Lynda on the Job

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Doll TF

It had been a grand total of one week since I began working at the “Lucky Lucy Specialty Store” and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. 

Just to clarify, the Lucky Lucy is an adult store that sells objects ranging from the standard playthings to full on bondage benches. It was a real eye opener for someone like me who had no experience in anything beyond the standard dildo or occasional butt plug. 

My name is Lynda Caves and I started working here because I really needed a good paying job and Lucy’s just so happened to be hiring at a very nice wage. 

I am 25 years old and would call myself a fairly average girl. I have shoulder length dark brown hair, a decently curved body with a matching plump butt and moderate c-cup breasts. The main reason I was hired was because Ms. Fredrick, the manager, said I looked just right for the job.

She later explained to me that people that were into buying the higher end products, like one of our rubber dolls or bondage gear sets, would want the employee to demonstrate them. I was fine with doing so as I was also curious about how I would enjoy the small amounts of bondage I got to enact during work. 

She also told me after my first month of working here that she had quite a few customers order one of our top-class dolls that be made up to look like me and put them in different types of rubber outfits. The most popular being the rubber maid style and I was very flattered and received a handsome raise after that. It wasn’t until I had been working there nearly three months that Ms. Fredrick imposed a very strange request onto me. 

“Oh Lynda I really need your help with something! Did that new shipment of blank rubber dolls arrive last night? I can’t find the boxes anywhere and we open in an hour!” she asked already out of breath as she led me to the storage room.

Once in the back I helped her look but found nothing other than what was accounted for last night after stock check.

“It appears the delivery was pushed back because of demand Ms. Fredrick. All we have is the last shipment of about 20 or so.” I say hoping to alleviate some worry from her.

“That just won’t do! We might get more than that today and we need at least one on display so people can see and feel what they will be getting!” she said as we pushed the cart holding the 20 blank female body shapes towards the “Rubber Doll Maker” as we called it. 

It was a large machine that was completely automated to take the blank doll bases and fit them with a specified design of rubber outfit and bondage equipment at the request of the customer. It was run by small discs that were inserted near a control panel. 

After the disc was scanned and the doll was placed on the belt leading to the entrance it would be taken into the machine and fitted into the specified outfit before being deposited onto a metal pipe like structure to hold it in place and placed on a hanger to await boxing. 

It was a rather fascinating process that I enjoyed watching it when I was in charge of getting the dolls ready. Shame it would be a slow day for the machine today.

“Wait! Lynda, I have a huge favor to ask of you!” Ms. Fredrick yelled grabbing my shoulders.

My eyes widened at the tone and volume of her voice. She certainly had my attention now.

“What is it Ms. Fredrick?” I asked as she grinned a little sheepishly.

“I was going to ask if you would be willing to be the display doll today? I promise I will double your pay for the next month if you do this for me!” she pleaded with me like it was the end of the world. 

“Is that all? Sure where is the maid suit? I can put it on and then open up the shop.” I say smiling and looking around for the tight outfit I had modeled once before. 

She just shook her head at me and smiled again. “No darling I meant BE the doll. As in I am going to put you into the Rubber Doll Maker and put a disc in and turn you into the display doll today. You will be unable to move and I will have the new girl Katie put you on display on the normal stand near the doll aisle until closing time tonight. I will double your pay and give overtime for you so please do it!” Ms. Fredrick begged.

My mind was a bit dizzy after that. She wanted to basically turn me into just a doll for the store? Like do me up and then place me on the same stand that said feel free to feel the doll up? Is she crazy? Am I crazy for actually wanting to accept it because it sounded interesting? 

I decided I wasn’t crazy and that I was just intrigued by the prospect of being bound in a public place, unable to do anything but sit there as I was looked at and groped by complete strangers who thought I was just something to buy. Plus the money was a great bonus.

“Uh… sure Ms. F I can do it. Are you sure Katie won’t mind running the shop alone today though? I don’t want to tell her ‘Oh yeah by the way I am going to be part of the stock for a day so don’t wait up!’” I finished sarcastically as both of us broke out laughing. 

“Oh don’t you worry your pretty head about a thing. I will just say you called in sick. Plus, since the disc we are using is just one of the preset display discs the computer will just process you like any normal days first order. She won’t see anything out of place unless she thinks Doll Code: 09736-Lynda is something more than the standard like Doll Code: 78422-Tina. But we both know she isn’t a detective honey. So chop-chop! We have toys to sell and we can’t start without you! Strip!” she said to me.

Knowing full well if I wanted to keep my clothes for later I needed to enter the machine just like any other blank I began stripping and handed each article to Ms. F. I wasn’t really embarrassed since she had to help me into our fair share of catsuits for the customers to see an example of how it looked on an actual person.

“OKAY! Honey you know the drill, just put yourself in the deposit slot and I will take care of the rest!” she called running to the control panel.

I sighed and worked my way to the start of the conveyor belt where there was a distinct indent where the belt would drop the next blank mold in line before using it to make the next doll. 

I grabbed the blank that was in the spot and placed it in the cart with the others we had just brought from storage. 

“Ms. F, we have another blank, make it 21!” I called as I slid my naked body into the cold metal divot in the machine. 

“Wonderful honey! Now just stay still and let the machine do its job.” She announced as the belt beneath me whirred to life and I was pushed into the now open flap of the awaiting machine.

At first I couldn’t really tell what was going on until two metal arms lifted me up and I felt something being sprayed all over my lower body. Wait she didn’t turn off the rinse cycle?! I though in panic as a big brush came out of the lower area and scrubbed me until it deemed me clean.

Next I felt something tight encompass my mid-section and constrict my airflow. I tried to breathe but the tightness in my chest and the smell of incoming rubber soon overpowered me and I blacked out. 

The next time I awoke I was back in the main area of the employee work room and could breathe slightly better but only in short shallow breathes. I tried to move but as I expected, just like any other doll that went through the machine I was tied to a pole. 

“Sorry about the rough treatment dear! I accidentally hit start before I entered in your body size so the machine thought you were just another blank mold, but I do have to say you look absolutely stunning!” she exclaimed wheeling one of the few mobile mirrors we had in the back over me so I could see what I had become.

From my neck down I was tightly shoved into a standard issue black and white rubber maid outfit with little hints of red along the hem of my short skirt. I was fixed up with thigh high stockings, gloves that covered my entire arm and it was all summed up by me body being tied with straps to a pole.

“You look just like a dolly with a bit more detail darling! Now hold still.” She said before pulling out a black mouth gag from behind her and started adjusting it to my head. “I know you have a lot of self-control but when some perv starts groping your breasts you WILL want to moan and this will prevent any noise from escaping.” She claimed while strapping it behind my head. 

She then bent down and pulled out another basic item. A black hood with no eyeholes or any other holes baring that bare necessity of a few breathing ports that were nearly un-seeable. 

“And though I am sure your pretty face could help us sell even more dolls we can’t risk someone knowing you are real and getting us in trouble with someone in a position of power that thinks what we do here is wrong.” She added.

I gave my best attempt at a nod, but with the posture collar on my neck I could only just nod my eyes to which she smiled at me.

After fixing my hood into place she patted my now leather clad cheek and giggled. “Katie will be here any minute to set up the store and I will have her put you with the unused blanks in the back so I can free you later. Have fun Ly-Dolly!” she corrected herself as I heard her leave.

It must have barely been 10 minutes when Katie showed up singing some song that was no doubt blaring in her headphones as she unstrapped me from the pole and carted me out to my display. She secured me to the display by my thighs and shoulders before zooming off to set up the rest of the shop.

I must have dozed off at some point while waiting for the store to open, because when I next awoke I heard a few male voices walking around near where I was. It freaked me out a bit at first before I remembered what I was doing and relaxed.

I didn’t get to relax for long because I hear two voices approach me from the front a few moments later.

“Look at this slutty doll Marie! I bet she would make a great addition to a threesome!” a deep male voice laughed as he roughly grabbed my left breast and squeezed hard. Ms. F was right, if I wasn’t gagged I would have moaned very loudly.

“You’re right Grant but let’s wait for a while, I enjoy having that monster all to myself” she said as they walked away.

Unfortunately that was the most exciting thing to happen for the rest of the day. Other than a few quick gropes or an awkward one way conversation about love nothing happened until it was closing time. 

I heard Katie start cleaning up around the store before she started carting stuff off to the storage room. She made about two trips before I was unhooked and placed on top of a few mannequins and random things and carried away.

I thought I was home free at that point until the phone rang and Katie quickly answered, Thanks to the echo in the room I could hear the entire conversation. 

“Hello, Lucky Lucy’s Specialty Store. This is Katie speaking.” 

“Yes Katie its Ms. Fredrick and I need your help.”

“What can I do Ms. F?”

“Is the Rubber Doll machine off yet?”

“Nope, I just cleaned out the Doll display and mannequins and was about to shut it down.”

“Well can you please make one more doll tonight please? We got a very special order.”

“Uh I kind of have to be somewhere in like 30 minutes but I can throw a doll in so it is ready when you get here.”

“That would be wonderful! The disc is on my desk. Do we have enough dolls leftover since the new shipment was delayed?”

“Yeah we have a few left.”

“Great then just get the doll started. I will see you tomorrow morning!”

“Yeah. Night Ms. F.”

With that the conversation was over and I hear Katie walk away. I was wondering if I would be left in this cart until Ms. F arrived.

My question was answered as I heard the machine fire up and Katie curse. “Damn it I could have sworn we only sold 20! We are out of them…” I heard her yell before trailing off.

It wasn’t until I felt a hand grab my thigh and hoist me up that I put two and two together. I was in the inventory as doll number 21! I was on the stock list!

Katie roughly dropped me into the familiar divot of the machine before laughing. “This doll has Lynda as its bar name? Man I can’t wait to tell her that after she gets better!” She said laughing while walking away.

I tried to yell out but the gag stopped me from doing so and when the machine whirred to life and I jolted forward I knew it was hopeless. I accepted the sweet embrace of darkness this time as the smell of rubber overpowered me.

I once more awoke to the inside of the shop and was still not able to move. I yelled free of the gag however but I knew Katie was long gone.

“HELP! PLEASE, I AM OVER ON THE RACK!!!” I called trying to see if someone was there.

My pleas weren’t answered for another two hours when the familiar face of Ms. Fredrik came running over to me.

“I am so sorry honey. I was running through stock and saw that you got used again so I came running! I was looking for a few other blanks to fill the order that you are currently a part of and found just them!” she said showing the cart with 3 more blanks in it.

“I will get you down as soon as I am done here Lynda!” she said zipping off as the machine hummed again. 

Soon I was pushed down the line as 3 dolls in the exact same outfit as myself with rubber faces just like mine were next to me staring blankly forward. It was very strange but I saw Ms. F walk up with something sharp to cut me down with in her hand.

“Okay Lynda time to finish the job!” she said giggling as I smiled. My smile turned into a frown however as a sharp pain entered my neck and I looked up to see her stabbing a needle into me!

Once she pulled back I saw her trademark sheepish grin on her face. “Sorry honey but we only had three and the order was for four dolls that look like you. So I just gave you a bit of a drug that will paralyze your entire body. Your face will look just like the look alike dolls for 5 days. These are only rentals so on day four you will be shipped back here and then I will pay you five times what you normally make for a year plus a week’s overtime. Until then…” she trailed off as she pulled a doll box off of the cart. “You really are a doll now honey!” 

She unstrapped my now fully immobile body and folded my body into the doggy position before sliding me into the box and sealing it shut. If I could cry I would, but at the same time I was a little turned on. This was an adventure alright.



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