The Maid-bot in Me

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F, M/f, machine/f, roleplay, maid, maid-bots, uniform, collar, device, mind-control, program, transform, F2maidbot, computer, controlled, pod, tubes, insert, mast, climax, cons, X


Part 1: Jackie-bot

Jackie is the wife of a rich husband and spends most of her time alone at home when not socialising, you see she gave up her career to become the executive wife her husband needed to show off at events, parties etc. She feels bored and frustrated with nothing to do most days, the house is taken care of by the maid-bots, who cook, clean and attend to all of the domestic duties. Her husband spends most of his time away during the week working interstate, so she spends Monday to Friday alone in the house, with not much to do.

One day, over morning coffee, she was talking with one of her friends about her life, how bored she was and lonely. Her friend suggested the ‘Stacy Maid-bot’ control system, where for a few hours you can be controlled by the same system that runs the maid-bots, her friend said that she had enjoyed the experience and it also got her fit, as she worked around the house. She didn’t feel so bored anymore and when she did she just plugged herself into the system and spent a few blissful hours under control, no worries or problems, and she said that she also found that she was very turned on by the end of the session, winking at Jackie.

Later, Jackie rang the company that makes the Stacy Maid-bot control system Maid-bots, Inc. She spoke to one of their consultants explaining what she’d heard about the device. The consultant ran her through the program, stating that the system can be set up for Jackie to be controlled by the house system for a set number of hours, and that she could set the time limit beforehand and enjoy the experience. They told Jackie about the number of very satisfied customers they had and told her it was totally safe.

They also explained that there were options for her to extend the time that she was a maid-bot that would allow her to continue being a maid-bot for longer periods, but would involve installing a special recharging station in her home, that the normal maid-bots only needed electricity to recharge overnight but humans needed food and water for their energy, so that’s why a time limit had to be set. The consultant suggested to Jackie that they send over one of their technicians to set up the control system to allow Jackie to experience being a maid-bot and see if she liked it.

The next day one of the technicians from Maid-bots, Inc. arrived, he sat down with Jackie and ran through the program again, answering any questions that she had, any concerns that Jackie brought up were carefully explained to her. The Tech said that he would have to run a new program through the maid-bot control to allow Jackie to become another one of the maids in the house, and then she could give the system a test to see if she liked it. Jackie agreed and watched as the technician logged into the house system and uploaded the program required.

Once the program was loaded and the technician happy that it was functioning within the set parameters he turned to Jackie, “Well, time to give you a taste of what being a controlled Maid-bot is like, are you ready for this?”

“Sure, I’ll admit I’m nervous, a little scared even; you’re not going to make me do something that I’m not comfortable with?” Jackie asked; thoughts of being naked in front of the technician ran through her mind.

“No, not at all, this is only going to be roughly ten minutes under the control system to see if you like it, you’ll be given a small task like bringing a glass of water, maybe some walking around to see how you function, a spot of cleaning and then back to your normal self.” He replied.

“So I’ll be totally under the control of the house system, will I still be able to feel and be in control of my mind?” she asked.

“Yes to both questions, we want you to enjoy the experience, so you’ll need to be in charge of your thoughts and you’ll need to feel to be able to function.”

“Okay, what do I need to do then?” Jackie said.

“Just sit there whilst I place the control device on you, which do you prefer the maid’s hat or the collar, some women prefer the collar as they feel more controlled, even submissive if you’re that way inclined.” He suggested with a wry smile.

“The collar sounds better for me I think.” Jackie blushed, not wanting to reveal to this guy her inner secrets.

The technician picked up the collar and then gently placed it around Jackie’s neck; he fastened the clasp at the rear and checked to make sure that, whilst tight to enable a good connection, wasn’t too tight to cut circulation. “How’s that feel?” he asked Jackie.

“I don’t feel any different.” She replied, whilst reaching up and running her fingers over the collar, she felt her submissive side coming out as she touched the collar.

“Sorry I meant the collar, it’s not too tight? I haven’t turned on the program yet.” He said.

“Oh,” said Jackie, a little distracted by the collar still, “sorry, no the collar is fine…” she again blushed.

“Time to start,” he said and pressed a button on his keyboard.

Jackie immediately lost control of her body, her arms that had been playing with her collar lowered down to her sides; she sat up in the chair, her posture changed from relaxed but nervous to one of calm and peaceful. She also sat up straight, and her head and eyes only looked directly ahead, she felt the house system connect to her thoughts as it took control of her, she received a plan of the house and several instructions on how to perform as a house maid-bot.

The technician watched Jackie’s reactions as she was switched on, he also monitored her on his laptop computer and checked that the system was functioning normally. He watched as the information required for Jackie to become a maid-bot was programmed into her, her bodily functions were also displayed and whilst within the normal range, he could see that Jackie was enjoying this, even getting turned-on, which he found was a normal reaction to the program and had seen this many times.

Once the program had finished downloading into Jackie, he did a final check on her and satisfied with the results he was seeing began to run the tests.

“Okay maid-bot, state your designation?”

Jackie amazed at how she’d been changed responded without thought, “Maid-bot SB003-876-3429 has no designation, would you like to make one sir?”

“Maid-bot SB003-876-3429 you are now designated as ‘Jackie-bot’.” he replied.

“Maid-bot SB003-876-3429 is now Jackie-bot, sir.” Said Jackie again automatically, still stunned at how she was being controlled, but had all her own thoughts and could feel everything as before. ‘This feels weird but kind of cool too.’ She thought.

“Jackie-bot could you get me a glass of water please.” The technician asked.

Jackie’s body then took over and she stood up, she could feel herself moving towards the kitchen but felt really good inside at how she was being treated just like another maid-bot. ‘I’ll have to buy this if it feels this good.’ She thought to herself. She continued to the kitchen, got a glass from one of the cupboards and filled the glass with water and then turned to return to the lounge.

She brought the drink and then bent down and lowered it onto the table in front of the technician, she curtseyed, “Is there anything else I can do for you sir?” she said automatically, thoughts of being told to go down on the technician suddenly flooded her mind. She felt so controlled and also felt slightly slutty, her submissive side coming out more. She blushed.

“Could you walk to the bedroom upstairs and fetch me a pillow.” He asked.

Jackie-bot immediately turned on her heels and began walking to the staircase, the technician watching her every move, and whilst distracted by the gentle wiggle of her bottom, continued to monitor her on the display in front of him. Jackie-bot managed to walk up the stairs with no problem; she walked into her bedroom under guidance of the house system and brought back a pillow for the technician. ‘Wow, I’m a maid-bot’ she thought, ‘just like the other maids.’

“He is your pillow sir.” She said, her voice sounded a bit more robotic now as the tech had been adjusting the controls.

“Thank you Jackie-bot, now please get the cleaner and vacuum the carpet please.” He ordered.

She turned and walked to the cupboard, brought the cleaner out and turned it on and began cleaning as instructed. Her thoughts still in control, she was thrilled with the system. She continued for a while, ‘Surely the ten minutes are up?’ She thought, ‘though I am enjoying this.’ Then she felt the control begin to return to her body, she felt disappointed that the session had come to an end and was still using the cleaner when the program stopped.

“Jackie the demonstration has now ended, you can stop cleaning the carpet.” He said.

Jackie hadn’t realised that she was still cleaning when she heard him speak to her, she turned off the cleaner and walked back over to the technician, sitting next to him but still in the same posture she adopted when she was turned on.

“How was that?” he asked.

“Amazing, I could feel and think but had no control over my body, I just followed directions.” She said thrilled at what she’d just experienced.

“So should I sign you up for the program?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes please,” Jackie said excitedly, “I want to feel that again.” Secretly hiding the fact that she loved being submissive and that she was horny from the small session, just as her friend had implied.

The technician brought out some forms, already pre-filled in the knowledge that she would sign up after the demo. “I just need you to sign the forms, then we need to make the payment for the system and then we are done.” He said, happy that he’d made another sale and another customer for the company.

Jackie signed where she was required to without reading the forms, as most people do and ignoring any warnings in the small print. Happy with the purchase and wanting to try out the system herself, with maybe some playtime for herself afterwards to work off those pent up feeling she was now experiencing.

“Okay, that’s everything done then.” He said, after showing her how to set the system to take control and set the timer. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“I want to try the system out for longer straight away, will it be okay?” she asked.

“I can monitor your first session remotely, if anything untoward happens I can come back, otherwise the system is up and running, it just needs your initial input and then away you go. You’ll be just another maid-bot for the system to control.”

“Before you go, could I get you to set it for one hour and start me off.” She asked, her submissive side again rising, the thought of this man removing her own control exciting her.

“Sure no problem, do you want to dress as a maid first or just work as you are?” he asked.

“I suppose if I’m a maid-bot I should dress like one, do you mind waiting?” she asked.

“No go ahead, my next appointment isn’t scheduled for two hours and isn’t that far away from here.”

Jackie ran off excited at the prospect of being just a controlled maid-bot; she found one of the maid-bots spare uniforms and quickly stripped in the maid’s room, their charging pods standing inviting close to Jackie, tempting her. The maid uniform now on, Jackie returned to the lounge and stood in front of the technician, “I’m ready, sir.” She said.

The technician pushed the key to start the system and Jackie felt her bodily control being taken over, she stood there unable to move, the technician began packing up his things as Jackie received her first command. She reached down and picked up the empty glass and returned it to the kitchen, where she began cleaning. The technician watched her as she walked away and followed her to the kitchen. Happy with how she was working, he picked up his equipment and left.

Jackie spent the next hour under the total control of the system, she spent most of her time cleaning the kitchen, then several other rooms on the ground floor, she even worked alongside one of the other maid-bots working in the house, she felt just like one of them now. She was enjoying the feelings she was getting whilst also accepting the calm and peace from not having to think about doing menial tasks, she performed them with renewed enthusiasm.

Over the next couple of weeks Jackie spent several more hours under the influence of the maid-bot control, wearing her maids uniform she followed instructions and enjoyed her time as just another house maid. She increased the amount of time allowed each time she tried the system, with one session lasting eight hours, which was the maximum time allowed under the program. She loved the way it made her feel, she felt very sexy, turned-on and after her sessions retired to her bedroom to work on her pent up feelings.


Jackie decided that she wanted to spend more time that the system allowed as a maid-bot, the eight hour limit was frustrating, she wanted to spend longer as the maid-bot. So she rang the company and ordered the recharging pod required for her to spend longer as a controlled maid-bot. Once the pod was installed in the maid’s room next to the other charging pods, Jackie decided to try for 24 hours as a maid-bot. Again the same helpful technician ran her through what she needed to do to ‘recharge’ herself, showing her the tubes and where to place them when she needed recharging overnight.

She was embarrassed at first, but her submissive side loved the fact that she was standing here in front of the technician dressed as a maid, with him explaining what she needed to do, the fact that she would be putting the tube in her mouth was okay, but then being shown were the waste product tubes go, sent her into sub heaven. The technician explained that she no longer needed to insert the tubes like the old model; she just needed to pull the straps either side of her waist to hold the tubes in place tightly against her body between her legs and the machine would do the rest.

“Could you show me please?” Jackie asked in her best submissive tone, “I’m not too sure about what to do.”

“Okay,” the Technician used to this happening, “please strip for me, and then stand inside the pod.”

Jackie stood there and slowly, nervously but excited removed her clothing, the maid’s uniform that she took to wearing during the week around the house even when she was no longer a maid-bot, the uniform fell to the floor, pooling around her ankles. Next her underwear followed, Jackie now stood there naked, exposed and feeling very submissive and also turned on in front of the technician.

“Now when you first step in you lay back against the back wall, it’s at an angle for your comfort not that you’ll need it as the system takes over.” He said.

“Takes over?” Jackie asked.

“Yes once you step into the pod and connect the tubes you’ll be in ‘turned off’ mode, which means that you’ll be asleep until the system wakes you up for your next assignment.” He replied. “Just like the other maid-bots.”

“Oh, so I’ll remain a maid-bot even when in the pod?”

“Yes, the idea is to experience the recharging process the same as the other maid-bots, though in your case instead of electricity you’ll be receiving a liquid nutrient, which you’ll need to top up before becoming a maid-bot or when the system directs you to refill if you’re still under the control of the system.” He said.

The technician then adjusted the tubes in place around her waist, Jackie standing there submissively as he moved the tubes around and made sure that the strap to hold them was properly in place. “That’s what you need to do, though if you’re still under the systems control it’ll happen automatically, you will feel it but not be able to control it. Now for the mouth piece…”

“Wait please, before you place the mouth tube in me could I ask another favour of you?” she asked.

“Yes of course.” He said.

“Once you place the tube in my mouth I’d like you to activate the system to ‘recharge’ me, keeping me in maid mode and switching me off until complete, and then activating me to run for the next 24 hours as just another maid-bot.”

“No problem, so you’d like to spend the next 24 hours in maid-bot mode once the charging is completed?” he asked, looking at her naked body inside the charging pod.

“Yes please, I’d like to be controlled…” she shyly admitted.

“All part of the service, now open wide and I’ll pop this in your mouth.” He responded. “Once that’s done I’ll activate the system and leave you to recharge. Then you’ll spend the next 24 hours as a maid-bot.”

Jackie didn’t realise that the charging would take at least 8 hours, and then her being a maid-bot for the next 24, not that she would have minded, the more time she spent as a maid-bot the better in her mind. The technician now completed his tasks, set the system to take charge of Jackie’s recharge and then her 24 hours as a maid-bot. He packed up his equipment and left Jackie sleeping peacefully in the pod.

It wasn’t until late the next evening that Jackie was finally released from the systems control; she spent the next few hours in her bedroom working out her long sought out climax to the session. She had loved the time she spent under the control of the system, her time as a maid-bot increased over the next few weeks with her spending most of her days alone in the house as a maid-bot. She loved the way it feels and she grows to want more and more of it, she wants to experience more time as a maid-bot.

Now when her husband leaves for work on Monday morning, she sees him off after happily cooking and serving him his breakfast, she seems to have become more domesticated since becoming a maid-bot, even when she’s not under the systems control, the residual programming enabling this new side of Jackie.

This was something that her husband had come to notice and began to like in the new Jackie, not knowing what had caused the change. But once he’s safely out of the way, she changes into her maid uniform and places the collar around her neck, ready for working around the house, she switches herself to be under the system’s control, now she remains under the maid-bots control for the rest of the week, until Friday when he’s due to return.


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