Latex Forever

by Mikel

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Lori loved latex, everything about it, the look the feel the shine she even had developed her own perfume that was essentially the chemicals of rubber and would make almost anything smell like latex. Lori always wore something made of latex, normally she wore a cat suit with attached gloves and feet under her clothes when she had to go out, and another suit over that one with attached hood, gloves and feet when she stayed home.

This suit had small openings for her eyes and nose but pulled tightly across her face sealing her mouth closed. When she had been very young a severe sinus infection had forced the doctors to insert tubes in her sinuses to allow the medicine to get in leaving her with nasal passages that could never be clogged. These allowed her to breathe uninhibitedly through her nose making sealing her mouth for long periods possible. If she hadn’t needed to talk occasionally she might not ever unseal her mouth since she enjoyed the smoothness of it when the rubber pulled across it so tightly. The tight rubber almost making her face featureless and the helplessness she felt when she couldn’t open her mouth was intoxicating.

The thought of being unrecognizable as a human under her layers of latex appealed to her. When she knew she didn’t have to go into the office or talk to anyone on the phone for a few days she would stretch several more layers of rubber over her body making herself look like a rubber sex doll. Only without any open holes though the suits to ruin the effect. Over the years she had learned to cover her latex love when she did have to go into public by dressing like what most people wrongly call the “Goth” look. Lori would wear dark clothes, black mostly, covering her fantastic rubber covered body with long loose clothes and high heeled boots. She wore the tallest shoes she could find mostly because she was so short but had also developed a deep seeded need to wear them. The kidskin leather gloves over her latex gloves were more acceptable for some reason so she almost always wore gloves of some kind.

The dark makeup completed the look and if she styled her long black hair in some crazy way she was guaranteed very few people would even talk to her. Working from home gave her ample time to be alone within her latex cocoon and continuously shop for the newest rubber tech that came out. The last new items she had purchased were self sealing and self repairing rubber suits for haz mat teams. She had found them while searching a rubber manufactures site and lied about her occupation and had ordered the required minimum five suits. The suits had been expensive but the technology behind them meant in her situation she would never have to replace them. The rubber essentially was multiple micro layers that in between each layer had a liquid that if the rubber was torn would quickly vulcanize the tear sealing itself. Getting them to make her two fitted full body suits had been difficult, she had wanted all of them to be full coverage suits but finally settled on just two. Leaving only a few perforated holes over the eyes and no mouth openings took much longer to convince them but they finally agreed and sent her the suits.

The first thing Lori noticed when they arrived was how much heavier they were than normal latex, but seemed to be thinner and very supple and had absolutely no smell at all. Lori slipped into the first one with no hood, the zipper being across the shoulders and wasn’t a normal metal zipper but a heavy plastic type that sealed the suit. The different rubber gave her a nice tingle in her pussy as she slipped the keeper under the locking hasp and heard it click. The zippers on all their suits locked making it impossible for them to accidently open when being used in a hazardous environment. Once she was locked in she could feel the suit warm and felt the rubber tighten slightly as it formed to her body. Even after it warmed to her it didn’t have the same compression as her normal latex and when she tried to shine it she found it would not ever come to a high gloss shine either.

The suit fit her perfectly, it showed all her assets even putting her perfect breasts on display and showing her erect nipples clearly through it and as she stroked her rubber covered body she could feel tiny bolts of electricity go through her aroused body. The new rubber suit making her skin incredibly sensitive and allowed her to “feel” through the gloves like she wasn’t wearing anything on her hands. It was very erotic and even though she missed the compression and the forced numbness of latex she liked the new suit and wore it for several days using the small access ports over her pussy and ass to relieve herself when needed.

It wasn’t until she pulled a full suit on that she ran into problems. On the third day she unzipped the first suit and slid her vibrators into her pussy and ass then slipped two rubber o-rings over her engorged nipples trapping them tightly around their bases and making them very sensitive. Lori stepped into the full body suit having to wrestle it up her legs over the other rubber suit then stretch it over her upper body as her hands popped into the gloves. Once she had the gloves seated around her fingers she pulled the hood over her head aligning the holes under her nose before zipping the suit closed and snapping the slider under its locking hasp.

Now the suits felt properly tight, as she adjusted the hood over her eyes she could feel the familiar numbness had returned as well as the slight restriction of her chest as she inhaled and smiled under the hood as she stroked her body and purred. When the outer suit warmed she could feel it shrink slightly as the first suit had done making her entire body quiver as the rubber imposed its strength on her body making Lori expel much more effort to move her arms and legs surprising her since it had felt so supple in her hands. Lori spent two more days in the suits, her trapped nipples were just starting to ache and she had brought herself to multiple orgasms during her time encapsulated and had found her new favorite rubber suits. Noticing the cleaning of the new suits was much easier than normal latex and she appreciated the treatments she had undergone to diminish her body’s ability to sweat. The side effects of the medication had been uncomfortable but had soon worn off leaving her body only sweating under extreme duress and only slightly then the only drawback remaining was her need to urinate more often but that was easily controlled.

During the next few months she had contacted the company and asked many questions about the suits, the last had been about creating openings in the rubber and the tech at the company sent her a small kit that could be used to create any size openings anywhere in the suit. Lori could just shape the sharp metal strip into the size she wanted and forcing it quickly through the rubber then leaving it there for a few hours while the suit sealed the edges around it making the hole keep its shape. The cool thing about it was if you messed up you could trim the edges of the hole and watch as the fluid flowed slowly across the opening and sealed itself back together. Lori quickly tested her skill at modifying the suit and soon had her suits fitting just the way she wanted, with small openings for her captured nipples to protrude through and openings making her pussy and ass available when it needed to be.

Now equipped with an arsenal of different suits Lori spent her days and nights sealed inside many layers of rubber. As her job required less and less actual office time and more people got used to communicating with her through e-mail Lori spent more time at home sealed inside her warm cocoon. Her needs had changed and she now experimented with self bondage often having her ankles and wrists chained together for days while she waited for the keys to arrive in the mail. Forcing her to wear the suits, cuffs and high heels during the entire time she was forced to wait leaving her horny and frustrated. As her talents in self bondage expanded and she spent more time bound helplessly she began to crave being and inanimate object more and more. When she found the sex doll suit she ordered it right away. It was meant to make a living person appear to be a plastic sex doll it even had linings for her pussy, ass and mouth and tiny pin holes in the painted on eyes so the doll would appear lifeless. Its mitten hands would restrict the wearer’s ability to use them and the feet had been shaped and supported to keep the person inside on their toes. It even had ribbing all around so the wearer could relax and the suit would hold them in the perfect doll position.

Lori ordered it with all the options, that included extra support ribbing, deeper tubes in her orifices, and requested the suit be made extra thick to numb her entire body even further. The last option was what they called the “bondage pack” the suit came with permanently mounted cuffs built into the suit around the ankles and wrists, they could be tightened but not removed. The gag was special with an O-ring part and an insert to fill the wears mouth. The insert could be removed and used for access by the dolls owner if they wanted. The o-ring was permanent and kept the wearers mouth in the perfect O shape of a sex doll but the center bung could be latched in and out of the dolls mouth. Lori got wet as she stared at the pictures through the tiny pin holes of her suit, unable to read the warnings about entry and exit must be assisted and suit was not designed to be used solo. While Lori waited for the suit she chatted about sex dolls on line finding lots of people sharing her desires. Lori began feeling much more comfortable chatting to the group about her and her life in latex ultimately giving too much information about herself allowing, if someone paid attention, to find out who she was and where she lived.

As the weeks drug by Lori realized she had no one to use her as a sex doll, and became depressed that her laying in her apartment alone would never satisfy her need to be actually used as an in inanimate object. Lori soon expressed her concerns to the group getting many offers to use her from guests and finally finding a post for a service that would allow her to be used in complete anonymity as a sex doll when ever and how ever long she wanted. Contacting the service she discovered there were many options and chatted with the service rep about her desires. Lori left her availability and duration of her stay open ended as she planned the short drive to the offices during her upcoming vacation meaning to fill in the blanks once she knew all the information. Lori now spent the next two weeks in her sealed suits, often wearing more layers over and under the new rubber getting used to the totally numb feelings. Her mouth stayed gagged so it wouldn’t hurt her while being trapped in her new doll suit for the week she planned on being a living doll. By the time the doll suit arrived she was wearing a gag twenty four seven along with a minimum of four layers of rubber.

When the suit arrived Lori squealed loudly and began stripping the rubber from herself leaving the gag for last. After coating her body in lotion she slipped into the doll suit finding the thick plastic hung rather loosely on her body and that she was unable to tighten the cuffs or install the center of the gag due to her mitten hands. Irritated Lori pulled the suit off and quickly reapplied her two suits of healing rubber and pulled the doll suit back on finding it much tighter but wanted more and pulled two more of her thick rubber suits on. Finding the doll suit fit very snug now and even though she couldn’t seal herself into it she knew the people at the facility would be able to, and got excited as she realized the extra layers would make her very numb during her stay.

The day arrived to go to the facility and spend a glorious week being used as an inanimate sex doll. Lori was so excited she packed only the rubber suits she had planned to wear under the doll suit and headed towards the office trying to concentrate as she drove as fast as she could. When she arrived she was checked in just like at a hotel and shown to her room. Along the way she spotted a pile of sex dolls and stopped and stared as she saw a young man toss another onto the pile. Her puzzled look was noticed by her escort who said “We offer the real sex dolls as well, some of them are quite real looking and feeling and a few are even filled with a soft gel making them feel real” she said with a smile. Once in her room she was told the rules, one, there are no breaks for a doll, two, dolls do not make sounds, three, dolls have no choice in how they are used or by whom. The last rule was have fun during your stay. Lori was told to swallow several pills and get dressed as far as she could by herself then someone would come in and seal her for the duration. Lori had already been told her feeding and bodily functions would be seen to and since she had bought the top of the line suit it would be quite simple for them. Lori had assumed she would be released during her feeding and during bathroom breaks so she never asked.

Lori quickly slipped into her two layers of latex then tightened her corset as tight as she could closing it completely before struggling into the two healing suits locking each closed leaving the keys in her small case with the key tag attached for what they were for. As Lori panted and stared at the doll suit she giggled but heard no sound from her throat. She tried to speak and found that she was totally mute and figured it must have been the pills and continued to think about how strange it was she couldn’t speak as she forced her feet into the legs of the final suit. Lori tugged and pulled the thick vinyl up her body, inserting her head and settling the gags into her mouth before shoving her arms deep into the sleeves feeling her hands forced tightly into the mittens. She shrugged her shoulders until the suit snapped over them leaving her completely covered in it. Lori sat panting through her nose for a few minutes before hearing two women enter the room and felt one close her inside the suit pulling the vinyl tightly around her. The sudden tension surprised Lori who had never had it closed before and now felt it tighten up all over. As the two women chatted one took Lori’s bag and closed it then slipped a tag in the handle and set it aside, Lori tried to tell her the keys were inside it but could not make a sound.

As the women busied themselves moving around Lori’s compressed and encased body they continued to chat as Lori watched one hook a hose to her suit and just heard one say “Yeah she’s in for a real treat, and to leave the exit time open, she’s really into it”. Lori tried to comprehend what she had just heard when she felt the suit tightening around her as she listened to a small humming noise. One woman said “How high?” being answered “To the max, this one has left all decisions up to us so she must like it all as tight as possible”. Lori listened as she felt the cuffs around her ankles and wrists being yanked tight and could just make out the small locks put on her wrists before her head was forced back by the inflating suit. Lori felt her body being forced into the classic doll position, her knees and elbows slightly bent, her toes pointed straight down and her head tilted slightly backwards. She tried to move and found she was only able to flex slightly before the extra ribbing stopped her.

As she was laid back she felt herself almost floating as the women continued talking about how much she must like being a doll since she would be here the maximum time allowed. They discussed how many times she would be fucked in every hole and with the bondage twist would probably spend most of her time in some uncomfortable position to boot. Lori thought about what she was hearing and remembered not filling out the forms completely. Lori now realized that she would be a sex doll for much longer then she had planned and tried to struggle only making the women laugh and quickly force her arms behind her back. They said “I guess we’ll start now” “Yeah I really liked this, for awhile anyway when I stayed here” and pulled a leather arm sleeve up Lori’s inflated arms and laced it tightly. Even through the layers Lori was in she could feel her arms being crushed together and as one laced the other clipped her ankles together forcing her legs to be spread wide at the knees and removing any hope Lori had of freeing herself.

Once they had her helpless they sat her up on the edge of the table and showed her what she looked like, Lori couldn’t believe it, even with the tiny holes over her eyes Lori could see herself in the mirror and looked like a perfect sex doll. The inflation had made the vinyl stretch around her leaving seams puckered and making her head look round. Her whole body was under high pressure inside the suit making her look like a tightly inflated doll.

Her breasts were huge and her mouth was held wide open with painted red lips in a perfect circle around the large gag in her mouth. Lori tried to struggle when she heard one of the leaving women say “We’ll see what she’s like in two months” and heard the door shut. Lori sat looking at the sex doll staring back at her for over two hours before she felt herself slipping slowly off the table and silently fell to the floor and bounced slightly on her huge breasts and spread knees. Now looking at the floor she lay helpless before hearing someone come in and curse “Why can’t they ever put these things back where they go” and was heaved from the floor and carried out of the room. Lori was more excited than ever as she was carried by her thin waist by someone strong until she saw the pile of real sex dolls getting nearer as was unceremoniously dumped into the pile of dolls.

Lori lay face down in the crotch of another doll for the next two days, unable to move or make a sound. Her corseted waist making her gasp for air and the strong air pressure and extra ribbing keeping her completely immobilized. Her shoulders were throbbing and several times she could have sworn she had heard people ask about what happened to the doll in room three. Finally as she had given up hope someone grabbed her and sat her in a chair and began rolling her to her room again. Once there her feeding tube was connected and she felt something filling her insides until she thought she would burst. The liquid did nothing for her parched mouth but she did feel her strength returning as she tried to lick the thick vinyl lining her mouth finding the stopper held her tongue firmly to the bottom of her mouth. The man that had brought her in was being chastised about losing a client for two days and to prepare her for the next guest. Lori almost came on the spot, for two days she had literally been an object, totally ignored with no concern for her needs or safety just what she had been wanting.

Now as she was being rolled into another room as she wondered what would happen and how long she could remain sane encased and fucked and never allowed to cum. She was trapped in four layers of rubber and an inflatable vinyl suit keeping her posed like a sex doll for an unknown amount of time, yummy she thought. Lori felt herself being picked up and her legs being pulled outwards sharply and secured spread out leaving her lying back on her pinioned arms. The large man mounted her filling her coated pussy with his cock and fucking her roughly as his weight made it difficult for her to breath. For the next twenty four hours Lori was fucked in every hole several times and was currently strapped tightly from hooks in the ceiling and floor by the shoulder straps of the arm sleeve keeping her stretched tight. Her feet complained about their en-point position and her body tingled from sexual frustration having been used so many times and unable to climax while she watched him dress ignoring her in her helplessness and leave the room.

Lori hung for hours before she was lowered into a chair and wheeled into the “bathing” room and watched as the young man stepped back and turned on the large water hose. Blasting her rubber covered body with cold water before scrubbing her roughly even using a thick round brush to clean her pussy and ass before stuffing it into her mouth and twisting it furiously. He forced the cold water into each orifice flushing her clean then rolled her out leaving her to drip dry in another room while he stuff the phallus back into her mouth and left her. A few hours later Lori was still euphoric after being spray washed and left alone. The water had made her cold but she had warmed up quickly as she sat unable to move in her arm sleeve and inflated suit. Lori sat wondering if she had been forgotten again seeing the lights go off for a long time then finally come back on. After sitting for hours alone Lori finally got to watch another doll be rolled in and cleaned thoroughly. They were left alone to dry but after a few hours she was rolled back out leaving Lori alone again getting scared she might have really been forgotten.

The lights cycled again and she knew another day had passed when finally someone grabbed her bound form from her chair and literally drug her to another room and quickly removed the arm sleeve. They twisted her arms up far behind her back until she thought she could feel her neck and then began wrapping straps around her arms and body. Taking her legs and folding each back onto itself and strapping them in place leaving her spread wide and available in all her holes. Lori lay on the table whining to herself as her breasts and shoulders started to hurt. The strap he had placed around her head was partially blocking her nose holes making her have to fight for each breath. Suddenly Lori could feel someone in the room and tried to scream only to have a large fat man stand in front of her face and stuff his cock into her mouth. He began began pumping her mouth hard pulling her head tightly into his crotch further blocking her nose and making her desperately try to get away from him. Lori tried to struggle but was completely incapable of any movement on her own and the more she struggled the more she hurt herself.

For two days the fat man fucked her, whipping her hard enough that she could actually feel it through the layers she was trapped in and making her squirm inside her cocoon. When he finally left Lori was strapped to the table her head forced backwards under it and tied so it would stay there. Her legs had been pulled up even further making her body arch severally and he had taken a thin cord and wrapped it tightly around her breasts pulling them tight enough to pinch her real breasts under the suit and make them hurt terribly.

Lori had been in tears for twelve hours as he punished her mercilessly with whips and canes leaving her bound in the unnatural position she was in. When the steward returned and grunted in disbelief as he unstrapped her head and legs from the table leaving her arms pinned high on her back before taking her to the bathing room again and giving her a good washing. The next day Lori was back in her room and was forced feed another belly full of the goo still unable to communicate her discomfort. The girl unstrapped her arms letting them pop back to their natural position then left her as Lori struggled to say or do anything finding she could only move her hands and feet slightly but not enough to get someone’s attention. The next few weeks went the same for Lori, used and abused as an inanimate object then cleaned roughly and left to wait for the next abuser.

Lori had given up trying to get help and just floated in her rubber world as each time she was used she had started to feel grateful she had been chosen and subconsciously thanked each person that abused her. The worst had been when two women had taken her to their room after finding her alone in the hall. They had bound her in many different positions with the last being mummified after folding her arms and legs behind her. They covered her in plastic wrap and tape and left her hidden in their closet when they left. They had hidden her because they knew they were not supposed to have any of the dolls in the outer rooms and feared they would be charged more or banned. They had tried to deflate the doll by poking her with straight pins but had only been able to get her to leak some black fluid. They gave up on deflating her and crushed her into the smallest package they could wrapping her and stuffing her in the closet. Lori had no idea how long she had been mummified awaking to bright lights and people hovering over her as they pumped air and liquids into her pressurized body until she moaned. Lori heard herself moan and started whining again and tried to move but found she was restrained to a table.

The people ignored her for two days before finally talking to her informing her she had been taken by a guest who had thought she was a real doll and had left her wrapped up in the closet. We are still trying to find out what the black substance that was found on the outside of the doll suit is but it has seeped in between whatever you were wearing under it and has now fused them together. We are unable to remove the suit from your body. Lori gasped knowing what it was, she had never thought about what would happen if the healing liquid touched anything else and now had no way to tell them. Her mouth was firmly seated around the o-ring gag and her hands were solid inside the mitten gloves. The people stood Lori up and showed her what she looked like now that the suit had been deflated. She could only tell that she looked thinner by still seemed to be held even more rigidly than when she was inflated. The people continued speaking to her, once we deflated your suit the substance seeped into the gaps filling the two layers and set very firm.

If the substance is what we think it is we do not know how we can release you from the suit. Every time we try to cut it open it automatically reseals itself leaving it more rigid than before. We do have a call into a manufacturer that makes this substance but so far all they will say is it can’t be their product. If it is then extreme heat is the only way to stop it and if it’s combined with any other petroleum based material if you heat it up enough to stop it the whole set will burst into flames. Lori sat looking at her featureless face, her whole body sealed in tight rubber, her hands and everything else was numb not allowing her to feel anything while it held her rigidly in her doll pose. They gave us one hope, there is a limited supply inside the suit and if we keep puncturing and trying to cut it will stop sealing itself. The problem is each time we cut it and it fuses together it combines with the doll suit and makes it almost impossible to cut that same spot again so we only have so many places to cut.

He estimates if we cut the suit everyday for a month it will stop healing itself but it is only a guess. Thank god you don’t have two of them on because if you did I don’t know if we would ever be able to cut the suit enough to make it stop healing itself. Lori started shaking and convulsing as the largest orgasm ever felt in the world slammed into her body. She realized she would be permanently sealed in her doll suit long before they figured out she was wearing two of the healing suits and had used all the area available to cut. Two years later Lori was sitting with the other dolls in the hall, she was still feed regularly and cleaned but very few people wanted to have sex with a doll that was as stiff as she had become. She had been strapped in her arm sleeve with her feet and knees strapped tightly together during her last session and left that way for weeks. When her arms were released the solidifying liquid had held her arms and legs in that position so now she was strapped into them permanently. Her narrow waist and large breasts stood out against the other dolls against the wall but she hadn’t been chosen in over six months.

She just sat and watched people walk by ignoring her completely leaving her to wonder what happened to her other life and confused about if her other life had been real or not. Lori sat wishing someone one choose her even if they wanted to hurt her she just wanted someone to use her but every time she thought about trying to contact someone she would climax from the reality of her situation, she was a inanimate object and that’s how she will always be.

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