The Maid-bot in Me Part 3: Discovery

by Gromet

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Part 3: Discovery

Robert, Jackie’s husband was an executive director for a large multi-national corporation; he was currently working away inter-state when he received a call from head office requesting his presence at a meeting back in his home town. So after booking a flight, he rang his wife to tell her that he would be home early. Not knowing that he was actually speaking with the sex-bot version of Jackie, his actual wife currently under the control of the Mistress Jackie and the house system as a maid-bot, so she had no knowledge of his early return.

He returned and attended the meeting as requested where he learned that he was being offered a promotion, one that would require him to work overseas but it would be a huge step in the corporate ladder for him. He accepted their offer, it was too good to pass up, the remuneration was nearly twice what he was currently on and the package offered included executive housing in the new country and they would take care of his current home and lease it out to another executive who would be working from head office.

Back at the house his wife was currently under orders to prepare the bedroom, make the bed with clean sheets and clean the room thoroughly for the Master’s return. Her mind was now in a quandary, she would be discovered by her husband as a maid-bot, her secret would be out in the open, her inner-self relished this, her submissive side coming through. But then she also was worried that the sex-bot in her place would be far better than Jackie was, she had proved that she could easily fool her friends, and now she wondered if she could fool her husband too.

With no hope of the program finishing before her husband was due home all that Jackie could do was continue on as the maid-bot and follow her Mistress’s commands. There was a flurry of activity, all of the maid-bots were busy doing this or that, poor Jackie copped the wrath of her Mistress, she finding whatever faults she could in Jackie’s performance, and she was loving the fact that her Mistress was so mean to her, something she’d grown to love and crave more and more.

Robert returned home his ‘wife’ waiting by the door to greet him; the door was opened by one of the maid-bots as usual. “Hello darling,” she said, “welcome home, this is such an unexpected pleasure.”  The maid-bot standing there holding the door was none other than Jackie, though she just stood there impassively awaiting instructions, not daring to look at her husband.

Robert stepped inside and hugged his wife, she kissed him passionately in front of Jackie-bot, inside she was despairing that this was occurring in front of her but there was nothing she could do, but also she began to like the fact that her husband was kissing another woman, she felt very submissive inside as she watched the two of them interacting. There was no jealousy at what the sex-bot replacement was doing with her husband, she stood there passively watching the two of them kiss.

“Nice to be home dear.” He said to his wife, “I’m happy to be here early.”

“Well I love it when you’re home.” She replied, then turning to the maid-bot, “Don’t just stand there, close the door and then go and bring us some drinks.” She commanded.

Her husband then turned and looked directly at the maid, his thoughts hidden from Jackie at that point; she could only follow her commands and scurried quickly off to the kitchen to prepare a tray of drinks for her Master & Mistress, her owners.

“A new maid?” he asked his wife, “She looks kind of familiar?”

“Yes sorry darling, some people have commented that she looks like me, preposterous really.” She said. “Now come sit down and tell me why you’re home early.”

Her husband followed her, looking at his wife as she walked, admiring her curves and watching the slight wiggle as she walked, she deliberately swinging her hips a little more to entice him, using her sex-bot programming to the full. Sitting down on the couch they held hands, just then the maid-bot returned with the drinks and began to serve them. Once done she was dismissed by the Mistress and went about her other chores.

What she didn’t hear was that his promotion would take him overseas, but at the moment he would be spending his time at back here at head office catching up on all of the information he needed for his new job, so he wouldn’t be going away again. His new wife seemed to be more attentive to his every word and responded positively to what he told her, she was indeed looking forward to spending time overseas with him, much to his relief.

Later jackie-bot prepared dinner for the two of them, this was to be a special night she was told, “So don’t mess it up, maid or you’ll find yourself back at the factory being reprocessed.” Her Mistress said to her. Jackie-bot served them dinner in the dining room, being careful not to spill anything or do anything else that would displeasure her Mistress. She also found that her replacement had dressed for dinner, her gown showing off her curvy body to perfection, her husband’s eyes locked on to the body of the sex-bot as she moved around the room.

Jackie-bot was being ignored by the two of them she thought. She loved the fact that she was now just a maid-bot, an object for them both to command, she felt her sexual side stir deep within her and her chest flushed when her husband ordered more wine from her. She loved being commanded by him even more than by her replacement. She was feeling very turned on by events, her nipples standing out, showing through her uniform, something not unnoticed by the rooms occupants.

“Return to the kitchen and start cleaning.” Jackie sternly told her. “We’ll call when we require your service maid.”

Jackie’s husband watched her as she turned and followed the commands of her Mistress, he had seen her cooking in the kitchen beforehand but noticed that the new version of his wife hadn’t been as domesticated as he’d previously seen when home at the weekends. His suspicions were raised but he said nothing wanting to see how this all played out.

They continued their meal, and then retired to the lounge for drinks, this time served by one of the other maid-bots; Jackie-bot was now confined to the kitchen cleaning and out of sight of her husband, just as the new Jackie wanted.  The new Jackie continued to pamper and fawn over her husband, laughing at his jokes and generally teasing him, using her sex-bot programming to tease and beguile her husband. This distracted him from his thoughts, about what was happening here at home.

“Well darling, I’m sure that you’ve had a long day, I’m sure that I can help you relax.” His new wife suggested, the strap from her gown ‘accidently’ slipping to reveal her soft skin, hinting at what lay beneath. She using all of her powers of seduction to attract the husband to forget all about the maid-bot.

Jackie-bot watched as she collected the glasses from the lounge as her Mistress took her husband upstairs by the hand, leading him and enticing him with her body, he followed behind watching her every move and looking forward to seeing what would happen. Jackie-bot was stuck as she was, there was nothing she could do about the situation until the program finished running on Friday as usual.

She cleaned up the rest of the room, the washing up finished and stacked away she then headed for her recharging pod. She stripped herself of her uniform and stood inside, placing the tubes in place automatically just as the technician had told her would happen and then switched herself off, falling into a deep sleep, unaware of the events occurring upstairs in her bedroom.

The following morning Jackie-bot awoke, feeling refreshed and ready for another day, she dressed herself in her maid uniform and then received her first instructions for the day. Master had required her to cook his breakfast and one for her Mistress. She headed to the kitchen to prepare the food as requested, once cooked she placed the meals on serving trays and carried them upstairs as directed by the system to the Master’s bedroom. Once there she knocked on the door to await an invitation to enter.

“Come in,” she heard a female voice giggling.

Jackie-bot entered and walked over to the bed, there was her Master & Mistress, both seemed to be naked under the cover of the sheet, indeed his member seemed to be erect like someone had just brought him to be this way. Her Mistress wiping her mouth and licking her lips; seemingly interrupted in giving him a morning blow job. Jackie-bot face went red; she blushed as she looked at the scene laid out before her, her Mistress deliberately taunting her, throwing in her face that she’d used her husband during the night.

Jackie-bot walked to each side of the bed and automatically placed the breakfast in front of them, she didn’t want to, but she felt humiliated at what she’d seen, maybe this has gone too far she thought, this was not what was planned, but again her submissive side was secretly enjoying being treated this way, she now replaced in her husbands bed by her doppelganger.

Her husband watched her intently, looking for any reactions that his maid-bot wife would make to seeing him in bed with the other woman. He’d experienced some great sex from the sex-bot version of Jackie last night, he had even enjoyed the massage she’d given him. But he knew that she wasn’t his wife, there was something missing, his wife had become increasingly submissive to him, something he’d grown to love, the new version was more dominant, forceful and even rode him to climax whilst on top.

Jackie-bot departed the room, dismissed again by her cruel Mistress to the sounds of her going back down on him; she could hear his moans as she enveloped his member in her mouth and the smacking sounds she was making as she sucked him. The laughter of her Mistress ringing in her ears, Jackie-bot returned downstairs, thankful for the system controlling her movements, she not wanting to move but curl up and cry.

The day continued, her husband departed for work leaving her with her Mistress to treat her more cruelly than ever, she made Jackie-bot clean up the bedroom, and changing the sheets that he husband had spent the night on having sex with her replacement. She noticed the stains on the sheet; she could smell the scent of sex in the air in the room. This was the ultimate humiliation for Jackie that her Mistress could place on her, showing jackie-bot her place in the order of things.

Robert meanwhile, had contacted the Maid-bot, Inc. company, he’d found out about the things that Jackie had ordered and he spoke with the consultant that Jackie dealt with, he found out about her desire to become a maid-bot, he was told about her continuous play after ordering the recharging pod, that she now went from Monday to Friday as a maid-bot. Then he was told about Jackie’s desire to be dominated, ordered around and her purchase of the sex-bot replacement he’d found when he returned home.

Once home he checked out all that he’d been told, he found her recharging pod, the recharging unit for the sex-bot stashed away under the bed. He checked on the computer for the control system and discovered that the program was set to run from Monday to Friday just as he’d been told. ‘That figures’ he thought to himself, ‘once I’m out the door she switches places with the other bot and takes up being a maid-bot for the week.’ He left the system running as programmed and would wait to see what she would say at the weekend.

The next two days were the same routine for Jackie-bot, her husband left for work, her Mistress taking her place more and more, her friends accepting her as ‘her’, not realising that she was nothing more than an android pretending to be her, but seemly being better at being Jackie than jackie was. Her husband returned at the end of the day, ate dinner, enjoyed the company of his new wife and retired to bed each night where they spent the next few hours having sex.

Friday came and after the normal morning routine of breakfast, her husband announced that he would not be going into work today, he wold be working from home instead. He was actually interested to see the changeover happen between his wife, the maid-bot and the sex-bot, his other wife. And wanted to hear from her what her explanation was for the recent events.

As programmed around noon the two versions of his wife switched places, he sat there in the lounge with his ‘wife’ by his side and the maid-bot serving them drinks. At first Jackie-bot continued on as a maid, serving them their drinks and standing there at attention waiting further instruction. The sex-bot on the other hand went from being witty, charming and being talkative to silent, her posture changed and she stood up and began walking to the maid’s room. Jackie-bot followed her automatically, they keeping in step with each other, her husband amazed at what he was watching. He got up and followed the pair into the maid’s room, he watched as they both stripped off and stood there naked, both seemingly under the control of the system.

The sex-bot Jackie picked up the uniform that jackie-bot had been wearing and dressed herself as one of the maids, she took off her wig that was the usual blonde curls that his wife wore and placed a black wig of hair on her head. Now ready she joined the other maid-bots in their duties around the house. She walked passed Robert without another glance or acknowledgement and headed off out of the maids room.

Jackie meanwhile had regained control of her own body again, it seemed to be getting harder to change back each time she became a maid-bot, she was reluctant to want to change back knowing full well she would have some explaining to do to her husband for her games. She was also growing more and more fond of staying as the maid-bot, she was liking giving up control more and more, some would even think it was becoming an addiction.

As she regained control she looked up at her husband standing there looking at her, she was still naked having just taken off her maids uniform but not getting dressed in her own clothes yet. She looked down at her body and realised that she was naked, she tried to cover herself up, feeling shame at being found out like this. But, also still turned on from her being controlled, ordered and commanded by her Mistress and her husband.

“Hello dear” he said, “Nice to see you, all of you!” he looking at her naked body.

“Oh, yes… Mmmm, well I…” she stuttered, unable to form incoherent words at the moment.

“Seems that you’ve been enjoying yourself whilst I’m away.” He stated.

“Yes, well… it’s not… oh damn.” She said. “Sorry!”

He laughed, “It’s okay, I’m not mad at you, I wished that you had told me about all of this. I found it highly amusing to see you as one of the maids, and being controlled by her.”

“Seems that I was not the only one controlled by her!” she said, “You seemed to be enjoying it.”

“Well, I wanted to see how far this thing was going to go, I thought that you’d intervene but I didn’t understand how deep under the control of the system you were.” He explained, “Now come out and let’s talk about this.”

They went to the kitchen where Jackie, now dressed as herself, prepared lunch for the two of them, just as she would as a maid-bot. Her husband watching her every move, admiring the way she had changed over the past few weeks and months, from being a tired, bored housewife to this more energetic, active and likable version of his wife. She seemed to have more purpose in her life now, something he had not seen in her in a while.

They spoke at length about her desires, her wanting to be a maid-bot, her being controlled by the sex-bot version of her. She explained to him her submissive desires, she felt better inside herself when she was being controlled, her life felt empty beforehand now she seemed to have a more developed sense of her self, her innermost desires. She felt waves of relief flow through her as she released this burden of desire that she had been carrying all of her life, pleased that she could finally tell her husband just what she most desired.

He then told her of the changes being made at work and the posting overseas, she was delighted for him, this was something he’d worked hard for, but she also loved her life here and he could sense the feeling in her that she wasn’t happy with the coming changes.

They spent the weekend together, catching up on news and other family events, they also went out and dined with friends, something that Jackie had not done in a while, she had spent most of her time locked away in her home, now with the new version of Jackie out socialising with her friends she had to keep up appearances. She wasn’t one to spend too much time out of the house lately, but now her social calendar seemingly was filled.

On Monday morning her husband was preparing to go into the office, he waited back and spoke with her, “Well, I’ll see you again on Friday then,” he said, “I hope that you enjoy your week.”

“Oh, okay,” Jackie was stunned, she hadn’t planned on changing back, though she felt the urge to.

“Well with you being the maid and the other Jackie being in charge, I won’t get to speak with you again until next weekend.” He said. “I know that you want to, and anyway I’m going to be tied up with boring meetings and other stuff, more late nights I suspect. So you may as well change over, I will watch you two switch over and then leave, if that’s okay.”

“Y… yes, that’s okay.” Replied Jackie, astounded that he was allowing her to change back. She eagerly walked into the maid’s room followed by her husband. There in the charging pod waiting was her other self, naked and switched off. Jackie quickly stripped herself of her clothing and was now just as naked as the other Jackie.

“Could I ask you to press the switch to change us over, please Master.”  Jackie meekly said, a smile forming on her lips.

“My pleasure, maid-bot wife, enjoy your week.” He said as he pressed the control button on the keyboard.

Jackie then started to lose control of her body, her face switched from one of delight and joy to one matching the rest of the maid-bots. She dressed herself in her uniform and once done she walked out past her husband to begin her duties.

The other still naked version of Jackie awoke just as Jackie-bot left the room, “Hello husband,” she said sexily, “nice to see you, and it looks like you like to see me too!” Looking down at his growing erection.

“Best I do something about that.” And walked over, got on her knees and eased his penis from his pants, taking his member in her mouth and bringing him to a quick climax.

Robert thought to himself, this is going to be better than I thought. As he exploded in his new wife’s mouth, her eager to please him.

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