Latex Skin

by adventail

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Commissioned by «zeke»

Continues from

Part 2

In the slightly dim room the streamer sat with her legs tucked and her head lying in her lap. There was a neon-lit computer on the table, several monitors illuminated the streamer with a blue glow, a Blue Yeti microphone stood next to the RGB keyboard and mouse that was smoothly controlled by a woman's hand covered in black nylon. If someone went into this room, he could immediately say that a gamer nerd lived here, but if there wasn't a bunch of different women's clothing scattered around, it would mostly be hosiery of various colors and thicknesses. The webcam's lens caught a slightly open wardrobe, in which could be seen even more clothes, shown only to VIP users.

"Hahaha! Hoooooray, guys we won!"

She threw up her arms and spun her chair around several times. The curls of her red hair swayed as they swirled. Many people liked her bob-style hairstyle covering half of her face. The first thing that caught the eye of the audience was her beautiful long legs. Her favorite color is black, and she always wore black opaque tights. The thickness could reach up to several hundred den. And she really liked how this magical material protects and guards her. All the viewers watched how she sometimes moves her legs, how she sometimes moves her toes through the material, and most importantly, she almost always shows her crotch. She also wore a short Japanese-style school skirt. Without a skirt, it would seem that she just wears tight leggings, but it was precisely because of the opportunity to peek under her skirt that the audience did not look up from the screens, because this was completely different.

There was a young streamer in a tight white T-shirt with short sleeves, as if she had pulled something on the back of it, that her relatively small breasts were covered on all sides, they twitched with her every movement. This was the second reason for her popularity. She was wearing nylon gloves on her hands, probably cut out of some bodysuit or costume. They were also opaque. Her look was completed by dark glasses and a black face mask that she never took off. She had a mysterious but very sexy image. A girl who behaved very shy, but at the same time liked to show her young body on the Internet. She received another donation.

"Hey Katie, when the game session is over? Let's go to the next part."

"Haha, okay-okay, I'm also tired of playing games."

She turned off the game and stretched with her feet on the table.

"Okay guys, bye-bye to everyone, and we are going to go to a private chat with our VIP subscribers, but you can always join us right now, or wait for the leak on the Internet, bye-bye!"

A lot of dissatisfied comments appeared in the chat, she professionally ignored them all and ended the broadcast.

"Oh, what you can't do for the sake of your favorite subscribers."

She took out a vibrator from the next nightstand and with one hand, she put it to her pussy through her thick pantyhose. At the same time, she created a separate room for VIP people. The room began to fill up; donations and very lascivious messages poured into the chat. She sat with her legs spread wide so that everyone could admire her beautiful body, especially the part that was covered in nylon.

"Hello everyone… So what's next?" she moaned in a sexy voice, pressing the vibrator even harder against her pussy. The audience couldn't see, but the tights were already soaked. They held moisture perfectly, and she loved the way the wet cloth rubbed against her skin. And the session promised to be long…

On a sunny day, Katie came out of her abode. No one could tell from her usual appearance that she was the same lustful streamer. But she continued to wear black tights that didn't show through. Even in this heat, she found it sexy, and she was a little turned on by men looking at her sexy legs. As always, she covered them with a beige skirt, but in a more formal style. This time, she covered her body with a white turtleneck with a high collar. Her chest bulged slightly, but this time she wasn't wearing gloves or a mask. She tried to be an ordinary girl in her ordinary life.

"I'll go see Clementine… It's been a long time since I've been to see her."

She got into her not really expensive orange Hyundai and decided to take a ride to her house which was a 10-minute drive away. They were close friends, so close that they even managed to have lesbian sex. Mike knew this, but he didn't mind at all, maybe even wanted to interfere, but Clementine forbade him. She wanted Mike to be hers alone. Katie herself did not have a boyfriend, although she was popular on the Internet, this did not make her an object of adoration for all men in ordinary life. And she wanted to hide her side from the others, which means no close relationships. Even Clementine and Mike didn't know that.

She bit her lip enviously, imagining how they probably had sex every day. She would like to feel the cock inside her, just because she was already tired of artificial rubber dildos and did not give such pleasure as before. Katie gripped the steering wheel, leaned her head on it and reached under her skirt with her right hand. And carefully, so that her pantyhose wouldn't get wet, she rubbed her clit, fantasizing about real sex. She didn't wear panties, she didn't see the need, if she had tights to protect her.

"Mmmpfhh… Mmmm…"

She began to squirm, her thighs rubbing against each other, sending a pleasant shiver down her spine. She felt her finger getting a little wet. But a sudden BEEP startled her, and she straightened up with a red face and began to look around. Realizing that it was she who had pressed the horn, she adjusted her skirt, cleared her throat a little, and stepped on the gas pedal. As she pulled out onto the road, she considered alerting Clementine. Her hand was already reaching for her purse.

"Let me surprise her."

Her hand wrapped around the steering wheel again, and she drove back to her destination with a beatific smile.

At Mike's house.

"You're doing well, slave!"

Mike was towering over a beige doll in his black zentai, and she was sitting on her lap, sucking Mike's cock. The zentai had a zipper on his crotch, which didn't stop him from having sex in it. In the box, he found various zentai that completely concealed the owner's identity and were thick enough not to show skin through it. He'd never tried this before, and he was afraid it was as cursed as Clementine's bodysuit, but it was surprisingly smooth. Mike couldn't deny that the sensation of his latex doll touching and the material rubbing against his skin was simply divine.

It had already been a few days since their sudden acquisition of this treasure. From that day on, she wore this bodysuit every day. She couldn't live without the pleasure that bodysuit gave her and she didn't feel sick when the bodysuit expanded its sheathes again, filling all her holes. She liked being an object that was ready to do whatever her Master ordered. Each time she put it on, she became more and more convinced that this was exactly what she wanted. There was only one order she always had a hard time following – she always resisted taking off her bodysuit. Even though Mike had ordered her never to seal herself by pulling out a zipper or anything. But he still feared this outcome. But he couldn't deny that this danger lurking in their game was the driving force behind repeating it over and over again. As much as Mike feared it, the thought of Clementine forever becoming his docile latex sexdoll excited him. When he took off her bodysuit, each time he had to use force when he lowered the zipper and tried to pull the sheathes out of her mouth, anus and pussy. Each time Clementine made him clean the tube that was in her pussy, it was kind of an apology on Mike's part, but her fluids, mixed with aphrodisiac, soon changed his attitude to this ritual, and he liked it more and more.

Clementine wasn't coming out of her trance as easily as usual. Even when the bodysuit was completely removed, her pupils remained blurred, and more importantly, she continued to follow orders even without the suit. For the first time, Mike was terribly frightened, because no means would bring her out of her trance. Eventually he just gave up and fucked her because he couldn't hide his arousal.

After he came inside her slippery pussy, only then did she come to her senses. He was afraid that something was going on with his girlfriend, but he still let her wear a bodysuit. He believed that he could fight it. Clementine didn't believe it, she just accepted it and was ready not to take off the bodysuit at all. So with an effort of will, Mike stopped himself and did not let her wear it for more than five hours. He knew in his gut that if she didn't take it off for a long time, he wouldn't be able to get her back. And that thought always haunted him and excited him.

"Aaaaaah… It's just fucking awesome."

The doll sat and sucked every last drop, gently stroking and massaging his cock.

"Do you like my black zentai?" asked Mike.

She slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth and raised her head to inspect her Master. It was quite obvious that she would agree. Mike still couldn't figure out how sincere her answers were and most importantly: who was answering his questions if Clementine was in a trance. Leaving such philosophical questions, he ordered the doll to lie down with its legs and arms outstretched and not move. The doll immediately fulfilled the Master's wishes and lay down in this position.

"Second round!"

Mike slowly pushed his cock inside her still-slippery pussy, massaging the inside of her thighs. She didn't even move. Mike felt his cock being sucked inside again, like he was using a very expensive and multi-functional penis massager. The intense stimulation caused Mike to lose his balance and put his hands directly on her chest. In the zentai his vision was a little blurry but he clearly felt what he was grabbing.

"I love you! My slave!"

Mike kissed her on the mouth. His tongue slid through the nylon to explore her latex inner walls, but it didn't stop stroking her well-defined breasts. The doll also did not react outwardly, but Mike felt the stroking and pressure of the walls of her vagina increase. She loved him back, and she loved her Master too. After all, only he could give her pleasure.

Suddenly, someone behind the door screamed softly. Mike was so engrossed in the process and the zentai dulled his senses that he thought it was the doll making a sound. Mike put his hand over her mouth.

"Dolls don't talk! We've already discussed this with you… You often don't follow my orders… bad dolls should be punished."

Without pulling his cock out of her, Michael grabbed her around the waist and rolled her onto her stomach. Her huge, bulging ass was now looking at Mike, and the same hole in her pussy was looking at him, but he rarely used her anus.

"It's time to torture you."

With one hand, Mike began to slap her buttocks. It was obvious that she was starting to tremble a little. Without stopping punishing the poor doll, he began to explore her anal, inside everything was also covered with a latex wall, the more he was in there, the wetter the walls became. Mike felt her muscles tighten around his arm. At first he moved inside with one finger, he was surprised that the hole stretched very well.

"After all, I've never used two holes at the same time, maybe it hurts her?" - thought Mike.

When he looked up, he saw that the doll was twitching a little. He decided to insert two fingers slightly expanding her anus. Then his hand began to be sucked in until he completely submerged his hand. The doll began to shake even harder.

"Does the costume change her body? The human body can't stretch so easily!"

The sphincter muscles were so tight around his arm that he couldn't pull it out. While he was twisting his hand inside her, Mike, for the sake of interest, just decided to put a little pressure on the lower wall of her anus. She also stretched easily until he touched his penis through it.


Mike tried to grab his penis through this barrier. He gently touched it, hoping that everything would be all right with the Doll. Her ass squeezed his hand even harder. He also felt that he was going to cum soon, so without thinking, he pulled his hand out of her anal too abruptly. The doll arched up, stretching out its arms and legs, and for a while it shook nonstop. When the juice poured out of her pussy, Mike came inside with all his might, he was sweating profusely and tired from wearing the zentai for so long. After the afterglow of orgasm passed, he gently pulled out his cock and liquid gushed out of her pussy. Only now did her body relax and no longer move. Mike exhaled and patted her soft ass.

"You did well my slave, well done."

Mike reached out with his hands to unzip the zipper and finally take off his sweaty zentai suit.

"Uaaaaaahhh fucking god, finally."

Mike took off his hood with relief. A sudden phone call startled him. Clementine's phone rang.

"Ahhh, this is Katie…" - he looked at the unconscious doll - "I think I'll answer for her."

But he couldn't take the call because the sensor didn't respond to his touch in zentai.

"Damn it!"

Quickly freeing one hand, he answered the phone at the last moment.

"Hello! Katie! Hi, haven't heard from you in a while!"

"Ah … yes… I'll pick you up in 10 minutes? I haven't seen Clementine for a long time…"

"Ahh… sure, come on in. We'll be happy to!"

"Okay… bye."

She hung up first. Mike stood there for a few seconds, then put his hands to his head.

"FUCK! She'll be here in 10 minutes! Why did I agree!? I should have refused!" - he looked at the doll again - "I need to remove the bodysuit from Clementine immediately!"

Half an hour ago.

Katie drove up to Clementine's house. An ordinary two-storey blue house, the garden was a little overgrown and it was clear that it had not been taken care of for a long time. When she got out of the car, she didn't go to the main entrance. She had a key to the back entrance of the courtyard. Katie was a close friend of hers, so she was allowed to enter her house whenever she wanted, at any time. At one time, when Mike and Clementine were out of town, they'd just leave the house to Katie. She wanted to surprise her friend with her sudden arrival.

She walked through the overgrown garden behind their house. She inserted the key in the lock and opened the door with a click.

"I hope they haven't heard…"

She found herself in the kitchen, closing the door softly behind her as she took off her shoes and left them by the door. The tights were supposed to allow her to move around the house with almost no noise. Carefully checking each step, she peeked into the living room, but there was no one there.


She started up the stairs quietly, the coolness from the floor tickling her feet wrapped in opaque nylon. She saw that the door to the bedroom was ajar, she quietly approached the opening, and she was not prepared for what she saw.

"Do you like my black zentai?"

She covered her mouth with her hands to keep from screaming and hid behind the wall. Her cheeks were flushed, and her head was a mess. She knew they had fetishes, but not so perverted.

"No… I shouldn't have seen this…"

She put her hand over her mouth again and closed her eyes.

"But I'm curious… they wear zentai…"

She couldn't contain her curiosity and she slowly peeked out from behind the doorway.

"Round two!" - Katie heard, and she watched as Mike in a black zentai inserted his cock into the beige doll. Katie wasn't sure if it was Clementine or if Mike was cheating on her with the sexdoll.

"No-no-no, he asked the doll if she liked zentai."

Katie shook her head and continued to watch. It was the first time she'd ever seen a live sex scene. Two faceless figures, which turned her on so much that her hand went under her skirt of its own accord. She couldn't understand where Clementine found such a realistic sexdoll costume, it covered her entire body without leaving a trace of her real body. She also saw at least two holes - in the mouth and in the crotch. She pressed herself against the wall and she still covered her mouth with her hand to keep from moaning. Her finger brushed her labia through the already wet tights. She wished she had masturbated in the car because she couldn't help herself right now. Her finger first slowly moved along her labia back and forth, brushing her clitoris. But this was the same as when a person tries to eat chips slowly, in the end they always accelerate. Her slow rubbing turned into an attempt to push her finger deep through the tights inside. Soft moans began to seep through her palm. Her legs were constantly rubbing against each other, and if listened closely, one could hear squelching sounds under her skirt. But of course Mike didn't hear anything, he was busy with more important things.

Katie was already trying to slip two fingers through her tights into her slit. She didn't want to put her hands under her tights, she liked the friction of the nylon. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she felt like she was about to cum. She watched one last time as Mike fucked a beige doll that hadn't even moved in all that time. Mike's thrusts accelerated, as did the movement of her arm, until her head went white and she screamed. She immediately covered her mouth with her hands and quietly sat down on the floor behind the wall. Her thighs were shaking, and her tights at the crotch area were very wet and a small puddle was already forming under her.

"Well, that's it… the end… I was caught… so ashamed…"

She sat there waiting for Mike to come out in his black zentai and she would die of shame. Her mind was a jumble of fear and the orgasm she was still experiencing. Her heart was about to jump out of her chest, and there was a very loud noise in her ears, but in the midst of all this, she heard:

"Dolls don't talk! We've already discussed this with you… You often don't follow my orders… bad dolls should be punished."

She opened her eyes in shock, adrenaline pumping through her blood. When she heard the slaps, she glanced around the corner and saw Mike punishing the doll. The thought of setting up her friend was driving her crazy. She dug her hands into her crotch, stood up, and staggered out of the house as fast as she could.

"I need to leave… urgently!"

Her tights were already soaking, so much that even her feet were wet. Leaving wet footprints in her wake, she went down to the first floor, quickly put on her shoes, and ran outside. Fortunately, there were few people on the street, so it was difficult to immediately see the wet black tights. She got in the car and the first thing she decided to do was masturbate again because she would definitely be spotted a second time.

"I was in such danger… Why does it turn me on so much?! I want to know what kind of sexdoll costume it is… I want to… why didn't she tell me?"

This time, she wasn't shy and took out a small vibrator with a remote control from the glove compartment. She carried toys with her just in case, and this was one of them. She pulled back her pantyhose, exposing her crotch, and shoved the vibrator into it. Having smoothed her pantyhose over her flower, she turned on the vibrator and indulged in pleasure, no longer holding back. Her knees bumped against the steering wheel several times as she came. Now she felt much better than after the broadcasts or regular masturbation. The suit appealed to her and she wanted to get a better look at it.

Calming down, she dialed Clementine's number.

"I'll just say I'll be there in 10 minutes… I really want her to tell me about it…"

While the horns were honking, she started the car and drove out of their yard.

Present time.

Mike unzipped it all the way to the small of her back. He tugged at the mask, but it seemed to stick to her face. The sheathes that were inserted into her nose and mouth didn't want to let her go.

"COME ON! Help me take off the bodysuit! Your friend came to us! She shouldn't see you like this!"

The doll's hands were already moving up to the mask, but then she returned them to their original position. Again, she struggled between obeying orders and not wanting to take off her bodysuit. But apparently the fact that Katie wanted to come visit was crucial and she grabbed her face with her hands and pulled. Mike was delighted and pulled with her. He hoped Clementine wasn't hurting, considering how much the bodysuit had strengthened the bond with her. But they still managed to remove the mask, and sheathes of disproportionate length protruded from her nose and mouth. They started to shrink, but they only got down to five inches instead of three.

"Oh no, that's bad… they used to go back to their original length…"

Putting aside the bad thoughts, he continued to undress her, and problems also arose with the sheathes inserted into her pussy and anus. Enough time had passed for Mike to get nervous, Katie was due to arrive soon, and he had just taken off her bodysuit. The tube from her pussy also gave off an already pleasant intoxicating smell to Mike, but it was also five inches long and wasn't going to shrink any further.

Clementine didn't move, but you could see the sadness and emptiness on her face when she wasn't wearing it. After that purchase, Mike kept a constant eye on her and hid the bodysuit from her, because he knew that if she was left unattended, she would secretly wear it. And then Mike might not be able to free her in time. The most logical thing to do would be to get rid of the cursed bodysuit, to solve such an existential problem, but this was impossible. They were both already fascinated by it, and the animal instinct embedded in the person forced them to do unthinkable things.

"Sit here and don't go anywhere." Clementine sat down on the bed and folded her hands in her lap.

Fuuuuck! I can't let them meet while she's in a trance! And I can't even leave the bodysuit alone with her for a second…"

Mike quickly put on his home clothes, grabbed a beige bodysuit that was lying on the floor, and ran to the shower.

No time to wash it, I need to bring her to her senses immediately


The doorbell rang and Mike's heart sank. He tossed the bodysuit into the shower and closed the door, hoping Katie wouldn't be in the shower for too long. Rushing out of the bathroom, he hastily put on his slippers and opened the door.

"Good afternoon…"

He'd forgotten how beautiful she was. She was wearing a white turtleneck with a high collar that hid her face a little, which made her look very cute. Black tights that were as tight as the zentai he was wearing, and a simple-style skirt. Mike was speechless for a second.

"Ha-ha good afternoon, come on in, Katie."

Mike let her go inside, and she went in and looked around.

"Nothing has changed…"

"Yeah… what's going to change here, ha-ha?"

Katie looked at Mike questioningly. She let out a chuckle.

"Your hair is disheveled, you're all rumpled, and you smell like love."

Mike wanted to object, but she motioned for him to be quiet.

"I understand. I'm sorry to interrupt you. I'll wait here, you don't have to worry."

She smiled sweetly and went into the living room. Mike exhaled and closed the front door.

"We'll be right down to you! You can make yourself some tea for now!"

When she turned to answer him, he was already gone. She also exhaled heavily and flopped down on the sofa.

"What was I thinking… Well, he didn't notice that my tights were wet…"

She sat there for a while, thinking that they were fucking in their bedroom right now. She started fidgeting on the couch, smearing her juices from her soaked tights on their leather couch. Realizing what she had done, she jumped off the couch and frantically wiped the spot where she was sitting.

"Damn… now both the sofa and my hands are dirty…"

Now she had to go to the shower to wash her hands and rinse her face to calm down. Her crotch was still wet; she wouldn't be able to change her tights in 10 minutes, so she had to walk like this. She remembered where they had a bathroom, it was combined with a shower and it was all on the first floor. Katie calmly went into the shower and was about to turn on the water tap. But the strong smell of love hit her nose, mixed with Clementine's and Mike's scent that she'd smelled when he'd met her.

"It can't be… really."

Her eyes fell on the dirty laundry basket. Her brain wasn't thinking straight. Lust and concupiscence had taken over her mind. Her hands were already buried in a pile of used men's and women's underwear.

"No… it's not that… it's not that … it's not that!"

She was sorting through things that didn't interest her, like Clementine's panties, her tights, bedclothes, lots of bedclothes.

"I can smell it… but it's not coming from the basket…"

She turned slowly in the direction of the shower. There was nowhere else to hide anything. She opened the shower door slowly, like in horror movies, as if a monster was about to jump out. As she yanked open the shower door at the last moment, a strong smell hit her nose, and something in her head turned upside down.

"It can't be…"

She saw the beige sexdoll costume that Clementine was wearing.

"No… it's a dream…"

She sat down on her knees on the damp cold floor.

"I don't believe it…"

She grabbed it and pulled the bodysuit closer. She pressed it to her face and inhaled. She didn't know that the costume produced an aphrodisiac, which caused her pussy to get wet and consequently her pantyhose too. Her head was spinning, her breathing quickened, and she was as red as a tomato. She unzipped it and saw three sheathes about 5 inches long. The suit itself was wet inside, and the tubes were also wet. She imagined that they had been inside Clementine for hours. Goosebumps ran down her spine. She was looking at the sheath that was in her friend's pussy. It glittered and smelled sweet, and it looked right at her. Her hands moved the sheath closer and closer. She opened her mouth thoughtlessly and slowly sucked all 5 inches into her mouth like noodles. She started sucking and licking them until she felt movement, the tube began to expand and lengthen. She panicked at first, but then she felt like she could breathe and she didn't feel so uncomfortable. Her mouth was now as wide as possible, and she ran her hand down her throat, feeling it lengthen as it went straight into her stomach and released its fluids.

She immediately felt overly aroused, and at the same time, she began to hear them having sex upstairs through the ventilation. Her head began to spin and she began to lose her sanity, her hands went back under her skirt, and began to rub her labia. She craved, but no longer a dick, but this very sheath that she sucked on. The idea that the outside of it was inside Clementine and inside Mike's cock brought her to orgasm very quickly. She was so eager to have real sex that she even asked Clementine to have a threesome using latex, lycra, and whatever else they liked. But she flatly refused, only allowing them to play with her. She squirted through her tights so that even some of her liquid flew out and landed a few centimeters away from her. She sat there for a while while her brain tried to process the huge flow of pleasure.

"I want more…"

She grabbed the sheath and pulled.


She easily pulled it out of her mouth, and it immediately shrank back to 5 inches. She picked up the one next to it and did the same. She spread her legs and massaged her crotch with both hands through her pantyhose. She was over the moon with happiness, the aphrodisiac had a strong effect on her.

Pulling the second one out of her mouth, her hands went to her hood of their own accord. Her mouth was dripping saliva mixed with Clementine and Mike's juices.

"I want to try them all…"

Katie imagined that her friend had just worn this bodysuit, and it was soaked in her scent and juice. She began to suck on the third sheath, and it also began to wriggle and grow in length. But suddenly the nasal tubes began to move, too. Katie didn't notice, just felt something enter her nostrils. She started to panic, thinking she was going to suffocate.

*Inhale… Exhale…*

Oxygen was flowing calmly into her lungs. She calmed down in her heart, but then her other hand moved from her crotch to her hood. Her hands slowly began to bring it up to her face.

"Hmmm… Mmmmm?… Mmmmm! (I want! Want! Want!)"

She felt that if she put it on, she would cum right away, but she didn't resist, and the hood almost swallowed her face. It was dark and scary inside, and the sounds of sex were coming from above. All she had to do was put on the full bodysuit. She felt that it had accepted her as its new owner.

"No! I'm not at home! I can't do this at her house!"

Even though her pussy was tingling horribly, she gripped the edges of the hood with her hands and started trying to pull it off her head. Even though she just put it to her face, the bodysuit didn't want to let go of her anymore.

"Mmmmppfhh! Mmmmmmm!"

She pulled harder and harder until she finally managed to pull the hood away from her face. The sheath and nose tubes were still sticking out. The tingling in her pussy had stopped, but she was still aroused. They flew out of her mouth and nose, shrinking back to 5 inches in size. Katie sat and stared at the latex pile in front of her. Thoughts that had not visited her before were spinning in her head and the excited state spurred her to do it.

"I want to take it away… But I can't… What if I get caught?"

A crazy idea occurred to her and she didn't waste a minute pulling her soaked tights down to her feet and sitting on the floor with her legs spread. She looked back and grabbed the suit and rolled it up into a tube about 7 inches long and 2 inches wide.

"I'm sorry my lovely friend but I can't help myself…"

She used a dildo that was 8 inches long and 2 inches wide during the sessions, so her pussy was quite expanded both in width and depth. She was sure that such an adventure would work. With one hand, she parted her swollen labia and began to slowly insert the rolled-up latex doll costume.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

The bundle was much more rough than a normal rubber dildo. The latex slid pleasantly along her inner walls, and thanks to her own juice, the tube entered easily enough. Involuntarily, instead of pushing it further, she began to rhythmically push it in and out, giving herself pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmmm… Nooooo! I'm going to cum!"

The creaking of the bed was still coming from the ventilation system. Her hand began to speed up, and the other began massaging her breasts through the turtleneck.

"Aaaaaaaahhh Haaaaaaaaa! Mmhhhhhhmm…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

She came hard, the bundle opened up trying to take up as much space as possible inside her pussy. Her feet began to slide on the tile, and she fell to the floor in convulsions, her tights pulled down so that she couldn't spread her legs much. But this time, not a drop came out of her pussy, and not only because the suit was like a cork in a bottle, but because it absorbed all her secretions, and due to this, it began to behave more actively. In a rush of orgasm, so as not to feel pain, she decided to finish what she had started. She covered her crotch with both hands and pushed the bundle all the way inside. She had to work her fingers a little to get her labia to close, completely hiding the suit in her pussy. Katie lightly stroked her stomach.

"Oooh… I've never felt so full before… So nice… Oooh… and it seems to be moving a little."

The orgasm had long since passed, leaving only a slight pleasant aftertaste. She heard footsteps on the top floor, and then she really got nervous, she very quickly pulled her tights back on, pressing the nylon as hard as possible against her crotch. Her face was still pink and hot, and she ran to the sink and started rinsing her face with cold water. After drying herself with a towel, she remembered that she had forgotten to close the shower door. Quickly closing it, she returned and sat down on the sofa. She sat a little unnaturally, as if she had done something wrong.

Mike and Clementine were coming down the stairs. Mike was dressed the same, but he still looked sloppy and sweaty. Clementine also put on light tights, short shorts and a tank top without a bra. When she saw her friend, she ran over and threw herself into her arms. Katie groaned a little, mostly because the sudden movement made the suit move inside her.

"Katie, my love! I'm so glad you came!"

"Yes… I'm glad too…"

She continued to hug poor Katie while Mike went to clean up. Then everything was almost normal, they drank tea, chatted about their business. Katie wanted to get out of here with her loot as soon as possible, but Clementine literally forced her to watch a show with them that she really likes. The three of them were sitting there watching it on TV, Mike and Clementine were sitting together, Katie was sitting on the edge of the couch and she was extremely uncomfortable because the lead actress was wearing a black catsuit. It turned the three of them on, and Clementine snuggled closer to Mike, stroking his bulge. Katie put her hand over her mouth to groan as the suit felt her arousal grow and began to squirm inside her. She refrained from touching herself from below, but the situation was relieved by Mike who went to the bathroom. Clementine hugged Katie again.

"Eh… I wish I had a latex suit like the main character's."

Katie swallowed and said nothing, her touch very soft and pleasant. Clementine was about to grope Katie when Mike came running in with frightened eyes, took Clementine's hand, and ran into the kitchen. Katie understood everything, Mike saw that the bodysuit was missing, she had to leave immediately.

"What happened?" asked Clementine.

"The suit… it’s gone" - Mike whispered.

"What?!" cried Clementine.

"Hush, hush!" Mike put his arm around her shoulder, and she made a very sad face.

"The suit would never leave me… I know it… I can feel it… I wouldn't have left it! I'm its sole owner!"

Mike had mixed feelings, on the one hand he was glad that he didn't have to protect her from the cursed sexdoll suit anymore, but on the other hand the possibility that the suit would corrupt Clementine was too hot. Mike looked at Katie fidgeting on the couch with her hands clasped between her legs, he couldn't see what she was doing, but it was obvious that she wanted to leave.

"Listen, let's check on Katie. Make her take off her tights or turtleneck to see if she could hide your suit there. I'll go look in the other rooms."

Clementine's eyes clouded briefly, and her hands dropped to her sides. Then there was life in her eyes again.

"I'll do anything for the bodysuit!"

Mike quickly went up to the second floor, mostly because he was embarrassed in front of Katie because of his hard cock. Clementine walked over to the couch with a sly smile and hugged Katie from behind. She shivered and put her hands under her body.

"Wow such a cool turtleneck, how long have you bought it?"

As she spoke, she pulled down the collar of her turtleneck so that she could see her white patterned bra. Katie immediately jumped off the couch and moved away from her.

"Shit, I just need to check her tights," Clementine thought.

"I… I'll probably go, I have some business to attend to, thank you for your hospitality."


Clementine ran up to Katie and "accidentally" stumbled while grabbing onto her tights. She fell on her stomach with all the dope pulling her pantyhose down, they slid down exposing her dripping pussy and soft wet buttocks. Clementine felt the tights were also soggy and sticky. But there was no sign of the suit, and she didn't even think that Katie might have hidden it inside of her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!" yelled Katie, and frantically began to pull her tights back on.

Clementine half rose, still reeling from the blow.

"I'm sorry Katie, I accidentally… But why are your tights wet?"

Katie has already fully pulled up her pantyhose, covering her pussy and buttocks.

"I… I heard you guys having sex… and… I was masturbating in your bathroom!"

Her face turned purple and she almost shouted out the last sentence. After which, she quickly put on her shoes and ran out of the house. Mike came over and helped Clementine to her feet.

"I didn't find anything… sorry, but it seems to be missing."

She just stood there and didn't say anything. Until Mike heard her sob. She began to cry on the spot. Mike put his arm around her and slowly led her into the bedroom.

"Let's find you a new latex suit, I'll look it up on the Internet."

"This suit can't be replaced! I want to wear it so badly… Why did it disappear…?"

"It's only temporary, I'm sure he'll be back. See how you like this option."

Mike turned the monitor toward her. There on amazon was a black jumpsuit that looked exactly the same, but apparently was a completely ordinary piece of latex, only the inserts were red. She obviously liked him, and she wanted to make up for it in some way.

"It will arrive in a few weeks, but you can pay extra and it will arrive tomorrow."

"Pay up! Pay up! Pay up!" shouted Clementine.

Mike placed an order with an extra charge for emergency delivery in one click. It was certainly very expensive, but it was not a pity to spend money on your dear girl. Mike got up and went to the wardrobe. He pulled out two zentai suits and tossed the red one on her bed, leaving the black one for himself. She looked at him blankly.

"We need to relax somehow. The order will still arrive tomorrow, so let's pass the time."

She thought for a moment, but couldn't help but agree with Mike. She took off her T-shirt and shorts. Slowly, she pulled off her tights inch by inch, knowing that Mike was watching her while he changed. She picked up the red zentai lying on the bed. Although she was saddened by the loss, her heart was warmed by the care of Mike, who was always there for her. She knew that the suit affected her mind, but she was sure that Mike would not leave her alone, because he was her only Master.

She unzipped her zentai and from a sitting position began threading her legs inside, feeling no different from the usual very tight pantyhose. The silky red fabric slid down her slender legs, and she'd always loved the process of dressing in nylon. She jumped up a little to pull the suit up over her bouncy ass. The rest was a matter of technique, the first sleeve, then the second. The process wasn't so exciting anymore, because there wasn't much that could compare to that latex suit, not even what they'd ordered online.

Mike had already finished dressing, leaving only the hood on. He sat down across from Clementine, placing his hands on her breasts. He gently fingered them through the material, and she moaned a little as Mike helped her zip them up to her neck. She licked her lips and was the first to pull the hood over Mike, his features disappearing smoothly behind the black material, her slender hands closing the zipper, and she kissed him on the lips through the mask.

"Mmmmmmm… I'll never get tired of this."

Now it was Mike's turn, and he ran his hands over her beautiful face, felt her lips, and then slowly began to pull the hood up over her. She clutched her crotch with both hands and slowly moved her hands back and forth, moaning through the cloth covering her face. Her features disappeared behind the mask, and Mike sealed her inside the zentai.

They couldn't resist kissing each other through their nylon masks. They couldn't see each other's faces, and their anonymity was exciting. His cock had already formed a bulge, and without looking up from the kiss, she found the zipper on his crotch and released his friend. Knowing what she wanted most right now, Mike said:

"Slave, now you're my sex doll that can't move or talk."

She immediately went limp like a rag doll in his arms. He could feel her breathing, her tummy rising. He laid her on the bed, legs spread, and unzipped her crotch. No grease was needed, because everything was already prepared. Mike slowly moved inside, stroking her thighs.

Their session lasted several hours until they tried out all the toys they had and found in the same box. Sweaty and tired, they lay together in an embrace, and his slave continued to remain in the image. He held her close.

"I still want it to stay that way… without this cursed suit…"

The next day, the box was already on their doorstep. After signing the paper, the courier gave them a small cardboard box and went home. Clementine was already waiting in her room, naked and holding a stationery knife. Mike chuckled and let his "kid" open the gift.

She pulled the suit out of the box with sparkling eyes. She hugged him and sniffed at him. It was squeaky and harsh, and smelled strongly of rubber, as if it had just been brought in from the factory. But it still had three tubes for her three orifices and two tubes in her nose for breathing. It was also an obvious disadvantage that the catsuit would have to be thoroughly washed every crevice and sheath, unlike the cursed suit, you could not think about such trifles.

"Of course it's not a substitute for that suit… But thank you Mike… Today I will be your temporary black latex slave," she giggled and unzipped her suit and started trying to put it on.

"Ouch! Ouch!"

Without lube, she couldn't even get her foot inside, because it clung to her skin and caused her discomfort, sometimes even pain. Mike laughed and was already standing with a tube of lube in his hands. He started to spray the contents on Clementine, the lube was cold and she was tickled. Pouring the rest on his hands Mike rubbed his hands and squeezing imaginary tits, he came up behind her and cupped her breasts. She moaned again and begged him to be gentle. He massaged her breasts clockwise and counterclockwise. Then he moved down to her stomach, smearing the lube all over her waist and buttocks. She bit her lips in anticipation of knowing where his hands would go next. But he began to daub her back, moving smoothly to her slender female hands.

Just when she thought he was about to touch her there, he started smearing the inside of her thighs, sending a pleasant sensation to her brain. And when he had completely smeared her legs from all sides, his hand finally rested on her pussy. She moaned, opening her mouth wide as he covered her mouth with his other hand. Mike aggressively teased her pussy and labia, she began to get very excited, the lubricant began to flow into her mouth, until he began to smear the remains on her face. He opened her labia with his thumb and ring finger, and with two fingers, he went inside, teasing her clit with his thumb. She started bouncing on the spot from the pleasant throbbing in her body. Clementine was a very naughty girl with a lot of energy. She always liked it when Mike teased her like this in a helpless state. She looked at the suit that was lying on the bed and started fantasizing about how she was going to have a great time right now. Soon, her orgasm hit her like a tsunami, so much so that Mike's hand completely caught her squirt and dripping juices. Catching as many of them as possible, he smeared them all over her body, reaching her face, he poured the rest into her mouth, and she drank it with pleasure.

Now she was ready to put on the suit. This time, she eased her legs inside with ease, Mike stopping her when it came to the sheathes.

"Now let's smear your holes"

Mike smeared some lube on his cock and turned her back on him. When he started with her anus, she was just getting ready and cleaned it out in the morning. With an extra smudge of oil on her passageway, he easily stepped inside. He wasn't going to cum inside her, so far his goal was to get her inside him. Two minutes later, Mike pulled out his cock and plunged it into her pussy without warning. She moaned with her tongue hanging out as Mike prepared her to become a docile latex doll. Again after two minutes he pulled out and smeared the sheathes outside and inside he worked his cock inside and began to slowly insert them into each of her holes. Even though she'd had the best experience with the first suit, the way Mike was messing with her made her want to cum again. This was the difference between this catsuit and the cursed one, it had to be lubricated everywhere so that the wearer could use it normally, while the cursed one did all the work itself, also releasing an aphrodisiac while keeping the wearer in a constant excited state.

When the second sheath was inserted into her pussy by means of his cock, he began to help her put on the rest of the costume. His cock was already on edge and he really wanted to cum. When all she had to do was put on her mask, he stopped her. Without warning, he thrust his cock into her slightly parted mouth. It turned him on that he alternated his oral sex, between her real mouth and artificial. She was panting and panting a little, but her hands were massaging her rubbery pussy again, and soon he was finally cumming right down her throat, semen trickling down the back of her throat, mixing with her saliva. He pulled out his cock, smearing the last of his cum all over her happy face.

Air bubbles could be seen on her body. He took this opportunity to paw her body again and began to squeeze them out of her suit. It was a long and painstaking job, but seeing her masturbate so violently turned him on and made him even more enthusiastic. It was only now, when the suit fit her almost perfectly, that he was ready to put the mask on her head. After inserting the sheath into her mouth and the nasal tubes into her nose, he pulled the hood tightly over her head and zipped up her back. She started moaning even harder as she continued to masturbate. But Mike was ruthless.

"The dolls don't move!"

She whimpered and stopped masturbating. Smiling, Mike stood behind her and worked out a plan to get her out of character. They both enjoyed playing this game. She was an obedient slave and a sex doll who obeys her Master in everything. Of course, there was no effect like the damn costume, but she continued to play her role perfectly.

As she stood motionless, Mike gently wrapped his arm around her from behind and reached for her pussy from behind. She didn't move, but she was noticeably more nervous than usual. She could be heard sucking air through her nasal tubes. His hand began to slowly play with her rubber hole first, moving around the perimeter, teasing her clit and then pushing her labia apart. When he heard her breathing heavily, Mike couldn't resist covering her two nose holes. She lost access to oxygen but struggled to be a doll. He saw her trying to suck in air with her nose and then her mouth, thereby sucking the sheath inserted into her mouth, while her pussy continued to be teased because of which she began to go crazy. It turned him on a lot and he was already ready to enter his new doll. But all of a sudden , she exhaled heavily and because-of this sheath extended in front of her mouth in all its length. Then she spoke as far as she could in her thirsty, muffled voice.

«Master stop teasing me! I need your cock inside my rubber dolly holes

Mike smiled and rubbed his cock against her labia, giving her a savory slap on the ass.

«Good rubber dolls don't speak! You're a very, very bad doll

She cried out in pain, and automatically inhaled, pulling the sheet back into her mouth, after which she no longer moved or breathed. At first, Mike was surprised by her ability, but after a couple of seconds, he panicked thinking that she had suffocated and lost consciousness. He patted her cheeks, and seeing no reaction, he began to unzip her catsuit. Sensing this, she moved her lips a little and regained her normal breathing. Mike was surprised at how well she controlled her breathing.

While Mike was hiding the cursed suit from her, she was looking for something to do with herself, and in a box that they hadn't completely dismantled by then, she found a similar mask with a sheath and nasal tubes that covered her entire head. Several times while he was gone, she tried out how it would feel with a regular latex hood. The edges of the mask ended at the base of her neck. She took dildos of various sizes and tried to push them into her latex mouth. It was actually a lot harder to breathe than in that suit, the rubber cock kept blocking the way for the nasal tubes or pinching them and she started to choke. But after several attempts, she worked out her strategy for the long game.

Mike grabbed her head and brought it closer to his until her lips brushed his. He slid his tongue inside her mouth. It made him so happy, he was so happy. She was half docile due to the suit's influence, and half she was the real Clementine he knew. His hands explored her body in the new suit, and she also allowed herself to feel his masculine body, which he so rarely let her touch during sex.

Mike slowly pulled back and stared at the panting doll. He smiled and patted her head.

"Nice doll. Open your mouth"

The doll opened her mouth as wide as she could, Mike added some more lube to his cock and pushed inside her rubber mouth.

"Aaaaaaaaah! Go on, slave!"

There was no sucking effect like in the cursed bodysuit, Mike had to move his hips himself, but here the doll worked her tongue freely massaging his cock. It felt unusual and new. A big orgasm was just around the corner, she massaged his balls while her hand continued to enter inside her rubber pussy. Mike soon came inside her rubber mouth, too many factors affecting him at the same time, it was too good to be true. The big downside was that when he pulled out his cock, his cum started leaking out of her sheath. It was good that they had sex on a latex sheet, but recently they had been playing very actively, perversely and wetly, so it was a great decision, and it was also a plus that the doll was more comfortable on it.

She smeared his leaking cum all over her chest, face, and stomach. Mike put her on her back and ordered her to take a sex doll pose and not move. She obeyed and spread her arms and legs. Mike immediately entered her pussy, and she moaned a little and whimpered through the mask, but he forgave her and did not punish her.

"This is the life I really want with Clementine… Just me and my latex doll… and most importantly - safe."

But Clementine wasn't the same anymore. She'd been inside the damn suit before, and she'd never forget it. Deep down, more than anything, she wants to find it again, put it on, and never take it off again, staying true to her one and only Master. It was a fate that suited her, she was already tainted, the suit had already chosen her. She was sure that the Master would accept her choice.

In the room, the sexual act between the Master and his doll continued for a long time. They didn't know yet, but one very interesting person had started to gain popularity on the Internet, and sooner or later they would have to meet in a decisive battle.


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