Living Doll

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

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I stand in front of the coffee maker in a trance, waiting for it to produce the liquid energy I need so much this morning, my head still foggy from the late night I had shared with her. As I stand waiting for the dark brew to stop dripping into the cup, I hear the heels of the ballet boots I laced to her crotch two weeks ago clicking on the tile behind me. She is trying to sneak up on me, unaware of the noise her shoes make, mostly because she can’t hear very well with the ear plugs made into the thick rubber hood covering her head.

The hood was made of two layers of three-millimeter rubber, sandwiching the stiff metal stays, keeping her head motionless and her mouth held agape in the perfect O shape of any good sex doll. She had demanded that her mouth be forced to stay open so she could still at least feel me use it for my pleasure, so practice was needed for our upcoming plans. She could only feel it because her mouth like all her other orifices were filled and lined with the thick rubber limiting her sensations and eliminating all taste.

This had been another of the demands for the situation she had coming up, each meaning not only would she spend months learning and adjusting to them but once she had gotten what she wanted she would never be able to remove them again. My little doll eased up behind me running her petite rubber encased body on mine sliding her gloved hands around my waist hugging me tightly as I lifted my cup to my lips listening to the soft gasps from her as she pulled air through the tubes embedded deep in her nostrils.

Like everything else she wanted these, and they serve several purposes and will be most important in the future. The primary purpose was to eliminate the possibility of her airway getting blocked, without me doing it of course, second it made it impossible for her to smell anything adding one more frustration and another bit of reality to her plan. She hadn’t smelled, tasted, heard or spoken a thing since the final hood had slipped over her bald head three weeks ago.

The hair removal process had worked as promised and within two months it had stopped growing and now the supplement was mixed in her daily nutrient drink keeping her hair and nails from growing. I let her stroke my bare chest for a few moments enjoying the feel of the rubber against my skin but when she reached for the drawstring on my pants I quickly stopped her spinning her around and clipping the steel cuffs around her wrists together, swatting her ass firmly.

Last night had been exhausting for me, we had agreed in the beginning that once a month would be her night and I was to agree to almost anything she wanted to do and last night she had worn me out. I enjoyed everything she did and requested I do to her but twelve hours of constant sexual tension and bondage was exhausting. I know I had encouraged it by ignoring her for almost six weeks prior leaving her locked in the leather chastity corset with her hands locked a few inches from each side of her waist making her extremely horny.

She had been acting out wanting to start the final process quicker than we had planned so I thought I would give her a sample of how it was going to be once we completed her plan. I laced the thick leather corset as tight as I could, sealing her pussy and ass locking her thighs together along with a very short chain between her ankles. The three links of chain between the D-rings of the corset and the steel cuffs on her wrists was the last addition except for when she would pester me then the thick rubber blindfold was left on for a few days.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I should start from the beginning: I met Sophia on a Friday night five years ago at a club I frequented. She was stunning, five foot tall, her black hair down below her tight round ass. Her ice blue eyes jumped out from behind the latex covering her face, the tight leather mask keeping her mouth sealed shut pulled tight around her head by the six leather straps that were all locked.

She was wearing a long hobble dress keeping her legs crushed together down to her ankles that were wobbling slightly due to the ballet slippers locked onto her feet. I had never seen anyone walk in true ballet slippers but she had mastered the thin heels and pointed toes perfectly arousing me greatly. While I studied her body I wondered if the minuscule mounds under the latex that I could see was all she had because they would have been the only complaint she could have about her body.

When I touched her I could feel the corset under the rubber and the idea of this woman locked in rubber made my dick jump to attention, something she noticed immediately. It wasn’t much of a conversation that evening but I had never seen anyone so committed to her fetish as this woman was and couldn’t seem to tear myself away from her. I was about to leave, writing my number on a napkin when she tapped my arm and made a driving motion then pointed to herself. I asked if she needed a ride home and she shook her head “Yes “and we both headed towards the exit.

Sophia stopped at the door getting her bag from the large bouncer who stared at me sternly as she walked past me to the parking lot. I followed her transfixed on the movements of her wonderfully restricted body until she stopped after walking about half way across the parking lot stopping and turning towards me. I stopped still staring at her hearing her giggle slightly as she pointed towards several cars then holding her hands up.

Her movements made me realize she had no idea which one was mine, causing me to look around quickly, spotting my car about half way back to the club. This time she followed me to my car sliding into the passenger seat and while I went to the other side she had gotten her phone and typed out her address. During the ride I asked if she was comfortable or needed anything loosened or removed, she giggled again, typing, “Yes, No, but I would really like my corset tightened”.

I wheeled into a parking lot almost skidding to a stop telling her to turn towards the window lowering the zipper of the dress to the bottom of her corset. I could see the heavy rubber of the corset was stretched tight but still had a good two or three inches left open and quickly untied the mass of cord and began working the corset tighter. Jokingly I said “I’ll just close the back” thinking there was no way she would want me to do that.

Looking up I noticed her nodding her head against the tall rubber collar, telling me she actually wanted me to do just that. I didn’t know at the time she always wore her corset four inches smaller than her waist but that night and for the next two days once I had the corset closed she wore it almost seven inches smaller. I zipped the dress up, tucking the fob for it under her collar and watched her wiggle straight in the seat, noticing how little I could see her chest moving. I waited a few minutes before asking if she was alright and driving off.

After a few minutes of driving she picked up her phone again and began typing what appeared to be a book, continuing to type until I pulled into her apartment complex. She pointed to her building so I began searching for a parking spot. Being so late I was only able to find one several buildings away and shut the car off. As I walked around the car to open her door and watch her struggle out thinking this was it for the night my phone beeped.

I stopped by the door looking at my phone to see who was texting me this late and read the ‘book’ she had written. “I’ve had a wonderful time and would really like to see you again,” it started, “but tonight I can only ask you to make sure I get to my apartment ok and then you must leave,” making my smile disappear. “I would love for you to stay but I have been naughty all week so I am punishing myself and must remain dressed as I am until Sunday night. I hope you understand and since we really do not have a choice, I hope you will come see me on Sunday,” my smile returned as I read on, “I will be waiting to see and talk with you and you can finally see my face because I know you are wondering if I’m ugly or not.”

I laughed a little and opened the door. I followed her to her apartment wishing we had parked a few miles away, the sway of the heels, tight dress and corset was mesmerizing. Reaching her door, I could finally hear her panting slightly and asked if she wanted the corset loosened before I left. She nodded “No” reaching up touching my face with her rubber covered hands then waved goodnight closing the door in front of me.

There was no doubt I would be back Sunday, if for nothing else to hear how her bondage weekend went, not realizing she lived a bondage and latex life. I could already tell I would love her no matter what she looked like. Saturday, we texted each other all day about everything she was doing and why she was ‘punishing’ herself. Each text ended with “Can I come over now?” each time getting a smiley face and a “Not yet”.

The more I chatted with this wonderfully crazy woman the more I had to try to control myself and not show my eagerness. Sunday night I arrived with the food she had hinted she might like to have since she hadn’t eaten in almost forty-eight hours, surprisingly nervous as I knocked on her door. I could hear the petite woman bouncing to the door ripping it open giggling as she jumped into my arms.

I was glad she was so light so I could catch her with the one free arm I had since I was holding the food in the other. Sophia was kissing me frantically as I stepped through the door, seeing a table around her bobbing head and walking towards it trying to set the food down. I could feel she was still wearing the tight corset and had seen the slippers had been replaced with ballet boots and wondered what I was getting into as I returned her kisses.

She dropped to her toes squealing as she grabbed the food bags and dashed to the kitchen table. She was absolutely stunning actually running in the toe boots sitting on one folded leg leaving the steep shoe exposed as she ripped open the bag. We ate and talked and even knowing how long it had been since she last eaten, I was surprised how much she ate, especially while still wearing the corset.

We chatted until she yawned and stretched, hinting to me it was time to leave so I stood up and started to say my goodbyes when she jumped to her pointed toes leaping into my arms. “You can’t leave. I was hoping you would stay the night,” she said, gripping my waist with her legs. “You can tie me up if you don’t trust me, or even if you do,” she said giggling. I was not about to pass up an opportunity to spend more time with her and turned and carried her to the bedroom.

We spent the rest of the night with her bound and gagged and me teasing her, both of us calling in sick Monday morning and spending the day with her still encased in her latex, corset and boots while we made love many more times. Between sessions I would question her poking and prodding her restrained body when she would delay in her answers. She explained her desires to be a full-time latex doll and what she was willing to do to make it happen.

Remembering those talks now I had no idea just how serious her dreams were or how far she would go to achieve them. For the first year Sophia introduced me to her passion for rubber encasement, she had a very understanding supervisor who let her wear her covered ballet boots and shoes mostly because Sophia did incredible work for her having no idea that under her office clothes she was covered in layers of rubber.

Sophia was never without her rubber and the only time her boots came off was when she bathed or when I used them as punishment by not allowing her to wear them. By our second year she was living at my house taking a job that she could work from home only having to go in once or twice a year. During the following three years she had arranged to never have to go in and stayed completely encased, unable to remove the rubber unless I allowed it.

I had been increasing her corset training especially since she used them to contain her large breasts so I made sure most of her new corsets had cups that could be removed leaving her tits exposed using them as another punishment when needed. When Sophia wanted to increase her gag training, I was eager to help and soon she was wearing every type of gag I could find and several we designed and built in my shop.

My manufacturing business had grown considerably, popping up on the national board soon getting me an offer to sell that I couldn’t turn down, with the stipulation I could have another shop to build personal items and only sell to limited customers. I had originally started making specialty metal items moving up to all different kinds of materials with the attitude of being able to produce anything from anything.

The deal was settled and since my attention had been redirected to making fetish items for an extremely limited audience but mostly making things for my latex doll. We were all set. During our time together I had become an expert on first repairing latex then creating everything from glued clothes to form made rubber gear. We made everything she could dream up and each was more confining than the last.

When we started making clothing from dual bonded layers of three-millimeter-thick latex I had no idea we were close to making her dream come true. Sophia had wanted a bonded formed hood made but we knew there was not enough stretch to pull a hood with only a neck opening over her head.

It took Sophia two days to come up with a design for a tool that would allow the hood to be stretched far enough to clear her head so I quickly formed a hood from the thick stiff rubber. I used the normal form for a hood, adding softer foam under the surface so it would shrink more while setting.

When the hood was set I added two tubes for her nostrils and the insert for her mouth leaving only two tiny holes over her eyes but leaving them filled for now. I had built the tool bringing both home for her to try out, only showing her the setup briefly before using the tool to spread the neck of the hood and dropping it over her head.

We had lots of practice installing the tubes and inserts while stretching the rubber over her head so it went easily, closing the tool and sliding it out from under the long collar. Everything was tighter than she expected and she began pulling at the collar with me yanking her hands behind her back linking them together, I knew the neck was not too tight.

Sophia calmed in the new hood and as soon as she calmed herself I stuffed a mouth-filling gag into her lined mouth making her thrash uselessly again for several minutes before she sat gasping through her nose. I left her blind for two days before popping the plugs out of the small holes allowing her to see enough to be able to walk around slowly.

The hood was left on for two weeks, Sophia had adapted well to her confinement as usual telling me through her pad how great it felt even able to return to her working duties. After a month had passed she began asking if the hood could be removed being told “You can take it off anytime you want”.

I let her struggle with the tight rubber for two days before removing the gag insert and sliding the tool under the collar, spreading it enough for her to wiggle her head out of the hood. We talked about the hood and her feelings, both of us learning she really wanted it to be part of her when she becomes a doll.

While Sophia normally stayed home only going out either with me or on my orders. She was often forced to wear her full rubber outfit including the latest hood that sealed her mouth shut leaving only her beautiful eyes exposed in public. When she had felt alone she would often spend days at my new personal shop encased in tight rubber and gagged enjoying being kept as an object.

Sophia hated going out in the general public with her latex exposed especially when I didn’t let her compress her breasts. In the current suit and corset her breasts were lightly compressed but her nipples protruded through the first layer and showed clearly through the remaining rubber. For some reason she hated showing her aroused nipples even though she was covered from head to toe in black rubber the strange feelings she had about it made it easy to use against her when needed.

At the shop I had many pieces of equipment to restrain her with while I fitted her with whatever new idea we had come up with. A favorite memory was the time I had made a new body corset for her as a surprise and packed her in the small box I used to transport her in and carried her to the shop. As soon as we arrived I removed everything from her body before lacing a type of arm binder onto her that forced her arms together in front of her body. I hooked the binder to a hoist mounted on the large beam that ran the length of the shop.

I had received the new casting from her dentist and using the 3D printer made the first prototype gag wedging it deep into her mouth. Sophia hung by her bound arms her toes just touching the floor while I fitted newly made panels for a thick plastic suit that once placed on her and latched would keep her restrained leaving her just being able to walk but unable to move her arms, head or neck.

During the fitting she had been making noises as she hung watching me fit the panels until I got tired of listening to her pulling a tight hood over her head blocking her mouth and leaving her with only one small hole to breathe through. The suit was something I had designed and built even though she had voiced her distaste of the heavy restrictions the hard plastic presented. I had planned on her wearing it when we traveled to conventions as an advertisement along with other new designs she would model during the shows.

I worked on fitting some panels until late in the night, telling her she would have to wait until tomorrow to try out the new corset. Sophia expected to be redressed and packed away for the ride home but instead I left her dangling naked except for a thick rubber hood and an extremely tight rubber bra that had reinforced openings around her nipples. The rubber bra would squeeze her breasts forcing her nipples out of the small holes making them very sensitive.

I wrestled some experimental leggings up her legs, having to coat each with thick lube just to get them up to her crotch. As soon as I got them near her pussy and ass I stuffed both her holes with the large vibrating phalluses that were made into the leggings. I had made these months ago realizing I had made them much too small. I had never given them to her to try on deciding when I saw them lying nearby I would try to force her into them.

I struggled to dress the bound woman that was trying to help by pushing her toned legs as hard as she could. When I finally had the leggings over her hips I was able to yank the high waist up almost to her rib cage letting it go. I watched her waist immediately get drawn in by the strong rubber like she was wearing a tight corset. Sophia had no idea what I was doing and hung grunting and gasping around the mouthpiece filling her mouth. Once she was dressed and her ankles and legs were strapped tightly together I turned out the lights and went home.

Sophia hung struggling to breathe feeling the rubber covering her breasts slowly tightening, squeezing her nipples out of the openings making them throb. As she twisted and thrashed the rubber leggings seemed to be trying to cut her in half, restricting her breathing and making her legs go numb. Sophia had spent many hours in layers of tight rubber but had never felt anything as tight as the leggings and was getting aroused by the compression and the phalluses of the leggings.

Sophia struggled until she hung limply gasping as the thick rubber continued to crush her body drifting in and out of sleep until she heard me enter the shop. I greeted her with a firm smack on her ass, noticing how tight the rubber felt. I stopped studying her for a moment, being able to clearly see how much thinner her lower half seemed to be. The rubber I had used for the new leggings was a much denser material meaning its resistance to stretching was much higher.

I spent several minutes rubbing her waist and legs, shocked at how tight they felt and how much they had reshaped her. I watched her struggle slightly as she awoke fully realizing I was stroking her warm rubber covered body moaning then squealing loudly when I touched her nipples. Sophia’s nipples were protruding almost vulgarly out of the tight rubber bra and apparently had become very sensitive making her twist and pull at her restraints.

I was going to remove her hood when she pulled away moaning and shaking her head “No”, laughing. I asked if she was thirsty, getting another “No”. I told her it was going to be a long day and asked her again if she wanted a drink, getting another vigorous “No”. I chuckled some more and teased her twisting and pulling on her nipples while I stroked her pussy making her thrash helplessly in her bondage.

I spent the morning finalizing the assembly test fitting the new pieces and the ones I had adjusted, noticing several times Sophia had apparently gone to sleep. Each time I would catch her asleep I would pinch a nipple getting a loud howl from under the hood watching her twist and shake as she fought her bonds. When I had the suit ready I lowered her arms letting her stand on her own removing the hood smiling at her sweat covered face “Ready for a drink now?” I asked, getting a slow nod as she worked her sore jaw.

After drinking several glasses of water, she said, “I really like these leggings, where did they come from?” I explained I had made them and she giggled “Can I keep them?” I nodded yes listening to her ask if I could make her doll suit out of the same material but maybe even tighter getting another nod from me.

I forced the dental gag back into her mouth and fitted the plastic panels to her torso squeezing her abdomen, neck and head tightly finally hearing the clicks of the latches. Sophia was struggling to get away from me and the hard plastic and when I released her arms she twisted and turned blindly running her hands all over the plastic encasing her. After a minute she calmed from the lack of air and staggered backwards, I grabbed her and led her to a chair letting her sit and watched her gasping inside the hard plastic.

When she calmed again I eased her arms into the casings for them forcing them up her back as I closed it. Once her arms were encased I pushed the case hard onto her back hearing more clicks before letting her go. Sophia was now encased from her crotch to her head in rigid plastic and from her waist down in extremely tight rubber. I was so aroused at her helplessness watching her heaving breaths as she sat in the chair trying to figure out what I was going to do to her next.

I watched the strange figure rocking back and forth listening to the muffled moans and whines coming from within it for an hour before she leaned back and sighed and I knew she had accepted her situation. For the next two weeks I kept her locked into the rigid shell and tight rubber only opening the small ports to feed and evacuate her when needed.

Sophia had started enjoying the hard shell and after I added the panels for her legs she could not bend from her compressed waist up and only able to just bend her legs enough to walk slowly on her pointed toes with her arms trapped high up her back. Being completely covered in the hard plastic she felt very little on her skin, unable to beg for me to add some stimulation to her encapsulated body. When I finally released her she giggled saying she had changed her mind about wearing the material telling me she had liked the change.

The convention had been a hit, she had stayed dressed in layers of tight rubber, two different plastic suits, one day even vacuum sealed in an incredibly tight rubber sack that forced her into a tight hogtie. By the end of the event I had a hundred custom orders all paying big deposits. We didn’t need the work but it gave me something to do as a distraction and challenged me to keep learning so after unpacking her from her shipping crate I left her dressed in her normal rubber attire adjusting the corset until she was gasping through her nose.

For two weeks I worked on my orders, almost ignoring her, realizing I had been ignoring the sole reason for my doing custom orders. I stopped working on the orders concentrating on the new rubber suit she had wanted. Each night I would tease her until she was almost weeping in frustration, moaning and whining under the tight hood. Watching her pleading blue eyes surrounded by the black rubber always aroused me so I would restrain her using her bound body for my pleasure as the rubber between us limited her sensations so she couldn’t orgasm.

When I finished her new bodysuit I packed her in her case carrying her to the shop unsealing her for the first time in over a month cleaning her naked body admiring how beautiful and toned she had become. She loved the attention of me cleaning her asking casually if I would miss feeling her real skin. I hummed saying “Yes, but I enjoy feeling you encased almost as much as you enjoy being encased”.

She purred, turning to face me kissing me deeply as she reached down, opening my pants and dropping to her knees. After an amazing blow job I slowly lubed her lower half and we struggled to get her legs into the suit. The “Lube” as we called it was a special mixture, she had found on line that once it was set turned into a glue. We had always diluted it in the past learning how long it took to release her skin from the rubber she was wearing. The lube had been used several times before but this time it had not been diluted so neither of us knew exactly how long she would be literally glued into the rubber suit.

She saw the phalluses asking if they were bigger than the last ones giggling as she stroked them. I told her they were rechargeable and the new design made it so she could be evacuated much easier with each having removable centers for my amusement. She lubed herself as I dribbled more lube on the thick rubber and when we both agreed we were ready we began the struggle to encase the rest of her body. I had designed a closure system knowing how tight the suit would be so once we had squeezed her body and arms into the suit making sure her fingers went into the gloves I could seal it.

The hood was the most difficult part being made without an opening so it had to be stretched with the tool over her lubed bald head and have its nose openings lined up quickly and the tubes inserted through them into her nostrils. Sophia had taken the modified dental mold gag into her mouth first not realizing how far her mouth would be stretched open until it finally popped into place over her teeth. She had almost demanded that her mouth be held open so she could feel me in at least one orifice not realizing just how devious my mind really was.

The hood forced her mouth to close around the gag keeping it in the perfect O shape, as any good sex doll should be. The dental mold had been made from hardened rubber with a padded latex liner designed to be very pleasurable for me. Unfortunately for her it would allow very little sensations for her to enjoy, just like all the other phalluses now embedded deep into her. I wanted to stop from the exertion but I knew she wouldn’t have it so I rested as she adjusted to the impossibly tight hood and collar.

When she had calmed herself I started using the clamping system to close the opening in the back of the suit pulling the thick rubber extremely tight around her torso. Every inch closed had to be fought for then heat sealed closed due to not being able to find a zipper that would hold the pressure.

When the suit was finally sealed and the collar fused to the top of the suit I dropped back into a chair with shaking hands and arms admiring my work as the seam seemed to almost disappear. Sophia wandered around letting her body adjust to the new much tighter rubber learning how different the en-pointe shoes made into the suit were. The shoes themselves were made from triple layers of the rubber while the soles and heels were stainless steel.

The shoes pulled her toes slightly further back towards the pencil thin high heels forcing her to adapt to the new position as she tottered around the shop. I watched her carefully swearing I could see her body shrinking from the tight rubber as she moved, laughing as she straddled my legs plopping herself down onto my lap.

I stared into her smiling blue eyes, noticing how the tight rubber had sealed itself around the edges of each framing them perfectly and making it look like the rubber was her skin. “Do you like it?” I asked. She clapped her hands raising them above her head vigorously nodding that she did. “Good because I’m not doing that again, and it will be a while before we can remove it” watching her slowly nod her head “Yes” I understood that she was aware of our plans and for the first time thought about her not being her anymore.

I showed her the new corset I had made for her, pulling it back from her telling her she would have to wait until tomorrow to wear it. Her eyes looked down as she pouted so as firmly as I could I said “Maybe if you are very good, I’ll let you try it tomorrow, but if you keep pouting I’ll just leave it here until I get in the mood again”. Sophia brightened back up, understanding she needed to get used to the new suit first to make sure nothing bad happened and the glue could set fully.

Of course, as soon as I unpacked her from her travel crate she reached for the corset begging me with her eyes as she knelt in front of me. I smiled removing the cover over her gapping mouth and let her fuck me with it seeing her frustration build as she worked on my stiffened cock unable to feel me at all.

When she was finished she typed out “You’re so mean,” giggling under the hood holding still as I replaced the cover making her look like an inanimate sex doll again. She stretched like she was yawning, pulling me towards our bed forgetting about the corset for the moment, undressing me before curling up beside me with us falling asleep while I stroked my new living rubber doll.

I awoke first standing next to the bed studying the doll lying by itself seeing how the tight rubber made it lie exactly like a lifeless doll when she was relaxed catching myself calling my love an “IT”. I turned away thinking after all this time of her “training “me she had been trying to convince me to think of her as an object, a mere toy and now I was doing just that.

When she woke up she tottered around the house going to the bathroom to see if the new suit was the same giggling as she found it difficult to “pierce” the suit with the tubes to evacuate herself. Each tube was shaped to fit into the removable centers of the phalluses trapped inside her being able insert them easily and flip a switch to fill and evacuate cleanly.

When she returned she picked up her pad and began typing. First was a long thank you note telling me how wonderful she felt to be my doll and how much she appreciated all my planning and effort. After showing me that, I handed her the feeding tube allowing her to insert it herself and carry the bottle to the table so she could type while she sucked the contents into her throat.

I fixed my breakfast/lunch while she sat sucking and typing sitting down watching her chest heave as she panted for air knowing she still had not noticed how I had shaped her breasts in the thick rubber or made it so her nipples appeared to be very visible. When she was done with her daily meal she unplugged the tube cleaning the bottle and hose setting them out to dry. Sliding me the tablet as she walked past me towards the bedroom.

I read “My dearest owner, I know the next steps will be difficult on you but remember it is something I have felt I must do my entire life. Being your doll forever gives me the greatest feelings of love anyone could ever want and I just wanted you to know that your new doll will be grateful you made its dreams happen and yours forever.”.

I had been second guessing if we should go ahead with the final steps but after reading the confession of her desires I knew I had no choice. No matter what else happened if we didn’t do this she would never feel complete. I joined my doll in the bedroom seeing her standing with the corset ready for me to seal it on her and now I was almost as excited as she was.

The corset was made from even thicker layers of stiff rubber, it was not designed to stretch very much or be very flexible but rubber is still rubber so some movement and stretch was expected. It was not a lace up corset so the clamping system was used again quickly drawing her waist in while squeezing her breasts out further. I had the corset only about half way closed when she started waving her hand asking me to stop.

I laughed, slowing the compression, reminding her of the epoxy that was in between the layers watching her gasping as I continued to close the corset. When it was fully closed I made sure the bottom seal had gone under the edge before smoothing the outer seal over the corset sealing it to itself so the epoxy under it could set fully.

I was shocked when I came around in front of her and saw the dramatic reduction of her waist, I had expected it but the visual of her rubber covered body being crushed in the middle was stunning. Her eyes flew open as she saw my reaction flailing her hands and whimpering desperately trying to ask me what was wrong.

I snapped out of my shock smiling as I turned her towards a mirror quickly stepping out from in front of her so I could watch her eyes react. It’s funny when you get to know someone well enough that you can tell they are smiling just from seeing their eyes but I knew she was smiling and smiling big.

She hummed and whimpered as she stroked her narrow waist, loving it immediately, stepping closer to the mirror before grunting and turning to face me. I was still smiling as she stomped her pointed foot and pointed to her breasts, Dammit! I forgot she hadn’t seen herself yet and now she was mad because I highlighted her wonderful breasts.

I couldn’t stop laughing at her standing there encased in layers of thick rubber, unable to speak with her hands on her hips like she was going to demand something from me. I stopped laughing long enough to say “It’s how I wanted my sex doll to look.” That statement was enough to make her understand this wasn’t only about her.

I stepped up to my new doll and began stroking and rubbing her new skin. We both knew from previous experiments once the glue set, it transmitted the feelings from her rubber skin directly to her skin. The feelings had been described to me as “electric” and excited the encased woman just telling me about it.

After a few moments of being stroked my Sophia doll was melting in my arms, we had never tried what we were about to do so neither of us knew if the electric sensations would remain. We spent the rest of the day letting her body acclimate to the extremely tight corset and letting her walk around in her steep high heels.

Whenever I could I would whip her rubber covered ass with anything handy laughing at her muffled squeals really enjoying watching her spin and dance around. After watching TV for a while she typed out how happy she was and that she loved me since we knew that once we added the final step she might not be able to communicate anymore.

The final step was to put the “doll” skin on her, the skin was another full body suit made to look like an inexpensive blow-up doll. We had tried many suits in the past even using air pressure in some but none ever looked correct or gave her the true “doll” experience. It had taken me months to design and build a suit that had the look of a doll but would still allow her to move, all be it with great effort, and still appear as an inflated sex doll.

My biggest challenge had been to get the inflated look without using air pressure, I also wanted to preserve the look of her incredibly reshaped body under the “Fake” skin of the doll. I had designed the last suit first to make sure it was possible and finally figured out how to make it all work. She had only worn it once having no idea what I was testing so she really had no idea what the final step was going to turn into but she trusted me to make her dream come true.

The suit was made from multiple layers of a vinyl material that gave little stretch, the hood and mittens had been padded to give the inflated look while still being form fitting on the inside. It would be heat sealed as the first suit had been and epoxied over the corset and rubber suit making it permanent until the first suit had released from her skin.

The other challenge had been to make the doll suit pull Sophia’s arms and legs in the position of a blow-up doll, slightly spread and bowed. I had already started the process with the first suit and once the second one was affixed the parts that had added layers would be constantly pulling her arms and legs into the doll’s position.

Sophia wasn’t fully aware of my plans, I knew what she wanted and hoped after a time she would be able to move freely but I also wanted her to have no choice but to assume the position if she relaxed. My doll has no options so I wanted to make it so she would have to choose to fight the tensions to not be a lifeless doll.

We spent the night “testing” her sensations removing each of the phalluses using each in turn for my pleasure, frustrating her greatly as she realized she might never be able to orgasm until she was no longer my doll. As soon as she had relieved herself, learning that her morning routine was much more difficult, crushed in the corset, we started with the final step.

I slowly stroked her rubber covered body trying to feel if there were any temperature differences that might indicate a blood flow issue. After finding no problems I led her to the bedroom showing her the cuffs we had designed to work with the doll suit. The cuffs were made of thin titanium designed to be wide enough to support her while restrained but not damage her.

Each cuff was closed tightly and locked around her wrists and ankles squeezing the extra glue out from under them. I cleaned the glue making sure the D-rings were correctly lined up so once the suit was placed over them the D-rings would push through the designated slots. Giving her permanent steel cuffs to use at my discretion.

When she was ready I took the suit and began applying the glue to the lower half, I would need to apply the glue as the suit engulfed her body due to the tension of the vinyl. I already knew it was going to be incredibly time consuming to get her fully into the suit and didn’t want to have the glue set in places before I could get the suit pulled up.

She had never seen the suit fully “painted” and had no idea what it would look like so I knew she was going to be shocked when she saw the final product. I sat listening to her gasping and giggling as I struggled just to get her pointed feet into the suit. Once the suit was pulled up to her knees I spent a long time making sure it was aligned and smooth before proceeding.

After four hours of struggling, I had the suit up to her chest stopping just below her breasts, this was another place I needed to be careful. In the suit placed directly over her nipples were small motors that, once her nipples had been squeezed into the cavities in the motor cases, could give the sensation of them being squeezed and twisted.

I had found the smallest vibrating devices made and mounted one on each side of both nipples hoping she would be able to feel them. I knew how sensitive her nipples got and hoped I would be able to increase her frustration by being able to tease her with the feelings of her nipples being tormented.

I had padded the doll’s breasts like her head and hands making them appear larger and hopefully eliminating any sensations from them while hiding the electronics I had built into the suit. After the dolls hands were fed into the sleeves and mitten shaped hands I concentrated on the final piece, the large vinyl hood.

The hood had the typical painted red lips in the perfect O shape with red circles on its cheeks and painted blue eyes, Sophia would now only be able to see through very small holes in the center of the painted eyes of the hood. I had debated for weeks over the eyes not wanting to lose being able to see her wonderful eyes but I wanted to make her dreams come true and knew this is the way she wanted it.

With the hood glued and sealed to her rubber covered head I began closing the suit, drawing it tight. I was already able to tell the glue had set in the lower parts of her legs so I hurried to get it stretched and smooth before it was too late. I slathered the last coat of glue on the surfaces to be sealed and continued stretching the vinyl tight, pressing the edges together until the fake seam lined up perfectly.

I quickly checked all the D-rings again, running my hands all over my new doll’s body making sure there were no wrinkles or bumps that shouldn’t be there watching her standing perfectly still as she felt the heat from the setting glue increase all over her body. I watched her wondering if she was thinking about the fact that once the glue set, she was permanently my rubber doll.

As I watched it began to slowly move around the room noticing how it was twisting its head learning how to see through the smaller openings for its eyes. As it moved around the rubber arms would occasionally move back to its relaxed position perfectly making it look like an inflated doll.

I smiled as I thought about how my designs seemed to be working watching my doll move towards the mirror stopping in front of it staring at its image. The doll stood staring for a long time, it would shift positions twisting different parts of itself noticing for the first time it had been painted to look like the classic sex doll.

I admired from behind how the designs really made it look like a cheap plastic doll, the boots were painted from her toes to her knees with the painted silver cuffs exactly over where the real steel cuffs were locked around her ankles. The D-rings looked like they were coming off the painted cuffs, when she turned you could see the laces of the painted boots completing the look.

I scanned upwards while it was turned towards me seeing the bright red circle around the now filled hole between her legs quickly looking up, I chuckled at the red circles indicating where her nipples would be. The red circles highlighted her pronounced nipples I had formed into the vinyl knowing how much she hated her nipples showing.

The doll turned around showing me the red circle over its rear entrance, making me smile again as I thought how it looked like a bullseye on a target and how much I was going to use it. Everything I did was to make her dream come true while forcing it to accept it was totally under its owner’s control.

I watched it ease back to the edge of the bed, sitting down presumably very tired as it quickly returned to its resting position of its arms and legs bowed out and slightly bent. I moved in front of it, smiling, admiring how the fake inflated head was forced to lower itself into the perfect position to be used for my pleasure.

Another red circle was around the currently closed opening for its mouth and the seams around its head wrinkled slightly from the stuffing holding the inner liner tightly against her rubber encased head. I touched her ballooned mitten hands that were also showing wrinkled seams getting no response from the trapped woman inside the doll.

I could see the doll breathing only hearing the air moving in and out of the tubes hidden by the painted nose on the flat face of its ballooned head. I said loudly “Are you okay?” getting no response I knelt down in front of its face and asked again seeing it flinch slightly.

I smiled as its head raised up then it almost leapt forward grabbing me around my neck, the sudden movement catching me off guard making me drag the doll with me as I fell backwards. As I lay on my back with my new sex doll still squeezing my neck I could hear faint giggling from inside the balloon head.

I rolled over quickly standing and sat down on the bed watching the doll roll on its back immediately going back to the sex doll pose hearing muffled laughter from the doll. I let the doll twist and roll around assuming it was trying to get to its knees and laughed as it struggled helplessly.

When the doll quit struggling, I pulled on its mitten hands letting it dig its heels into the carpet pulling it up to its pointed toes letting it gain its footing before letting go. My doll stood in front of me looking me in the eye letting me be able to see a tiny amount of her wonderful blue eyes under the painted ones of its face.

I waved for it to follow me leading it out to the living room holding a chair for it in front of a large computer screen, the computer was new having been purchased specifically for use by my doll. I explained how the doll could use the touch screen to type out her responses with the large stylist lying on the desk. I had made the stylist so it could be picked up and held in the mitten hands of my doll.

I laughed as I barely heard the squealing from the head of the doll watching it try to grab the pen, finally picking it up and began touching the letters on the screen. The first words were “So good,” I laughed as I asked it questions about how it was doing learning that my Sophia was loving everything about what we had done. When I was done asking questions I patted my dolls head going to the fridge to grab something to eat while listening for any sounds of distress.

When I returned my doll was sitting back in the chair in the doll pose having exhausted itself again suddenly realizing seeing my inanimate doll ready and available to be used aroused me. I looked up seeing the screen and knew why it was exhausted having typed out, “Thank u, everything is perfect, hope u enjoy my nipples” making me laugh as I continued reading “U have made my dreams come true”.

I read more about how she felt wonderful and had planned to hand me a letter she had written but now had to tell me instead. As the typing got harder her English and spelling got worse making me wonder if maybe I had reinforced her joints too firmly only shrugging my shoulders thinking there was nothing I could do about it now.

I found the envelope and stood reading it next to my relaxing doll, the letter reinforced our previous conversations about how my doll was to be treated during her time adding several special requests. I smiled as I read she wanted to be treated like an inanimate object being left restrained with no speaking to it or offering any explanations about how or why it was being used.

There was a lengthy paragraph on treatment with ideas to help keep time from being realized by his doll’s occupant, even suggestions about its storage. I was quite shocked at her desires to virtually be ignored for the majority of the time quickly walking to a small closet in a guest room.

Her letter had explained she wanted to be “stored” in there seeing she had set up restraints inside the small room that would limit her ability to move completely. We had discussed the once-a-month agreement that had been used to let her express her desires towards things she wanted to do.

Normally we would do almost anything she wanted during those times, now she wanted it to be rare and random and only when I chose to let her ask for anything. The letter went over many times about how she was now my toy and only a toy begging me to treat her that way.

That was six months ago, my doll now spent its alone time restrained in its box. I use it regularly to release my sexual tensions while ignoring its own needs. I have caught myself thinking about it as an object only many times smiling as I wrote my thoughts in the diary she had asked me to keep for her.

I had stopped asking about if the suit felt loosened or not, during the first few weeks she had used the touch screen often, several times expressing her frustration and even her desires to end the experiment. We had discussed what to do when this happened so I only ignored the pleas for release.

I eventually took away her screen privileges demanding she remain as a doll unless I gave her permission to act as a living doll. I punished her regularly for months until she accepted her position completely. On the times when she had permission to be “Alive” she seemed to really enjoy these times.

Last night had been one of these times, she had been adapting well to the restrictions of her doll suit and could now maintain her mobility much longer before exhausting herself out. She had been shown the abilities of the suit’s phalluses and nipple teasing, I had taken the reactions from the teasing as arousal enjoying her muffled moans and thrashing.

On multiple occasions I had left my doll restrained in her box with the nipple teasing running unaware it caused her pain after a few hours. My doll slowly acclimated to her role only allowing itself to move or respond to her owner when I specifically ordered it too.

It had become normal to leave my doll sitting somewhere in the house returning to it a day or two later finding it exactly as I had left it. That reinforced my “training” of it being an object and not my love trapped inside a suit. I would get bored with my doll’s appearance, dressing it in different clothes, especially enjoying the long hobble dress, adding the leather arm-sleeve and posture collar and leaving her to suffer in silence for several days.

The blindfold was a favorite of mine because it aggravated her taking away her only connection to the real world and after six months she remained bound and blind more and more often. I had stopped using the torments built into the doll leaving it unable to move longer and longer.

During these times my doll had enjoyed being ignored more each time hoping her owner had moved on to another lover leaving his sex doll alone in the dark. I had not “moved on” . I had however been extremely busy with my budding fetish business, unbeknownst to my doll it had been at two fetish conventions having been the main attraction at both.

I had received so many orders for doll suits I was almost ready to have to hire employees to keep up, having a real problem finding anyone qualified to create the fetish items. During a specific interview I had taken my doll to the shop, I had dressed it in a PVC French maids uniform leaving its arms encased in the single arm sleeve with a latex mask to make it look more human.

The doll stood on her pointed toes behind my desk when the person I was to interview entered seeing it and immediately squealed in excitement. “Is that your living doll!” I was shocked the person was a woman, her name had been listed as ‘Sam’ so I had assumed it was a man.

I laughed at her reaction telling her it was my doll letting her grope and fondle the helpless doll before asking her to sit down. She had the qualifications and after an hour’s conversation with her I found she definitely had the passion. I told her she could come and try the job out being asked if she could wear her latex to work?

I laughed and said she could, there were only certain projects she would need to wear protective clothing for, being asked about footwear and told the same thing. I spent the afternoon giving her the tour finding she understood the processes and all my tech talk. I ended up taking her to dinner then returned home forgetting about my doll bound and blind at the shop.

Sophia doll spent four days helpless in my office not being totally forgotten but definitely ignored as Sam and I got to work. Sam was stunning, each day showing up in more latex and higher heels making going to work exciting and arousing. By the end of the week I was using my sex doll twice a day again.

Sam was working hard every day asking for more freedom in her attire, getting it without any questions with me only finding out what she wanted when she showed up in a hobble dress, a long corset laced exceptionally tight. But it was the gag and hood that impressed me the most.

The gag forced her mouth wide open and even though her eyes were uncovered by the leather hood it had been laced so tight the harness encircling her head under it could be seen. When she emerged from the bathroom fully dressed and gagged, she handed me the keys with three locks and a note.

I read the note asking me to first tighten her corset properly to whatever tension that made me happy locking it when finished, then she asked for me to not return the keys until she had completed her current task with “NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES” typed in large bold letters.

I tightened the corset pulling her in by a few more inches before stopping and locking the straps that wrapped around her narrow waist and below her heaving chest. I really enjoyed watching her latex covered breasts heave with each breath she took, missing that view from my doll.

Sam spent two days and nights in the shop, she would cuff herself to the support beam each night leaving me with the keys. On the third morning she begged for release through the open gag finding when I made a promise, I kept it. I showed her the paper she had given me explaining it wasn’t right for me to break my word with her.

Sam was fed through the gag being assisted to relieve her bladder before being ordered to go to work again. Sam struggled during the third day but worked hard enough to complete her task. I congratulated her asking how much help she needed in freeing herself watching her moan and drop to her knees quickly unzipping my cock.

I really wanted her mouth on my cock so I let her suck me around the gag until I exploded violently into her throat, surprised when she sucked me clean even with her mouth held so far open. This became a regular routine for Sam and I, she reminded me of my Sophia before she became a doll so it was hard for me not to play with her.

Sam was also as creative and curious as Sophia had been asking what kind of rubber was my doll made from? I explained it to her by showing her a sample watching her grin grow as she held it in her hand. It only took a moment before she asked if she could have a pair of leggings made from it.

I explained the material was extremely tight making her start to beg, I waved her off saying “We’ll see” immediately starting on a new pair for her, remembering how great Sophia had looked in hers. I had more of the steel ballet bottoms so naturally I formed them in as well. A few days later Sam was being forced into the well lubed very tight leggings squealing as the thick phalluses entered her.

She had not expected the phalluses but giggled once they were seated and when the high waist was snapped around her I told her that the plugs were necessary for flushing. Again, I watched as the exceedingly tight rubber squeezed her noticeably watching her walk in the ballet heels while being overfilled in both holes.

Several hours later a sweat covered Sam came up to me saying she thought she had been squeezed enough indicating she wanted out of the leggings. I laughed at her showing her the bottle of “Lube” I had used, letting her read the label, seeing her face change to shock when she realized she had been glued into the tight pants.

Sam’s hands were stroking her covered ass and thighs as she meekly asked “How long will I be glued into them?” I smiled, shrugging my shoulders only telling her it “Depends” before walking away from her. It normally took Sophia around two months for the glue mixture to loosen so I figured it would be at least that long.

It took Sam a few days to acclimate to her new leggings working each day wearing her tight dresses and corsets learning quickly to move and bend while filled. By the end of the second week she had been frustrated by her situation learning she could not stimulate herself very well through the thick rubber.

Sam had gotten to the point of desperation that I had seen my Sophia reach multiple times watching as she became irritable and down right bitchy from her frustration before finally breaking down and begging me to free her. This was the point where Sophia used to use anything and everything she had to arouse and tease me desperately trying to make me as horny as she was.

Sam learned just as quickly when you're so easily made helpless, my feelings are always satisfied, and after another two weeks she had accepted her situation returning to the fetish inspired hard worker she had been. I let her stew in her rubber for three months before showing her the rubber had been released and telling her she could remove the rubber anytime she wanted.

Sam spent two additional days wearing the leggings then meekly asked if I would help her out of them since she couldn’t stretch them enough. I reluctantly agreed, helping her to slither out of the pants and even lacing her thigh high ballet boots on for her before she wiggled into her dress for the day.

The following day Sam was much more relaxed wearing a knee length dress and waspie corset still wearing the thigh high boots. I asked her if she felt better and she grinned and said “OOOOH YEAH” with both of us laughing. I asked about the boots being told she only had the one pair of ballet boots and her feet hurt too bad not to wear them.

From that point on Sam wore ballet boots only, learning to walk in them as well as my Sophia had, being teased often about how well she had learned to walk in them since she had said she didn’t like them very much. Sam continued working in her latex clothing teasing me with her crushed waist and slick body.

Sophia doll spent more time alone in the dark, only knowing she wasn’t alone when I flushed and fed her before restraining my doll again. Having two models for my fetish line increased my business again and with Sam’s help I was able to take more orders knowing I could complete more by forcing her to work longer as my latex robot worker.

Sam’s desire to be controlled and used rivaled Sophia’s so it was easy to make her work longer hours and seven days a week while enjoying using her and my sex doll in various threesome fantasies. It had been months since the last time I had allowed my doll to communicate with me so when I left her free while I went to the shop, when I came home I found a long story on her screen.

I went to her box finding her restrained and waiting on me as normal so I read her story finding it hard to decipher finally figuring out the rubber had released from her skin. Sophia had given me permission to wait until her next annual anniversary to be released from her doll suit but only if I wanted it.

She had written about her desire to remain my doll having enjoyed the time the three of us had spent together and hoped I had found another true love. I immediately started cutting her out of her rubber and vinyl suits hearing her gasping and whining as the pressure was released.

Immediately she begged to be put into another suit, shaking badly she said she had to have something around her so I spent the next two days letting her readjust to her freedom. I had to lace another corset and ballet boots on her but she was soon able to walk and talk normally with only a slight issue with her jaw working correctly.

When she asked me why I released her I explained that she was my whole life and I only wanted her to be happy and thinking I was no longer in love with her wouldn’t work. After a couple of weeks she had recovered, she wanted to remain corseted and in ballet boots permanently while wearing a gag more often saying it was actually more comfortable gagged.

When Sam and Sophia met, they were both dressed in their respective latex, both commenting on how much they liked each other’s rubber and squealing when they noticed the other's ballet boots. Now every day is spent with two rubber clad worker bots with Sam saying she has a very fetishy friend that might enjoy working there as well.

Our threesomes happen more often now but I have been hearing more talk between gag swaps, about the shop acquiring another doll with Sam expressing her thoughts on it being her this time. I could only smile wondering if she would be as willing as my Sophia doll to spend eighteen months encased and virtually helpless as my first rubber sex doll. Secretly I started working on another doll suit using Sophia’s notes to help make it more interesting for the next doll.


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