found no toy. Instead there was a bike pump, some Polaroids of a super hot chick wearing latex panties, and a note.

Note: Neighbor, Please enjoy this gift, I know I will. Hopefully my little plan has formed me into a perfect blow up sex doll for your enjoyment. I just moved into town so I don't have any plans to be anywhere any time soon. You can use me as long as you like, as long as it's safe. I plan on being in your toy-box for at least a week, but if it has to be longer because of my naughty little panties then, oh well... enjoy. I know that blowing me up with a pump will not turn me back to human, so please use the pump until you bore of me. When you do finally blow me up I've included Polaroids of my body as reference so you can get me back to perfect. Just a hint, if you can manage to get them back on me it might be fun to leave me blown up over night one night with my dildo panties vibrating. Otherwise please clean me after each use, deflate me, fold me up respectfully, then store me in this box, maybe under your bed or hidden away deep in the closet (just for fun one night you should use me, pull my plug, throw me on the floor dirty, and let me deflate slowly, just to see what it's like). - Your Pleasure Doll -

He felt for sure that he would end up ignoring the Polaroids, he knew that if he blew her up too much once that she would not go back, so why bother. The woman in the photos was hot as hell as a woman, but as for his blow up dolls he preferred way bigger rounder faker looking tits and a nice phat ass. He would blow her up as he pleased, fuck the shit out of her, fuck her again, he would clean her up since he didn't like cleaning up when it was all dry, but then he would throw her on the floor when he was done. No point in messing around with pumps if you planned to keep her inflated and just had to top her off every once in a while. If he got a girl back to his room, then maybe he would deflate her. Or maybe if one of his buddies was coming over or something... otherwise he wanted her fuck holes ready at a moments notice, he was a teen after all.


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