Kira's Manga Makeover

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2009 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; caught; machine; latex; corset; packaged; lovedoll; shipped; nc; X


I was on assignment, my task was to gain secrets from a competitor, I’m an industrial spy, I break into companies to gain inside information to help whoever I’m being paid for at the time. This week I was in an industrial complex on the outskirts of those new towns that sprang up in the dot com era, a time of boom and bust. But it kept me busy.

The factory was deserted, the last employee left the building at 7pm, the place was locked up and in darkness, there were no lights were on inside the building, just the security lights outside. The last security patrol had driven up to check the building at 10pm, they wouldn’t be back again until 2am, their rounds would take them far and wide, so I knew that they would be no bother, this would be a simple break and enter.

I had staked out the building making observations of the comings and goings for several days now, you can never be too careful or lapse in my game, that’s why I get repeat business as I get the results my clients want. I moved from the shadows of another building, my vehicle was parked several streets away, closer to where people lived, that way my car would not arouse suspicions should the local police make their way around here.

The security of the building was very standard, just an alarm system with keypad next to the main entrance, I’d seen no cameras when scouting out this job, the building seemed open to invitation for someone like me to walk in the door. I had no trouble gaining entry, the alarm was disarmed, I’d seen them enter the same code several times through binoculars. Now that the security was off I had free reign to the building.

The documents I needed to copy were in the Directors office, I had to gain access to the office by crossing the work shop floor, get past several machines and then through a door that lead upstairs and to the boss’s office. Neat and simple, I should be out of here quick smart and away scot free and several thousand dollars richer.

After gaining access to the building and switching off the alarm I made my way into what I thought was the main work area, the plans that had been submitted to the local authority for planning permission had come in handy at several jobs in the past, unfortunately someone had done some modifications inside without the plans being submitted, the layout had been changed. No matter I’m sure the office would be in the same area as would be the stairs.

The inside was totally dark, no lights were on and I reached down for my torch, switching it on I was startled to see several people standing in front of me. For a moment I thought that I’d been busted, they’d rumbled me somehow. It was only when nobody made an effort to grab me I began to suspect something was odd here. Shining the torch up into their faces I saw that they were not real people, but store mannequins, dummies unable to move but just stand there.

I had wondered what they made here, surely there wouldn’t be a need to get someone of my services to get information on making a new mannequin, just how much are these things worth? Ah well it’s not for me to decide I’m getting paid to get the information that the client requested. I looked around at the dummies standing there, they didn’t seem to be the same as you saw in store windows, they were ‘fake’ compared to these, these dummies had soft skin, I reached up with my gloved hand and prodded the skin of the dummy next to me, it looked similar to real skin in that with my touch the skin pushed in as would a real persons skin.

I half expected the dummy to snap out of it’s sleep and turn to me, but the eyes remain fixed to the front, staring off into the distance. I pointed the beam of light from the torch to other dummies that stood nearby, they all seemed to be the same, none had hair, why hadn’t I noticed that, strange the way you look at things, their faces all seemed to look the same, they were all the same height, in fact they were the same height as me I realised. And they were all female, shining the torch further down I saw that they had what seemed to be an opening in between their legs, well the anatomy seemed to look the same as any other female except they had no hair down there.

This was a distraction that was holding me up, I must get on and get the job done, strange though that all the dummies seemed to be female, look the same and were the same height. Maybe they had another batch elsewhere in the building; these were just one model of several they made. The nipples looked very realistic, as if they’d been caught by a slight breeze causing them to stand out. Some perverts dream maybe, I wonder if the designer got his rocks off when he made the plans for these.

Back to work, I began to make my way through the crowd, ‘excuse me girls coming through!’ I thought. I worked my way to the front row when I was startled by the machine suddenly and unexpectedly starting up, though no lights came on in the factory except the ones glowing on the machines panels. This was getting weirder. As I jumped at the sound of the machine starting I managed to knock over the dummy that was to my side, she was now resting on the floor. I didn’t make to pick her up as I was more concerned with there being any workers in the building, I froze on the spot.

The machine moved two arms out and picked up the dummy standing next to me, the hands reaching either side of the dummies shoulders and picking it effortlessly off the floor and towards the entrance panel of the machine. The conveyor springing to life as the feet of the dummy touched down. I was too mesmerised watching what was happening to the dummy to notice that the arms were on the way back and looking for the next dummy in line. It was only when the arm reached out through the darkness and touched me on either side of my body that began to register what was happening.

The next I knew was my feet leaving the ground and I was being moved through the air, I dropped the torch on the floor as I was lifted up, the arms held me firmly and I thought that I may have some bruises in the morning. The arms took me closer to where the other dummy was dropped onto the conveyor, great I thought I’ll be able to jump off and get on with the job. What I hadn’t seen in the dark was the conveyor had before it a plexiglas screen that when the arms lowered the dummy it spread the legs either side and down on to the conveyor.

Once the arm had lowered me down the device had spread my legs, the cold plexiglas giving me a sudden shock, but what happened next made my situation worse. The reason the device was there was to spread the legs of the dummies, this made them fall into a set place on the conveyor, this is were the dummy was then locked onto the conveyor to stop them falling off. The clamps went around my feet, holding me to the conveyor and locking me in place. The conveyor moved off with me as the next dummy towards the inner working of the machine.

I saw through the glimmer of the lights blinking from the machines the first dummy head into the machine, the plastic curtains closing around it as it disappeared from view. I looked down at the clamps holding my feet, but when I tried to move to get free I started to loose balance, I didn’t have the same stiff posture the dummies had, my legs were more flexible. I had to stand there trying to maintain my balance, desperate not to fall and become entangled in the machinery that was around me.

Then I felt the plastic curtains on my face, the cold clammy feel of the plastic as it hit, like being slapped in the face. I knew now that I was entering the machine. It was darker inside, the conveyor suddenly stopped as I had travelled about three feet inside the machine, there was a sudden burst of red light, it moved across my body, I realised that I was being scanned by a laser and thought that when this was done the machine would realise that I wasn’t one of the dummies and reject or free me.

I hadn’t seen the other laser behind me scanning my rear, obviously the machine was going through the motions, scanning and determining what was before it, it must have done this to the previous dummy. The clamps remained tight about my feet; maybe the machine was still trying to figure out what was standing before it. Then air suddenly started blowing from all directions around me, powerful blasts of air were being directed by the machine towards me. In the darkness I didn’t see the mechanical arms, thankfully, as the began shredding the clothes that I stood in, if I had I would have moved and maybe been cut, as it was it was all over very quickly, the material shards were blown away by the air, never to be seen again.

Next came a very quick blast of cold water, or what I thought was just water, it covered me from head to toe, helped along by the last of the air that had blown my clothing away. I stood there shivering as the machine continued to blink red, must be a control mechanism I summarised. Again I was treated to another blast of cold water; this must be the rinse I hoped. The air blast came back on the dry the water from my body. Again the laser scanned me from top to bottom, obviously checking that the work was satisfactory.

Out of the dark came another two arms one touched me above my left breast, the other on my right bum cheek. I had been bar-coded I later found out. The touch was wet and sticky; I couldn’t see what it was but was glad that it wasn’t that cold water again. Another quick scan and the light on the machine turned green and the conveyor took off again with its human cargo on board. It felt chilly as I was carried out of the machine, I felt cold and my nipples sprang to attention. In fact it felt really cool especially on my head, I lifted my hands up to feel and found that all my hair had gone. The machine must have removed it with the blasts of cold liquid; it must have had some form of hair remover.

‘If I’ve lost the hair upstairs…’ I thought and reached down to find out that the hair had gone from down there too! I was bald, not a single hair was left, I hadn’t been this way since before puberty, my skin seemed to feel more sensitive there as my fingers explored and checked that everything else was as it was supposed to be, no equipment missing! Ah yes, it was still there and working, my nub rolling under my finger. ‘Now’s not the time.” I thought, ‘Have to get out of this.’

All too quickly the next phase of the production line came into play, from behind me came what could only be described as an anal hook, which took me by great surprise as the cold metal touched my rear, the machine seemed to know the exact location of my rear sphincter and aimed squarely for it. Thankfully it was lubricated and with the efficiency that only a machine can accomplish, it quickly entered me, the cold pole then hit my back and a clamp affixed around my neck. I was then lifted from the conveyor belt, my feet finally free, only to be impaled and clamped onto what was the next stage.

My feet dangled below me, now free and seemingly mocking me, I was now trapped in a more personal way and heading to the next machine. Inside the machine was noisier than the last one, there were more panel lights and I could see the mechanical arms as they moved. Two arms reached up from the floor to hold my legs, followed by a soft enclosing material that was encasing my legs from the feet upwards. The arms pulled the material higher until it stopped just below my crotch and at the top end of my thighs.

The material was smooth, it was cold at first but quickly warmed with my body heat, my legs felt as though they had been pushed into stockings of some description, but these were tight, extremely tight, I would have trouble flexing or bending my knees in these. As soon as that had finished other arms held my arms out and long gloves were pulled onto my hands, the material felt the same as the covering for my legs and the gloves continued upwards and didn’t finish until the top of my arm, the type of long gloves you see at elegant gatherings or social events.

Again the material of the gloves gave me very little movement like the stockings, I realised that I was being dressed, but dressed for what.  My thoughts were quickly distracted when an arm moved in front and from below unseen by me, but I quickly felt it as it entered me, the arm seemed to make a hissing sound, like it was squirting something, whatever it was made the entry easier thankfully. I now not only had a plug up my bum but a metal probe inside my love hole, what more indignities would this process inflict upon me.

As quick as the probe had entered then it left me again, I felt decidedly wetter down there, like I’d just had a massive orgasm and the wetness leftover from spending. Two other arms approached me with a garment in their hands, they proceeded to wrap this around my waist, the material reaching just under my bust and down to below my tummy, but in line with my hips. The arms pulled the item tighter and tighter, pulling me in at the middle and making me catch my breath. Again the arms pulled, as I expelled any remaining air, the last tug was it seemed the last as the material was closed up behind me, the heat from the machine sealing the garment onto me as it closed the gap.

While that was being inflicted on me, more arms had placed some sort of footwear on my feet, they were tightly enclosed in whatever the machine had placed on them and I doubt that walking would be an option, as I couldn’t move my ankle in any direction. Satisfied that all the functions had been carried out the machine lights changed colour to green and I was again on my way.

I was a bit light headed and woozy as the machine moved the captive I had become onwards. I passed from that machine and back out into the main factory, I felt myself being lowered and my feet touch the conveyor belt again, but all too quickly the dreaded clamps held me fast and I was carried on to what ever came next.

There was only a short gap between machines and soon I was back in the all enveloping warmth and soft glow of another machine. Another clamp was placed around my neck, this time from a mechanical arm above as the machine moved me to a set spot. Another quick scan was done, the red laser covering my body quickly. Held tight to the spot I felt something drop onto my head, this was quickly pulled downwards by the mechanics of the machine, the material again soft and clammy, and all enveloping. I felt the arms pull the tight material down over my forehead and down towards my face and back of my head. As the material was pulled down over my nose I began to panic as I could not breathe through the material, but soon what turned out to be a rubber hood was pulled down and finished near the bottom of my neck. Other arms then probed my mouth, holding it open as they pushed something inside my mouth. It seemed to be a ring, as I could breathe okay and running my tongue over it I could taste rubber. Once satisfied that the ring was in place, the arms squirted a foul tasting liquid around the outer edge of the ring, this it turned out was glue to hold the ring in place and hold my mouth in the ‘O’ position.

There was another hiss, this time from above my head and I felt something being pressed on to the top of my head. Soon I could see what looked like black hair fall either side of my face, it must have been a wig being glued onto my head, at least I wasn’t bald on top anymore. The conveyor took off again and I was moved further along inside the machine.

The next stage was it seemed to be to complete the dressing, my arms were lifted and soft, cool material drifted down from above, falling down my arms and over my head, aided by the mechanical arms that seemed so intent on tormenting me. This was a dress of some description, I’d put on enough dresses to know the feeling of one being put onto me. The arms pushed and pulled as the dress made it’s way down my body, gliding over my narrower waist, now held in the restrictive grasp of what could be called a corset. The dress was the same material & smell that all the other items had been made of, I was being dressed in latex.

Another laser scan, then on my way out of this machine. As I came out I noticed that there were a couple of mirrors either side, they may have been pieces of stainless steel but the shine of them reflected back whatever passed by them. I was standing there dressed in some form of frilly dress, that seem to finish not to far below my crotch and flared out, there seemed to be some ruffled material under holding the hem of the dress away from my body. I couldn’t make out any other features other than the black hair on my head.

Again into another machine, what will fate deal out to me now, more probing, even tighter clothing or will this be the end for me. I entered the dark space, then felt something hit my back, it seemed to be some sort of stiff board. Mechanical arms started to work quickly in several places at once, my hands, arms, neck, waist, thigh and ankles were quickly surrounded and I found that I was secured to the board that was behind me. It happened very fast, the bindings quickly ratcheted to hold me firm and I could not move any part of my body.

The clamps that had held my feet to the conveyor finally released their firm grip, but too late for me as I was held even more securely to the board behind me. The board and my bound body were raised up into the air as I exited the machine. The factory was still dark, there was no workers in sight, it seemed that the factory ran automatically. Then as quickly as I was raised then I was lowered, this time into something that was all enclosing, I felt then saw that whatever it was I was inside it. The arms above moved away and I heard some noises above, sounding like it was closing the top of whatever I was in.

Finally all movement stopped when I was pushed up against something to the left of me, I could see fairly clearly in front of me but not to either side. I could not look up or down due to the restraints holding my neck in place and could only stare out into the factory and to the very door I’d come to find in the factory, one that would lead me to where I would find what I was in the factory after. So close yet so far away now. I struggled in my restraints for what seems like hours, but due to the restrictive nature of the clothing and the binding that secured me I could not break free.

I must have drifted of into sleep, all noise in the factory had long since ceased, during the night my container had been bumped on the right side but after that I never really heard or felt anything else. I awoke to daylight coming in from the windows above, the sunlight streaming in told me that the day had come and soon the workers would be here. I tried to escape as best as I could but I still felt weak from my exertions during the night and the bindings hadn’t given an inch.

Soon I spotted first one worker then two and then a couple more, I knew that soon I would be discovered and handed over to the authorities. But to my surprise they seemed to all ignore me and go about their labours without regard to me, other than an occasional glance, which I remained still. It was then that the roller doors of the loading bay were opened and I saw a truck backing up towards the building.

I didn’t see her at first, I was distracted looking at the outside world and wondering if I’ll ever see it again, but she stood there in front of me with clipboard in one hand and a portable scanner in the other, she reached down with the scanner and must have read a barcode on the front of my container. She didn’t seem to notice me, that I was alive and bound inside this enclosure. Just as quickly had she appeared then she moved on to the next one. I was left alone again but not for long.

Two men approached and simply lifted up my container, tilting me backwards as they did so, I lay on my back now, it seemed to be a bit of a relief after being upright all night. They put me down next to a table and went away to get the next one. There in front of me was what looked like what encased me, there was the clear panel in front, then writing which I had trouble reading because it was upside down from me. But I quickly discovered that the contents was some sort of doll, it seems to list several features that seemed to me to be adult in nature.

Then it dawned on me, these were sex dolls, love dolls for some guy to use for his pleasure and I was bound up in the next box, that must mean that I too was some perverted guys love doll, I was made to please some man or woman out there and made to order. The sudden realisation made me shake something that was not lost on the guy standing in front of me, where did he come from and why was he holding my torch?

He spoke, “Well it seems that we had a break in last night, someone must have dropped their torch in the factory.”

He looked me in the eye,  “It would appear that they got away without getting what they came after, there doesn’t seem to be any activity passed the stock area.”

“Maybe the thief decided to take up another occupation, giving up the life of crime for more discreet activities.” Smirking as he said this.

He knew full well that I was inside, dressed in the tight latex, bound to the board that held me inside the box.

“This one’s a special order boys, make sure it’s well packed as it’s got a long journey to go on, the plane for Japan leaves at 2pm.”

He turned my box to face the wall against which was a mirror, I could now see myself clearly dressed in some white and pink Lolita type latex dress, the frills holding my skirt upwards, my stockings and gloves were white latex with pink trim, all highly glossed. My waist was several inches smaller than normal; my figure was enhanced by its tight grasp. Looking at my face the hair was black asian style, straight and cut short to my shoulders, but it was my face that shocked me most, I looked like some Japanese cutie. It was a hood with face mask that had been pulled down over my head last night.

Nobody would recognise me, or even tell if I was real, I looked just like a doll, I was enclosed within a box that advertised me as a lovedoll, I had realistic love holes and mouth it stated, something my new owner was going to be pleased to find out was true.

He came into view again and said, “I’ll let your client know that you’ve decided to join us.”

With that my box was picked up and placed into another cardboard box, this one had no way of seeing out of, they closed the ends and secured them with packing tape. A shipping label was attached t the outside and I was moved on to the waiting truck along with the other deliveries.

My fate awaited me at the other end…



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