Living Latex Doll

by Asudem Latex

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© Copyright 2011 - Asudem Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; majick; witch; transform; rubberdoll; object; display; cons; X


So, you've heard that I'm a lesbian domme Witch with some very special tastes in my girls. That a very special one I will transform into my private and perfect Toy...

Does that excite or scare you? The possibility of becoming a living latex doll, to be owned and controlled so thoroughly? You have spent so much time seeking me out are you willing to take the last final step into my world and change to please me and my pet? To utterly submit to my vision of the perfect lesbian... toy? What will you sacrifice, and ultimately become for our sole pleasure and perverse delights? Hmmm....?

Here you are, standing before us; wondering, dreaming while dressed in nothing but latex clothes and the highest heels that you can manage. Are you now in the right place?

Yes... thats love... your deeply guarded obsessions are an open book to me. No use hiding them, you're safe here now. This delicious blend of fetishes and unspoken submissive desires in your heart is what brought you too me like a moth to a flame. You couldn't resist no matter how hard you tried. You're already perfectly dressed for it already now aren't you? Dressed to enter my latex world and never ever leave. These impossible fetisheses I can make real for all of our deep hungers. Its in your soul - let me bring it out for us to see. It will be the new real you. Let it shine!

I shall mold you as her twin sister; yet artificial and idealized in proportions - truly transformed in perfect living latex; a desirable Doll for us to treasure and use however we please. We have always really wanted one. All of our dreams will be fulfilled as no one before had wanted it so much as you do.... or desired to submit so deeply to the fetish. 

Not long from now you will be a slick shiny fetish 'Object' bound to us in so many ways on so many levels. You will serve your Mistress intimately and obediently. There will be no choice even if you change your mind or balk at some of the pleasures I demand from you. A doll, a puppet, an automation, my subserviant toy.

As a doll made of pure latex you will also only able to wear latex. No common threads shall ever be able to touch your slick shiny body, only the finest and gorgeous latex fashions will grace your doll body forever more. *poof will go anything that's not latex. You would never be able to pass as anything else but a doll in public. Your skin, your face, eyes and shape will define you as a doll. Your latex wardrobe always shiny and mostly tight. 

This secret obsession burns so very very brightly in you. I can tell you have spent much time training yourself to wear latex against your skin at all times. A beautiful woman with a wardrobe of nothing except latex and the highest of heels. I utterly approve. I can see your body has accepted both and permentaly changed shape trapping you in those gorgeous heels. Good. Such refined taste. You have done so well in reaching this point by yourself my love. Let me reward you for your dedication and fulfill your dreams. Your own drive and will trapped you in 5 inch heels; I will trap you in latex forever. 

I can tell you want this, an impossible 'more' for anyone besides me. You were right to seek me out. I will utterly treasure you for it. A precious object to cherish, love and display.

You see I have decided to permanently bury you deeply within your fetishes until all that you now are is simply... gone... Surrender yourself to the possibility now. Even if you cannot say this aloud, this is what you wanted when you searched me out and this I shall deliver to you.

You will become a living doll, a latex mannequin, simply a pretty life sized Barbie to dress up, and cherish for the utter slave to fashion she is. Our unique and prized fetish slave, ... our special 'Toy'. That is now your inescapable fate since you entered my realm. 

All of your skin will be made into beautiful slick latex inside and out. Perfect, shiny and blemish free. Your hair like the best wigs available yet still thick and synthetic like a dolls hair. Eyes glassy and luminous in their fake bright color, further marking you out as not real, an object, a doll. 

You will only ever be conscious and able to fully move in our presence. Our needs and desires will animate you like a puppet. Though made of tight latex you will see and feel everything, taste only our bodies and become addicted to all aspects of them. 

Yet for the rest of the world you will just be seen as an utterly sexy life sized doll that we shall keep locked in a glass display case to show off my couture designs. Frozen in timeless bliss, your face a mask radiating your desires. You may be here alone for our private enjoyment or in my boutique's window in beautiful vingettes amongst mannequins who will continue to dominate you in even your frozen timeless form. 

The displays will be sometimes elegant; a classic model pose with fine flowing latex gowns and dresses; yet firmly leashed like a sexy pet to another mannequin to show your utter subservience to their plastic perfection. Or when I like; erase you totally under layers of thick black latex bound tightly with countless straps, buckles and cute locks held captive to your plastic sisters. Just a latex shape bound so tightly. No passerby could ever understand how your deep fetish brought you to this as our private toy as they admire the compelling and kinky displays. 

You can never forget that we are your world now Doll as simply nothing else exists for you. You are to loose your old self to my pets idealised doll form, scarcely able to remember much from your past bar your deep desire to wear latex all the time and to be utterly submissive to us. Anxious to please us in so many very kinky ways. Our doll.

As the months dissolve into years the attention you will receive as a living doll will melt away the last remains of your old self. Being our Doll will be all you can remember and then when that point is finally reached you will truely be our most treasured sexy object, our pretty latex possesion. Trapped forever in latex bliss. The mind of a doll, the latex body of the doll.

Your hidden obsessions lead you to me, my special gifts and my very unique tastes, and to submit to be sealed and lost in euphoria to the latex doll. You will be here for rest of your life..., perfect, shiny latex. My sexy Doll. Timeless. No one but myself and my close pets will know that you were ever human or be able to animate you to be played with in our kinky games.

I can see it in your heart that you've already submitted to me and have accepted this deep calling within you. We shall begin.


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