Magical Costume Doll

by Johnsan

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© Copyright 2014 - Johnsan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; majick; transform; flatten; seperate; latex; mannequin; costume; wig; display; climax; cons; X


Petra was fretting, walking to and fro, pacing like a caged animal. Jim looked at her walking back and forth until he finally spoke. “So have you an idea what you want for a Halloween costume, Petra?” he asked with a bemused expression.

“No, I really don’t. Zilvy hasn’t told me what she’s going as so I have no idea what mine should be,” she announced with a frown. “The only thing she told me was to expect a package from her and that’s it,” she informed Jim.

“Well I have an idea if you don’t mind,” he announced with a grin.

“Oh, and what would that be?” she asked with a smile that distracted from her problem.

“Let me make you a costume,” he invited the leggy redhead.

“How; you’re no tailor. I bet you’ve never threaded a needle in your life?” She laughed .

“No you’re right; not with needle and thread, but using my magic.” he smiled.

“Oh that’s right, the magic stuff. But I thought you just did the sawing in half and card tricks only,” she asked with a puzzled expression.

“Well, yes, but I’ve been learning some new stuff I’d just love to try,” he said enthusiastically.

“And I’m the guinea pig?” she laughed, while moving closer to give him a better view of her impressive anatomy.

“Oh never that -- a mermaid or naga maybe -- but nothing like that, although a blue furred cat girl does sound nice,” he chuckled.

Petra stepped even closer so her short blue metallic mini-dress with its deep cleavage was pressed against Jim's shoulder. Her large D cups pushed against him she said “Mmmmm, now that I could go for, honey!” with a sexy grin on her beautiful face.

Jim blushed a little as he felt her warm body and smelled her sweet perfume. “So you’ll let me try then?” he asked again with an excitedly nervous tone to his voice.

“Sure hon, but only if you restore me when Zilvy gets here. Promise?” she asked Jim, knowing that his was not just the classic stage magic but the magic of legend as Jim was able to affect actual transformations when he performed with her. When he sawed her in half she was actually in two pieces, sometimes for hours, if not a day or two. Petra thoroughly enjoyed it. She even cajoled him for more but he always said 'not yet' as he needed to become more experienced.

“So what are you going to do to me, Jimmie?” she smiled and kissed him on the earlobe while rubbing his shoulders.

“No.  It’s a surprise Petra,” he protested as she began to touch him in ever more exciting ways. “Now unless you want me to tear your dress off and ravage you right here and now you’ll stop,” he grinned, then turned and grabbed her giving her a big wet kiss which seemed to last for quite a while.

He broke the kiss and grabbed her hand, leading her to a room where he kept his magical props and gear. A giggling Petra with her auburn locks followed as he led her to what looked like a set of oversized laundry wringers on an old fashioned tub.

Jim patted the stainless table that contained the wringers. “Just hop on, Petra and we’ll give this a spin,” he smiled at his red-headed assistant.

Petra looked at the apparatus with her mouth open in surprise. “You’re going to flatten me!” she squealed excitedly, giving him a hug. “I’ve been so wanting you to try this on me!” she cooed as she stripped off her dress and hopped up on the table.

Petra looked at Jim expectantly, while Jim just seemed to be in a reverie as he stared at Petra’s magnficent body.

“Jimmie… uh, Jimmie, hello,” she snapped her fingers.

“Huh…what? Oh, sorry Petra, but you know you always have that effect on me,” he grinned.

“It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you’re such a letch?” she giggled.

“Oh, you wound me, dear Petra!” Jim clutched his chest as he went through a set of badly acted paroxysms.

“You’re a magician, definitely not an actor, that’s for sure. Now flatten me already!” she laughed as she lay flat on the table.

“Everyone’s a critic!” he grinned as he turned on the electric motor that began spinning the metal rollers of the device. “Hope you don’t mind me pressing you for this,” he laughed as Petra groaned at the joke.

Her groan didn’t stop but grew as she felt her toes enter the rollers and began to compress. Instead of pain or fear she felt a long unending orgasm from her toes to her vagina. “OOOHHHHHH!!” Petra moaned aloud.

“I thought you’d enjoy this!” Jim announced with a grin. Petra just smiled and moaned as the rest of her was slowly flattened so what emerged appeared to be more like a deflated love doll than a human being.

As the rollers took more of her in, the waves of erotic pleasure bombarded her mind. Petra’s moans of pleasure filled the room, slowly, growing in intensity. “OOOOHHHHHH… AAAHHHHH!!!!” she cried out as her vagina went under the rollers the orgasmic rush almost making her black out. “I wish he’d do this again and again!” Petra said to herself as she felt the last orgasmic wave wash over her.

Soon her belly was flattened as well, then her breasts began to be flattened. The steady wash of pleasure continued as this happened, but as Petra’s breasts were put under the crushing pressure of the rollers the intensity of the feeling increased again.  As before, Petra’s moans of pleasure filled the room as her chest and arms were reduced to two dimensions. “AAAAHHHHH…UHHHH… …OHHHHHHHH!!!!! GEEEZZZ!!!” Petra cried at the top of her lungs in joy as her body was crushed by the magical metal wringer.

A sweating, panting, wild eyed Petra looked up and said right before her head went in, “We should have done this ages ago, hon!!” Then she was gone except for the two-dimensional flesh colored image of her that lay on the other side of the wringer, folded up like a concertina.

Petra lay in a pile of flesh, reveling in the touch of her skin upon herself, feeling for the most part what she always thought a love doll must if it were alive and folded up in its box.

Jim picked up the pile of pink girl flesh and rubbed it between his hands, marveling at how soft and supple she was like this. He pulled on her skin and watched how it stretched like rubber.

Petra moaned as Jim played with her transformed body. “OOHHHHHH it’s like I’m latex -- flesh colored latex. This is so strange but I love it,” she told herself as he played with her.

“You’re not through yet, Petra,” Jim announced to Petra’s amazement.  He picked up her limp form and carried her over to another table where he laid her out flat. With a big grin he grabbed a large pair of scissors and began cutting.

“No, what is he doing!? He’s going to cut me? No Jimmie stop don’t!!” She screamed silently as he began slicing into her. “Wait. . . oohhhh, what is that?!” she wondered as she felt an intense rush as he quickly cut her head off from the rest of her body. “My head -- oh heavens -- he decapitated me, but it felt so good!” she said to herself in wonder.

“Sorry to scare you; magic scissors.” he held them up for her fixed staring eyes to see. Jim then picked up her head and looking at the cut seam used his index finger to actually open her flattened head like someone might open an envelope. “Well look at that, Petra, you’re hollow inside honey!” Jim laughs as he runs his hand into her hollow head, pushing her out and stretching it like some novelty mask.

“OOHHH!! He’s stretching meeee!!” Petra moaned to herself as Jim played with her. Through the constant stream of erotic sensations the realization hit her that she was stretchy and hollow. “AAAHHHH!!… he’s not going to wear me. Is he?” she asked herself as he stretched her face.

Instead of answering her question, Jim turned back to her headless flattened body and began to use the scissors on her again. Soon her body lay in pieces like an outfit pattern. Now someone could wear Petra if they wanted.

Again Petra felt those same feelings as she was taken apart. She could feel herself in different places as Jim picked her up and examined her. Jim again looking at the seams of the different pieces opened them up as well. Petra now felt as if she was just a collection of items destined to be worn by someone.

Jim looked at her and smiled. “You know I could just sell you to a costume shop now, Petra,” he laughed “Or maybe just fold you up and put you away for a few years,” he told her while rubbing her very supple and soft skin.

Petra moaned again in her mind as he did that. “Ohh, if you do that I might not mind too much as long as it feels like this!” she giggled to herself as she lay there.

“But that won’t happen as I have still more planned for you Petra,” he picked up her pieces and carried her into another part of the room to a darkened corner. Petra couldn’t make out anything as she’d been folded over herself, effectively blinding her.

In moments she felt herself being laid out on a table. Then she was able to see as Jim laid her out as he began arranging her for something. He then disappeared from her sight leaving her to enjoy being flattened and in pieces.

Jim reappeared a few moments later then out of her eyesight she heard the sound of something plastic being put on a nearby table. Petra the felt her legs being handled by Jim and then seeming to slide upon someone’s leg. But instead of the warmth of a human being it felt cold and plastic but still from her perspective it was another orgasmic rush as it was filling her hollow skin. Petra moaned in her thoughts again “AAAHHHHHH!!! Oh geez!! Uh ..uh..  Aahhhh!!” she cried out to herself as this happened.

Soon Petra felt both of her legs returned to solid three-dimensional form. She then felt her hips and crotch as they were slipped over something hard and smooth like plastic. The orgasmic rush peaked long and hard when she felt her vagina being stretched and pulled. Rapidly she felt her arms and belly as well as they stretched out to resume their normal form except she couldn’t move.

When she felt her chest being stretched she again felt that same overwhelming feeling as if she was being made love to by everyone who had ever done so at the same time. “MMMMMMMM!!…uh ..uh…OHHHHHH!!!” she wailed in her mind. It continued after she was back in the third dimension as she felt someone’s fingers caressing her nipples and breasts. Petra marveled at how firm they seemed and how when someone squeezed them she could feel the hard smooth skin she was draped over. “What does he have me on, if not a human being?” she thought to herself.

Petra got her answer as she felt herself being picked up and saw for the first time where her flattened body now was. “I should have known! I love it!” was all she thought as she saw her skin on a mannequin’s plastic body.

“MMMMM, no wonder it feels so good! What is he going… oh I know the head,” she giggled as he opened her up and slipped her over the mannequin’s head. Petra moaned loud and long in her thoughts as this happened knowing she was completely enveloping a beautiful display form.

“Now one more trick, Petra, and this Halloween costume will be done!” Jimmie announced with glee. He came up to Petra’s skin like form and began to rub the seams where he had separated her into pieces. As he did they began to soften and blend into each other rejoining to make her whole.

“OOOHHHHHHH… what is he doing… AAAHH!!!” she again orgasmed as he did this to her body.  In moments, Petra’s skin was now fully joined back together. Petra sighed mentally as this happened enjoying the sexual afterglow from her transformations.

Jim stood in front of her, grinning. “You’re thinking that’s it,” he shook his head. “Nope; still more, beautiful!” he announced when he produced a marker. Jim walked over and Petra felt the marker around her shoulders, waist wrists, and right thigh. When he had finished he produced a black silk cloth and covered her up.

Petra was totally blind again but began to feel a tingling as she felt herself separate again, this time at those points where Jim had drawn upon her. The pleasurable feelings that swept over her were overwhelmed by another feeling.

“I feel different, somehow. I feel hard and rigid, not soft and shapeless like before. I don’t feel like I’m being worn anymore but - - naked? What did he do to me?” she asked herself in amazement.

She stood there blind as the silk sheet lay draped over her but wherever it touched her she felt such a rush of pleasure. It seemed almost overwhelming for her. “I still can’t move but it feels so good when I’m touched. What am I now?” she wondered as she stood there bewildered.

Petra could hear Jim wheel something over to where she was but was still curious as to what. With a flourish, her curiosity was satisfied as the sheet was whipped away showing her as a redheaded mannequin standing in front of the mirror.

It took her breath away, if she’d been breathing but the sight of herself as a beautiful mannequin was enough to make Petra orgasm right there. Even though the only thing she and the mannequin that she was now shared in common was the same hair color. It still was something she was enjoying more than anything she’d done with Jim up to this point.

Petra stared at herself but she couldn’t do anything else now as a frozen plastic woman. Jim walked up and began rubbing her plastic mounds with a grin. “I bet this is something you’ve always dreamed of, isn’t it Petra, honey?” as his hands moved over and over her super sensitive plastic skin.

Petra again moaned to herself as she orgasmed from Jim’s caresses. “You know Petra, that package arrived yesterday from Zilvy,” he grinned as he related the news.

“What? Why didn’t you give it to me or at least tell me!” she thought angrily.

“You’re probably wondering why I didn’t give it to you. Well I opened it up and read the note that’s what gave me the idea for your costume.” he grinned even wider.

“Boy are you going to get it when you change me back!” Petra thought with blood curdling thoughts going through her now plastic mind.

“Now don’t get angry Petra dear I did this for you, as well as myself,” he chuckled “You see the package Zilvy sent you was a costume, but a special costume. From the letter she included she had herself changed into… this!” He pulled a blue colored latex costume that resembled something a witch might wear. Well, a sexy, beautiful, fetish witch that is. It had a low cut bodice and short skirt that only came to just below Petra’s hips while the long sleeves and matching gloves covering her hands. Her feet were taken care of by the latex stockings and thigh high boots. The rest of the outfit included a latex bra and a pair of latex panties.

Again Petra found her non-existent breath taken away by the sight of her lover changed into a latex costume. “Oh damn she’s soooo sexy like that! I can’t believe it! She wanted me to wear her today. My sweetie is just so good to me!” she thought happily to herself. “But now she can’t! Wait… is this what he had in mind the whole time?” she again giggled to herself as she thought about it.

“So, you see, this is what I have in mind for you two. Tonight you’re both going to the party but in the perfect costume. Everyone there will just think you’re a part of the décor for the party. Just a costumed doll!” He grinned at his own impudence.

Later that night at the party in the Magic Shop a red headed mannequin stood frozen at the entrance, greeting guests wearing a blue latex sexy witch costume. Noticed by the guests she greeted and with some of the ladies feeling her costume with envious eyes, all Petra could do was revel in her form and costume with one thought. “I wonder what he can do for Zilvy and me on Valentines Day?





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