Latex Nina Doll

by Johnsan

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© Copyright 2009 - Johnsan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; transform; lovedoll; boxed; mast; cons; X


Nina stood outside the fetish shop gazing at the latex wear with glazed-over eyes. Just the thought of wearing the latex clothing she saw made her wet with anticipation. Unfortunately the price of such things was clearly out of her ability to afford at this time.

Nina sighed “The only thing better than wearing latex would be to be made of it.” she thought to herself.

The shop owner put down the phone with a frown on her delicate Asian  features. Lucy was beside herself as her best customer had ordered something which she didn’t have in stock and she didn’t want to disappoint him. She was still pondering what to do when she saw Nina standing in front of the store window with the cutest expression on her very lovely face. 

Well maybe my luck is going to hold out.” Lucy told herself. This brought a smile to her face along with the feelings of pleasure she was already receiving from the red latex cat suit she was wearing.

The shop owner stepped out and inquired of Nina “Can I help you Miss?” she asked with a pleasant smile on her face.

“Oh I’m sorry. I was just window shopping,” Nina answered with a smile as she looked up and was surprised at the beautiful vision in latex that confronted her.

 Lucy was stunning with her sparkling brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. The bright red cat suit hugged her wonderful little body in all the right places. Even the bright red boots with their eight inch heels she wore with it seemed to be a part of the suit without a seam to be seen. Nina was already thinking of how good it would be to touch Lucy.

Nina, herself standing only four feet and eight inches, was looking up into those brown eyes of Lucy’s who stood five foot and one inch in her flats but now was closer to six feet. Nina was intoxicated by the sight and smell of Lucy, her jasmine scented lotion mixed with the smell of rubber from the latex, which was enough to make Nina  swoon. 

Lucy was also quite taken with Nina. Her small frame and short brown hair with her pretty brown eyes were very enchanting to Lucy. Lucy broke into her sales pitch. “Are you sure there’s nothing I can show you dear?” she asked with an air of genuine concern.

Nina smile a bright white smile and felt her reserve crumbling. “Well it’s not that, it’s just I really can’t afford such wonderful latex clothing,” she admitted while fingering a set of latex stockings.

“Oh, that’s not a problem honey,” reassured Lucy with a wide grin. “You see I have something we can do to help out both of our problems. I have these new pieces of latex wear that were sent as samples by a new company I found. I need someone to wear them and tell me if they like them or not. As a bonus you get to keep them after the trial period. Miss.. uh?”

“Nina, my name's Nina, and yes I’d love to help out. But I don’t know how good of a critic I’d be as I’ve never owned any latex before,” she admitted glumly.

“Nina that’s not a problem; I need the opinion of first time buyers as well. And my name's Lucy,” she smiled warmly and extended her hand to Nina.

Nina took the offered hand with a smile as well and felt an electric shock of excitement pass through them. She immediately began to blush and shy away to get her thoughts on the business at hand.

“It’s okay. When you're in my line of work and my preferred form of dress I get that a lot. So do you think it’s something you’d like?” Lucy offered with that  pearl white smile that seemed to hypnotize Nina.

Nina was unsure what to do. While she wanted to accept Lucy's offer she wasn’t really sure it didn’t come with more catches than what Lucy suggested. But Lucy was so alluring and sexy. She just wanted to do what ever she suggested on the chance the lovely latex-clad lady would grace her with a caress or maybe even a kiss.

“Yes, I’ll do it,” Nina said while looking Lucy in the eyes.

“Fine, now come with me.” Lucy led Nina to a changing room while she went into the back room to retrieve the garments. As Nina was waiting she looked around and examined the various latex dresses and cat suits. She then viewed the various latex gloves, stockings, and boots. It was then she noticed the toys and she grinned widely.

What especially caught her eye were the latex love dolls. There were two inflated and sitting on the display case with the others still in their box. The dolls were so life-like - as if a women had been frozen and turned to latex. Nina fondled their latex inflated bodies and was a little envious of them.

Lucy then returned carrying a shiny black latex cat suit and with a warm friendly smile she handed it to Nina who accepted it like it was the most precious gift she had ever received. Which indeed it was, to her. She took it into the changing room and proceeded to remove her clothing. She applied some talcum to her body and squeezed her lithe form into the black latex.

It feels so good. It holds me in and makes me feel so slick and sexy. I love it!’ Nina thought to herself. She was admiring herself in the changing room mirror when she heard Lucy’s voice

“Get yourself out here so I can see how you look, Nina,”  Lucy called out in a commanding voice.

An embarrassed Nina reluctantly came out for Lucy to see. Lucy was whole heartedly positive in her approbation of the cat suit.

“It looks wonderful on you, Nina. What do you think?” she asked while casting a practiced eye over Nina looking for imperfections.

“I love it. This is what I’ve always wanted! Can I wear this to bed as well?" Nina asked with a look of pleasure on her face as her earlier shyness was forgotten in the face of the flattery and the feelings that the latex were stirring up in her.

“Well ordinarily you’d have to remove it after a while to clean it and yourself, but this is an extended wear version you’re trying out. You can wear it for weeks - maybe months - before you have to,” she explained while rubbing the cat suit on Nina’s body.

Nina trembled as Lucy rubbed the latex on her body and closed her eyes in pleasure. As Lucy continued to rub and massage the latex she reached Nina’s crotch. When she rubbed there Nina fairly exploded in ecstasy  as her clit was massaged and a long loud moan escaped her lips. By this time Lucy herself was getting turned on by little Nina. Lucy then placed her lips on Nina and kissed her long and hard while she continued to rub Nina. Nina herself then placed her hand on Lucy and began massaging her mound as well.

Lucy moaned and smiled “I really do enjoy this part!” she thought to herself.

They continued their tryst as Lucy led them to a cot in the back room of the store. Lucy pushed Nina down and they continued their kissing and clit rubbing until Lucy came in an explosion of orgasmic delight. Nina, on the other hand, just seemed to be trapped in an unending climax that seemed to go on and on. Nina’s whole body seemed warm to her and tingled as the waves of orgasmic stimulation washed over her.

Lucy stood up and re-adjusted her accoutrements  and checked her appearance in a nearby mirror. She then checked on little Nina who was still locked in her own sexual bliss.

Nina continued to feel the rush of sensations and was wondering why Lucy was now standing over her. She tried to reach out to her but found she was frozen, she couldn’t move an inch.  Nina then tried to ask her what was going on and found she couldn’t move her lips or make a sound. If  Nina wasn’t so befuddled by her feelings of pleasure she would have surely panicked by now. As it was she was only mildly surprised when she saw the latex cat suit she wore slowly melt and disappear on her body leaving her nude.

Nina watched, with what part of her mind she could, as after her suit disappeared she began to change. Lucy just stood there smiling the widest smile letting her hand began to caress her own mound underneath the latex.

Nina saw in the mirror as her skin began to change in color from a healthy flesh tone to a tan color with what appeared to be seams running up and down her limbs and other parts of her body. If she had the ability to concentrate her mind on what was happening she would have been alarmed by it but as it was she was feeling so good she was really only slightly troubled by it.

Nina then noticed  how her vagina began to change from its normal appearance to the pink open oval orifice it became as it seemed to open like a flower catching the rays of the sun. She also felt through the slowly diminishing orgasms her anus move and seem to change shape as well.

Now as Nina felt the veils slowly lift from her mind she watched as her breasts seemed to expand  and her areoles change to bright pink along with her nipples. Nina also felt so light and bouncy like she was hollow and filled with air. She then saw the changes happen to her face as her mouth formed into an oval shape then her teeth and tongue melted into a latex orifice for something long and hard to be placed in. Nina watched as her facial features became nothing more than paint on latex. As a final confirmation to her sneaking suspicions she felt something form on her  back. She was sure it was an air valve. It then hit her like a ton of bricks

Latex, I’m latex!? I’m a latex love doll!?” Nina mentally exclaimed. Now truly in a state of fear and panic she mentally begged “Lucy, please change me back! I don’t want to be a love doll! I want to be me again!” she pleaded silently at Lucy.

Lucy approached the inflated love doll and caressed it with a wicked smile

“Don’t get upset, Nina, you know this is what you’ve always wanted. To be latex forever is what you wished for, I just made it come true. And if you just happen to be able to help me fill an emergency order, so  much the better, my lovely little Nina doll.”

Nina felt the caress “Oh, oh, oh!!” she mentally moaned as it felt as if Lucy had rubbed her non existent clit.

Lucy then proceeded to touch and closely examine Nina to assure her that the transformation was complete. She also knew that just the touching of Nina’s latex body would drive her to distraction as well.

Nina was distracted. She was so completely distracted she didn’t want it to end. “If this is what it is to be a latex love doll maybe it’s not so bad after all!” she thought to herself and she mentally moaned again.

Lucy then brought out a dildo and used it to check Nina’s three open orifices. Nina saw it and mentally begged again “Lucy no don’t put that thing in me!” she implored Lucy but Lucy only went and shoved it into Nina’s backside.

OOOOOOHHHH why haven’t I done this before?!” Nina screamed her unspoken and unheard passion inside her inflated latex head. Nina did wonder why she had never tried that at home with her toys. It just felt so good to her.

Lucy then removed it and placed it in Nina’s latex mouth. “MMMMMMM it just feels so good there!.” she mentally shouted and again she wondered why she didn’t want Lucy to do that.

Lucy then removed it and shoved it sharply into Nina’s reformed pussy. “WOW WEEEEEEEEE!!!!”  she mentally screamed her pleasure and passed out.


Moments later Nina awoke to find herself seated on a table in the back next to a box with a picture of herself and a name on the box ‘Nina Latex Love Doll’

Why did I ever beg to be released from this?” the little latex doll wondered. “I’ve never been so happy in my whole life. I feel pleasure like I’ve never felt before and I’m latex like I always wanted. Soon I’ll be with someone who’ll love me and my wonderful latex body like they should. What more could I ask for?”  the doll asked rhetorically.

Lucy just smiled at Nina and announced “It’s time to get you ready for you trip Nina; enjoy!” she said with genuine conviction. With that she pulled Nina’s inflation plug and watched as she deflated. Nina was again screaming in her mind with pleasure. Soon she was lying flat and much to Nina’s pleasure she was folded up by Lucy and placed in her box ready for shipment.

All Nina could do in there was just spin in her world of latex pleasure and think “I’m latex, I’m latex, I’m latex…”


A few days later a latex love doll stood at the foot of  Lucy’s best customer’s  bed in his bedroom. The inanimate doll could only think as the strange man entered the room, looked at her, and smiled.

Are you my new owner? I hope so, because I so perfect and so latex! Please fuck me now!” the brand new Nina latex love doll begged.



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