Kimmy Doll

by Lilithtv

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Kimmy Doll Postscript

It took only a few weeks for the individual trapped inside the life-size Kimmy doll’s lifelike skin to almost completely forget his former life. Even had he not been pumped full of drugs on a daily basis by his captor, John Hupfnagel’s new daily routine as Kimmy gave him no time to dwell on his past or focus on his previous male identity.

Agnes Dalton began Kimmy’s indoctrination and training as soon as she had finished transforming her former boss into the sexy soft plastic doll: a typical day for Kimmy started when a buzzer sounded in her bedroom, awakening “her” from a night of drug-induced slumber as she received subliminal instruction from the soft and monotonous musical sound track that droned on while she slept.

The sound track was key: it was laced with low, insistent aural messages that reminded her repeatedly that she was Kimmy, a sex toy created solely for the sensual pleasure of whoever happened to command her. The almost inaudible messages had been carefully crafted to break down Kimmy’s resistance and smother her remaining sense of herself as an actual human being with a will.

After rising, Kimmy took her liquid breakfast—a sterile collection of nutritional substances, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber that had been formulated to sustain life and her physiological processes while maintaining her at the same weight and body fat ratio—squeezing it through a tube that was inserted through her full and sensual plastic lips and down the sleeve that extended into her throat.

Following her morning meal, she lowered herself onto a flexible latex phallus attached to the seat of a stationary cycle, pedaling at a metered clip of approximately 25 miles per hour as a version of her indoctrination track that also included instructions on the pace of her cycling played through a pair of listening buds inserted in the openings of her plastic ears.

As she cycled, erotic videos played in an endless loop on an immense flat screen television set before her. Images of attractive men and women engaging in almost every conceivable sex act flashed before Kimmy’s widely staring blue eyes as she slid up and down on the rubber dildo that fit tightly into the anal opening of her soft polymer-encased bottom.

A thorough enema followed to clean out her bodily waste and cleanse her lower digestive tract. Then she donned a specially made full-head breathing mask that covered the blank gaze and sexy pout of her soft polymer face. Wearing the mask, she floated in an isolation tank for a two-hour bath in water that had been carefully calibrated to exactly her body temperature. The water was highly saline so that it kept her precisely buoyed in the tank without touching its bottom or either side. The eyes of the breathing mask were blacked-out, and earphones built into the apparatus carried a continuation of the droning message the doll had been forced to listen to during her slumber and exercise.

As she drifted, semi-conscious, an electrically powered device inserted into the polymer vagina that concealed her trapped penis gave her a continual genital massage that stimulated Kimmy almost to the point of orgasm, but not completely. The result was a sensory deprivation experience that forced her to concentrate almost solely on her subliminal indoctrination at the same time as her libido was stimulated to the point of desperation.

The combination was a potent mind-bender. By the time Kimmy emerged from her exrtraordinary “bath,” she was utterly and completely frustrated and ready to do anything to achieve some sort of sexual release.

Mind that this entire series of operations took place in complete solititude. For the first half of each day she saw no one. With what was left of her mind numbed by hypnotic drugs, she was forced to helplessly follow the insistent instructions on the never-ending indoctrination track that followed her wherever she went during her routine, feeding herself through the tube, lowering herself onto the stationary cycle’s phallic saddle, administering her own enema and giving herself her own isolation bath. Whether her instructions were channeled directly into her ears by means of a headset or listening buds or piped into whatever room she happened to occupy by hidden speakers, she simply could not escape the droning, insistent voice on the track. Nor could she resist its orders.

Meanwhile, Agnes monitored her activities by means of a closed circuit television system that afforded Kimmy not a single second of personal privacy. The embittered woman was able to keep track of Kimmy’s every move, regardless of whether she was sleeping, working out, bathing or having her system cleared out in her morning enema.

Watching Kimmy mindlessly do everything she was told to each morning was intensely satisfying to Agnes, who in the beginning saw the mincing, insanely feminine life-size doll not as an extraordinary object of male sexual desire she had been designed to be, but as the reviled John Hupfnagel, bound, corseted and glued inside the doll’s plastic body with its outsized breasts, tiny waist and wide, feminine hips. That incredibly sensual head with its staring blue eyes, fan-like lashes, full, pouting lips and mop of blond hair was permanently glued to the despised face of the man who had cheated and humiliated her a dozen years before by stealing her patent for the miraculous polymer that formed the basis of the toy Kimmy doll’s remarkably lifelike “skin,” then summarily firing her and blackballing her from her profession as a chemist.

To Agnes, it was not the voluptuous pouting blond doll who pedaled in the exercise room, covered her impassive face with a gas mask for her isolation bath or squirmed as she cleaned herself out with a douche bag and rubber hose; no: it was a man for whom she had spent the last twelve years nurturing an anger and hatred that bordered on psychosis. Every moment of his subjugation and humiliation filled Agnes with the unbelievable thrill of complete and utter revenge.

Fortunately, although Hupfnagel had stolen a polymer formula literally worth millions, the concept was not the only commercially viable one in Agnes’ brilliant mind. She had subsequently invented and patented a half dozen additional formulae while exploring some of the chemical concepts that had led her to create the “Kimmy” polymer. With the assistance of a crackerjack attorney, she had carefully marketed these other creations to an international plastics company and the sales and residuals from their transfer had made her an enormously wealthy woman. It was that wealth, in fact, that had allowed her to plot her revenge on her former employer and provided her with the resources to bring it to fruition.

But her revenge was not limited to seeing Hupfnagel permanently transformed into a mindless, mute female sex toy. In fact, turning the former businessman into Kimmy and forcing him to undergo a daily brainwashing regime was only a form of perverse foreplay for Agnes.

No—simply subjugating Hupfnagel by turning him into a mindless, life-sized female doll with huge breasts and hips, a tiny waist and the head of a vapidly beautiful sex goddess was only the beginning of Agnes’s retribution. Her real pay-back came each day after Kimmy had completed “her” morning routine; More than a decade ago, Hupfnagel had screwed Agnes royally. Now that Agnes had turned him into a human-scale version of Kimmy—a masturbatory fantasy for men all over the globe—she could return the favor—literally.

To accomplish this, Agnes had created a special costume that she donned for the three hours each day that she personally “broke in” her living doll. When she first took Hupfnagel prisoner after drugging him in a bar weeks earlier, she had made a plaster life cast of her captive’s entire body. From it she had molded a doll suit similar to the one in which she had permanently encased Hupfnagel—except that it was a replica of her former employer’s body, not that of the mindless sex doll.

As Kimmy was winding up her morning routine each day, Agnes stripped naked, used an elastic bandage to bind her own ample breasts and then wriggled into the polymer “John Hupfnagel” suit. The hollow of the suit’s penis contained a double-ended silicon rubber dildo; as she slipped into the costume, she gave the phallus a quick coating of lubricant jelly and inserted its anterior end into her vagina. With the dildo comfortably seated inside her to maximize her own sexual pleasure, she worked the flexible suit up over her shoulders and pulled the mask down snugly over her own head. Finally, she closed the costume with an almost invisible zipper that she had molded into its back.

She had taken particular care with the body suit’s mask, molding the eye openings with a feathered edge so that they fit flat around her own hazel eyes. A quick bit of makeup concealed the seam completely, and, lighting a cigarette, she dressed herself in men’s boxers, argyle socks, a closely fitted Armani suit, hand-made shirt, silk necktie and a pair of tasseled Italian loafers. Thus outfitted, she was ready to enjoy the ultimate phase of her revenge as a replica of her ex-boss, only one that was a few inches shorter and had a shaved head.

Kimmy’s subliminal instructions after her morning schedule were to put on a lacy black negligee and prepare to be released from the sexual frustration that she had experienced all morning long. She did as she was instructed and waited for her captor in a room that was furnished solely with a bed and a large upholstered easy chair.

From the earliest preliminary planning Agnes had done for her revenge against Hupfnagel, she had been determined to enjoy the total subjugation of her victim; a significant part of that process involved making the dollified man do things he would never do on his own. One of these was forcing him to have sex with her after she had convincingly disguised herself as a man. She knew that Hupfnagel was hideously homophobic; he made no secret of his loathing for same-sex love and had developed a reputation within corporate circles for ridiculing gays and lesbians and mocking them in his crude attempts at locker-room humor. In fact, he had been scandalized when one of his subordinates told him that Kimmy's buyers not only included children and lust filled men, but also a surprisingly large contingent of women who were oriented toward sex with others of their gender.

"Lipstick lesbians buy Kimmy, too?" he had responded with angry astonishment. "That's fucking sick! We have to find a way to stop it!"

To his chagrin, however, his legal staff said they could not control who bought Kimmy from the many independent marketers who sold the doll. Still seething with outrage, Hupfnagel had been persuaded that stamping each doll's box with instructions that it was not for use by adult women was not only a useless gesture, but one that would probably adversely impact all sales for the sultry miniature.

For Agnes, who had always nurtured strong lesbian tendencies herself, this homophobia was simply another reason to hate the man who had cheated and humiliated her. Consequently, she began each of her sexual sessions with her human-sized Kimmy the same way: she would enter the room dressed in her man costume, sit down in the easy chair and direct Kimmy to take a kneeling position before her, unzip her trousers and suck her artificial cock.

No kiss, no caress, not so much as a kind word beforehand. Let the bastard see what it’s like to be nothing but a sexual object, she thought.

The doll’s enthusiastic performance at this oral masturbation could conceivably have provided Kimmy with some degree of sexual release, although it is more likely that it simply increased her frustration. For Agnes, however, the steady pressure of the dildo sliding in and out of her cunt with each of Kimmy’s greedy sucks provided an incredibly sensual experience. Depending on her mood, during the 45 minutes to an hour that she kept the doll working on her artificial cock, Agnes would come as many as three or four times, jerking each time in a series of spasms that left her limp and sweaty inside her polymer male body suit.

What made this mouth-fucking doubly enjoyable was the fact that Hupfnagel would have been horrified at the thought of having oral sex with another man.

When she could take no more of Kimmy’s insistent mouth, Agnes would order Kimmy to stop, place her hands on the arms of the easy chair and spread her feet as far apart as she could, making her helpless ass an inviting target. Then, Agnes would guide her artificial penis into Kimmy’s snug plastic asshole and begin to fuck her bottom, slowly at first, but with increasing passion until Agnes herself was grunting pleasurably with each thrust.

While it was doubtful Kimmy got much satisfaction from the oral sex marathons that Agnes forced her to undergo, there was no question that the doll enjoyed the prostate massage she received while getting her bottom reamed; Agnes could hear muffled groans deep inside the doll’s throat as Kimmy arched her back and squirmed with ecstasy. If the O-shaped gag wedged between the dollified businessman’s teeth hadn’t prevented him from saying a word, Agnes had no doubt that he would be crying “More! More!” as she pounded her polymer phallus home between his tight plastic buns.

As was the case with Kimmy’s oral ministrations, these rectal sex sessions were quite stimulating for Agnes: as she pumped away at Kimmy’s smooth round buttocks, the anterior end of the dildo slid back and forth across her clitoris, giving her massive sensual pleasure and bringing her to climax time and again. Ironically, what would have looked to a casual observer like a man screwing a woman in her fudgepot was actually a cunningly disguised woman doing the same thing to an equally cunningly disguised man. Obviously, however, Kimmy had no way of knowing she was being mounted each day by a woman, and the knowledge that Hupfnagel would have been mortified to be penetrated anally by a man added to the considerable pleasure Agnes derived from fucking Kimmy in her feminine plastic ass.

Each daily session ended in Agnes copulating with the doll in the standard vanilla manner, having first ordered Kimmy to strip Agnes of all of her masculine clothing but her socks. The embittered chemist took a perverse pleasure in keeping her feet covered while rutting the doll; it was something she had once seen in a tawdry porno movie and she had always considered it a subtle indication that the male character considered his female partner unworthy of his full regard, since he didn’t even bother to get completely undressed before mounting her. As had been the case with the anal copulation, both Agnes and Kimmy took pleasure from these fuck sessions in the missionary position: the plastic penis of Agnes’s body suit massaged Kimmy’s real penis, tightly encased inside its plastic vagina, and eventually brought the doll to a shuddering climax that left her limp and semi-conscious: as for Agnes, the rocking motion of the dildo’s end inside her gave her orgasm after orgasm and left her equally weak and unfocused.

Initially, this daily routine satisfied Agnes: she was taking her long dreamed-of revenge while satisfying her own sexual desires on a continuous basis; she got to witness her captive’s daily humiliation and subjugation; she had the pleasure of dominating him completely and molding him into her own personal slave. But after only a few weeks, Agnes began to grow bored. Her initial thrill at masquerading as a man while forcing the doll through her sexual escapades began to pall and Agnes found her mind wandering as she pumped away at Kimmy’s mouth, ass and plastic pussy.

The sexual stimulation was still marvelous, but to Agnes, it really seemed only a few steps removed from masturbation. After all, her victim had no control over her libido due to her never-ending indoctrination and the hundreds of cubic centimeters of drugs that Agnes injected into her on a daily basis; Eventually, Kimmy really no longer seemed to be the hated John Hupfnagel to Agnes. For all practical purposes, he had actually become Kimmy the sex doll. It was almost as if Agnes was suffering "Munich syndrome," only in this case, the captor had grown increasingly fond of her captive rather than the opposite.

It is hard to feel much enthusiasm for taking revenge on a person who has completely lost the personality that made him despicable in the first place. Indeed, because of her brainwashing, Kimmy craved a continual diet of sexual stimulation. Sexually dominating the doll no longer could be seen as humiliating Kimmy. In fact, a steady diet of hot sex was the only thing the doll really wanted.

Besides, Agnes had slowly developed a fascination with her plastic playmate. She had become curious about what it would be like to have Kimmy as a lesbian lover instead of fucking her as a man. She wondered what it would be like to have the doll use her tongue on Agnes’s own clitoris, and whether she would enjoy eating out the doll’s plastic pussy as much as she would that of a genetic woman. She had come to miss the tenderness and affection that sustains a sexual relationship after the initial raw energy begins to ebb, and she wondered if Kimmy could be programmed to love and not merely fuck.

Most of all, she had developed a subversive desire to find out what it felt like to be inside the doll—to present as a synthetically perfect woman who was never bitchy, tired or unwilling to have sex with any partner who wanted her. She had begun to wonder what it felt like to actually be the Kimmy doll, and not merely to fuck her.

Over the weeks that followed, Agnes’s sexual encounters with Kimmy grew shorter and shorter until she was spending less than an hour being serviced by the doll each day. To keep her captive occupied, Agnes had Kimmy dress in a maid’s costume, fishnet stockings and high heels, and set her to work cleaning the house from top to bottom on a daily basis. The switch would keep Kimmy busy while her subliminal indoctrination continued, and it would give Agnes some much-needed breathing room. She needed time to rethink her strategy about howshe would spend the rest of her life with her human-scale love doll.


Whenever she had encountered a particularly difficult problem in the past, Agnes had responded by going back to the lab. Working experimentally focused her mind and tended to clarify whatever conundrum she had been confronting. Lately her shifting feelings about her human slave in doll form made her earlier plans of revenge seem fuzzy and inadequate, and forced her to rethink her own carefully laid scheme. This seemed to be an excellent time to do what had always worked before, so during the afternoons while Kimmy busied herself doing housework, Agnes began retiring to her laboratory workshop in the basement.

For the first few days, she found even her old familiar surroundings uninspiring and simply wandered around her work area, picking up pieces of equipment and examining them, then tossing them back onto the bench, cabinet or rack from which she had taken them. Invariably she found herself lighting a cigarette and reclining in the antique Ritter vaginal examination chair that she had used to convert John Hupfnagel into Kimmy. As she smoked, she replayed Kimmy’s creation in her mind, going over every detail of how she had turned a not-particularly attractive middle-aged man into the stunning plastic sex goddess who at that very moment was tottering around Agnes’s home in four-inch heels, fishnets and a skimpy maid’s costume, industriously vacuuming the rugs, polishing the woodwork and washing the porcelain and steel fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom.

On her fifth visit, however, Agnes experienced something of a brainstorm. She suddenly rose from the ob/gyn chair, stubbed out her half-smoked cigarette in a glass ashtray and moved to the large cabinet full of casting and mold-making material where she kept the supplies she had used to mold Kimmy’s body over Hupfnagel’s corseted male body.

The “skin” that she had encased Hupfnagel in was one of two body suits that she had made in the event that one developed a tear while she was stretching it over Hupfnagel’s body. The second suit, which had a tiny discolored spot near the “Y” of the dollsuit’s anus, was still inside the box where she had stored it for future use. She took the box out of the cabinet now, placed it on her workbench and then removed the polymer doll skin from it, shaking it out gently.

The “Kimmy” plastic, which had a consistency not unlike silicone latex but was dozens of times tougher, was designed to cover the wearer from his or her neck to the tips of the individual toes molded into its feet. Agnes was delighted to see that it had not developed a single crease or fold during the months it had spent inside the box. Like the suit that Agnes had stretched over Kimmy’s vastly modified body, it had no mask attached to it.

The reason was simple: Agnes had wanted her original Kimmy to have a sexy face that was permanently glued to the head of the man that wore it, but first the wearer’s own features had to be covered with tough Kimmy skin that completely eliminated his own facial features. That required molding the Kimmy polymer over the wearer’s face to turn it into a smooth plastic ovoid that was only human in its basic configuration. The Kimmy mask would then be glued over that featureless head using a powerful adhesive to bond the mask to a mouth that would actually have an opening behind its full and sensual lips capable of genital penetration, but incapable of closing or uttering intelligible words.

Once the Kimmy head was in place, the rest of the wearer’s anatomy could be altered to match, but there was no good reason to cover John Hupfnagel’s head and body at the same time. In fact, having to do so would have simply made his transformation more awkward and difficult to manage.

Agnes draped the polymer suit over the back of the ob/gyn chair and unhurriedly began to strip, removing her shoes, her wool skirt and white silk blouse and storing them temporarily in the cabinet from which she had fetched the body suit. She took off her brassiere next, then her panty hose and the pair of black silk panties she wore under them. She lit a cigarette and strode over to the three-way mirror in which her human-sized Kimmy doll had caught her first glimpse of her new beautiful face and body.

Smoking thoughtfully, Agnes gave her body the kind of unemotional appraisal one would expect from a scientist facing a particular problem. She was not bad looking for a woman in her mid-forties, but she was no Kimmy doll. Her breasts, first of all, were normal sized, not the gargantuan D-cup marvels that jutted from the chest of the Kimmy cleaning house upstairs. Moreover, her waistline, soft, bulging and beginning to show some dimpling, compared unfavorably to the ridiculously small waist of the doll upstairs. Turning to the side, Agnes studied her bottom. It had a nice shape, but it was the bottom of an actual middle-aged woman, not a sex doll of indeterminate age. To replicate Kimmy’s ample buttocks—the ones that Agnes had been pumping every day with a polymer phallus for the last few weeks—she would need a much larger rear end.

She took the polymer body suit, sat down in the ob/gyn chair and slowly began to work the pliable plastic costume up over her legs, first rolling down the sleeve of the neck then stretching the material slowly and carefully to avoid tearing it (though tearing the cured polymer would have required much more physical strength than Agnes could ever muster). It took her about ten minutes to fit her feet inside those of the doll and smooth the Kimmy legs up over her own until the costume had been pulled to just below her breasts. Taking a deep breath and performing a contortionist’s routine that could have landed her work with a traveling circus, Agnes managed to work one arm down into the torso and slide it into the Kimmy hands at the end of the left arm. Once she had her fingers completely seated in the left hand of the suit, she was able to use it to help wriggle her right arm inside the neck and then out into that of the doll.

Agnes spent several minutes smoothing air pockets out of the suit so that it covered her body smoothly. One of the incredible things about her miracle polymer was its shape memory: regardless of how much it was stretched, it returned to its original shape within moments. Thus, the Kimmy body, which had been molded from a casting of the original doll reconfigured proportionately to be about five feet, five inches high—roughly the average height of a European woman—had an ingrained tendency to try to shrink back to that size after it had been stretched onto a larger person’s body.

As it happened, in Hupfnagel’s case, this helped to make the Kimmy suit impossible to escape from: he was nearly five inches taller than the casting that the suit had been made from, so when the polymer had shrunken as close as it could to its original size, there simply was no extra space in the costume that would allow its wearer or anybody else to pinch it far enough away from his skin to cut it.

Agnes, on the other hand, was only one inch taller than the casting the suit had been molded from. The Kimmy skin quickly shrunk until it was skin tight on her body—and actually pulled in her slight tummy bulge a bit—but it fit nowhere near as tightly as the one that covered the Kimmy upstairs. She looked at herself in the three-way mirror with appreciation. The skin eliminated any blemishes, scars or stretch marks. The reddish brown hair on her pussy was gone: Kimmy’s crotch was smooth and hairless. She checked out the side view and could see she still needed hip and buttocks padding, and would have to wear some sort of girdle under the skin to completely nip in that soft midsection.

Of course, the head atop her improved body still had Agnes’s auburn hair and plain, middle-aged face instead of Kimmy’s blond tresses and perfect though vapid sex-goddess features. Still, she had the mold she had used to make Hupfnagel’s Kimmy mask, so the face wasn’t a problem. And she could get a blond hairpiece like Kimmy’s in just about any high-end wig shop.

Not bad, she thought as she gave herself a final once over. Not Kimmy, by any means, but at least it’s a start.

Tonight, I’ll make some changes in Kimmy’s indoctrination sound track, Agnes thought as she began to wriggle her way out of her new skin. And tomorrow, I’ll work on a new face to go with this suit. When she had managed to struggle out of it, she turned it inside out to dry and hung it over the back of the examination chair. Her naked skin still damp with perspiration from her effort, she sat in the chair, drew up her knees and lit another cigarette, blowing a series of perfect smoke rings as she exhaled.

There was one more thing Agnes needed to figure out: how to alter the O-ring wedged in Kimmy’s mouth.

In order for my new scheme to be fully realized, the doll is going to be able to have free use of her tongue, Agnes thought. And it isn’t going to be so she can carry on a conversation, either.


In the seventh week of Kimmy’s new life, her conditioning began to subtly crumble around the edges. Oddly, it changed right about the time she completely lost all memory of her former life as John Hupfnagel. To be sure, that name no longer meant anything to her and she had no recollection of the face of the short bald-headed man who had sex with her every day, even though she had seen that face in her bathroom mirror every day of her life until she was taken captive by Agnes Dalton.

Ironically, it was those sessions with the bald-headed man that caused the slight but noticeable change in her psychological make-up: for the last couple of weeks, her interludes of hot sex with her male visitor had grown much shorter and her partner did not seem to take the same pleasure in them that he once did.

Admittedly, the bald man had never shown Kimmy much affection. Rather the opposite, in fact. His sexual encounters with her on occasion had run to nearly four and a half hours, but he hadn’t once kissed or caressed her. There was no tenderness in those sessions, but the sex was hot and furious and initially Kimmy had found them satisfactory.

Then, a few weeks ago, the bald man’s demeanor had begun to change. He had Kimmy suck him and he fucked her ass and pussy just as he had before, but now the entire meeting lasted only an hour or so. It was almost as if the bald man had grown tired of Kimmy and was simply going through the motions of having sex with her.

She had tried to rekindle his interest, lord knows: She began to use her soft, red-nailed hands to gently massage his sagging balls as she sucked at his dick, striving to intensify the pleasure of the experience. She used one hand to choke the shaft of his penis, as well, making her fingers into a cock ring of sorts. She dragged her nails along the small of his back as he pumped away at her pussy and worked to make her grunts of pleasure more noticeable.

Kimmy ground with her bottom as he ass-fucked her, sliding her buttocks up onto his hard cock rather than passively letting him grind away solo. She petted him affectionately while they had sex, nestled her head against his chest after he had satisfied himself and tried to coo words of affection through the plastic wedge that held her jaws open in a permanent “O.” He seemed to notice none of these innovations. Though they had never really been love-making sessions in the classic sense, her sexual encounters with her bald master had become short and perfunctory, and he continued to seem distracted and almost eager to get them over with.

That made Kimmy ineffably sad, and that sadness subtly altered her consciousness.

She found herself actively craving not only sex, but tenderness and affection. Occasionally during her busy days she found herself standing in front of a mirror, looking at her reflection and wondering what it was about her that no longer attracted her bald male visitor. She would touch her blonde locks gently and pose in front of the mirror in a seductive posture, looking at her smooth lovely face with its bright staring blue eyes and soft shiny dark crimson lips and imagine being kissed and hugged.

Sometimes while lost in these thoughts, she let her hand stray to her mons veneris where her soft, red-nailed fingers would find their way into her vaginal opening for a few moments of gentle massage, but her brief pleasure was always tinged with regret. Raw sex was no longer enough for the human-sized doll, despite the fact that it was the sole reason she had been created. Kimmy doll, already a near-perfect object of lust, wanted to be more; she wanted to be loved.


This subtle change in Kimmy’s consciousness came at a particularly timely moment for Agnes Dalton, who was busily preparing for a quantum shift in her approach toward the doll. Agnes found recalibrating Kimmy’s indoctrination recordings particularly challenging. She knew that she now wanted to send the doll’s subliminal training in a totally different direction, but she was leery of making the change too radical for fear of upsetting the delicate brainwashing that had turned Kimmy into such a pliable and willing sex partner.

Agnes altered the recording, which was designed to play for hours, to introduce the notion that Kimmy not only craved sexual union with men, but also with women, soon after the droning hypnotic voice began to murmur its instructions to the doll. This suggestion was made more and more forcefully as the recording progressed until, toward its conclusion, it was the dominant message, almost excluding all others.

There was no way to be certain how the new programming was affecting the doll from Kimmy’s daily routine. If anything, her sexual response to Agnes in disguise as her bald lover was more passionate and insistent than before. Kimmy could not get enough of his hard plastic cock, sucking it in a frenzy, thrusting her ass onto it when she was mounted from behind and grinding against it enthusiastically when they copulated face-to-face. She seemed to be in a state of sexual desperation these days, Agnes thought. Of course, she had no way of knowing how the doll had come to be fixated on her need for attention, or how strongly Kimmy had felt the subtle loss of Agnes’s passion for sexually mauling the doll.

But the new programming was definitely having an effect. After a couple of weeks, when Kimmy’s daily duties were done, just before she settled in for sleep, the doll began spending hours admiring herself in the full-length mirror in her bedroom, running her hands over her smooth curves and tiny waist, and cupping her mammoth breasts in her soft, red-nailed hands the same way she had the first time she saw herself in the three-way mirror in Agnes’s basement workshop.

She would watch her flawless image as she gyrated her hips, seductively, fantasizing another female stroking her body and running her hands up the inside of Kimmy’s thighs, slowly but firmly, until they gently massaged the bump between her legs that concealed her clitoris. Though she could make no audible sound, Kimmy moaned deep in the back of her throat with desire. Had she been able to, she would have lasciviously licked her full red lips with her tongue.

Agnes, who still used closed-circuit television to monitor her creation 24-hours a day, found herself viewing the videos of the doll’s wriggling with a great deal of excitement. Although she had no way of knowing what was going on inside what remained of Kimmy’s mind, she was hopeful that her erotic dance performances were inspired as much by the doll’s growing lesbian lust as by her craving for male cock. Agnes knew for a fact that Kimmy’s gyrations turned her on—incredibly so! On more than one occasion, she stripped naked to sit in the dark while watching them, massaging her cunt with a very large, well-lubricated dildo, as she smoked cigarette after cigarette in an effort to assuage her oral cravings. It was clear to Agnes that the time was coming when she would have to put the doll’s new programming to the test, but there were a few final preparations she would have to make first.

While waiting to see whether Kimmy’s new programming was having the desired effect on the doll’s libido, Agnes had kept herself busy. She had gone to a corsetiere and had a corset made of stiff canvas that pulled her pudgy waist in by more than five inches, giving her an hourglass figure roughly equivalent to her original Kimmy doll, albeit slightly shorter and smaller. She had also visited a salon that catered to wealthy woman and found a blonde wig in shoulder-length loose curls that closely resembled her Kimmy doll’s hairdo.

To enhance the size of her hips and buttocks to Kimmy-like proportions was relatively easy: she bought a garden variety elastic brief made for women with flat butts and hips, removed the foam pads that fit into the garment’s side and buttock panels and coated them with a thin film of Kimmy polymer. When the polymer had completely cured back to its normal flexibility, she simply glued the pads into the appropriate spots in her extra plastic Kimmy body after first turning the suit inside out so she could place them exactly where they needed to go.

Giving herself Kimmy’s outsized breasts turned out to be equally uncomplicated: Agnes bought a pair of silicone breast enhancers of the type genetic women use after partial mastectomies, or to simply add an additional cup-size to their bust; she gave them the same polymer coating as the hip and buttock pads, then “glued” them into place inside the doll suit’s voluminous breasts.

With those items taken care of, Agnes set to work preparing a Kimmy face she could wear for her encounters with her life-sized erotic doll. The casting she had made to mold the original Kimmy’s head and neck was unsatisfactory: it had been sized up to fit a man, which meant it was considerably longer, wider and deeper than was necessary to fit a woman’s more compact head. Her first task was to use that casting—which captured the toy Kimmy’s features precisely as they would be if the child’s toy were made five feet and six inches tall—to mold a complete Kimmy “head,” measure it carefully from every angle and then use a computer-assisted design program to downsize it sufficiently to fit her own. The task was uncomplicated but tedious. Once it was done, she could make a new casting that would enable her to mold a custom-fitted Kimmy mask to go with her Kimmy body.

She spent at least a day detailing the new doll’s head, using her miraculous polymer as a liquid paint in various colors to paint the doll’s lips, apply eye shadow and liner, blush and painted-on eyebrows. When she was done with the doll’s “makeup,” she mounted the head on a wigstand and carefully glued the expensive blond hairpiece she had purchased into place on it, using a virtually indestructible adhesive that had proven itself remarkably well adapted to cementing her “Kimmy” plastic to a wide variety of substances, including other pieces of itself.

Once the mask had been assembled in its entirety, and the various body pieces were in hand, Agnes could barely wait to put on and see how they looked and felt. She stripped completely and wrapped the corset around her midsection just below the swell of her breasts, hooking the eyelets in its front and then looping the laces at its rear over a doorknob and walking slowly away from it to tighten them in place. The laces were long enough that she could tie them in front. The tie made a little lump roughly where her navel was, but she covered the corset with a snug but thin latex girdle that completely concealed the lacings and eyelets and gave her a smooth rubber outer skin.

During her maiden attempt to wear the spare Kimmy suit, Agnes had squeezed herself into the skin without any special preparation. This time, she dusted herself thoroughly with cornstarch. The soft talc-like powder “lubricated” the plastic skin as she slid into it, making it slightly easier to fit the tight suit over her own frame the second time around.

The results were spectacularly successful. She ran her Kimmy hands over the doll’s smooth plastic curves, enjoying the feel of her outsized breasts inside the lifelike gloves that covered her fingers, right down to their carefully painted bright red acrylic nails. The corsetry and girdle had both done their jobs beautifully, trimming a full five inches off her midsection and giving her the exaggerated figure of the doll. The full hips and protruding buttocks of the suit added to the effect, giving Agnes the kind of hourglass figure most women dream of but never can achieve, regardless of diet or exercise.

Next came Kimmy’s head. Agnes had decided to keep the doll-like look of the original by using prosthetic eyes with cornflower blue lenses set into Kimmy’s polymer face. This limited her expressiveness, but she had decided she wanted to know what it felt like to actually be Kimmy, not just a woman who was tricked out to look like her. For that, she needed to be completely dollified, so having her own eyes visible was simply out of the question.

Once she had tugged and teased the mask into its proper position, taking care to center her own nose, lips and ears inside those of Kimmy, she smoothed the skin of the neck into place and cheated slightly by “erasing” the overlap with some liquid latex that had been tinted the same shade as Kimmy’s skin.

Rising from her work table, she slipped into a pair of wicked stiletto heels to insure she had Kimmy’s mincing gait and strode to the three-way mirror.

The reflection that looked back at her took her breath away: despite a few inches in height, she was the identical twin of the doll that was currently going through her morning routine upstairs. She leaned toward the mirror in shock, blinking behind the unchanging blue eyes set into her placidly beautiful sex goddess face and oddly surprised that the doll in the looking glass did not blink back at her. Gingerly she reached up with her perfectly groomed Kimmy hand and touched her new features, gently caressing the lines of her right cheek with her fingers and then tenderly pressing the pout of her full, red-slicked lips.

“Oh. My. God.,” she said finally, watching with wonder as the perfect doll’s face in her mirror formed the words. “I’m Kimmy. I am Kimmy doll, exactly, down to her pale skin, gigantic boobs and tiny waist. Oh. My. Fucking. God.”

Trembling slightly, she tottered back to her work table, sat down and fished a cigarette from the package there. Lighting it, she rose again and stepped back in front of the mirror panels, watching the doll within them smoke languidly from three different angles.

It was time to make the necessary modifications to the original Kimmy upstairs. But that would wait until the doll was asleep, hours from now. In the meantime, Agnes planned to enjoy her transformation and get used to her incredible new face and body.


Giving the original Kimmy a working mouth by unmasking her and removing the O-shaped plastic wedge that had held her jaws rigidly open for more than two months would be a challenge. Left to his own devices, Hupfnagel would never have been able to escape from his seemingly permanent new Kimmy head. Fortunately, Agnes, who had invented the durable yet marvelously flexible plastic from which it had been created, had more devices to call upon than Hupfnagel. For one thing, she had invented a solvent for the plastic that was capable of dissolving it within minutes of application. That was the good news.

The bad news was, the same solvent that could quickly eat its way through the seemingly indestructible Kimmy polymer was so corrosive that it would eat through flesh and bone even more quickly. Agnes could use the solvent to remove Kimmy’s seemingly impervious plastic face, but she would have to work extremely fast to avoid seriously injuring her captive in the process.

What’s more, she would have to do it while wearing extremely heavy neoprene gloves that she could only keep on for a few moments after contacting the solvent lest it burn her own fingers and hands.

The process would be extremely tricky and difficult, so much so that it took her nearly ten days to work up the nerve to undertake it.

She had spent those days making some final adjustments in Kimmy’s indoctrination recordings. Once Kimmy’s mouth was free, she wanted the doll to use it solely for Agnes’s own personal satisfaction. She had no interest in discussing the great works of Western literature or current events with Kimmy, so her preference was that the doll remain totally mute. In addition, hearing a male voice coming from the extraordinarily feminine doll’s ruby red lips would totally undermine Kimmy’s utility as Agnes’s lesbian sex toy, so keeping Kimmy quiet once her mouth was freed became even a higher priority.

To manage it, Agnes once again tweaked her brainwashing procedures, recasting the subliminal recordings that bombarded Kimmy through the nights and most of the days to include an insistent message that Kimmy could not speak, even though she could hear. Agnes concocted a fictitious back story that the doll’s vocal chords had been damaged at birth, so the only sounds she could make were quiet grunts. Because it was the organs that produce speech that had been destroyed, not the portions of her brain that controlled them, Kimmy could still hear and understand the speech of others; she simply could not utter a coherent word herself.

She set the recording to work immediately while she steeled herself for the dangerous procedure that would allow her to free Kimmy’s mouth.

Finally, she felt she could delay the procedure no longer. She waited until Kimmy had gone to sleep for the night, after the doll’s last cocktail of hypnotic drugs had been administered, giving her plenty of time to slip into a deep state of unconsciousness. When she was certain the doll was in a deep sleep state, Agnes slipped into Kimmy’s room, moved the sleeping doll onto a gurney, then used the elevator down the hallway to transport her back to the basement workshop.

There she had prepared the solvent, draped the ob/gyn examination chair with sheets of heavy neoprene and readied the other items she would need to reconstruct Kimmy’s head so the doll’s mouth would once again have a degree of freedom. Once she had maneuvered the unconscious doll onto the examination chair and manipulated its neck rest to hold Kimmy’s head erect but allow Agnes access to its back, the chemist gave the doll additional sedative to insure she would not be awakened and set to work.

Using the solvent on a living person made Agnes nervous. When she had utilized it on other occasions, it was always on the Kimmy polymer by itself. Making a mistake with inanimate material was one thing but she was terrified at the thought of injuring her captive seriously enough to require medical attention. The reason was simple: taking Kimmy to a hospital would expose Agnes as a kidnapper and brainwasher and inevitably send her to prison. That was not the end to her long-nurtured plan of revenge that she had imagined, and she had no intention of letting it come to pass.

Instead, she proceeded with extreme caution. First she used a tiny amount of the solvent to create a slit in the back of the outer layer of Kimmy’s head, leaving the corrosive on for only a few seconds and then swabbing it off with a sponge she kept soaking in a large plastic bucket of a neutralizing agent on a rollaway cart next to the examination chair.

After drying the slit at the back of Kimmy’s head with a large towel, she carefully pulled back the two anterior sides of the thick mask, peeling them away from the plastic ovoid that encased Hupfnagel’s head. With these two “wings” at the mask’s rear open, she could strip the exterior mask from Kimmy’s head, pulling it free with a soft sucking sound not unlike removing a rubber glove from a wet hand.
So much for the easy part; removing the thick mass of plastic under the outer mask that Agnes had used to encase her captive’s head would be the tricky stage of the operation. It was necessary because the shell she had built of Kimmy polymer around his features was what held the O-shaped wedge in place between his jaws. Without freeing Hupfnagel’s head from its plastic case, there was no way to eliminate the wedge that prevented him from using his tongue.

What made removing it more difficult was the fact that there was nothing between the plastic and Hupfnagel’s skin to prevent the solvent from injuring him. If she had left the solvent on the outer mask too long, the shell of polymer would still have protected Hupfnagel’s delicate skin; there was nothing under the plastic shell to keep the solvent from burning his flesh.

After long thought, Agnes had decided that the safest way to proceed would be to wedge a thin protective strip far enough under the plastic at the nape of her captive’s neck to offer protection to his skin while she used the solvent to open that back of the shell that encased his head. She had found a slightly curved sheet of stainless steel she intended to use for this purpose but there had been no way to test her technique beforehand so she would have to use it blind.

Sliding the steel under the plastic shell was a bigger challenge than she had imagined, even after she liberally applied a lubricant gel to both sides. She had completely shaved Hupfnagel’s head before she covered it with Kimmy plastic, but during the two-plus months he had been encased in the material, his hair had started to grow back.

Had she tried sliding the metal strip under the plastic even a few weeks earlier, she would have found the going even more difficult, because the stubble of his returning hair was stiff enough to offer serious resistance to the steel piece. Fortunately, Hupfnagel’s hair had grown sufficiently long to be more pliable, so while it interfered somewhat with the passage of the strip, she could still wriggle the metal back and forth enough to work it the desired distance under the polymer mass at the base of his skull.

With the protective strip in place, Agnes moved to the dangerous part of the procedure, painting another thin line of the corrosive solvent on the back of the plastic shell, allowing it to penetrate, then washing it off with the neutralizer. After drying off the back of Hupfnagel’s head, Agnes bit her lip with frustration: the solvent had not quite penetrated completely. Taking a deep breath, she repeated the process. The second application was successful: the solvent had eaten a slit in the Kimmy polymer that was slightly more than two inches long.

Proceeding in this cautious manner, it took more than 45 minutes for Agnes to make an opening long enough in the back of the shell to stretch it off her captive’s ears and remove it from the front of his head. Removing the wedge from Hupfnagel’s mouth afterward was relatively easy: the sedatives she had given him relaxed him so completely that she could pull his jaws apart easily.

Under the plastic, Hupfnagel was something of a mess. Agnes used disposable razors and a tub of soapy water to shave off his beard and all the hair that had grown back on his head, then she toweled him completely dry. She had already prepared a brand-new Kimmy mask from the original mold she had on Hupfnagel’s original, with an opening at its rear that would allow her to slip it over his head from the front and seal it shut after it was in place. She applied a thin coating of the polymer to its interior before sliding it onto his face and pressing it smoothly over his features, then she sealed the slit at the back and applied more polymer to close the seam between the mask and the rest of Hupfnagel’s Kimmy body.

With her captive fully masked, Agnes glued a new Kimmy wig to his new plastic head, moved him onto the gurney and took him back to his bedroom to finish his night’s rest. She had already adjusted his indoctrination recording so the new, improved Kimmy could sleep in the next morning until all the sedatives she had absorbed had passed completely out of her system.

Returning to her workshop, Agnes put all her materials away and cleaned up, then stretched out in the examination chair to relax and smoke a cigarette. She glanced at her watch and saw that, despite her nervousness about the dangerous procedure that was necessary to modify Kimmy’s head and mouth, she had managed to finish well before midnight.

Exhaling a plume of smoke, she smiled. Tomorrow will be a big day, she thought with anticipation.

I’ll get to see how Kimmy responds to all this new programming she’s been receiving. And I’m looking forward to finding out how well she can use that new mouth of hers.


It was the morning on which Agnes had decided to have the two Kimmy dolls meet face-to-face. After Agnes had viewed the captive Kimmy’s performances for her mirror-image on closed circuit, she felt confident that the doll’s modified programming had prepared Kimmy for a lesbian encounter. She could think of no better partner to pair her with than a living version of the doll she had gyrated for in her bedroom mirror, so, while Kimmy the captive slept in, Agnes busied herself by transforming into the sleeping doll’s double.

She lounged in a bubble bath for 40 minutes, adding more hot water when the bath began to cool and enjoying the hot soak, languidly smoking as she absorbed the tub’s warmth. When she finally climbed out of the bath, she toweled herself down, slicked back her own hair with styling gel and struggled into her corset and rubber girdle.

Aided by a thorough application of talcum, Agnes carefully pulled her Kimmy body suit over her foundation garments, tugging it up snugly into her crotch and performing her circus routine to work her arms and upper body into their counterparts in the doll’s polymer skin. Finally she pulled the mask over her own features, smoothed the doll’s taut neck into place and then used tinted liquid latex to “erase” the seam between the doll suit’s head and body. Wearing nothing but dizzyingly high five-inch heels, Agnes studied her reflection in the full-length mirrors that lined the doors of her walk-in closet, striking a variety of different poses to see how she looked.

As had been the case when she first pulled on the skin, she initially found the feel of the costume disconcerting: The amazingly flexible Kimmy polymer stretched slightly to accommodate every move that she made, but as soon as her motion ended, the material’s shape memory forced it back to its original size. As a consequence, the suit seemed to grab and squeeze various parts of her body on a continuous basis as she moved about the room. The sensation was not unlike wearing a pair of surgical stockings designed to gently massage the muscles of their wearer’s legs as she walked. The difference was, the Kimmy suit did it to Agnes’s entire body, from her toes to the slightly loose flesh of her throat.

Once she became used to the odd sensation, she found it thrilling. She particularly liked the continuous massage the suit applied to her genital area, where it pressed against her pubis, stimulating her sexually as she walked. The longer and more confident her stride, she discovered, the more thrilling the gentle masturbation that the suit provided. It was enough to make her walk in the haughty prowl of a runway model.

Agnes was dying to see what her new, iconic body looked like in a sexy outfit, but as she lounged in an easy chair with her legs crossed casually and smoked another cigarette, she realized that she didn’t have a single article of clothing that would fit her new figure. Her dresses would all hang loosely on her new, trimmer frame, and her D-cup breasts would pull the material taut across her bust, destroying the garment’s line. Her skirts would all be much too roomy for her newly trim waste, but too tight through her hips and buttocks. Her outsize breasts would stretch any of her blouses until there was space between the button holes.

She was sorely tempted to leave the house, just to see what reaction she would get from the average person in the street while wearing the Kimmy costume, but without any clothing to put on the naked doll’s body, she couldn’t leave as Kimmy.

I guess I could put on one of Kimmy’s maid outfits, she thought with a smile. That would certainly create a sensation in public.

She took a deep drag from her cigarette and let most of the smoke escape from Kimmy’s pert polymer nose, exhaling the last of it in a thin stream from her full, crimson lips. The mask was remarkably lifelike, despite its unblinking and expressionless blue eyes. The tension of the polymer held it snug again her features so that her facial movements were transmitted through the skin in a manner that seemed quite natural.

Agnes sighed. In the near future she was going to have to use a tape measure to get Kimmy’s vitals, then strip out of the suit, get dressed and do some shopping for her new alter ego. But that was a project for another time, she thought as she glanced at the clock on the wall. Right now, it was time for Kimmy doll to meet her twin sister—and hopefully fall in love with her.


Kimmy woke up feeling disoriented and more than a little hung-over. Truth be told, she was still groggy from the extra doses of sedative she had received while already asleep the previous night. She sat up in bed, a movement which set her extra-large breasts jiggling, and stretched slowly, trying to work the leaden, sleepy feeling out of her body. She yawned until her ears popped, feeling a slight twinge of pain as the long unused muscles of her lower face forced her jaws wide open for the first time in more than two months. Stopping in surprise, she opened her mouth again, moving her chin gently to its left and right as she touched her lower face tentatively with the fingertips of her right hand.

It hit her suddenly: her jaw was no longer wedged open! It was a revelation almost as disconcerting as if she had awakened that morning to find herself turned into some kind of large insect.

She swung her legs over to the side of the bed and walked over to the full-length mirror that formed the sliding door of her closet. Peering at her face closely, she opened her mouth and slowly ran her tongue over the roundness of her upper lip, moving it from right to left to moisten its surface. She realized with excitement that she could see her teeth.

“Ngggh!” she said as she studied her face, the sound guttural and unpleasant to her ears. Whatever had loosened her jaw had apparently not affected her inability to speak, she realized. She was still only able to make noises, not words.

She examined her exciting body in the mirror, taking a stance with her feet wide apart, exposing her genital area in her reflection and sliding her hands up her sides until they cupped those massive breasts. She used her newly liberated tongue to moisten her bright red lips again then bent over provocatively, sliding her hands back down to her smooth vagina and rubbing them back and forth lengthwise on her vulvae.

As Kimmy studied her image doing its seductive little dance, she could feel her sexual excitement grow. After a moment or so, however, she abruptly stopped.

The doll sat back down on her bed, scooting her back against the padded head board and drawing her knees up to the tips of her breasts so she could put her arms around them loosely. She sighed raggedly.

Despite her sudden discovery that she could once more use her mouth, she slipped back into the melancholy mood that had held her in its grip for days and days. What good was having a mouth she was free to use however she wanted when she had nobody to use it on? The bald man who had provided her with daily sex for almost as long as she could remember had stopped his visits at least a two weeks before, and her days now consisted of her morning routine of exercise, isolation bath, food and enema, followed by afternoons of cleaning, polishing and straightening up a house that was already spotless. She hadn’t seen another human being in what was beginning to seem like a lifetime.

She sighed again, and then suddenly wondered why she was lying back and thinking about these things instead of assuming her normal schedule. The day was already developing in a totally unexpected and peculiar way: she had never been signaled to begin the daily activities that usually filled her morning hours. Though Kimmy had very little ability to reason independently anymore, she could certainly tell that something very unusual was happening.

What in the world is going on? she tried to say, but all that came out was another guttural “Ngggh!” She sighed once more, but this time with frustration. What irked her was not just her inability to speak, which was bad enough, but the fact that she was painfully, grievously horny, and the only way she could attempt to satisfy herself was by masturbation—something that seemed to be taking up an awfully lot of her time lately.

She reached down with her right hand and found her vaginal opening with her first two fingers, gingerly pressing them inside it until she found her clitoris (which was actually the bump where her penis was tucked and bound under the thick but pliable doll’s skin). For Kimmy, simply moving around with her polymer skin continuously squeezing her body underneath it was erotically stimulating; but a little insistent massage on her clit usually had her doubled up in orgasm within a matter of moments.

“Nngh, nngh, nngh, nngh!” she muttered as she neared climax. “Nngh, nngh, nngh, nngh, UNGHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

The doll’s body gave a massive final spasm as she came, plunging her fingers down against her “clit” energetically to prolong the orgasm.

“Oooooooooooo,” she moaned quietly as she rolled onto her side away from the door of her bedroom. “Oooooooooooooooo.” Then, as the momentary spell cast by her masturbatory efforts began to fade, she sobbed wistfully.

Agnes, who had been watching the doll’s solo performance by means of the closed circuit TV, smiled and crushed out her cigarette. It was time to learn whether Kimmy was simply autoerotic, or whether another woman could turn her on as completely as she did herself.


Depressed and feeling utterly alone, Kimmy cried herself into a dreamy state where she hovered just between being asleep and awake. It was easy for her to feel sorry for herself and she let herself wallow in her unhappiness: the bald man, whom she considered her “lover,” even though he provided her only with sex, not affection, had cut the length of his visits over the last few weeks and eventually stopped seeing her at all. Since then, her only real comfort had been her daily routine; judging by this morning, when she had been left to waken herself and had never received the signal to begin her usual morning activities, even that had now been taken from her.

She sniffed, her heart filled with despair.

Preoccupied with her own misery, she didn’t hear the sound of the door opening behind her, and first became aware she was no longer alone when she felt someone sit on the edge of her bed and stroke her side gently.

Kimmy turned and stared at her visitor, at first with surprise and then with complete shock: sitting beside her, gently massaging her, was her identical double!

The doll turned and sat up on her bed, unable to believe her eyes. It was almost as if she was looking in the full-length mirror again. Her visitor had her golden curls, huge breasts, tiny waist and perfect doll’s face. Then the newcomer did something that Kimmy never would have expected: she curled her perfect, sensual crimson lips in a smile.

Kimmy, hand trembling, reached out and gently touched the new doll’s face with her fingers. She used her forefinger to trace her visitor’s smile and then placed her hand on the new doll’s shoulder, giving her a slow, wonder-filled caress down the length of her left arm. As she stared in astonishment, wondering when this dream would end, the new doll did something else Kimmy found totally unexpected:

“Dear Kimmy,” she said in a husky feminine mezzo-soprano. “Are you lonely, darling?”

Kimmy’s heart soared with anticipation. “Nggh, nggh!” she said in a desperate effort to reply. “Nggh—nggh, nggh, NGGH!”

The new doll gently placed one of her perfectly groomed fingers on Kimmy’s lips with a smile. “Hush, darling,” she said in that low, sexy voice. “You know you can’t speak. You don’t have to. I know what you want.”

With that, the new doll leaned forward slowly, darting a tongue across her mouth to moisten it, and gently brushing it against Kimmy’s trembling lips.

Kimmy shuddered with joy and kissed back, delighted that she had awakened that morning with the full use of her perfect doll’s mouth. The two dolls sat together, exploring each other’s lips greedily, using their tongues to probe each other’s mouths. Eventually they worked from kissing each other’s faces to using their mouths to explore other parts of each other’s bodies: necks, shoulders, breasts, nipples, the smooth spread of their flat bellies and, finally, lying together with their faces in the Y of each other’s crotches, using those tongues to seek out and massage each other’s cunts.

Perhaps predictably, considering how horny she was, Kimmy climaxed first, arching her back so suddenly with the spasm of her orgasm that she almost pulled a muscle. But so great was her gratitude for her long-awaited sexual release that she immediately returned her attention to the new doll’s vagina, enthusiastically licking it until her twin, too, convulsed with sexual release, making a keening sound through clenched teeth as she suddenly climaxed.

Afterward, the two identical dolls, completely spent by their encounter, lay together, gently kissing and caressing each other.

Kimmy felt a fullness she had never known. Having sex with her identical twin had been incredibly exciting and the orgasm she had experienced was unlike any other sensation she’d had in her life, but the reason it was so special was really very easy to understand: making love with her twin had really been making love, not just having sex; the animal excitement of it had been intensified by her partner’s generosity, solicitousness and genuine affection. The new doll had brought Kimmy to the height of passion by being gentle, patient and caring, using her hands, her arms, her mouth and her entire being to demonstrate her love.

It had been an extraordinary experience for Kimmy. In fact, had she been able to remember her life before she became a doll, she would have realized that she had never had a lover who had given her so much attention before—and that she had certainly never given anyone a fraction of that attention herself.

As for Agnes, encased in her own amazingly erotic Kimmy skin and snuggling with her captor afterward in the warm glow of mutual love, she was surprised at how much she had not only wanted Kimmy, but wanted to please the doll, as well. She hadn’t expected to give as much of herself to Kimmy when she first decided to make the doll her lesbian paramour, but her expectations had slowly grown as she reprogrammed her captor and deprived her of sexual stimulation. Kimmy’s love-making with her had a manic, desperate edge to it, but the doll’s desperation—her abject loneliness and desire for affection—was irresistible to Agnes.

In fact, Agnes was lonely, too. And her need for affection was greater than she could have imagined. With Kimmy, she had responded to it with a degree of her own desperation: it had been years since she had made love. After she began kissing Kimmy, her loneliness swept over her like a fever and, for the first time in years, Agnes fell into a passion in which she completely forgot about herself. To her surprise, she was consumed by her need for love. So much so that her bitterness, anger and desire for revenge were burned away by her intimacy with the doll she had created.

The two identical dolls lay quietly together for a long time after their love-making session. Eventually, Agnes yawned, sat up and stretched. As she did, she felt Kimmy’s hand rest gently on her shoulder. She turned and looked at her twin, lying back on the bed and staring at her.

“Nggh?” Kimmy said in a tiny voice, using a tone that turned the meaningless syllable into a question.

Agnes smiled and the lips of her mask curved upward so her double could see her expression. “Of course, darling,” she said. “We’ll make love as many times as you want to.”

For the first time in her life, Kimmy smiled. It wouldn’t be the last.

The End


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