Magician's Assistant

by Gromet

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Storycodes: MF/f; lovedoll; magic; transform; majick; F2doll; naked; boxed; shipped; deflate; cons; X

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Part 2

The journey to my new owner took just over two days; my box was delivered to a very surprised couple, as they found out when they opened the outer box to find my dolly form tucked away inside the sex doll box, along with the note from my sister explaining about the spell, and also my note to 'DollyMaster' that I hoped that he would keep me as just another dolly in his collection. They had expected to see me, but not like this.

They both doubted that the doll inside the box was really me and even rang my sister, who confirmed that the doll was indeed alive and told them to inflate the doll and that I would revert back in the morning, just as the instructions that she had sent told them. Not that I wanted to change back, I was content to remain a lovedoll, to be used and then discarded, kept stored away when not being used by them, happy in my box.

I felt hands reaching into the box, and soon my limp doll body was unfolded, my limbs dangling down as they inspected the plastic-looking sexdoll before them, still unsure that this wasn't some sort of joke. It was only when his wife told him that he should inflate the doll, that he inserted the tube in my back into his mouth and started to breathe life back into this doll. I was left fully inflated on a bed in a guest bedroom, alone in the dark, unused by my new owners, and I wondered why they hadn't played with me.

Drifting off to my own little dolly world, my thoughts on being a good dolly for my owners, I lay there on the bed. 'Dolly-girl,' my new owner's wife and hopefully, in my mind, sister doll, checked on me several times during the night, her hands touching my plastic skin, exploring the dolly that lay there on the bed before her. I wondered if she would make use of me, but I was to be disappointed. 

The daylight coming in through the window woke me up from my wonderful dreams, where I was being kept on display by my owner, used by him and others, and then deflated and put away. My body was now back to its flesh and blood human female form, but my mind remained in my dolly state, and I lay there not wanting to move, waiting for my owner to find me and hopefully make use of his new doll.

The door opened, and in walked the pair, DollyMaster and then his dolly-girl behind, their faces showing the surprise at finding a real woman laying where a doll had been the night before. There were many questions, and I wondered at one point if they wanted me as their doll, that maybe I had made a mistake, and that dolly-girl, his wife, would object to having me around.

I told them of my desire to be treated as nothing more than a lovedoll, to be a part of his collection, which he had shown me pictures of in our chats beforehand. I was then taken to another room in the house where the dolls were kept, some on display and others like me, inflatable and kept stored away in their boxes. Seeing the other dolls gave me an incredible sensation inside, a warm tingly feeling that made me understand that I belonged here.

We then discussed keeping me as his doll, and he asked me what I wanted from him when I was just a doll. I expressed my concerns that maybe dolly-girl didn't want another doll to share her owner's affections, to which she told me that she would love to have a sister-doll to share and play with, and that maybe she would summon up the courage to try transforming herself one day. 

Now that the initial shock on my transformation and the surprise that I had given them, plus the realization that I wanted to spend my life as another doll in their collection, they seemed to be accepting of the fact that I wished to remain as their doll, strange as it was, but they could see that I had a genuine desire to be their doll. And dolly-girl had told me that she didn't mind sharing her owner; after all, she said, we are just dolls in his collection. My initial thoughts that maybe she didn't want me around evaporating with her warm hug of acceptance. We then spoke about being his dolls and shared some time with the other dolls in their collection.

It was later in the day that DollyMaster approached me and asked if he could turn me back into a doll, which I readily agreed to, happy to be back in my more natural form, well natural to me, my desires to be nothing more than a sexual plaything overcoming any desire to stay as anything else. I told him that he was now my owner and that he could do whatever he wanted with his new dolly, I was his now and wanted nothing more than to please him.

I also said that I wanted to be treated as just another sex doll in his collection; if that meant being kept stored away that I was fine with that; please keep me stored away in my box when not being used, played with, or on display I told him. He seemed very happy when I told him of my desire to remain as a doll. I think that there may have been some words spoken to him by his wife out of my hearing, and that with me remaining as a sex doll and nothing more, she would be happy. 

Well, that's the impression that I got from him, but I wanted to be nothing more than a doll anyway, and if that was remaining stored away, then I was happy. And I was still getting over the fact that I had been replaced by my sister in my husband's and former owner's affections, so the more time I was kept packed away, the better, as my thoughts seemed to be more doll-like and less human and thinking about my past.

I spent many months being kept by my new owner, he and his wife took great care of the dolls they had in their collection. I was taken out from being stored in my box, and after being inflated put on display, though I wasn't used sexually by him, I think the fact that I was really a woman transformed into a doll made the whole thing awkward with his wife. I had been used sexually by others though, often I would find my box being taken to someone's home and left for them to play with, but on the strict instructions that I was to be deflated after they had used me and definitely before sunrise.

Then one day, after spending some time stored away in a cupboard, I was woken from my dolly sleep to find my box being taken out; I thought that maybe I was going on display again or being given to someone to use, which would be nice, I did like it when dolly was used. But after being carried to another room, I looked out through the clear plastic to see a face looking down at me that I didn't think that I would see again, my sister.

I wondered what she was doing here? 

My box was opened, and my limp dolly body was draped out on a table; then, I felt something attached to my inflation tube and the sounds of a pump as I felt the air being blown into me. I was being inflated for some reason, and although my mind was still foggy, it had been that way for some time now, well being stored away and left, I sort of switched off and only came back when I was being used, I wondered what was going on.

As soon as my body was inflated, my sister spoke some mystical words that I had never heard before, she was using a reverse transformation spell that my magician husband had known but never used on me. I was then transformed back to my human self, and the only problem was that I was naked and lying there on the table; everyone just stood there looking at me until they realized that I was not wearing anything, and dolly-girl quickly covered my naked body with a tablecloth. I felt groggy after being stored away for so long, and thirsty too, and asked for a drink. Sitting up, I accepted the glass of water from dolly-girl and waited to find out what was going on.

My sister then told me that my husband was still alive but still unable to perform, but that ongoing medical issues had run up a hefty bill that needed to be paid. I wondered what this had to do with me, and thoughts of being sold off to cover the debt ran through my head, and I wasn't too upset if that were to happen, not that I said that.

She then told me that the magic act had been sold to another magician, and he wanted to use the same closing act that we had all performed before, with me transforming into a doll and her popping out to replace me, poor choice of words there I thought. But I was now over the fact that she was now with my husband; she still seemed to care for him after all this time; while I had spent my days lost in my own desires, she had soldiered on and been where I should have been, if I hadn't become so obsessed with being a doll. We spoke at length about how life had gone on without me around, she seemed to be happy, and I was pleased for her.

She then asked me if I would like to help and restart the act with the new magician, he had been told of the way that the act had been done, and he was eager to start. The money that they would get from selling the act to him would cover all costs, and ongoing the act would pay any future medical bills that my former husband needed. She seemed to genuinely need me to help, and after all, she was family, but there was just one problem I told her.

Thinking that maybe it was her, she started to apologize for taking my husband behind my back, and she explained that she didn't mean for it to happen and went on to start telling me about how sorry she was, but I stopped her by letting her know that the issue was that DollyMaster now owned me, and that I was his property.

"I belong to my owner; you need to ask him if you want to use me," I said, gesturing towards DollyMaster.

"Oh," my sister said, not realizing just how far I had committed to my new life.

It was only then that DollyMaster spoke, after the initial shock of what I had said had sunk in, "Now dolly, you're needed elsewhere, and I don't own you. Surely you don't mean that?" 

"But Master, you do own me, from the day that you accepted me as your dolly, I have been yours," I said, and continued, "even if you have never used me other than being put on display, I am still your doll."

Dollymaster looked at me and then to my sister, "Well, what do we do?' he asked.

"Maybe I could buy her?" my sister asked him, "or borrow her, if you should still wish to keep her." Still stunned at what I had told her. I sat there looking at the two of them.

It was then that dolly-girl spoke, "I'm sure that we could come to some arrangement." She said cutting in, her more business-like mind taking control.

They then spoke at length, I could hear certain words but didn't concern myself with such matters. I was just an object to be used and kept as their property, and if they wished to sell me to someone else, that was fine with me; though I had liked being their doll, I had really missed being used as one after being stored away for so long, neglected inside my box.

"Okay dolly, that's settled," dolly-girl said to me, "the magician who wants to use you in the act has bought you from us, and you now belong to him. Any questions?" 

"No, that's okay; I'm pleased that you have found a new owner for me, though dolly was very happy with her current owners too, but after all I am just a doll to be used and passed on when the time comes." I replied.

"So that’s agreed then, but we'd best get you some clothes," she said, looking at my bare body, "we can't have you leaving here naked."

"Oh no, dolly is fine with being naked, it’s my natural state." I then said to all three who continued to stare at me, "but as this doll is now the property of my new owner; I think that it would be best to give me to him in my original form and packaging. I am his dolly now after all, I belong to him, he has bought and paid for me, I should be giving to him in my rightful shape."

"Sorry, but you want to go back to being a doll again and then be packed inside the box?" my sister asked, not sure that I was in my right mind wanting to remain a doll.

"Dolly is happiest when in the box, unless she is being used. It was a gift given to me a while ago in my former life; I have enjoyed my time inside, folded, packaged and stored away. Could you please give me to my new owner with my deflated form boxed and wrapped up like when you had me delivered to these wonderful former owners," I said. "And please let him know that I'm happy to be in his act so long as I can remain as a doll after the show is over, stored away until needed."

"I will do," said my sister, a tear forming in her eye.

"Please, DollyMaster, if you could do the honour of deflating me one more time, and then let me be packed away in my box by dolly-girl," I asked, "I would like that."

Reciting the majick spell that would enable my transformation back to being a doll again, DollyMaster smiled as it took hold of my body, his hands steadying me as I transformed. They all watched as I changed from being flesh and blood to just inflated plastic; the cloth that had been around me to hide my naked body, now dropped to reveal the plastic mounds that were my breasts. My face now back to my painted features, my lips parted in the now familiar O-shape, I watched their faces after I had transformed, it always seemed to surprise them when I changed.

I could still see, hear and feel touch when I was transformed, the only thing that I couldn’t do was move, once I had changed I was stuck in whatever position I was placed into. Well, I reasoned, a doll doesn’t have to move, that’s her owners' responsibility, I was there just for their use and enjoyment and then afterwards to be discarded until needed again. I liked that, I would satisfy their needs and sexual desires while they carried out my own, in my being just a doll to be used by them.

Reaching around my back, DollyMaster grabbed the inflation tube, and with a smile on his face pulled out the stopper, the air inside of my body started to leave me. As soon as he did that, my dolly form started to deflate, to me it felt like I was light-headed, dizzy as the air inside me ran out through the tube. I felt myself falling back down onto the table top where I had sat since I had been released from my box. Now with the help of dolly-girl, I was soon a puddle of plastic as she pushed down on my body to expel the air faster. My doll body no longer had air inside to enable me to sit up, my limbs now flattened appendages laying there on the table surface, my body and my breasts were the last to deflate.

She moved my deflated body around on the table and then started to fold me; with my sister helping, my limbs twisted this way and that, I could feel them moving me but I felt no pain as they bent my body to make me fit inside the small space that would contain my doll body. 

They soon had my dolly form packed away inside the box again, amazing that something so large could fit inside a small space. The familiar smell of the box’s interior welcomed me home, this was my happy and safe space, where I felt that I belonged. They had managed to fold me perfectly as my face was pressed up against the clear panel that displayed the doll inside. As I looked out I could see my former owners smiling faces as they took their last look at their former doll. I was happy that I had been a good dolly for them, my thoughts now on pleasing whoever my new owner was.

My sister then picked up my box, I then heard her thanking DollyMaster & dolly-girl for letting her buy the doll from them, a small tingle went through my folded up body when she used the word ‘doll’, at that moment it seemed to me that I was nothing more than an object to be used, sold and traded, and she was treating me just as I had wished her to.

Placing my boxed dolly body inside a bag, I was carried out by my sister to her car, where she placed me down on the floor, and we drove off to my new future owner. Laying there in my box, all I could see was the bag that contained me, my thoughts drifting off into my doll world. I wondered what he looked like and if he would use his dolly, for what all good sex dolls were made for, and not just as part of the act. I would eventually find out I guess.


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