The Long Weekend

by Unreal

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© Copyright 2006 - Unreal - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; rubberdoll; lovedoll; transform; cons; X

"Oh you have to try it," exclaimed Mary. Janet couldn't believe the plain, mousy little a Mary would know about such a place.

"Really?" Janet said warily. "Bill and I aren't into porn or anything like that."

"It's not a porno shop, and it doesn't sell cheesy costumes either," Mary said, digging through her purse. "It'll make your fantasies come true. Literally."

Janet screwed up her face skeptically.

"Seriously Janet," Mary said, handing her a card. "Go there, you won't regret it."

Janet looked at the card; it was white with simple black text:

Fetish Emporia


*              *                *

The door opened and Bill and Janet were greeted by warm lights and cool, conditioned air.

Bill had come along reluctantly. They had argued some about it. Bill said they didn't need props to enjoy sex but Janet argued that they needed to have sex to enjoy sex. They were young, well to do, no kids, and they should be doing it in the kitchen, in the shower and upside down and backwards in the bedroom. As it was, they were barely doing it at all; they needed something Janet said, anything to put the spark back into their sex-life. So here they were.

"Hello, welcome to my Fetish Emporia," a tall and regal woman said. She was standing in front of the checkout counter and wearing a crisp gray suit. "I am Ms. White, How may I help you?"

"Hello," Janet said cheerily, Bill just smiled. "My friend Mary recommended this place."

"Ah, our little Mary is one of my favorite customers," she gestured elegantly. "Please look and if there is anything I can do to help just ask."

Bill and Janet wandered off. The Fetish Emporia was big, with row upon row of products. It was clean and well lit.

"Well this isn't too bad," Bill said. "I was expecting some sad hole in the wall."

He picked up a box from a shelf.

" Look at this: 'Mermaid's Tail. Turn your wife or girlfriend into a siren of the sea.'"

He turned the box over.

"'Warning: gills included, recommended for people living near bodies of water or with private pools.' Are they serious? It's probably just some stupid mermaid costume."

"Mary said this place was different," Janet said.

"Yeah well…"

Bill was cut short by a husky female voice behind them, "Excuse us."

They turned to see a huge woman looming over them. She must have been at least seven and a half foot tall and had curves like a cartoon. Wide round hips, painfully narrow waist and huge ballooning breasts. She was dressed in high boots, leather mini and jacket and a lacy black bra. More shocking that the Amazon was the little man buried in her cleavage. He was the size of a Barbie doll and only his arms, shoulders and head were seen. He smiled and waved.

"Excuse us," he repeated in a high, squeaky voice.

Janet and Bill recovered enough to realize that they were blocking the aisle. They moved aside.

"Yes… excuse us… sorry," they said clumsily in unison.

They stared in slack-jawed wonder as the woman headed for the front counter.

"I think your friend Mary might have a point," Bill said.

"Yeah…" Janet said. "Do… do you want to leave?"

Bill paused a moment. "No, do you?"

"No," she said, smiling. Bill smiled back. "So what do you want to do? Want to try the Mermaid's Tail?"

"Naw, that really doesn't interest me," he said. "Look, we have a long weekend coming up. Let's split up and you pick out something for me and I'll pick out something for you."

"Okay," she said. "But you have to pick out something that you want for me, and don't be shy."


*              *                *

Friday night came and Bill and Janet stood facing each other in their bedroom. They were both stripped down to their underwear and were both nervous and giddy.

"So… who goes first," Janet asked.

"Ladies first. What did you buy?"

"Well, here," she said holding out her hand. Bill picked up the small box from her palm.

"'Big Dummy Condoms. 3 pack. 20 hrs. each.'" He read. "What do they do? The box doesn't say."

"I'm not entirely sure, but I have a good idea, a good feeling you know?" Janet said.


"Well then, strip boy!"

Bill's cock was already straining and it bobbed up and down as his briefs fell around his ankles. He was about to take it in his hand to bring it up to full strength but Janet beat him too it. She stroked him and leaned her body to his and kissed him.


Bill breathed heavy as she continued to stroke. She backed away from him and ripped open one of the condoms. It was thick and black like ink.

"Ready?" she asked.


The moment the little black circle touched the tip of his dick Bill could feel the pressure build. Janet rolled the condom up his shaft and the pressure built even more. It was like his dick was about to explode in the biggest orgasm he ever had, but it didn't blow. The pain was building and building but the he was so close to pleasure that he endured.

"Oooohhhh shiiiiit," Bill moaned. He got weak at the knees but wouldn't or couldn't go to his knees.

He looked down at his member and was shocked to see it was growing in length and girth. What's more the black latex of the condom was spreading all over his groin, wrapping itself around his waist, plugging up his ass and flowing down his legs.

"Umm Janet?" Bill barely got the words out above a whisper as the pressure began to build, not just in his cock, but everywhere the latex flowed.

Janet was mesmerized. All she could do was watch her new toy grow bigger and bigger and watch the slick black skin flow all over Bill's body.


Bill just stood and trembled, overcome by sensation as the blackness enveloped his head, making it a featureless orb. Eventually the thick black coat covered every inch of Bill and he stopped quivering and stood stock-still.

Janet was a little shocked herself. During the transformation she was a little scared for Bill, but more excited and, well, horny. As Bill changed into this marvelous shining object Janet felt her crotch stir and start to lubricate. When Bill was done Janet was idly fingering herself, not even realizing it.

"Any body in there?" Janet said, knocking on Bill's head. It sounded dull and hollow.

She slid her hands down Bill's chest. Her fingertips made tracks in his new glossy black skin. It was soft and warm. Already she had a hard time thinking of this thing as Bill, her husband; Bill was gone, dead, at least for 20 hours.

"Okay Dummy, let's see what you've got."

Janet stripped off her bra and panties and climbed into bed onto her back. She spread her legs wide and looked at Dummy. If her pussy had been a gun she could have shot him dead.

"Fuck me!"

Janet was a little surprise at the speed the Dummy climbed into bed with her and slid its big dildo onto her. It was already pumping away with gusto before she caught her breath and realized what had just happened. She began to moan and yelp uncontrollably as her brain caught up with reality. The Dummy's massive cock slid in and out effortlessly and Janet began to thrust her hips with the rhythm. She clawed at its back and wrapped her legs around its waist and pulled the Dummy's rubbery dick deeper into herself.

As big at it was it didn't cause pain, or rather it caused the kind of pain that all good sex brings, the kind of lusty pain that promises great pleasure.

"Faster," she whispered.

Instantly the Dummy increased its thrusting. Janet was turned on even more at the control she had. The Dummy didn't talk, it didn't want and it didn't defy, it just did what it was told.


The Dummy increased the strength if it's thrusting and banged Janet's cunt until the bed shook. Janet arched her back into the force and her moans reached a crescendo and her legs tightened around it's waist and her pussy squeezed the dildo and she came harder and longer than she knew was possible.

The Dummy, by some instinct buried deep inside its rubber head, slowed as Janet orgasmed, then orgasmed again, then again. Her whole body quivered and her limbs turned to jelly and she collapsed underneath the Big Dummy.

"Get up," she said weakly. The Dummy got up and stood at the foot of the bed, looking at nothing in particular, waiting for it's next command.

Janet was exhausted but felt warm and relaxed all over, riding high on the afterglow. Looking at the black dildo sticking straight out of the Dummy's crotch she marveled that something so big could fit into her little pussy. Maybe it was the magic, the same magic that made the Dummy's cock so big made her pussy stretch out to accommodate. In the end she didn't care, she was spent and exhausted and was drifting off to sleep.

She took one last look at the Dummy with its dildo at attention.

"Can't you put that away, you look silly?" and at that the black rubber penis melted away, absorbed into the Dummy's crotch.

*              *                *

Saturday morning didn't start out well. Thinking she had some all purpose slave she ordered the Big Dummy to make breakfast. The thing lumbered away, running into doors, seemingly not to know where the kitchen was. In the end it made a big mess and Janet realized that the Big Dummy was pretty dumb, useful for only one thing.

But that one thing was all she really cared about. First thing Janet did was test the limits of the Dummy's flexibility. She commanded the dummy grow a big cock and that's what it did. The she commanded it to be longer and longer and the cock shot out of the Dummy's groin like silly string. It slithered around the room like a snake and on her command it penetrated her.

The Dummy stood on one side of the room and Janet stood on the other side and got fucked by the Dummy all the same. As it continued to pump her Janet went up on her toes. Perhaps obeying some mental command or desire, the length of the Dummy's dildo slid under her ass and shoulders and lifted her off the floor. She was floating in air in a state of lusty euphoria. The dildo continued to pump her twat and coil around her body, over her breasts, around her neck, until she was completely cocooned.

If some corner of Janet's mind was still rational enough to realize what was happening it was quickly beaten down because her whole body, not just her pussy, was being fucked.

Afterwards she lay on the floor, just breathing, with the Dummy standing above her when her rational mind snapped to the front once again. Maybe she should have been freaked out by what just happened. She never did tell the Dummy to do that, but now that it had happened, she knew that it was the right thing. It was what she wanted without knowing she wanted it.

She ate lunch, all that rutting took a lot out of her, but she was surprised at how quickly she bounced back. She had never had such mind blowing orgasms before and her twat had never been so, well so despoiled before but she wasn't sore, she was ready to go again.

This time she brought the Big Dummy out into the living room and sat down, naked, on one of the big overstuffed chairs. She spread her legs.

"Eat me."

Janet wasn't sure what would happen. She had only made the Dummy's dildo change shape and she wasn't sure if the featureless orb could change shape at all, but the Big Dummy knelt before her and plunged its face into her crotch.

Once again Janet was surprised at the intensity the Dummy did it's job. She groaned in ecstasy and arched her back, thrusting herself into the Dummy's face.

The Dummy didn't just make a mouth with lips, teeth and a tongue; it attached itself to Janet's pussy, creating some wondrous, alien organ with which to eat her out. Her brain was buzzing, she knew she was headed for another brutal orgasm. Maybe several.

The rubbery substance of the Dummy's head oozed and formed itself into shape in her crotch, some of it flowing down the crack of her ass, grazing her anus.

"Oh lick it, lick it!"

At that something warm and wet began to stroke her ass, working in unison with the organ on her clit so she didn’t know up from down or right from wrong. Ass, clit, ass, clit. Clit ass, cit ass.

It was all over too soon, she exploded in orgasm, creaming all over the chair, but she didn’t notice or care.

"Off," she commanded.

She sat in her own juices, catching her breath and thanking God or maybe the Devil for her friend Mary and that wonderful Fetish Emporia.

Eventually she realized that she was a bit of a mess. She had been cumming and sweating since Friday night. She needed a shower.

As she headed for the bathroom she looked back at the stain on the chair, then looked at the Big Dummy. She shrugged her shoulders, it couldn't hurt, she thought.

"Lick that up," she commanded. She didn’t bother to see what would happen.

After showering and toweling off she went out into the living room to find the Dummy standing by the chair. It was clean and dry.

"Down to the last drop," she said.

Janet had pretty much fucked the whole day away. The sun was setting and she knew she didn't have too much longer until the 20 hours were up. She figured she has time for one last good go.

"Follow me," she directed.

She positioned the Dummy at the foot of the bed and she crawled onto it. She didn't crawl so much as prance with her ass high in the air, full exposing her slit, a move she would never have made 24 hours previous.

Janet's heart began to beat faster and the juices began to flow in her vagina in anticipation of her next command.

"Fuck me like an animal!"

The Dummy mounted Janet just like she were a bitch in heat and her senses exploded. She could feel each pore on her skin contract; each gland sweat and each hair stand on end. She arched her back and jutted her hips just so to receive the cock. Janet felt the lumps of her spine slide under her skin and the Dummy's hands on her shoulders. A low grunting came from deep in Janet's throat, far back where it hurts to vocalize but it was the only sound she knew to make.

Janet could smell everything, the remains of lunch in the kitchen, sweat soaked into the sheet, but mostly she could smell her own cunt, it was hot and wet, sweet and musky. She leaned into the pumping cock and the heat increased and the sweat and juice and the heat. Oh God she could smell the heat!


After climaxing she kicked the Dummy roughly away. She had gotten hers, no need to keep the thing around, it was irrelevant. After a few minutes that old primitive brain relented and Janet came back to herself.

"Stand up Dummy."

From behind foot board the Dummy rose from where it had fallen. She stared at it for a while, wondering what to do next and reflecting on what had happened over the last day. She had experienced sexual heights she never dreamed of and she didn't want it to end. Of course Bill had bought an item himself for her and she wondered what it was like for Bill in that black skin and wondered what he had bought for her.

She glanced over to the alarm clock and saw that the 20 hours we just about up. As if on cue the black, rubbery skin began to peel away from Bill's body in dry flakes, which crumbled into dust and then into nothingness.

Bill's eyes fluttered open as he came out of his trance. He looked abound the room and saw Janet on the bed. For a brief moment Janet thought Bill might be mad at her for making him do the things he did.

"Oh MAN!" he hooted and jumped into bed with her. "That was incredible."

Janet smiled and embraced him. "Really? What was it like?"

"It's hard to describe," Bill said. "I wasn't there, there was no one in there. I was a thing, an object. I had no consciousness. But somehow I was still aware."

"You mean it was like a dream?"

"More intense and clear than a dream. I could sense without knowing, you know?"

"No," Janet said. "So you remember it all."

A sly grin crossed Bill's face. "Oh yeah, I remember every perverted moment."

Janet flushed. "Oh."

"Don't be embarrassed," Bill said. "Actually I'm glad to know we share a little something in common."

"What do you mean?"

"Let me show you what I bought for you."

Bill went over to his dresser and pulled out a small pink box from the top drawer. He handed it to Janet.

"'Party Girl,'" she read. "I don't like the sound of that."

"Don't be a killjoy," Bill said, taking the box from her. "Besides, if your experience is anything like mine you're going to feel great afterward."

"Okay, okay, okay," Janet said quickly, psyching herself up. "What do I do?"

Bill opened the box, inside were three small containers. "Pick one."

"Lip gloss?" Janet took all three out. There were pink, lavender and baby blue. "What do they do?"

"Just pick one," Bill smiled.

Janet put the lavender and baby blue back into the box and screwed off the top of the pink, dabbed some on her finger and rubbed it on her lips.

"Well?" Bill asked.

"Well I…" Janet began. "That's odd… it feels kind of, stiff."

Janet's lips began to swell; normally they were nice, not thin but nice, now they were thick and pouty like a porn star or cable news anchorwoman. She began to smile and giggle.

"I can't… I can't stop smiling," she said, her voice sounding higher than before.

Over Janet's girlish giggling Bill could hear the sound of rubber stretching and could see a change in Janet's face. From the edge of her lips, like ink soaking into cotton, Bill could see the growing influence of rubber.

Unlike the coating of black he had the day before, Janet was actually changing from flesh and bone to rubber. The changes spread over her face, smoothing out pores and blemishes. It spread across her eyes, her irises, normally hazel tinged green, became pink, her eye lashes lengthened and curled and her eye brows thinned and arched high in her forehead. As the rubber crept into her scalp her dark brown hair explodes in long curls of cotton candy pink.

The rubbery conversion spread down her neck and across her shoulders. As it went down her chest her b-cup breasts ballooned out and out, becoming as big as volleyballs but they didn't sag, they stood out defying gravity. Her areolas became light pink and shined like porcelain.

Her arms changed next; when the effect reached her fingertips her fingernails grew out, pink instead of clear. Janet's waist constricted and her hips flared out some as the glossy power overtook her. Her snatch of pubic hair took on the same cotton candy pink and her pussy lips reformed into a pink, simulated cunt. Her ass glistened like a beach ball

As the rubber seeped down her legs they became longer and shapelier and when her toenails became pink, the process was over.

Janet had stopped giggling and was standing with her eyes closed, moaning quietly, stroking her hands up an down her new body, across her ass and pussy and up to her tits and nipples. She squeezed them, the rubber on rubber squeaking.

"So, how do you feel?" Bill asked.

Janet's eyes opened. "Hey cutie. I feel, like, totally good you know?"

"Well, you look good."

"Aww, that's so sweet," she gushed. "So, like, what's you name?"

Bill was a little surprised at the question. Of course he's just seen his wife turn into a magical sex toy, so how surprised did he have a right to be?

"Bill, my name is Bill."

"Hey Bill, that's a sexy name."

Bill thought she would have said Poindexter was a sexy name, but he was loving this. She moved, toward him, the lights shining off her perfect rubber skin. His dick was rock hard.

"What's you name?" he asked.

"Any thing you want lover."

Bill was not about to call her Janet. Janet had gone bye-bye for a while.

"How about… Bubbles? Do you like Bubbles?"

"Bubbles," she exclaimed, her voice squeaking as she said it.

Bubbles pressed herself close into Bill and basically stuck her tongue down his throat. The kiss was the strangest thing Bill had ever experienced. Her whole body, inside and out was rubber, it was soft and warm and nearly frictionless. Her skinny arms embraced and stroked his back, her breasts pressed against his chest. One leg rose and wrapped itself around his waist, pressing their crotches together.

"Thank you Bill, Bubbles loves her name. Do you want a blowjob?"

Janet never, ever, ever offered to give him a blowjob. She had only once given him one, when they were dating, and Bill had to coax her into it.

"Oh yes please," he said.

Slowly Bubbles dropped to her knees, on the way down she planted little kisses on his chest and stomach until her luscious lips can gently to the tip of his cock. Her rubberized tongue was agile and Bill thought he would let loose right there, but Bubbles was skillful in the art of fellatio and she only let out a drop of pre-cum which she consumed with zeal.

Bubbles continued to work the shaft, caressing it with her lips, her tongue was pulsating and she moaned with hunger as if she were eating ice cream. Bill, weak in the knees and sweating a river, placed both hands on to of Bubble's head and took two handfuls of her plastic hair. He leaned into her, thrusting his dick deeper into her mouth. She took it with pleasure, bobbing and sucking in rhythm until she was deep-throating him.

He couldn't stand it any longer and he shot his wad and Bubbles eagerly swallowed it down and continued to suck for more, bringing Bill to another climax and another treat for Bubbles.

She continued to lick and clean his penis as it grew flaccid. When she finished she stood, dabbed off a drop of cum from the corner of her mouth, licked it off and smacked her lips.

"Thank you sweetie," she said.

"My pleasure."

Bill felt exhaustion catch up with him, it was late Saturday, almost Sunday and the adventure of the previous day was finally taking its toll. He needed a shower and a nap and he needed them badly.

"Like, what do you want me to do sweetie?" Bubbles asked as he headed for the bathroom.

"Just hang out here and amuse yourself babe, I won't be long."

The water was a baptism and some of the fatigue washed away. He thought about Bubbles and her shapely ass and round tits and glossy skin and his cock came to life again.

He toweled dry and went back into the bedroom to find Bubbles masturbating. She was making little "eek" sounds as she fondled her cunt with one hand and rolled and pinched her nipple with the other.

"Hi baby," she said as he continued to stroke. "I missed you."

"Missed you too," he said as he climbed on top the bed, pushed her hands aside and took her.

Her legs were spread wide above her head as Bill plunged into her, bringing his weight down on her pelvis. Bubble squealed in delight as he began to bounce on her rubbery body. Bill never really "fucked" someone before. He'd had sex plenty as a married and before. But her never really screwed a woman, never just let his cock do the thinking and seize a woman.

As for Bubbles, she didn't seem to mind one way or the other, and she wouldn't. For she was what Bill was a few hours ago, a thing, an object. His personal fuck toy and he could do with as he pleased.

*              *                *

Sunday morning Bill woke early and refreshed. Good sleep always followed good sex.

He was in bed alone.

"Bubbles, where are you babe?" he called.

Suddenly the closet door burst open and Bubbles came jumping out. She wasn't naked; instead she was wearing a cheerleader outfit, complete with pink and red pleated skirt (extra short) pink top that exposed her midriff with red "B" on the over-stretched chest and pink and white pom-poms. Oddly but happily she was also wearing six-inch white high heels.

"Who's the biggest stud of all?" she chanted, "Bill! Bill! Who's the man we love to fuck? Bill! Bill! Who's word become our will? Bill! Bill! Yaaaaaay"

Bubbles jumped high into the air doing the splits. She wasn't wearing any underwear.

Bill was a little stunned.

"Oh I, like, got so bored last night and I wanted to surprise you," she said.

"Well, you succeeded."

Bubbles giggled and jumped up and down, pleased with herself. The skirt flapped up and down, exposing her pink pussy.

"Come on Bill, fuck me. I need you cock inside me," Bubbles began to beg. "I was so lonely when you were sleeping I just don't know what to think if your not inside me."

"Turn around and bend over."

Happily Bubbles turned and bent over at the waist, wrapping her hands around her ankles, the skirt rode up as her luscious ass swelled out, exposing her cunt and ass. Bill stood and came to her, petting and stroking her ass. He sent one finger down to tease her anus.

"Oh Bill, please, please stick you dick in me," Bubbles whispered.

"Whose ass is this?" Bill asked. "Who does this pussy belong to?"

"You Bill, everything belongs to you."

Bill stuck his cock into her lovely ass and began pumping away. Bubbles, between moans and giggles thanked him profusely.

As it turned out the cheerleader costume came from Janet's own closet. Bubbles whole existence was to please Bill and as a result of the magic that made her into a rubber fucktoy also gave her the ability to change clothing into whatever would please Bill.

In Bubbles' hands a simple pair of sneaker became black stiletto pumps, socks became thigh high stockings, shorts became a plaid skirt and an old t-shirt became a blouse, open at the top and tied above her navel. All the clothes were rubber and shiny those them Bubbled became the naughty catholic schoolgirl who loved to give men handjobs.

Bubbles and Bill spent the day like that. She became the French maid in a little black rubber dress with white lace who was surprised when Bill entered her from behind. She dressed in a slinky pink dress that barely contained her curves and did a striptease for Bill before tit-fucking him. She donned high, platform boots that laced up to her knees and a heavily boned corset that squeezed her already thin waist to impossible proportions and produced two dildoes and fucked herself in both her holes while Bill watched and jerked off.

By Sunday night Bill had had his way with Bubbles more times than he could count. He was sitting in the living room naked with Bubbles' face buried in his crotch. She had his dick deep in her throat and was fondling her own tits and was naked except for the black platform boots.

He unloaded in her and idly thought his testicles should be withered like raisins by now but he just kept going. There was no time limit on the magic that turned Janet into Bubbles. If he wanted to he could keep her this way forever. He had considered it. Not forever, but maybe for a week or so. He wanted to go clubbing with her, watch all the heads turn as they partied. He wanted to get another girl, maybe two more, one lavender and one baby blue to complete the set. But there was time and lip-gloss enough for that later.

Bubbles was finishing, licking up the last of his cum.

"Bubbles, I think it's time to say goodbye," Bill said.

"But why," Bubbles pouted. "I'm having so much fun. I want to stay with you for ever and ever."

"I'll see you again soon enough I'm sure."

Bill took Bubbles by the chin in one hand and with the other pinched the corner of her mouth and ripped off her lips. They lay in his hand like pink slugs.

Where Bubbles' lips had been were Janet's old lips. The rest of her body was changing too. The shiny rubber was becoming dull and wrinkly.

"Oh man what a rush," Janet said.

Bill and Janet spent the next few minutes stripping away Bubbles until there was only a pile of rubber and pink hair. All the clothes that Bubbles had changed to plastic remained. Janet was still wearing the boots.

"Oh well," she shrugged. "I'm sure I'll find some use for them."

She smiled and kissed Bill deeply and passionately. More passionately than they'd kissed in a long time.

"So how do you feel? What do you remember?" Bill asked.

"I remember everything and I was conscious all the time," she said excitedly.

"Are you mad?" Bill asked a little sheepishly. "I treated you like a sex object."

"But I was a sex object," Janet exclaimed. "It was great. It wasn't like I was a different person or anything. I was myself with a different attitude. I was your fucktoy. My whole existence was pleasing you."

They embraced and kissed again and kept kissing. Bill carried Janet to the bedroom where they made love more intensely than ever before.

*              *                *

Monday morning came and Janet and Bill woke in each other's arms.

"What do you wan to do today?" Janet asked. "We've got more condoms and more lip gloss."

"Big Dummy or Bubbles," Bill mused. "I wonder what it would be like if they got together?"

"Want to find out?" Janet asked.

Bill paused, surprised at his wife's boldness. "For real?"

"Sure, when your 20 hours is up you can undo me."

"Okay," Bill said, jumping out of bed. He got the Big Dummy condoms and Janet picked out the Baby Blue lip-gloss. They stood naked facing each other.

"Ready?" Janet asked.

"Ready," Bill said.

Bill put on the black condom and Janet applied the lip-gloss. A few moments later a glittery blue fucktoy looked on at a motionless rubberman with a huge cock protruding from his crotch.

"Hey big guy," she said. "Lets fuck."



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