Leather & Lace

by Anita Dahl

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© Copyright 2010 - Anita Dahl - Used by permission

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Most major cities have an event that is THE premier event of the year for the fetish crowd. Ours is no different. Held in an industrial area this event starts promoting three months out. As soon as the first announcements are out preparations begin. There is so much to do once a date and location have been secured. There are venders to contact & secure, event workers to recruit, security, wait staff, entertainers, lighting, sound, area set up/tear down, money managers, handlers, accommodations, transportation… the list goes on.

Marci & I were some of the first to register. We made reservations at a very nice motel close to the event site where friends would be staying as well. With the event we attended last year put on by the same promoters this one promised to be kick ass!

All told there were 8 in our posse’- four girls, three guys and one who we were all confused by. We had a party to gather our entire crowd for a meet & greet and also to discuss what to wear, the venders and other things in preparation for the event. This was held at our residence… adult beverages were served. It was a ‘Pot Luck’ party. Those invited were asked to bring a ‘little something’ for attendees to munch on. It was decided that those in attendance were advised that dressing in fetish gear was encouraged but optional.

The evening of the party all was going well. People were getting along and many were at our computer looking for new gear on the ‘net. Then they came upon a site that had their total undivided attention: The American Doll. Specializing in realistic total enclosure dollsuits. Marci went to the site and the room became silent. The images were like nothing we’d ever seen before. People transformed into dream dolls. The site had videos of people wearing & modeling the dollsuits. There was even a video of a guy putting on the dollsuit. When the group finally spoke it was decided that we all would go to the event as dolls! We ordered the suits that night. The suits would be ready in two weeks. With the business 25 miles away we opted to go there for the final fittings.

When the day arrived we drove there. We were greeted by the owner, Aaron, and his daughter, Jaime’, who was wearing the suit we’d seen on the video. She was dressed in a low cut PVC dress, thigh high 6” stiletto heeled boots and was wearing a long blonde wig that went down to her ass. She had large gold hoop earrings and a matching choker. Her face resembled Barbie.

We walked into the office and the owner asked if we had any questions. “None for you. However, we’d love to talk with Jaime’… that is if that’s alright with you.” He turned to Jaime’ who joined us at the table. She had a laptop that was projecting to the big screen in the conference room. The reason for this was that the dollsuits mask’s mouth was closed, therefore, Jaime’ could not speak. Many, many questions and many, many answers later. Jennifer asked if we could see her without the suit. She looked at Aaron who nodded in the affirmative. Jaime’ removed the boots and stood up. She took off the dress and removed the wig. Aaron went behind her and took out a cloth and a spray can of solvent. He sprayed the solvent on the back of the suit and wiped it into what appeared to be a zipper. That done he started to unzip Jaime’. The zipper was slowly descending its track until it was finally down. Jaime’ removed the mask and to our surprise it was a GUY!

We all clapped. This was amazing. In the suit what appeared to be a voluptuous 20 something GIRL was in fact a 30 something DUDE named James. With Aaron’s assistance the suit was removed for our examination. The construction was impeccable. After a show & tell regarding the suits ‘equipment’, we did the fitting. They all were perfect. We packed them into our trunks and thanked Aaron and James who had put the suit back on and was now Jaime’… again. “Seems that James likes being Jaime’.” Aaron surmised with a grin.

The remainder of the day we spent shopping for shoes, wigs and jewelry. When we arrived back at our place it was decided that a ‘try on’ would be great fun. When we were all donning the suits we noticed that there were a few things that would require getting used to. The suits’ feet were all molded into the ‘high-heel’ position. This made wearing flats all but impossible. The suits all had built in corsets and the masks had tubes for the nose and ears. The eyes were glass with small holes in the pupils and all the hands had long fingernails. At the tip of each finger was a thimble-type device that fit over the finger tip to give the fingernails extra support. The ‘plumbing’ was different as well-the guys’ suits had a place to enclose and compress the genitals. There was also a tube that attached to the penis like a condom so that you could still urinate without removing the suit. The ladies model had a catheter-like device for the same reason.

We helped each other getting into the suits using talcum and friends to maneuver everything into the proper position. Then there was the corset. Leave it to say the girls were ‘aggressive’ tightening the laces and leave it that.

When we were all suited and dressed we looked each other over to make notes as to the small details. We remained in the suits for several hours to see how we had to move. Of note: the masks have small holes in the pupils of the eyes making peripheral vision nonexistent. And when you took off your ‘heels, you’d best have a chair handy!

We helped each other remove the suits. We all looked forward to Saturday. The day of the Leather & Lace event… and to our grand entrance!

The day of the event we all checked in at the motel. Our rooms were all joined so we could open the adjoining doors for convenience. The event started at 8:00. We started getting ready at 4:30.  By 7:30 we were all suited & dressed. The limo showed up at 7:45 to drive us to the site. Upon arriving we noticed a few friends. We exited the limo and caused quite a stir. Why not? We all looked stunning! We entered the building, showed our tickets and were escorted to our table. We had many looks on our doll masks. There was one that resembled Emily Proctor from CSI: Miami, another that was done like Kim Kardashian, there was Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, an updated Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole, Susan Lucci and my Marci was Heidi Montag. Nobody had a clue as to who we were… it was fabulous. We went from scene room to scene room, visited the venders’ area and saw the show. Several people approached us and conversations were done by notepad. The mouths had a very small flap that would allow a straw to pass through and we did have cocktails.

The evening was winding down and we left around 1:30 in the limo ride back to our hotel. We clik-clik-clik’ed our way across the tile floor to the elevator. As we stood there in our stilettos two VERY intoxicated guys attempted to hit on Drew & Emily. THAT was hilarious! When we got to our rooms. We started the process of exiting the suits. We took off our wigs, heels and dresses then as we tried to unzip the dollsuits we could not find the solvent. We looked frantically to no avail. We tried again but the zippers would not budge.

We were all stuck.

And would remain so until we could find the can of solvent.


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