Just the Right Position

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; sex; nc; X


Tricia shimmied and gyrated around the golden pole in the center of the stage while the music blared in the background and the customers sitting at tables around the stage whooped and cheered in approval. As the feature dancer at the Pussy Tails strip club, the blonde had performed her routine for what seemed like more than a thousand times. Nevertheless, every time an anonymous man wearing dark sunglasses with a smell of cigarettes around him stuffed a $20 bill into her G-string, she felt a rush of pure adrenaline.

"I think next time I'll work a little Flock of Seagulls music into the act.... or maybe that song with the chick who dumps the bucket of water on herself at the end...." Tricia thought to herself as she did a split eagle on the varnished stage floor while running her hands along her body in a seductive manner.

Five minutes later, Tricia skipped happily off the stage to the change rooms in back accompanied by the cheers of an appreciative audience. As she sat down to start removing her make up, her friend and fellow dancer Gwen came up behind her and gave her an affectionate squeeze on the shoulder.

" Hiya, sexy. How'd the show go tonight? " Gwen chirped happily as she looked at the two's reflection in the mirror with other dancers moving around in the background in a busy room.

" Not bad... not bad at all. Lester was back tonight looking happy as always and stuffing $ 20 dollar bills in my G-string as usual, " Tricia said as she started to wipe off the layers of make up applied on her cheeks and around her eyes.

" It could be worse.... Jack was in yesterday night and kept trying to shove quarters in my outfit like I was some sort of moving slot machine, " Gwen said which elicited great peals of laughter from both women.

" Well, as long as they don't stagger onto the stage and try to grope me for free, I can live with them.... at least until a chance for a better life comes along, " Tricia said as she took off the robe she was wearing and starting slipping on her white silk bra and panties.

" Oh yeah, that reminds me. One of the customers wants to talk to you about a business opportunity and left his card with his phone number for you to give him a call. I don't think he's one of those nutbars who come in here looking for a weekend of kinky sex either. He asked the bartender Jack if there were any blonde dancers working at the club and when he was told you were the only one, he gave Jack this....." Gwen said handing her fellow dancer a small white card.

MBNCK & ASSOCIATES - ADULT ENTERTAINMENT REPRESENTATIVES was typed in bold ink on the card front with the name Melvin Piakowski listed in smaller letters along with a phone number next to it. Keeping men and women happy since 1997 was printed along the bottom of the card.

" Myron.... sheesh... you think a guy who works in this kind of industry would change his name to make sound more.... manly, " Tricia said with a small snicker as she slipped on a white blouse and tan brown leather skirt.

" Well, he seemed pretty serious with the people he talked to here at the club... tipped well to everyone waited on him... no obscene remarks about the dancers on stage though he liked what he saw... a pretty normal fellow by the looks of things...." Gwen said as she quickly put on her outfit for her next routine, which consisted of a flimsy nurse's uniform that was buttoned only as far as her belly button with a silver stethoscope around her neck

" Give him a call... couldn't hurt...! " Gwen called out before heading out of the room towards the stage area, where hoots and cheers were already echoing in front of her. A few seconds later, the rest of the dancers headed out behind her in various type of outfits leaving Tracy alone in the room staring at the card. After several minutes, the blonde dancer tucked the card into the purse and stood up to go home for the night fairly certain she knew what to do....

Two nights later.......

The restaurant was about half full of patrons on a relatively quiet summer night with couples engaging in idle chit chat about the weather, news and other topics of the day. For one man and woman sitting in the back left of the business, the topic of conversation was focused on one thing and one thing only....business....

" You see, Miss Spencer, the company I represent is looking for a woman who can represent us as a spokeswoman at various trade shows, conventions and meetings we hold with owners of the larger adult entertainment store chains. When I was told to look for potential candidates, I was told there were only two qualifications I had to look for : the woman had to blonde and be used to dealing with customers who regularly spend money in the industry. Judging by what I've heard today, I think you'll be perfect for the job. Do you think you can handle the responsibility? " Melvin said while adjusting his steel rimmed glasses.

" Why, sure, I guess so.... wow, this is such a surprise. Are you sure that there's nothing else I have to do to get this job? " Tracy asked while sipping on a scotch and soda drink.

" Well, I do have a few forms for you to sign back at the house I'm renting in the suburbs while traveling in the area. If I give you the address, perhaps you could meet me out there where we can go over your itinerary while under contract and the names of some of the people you'll be seeing during your travel, " Melvin said simply.

" No problem at all with that, Melvin. In fact, the place I'm currently leasing my car from is just around the corner from where you're staying. I can return my car and stroll over to where you are...say... tomorrow afternoon? " Tracy asked her dinner companion, who nodded in agreement.

Next afternoon......

Tracy walked down the quiet street looking around at the various birds nestled in the trees lining ether side of the area. Her leather boots made a distinct clicking noise as she went down the concrete sidewalk in the direction of Melvin's house. When she got to the desired address, Tracy saw a modest bungalow with a red Toyota parked in the driveway and Melvin sitting on the front steps enjoying the warmth of the day.

" Tracy! Glad to see you made it! Shall we go inside and go over the details of your new role ? " Melvin said as he got up and gestured towards the screen door behind him.

Once inside, the company rep asked Tracy to take a seat in the living room while he got the papers for her to look at. A few minutes later, Melvin returned with a bundle of papers and two frosty bottles of beer. Handing Tracy one of the bottles (she noticed it was her favorite brands), Melvin spent the next several hours going over the travel schedule for her, what kind of attire she should wear ( or not wear) when talking to different people and so on.

As the time passed, Tracy found herself becoming more and more attracted to Melvin. She discounted the three beers she had as having any effect on her feelings as she had built a strong tolerance for alcohol while dancing at the club. Looking past the thick eyeglasses and uneven haircut, Tracy saw a man with rugged good looks who looked he could be a passionate lover for her. The look that Melvin gave her when their hands briefly touched indicated that he returned a mutual interest in her judging by the spark in his eyes.

After the forms were signed, the two settled back on the couch where they idly chatted for several minutes on a variety of subjects. However, like two magnets, they found themselves closer and closer to each other until they were embracing and kissing each other with wild abandon.

" Tracy, you are such a beautiful woman.... such a beautiful neck.... mmmm...." Melvin said softly as he let his kisses wander from Tracy's face down her neck stopping only to remove his glasses which were steaming up from the passion between the two.

" Yes.... you are so good..... mmmm...yesss..... " Tracy moaned as she returned Melvin's passion with an equal amount of ardor of her own. After minutes of frenzied passion, the two practically tore the clothes off each other's back though Tracy kept her bra , boots and gold chain on at Melvin's insistence.

Melvin placed his right hand around Tracy's right tit and gently squeezed the soft mound while running his left hand down her lithe torso. This resulted in Tracy gasping softly and arching her back slightly as she reveled in the pleasure she was feeling. She grasped Melvin around his back and pulled him closer while gently raking his back with her fingernails.

" Oooohhh... fuck me, Melvin... fuck me, please....! " Tracy exclaimed as the two rocked back and forth on the couch with their bodies become slick with the sweat of their foreplay.

After running his tongue over her right ear, Melvin briefly disengaged from the blonde beauty to reach for his pants, where he pulled out a small silver package Turning his back to Tracy for a second or two, he flinched for a second or two before turning back to her wearing a bright silver condom on his cock. Tracy noticed there was what looked to be small "d's " imprinted all over the condom.

" So, do the d's stand for " double strength" ? If so, I guarantee you I'm going to test the limits of that rubber ! " Tracy murmured as she ran her hands over Melvin's lower abdomen in obvious appreciation of his physique.

Melvin's silent reply was to push Tracy gently on her back while positioning himself between her legs. He hesitated for a minute or so as he continued to kiss and caress Tracy's writhing body. She was moaning in frustration and anticipation as she continued to beg him to stick his big cock in her.

After teasing her the edges of her pussy with his dick, Melvin plunged his stiffened member into Tracy with a smile that was rather secretive in nature. As Tracy started to moan louder, she swore that Melvin was muttering several words of a foreign language as he gripped her thighs and started to piston back and forth.

" Wha...what are you... ooooh...say.. saying...? " Tracy gasped as she felt waves of pleasure flow through her body and mind. She was sexually experienced but this was like nothing she had ever experienced before....

" Well, it's something I chant.. pufff.... deuxumus transformicus dollicanus lovinius.... deuxumus transformicus dollicanus lovinius... " Melvin panted with his eyes semi closed as he slid his hands up and down the writhing blonde's body.

"Uhhhh...fuck, his cock.... so deep.... it's like my whole body is filled with monster... feels good..." Tracy thought to herself as she matched her body's motions to Melvin's thrusts. She started to feel like she was floating on a cloud in the sky and she closed her eyes halfway while pulling Melvin's over her sweaty body. She didn't pay attention whatsoever to the words her sex partner was chanting or the slow effect they were having on her.....

However, Melvin was noticing as he continued to thrust in and out and his face took an expression of pure lust. From his perspective, everything was going exactly as he planned when the two started to make love....

He saw that Tracy's body was starting to taken on an artificial look with her blemishes and freckles rapidly disappearing. A tattoo that appeared to be a small cat disappeared from her upper right thigh in the blink of an eye. As well, Melvin's grip on the blonde's hips with his hands seemed to change as if he was grabbing hollow tubes devoid of any substance. Her face's appearance was becoming brighter as her cheeks were becoming a deep red in color.

From Tracy's perspective, she could sense that there was some sort of weird change going on with her body but it seemed so unimportant right now as she found herself rapidly climbing towards an intense orgasm. The lightness she was experiencing seemed to be intensifying as her pleasure increased and she felt she could just lay on the couch forever and ever getting fucked over and over....

As the seconds ticked by, Melvin could see what looked like seams starting to appear on the arms and legs of Tracy and knew the change was moving more rapidly than he had planned. It was at that moment that Melvin finally let loose the hot semen into Tracy's wet sex with such force that gobs of his spunk splattered over the slowly writhing body of Tracy.

No more than a moment or two later, Tracy felt her building orgasm finally come to pass although it was like none she had ever experienced before. It was like her whole body tingled with sexual excitement and it never seemed to want to end. She let her mouth hang open part way as she bucked up and down in exhilaration.

As the two came down from their fuck, Melvin withdrew his softening cock from Tracy's sex, which still dripped of the sex juices the couple had produced. He quickly removed the used condom from his penis and replaced it with another while Tracy looked on in silence.

" Shall we give it another go, Tracy? " Melvin asked as she lifted up Tracy by her waist and mentally noting to himself how lightweight she was. He slowly lowered the partly transformed woman so that her head and upper torso were resting on the floor on top of a small pillow Melvin had placed there with her legs and lower torso being held in the air by her lover, who had a firm grip on both her boots.

" Well, darling, let's do it again and finish your change, shall we ? " Melvin said out loud dropping any pretense that he was unaware of what was happening. He plunged his cock into Tracy's open pussy and started to pump in and out while chanting the same strange phrases as before. Melvin looked downward in eager anticipation of finishing what he started.....

From Tracy's perspective, the exultation she had felt over the last few minutes seemed to have subsided for only a few seconds before the amazing fuck session continued. As Melvin continued to ram home his cock into her pussy, Tracy's mind started to reassert itself as she realized what was happening to her.

"I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL... A FUCKING SEX TOY... I CAN'T MOVE.... CAN'T TALK.... JUST GIVING PLEASURE AND.... OOOOOHHHH!!!!.... FEELING IT TOO !!!" Tracy mentally screamed as she saw threw her partly closed eyes that her whole body now was of a glossy look. She saw her breasts, with her black bra pulled underneath, turn to soft yet rigid mounds of plastic with small, bright pink areolas and nipples that looked like pencil erasers. She felt her pussy turn into the same material that the rest of her was becoming with a sac consisting of pink latex and rubber now the receptacle for Melvin's penis. There was no sign of pubic hair anywhere around her O -shaped pussy.

Tracy wanted to move... to run... to do anything but she couldn't do anything as she was now just a receptacle for Melvin's lovemaking. A few minutes later, Melvin erupted into her pussy sending gobs of hot sticky cum into the doll body that Tract now was. It felt extremely pleasant to Tracy but she was still consumed in anger over her current situation.

Melvin looked down at the doll with his cock still firmly inside the living fuck toy. " Well, Tracy, I suppose I should tell you that my real reason for having you come by was to have a new fuck doll to keep me company while I journey from time period to time period. It gets awfully lonely as a time traveler especially when I have to sell products to wizards of the eras I visit. Oh, in case you're wondering, the enchantment I cast on you to turn you into this lovely blow-up doll has a side effect I think you'll like. You see, when you're not being used for lovemaking, your mind takes on a whole different frame of thinking as you're about to see..." he said as he pulled his cock out of the inanimate doll.

As if a light switch was being flipped, Tracy's thoughts of anger and despair winked out to be replaced by other thoughts that were far more simplistic.

"I'M A GOOD DOLLY... FUCK ME... MY OWNER NEEDS TO BE MADE HAPPY!!.... USE ME..!.... NEED TO MAKE HIM HAPPY !!!...." the doll thought while it felt Melvin remove the boots and gold chain from its' soft artificial body. Tracy then felt her new owner reach around her and rest his hand on its' inflation plug (which was where it always should be) on the doll's back. With a flourish, Melvin pulled open the plug and the doll quickly deflated with a quiet hiissss-sss-sss. In a minute or so, a flat piece of latex and rubber laid in Melvin's arms which the man quickly moved to a cardboard box he had prepared.

" Don't worry, honey, I'll be sure and use you in my next stop.... Canada... 1785.... sheesh.... that guy always tries to pay in haddock and caribou pelts..." Melvin said as he closed the lid of the box. " Maybe I'll let you find out what happens when two or three of your openings are used simultaneously...."

"OOOOOHHH!!!... YES!!!... ALL THREE !!... YES!!" the doll thought as it settled into its' new life as a traveling companion.....

Of a different sort....


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