Just Another Box on Moving Day

by Grimm_Searcher

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© Copyright 2007 - Grimm_Searcher - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; packed; trunk; transported; stored; toys; cons; X

Warning: A small part of the the below story involves a child unwittingly playing with a remote control that is connected to an unseen adult woman. At NO point does the child see anything inappropriate nor is he seen in any inappropriate way. At NO point is the child touched in anyway even remotely inappropriate nor does the child have any opportunity to touch anyone else in an inappropriate way. That said if you don’t want to read a story that includes a child in ANY way, regardless of how innocently, you should avoid this story.  

Obviously this is a work of fiction and none of the activities described should be attempted in real life - period. You are an adult – use some common sense when exploring the line between fantasy and reality. If you like this story let me know.

Just Another Box on Moving Day

Natsuko reflected quietly in her small prison – shackled, gagged, locked in a trunk, locked in a moving van, locked in a warehouse. She wondered how so many things could have gone wrong for her to have ended up here. Mostly she wondered if the vibrator that was slowly driving her to exasperation would run out of power before she went completely insane ... 

Natsuko and Paul had met in his last year of college and they married a couple of years later. About a year and half ago they had twins (a boy and a girl) and not only had Natsuko completely lost all the pregnancy weight, she seemed even more slender and shapely than before.

Natsuko was born and raised in Japan, but she defied the old stereotype of the petite flat chested Asian. Like many in her generation she had long legs and a rather large bust, despite her slender figure. Her long black hair and impossibly deep brown eyes had simply sealed the deal for Paul. Paul was handsome at 5'10” with sandy brown hair and a physique toned from his years studying martial arts.

The arrival of the twins caused them to look for and buy a bigger home – the only problem was their current home sold faster than they expected, and the buyers wanted to move in right away. They decided to move the bulk of their possessions into storage and just take the essentials with them to an apartment for a few months till the new house was ready. So today was the first day of the two-part move and they had a busy schedule.

Paul had dropped off the twins with his mother and he and Natsuko had until noon to get everything ready for the movers to pick up. Natsuko had gotten on a roll and had worked through the night so she had finished all her preparations by the time Paul got back from his mother's house. Natsuko decided to reward herself with a brief bondage session using one of their favorite toys, an old steamer trunk they had bought a few years ago. Since the twins arrival their once frequent sessions had become rare, so Paul jumped at the chance to “assist” her. Natsuko had gotten so focused on her tasks she had skipped dinner last night and breakfast this morning and the only thing she had drank since yesterday afternoon's light snack was a few sips of water this morning. She showered, used the toilet, put her hair up in a pony tail (Paul's favorite), but decided to skip eating or drinking anything so that she could fantasize that her time in the trunk was much longer than the couple of hours she had would have.

She knelled before Paul completely nude except for the collar that marked her as his during their playtime. He quickly locked her wrists behind her back with their favorite set of padded cuffs and her ankles together with a matching set. He chose a penis gag with a hole through the center just to make sure there were no breathing problems. He decided to put on her chastity belt with the remote control butterfly vibrator. This particular vibrator had been specially modified to work with their steamer trunk. He then added some light bondage tape above and below her knees and then above and below her elbows (just enough to push her chest out, yet not enough to be uncomfortable) but decided against anything more stringent since she would be busy latter with the move and he wanted to avoid any marks.

The steamer trunk was a real find. It was old and made of solid wood with steel reinforcements – the type you see people use in old movies to make ocean voyages with. They had drilled several very discrete air holes on all sides, but soon discovered that it was actually a little too tall for Natsuko to fit in snuggly.

Paul decided to kill two birds with one stone by putting in a false bottom, under which he placed a couple of sealed car batteries. He wired the batteries so that one would take over when the first ran out of power, and he then added an adapter to it so it could be connected to a variety of battery operated devices. They had never experimented with her in the trunk for more than a day or so, but they wanted to be sure the power would not run out on even longer sessions.

With the false floor and a little carefully placed padding the trunk provided just enough room to prevent positional asphyxia while still keeping her snuggly surrounded on all sides.

So Paul loaded Natsuko into the trunk, plugged the chastity belt into the battery adapter, and gently kissed his wife on the head. Before he closed the trunk he noticed her erect nipples brushing against her knees and could not stop himself from reaching in and fondling those amazing breasts. When she moaned with pleasure into her gag he realized he didn't have time for this and quickly closed the trunk. The look of helplessness, frustration, and anticipation on her face as the light narrowed to a sliver ... and then disappeared completely ... was priceless. He sealed the trunk with two heavy duty bolt-cutter proof padlocks. She was now completely helpless – there was no escape for her except for the keys he carried in his pocket. Her excitement began to mount. 

Paul moved the trunk into the middle of the family room and placed it next to some of the other boxes staged for the movers. This room was on the way to the garage so he would be in and out of the family room many times over the next few hours. He pulled the remote control out of his pocket and pressed the button once. The remote only had one button that cycled through six settings, five speeds plus off. Pressing the button advanced the vibrator to the next setting in the cycle. One was just enough to warm her up but not enough to ever let her achieve orgasm. Five was an almost guaranteed orgasm after a just a few minutes. He decided to let her stew and then slowly work her up to one or two good ones before he had to let her out. He left the remote on top of the trunk so he could press the button every now and then as he passed through.

It was now a little before 8:00 AM, he could go as late as 11:00 AM and she would still have plenty of time to get dressed before the movers came. Meanwhile he was way behind schedule and would need to scramble to get his tasks done before then.

Inside the trunk Natsuko reveled in her situation. She was no longer Paul's wife, not even his sex-slave; she had become his sex toy. Packaged and boxed for his use whenever he pleased. The sensation of being moved only furthered her fantasies. She half dreamed that she was just another box on moving day, and that Paul would move her into storage with all his other possessions until he wanted her again. Her arousal reached new heights with this thought, and she cursed the combination of the wide stiff chastity belt and the low vibrator setting. She was as helpless to bring herself to climax as she was to escape the trunk. She was completely and totally his ... and that thought only added fuel to the fire between her legs.

About an hour and a half latter things began to go wrong. Paul heard honking and looked out the window to see his mother's car pulling up the driveway. She looked very upset, so he ran outside to meet her. Apparently Erika, their daughter, had cut herself and was bleeding. Paul's mother tended to panic, so instead of taking her to the emergency room she came here instead.

In situations like this Paul was the complete opposite of his mother – he became calm and focused, able to make difficult decision quickly and without looking back. The cut looked bad and was still bleeding – so Paul wrapped it as best he could and calmly told his mother to take Ben inside while he took Erika to the ER. He told her Natsuko was out running some errands and would probably not be back before the movers got there, so just keep an eye on Ben and he would call her from the ER. Before she could ask anything else, he was off.

Paul hated to leave Natsuko “exposed” in the family room, but she would be safe enough until he got back. His mother could not poke her nose into the trunk without the key and there was still almost 3 hours till the movers came. Even if he was still at the ER at noon he could call his mother and instruct her to NOT let the movers touch the trunk since they were only supposed to pick up the items going to storage and the trunk was going to the apartment. 

She walked inside with Ben and put him down in the family room. Despite the boxes, it still had many of his toys and the child gate that separated the large room from the rest of the house (while open) was still up. It was still the safest place for him to play since none of the boxes had been double-stacked yet. Paul's mother closed the gate and went to make herself a cup of tea.

Inside her box, Natsuko was confused.

She heard the muffled sound of a car horn. She felt the floor vibrate as Paul ran outside. Then she heard what sounded like her mother-in-law's voice talking to Ben right outside her trunk! Paul would never have let his mother in the house during one of their games unless something had gone wrong, horribly wrong. But she trusted him completely and was not too worried since Paul was strong and capable, especially in a crisis.

She was thankful that before the honking he had worked her up to the third setting on the vibrator. It had taken a while, but she was slowly approaching gratification. She was a little apprehensive about having an orgasm with her mother-in-law in the same house, but she didn't hear anything after those comments to Ben so she assumed she had taken him into the kitchen or some other room.

Then she heard the first of several sounds that made her blood run cold.

“Bang, bang ... bang, bang, bang”.

Someone was banging on her trunk, and not just anyone, but Ben – her infant son. She recognized his inquisitive pattern of banging immediately - she had heard it so many times on tables, windows, and other new boxes. The difference was that it was now her that Ben was intent on exploring! Only a few thin planks of wood separated little Ben from his bound, naked, and (mere seconds ago) highly aroused mother. Natsuko froze and held her breath praying that Ben wouldn't feel any muffled vibrations coming from the little devil between her legs. After what felt like an eternity, but in actuality was less than a minute, the banging stopped. “Thank God!” she thought to herself, he finally gave up. She slowly exhaled hoping the worst was over.

Just as she was beginning to breath normally again, she heard the second of several sounds that would make her blood run cold that morning. “Thump, thump ... thump, thump, thump”.

Ben was on top of the trunk!

He must have climbed up from a near-by box or piece of furniture so that he was now directly above her! Her head was reeling - she couldn't figure out if she was more worried about any physical scaring that might come from him falling off or about any psychological scarring that might come from him somehow finding his mother in this much compromised position. Unbeknown to Natsuko Ben was about to do something even more fundamentally disturbing ...

“Click, click ...”

Ben had found the remote control.

Paul had left it on top of the trunk and Ben had clicked it through the fourth speed and into the fifth (and highest) setting. Natsuko had no idea what was happening, all she knew was that the vibrator strapped to her body was now at full speed. Rational thought began slowly slipping away. After being kept on the brink by hours of gradual stimulation her body was now being pushed towards the brink. Then ...


It all stopped. Ben had hit the button again taking the vibrator to the off position and causing Natsuko’s long delayed gratification to be delayed once again. As she was forced to “cool off” Natsuko's sexual frustration started getting the better of her. She knew there was something deeply wrong about having an orgasm at the hands of her son, to be the toy of her husband was one thing, to be rendered the toy of anyone that happened to pass by was almost too much.

Then it started again.

“Click, click”

Natsuko gasped and Ben must have sensed something because he started randomly hitting the button again. When he passed by the "off" setting he must of sensed something else, maybe her low growl of frustration. With this new found knowledge he started playing with his new toy in earnest.  Pushing the button until he felt one extreme, then plunging ahead till he felt the other, he had no idea what was going on inside this amazing box, just that somehow he had control over it and he was going to enjoy it as long as he could, or at least until he got bored.

“Click, click, click, click ... click ... ... ... click ... ... ... ... ... ... click, click, click, click”

He laughed with glee as he (unknowingly) cycled his mother round and round this bizarre merry-go-round of pleasure and deprivation.

... and then Natsuko heard the third and final sound that would make her blood run cold this morning ...

“Ben! What on earth are you doing up there?!?” It was Natsuko's mother-in-law, and things were about to get even worse.

Natsuko heard a scuffling sound as her mother-in-law quickly removed Ben from the top of the trunk. Fortunately Ben had stopped on the "off" setting when his grandmother grabbed him. As badly as Natsuko wanted an orgasm, part of her was deeply relieved that the vibrations had stopped and she could quietly ride out her frustration until Paul got home. Then it got worse.

Natsuko heard her mother-in-law say, “What is this Ben, where did you get it?” Then it started.

Click, click … click, click, click ….

Her mother-in-law now had the remote! Natsuko could almost see her pointing the remote around the room.

Click, click, click (at the TV).

Click, click, click (at the stereo).

Click, click, click (at the radio in the kitchen).

She continued to do this several more times moving from one piece of electronics to another hoping to figure out which one the remote belonged to,

Inside a tear rolled down Natsuko’s check.

The continued cycling of the remote – right up to the edge and then back again – over, and over and over – was too much for her. At first she was deeply humiliated by the thought that her mother-in-law could bring her to an orgasm, but by the second or third cycle she didn’t care anymore. Her body desperately needed release and she no longer cared where it came from. Her conscious, rational mind surrendered to the needs of her body and that little vibrator over her most sensitive of parts became the center of her universe. All she could think about was to pray and beg that the vibrator would stop on the fifth setting just long enough to allow the orgasm that had now been building all morning to finally engulf her. But alas, it was not to be.

“Well we’ll just have to wait till your father comes home.” Her mother-in-law exclaimed, placing the remote down on the Kitchen counter – far out of reach of Ben’s inquisitive hands. “Now let’s watch some Baby Einstein till Daddy and Mommy get back”, she said to Ben.

After all that up and down and round and round, her mother-in-law had unwittingly stopped on the third setting – exactly where Paul had left it when he had to dash out of the house.

More than enough to keep Natsuko squirming in frustration, but just short of enough to allow her the orgasm she desperately wanted. Rational thought crept back into her head and she realized she would just have to wait till Paul got home. So she sat, as still and quietly as possible, waiting for the release from her frustration and bondage … while being forced to listen to the strains of Baby Einstein in the background.

About an hour later the phone rang. It was Paul calling from the ER.

“Hello. Mom, are you there? Can you hear me?” he asked into his mobile phone.

“Yes dear, but you’re breaking up a lot” his mother replied.   

“We’re in the ER and won’t be out of here for a couple more hours, so I have something very important for you to do. Make sure to tell the movers to NOT touch the steamer trunk – it goes to the apartment NOT into storage. Got it – NOT INTO STORAGE.” That’s what Paul said, unfortunately due to the bad connection this is what his mother heard:

“We’re … ER and … for a couple more hours … something very important … steamer trunk … into storage … got it … into storage.”

“Ok dear”, she replied, “ … trunk does not … … into storage … you won’t … your son did …”. Paul interrupted her, “Mom I can’t hear you very well … just make sure about the trunk.” He hung up.

His mother was a little flaky, and tended to talk your ear off, but as long as she had clear instructions she could be counted on. Little did he know that despite what he heard, what she said was, “The trunk does not go to the apartment - it goes into storage.”  - And that garbled mobile connection was the final straw that lead to Natsuko’s fantasy unintentionally becoming her reality.   

About an hour later the movers showed up and started loading the truck. The steamer trunk was big and solid, so of course they loaded it first and surrounded it with all the other big furniture. They finished up by putting the rest of the boxes in last, locking up the back of the truck, and driving off.

Inside Natsuko was deeply confused again. She heard lots of sounds and even some voices and at first she thought Paul might be home and her ordeal would finally be over. She then felt herself being moved and continued to hope it was Paul moving her to some less conspicuous place to let her out. But something was wrong. Whoever was moving her was not being gentle; she was tilted, rolled, and dropped back down very roughly. Paul always treated the trunk carefully when she was inside. This was different – more like how someone would treat a steamer truck if it was just full of toys and clothes.

That’s when it hit her. Her fantasy was coming true – she was now just a box holding Paul’s sex toy, and she would be stowed away till he wanted her again. The difference being that Paul had no idea this was happening, and Natsuko was not just a sex doll but a real women. This was not lost on Natsuko but by the time she tried to make noise or shake the trunk it was too late. The movers were busy loading more and more furniture in the truck and both were wearing iPods while they worked, effectively blocking out any muffled sounds they might have heard.

Natsuko realized the futility of her struggles when she felt a very firm, “THUMP” signaling the truck being closed and locked followed by the persistent vibrations of a truck leaving the driveway and getting out onto the road.

For most of the ride Natsuko tried to relax and take comfort in the fact that Paul was sure to figure out what was going on and rescue her soon. Till then she resigned herself to her situation and even tried to make herself a little more comfortable.

That’s when it happened.

After hours of sexual frustration, and humiliation, and deprivation, suddenly out of nowhere her universe exploded in a sea of pleasure. Wave after wave of pure bliss washed over her. As she sank deeper and deeper into the most intense orgasm of her life, she slowly lost consciousness.

It turns out she was in the middle of grabbing her behind to shift her position at exactly the moment the truck hit a pothole in the road. She had been on the edge so long this combination was just enough to put her over the top.

What neither she nor Paul would find out for several days is that something changed inside Natsuko at the moment. In that singular instant the wiring in her brain made a startling connection. It was not her husband that gave her this intense feeling; he was miles away. It was not the vibrator that gave her this feeling; it had been hard at work for hours to absolutely no avail. Therefore it must be the trunk itself that reached out and touched her in a way no man (or woman for that matter) had ever touched her before. From that moment onward she would never look at the trunk in the same way again, and that would cause a very unusual shift in her love life for quite some time. But that’s another story.

She finally woke up from her bliss induced sleep to the “beep, beep, beep” sound of the truck backing up, and then finally stopping. She heard the sound of the cab of the truck separating from the trailer part she was in and realized she must be in the storage warehouse. The moving company had explained to her and Paul that the 18 wheel truck would be loaded with all their possessions, stored intact in a giant locked warehouse, and left undisturbed until they were ready. At that point a cab would come back, pick up the trailer, deliver it to the new house, and unload it.

As she sat in the now quiet warehouse, slowly coming off of the endorphin induced afterglow, she felt different. She felt as if her bondage and the trunk itself were somehow caressing her, holding her firmly in their arms. She felt safe for the first time since Paul left the house.

Several hours, and a few stitches latter Erika was giggling and playful again. When Paul finally returned home with her he immediately checked for the trunk. When he saw it missing he paused for a moment and then turned to his mother. It took a few minutes for Paul to piece together what happened. As soon as he did he explained that Natsuko was held up with some of the moving errands and he needed to make some important calls. He asked her if she could watch the twins for a little longer. He hardly waited for a yes before he went upstairs to the home office, closed the door, and started making calls.

He emerged more than an hour latter extremely frustrated. It was now after four on a Saturday afternoon so everyone from the moving company was gone for the rest of the weekend. He managed to contact the manager of the company at home but only ran into another dead-end. It turns out he could get the guard to unlock the truck and unload the trunk, but only in the presence of a police officer who had to check his ID, observe the contents being removed, and log them in an official police report. Apparently the moving company had a previous episode with someone unloading and removing contents from a truck that didn’t belong to them, so now the company policy was rather rigid.

Paul agonized over this for several minutes. Finally he came to a conclusion.

Leaving her in the trunk was safer than trying to get her out.

The trunk was well ventilated, Natsuko’s bonds were relatively light, and she had spent long periods of time in the trunk before. Additionally a person could go about 3 days without water and up to 30 days without food. Since Natsuko was locked in around 8:00 AM Saturday it would only be 48 hours total before she could be unloaded on Monday morning. All of this together meant she should be safe where she was at. Uncomfortable – absolutely. But her life was not in any danger.  

On the other hand, if he tried to get her out he would have to explain to the police why his wife was bound, gagged, and locked in a trunk. There was a distinct possibility one or both of them would be arrested or detained. There was also the possibility this might be deemed unfit behavior for parents of minors and child services would take custody of Ben and Erika.

Even if none of the worst case scenarios happened, at the very least there would be a permanent police record of their  very private hobby and both the police officer and the warehouse security guard would get to gawk at his beautiful naked wife. He could easily imagine it making the front page of the local paper, “Housewife accidently packed and stored”. Heaven forbid the guard secretly snaps a few candid shots with a camera phone and his wife could end up an unintentional internet star.

No, the risk of trying to get her out was just too great compared to the risk of leaving her in. He hated the thought of her locked up somewhere where he couldn’t get to her, not knowing what was happening to her, or when she would be free – but he really didn’t see any other choice. Somehow he would make it up to her, he told himself as he went downstairs to send his mother home and try to get the kids back to some semblance of normal.

Natsuko reflected quietly in her small prison – shackled, gagged, locked in a trunk, enclosed in a moving van and stored in a warehouse. She wondered how so many things could have gone wrong for her to have ended up here. As the last of the afterglow wore off, mostly she wondered if the vibrator that was slowly driving her to exasperation would run out of power before she went completely insane. Little did she know she would have till Monday morning to find out.



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