Lorna's Doll

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2020 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; sex; oral; lovedoll; majick; threesome; cons; X

My neighbor Lorna was a friend; a better and worse friend who had always been there for me. We had known each other long enough to see each other through more than a few bad breakups, each. Lorna knew my love life and how lonely I was.

So, a few days before I received her ‘gift’ in the mail the two of us had been chatting drunkenly about each of our loneliness and lack of sex lives. Drunk as she was she had offered her body to me in sympathy, but being the ‘nice guy’ and her being drunk, I didn’t feel like I could take her up on it. She pouted a bit, but the evening was not ruined by my rejection, she seemed to understand, though I could tell she was a little sad.

We sat in silence for a little while. I was contemplating her body and my regret at the loss of what surely would have been a great fuck. She sat quietly watching me dream of her, letting it sink in.

“I have just the thing for you, I think,” she told me, a few minutes later, “I’ll send you something in a few days!” At that, she seemed to cheer up again and the evening went on, with us swapping even more stories of sexual adventures from our pasts. Well by the next day I was kicking myself in the ass for not taking her up on the offer to fuck. By day two I was lost in lust, all I could think about was how I would have fucked her, and what positions her nice thick ass and huge tits would have looked best bouncing around in!

On the third morning though her gift was delivered, and I signed for it. It was a large heavy box, but I managed to wrestle it into the house. After prying off most of the wooden top, I was finally able to dig out some of the packing materials. There, under my hand, I found a supple breast! A moment of fear shot through me and I dug frantically until I realized that it was just a life-sized doll. After unpacking it and picking every last piece of packing peanuts out of its hair, I lifted her to carry her to the bedroom where I sat her on the bed.

It was shocking how much this limbless doll’s face looked like Lorna, and what I assumed her body looked like naked. It was not shocking enough to make me not want to fuck the shit out of it though; I was SO horny from the last two days of regret! Really any gift from Lorna would have been appreciated but a fuck doll that looked just like her was begging for my attention...

As I explored the doll, I found that the mouth was sealed, but the pussy was pre-lubricated, so I didn’t waste a moment getting naked and laying it down on the bed. As I pressed myself into the doll, I could have sworn that I had heard a soft moan, like from far away, but I ignored the coincidence. As I fucked hard into the soft doll, I thought about Lorna and wished that it was her, but I was distracted, the harder I fucked, getting closer and closer to cumming I could hear someone else in the building having sex, a woman moaning loudly a few doors down. It sounded like Lorna’s voice, but of course, I was thinking about her and looking into her lifeless likeness. At some point, I became so distracted that I flipped the doll over and looked for seams. Surely Lorna was not INSIDE the doll!? But after close inspection, I found that the doll felt like rubber deep down to its posable joints and its artificial bones. I was still rock hard though and didn’t have time to think about what if magic exists, what if Lorna was transformed into a doll or some crazy shit like that. I needed to finish, and the distracting moans had stopped anyway.

Sure enough when I shoved my cock deep into her hard and fast I heard that the neighbors were still at it, and I could clearly tell that the sounds were not coming from my doll but somewhere else in the building.

I basically had to start over, having been distracted from my pleasure for so long, so I decided to ‘compete’ with the moaning neighbor. The harder the woman moaned, the harder I fucked the doll. She did sound so much like Lorna that I was starting to almost believe that the doll I was fucking was Lorna. I was fucking the doll so hard now that I was getting a minor headache, trying so hard to cum.

As I came into the doll, the neighbor’s lust also came to a peak, and I could now hear Lorna’s voice for sure. She lived 3 doors down. She was clearly screaming “OH, GOD, OH MY GOD! WOW… HOLY SHIT… WOW…” Jealousy burnt within me. I tried to imagine her masturbating wildly while I had been fucking the doll, and not that she had some fantastic lover over that was taking care of the job I should have done the other night (and every night since).

I got off of the doll, and my cock slipped out of it with a squelch. I lay on my back panting, trying to recover, and eventually, I got up and retrieved a towel to place under the doll’s ass so she wouldn’t leak all over my bed. A few minutes after that I was getting dressed, admiring the doll that still lay there, now on its back again. I didn’t even know why I was getting dressed. The thoughts of Lorna orgasming and how good the doll felt were having me feeling that I might be back at the doll very soon.

But first a snack.

I was just putting some peanut butter on a cracker when I heard the doorbell ring, and someone frantically banging on the door. When I opened it Lorna came stammering in, a sweaty mess. She went right into my bedroom and ran her fingers over the doll lightly while she spoke. Shivers seemed to run down her spine just from the sight of the doll below her. I think I would have been embarrassed to have been caught out with the doll on my bed, but then again she had bought it for me, and her wide necked t-shirt was gently falling down one of her shoulders exposing more and more of that breast as she caressed the doll. 

“OH, my god… I didn’t think you would get the nerve up to use her sooo damn soon! I wasn’t ready for it. I don’t know why, but I had figured you would wait until it was dark to fuck her. I had just cast a spell on her so that I would feel what she would feel, but the spell’s intensity wears off over time. If you had even waited until this afternoon, I would not have come so hard and let all the neighbors hear how much of a slut I can be! BUT DAMN… all I can say is…. DAMN that was good!”

Lorna looked up from the doll, suddenly focusing on me like she had not really noticed me in the room until now. She strode around the bed and came in for a hug. I thought to hug her back and pat her on the head, out of habit, but at the last second she twisted her face up to mine and kissed me savagely. It seemed she had been meaning to do this for quite some time and had pent up desire she needed to sate.

I quickly found my shirt over my head, and it was the only moment that her lips had come off of mine. Then she had pulled my hands up inside her shirt to hold her enormous breasts. Then her soft, quick hands had my pants unbuttoned, and she had a hand scooping up my limp cock and balls gently. Her other hand was trying to undo her own pants button. I reluctantly let go of her breasts to help her with her pants. I got carried away in the lust quickly, and I can’t tell you who removed whose clothes faster.

By the time we were naked Lorna had already helped me become mostly hard again. She dropped down to her knees and took me into her mouth to help me the rest of the way.

“Oh… I have a naughty little idea!” Lorna said with a mouth full of cock. “But first we need to get you ready...”

As soon as she felt I was ready she jumped up and grabbed the doll by its closest ankle and pulled. A moment later the doll was facing the opposite direction, head at the foot of the bed, breasts standing up alluringly, pointing directly at the ceiling. It was a little odd to see the live Lorna manhandling the rubber Lorna, both resplendently naked, both delicious, and fuckable. I was also a bit confused. Part of my mind felt that I had just fucked her, yet another piece of my brain thought that it was strange to be standing so close to Lorna naked. Hadn’t she just sucked on my cock, yet we hadn’t even spoken about sex since the other night?

My confusion was doubled when I saw Lorna climb up on my bed and mount the doll, placing her ass right over the doll’s face. She took one look at me that clearly shouted “what the fuck are you still doing standing there, fuck me stupid,” then she bent her head low. Lorna continued her work on the doll’s pussy, and I could see Lorna’s ass wagging invitingly. Straddling the doll her hips were spread wide and made her pussy look so fuckable. As she moaned though I realized that she was not wagging her ass at me, she was wagging it experimentally trying to fully experience her magic-doll-assisted self-pleasure.

My actions were automatic, confused, and awkward. I had moved absent-mindedly around so that I could get a better look at what she was doing to the doll. I was met with a very hot sight. She had two fingers in the doll, and she was scooping my cum out of it and licking her fingers.

A dull part of my mind wondered what it must feel like for her to ‘finger herself’ without touching herself. Hadn’t she just said that she would feel whatever the doll felt? Something about magic or spells or something? Did that mean that she felt like she was laying on a bed with her body made of rubber, while concurrently feeling like she was laying on a rubber doll at the same time, or did she only feel the sexual stuff? Could she feel the doll’s back resting on the soft bed while also feeling the hard breasts of the doll pressing into her stomach? Or did she only feel her own fingers prodding into her sex?

Lorna took a moment to stop finger fucking herself - through the doll - to look up at me and give me another ‘hurry up and fuck me’ look. I didn’t need to be told thrice.

As I climbed up on the bed behind Lorna, I noticed Lorna lowering her head to the doll’s sex. Who else could be better at pleasuring her pussy than herself?

Finding myself instantly hard I yanked off my pyjama bottoms and sunk my cock deep into Lorna’s waiting pussy. If it had not been for the pussy in her mouth muffling her moans she probably would have let the entire neighborhood know just how good she was getting fucked, fingered and eaten out all at once.

It really didn’t take Lorna long to come, and keep coming. I thought that I might have to stop, her orgasm was so intense, but she kept on moaning and whispering “fuck me again,” or “harder this time,” or “I want to feel you cum in me again!” Again? This was the first time we were fucking, but then for her, it was the second time.

All this confusion helped me last a little longer, but with Lorna’s pussy clamping down on my cock and her body writhing and her moans begging I didn’t last as long as I would have expected.

“OK, first of all, WOW...” Lorna tried to catch her breath. She was still laying on the doll, and I had fallen to the side, also panting. From here I could see all of the wonderful flesh and rubber curves pressing into each other. Two wonderful side boobs, one rubber, and one moving with every quick breath Lorna took. Lorna’s face was resting on the doll’s thigh closest to me. I wanted to kiss her so badly, but I didn’t feel like I quite had consent, which was odd, I guess.

“That was amazing. We’ll have to do that again for sure before the spell wears off. Oh man, the things we could do with this! Tell you what, help me with all of the things I would like to try, and I’ll cast a similar spell on you next week so you can experience the doll as I do. How would it feel if we stood her up against the wall, I straddle you and suck, and finger fuck her pussy while I ride your cock? Bet that would blow your mind!”

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