The Joy of Being a Sextoy

by Gromet

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Storycodes: F/f; sex; hood; X-frame; latex; strapon; transform; mistake; stuck; piercing; cons; X

Continues from

Part 2 - The Weekend Plaything

Joy had been delivered by the transformation company ready for her first weekend as her husband/owners sex doll, obviously now being nothing more than a silicone doll she could do nothing but remain in the delivery box for his return. While she waited she had run many fantasy scenarios through her sexually aroused mind, some of them had her doll form being found boxed, delivered to the wrong address and she was used, sexually taken by other men for their pleasure, and then sold off as just another sex toy, her dreams of anonymous sex were interrupted by the sound of her owner’s return. 

The house was quiet when he entered and he wondered where his wife was, she would normally greet him at the door but today was different, and then he spotted the note written by his wife, quickly opening it he found out why she was not here. The note explained that he had a gift waiting for him inside the garage. Placing the note down, he was interested to find out what the gift was, he entered the connecting door to the garage, only to find a large box laying there on the floor waiting for him, he walked over and began to examine the container, the label gave the company’s name as “Acme Silicon Products” and was addressed to him. He was intrigued to find out what the box contained, he had at this point no idea that it contained the transformed doll that was his wife. 

Once he had managed to open the box and remove some of the packaging, he found the sex doll that the box contained, but after the initial shock of the discovery he spotted the instructions left by the technical assistant for him to find, this explained to him that his wife had been transformed and had wanted to give herself as a gift for him to enjoy.

Having half read the note to that point, he read no further, he was now eager to try out the offered sex toy and he gave no further thought about the how’s and why’s, he just knew that he wanted to explore the doll and then use the sex toy for what it was designed to do – be used for his sexual pleasure. Cutting the straps holding the sexdoll inside the box, he picked up the doll from the box with the remaining packaging falling out on the floor, he quickly looked the doll over admiring the body of the sexdoll, then he grabbed the doll and carried it out of the garage over his shoulder and down the hallway to the main bedroom. 

Here he placed the sexdoll on the bed and began to use his hands to check out the feminine curves of the sextoy before him. But soon the overwhelming urge to make use of the new plaything took hold and he quickly stripped off his clothes and joined the doll on the bed, he didn’t know if he needed to have some form of foreplay with the doll, and at first it felt awkward but after kissing the doll and exploring the dolls breasts he felt that he was more than ready to get on with the main part of having sex with the doll. 

He climbed on top of the doll, the weight of his body pressing down on to the silicon manikin and his own legs making the doll’s open wider, he shifted himself into position he then entered the waiting hole, it felt cold at first and his member encountered some resistance, but he then remembering that they had some lube in the bedside cabinet drawer, he reached over and began to apply some to the sex of the doll, he also rubbed some on himself, he then laid back down on the doll and found himself slipping easily into the doll’s sex. It felt tight but once he got over the initial chill, he found that it was quite enjoyable, his hands moving over the doll's body, one reaching for a breast while the other cupped underneath the dolls buttock, later both hands would grab hold of the dolls rear to enable him to thrust himself deeper into the sex of the doll to take him to his eventual climax.

It didn’t take him long to cum inside the doll, his orgasm soon overcoming him, he found that his climax this time had been more intense, and he wondered later if this was due to his wife being the sexdoll or the fact that he was using a sex toy for the first time. Maybe it was the inanimate nature of the doll that turned him on, but soon he found that he was erect again and decided to put the doll to good use. 

Later, after using the doll for the third time he decided that he had better rest for a while, plus he was now hungry, not having eaten since lunchtime. His sexual appetite now sated, he rolled off of the sexdoll looking into the eyes of the doll that was once his wife, trying to see if she was aware inside and if she would react, maybe she would suddenly move and surprise him, but after watching for a few minutes he came to the conclusion that she would remain in this inanimate state for the foreseeable future. He thought to himself that he would have to read the rest of the instructions later, but first now that his sexual urges had been satisfied, he felt the need to eat and would leave the doll and head to the kitchen to get some food.

Joy meanwhile just laid there on the bed, as a doll she could do nothing else she thought, she had been delighted with how it had gone so far, the look on her husband/owners face when he had found her inside the box was priceless. He looked like a kid in a toy shop, his face lighting up when he saw the sexdoll laying inside. She felt him pick her up and carry her to the bedroom. She had fantasized about this while waiting in the box, and had wondered to herself what he would do first, after all, he had access to all parts of her body, and as a sextoy she had several ‘features’ that her owner could use for their pleasure/ Again she used the word owner and not husband, in her mind she belonged to him, she was his property now to do with as he wished. 

But not having read the instructions her owner had decided to make use of the most obvious place that he could, her vaginal opening. She felt him lay her down on the bed, thankful in one way that he hadn’t just dropped her, but also with her being just a sexdoll, an object to be used, he could have just thrown her down and then ravaged her body in any way that he had wanted to. 

She recalled as she had watched as he began to explore her new body, the touch of his hands as they ran over her silicon flesh sending delightful feelings throughout her entire being, though to anyone looking from the outside her body remained still and unmoving, then she saw him disrobe his clothing and she eagerly awaited what she knew was coming next. Now naked he had joined her on the bed, again his hands rubbing her breasts giving her intense pleasure, his hands drifting down to explore her sexual opening had sent her mind into a wonderful haze of sensual carnality, she had felt that she would explode just from the touch of his hands and began to wonder what it was going to be like when he entered into her sex. She found that she didn’t have long to wait as she felt him climb on top of her, his hard member pressing at the folds of her sex, she knew then that it would soon be inside of her.

Joy loved the feeling of the heat of his hard penis as it began to plunder her depths, the coolness of her own sex lost to her, but she knew at this point that he had met some form of resistance and had willed him to use the lube they had for when they both just wanted a quickie without the need for foreplay, her animalistic desires for a quick fuck overtaking her own sexual needs for an orgasm, though in many cases she found that she came when he did inside her. 

Now she had to wait as he remembered the lube and began to apply it to her sex, the cool liquid doing nothing to ease the intense heat of her own sexual desires, willing him to enter into her and use her. Soon she felt him climb on top again and this time his erect member enter her opening easily, pushing inside until their pubic bones met, the depth and width of his member filling her, something that she always loved, the feeling of them both connected as one during the act of sex made her feel wonderful and contented.

She lay there as he used her body for his pleasure, she found her own arousal rising with each thrust into her, she knew that he wouldn’t last too long and whilst she would probably not be able to climax herself, she loved the fact that she had made him orgasm, his passion and desires for her body gave her a deep satisfaction, sometimes more than the orgasms she would experience herself. 

This time was no different, she could feel his member begin to grow inside her, filling her even more, she knew that at this point that he was about to climax and looked forward to the exquisite feeling of his cum releasing into her, she loved the way his cock twitches as it shoots his semen out, the twitches feel like his penis is kicking her inside her vagina but the feel of the ejaculate itself is hard to describe as there is nothing to compare it to, it feels wet and kind of tingly inside.

Afterwards, she just lay there, her body unable or unwilling to move, she felt wonderful inside, this was just how she had imagined it in all of the dreams and fantasies, she was just a thing to be used and then discarded after, a great sense of pleasure overwhelmed her at this point and she felt deeply contented for the first time in a long while, this was what she was meant to be, she concluded, she was meant to be nothing more than a sex toy. Her thoughts were then interrupted when her owner had climbed on and used her again, her mind lost in the continuous waves of pleasure that she was experiencing, something that she did not wish to end. 

She found that she was amazed when he used her the third time, something that had never happened before in their relationship and she wondered to herself what he was thinking about her at this moment, was it the fact that she was an inanimate object or that she was his wife turned into a doll for his pleasure that made him this way.

Joy had then felt the bed move, her owner had just used her for the third time, cumming inside her, she could still feel the ejaculate running out of her hole but there was no way she could move to clean herself up, something she would normally do after sex, but now she would have to lay there in the damp spot until he cleaned her up, if he would. But she saw out of the corner of her eye him looking at her, he seemed to be waiting for something to happen, maybe, she thought, that he expected me to move now, that my transformation was just an act and that I would now leap up and surprise him. Well she knew that wasn’t about to happen, she would be stuck this way until she made it back to the factory for them to re-transform her back to her normal self, but hopefully not too soon she thought, she was just happy to remain this way for the rest of the weekend and maybe longer.

She had felt and then watched as he stood up, maybe he had now come to the conclusion that she was indeed just a doll now, she had no way of knowing what was going through his mind at this point and she knew that she would need to ask him later when she was back to normal, though she doubted that she would ever want to return to her ‘normal’ old self, knowing what she did now and the effects it was having on her mind and body. 

At first, she had felt disappointed that he had stood up and seemed to be getting dressed, but then she began to realize that once he had finished using her he would move onto other things to keep himself entertained, she was just another household object now, a product to be used by her owner and she felt an inner peace form inside her mind, this was what she was made for, she had been used and now left behind, forgotten for the moment, discarded and abandoned on the bed, she would of at this point liked to have used her fingers to bring an orgasm out of her body with these thoughts, but being unable to move that would be denied to her.

Later she was pleased to see him return, this time he seemed more interested in her other ‘features’ and soon she found herself face down in the pillows as she felt him lubing up her rear hole, and then pressing his penis at the opening until he gained entrance to her rear pleasure hole, as the pamphlet had described it. She lay there feeling him pushing deeper and deeper into her rear, her internal walls giving way to allow him access, she could only lay there as he used her for his pleasure, and though she had found the whole thing enjoyable, she didn’t even feel close to her own orgasm developing, but after he had finished using her she felt a deep satisfaction overcoming her, she felt more like an object now than before when he was using her vagina, this was just her owner using his doll for his own pleasure, taking and not giving, she felt contented now, she had pleased her new owner, she would do anything to make him happy.

She then heard the sounds of him drifting off to sleep; the change in his breathing and the gradual increase in snoring gave away the fact that he was now deeply asleep, he had left her lying face down in the pillows, which normally would freak her out, but she didn’t need to breathe so the fact that she was face deep in the pillow didn’t disturb her in any way. She could still feel where he had used her rear hole, in fact, she felt well used by her owner now, he had managed to break in his new dolly now, she was quite content that she had pleased him and looked forward to her owner using her some more. She found that she drifted off into some form of sleep, though she could not close her eyes, her mind calmed and she felt herself switch off, waiting for when her owner would wish to use his dolly again.

In the morning that’s just what he did, waking up to find the doll laying there as he had left it the night before he took advantage of the position and used the doll’s rear hole again for his pleasure, he wondered how his wife would feel at him using her this way, her preference for anal sex was rare, only giving in when pushed by him, he knew that she gained no real pleasure from it and that she only let him to please him, her own sexual pleasure denied when he used her this way. It didn’t take him long this morning to climax inside the doll’s rear, his semen shooting deep into the rear of the doll, he always felt more powerful when taking her this way and his climax was stronger, or maybe it just felt that way to him. 

The Joy doll could do nothing, her mind becoming active again when she felt her owner wake and began to probe the outer area around her rear opening, she knew that soon he would be inside her again and she felt wonderful that her owner was using her again, she loved it when she was used by him, this was what she was made for, her mind now more accepting that she was nothing more than a sexdoll. Through the night while she was in her sleep state her mind had started to change, her thoughts of being a wife and partner to her husband changing to that of being a pleasure doll, a sexual object for the use of her owner and anyone else that he wished to share his doll with. This came from her own deep-seated desires and not something that the transformation company had programmed into her, she had always desired to be a doll, a sexual plaything to be used and the discarded, stored until her owner wanted his doll again, this was what caused the changes in her mind, she felt an inner peace when she thought of herself this way.

Her husband, now owner, had no idea of the changes inside the doll’s mind, to him this was a gift from his wife to enjoy, he had had some doubts that it was really his wife transformed into a sextoy, after all the idea did seem far-fetched, maybe this was just a trick on her part and that it really was a silicon sexdoll made to look like his wife, and that sometime over the weekend his wife would surprise him and reveal that she had indeed played a trick on him. In the meantime, he was going to continue to make use of the doll, that was what his wife had given him to use this weekend, so why should he deny himself the pleasure. 

Leaving the doll on the bed, he had turned it over to get a better look at its features, the doll still unmoving and the thought that his wife was playing at being a doll again now long gone, this was to his mind just a silicon doll and not his wife pretending to be a doll as she sometimes liked to do. He quickly dressed and headed to the kitchen for breakfast, he had arranged with a friend to play golf later that day so he would need to get himself ready, the doll would have to wait there on the bed until later. 

After breakfast he re-entered the bedroom, the doll still laying there with her legs ajar, her sex visible with his fluids glistening in the light, a desire to make use of the doll again running through his mind but he had to get himself ready and out of the door or he would be late. Ignoring the sexual desires of the doll who seemed to be beckoning him to use it, he ducked into the bathroom, later after his shower he walked back into the bedroom, the doll still trying to entice him back into bed. He quickly threw the bed covers up over the doll and completely covered the nakedness of the doll, even most of the head was covered and he left the doll this way, leaving for his golf game.

Joy watched as her owner walked about the bedroom; she wondered why he didn’t want to use her again at this moment. She wanted him to, for she loved when she pleased her owner, but he left her lying there and went into another room. Her hopes were raised again when she saw him re-enter the bedroom, and she tried her best to entice him, though as a doll all she could do was lay there and wait, in her mind she was trying to seduce him to play with her again. She was disappointed when he covered up her body, even more when the bedsheets covered her face as well, for she could no longer see her owner, and wondered to herself what he was doing. 

Her answer soon came when she heard the bedroom door close and the room became silent, her owner wasn’t going to use her and he had other things that he wanted to do, all she could now do was wait for his return. Her mind again drifting back into the sleep state, images of her being used sexually by her owner and others running through her mind until it later calmed, and she drifted off.

Eventually returning from his golf game in the early evening, he entered the home he shared with his wife, it was still quiet and peaceful, normally there was music playing or a tv on in the lounge room, but now the place seemed empty. Walking into the bedroom he began to undress from his golf attire, the game had gone well, and he had enjoyed it, even had a few drinks afterward in the clubhouse. Sitting on the bed, his mind still on the game he sat on the leg of the sexdoll, quickly jumping up thinking that it was his wife laying there, he reached for the covers expecting to see her cheeky smile only to find the expressionless face of the doll laying there, the dolls naked body revealed to him as he removed the covering, the doll's eyes looking forward and staring at the ceiling. 

He quickly got over the shock, and his first thoughts were to remove the doll from the bed, the idea that this was his wife still not quite sitting right in his mind, he knew of her desires to become a sexdoll but this surely couldn’t be her, he would have to read more of the literature that came with the doll but that could wait until morning, his own sexual desires now coming forward upon seeing the naked doll laying there.

The Joy doll had laid there on the bed just as her owner had left her, her mind eventually switching off into her sleep state, now when she felt movement on the bed she began to wake up, she felt something heavy sit on her leg but there was no pain, she couldn’t feel pain even though she could feel touch, something that she had been advised of when she was getting ready to be transformed. Joy felt happy that her owner had now returned and was eagerly waiting for him to use her again for his pleasure, she wanted nothing more than to please him. 

Soon she got her wish as she watched her owner quickly undress and then climb into bed with her, next he rolled over on top of her body and without any foreplay he entered her willing and waiting vagina, the leftover lube and some remains of his spendings from his previous use of her sex allowing him easy access. She again felt wonderful, this is what she was made for and her owner was using her as she was meant to be used.

Again, it didn’t take long for her owner to finish, he seemed to be satisfied now and rolled over ignoring her, she had been used and now her owner drifted off to sleep. Unknown to her it was a combination of a day's golfing, a few drinks and it was late in the evening when he had returned to use his dolly. 

Joy was deeply satisfied that she had given pleasure to her owner, maybe he will use me again soon she had thought to herself. The doll again going back into sleep mode, occasionally waking when her owner moved during the night but overall, she was left alone until the quickie the following morning. The fog of Joy’s mind clearing from her doll state for a short while as he used her and she wondered to herself if he would like to keep her this way, her desire to become a doll eventually bringing her first climax as her husband/owner came inside her again.

Part 3

Now after talking with her husband come owner about her desires to be a silicone sex doll for him to use, they had both enjoyed the initial session, though on her part it was too short, she had expressed her many thoughts and fantasies about becoming his sex doll again, this time she wanted to spend longer as the doll, she had told him of her experience of when he had used her last time, he was surprised and somewhat guilty of taking advantage of her that way, but Joy told him that once she was his sex toy that she was his to use however he wished to, she, after all, couldn’t object she told him with a cheeky smile. They both discussed the length of time that she was to be a doll again, she wanted to remain that way much longer than he wished for her to be just a doll, he explained that he missed her company and while the doll was handy to have in bed, he still missed talking with her and having her presence around the house. So a compromise was made in that she would remain a doll for a week, maybe slightly longer depending just how much he longed for her company, but she hoped that he would keep her for at least two weeks before returning her to the factory to be restored.

Now happy at least for the time being, Joy headed off back to the factory for her conversion back to her silicon doll self, she had looked forward to this day now for weeks and would have returned sooner but the cost of the transformation made the decision difficult, though, in the end, she found that she had more than enough saved in her own account to have the transformation done. She wondered to herself whilst on the journey to the factory how she could get cheaper or even free transformations, that she would have to discuss with the staff at the factory. Now back at the factory Joy quickly entered and found Sheila, the assistant who helped her last time waiting for her arrival, they greeted each other and headed off into an office to complete the necessary paperwork for her upcoming transformation.

Inside the office and once she had signed her consent form, she asked Sheila about ways of getting transformed without breaking the bank. Sheila told her that the company offered free transformations for those women who wanted to be rented out and used by clients, either in the rental clients own home or at other locations, but once transformed the women became the companies property until the debt owed from the transformation process is paid off as well as some form of interest on the loan. Usually, two to three weeks generally paid all expenses, depending on how many times they were hired out, though some women choose to stay on longer and build up credit for future transformations. The thought of being rented out and used gave Joy some wicked thoughts and she wondered if she could go through with it just to experience being transformed again.

Now that the paperwork was out of the way and that Sheila had answered any questions that Joy had wanted to ask, they moved on to the next stage of the process, here Joy was again scanned and probed internally, now not surprised when the probes entered her inner parts. The cleaning stage was quicker this time, after all, she did not have any hair on her body after the first time, through the wash after several times made the skin more silicone in appearance and less like normal flesh, this was another side effect that she had been told about but accepted as the price to pay for her desires. Finally, they moved to the transformation room, here was the bed that she remembered from last time, even the vivid sexual dreams she’d had when she was here last. Laying her now naked body back into the mold, her legs taking the now familiar doll-like position, she laid there whilst Sheila brought up the top latex sheet to encase her inside, the tube entering her mouth a future reminder that her mouth was just another one of her pleasure holes.

Encasing her client inside the latex sheet, Sheila made sure that everything was in place before going to the control panel to begin the transformation process. Sheila liked watching the latex sheet form around the body of the female encased within, they all looked so sexy covered in the shiny material, so much so that she had taken to wearing latex herself when away from work, she had even hired some of the transformed dolls herself and had dressed them in latex for her to display in her home, and later make use of, she thought to herself while looking at the sheet as it formed around Joy that she would look good in her own home, dressed in latex and displayed in all its shiny glory, maybe one day she thought remembering the questions that she had been asked about the rental dolls.

Leaving her latest client to be transformed, she would be ready in about two hours, Sheila had a couple of other clients that were being processed down the production line at this very moment.She’d better get her skates on if she didn’t want to miss them in the inspection bay, which has happened in the past, her co-worker missing a client that had been shipped out and sold. The punishment for her mistake was to spend a few weeks as a doll being rented out by the company, something that she had enjoyed so much that she was now in the regular rotation of women who were transformed in the dolls to be rented out, not that Sheila had those desires, she preferred to use the dolls for her own ends and had even rented her co-worker one weekend, much to each other’s amusement and delight.

Joy meanwhile laid there in the transformation machine, her own fantasies of being used by others taking over her mind as the latex clamped down and held her body in position, the drugs soon put her in a sleep-like state and made her dreams even more vivid than Joy could even consider, the faceless men using her body over and over again, relentless in their pursuit of pleasure by using her body. She came too after the transformation had taken place, the latex sheet lifting off of her by Sheila and the familiar feeling of her tickling her feet causing her to feel it inside but unable to express her feelings on the outside. Sheila, satisfied with another transformation quickly moved her latest doll off of the table and onto a trolley ready to move towards the production line. But this day she was overbooked, she was covering for her co-worker who at this very moment was being transported to her next rental client as part of the company's stock, so this left Sheila to fill in as best as she could.

Leaving the latest doll on the trolley she brought in the next client, again she prepared this one the same as the others and again admired the latex sheet as it enclosed around their body, then starting the transformation process by activating the machine. Sheila was distracted from her work when she was called out to the front office, another client had arrived and was waiting for her to process. She forgot about the recently completed Joy doll laying there on the trolley and headed off to the next client in her hectic day. Meanwhile, Joy could only lay there and stare at the ceiling, she was unable to move and even more call out to Sheila and wondered what was going on. Suddenly Joy felt some movement, her trolley was being moved, she tried to look up to see who it was but could only make out the outline of a male person, it was not Sheila and Joy felt slightly embarrassed being naked in front of this unknown person. Unfortunately for Joy, the paperwork that accompanied each doll had been mixed up, the paperwork that the guy had picked up belonged to another woman who had earlier been transformed and was waiting in storage, he had gotten his orders mixed up and found the now naked doll blank that he assumed was the doll he wanted waiting for him to move on to processing.

With the factory being somewhat busy that day and with everyone under pressure to complete the orders waiting for processing and delivery, some of the safeguards in place were overlooked, the guy collecting Joy not scanning either barcode printed on her body, but instead used the barcode of the production form, meaning that Joy was now destined to take the place of the other woman. By some other misfortune, the doll that Joy was now replacing was taken by the same guy to the production line not long after getting Joy in place, again he used the paperwork to scan for the product to be prepared, this doll destined to replace Joy and be delivered to her home. Now having been placed in the frame that held all the dolls for the production line staff to work on, Joy could only wait to enter the line of dolls being worked on that day. The doll not far behind her was the other woman destined to take her place.

The line moved quickly, each doll was worked on by one of the workers and then moved on to the next, each not having time to confirm any details, not that they had the required access to the barcode details other than what the doll specifications and requirements were. When Sheila returned she found the doll on the trolley had been taken and found out that she had indeed been moved and was now on the production line, though Sheila thought that she had time before the doll would reach the end of the line and into the inspection bay, where she would complete the process, but today she had too many clients to handle properly and it was decided to leave her in the transformation area and get someone else to process the inspections, which they left to a newly appointed junior staff member to handle, she had no training in the final handling of the dolls other than to process the main line of silicone dolls that the company made, not the ones that the company transformed into dolls. Just like the previous employee, she too scanned the paperwork rather than the doll, well that is what her training with the normal dolls had been taught to her, after all, it didn’t matter which silicone doll the client received unless they were a special order as most of the dolls looked the same.

Now that her make up was finished Joy was moved down the line for final inspection, here she would meet up with Sheila again who would prepare her in the clothing she had brought with her and be packaged ready for delivery. But Joy was surprised to see the other employee waiting for her, she looked to Joy to be no older than 18, maybe even less, and wondered what had happened to Sheila. She didn’t take any notice when the girl scanned the accompanying document instead of her own barcodes and just got herself ready to be dressed and passed on to the delivery bay. It was only when the clothing that the girl was applying to her doll body was not what she had requested that she started to realize some mistake had been made, she was being dressed in some fetish attire, it glistened in the light and was very tight against her body, this resembled the latex sheet back in the transformation room, so she thought that it was indeed latex she was being dressed in.

There was no way that Joy could communicate with the girl that some sort of mistake had happened and that she was being dressed in the wrong clothing, Joy could only watch as the girl continued to dress her in the outfit requested. This it seemed to include cuffs around her wrists and ankles, which again seemed to made of latex judging be the feel and shininess in the light, Joy wondered to herself who would require a sex doll that didn’t move on its own to wear some form of restraints, and wondered how they would be used. Somehow unless of some last-minute rescue, she would be finding out sometime soon. She had thought that maybe her husband and owner was having a joke played on her being dressed this way, but when she was moved onto the trolley for the next stage she saw the clothing that she had brought along waiting for her, this would go on to the other doll now coming to the end of the production line.

Joy watched as the lights changed as she was wheeled by the girl out to the delivery bay, where she was picked up by the two men and placed inside a delivery box, again her limbs were fastened, and soon her vision was blocked by the packing peanuts filling the remaining space inside her box. Now the process of packaging was completed, the instruction paperwork added inside with the doll, the guys folded over the top and sealed the doll inside the box as they did with the hundreds of dolls that passed through for delivery, without another thought they moved on to the next doll to be packed and processed. Meanwhile, the girl returned in time for the other doll to be dressed in my clothes and again scanning the paperwork rather than the doll, this one was prepared in the clothing specified and passed on to the guys in delivery to be boxed and made ready for delivery. Sheila had meanwhile found some spare seconds in her day and visited the girl taking her place and seemed to be happy that things were going okay, she had just witnessed another client being boxed and made ready for delivery, seeing that the clothing that the doll was wearing was what I had requested to wear, she too assumed that the doll in the box was the right one and that soon I would be delivered to my home to be used by my owner.

Meanwhile, I could only lay there in the box that contained my doll body and wonder where I would be going, would the factory realize that they had made a mistake and would my husband realize that I was not there when the doll was delivered for him to use later in the day, but with the factory producing dolls that looked the same I doubted that he would be able to tell that the doll wasn’t me, but he would be using the doll that replaced me and I felt a twinge of jealousy at him being with the other doll. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt my box being moved, I was being placed inside a vehicle ready to be dropped off to whoever my new owner was going to be. I also wondered what they were going to do to me, especially dressed the way I was, the restraints held some foreboding of my future, having had a bad experience of bondage beforehand. But there was nothing I could do at this point, I was now just another doll on her way to be delivered, just like the doll that had replaced me.

Now laying there inside my box as the vehicle delivering me to my fate and new owner made its rounds, each stop making me think that this was going to be mine, in the end, my box was the last to be delivered and it was well after dark when I was placed on the trolley and wheeled to my new owner. I heard some voices outside of the box and after some movement, my box was placed inside the home, I had been delivered and now awaited my fate. The sounds outside of the box ceased for a while, and I was slightly startled out of my slumber when I heard and then felt the box being opened, the light from outside blinding me as the packing peanuts were swept away from my face. I looked up to see who my owner was and was surprised to see a female face staring down at me as I lay there still bound to the box, I was somewhat surprised at what I saw and looked up to see another face staring at me, this time a male, but he was dressed in the same shiny material that I had been dressed in, the female seemed to be in charge and ordered the male to remove me from the box. He quickly complied and had me out of the box, holding me up for her inspection.

Satisfied that the doll had been dressed as ordered, I was carried from this room by the male to another room, this one darker and I soon found out why. This was their playroom dungeon where they indulged their fetishes. I was to be the addition to their games this week, they had hired a doll from the factory to be used by them and, I found out later, by other people who shared their interests. I had wondered what they wanted with a doll dressed as I was, the cuffs attached to my limbs were soon put to use, my wrists were attached to something behind me, I hadn’t seen the entire room when I was carried in, my wrists were spread out and attached to some fixed point behind me, and soon my ankles were spread and again fastened to something, not that I could have moved anyway, so to me, it was pointless restraining me, but there was nothing that I could do but let my new owners use me as they wished.

She seemed happy with the way that I was positioned, the cuffs spreading my limbs outwards in a star-like way, all I could do was hang there and await their desires. She moved over to a bench just out of my sight and brought back something black and shiny. She began placing it on my head. After removing the wig I had been given back in the factory, my now bald head was covered by her in this new enclosure, which I found out was a hood. This was followed by a collar placed around my neck to hold my head in place, not that I could move it anyway, but I supposed that it completed the look that she was after. Next, she came back with some shiny barbs of metal, I didn’t know what they were for, but I felt her hands grabbing my breasts, the clothing I was wearing had detachable breast coverings, releasing my breast from their enclosure, she held each nipple in her hands and pushed a needle through each, followed shortly by the metal barbs she had brought with her. I felt the intense shock of pain as she pierced my nipples, though on the outside she was unaware of the pain she had just caused me, now my nipples sported metal bars through them.

I was not happy at this point but again being just a doll all I could do was accept what was happening to me, I was here to be used by my owners, I was just a silicone sex toy to them, and they wanted to use me for their own perverted pleasures without any regard for the desires of the doll before them. To them, I was supposed to be the rental doll whose place I had taken, and I wondered if they had known the doll that was supposed to be here and were treating me the way that she would have wanted, not something that I was going to find out anytime soon. Now the female returned with more metal barbs and I wondered where she was going to put them, again it didn’t take long to find out and the pain as she pierced my outer labia to place the barbs was intense, something that I had never experienced as she threaded each one through until she was satisfied with the results. Both my nipples and my sex were now burning from the pain of the piercings they had received, and I hoped that she had finished with my torment.

Happy with the look she had achieved with her new plaything, she stood back to admire her work, taking in all of the fetish wear and bondage she had placed me in, and the way she had me displayed for her amusement it seemed to me. Satisfied with the results she had the male polish the latex that covered me, he seemed to be dominated by the female and I wondered what they did in real life away from their playroom. Now that I was completed, she turned to what I assumed to be another latex covered doll that was also bound like I was, the limbs fastened to a metal frame that seemed to hang in the air, the doll was totally covered from head to toe in the same latex, the shine from it reflecting in the low light of the room. The doll didn’t move when touched, just like me, and she had the male polish this doll to shine as well as my own latex did. Once he had finished, they both left the room, the light switched off leaving the two dolls in darkness as the door to their playroom was closed and locked from the outside.

A funny thought occurred to me, here I was a silicone sex doll unable to move on my own, bound to the wall and now locked away and unable to escape, there was no way I could anyway and it just seemed to me bizarre that they would treat the dolls this way, but they were the ones in charge, or rather she was and all us dolls could do was wait to see what they wanted from us.

In the meantime, the doll that had taken my place had been delivered to the home that I shared with my husband/owner, now former owner it seemed at this point, he had opened the box to find the doll dressed in my clothing and assuming that the doll was me had taken it from the box and into our bedroom, where he made good use of the doll thinking that was what I had wanted, taking his time to use each of the featured pleasure holes that all good dollies have. He didn’t see any difference in the doll that had been delivered, it looked the same as last time except for the clothing, and he had seen me wear those clothes before, so again assumed that the doll was me. I wondered what the other doll was thinking as she was being used by my husband, not knowing that she was a rental doll used to being hired out to clients for however long they wanted and for whatever desires they had for the dolls, so this didn’t come as a shock as it had to me.

My thoughts were interrupted when the lighting came back on and the door opening, I was expecting to see the female enter followed by her male partner, but this time there were two females with the male, each was covered head to toe in the black latex that seemed to be the common theme in this house, if they hadn’t been wearing the face coverings I would have recognized the other woman, it was only later when she spoke that I realized that the other woman was Sheila from the factory. That was after she had used me for her pleasure, the large strap-on that she wore was put to good use by her and she seemed to know how to use it effectively, not only bringing herself to climax but also me in the process, something that I hadn’t thought possible, having never had sex with another woman before. She, like my husband had me confused with the other woman, she seemed to know the name of the doll that I had taken the place of, and again took her time using me for our mutual pleasure. It occurred to me that she had hired the other doll before and knew her from the factory, they seemed to be more than just good friends and enjoyed each other’s company away from the workplace.

While Sheila was using me, the other female was playing with the other doll, but she was using her strap-on from behind the doll while the male was on his knees in front of the latex doll, I wondered what they were up to and only when Sheila moved away did I get a better look, it seemed that the other doll was a male version, and also that the rubber doll that was currently sharing my time in the dungeon, was indeed a human male and not the doll I thought it was, dressed up head to toe in latex it had been hard to make out but now that the rubber doll was being used by the others I could hear faint moans coming from the other doll. 

Sheila watched as the two used the other doll, I was now ignored and just part of the furniture, which I found that I liked, I had been used and discarded afterward, left hanging in my restraints, as the two worked on the other dolly. After they had used the two dolls they left the room, again the lights were extinguished leaving the room in total darkness, I listened to the faint breathing of the other doll before drifting off into a sleep-like state.

The light returned and I saw them enter the room, this time not to use the two rubber dollies but to clean and prepare them for further use. The doll on the frame was removed from its position, the body limp as the restraints holding it were released, the doll falling to the floor and moved by the original male and female, meanwhile, Sheila had returned and started to release the cuffs from the fastenings holding my limbs to the wall, she managed to carry me with ease, I supposed that she was used to carrying dolls back at the factory, now she was treating me like any other doll, getting me ready for my next role. I didn’t have long to wait to find that I was going to replace the other dolls' place, my wrists fastened to the metal framework holding me in place, she bent down and spread my legs and again fastened them to the frame, again binding me in place. “There we go dolly, all ready for the next round,” she said to me. Again, I was polished to remove any marks on the latex and again left, but this time alone in the room as the other rubber doll was carried out.

The next time the lights came back on, it was two latex clad females entering, each again was covered from head to toe and I didn’t know which one was Sheila or the other woman, but both sported the same strap-ons that had been used on me before, but this time it seemed I was destined to be taken by them both, one in front and one behind. Soon they got themselves in position and they both managed to plunder my lower pleasure holes at the same time, each thrusting their strap-on into me, the pain was intense, I could feel them stretching my insides with the girth of the phallus they were wearing, but it seemed to give me an inner pleasure to be used by them this way, I was their sex toy after all and they were using me how they wanted to, I was just here to provide them with the pleasure they sought from me. I took some sort of feeling that no harm would come to me with Sheila being one of the ladies using me, that was until she walked into the room with another female in tow, this one too clad in latex from head to toe, she moved the other female over to a bench and began strapping her down, soon she too was experiencing the sapphic delights of pleasure from someone using a strap-on whilst bound and unable to move.

The two women continued to plunder my depths, each thrusting lifting my body into the air, it was only the restraints holding me in place that kept me fastened down enough for them to use me. By the time the two women had orgasmed for by my count three to four times that they finally stopped using me, my pleasure holes felt stretched as they withdrew the strap-ons they had used on me and I wondered if I would ever be the same again. Sheila had also finished with her bound rubber doll and left the room, now again the lights went out and I was left with my thoughts, I had wondered what my new owners would be like and how they would use their doll, I had now found out, I was a rubber toy for them and their friends to use and abuse, to be kept bound the entire weekend, well a doll doesn’t need to move or relieve themselves as humans do, they are only there to provide pleasure and then be ignored, discarded until they want to make use of the dolly again.

All weekend I was kept bound, covered in latex, and used by several people, I wondered if I would ever get to see my former owner/husband again, I seemed destined to remain here in the clutches of the fetish couple who had either rented or bought me as their plaything, and I seemed resigned to my fate, I had found out that I did enjoy bondage, even sex with other females was no longer out of bounds now, I being just a sex doll was now available to everyone to use, and use me they did. Four days later I found my well-used and abused body carried out from the playroom, this was the first time I had been out of the room since arriving, they stripped me of the latex clothing I was wearing leaving me naked, the barbs that had pierced both my nipples and outer labia were removed, but the holes remained, something that I would keep from my time here even after returning back to being human again. I was then placed back inside my box and made ready for my trip back to the factory.

It was only when I returned that the mistake in switching me with the other doll was found out, and it was Sheila who was there to scan me back into the factory's stock of rental dolls who discovered the error. It was only after they had returned me back into my female self that they started to apologize for the mistake, Sheila herself seemed to be most upset in what had happened, and knowing just how she had used me, I had a good understanding of why. She seemed to be mortified that the mistake had happened, even more in the way that she had used me. They were worried that I would sue the company for the error they had made in shipping me off to the wrong address. I kept quiet about the events that had happened to me while I was rented out. I thought that Sheila was in enough trouble without me adding to it. And after all, I was just a sex doll to her, being used like other sex dolls are, even though she thought I was someone else, still in the end I discovered that I had enjoyed my time, I had time to have a long think about things while inside my box waiting to be returned to the factory, I had found out what dolls are used for, not just for sex but to be displayed, used and then discarded, which ticked all my boxes.

I reassured them that I wasn’t going to sue the company, they had satisfied me with the offer of free transformations in the future, if I could trust them again. Then a thought suddenly occurred to me, what about the doll that took my place, does my husband know that it isn’t me? Sheila said that they had not received a complaint from my husband, and assumed that the doll that was currently in my home was still being used by him. I remembered that we had agreed on a week possibly longer, I had only been a doll for four days now and a thought entered my head. After Sheila had rung my husband to find out how happy he was with the doll he had received, as part of customer relations she had told him, he advised her that he would be keeping the doll for longer than first arranged, he said that he knew that his wife liked being a sex doll and would be taking her away on a trip, so he said that he would be keeping the doll for at least another two to three weeks and hoped that it would be okay with the company if he contacted them when he wanted his wife changed back.

When Sheila told me this, she thought my first reaction would be rage, he was using a doll that wasn’t his wife, but she was surprised when I said that it was good that he didn’t know about the mistake, in fact, I wanted to go back to being a sex doll again but this time to be another rental doll, well I needed to replace the one that my husband was currently keeping. After filling out the required forms and releases that the company required, I was taken by Sheila back to be processed again.

When we were alone back in the transformation room, I did disclose to Sheila that I had enjoyed my time with her and looked forward to seeing her again when she next rented a sex doll. She placed her arms around me in a wonderful embrace, me naked and her fully clothed, her lips pressed up against mine in a delightful moment of tenderness. She told me that she would make sure that I would be used by her again soon. She also told me about the couple that I had been rented to, I had expressed some desire to find out more about them, she told me that the woman was a dominant female friend of hers, the male I thought was her partner was in fact her live-in slave, the other male who was bound in the playroom with me was really her husband, who liked to be dominated by his wife and others. They had thought that the doll they had rented was a friend of Sheila’s who was into the same stuff that she was, but while being a doll herself.

I said that after the initial shock of the mistake and the bondage, and although the piercings hurt, I found that I had enjoyed being their sex doll and used and kept by them as nothing more. I was hoping that Sheila could arrange for me to be sent there again in the future, my mind made up that I would become the sex doll I wanted to be and rented out to be used by others, maybe I could talk my husband to renting out his own doll while others used me as theirs. Now back in the transformation machine I looked forward to my next renter and wondered who it would be and what would they be doing to me, Sheila assured me that she knew who I destined to be rented to, they were very special clients of the company and she knew that I would be happy with my time with them. I could only wonder and hope that they enjoyed me as much as I would enjoy them using me.


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