Lindsey Stirling And The Sex Doll Factory

by latexsupergirl

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As Lindsey gazed around the very industrial looking plastics and latex processing plant her head felt almost like it was on a swivel there was so much to look at. The tour guide she was with had told the group she was a part of to watch where they were going since there was no safety barriers put up yet. With so much to look at though Lindsey quickly got distracted and was not watching where she was going. As she gazed around she didn’t notice the sex doll conveyor belt in front of her. With a thud she fell down onto the hard and unforgiving belt. As it whisked her away she tried to scramble off the belt but found it had carried her far into the ceiling of the industrial plant so getting off of it was not an option. As she looked around to see what her options were she noticed the belt was ending hopefully she would be able to escape her predicament. With a gentle thud she fell to the ground of this new room as she looked around the room she the first thing she noticed was that she was in a room full of vaguely female looking plastic blanks, the second thing she noticed was that there was clearly no exit to this room.

As she begins to panic and tremble ever so slightly from the panic that is beginning to set in a pair of robotic arms grab her roughly thinking she is just another blank. As the robotic arms try to hold her still a red light scans her looking for a barcode and taking her measurements to confirm she is the right size for the sex doll it’s making. As the system doesn’t find a barcode it scans her again to ensure that she is the perfect size. With the second confirmation scan complete the system decides to use Lindsey despite the fact that she’s not in the system, according to inventory she’s the only blank that is the right size and the order is a priority one. The arms then yank her over to a different conveyor belt and roughly drop her onto it. With a thud she is whisked away and deposited inside of the shaping booth that will fine tune a latex blank into the perfect shape requested for a order.

Right before dropping her into the fine tuning booth the system produces another robotic arm this one carrying a syringe. During its dual scan of her it had noticed parts of her had rung up as organic. The system had run into this before and had found it resulted in a poor sex doll. In response to this a substance was made just for instances like this, it would fully convert whatever organic matter it came across to latex while letting the blank retain its humanity. As she felt the prick of the syringe on her left ass cheek she felt the serum take instant effect as it dissolved her clothes and quickly converted her to a latex blank that looks just like Lindsey Stirling. Despite the fact that she has lost the ability to physically show her fear if should she would be calling out and kicking and screaming to get out of her booth as she is gently set down in the booth.

As Lindsey felt her now plastic feet settle down into a plate meant for feet she began to panic a little less hoping this would all be reversible. She didn’t have to wait long before the system took another set of measurements and decided that she her body requires some fine tuning. The first thing the system decides to fine tune are her tits. At an underwhelming 32A the system realizes a significant injection of latex will be required to bring her in line with what the order calls for. If her eyes weren’t pretty much frozen in place Lindsey was sure they would be bulging out of her head as a pair of hoses with needles at the end of them descend from the ceding and insert themselves into the very top of what used to be not very perky nipples.

With a slight kick the hoses begin to fill with liquid latex which they then pump into Lindsey’s tiny breasts. As she watches her tiny tits swell from a minuscule 32 to a plump 36C she feels intense pleasure from the sensation of her now latex skin being stretched to its very limits to contain all the liquid latex. As the hoses finally empty all their  contents into Lindsey’s now extremely sensitive and squishy breasts Lindsey experiences one of the most intense orgasams she’s ever had as the needles pull out of her breasts. As she looks down at her new breasts she begins to think to herself perhaps not all the changes will need reversed perhaps a few can stay.

The system now finished with plumping up her inadequate breasts moves down to her her waist. While close to what the customer had ordered she is still chunkier than what the customer had requested. As the system brings out the next item it’s going to use on her Lindsey internally chuckles as she knows exactly what it is, a corset. As the corset is wrapped around her she mentally giggles as she feels a strong suction causing the corset to become basically a second skin, if she could Lindsey would have let out a small gasp as suddenly an intense heat flares up underneath the corset. What the corset and heat is doing is slowly melting the latex plastic of her tummy and waist area away until her waist is a slim 21 inches around. The suction is there to make sure the corset doesn’t slip and to suck up all the melted plastic.

As suddenly as it had started a sharp stinging sensation assaults Lindsey as the corset instantly hardens her waist to a more dainty 21 inches around using a quick blast of super cold air. With her body now firm and no longer melting the corset is pulled away revealing to Lindsey her new itty bitty waist. As Lindsey looks down at her now very hourglass like waist she realizes that what is happening to her is crazy but also incredibly pleasurable not mention it’s putting her into the best physical shape of her life.

As Lindsey is marveling at her new slim waist, the system wastes no time and quickly reuses the hoses from earlier to inject liquid latex into her very, very flat ass. Lindsey jumps as she feels the needles begin to pump her ass cheeks full of of the liquid latex. Much as was with her breasts though she is quickly distracted by the sensations the stretching of her latex skin is causing her. As her cheeks swell to a juicy and bouncy bubble butt Lindsey has her second orgasam of the day . Having finished with her ass the now empty hose and needle pulls out of her ass cheeks and relocates to the sides of her hips. According to the order form the customer had filled out this person wanted a doll with plump almost hooker hips. As the system takes its time reloading the hoses with a more firm and solid version of the latex Lindsey manages to come back to her senses and can feel the now heavy weight of her booty. Even though she can’t twist her head to look she can tell it is several times more plump than it used to be just from the overall heavy feeling that she is not used to. As she thinks about her new tits should help counterbalance her new juicy ass.

As Lindsey contemplates the overall effect her new tits and ass are going to have on her balance, a set of hollow tubes that are slightly larger than each of her thighs, clamp around her thighs securing them in place and ensuring this more solid latex will only go to the intended areas. Once again the hoses with the needles kick on and this time they cause Lindsey’s toned thighs to jiggle ever so slightly. Once more as her shiny latex skin being to stretch out and filled with the latex in the hoses, Lindsey wishes she could touch her pussy because by this point her pussy is almost aching from a lack of being touched. Despite that as the hoses fill her thighs to the point where once removed from the tubes they will just about touch and rub together Lindsey feels an almost orgasmic bliss. As her thighs touch the cool metal of the tubes Lindsey mentally orgasams once more.

By this point Lindsey is mentally exhausted and as the tubes retract and her legs are released from the tubes Lindsey looks down and her now quite plump and almost jiggly thighs. Despite them now matching her now quite plump ass Lindsey despises her thighs as they almost look like hookers hips and if there was one thing she had never considered being in her life, it was being a hooker. With all the fine tuning of her figure now complete. The system begins cataloging the various changes it will need to make this particular blank more user friendly since apparently it was not shipped with the proper pleasure tubes.

As Lindsey stands in the booth forced to be immobile by the serum she was injected with, jumps forward as she feel something ram into her backside roughly around where her new plump ass is. As the sensation continues to occur she wishes she could look beyond her to see what was happening. Before long though she doesn’t need to look behind her as she feels a hollow tube which unbeknownst to her is ribbed on the inside for pleasure. The tub is slowly being worked into her virgin asshole with the help of a lubricator adhesive, as the system finally manages to get the tube all the way in Lindsey feels almost like she’s in a constant state of arousal, as her formerly virgin asshole is now forever open for anyone to access. Despite what all her friends had told her it wasn’t really as pleasurable as they had said.

As Lindsey wonders how long her asshole can be gaped like it is right now before it is permanently gaped to the size of the pleasure tube. As Lindsey contemplates this another pleasure tube which is held by a robotic arm descends from the ceiling. Before she can even wonder where its going, it rams the tube which has a perfect set of shiny red lips stuck in an O shape at the end of it into her mouth. As the pleasure tube rams into the back of her throat she realizes how lucky she is that she no longer has a gag reflex otherwise she surely would have gagged. As Lindsey looks down at her new plump ruby red O shaped lips she wonders how the system plans to secure this pleasure tube to her.

With a little bit of surprise showing in her eyes Lindsey watches slightly cross eyed as the system uses a tiny heat stick to melt the plastic of her new lips to the plastic of her old mouth. While this is also happening Lindsey feels her cheeks bulge slightly as a hard latex substance is expelled from the pleasure tube fills her mouth entirely ensuring that her cheeks will hold the pleasure tube in place.  As Lindsey rolls her eyes in disgust at the nasty taste of the hard latex, she wonders how the company will be able to get every bit of the compound out of her mouth, if they decide to change her back. Lindsey also wonders what else the system has planned as she hears it read a progress report off to a technician somewhere in the large plant.

As Lindsey listens to the progress report drone on about all the changes to her so far she is surprised when she feels a cold sensation intrude into her overcharged pussy. As she looks down she can only assume the robotic hand is trying to determine if her pussy is deep enough for the longest of dicks. As the robotic hand burrows deeper and deeper, she feels herself inch ever closer to an orgasm, as the cold steel fist finally reaches the far wall of her pussy where her cervix used to be she endures her most intense orgasm yet. As Lindsey rides the waves of orgasmic bliss she begins to think to herself if this is what being a Sex Doll is gonna be like, it might not be the worst career change she could come up with, her dancing violin days would have to come to an end eventually. Being as though the robotic hand only had to fist her once Lindsey assumes her pussy must be deep enough for whoever is purchasing this doll. As Lindsey stands there immobile she wonders what could possibly be next since she has changed so much in such a short time.

Just as Lindsey got done looking at her new transformed body, her arms were yanked above her head and held there by a pair of robotic hands. As Lindsey wondered what this could possibly mean a bucket of liquid nair hair remover was poured over her. As the stuff was industrial strength it made short work of the blonde tangled mess that was her hair on her head. As the rest of her reddish brown body hair mixed with the platinum blonde hair from her head she wondered who would want a hairless sex doll. Her thought processes were disrupted as she feels an adhesive applied to her head, despite the fact that it’s quite strong it feels no different than shampoo to her. The system now done applying the adhesive to her head puts a coppery red ponytail wig and permanently attaches it to Lindsey’s Bald head. As the system finishes putting it on her head Lindsey can feel the very end of the pony tail tickle the small of her back. Despite all her best intentions Lindsey doesn’t realize the system is slowly wearing her down and making her more and more ok with her future as a sex doll.

The system ran a scanner over Lindsey’s nude form confirming all the necessary changes had been made and cataloguing all the various parts used. With the visual inspection now complete a robotic arm carrying a scalpel descends from the ceiling with robotic precision it cuts a small slit in the back of Lindsey’s neck. It’s the opening now made another robotic arm quickly slots a microchip in the slot. With this final addition to her prone form Lindsey suddenly feels her mind flooded with thoughts she had never had before, she now knew every single word in the kama sutra, she knows the best ways to lick the tip of her future owner’s dick just right, in short she was now a master of the sexual arts. Despite the addition of all this knowledge Lindsey  is glad to recognize that none of it had deleted any of her memories. Little did Lindsey know that unless her programming was changed there would be no way for her to express any of her original thoughts or ideas, every word she uttered would be one of a select few programmed phrases.

Another thing Lindsey notices with the addition of the microchip, is that for the first time since this started it feels like she could move her limbs. As she tries to step forward and towards freedom she feels her legs lock up and become immobile again. Her programming forces her to step backward, back into the booth so it can continue to test her programming. Despite her best effort at resisting it Lindsey’s programming forces her left hand up to her left tit and has her roughly grope her juicy tits. The system then has her take the first two fingers of her right hand and has her begin to finger her newly tender pussy. Lindsey slowly begins to realize that no matter what she wants, she can’t convince her body to do what she wants.

If she could scream still she would have as she comes to the conclusion that this restriction also most likely extends to her voice. She realizes there will be no way for her to tell someone what has happened to her and considering how modified she is at this point, she doubts anyone will recognize her at first glance and that if they do, they’ll assume it was someone trying to be clever and perverse. The system now satisfied that her programming has been fully initialized sends the 'all stop' command to Lindsey and has her stand with her legs slightly spread in an erotic manner and has her hand playfully cover her tits as though to protect her modesty. With these final modifications the system then activates the conveyor under Lindsey’s feet and moves her to the finishing booth.

As the conveyor moved Lindsey into the closing booth she saw a tray on a pedestal loaded with objects. As she got a closer look she could tell it was an outfit of sorts and various sex toys. As the system began to issue commands to her she could tell it was all for her. The first object the system had her grab was the, in her opinion, very large butt plug. While she couldn’t stop herself from picking it up, she did notice her arm was trembling as she picked it up and began to slowly but surely shove the prelubed plug into the love tunnel that used to be her asshole. As she slowly shoved the girthy object into herself, she noticed how pleasurable it felt as it slowly slid inside of her, it was like no sensation she had ever felt before. As the base finally rammed into place against the opening of her anal love tunnel, Lindsey orgasamed for the umpteenth time that day.

Despite her being in the throes of an orgasm her programming took over and she picked up the next object, which now that she had a good look at it, she could tell that it was a penis  gag intended for her mouth. Without much preamble she shoved it into her mouth. Much to Lindsey’s surprise though, instead of feeling nothing at all as she roughly shoved it in, quickly her mouth exploded with a sudden burst of pleasure almost like her mouth was now as sensitive as her pussy. With just the addition of just these two objects, Lindsey begins to realize her new purpose in life will be one of carnal pleasures and nothing else.

As Lindsey stands still waiting for more orders, she looks at what is left on the tray, a short denim mini skirt, a pair of red silk French cut panties with a vibrator sewn into them, a white sports bra, and a pair of 7 inch shiny red high heels. As she continues to gaze at it, she knows that this more like what a prostitute would wear, rather than what a religious musician like her would wear. As the system sends her more commands she quickly grabs the panties and turns the vibrator on before slipping them on. As she slips them on, she feels her highly sensitive pussy explode with the excitement and power of this particular vibrator.

With trembling hands Lindsey then grabs the skirt and puts it on covering her obviously vibrating pussy with its heavy denim material. As she looks down she is shocked at how short her skirt is, it’s just barely long enough to cover the vibrating panties. Getting over her shock, her programming then forces her to grab the sports bra and slip it on. As she does, she finds out that in addition to everything else her nipples are now just as a sensitive as anything else on her. As the rough fabric of the sports bra runs against her puffy latex nips, Lindsey’s programming lets her gasp in surprise. As Lindsey is still processing this, the system forces her to slide the high heels onto her feet. Despite never having worn heels this tall before Lindsey is surprised at how natural they feel on her petite feet.

With this final bit of her outfit now complete and on her body a mirror drops out of the ceiling and is placed in front of her, almost as if someone knew she was once human and was curious about what she looked like after all these changes. Lindsey lets out another gasp as she sees what has become of herself. Where once stood a young, almost tomboyish woman in the prime of her career, now stands an almost aggressively feminine sex doll ready to please her future owner. If Lindsey still had tear ducts she might have cried at what has happened to her.

Now that the mirror is no longer needed, the system removes it to reveal the box that Lindsey will be shipped in. Much to Lindsey’s surprise it looks like a standard issue box for a Barbie but on a larger scale. Her programming then kicks in and she obediently steps into the open box, then finding herself resting comfortably in the plastic clamshell inside the box. The system sensing Lindsey is now in the box, shuts the box and brings the mirror out one last time so she can see herself inside the box. As Lindsey tries to read the writing on the box, she silently chuckles to herself as she reads what her new name is, “Fuck Me On The Street Corner Lindsey”.

As she continues to mentally chuckle at the irony of the situation, she feels her box picked up and moved into the back of a large dark trailer. As her box is slowly moved to the back of the trailer, since she is considered a high end doll and thus worth more, she needs to be hidden behind the less valuable dolls. One thing Lindsey notices though is that oddly enough, some of these other dolls seem to look like some of her fellow musicians and actresses.. any further investigation of this is impeded by both the box and the closing of the trailer doors. As the darkness settles around Lindsey, she just hopes whoever bought her is at least a decent person, as she begins to hum one of her favorite songs to herself.


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